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There are a number of competing theories about what the March 2023 Update was about. This article evaluates each theory and proposes an idea of how to diagnose a ranking drop and how to fix it.

Need background on the update? Check out these articles stories first:

Is the March Core Update About Trust?

There is no such thing at use at Google called trust. There’s a thing called the link graph, it’s a map of the Internet. And in this map, there are normal sites that link to normal sites and spam sites that link to spam sites.

One site does not have more “trust” than another site because there is no such metric or quality as trust.

Google Confirms There Is No Trust Factor

In a Google webmaster hangout, Google’s John Mueller said that a reason why a site might be ranking is because Google trusts it. The person asking the question picked up on the word “trust” then remarked that confirmed that the site ranked well because it had acquired trust.

John Mueller corrected him:

“I don’t know that we’d call it trust or anything crazy like that.”

The quality of trustworthiness is a matter of whether it is spam or not spam. It’s possible that sites that are closer to the seed set in a link distance ranking algorithm could be construed as more trustworthy- and this is already the case.

The idea that the March 2023 Core Update was about tweaking ranking factors to favor sites with more “trust” is giving in to the myth of Trust as a ranking factor.

Did Google Introduce a Bias for Sites with “Better” Links?

There is another theory that Google adjusted the algorithm to introduce a bias toward more “authoritative” brands and websites. Google does not trust brands and so-called authority sites because they are brands and authoritative.

Everything that Google ranks is ranked because users expect to see those pages ranked. They are not necessarily the best answers. Google ranks the pages that users expect to see because most users are satisfied by an answer from a particular site or because the page answers the question in a way that produces satisfaction for the most amount of users.

Google ranked AllRecipes number one not because it’s the best paella recipe but because users are satisfied with an easy recipe that has common ingredients.

Is Google’s March 2023 Update About Links?

This is interesting. Links are more than a ranking factor. Links are a relevance factor. I suspect that Google’s algorithm has moved away from links as a ranking factor and more toward links as a relevance factor. Two different things.

A recent update to a Google patent that covers anchor text added the use of text around the anchor text to indicate what the site being linked to is relevant for. The patent did not refer to it as a ranking factor as in if you get enough of these the site should rank better.

It was limited to saying that if a link is surrounded by certain keywords, then those keywords may be what the linked page is about and to use that as a way to understand what the page is about (read Google Patent Update Focuses on Anchor Text)

To say that Google is adjusting the link ranking algorithm to favor brands and so-called authority sites betrays a lack of understanding of the basics of how links are used by Google. The idea that any search engine would introduce a brand bias is preposterous.

The general guiding principle is whether or not users expect to see a particular page in the SERPs. If users are happier with AllRecipes, then that’s what Google will show. If people are satisfied with sites similar to Epicurious or ChowHound, then that’s what Google will show. It’s all about what satisfies users.

Links are a way to gauge relevance for things like one web page to another web page. Links are a gate keeper, to lock out spam sites from the SERPs. It’s a gate keeper to welcome normal sites.

If the algorithm notices that users are bouncing back to Google to pick another search result, that’s a sign that the algorithm is failing, not that the websites are failing.

Understanding & Diagnosing the March 2023 Ranking Drop

The ultimate decider of what goes to the top of the SERPs is the user. Google always shows sites that users want to see, that is what their algorithms strive for.

Knowing that, it follows that if you are going to diagnose what went wrong with your rankings, this is where to start.

How well does your site answer the search query?

How directly does your content answer the query?

Does your content meander and deviate from the topic?

What do users mean when they type your search query and does your site adequately answer that question?

Google’s web page about how search works (How Search Works)  lists three core values:

Focus on the user

Empower website owners

Maximize access to information (free & open web)

Google’s core value is not to show the most “trustworthy” sites or sites with the most or “best” links. Because some times the best answer is one with less links.

Google’s algorithm is focused on the user and what they want to see. So it follows that diagnosing why a site dropped rankings in the March 2023 update begins with figuring out where the disconnect is between your content and the user.

Note: These are theories I’ve seen across the web in forums, articles and social media. I seek to avoid creating hard feelings so I do not link to sources of  the theories.

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​​Lbank Exchange To List Bobcoin (Bobc) On 18 March 2023

LBank Exchange, a global digital asset trading platform, will list Bobcoin (BOBC) on March 18, 2023. For all users of LBank Exchange, the BOBC/USDT trading pair will be officially available for trading at 21:00 (UTC+8) on March 18, 2023.

As the first for-profit social enterprise offering an asset-based utility token, Bob Eco declared war against pollution and is creating thousands of jobs with the help of the world of crypto and decentralized technology. Its native token Bobcoin (BOBC), which supports both BSC and ETH network, will be listed on LBank Exchange at 21:00 (UTC+8) on March 18, 2023, to further expand its global reach and help it achieve its vision.

Introducing Bob Eco

Bob Eco Ltd. is an electric vehicle and clean energy company registered in Hong Kong. Its mission is to accelerate the transition to sustainable energy while focusing on emerging markets, which begins with the motorcycle taxi market in Africa. Experiencing extraordinary economic growth, the motorcycle industry on the African continent alone has grown into a 600-billion-dollar market.

To ensure that Bob Eco can meet the government-backed demands for millions of lithium-powered vehicles, Bob Eco signed a 200-million-dollar production deal with manufacturing juggernaut Jincheng Suzuki. The companies have the collective aim to deploy up to 1.5 million UNEP-certified lithium-powered motorcycles for riders by 2024. The parties now produce various models, including the electric Model-X, the flagship, and the focus model.

In a bid to create a system where Bob Eco purchases assets to be linked to crypto tokens, Bob Eco is launching an Initial Coin Offering with Assets (ICO-WA). This ICO-WA will provide opportunities to project enthusiasts. Funds gained through the ICO will be used for asset purchases linked to the Bobcoin (BOBC), which acts as a utility token linking the coin owner to this specific asset.

To make this system more transparent, Bob Eco is integrating blockchain technology into its asset management systems to show the assets linked to Bobcoin. The intention is to proactively provide digital, permanent, and auditable records that show stakeholders the status and place of assets (motorcycles or objects related to the bob ecosystem). All will be verifiable by chassis-, engine-, and GPS numbers.

About BOBC Token

Bobcoin (BOBC) has a total supply of 1 billion (i.e. 1,000,000,000) tokens, 667 million tokens are based on BEP-20, and the rest 333 million tokens are based on ERC-20.

The token distribution of BOBC enables the Bob Eco business model, maximizing tokens for developers and users of the ecosystem first and both providing price flexibility for long-term growth. 24% of the total supply is privately sold during STO (which was used for asset purchase and technological developments), 1% is provided for launchpad, 2.5% is provided for white list dex, 17.5% is provided for public sales (which will be applied for the purchase of new assets to grow the business model), 10% is reserved for 2024 public sales, 25% is allocated to the team, 5% will be used for marketing, another 5% is provided for consultancy, and the rest 10% is provided for technology development. There is a very long defreezing time for the STO participants and for all other major appointed wallets, to prevent too many tokens from entering the market, and to safeguard new token holders.

BOBC will be listed on LBank Exchange at 21:00 (UTC+8) on March 18, 2023, investors who are interested in Bobcoin investment can easily buy and sell BOBC on LBank Exchange by then. The listing of BOBC on LBank Exchange will undoubtedly help it further expand its business and draw more attention in the market.

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How To Fix ‘Err_Connection_Reset’ Error On Google Chrome.

Google Chrome has dozens of different error messages and codes that you will undoubtedly come across if you stick with the browser long enough. One of the most common of these errors is ERR_CONNECTION_RESET. If you are receiving this error message and haven’t found a solution yet, this guide has all the answers you need.

How to Make Google Chrome More Touch Screen Friendly on Tablets.

To fix most common error messages and connection problems with Internet browsers, there are some simple steps you should take before getting into the more complicated solutions. To begin, make sure you have cleaned your system registry and scanned your computer for viruses and malware. You should also take a few minutes to restart your modem/router.

If you don’t have a registry scanner/cleaner or good antivirus and malware programs, we’ve listed some of the best free options available.

Download AVG. (antivirus protection)

Download Avast. (antivirus protection)

Download CCleaner. (registry cleaner)

Download Malwarebytes. (malware protection)

It’s also a good idea to disable any third-party antivirus/firewall programs you are running, as well as any VPNs or Proxies, then check to see if the error is fixed. Sometimes overprotective software and services can cause ERR_CONNECTION_RESET on Chrome. Just remember to re-enable them as soon as you have checked.

If the error is gone when they are disabled, you will have to make some changes within your chosen protection program. Remember ‘trial and error’ is your best friend. If you are still getting the error message after trying all of the above suggestions, continue with the steps below.

Clear Chrome’s Browser Cache, Data, and Cookies to Fix ERR_CONNECTION_RESET.

Clearing an Internet browsers browsing data (cache, data, cookies) is one of the quickest and easiest ways to fix a variety of different errors messages and only takes a few moments. If you’ve never done this before check out our comprehensive guide below.

How to Clear Browsing Data From Google Chrome.   

Reset Chrome Browser Settings to Fix ERR_CONNECTION_RESET.

Another relatively reliable and easy fix for ERR_CONNECTION_RESET is to reset/refresh your browser. This is the next best thing to a reinstall but doesn’t require as much work. If you’ve never reset Chrome before check out the guide below.

How to Reset/Refresh Google Chrome.

Reset Netsesh Winstock to Fix ERR_CONNECTION_RESET on Chrome.

To do this press Windows Key + X and select Command Prompt (Admin) from the list of option. (if you don’t see it, search cmd from the start menu)

Next type the following commands, pressing Enter after each.

ipconfig /flushdns nbtstat –r netsh int ip reset netsh winsock reset

When all the commands finish, close the window and Restart your computer. When it reboots check to see if Chrome is ERR_CONNECTION_RESET free.

If Chrome still isn’t working…. It’s time for a clean installation…. 

Google Search Patent Update – December 18, 2023

Welcome back to another week for the geeks.

The last few weeks were a bit uneventful, but I did come up with a few that really are worth a read.

As always, patents take some time to get into, but the more of them you read, the easier it gets.

It can only make you a better SEO.

Also, my first post of 2023 will be a round-up of all the Google search-related patents that I collected over the year that was 2023. Be sure to stay tuned for that.

Filed: April 26, 2023

Awarded: Nov 10, 2023


“Example aspects of the present disclosure are directed to systems and methods that employ a machine-learned opinion classification model to classify portions (e.g., sentences, phrases, paragraphs, etc.) of documents (e.g., news articles, web pages, etc.) as being opinions or not opinions. Further, in some implementations, portions classified as opinions can be considered for inclusion in an informational display. For example, document portions can be ranked according to importance and selected for inclusion in an informational display based on their ranking. “

Dave’s Notes

This one, as with most patents, can be adapted and used in a variety of ways, it does seem that a lot of the original impetus is towards news, (or potentially blogs).

By understanding the tenor/opinion of a document it can be ranked accordingly.

As stated in the patent, “a portion of the document that has been classified as opinion and/or ranked as having high importance.” One could also imply that it further limits the user’s exposure to new information by showing highly ranked information that reinforces their own perceived opinions on a topic (query).

From the Patent

“Understanding of content (e.g., textual content) contained in a document by a computing system is a challenging problem. Even in the professional news journalism space, where articles are typically written in high quality language and syntax, computing systems are currently able to understand only very little about the actual content of news articles. Furthermore, determining how a given article compares to other, related news articles written by other journalists is an even more challenging task.”

“Example aspects of the present disclosure are directed to systems and methods that employ a machine-learned opinion classification model to classify portions (e.g., sentences, phrases, paragraphs, etc.) of documents (e.g., news articles, web pages, etc.) as being opinions or not opinions. Further, in some implementations, portions classified as opinions can be considered for inclusion in an informational display. For example, document portions can be ranked according to importance and selected for inclusion in an informational display based on their ranking. “

Filed: March 27, 2023

Awarded: Dec 1, 2023

Dave’s Take

As I was digging this patent (on personalization) it discusses (in part) the PageRank/Random Surfer approach. And the limitations therein.

For those not all that intimate with it, that’s the core element of links, which is an obviously important area.

They seek to adapt this by a more personalized approach and a “profile rank” to better tailor the existing (PageRank created) search results… Anyway, interesting stuff.

From the Patent

“In reality, a user like the random surfer never exists. Every user has his own preferences when he submits a query to a search engine. The quality of the search results returned by the engine has to be evaluated by its users’ satisfaction. When a user’s preferences can be well defined by the query itself, or when the user’s preference is similar to the random surfer’s preference with respect to a specific query, the user is more likely to be satisfied with the search results. However, if the user’s preference is significantly biased by some personal factors that are not clearly reflected in a search query itself, or if the user’s preference is quite different from the random user’s preference, the search results from the same search engine may be less useful to the user, if not useless.”

Filed: May 23, 2023

Awarded: Dec 15, 2023


“From the content of a document, a factual entity that relates to the content of the document is determined. Content for a knowledge panel is requested. A knowledge panel is a user interface element that provides a collection of content related to the factual entity. The contents of the knowledge panel is received for contemporaneous display on the user device with the content of the document.”

Dave’s Notes

Interestingly this one doesn’t really have a ton of new elements we’d not be familiar with when it comes to knowledge panels, but I’ve actually not seen a ton of descriptive patents on them. So, it’s worth inclusion here today.

For example, if you’re not familiar with what an entity is fully, they do describe them as, “Entities can include, but are not limited to, a person, place, country, landmark, animal, historical event, organization, business, sports team, sporting event, movie, song, album, game, work of art, or any other appropriate entity.”

From the Patent

“However, when developing search queries to submit to the search engine, the user often needs to provide contextual information of the document in the query. For example, a user may be authoring a document to describe bears in the Smokey Mountains. The query the user will need to formulate will need to express this informational need.”

“In some implementations, a knowledge panel provides a summary of information for the entity. For example, a knowledge panel for a singer may include the name of the singer, an image of the singer, a description of the singer, one or more facts about the singer, and content that identifies songs and albums recorded by the singer.”

“In some implementations, a knowledge panel can provide more granular information. For example, if a document section is about the singer’s childhood, the knowledge panel can provide information regarding the school the singer attended, a snippet about the town the singer grew up in, and the singer’s recollections of growing up there.”

That’s about it for this week folks. If there’s a specific area of search that you’d be interested in reading up on, feel free to get in touch with me.

I am always happy to help.

See you next week!

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Face Id Not Working After Ios Update On Iphone? How To Fix

If you’re unable to use Face ID to unlock your iPhone after a recent update or are having a hard time setting it up again, the following post should help you fix it.

When set up correctly, Face ID should work on your iPhone without fail. If you recently installed a new iOS update, Face ID may not work initially. That’s because, while updating to a new iOS version, your iPhone reboots after installation and requires you to enter your device passcode instead of Face ID. Once you enter your device passcode after a restart, you will be able to use Face ID for subsequent unlocks until you restart your phone again. 

If you entered the device passcode after an iOS update and Face ID isn’t able to detect your face when you attempt to unlock your iPhone, it could be because of the following reasons: 

There’s a bug in the software that’s preventing your iPhone from using the TrueDepth camera. 

The TrueDepth camera on your iPhone could be damaged sometime before, during, or after the iOS update. 

Your face or the TrueDepth camera is blocked causing facial recognition to fail. 

Your facial appearance might have changed between iOS updates. 

Several users have recently reported that their iPhones stopped unlocking with Face ID as soon as they updated to iOS 15.7.1 which was released as a Release Candidate sometime earlier. This, however, isn’t limited to iOS 15 as people who updated their devices to iOS 16 have also complained that they’re unable to use Face ID to unlock their phones. 

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If you’re unable to use Face ID since updating your iPhone to a new iOS version, then the following fixes should help you get back to using it. 

Fix #1: Check if Face ID is set up on your iPhone

If Face ID has already been set up but hasn’t been enabled to unlock your iPhone, you can turn on the iPhone Unlock toggle inside the Face ID & Passcode screen. 

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Fix #2: Know when and how Face ID works 

Once set up, Face ID on your iPhone should work flawlessly to unlock your device, download apps, and make transactions. However, there are a few things to note when you’re unable to use Face ID:

Your iPhone won’t unlock using Face ID for the first when you restart or turn on your iPhone, i.e., after a reboot. You will need to enter your device passcode at least once for Face ID to work for subsequent unlock attempts. 

Face ID will only work in portrait orientation; so if you’re holding your iPhone in landscape mode, the device won’t be able to detect and authenticate your face for unlocking. 

If your device hasn’t been unlocked for more than 2 days or 48 hours, you may need to enter your device passcode to use Face ID again. 

If you haven’t unlocked your iPhone using your device passcode in the last six days and a half and haven’t unlocked your iPhone using Face ID in the last 4 hours, you will first have to enter your device passcode to use Face ID again. 

Face ID won’t work after 5 failed attempts to unlock your phone using your face. 

You cannot use Face ID to unlock your iPhone if you had activated the Power off slider or Emergency SOS function. 

Face ID won’t work if you requested a remote lock command for the selected iPhone from another Apple device. 

If you’re unable to use Face ID in any one of the above scenarios, we suggest you enter your device passcode and lock your iPhone again to see if Face ID is working. 

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Fix #3: Restart your iPhone 

Sometimes a bug in the system can prevent your iPhone from using the TrueDepth camera or any of its related sensors. If you’re unable to use Face ID to unlock your device, reboot it by first pressing and holding the Side button and any one of the Volume buttons until the power-off slider shows up. When this slider appears, drag it to the right for your iPhone to shut down. 

Now, wait for 30 seconds so your iPhone completely switches off. After this, press and hold the Side button until the Apple logo appears. When your iPhone boots up, enter your device passcode during the first unlock attempt and then check if Face ID works. 

As has been explained above, Face ID for many users stopped working as soon as their iPhones were updated to a new iOS version. The most recent of reports have come from people who updated their iPhones to iOS 15.7.1 as Face ID abruptly stopped working as soon as the update was installed. There are similar reports of users encountering Face ID issues after updating to iOS 16. 

Fix #5: Enable Face ID for apps and services on iOS 

While Face ID is primarily used to unlock your device, there are other places where you can use it on an iPhone. If you previously used Face ID to authenticate app purchases in the App Store, make transactions with Apple Pay and Wallet, open apps, and autofill passwords, but you cannot do that anymore, you can enable Face ID for such services again inside your iPhone settings. 

Fix #6: Set up an alternative appearance for Face ID

The TrueDepth Camera will be able to authenticate your face for unlocking your iPhone as long as certain elements of your face remain unchanged. If you recently started using glasses or trimmed your beard, your iPhone will have a hard time detecting your face. In such cases, we recommend setting up an alternative appearance for Face ID so that your iPhone approves your identity with both your new and old appearances. 

If your facial appearance changed between iOS versions, then this step may help your device’s machine learning to recognize your face more easily. 

Fix #7: Remove anything that blocks your iPhone’s Face ID sensors 

Your Face ID sensors are housed at the top of your iPhone’s display; so for your face to get detected, you must make sure that nothing is obstructing the view between your face and your phone’s TrueDepth camera. If the front camera and other sensors are dirty, Face ID won’t be able to detect your face, thus preventing you from unlocking your iPhone. 

It’s not just something on your phone that may block Face ID’s view but your appearance itself. If your face is covered by a hat or a mask, you will need to remove it to use Face ID as originally intended. Apple offers you an alternative method to open your iPhone with a protective mask which we’ll explain further in the next fix. 

Fix #8: Use an Apple Watch to unlock your iPhone

The COVID-19 pandemic resulted in many people stepping out of their homes with protective masks on their faces. This, however, prevented users from getting past their iPhone’s Lock Screen as Face ID doesn’t work when you have something blocking part of your face. If you’re unable to use Face ID because of a mask, there’s an easier way to unlock your iPhone which involves having an Apple Watch. 

Fix #9: Reset Face ID on your iPhone 

If none of the above fixes work in your favor, you can try to reset Face ID on your device. This action will remove all the saved faces from your iPhone so that you can add new ones. This may be helpful when there’s a bug in the software that’s preventing Face ID from using your old facial scans to detect your identity. 

Fix #10: Reset all settings on iPhone 

If resetting your Face ID was unsuccessful in making Face ID work again, then you can try resetting your iPhone’s entire settings configuration for once as your last resort. We recommend you take this step only after trying out all the fixes listed above as this action will end up removing all of your device’s settings including your Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections, your Home Screen and Lock Screen layout, app permissions, and other preferences that you may have set up on iOS. 

After your device reboots, you can then set up Face ID on your iPhone as new again by following the steps explained in fix #1. 

Fix #11: Reach out to Apple Support

When Face ID fails to work on your iPhone after following all the above fixes, then there’s a chance that the issue you’re facing is due to a hardware malfunction inside your device. If you dropped your iPhone recently, the TrueDepth Camera or the related sensors may have taken a knock during the fall. Since these sensors are delicate, a slight change in position can trigger loose connections or get damaged in the process. 

For some users (1,2,3), the Face ID hardware on their iPhones was damaged even when there was no physical damage to the devices. In such cases, Apple will offer to repair or replace the Face ID sensors on the devices and if that doesn’t work, they’ll provide you with a new iPhone as long as your device is covered under Apple Care. 

If none of the above fixes helped solve your Face ID issue, you can take your iPhone to Apple Service to check what the problem is and get it fixed. 

That’s all you need to know about fixing Face ID not working on your iPhone. 


How To Fix Windows Update Error Code 80244010

While trying to download, install, and upgrade your Windows device, you might encounter lots of problematic errors. One such error is Error Code 80244010. This error commonly occurs when the user checks for updates but Windows becomes unable to find new updates. With this error code, the following warning message may also appear.

Code 80244010, Windows Update encountered an unknown error

In this guide, we will be checking out all the possible ways that may help to fix this error code on Windows 11/10.

Windows Update Error Code 80244010

To fix Windows Update Error Code 80244010, follow the below suggestions:

Use the System File Checker tool

Reset Windows Update components

Clear the SoftwareDistribution folder

Enable the Automatic Updates detection frequency policy setting.

Before you begin the steps, create a system restore point first. It will help you get back the changes if you ever need it in the future.

Now let us see them in details:

1] Run the Windows Update troubleshooter

Windows Update troubleshooter is a built-in application that can certainly resolve most common Update problems on the device. Hence, it could be helpful for this issue.

Now move to the right pane, select Windows Update, and then hit the Run the troubleshooter button.

Apart from this, you can fix Windows Update error by using the online Windows Update troubleshooter. Unfortunately, if it doesn’t work, move down to the next potential workaround.

2] Use the System File Checker tool

Sometimes this issue can also be caused due to the corrupted or damaged Windows system files. So, there is the possibility that some system files might be missing. In this case, you need to run the System File Checker tool so that it could search the system for damaged system files and replace them if required.

So, you first need to run an elevated command prompt.

And once it opens, type the following text code:

sfc /scannow

Now press Enter and wait for a while until it completes the SFC scanning process.

Once it completes, restart your device and then check if the problem is solved now.

3] Reset Windows Update components

Sometimes this type of error occurs due to having issues with the update cache, or some faulty Windows components. Users may normally confront such a situation when the services associated with the Windows Update stopped functioning. In order to fix such an issue, you can reset the Windows Update to default Settings using the Reset Windows Update Components tool.

4] Clear the SoftwareDistribution folder

Clear the SoftwareDistribution folder and see if that works for you. Here is a quick way to do this:

Type in chúng tôi in the text field and then hit the OK button. In the Services window, locate the Windows Update item from the list.

Now open the Windows Explorer (Win+E) and navigate to the path “C:WindowsSoftwareDistribution”.

Here you will see DataStore and Download folder. Open both folder one by one and delete every file and directories inside there.

On the General tab, go to the Startup type and select the Automatic option using the drop-down menu.

Once you complete the steps, close the window and look for the new Windows Updates.

5] Enable the Automatic Updates detection frequency Policy

Unfortunately, if none of the above methods work for you, then try to enable the Detection Frequency policy.

To do so, you first need to open the Group Policy Editor in your Windows device.

In the Local Group Policy Editor window, copy & paste the following path to the address box and then hit enter:

In the Automatic Update detection frequency window, select the radio button next to the Enabled option.

Moving ahead to the Options section, you will see the default 22 in the interval text field. So, set here less value than the default one.

All the best

We hope the above-mentioned method would help you to resolve this issue.

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