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Goldenote Stibbert Tube CD player: luxury vibration isolation

This is no ordinary dangling CD player, oh no; it’s a CD player suspended by four conical springs, with a double-chassis the top-plate of which is shaped to resemble a Ferrari F1 steering wheel.  According to creators Goldenote, the Stibbert Tube CD Player teases the very best quality out of your discs by virtue of its twin 6922 tube analog output stage, motor speed fluctuations of less than 0.0001-percent and, just to punish your back, an overall mass of three times its predecessor.

I doubt my ears are good enough to tell the difference between an unsprung, non-back-breaking CD player, but if you feel differently you can now buy the Italian Goldenote Stibbert Tube CD player in the US.  Priced at $5,030, you’d really have to love CDs, though.

Press Release:

Koetsu USA Introduces New Edition Stibbert Tube CD Player by Goldenote of Italy

Innovative, Unconventional, State-of-the-Art Tube-Based Player Features New Double Chassis, Unique Suspension System, Enhanced Performance and More

CES ’09, LAS VEGAS Jan. 8, 2009 — Koetsu USA, the U.S. distribution arm of the world-renowned Japanese cartridge manufacturer, introduces into the U.S. market a new edition of the signature and award-winning Stibbert Tube CD Player, the only CD player isolated from vibration through spring suspension, at the 2009 International Consumer Electronics Show.

The innovative, unconventional Stibbert Tube CD Player is a tube-based state-of-the-art model providing outstanding digital performance. The new edition employs a newly designed double chassis completely isolated by four conical springs. The chassis is made of a high-density steel alloy treated with a diamagnetic black polyvinyl paint. The mass of the new edition’s chassis is three times that of previous versions, enabling higher bass resolution. The new chassis also makes it easier to change tubes and control the grounding path.

Other new or improved technologies introduced into the CD Player include:

Dual Speed™ technology that enables the transport to achieve the best sonic performance by reducing its voltage and speed to the lowest possible levels.

Zero Clock™, which improves performance by eliminating jitter and clock errors, and includes a very sophisticated digital output filter.

Electro Power™ voltage supply, a power system that improves audio performance through an innovative current generator that cleans up the signal going to the analog stage. It guarantees perfect control of the laser pick-up and motor mechanics for disc rotation, with speed fluctuations of less than 0.0001 percent. It also galvanically shields the CD Player.

The Stibbert CD Player also features a sophisticated new analog output stage based on two 6922 tubes. The stage uses a true symmetrically balanced tube design to achieve the highest sonic performance. Superior components, such as high quality capacitors and resistors, further raise the bar on standards for digital players in the world market.

The main plinth of the Stibbert chassis is made of a 20mm-thick black acrylic shaped to resemble a Ferrari Formula 1© steering wheel. Its uniquely curved shape significantly increases the design’s structural rigidity, virtually eliminating vibration feedback. The drawer-type transport mechanism is designed to achieve the most stable disc rotation.

The Stibbert CD Player is available now for a suggested price of $5,030. It can be seen with other outstanding Goldenote and Koetsu USA products in Suite 29-235 at the Venetian Hotel, during CES.

About Goldenote

About Koetsu USA

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Fix: Windows 10 Doesn’t Recognize Cd Drive

FIX: Windows 10 doesn’t recognize CD Drive




Windows 10 might have a few issues with hardware, and speaking of hardware issues, users have reported that Windows 10 doesn’t recognize CD drives on their computers. This might be a big problem if you rely on optical media for file storage, so let’s try to fix this problem.

What to do if CD drive isn’t recognized on Windows 10?

Many users reported that Windows 10 doesn’t recognize CD drives. This can be an annoying problem, and speaking of issues, users reported the following problems related to CD drive:

DVD/CD-ROM drives not in Device Manager Windows 10 – Sometimes your CD drive is missing from Device Manager. This can happen if your drivers are out of date.

Windows 10 CD drive not showing, working, detected, visible, found, recognized – Many users reported various problems with their CD drive, and if your CD drive isn’t showing or if it’s not detected, be sure to try some of our solutions.

Windows 10 CD drive missing – If you’re having this problem, the issue might be related to your drivers. To fix it, be sure to update your chipset drivers to the latest version.

Windows 10 CD drive not reading discs – If you’re having this problem, try connecting your CD drive to a different port on your PC. If the issue still persists, you might want to replace your CD drive.

Windows 10 CD drive Access Denied – If you’re getting Access Denied message, it’s possible that you don’t have the necessary privileges to access your CD drive. To fix the issue, you might have to modify your system policy.

Windows 10 CD drive won’t play CD – If you’re unable to play CDs on your Windows 10 PC, the issue might be caused by your registry. However, you can fix the problem by making few changes in your registry.

Windows 10 my CD drive disappeared – This is another problem that can occur with your DVD drive. If this happens, you won’t be able to read any CDs on your PC.

Windows 10 can’t find CD drive – This is another relatively common problem with CD drive. If you’re having this issue, be sure to try some of our solutions.

Fix – Windows 10 doesn’t recognize CD drive 1. Use Hardware and Devices troubleshooter 2. Reinstall the driver

In order to reinstall your CD drive driver, you just need to navigate to Device Manager and uninstall the driver that you currently have installed. To do that, follow these steps:

If the previous solution didn’t work, we strongly suggest doing it automatically through a third-party software that will protect your computer from permanent damage during manual driver installation (incorrect version of drivers).

Outbyte Driver Updater is a lightweight tool with a large driver database. It scans your PC for outdated drivers and automatically finds the perfect match for your specific hardware.

The software is very easy to use and it can also help you with damaged or missing drivers. You can set it up to regularly scan your drivers and keep them permanently updated.

⇒ Get Outbyte Driver Updater

3. Remove the corrupted registry keys

If Windows 10 doesn’t recognize the CD drive, this can be due to corrupted registry values, and if that’s the case, the best solution is to delete those registry keys. Before we start, make sure that you are using an administrator account on this computer. We have to mention that changing registry values can sometimes lead to system instability if you’re not careful, so proceed with caution.

If you can’t find LowerFilters or UpperFilters, don’t worry, just skip to the next step of the solution.

4. Create a new registry subkey

Expert tip:

Start Registry Editor by pressing Windows Key + R and typing regedit in the Run dialog.

When Registry Editor starts, navigate to the following key:

If you have two CD / DVD drives on your computer, you might have to repeat this solution for every CD drive that you have. The steps for the next CD drive are exactly the same, except that you need to set the name of the new key to Controller1 in Step 4.

5. Use Command Prompt to add values to the registry

If you don’t want to add values to the registry manually, you can use Command Prompt. Using Command Prompt is a quicker and for some users a simpler solution. To change registry using Command Prompt, follow these steps:

Close Command Prompt and restart your computer.

6. Run .reg to add changes to the registry Fix – Windows 10 doesn’t recognize CD ROM 1. Uninstall additional ATA / ATAPI controllers

Sometimes Windows 10 doesn’t recognize CD ROM due to additional ATA / ATAPI controllers that are installed in Device Manager. We’re not sure why this happens, but the only solution is to uninstall these additional controllers from Device Manager. To do that, follow these steps:

2. Delete all DVD / CD ROM and IDE ATA / ATAPI drivers

3. Unplug your hard drive and replace it with your CD / DVD drive 4. Install new chipset drivers

To do this step, you might have to do some research and find out what type of SATA Controller do you have. In our case, it was an AMD controller, but it might be a different one on your computer. To update your SATA controller driver, do the following:

Windows 10 sometimes has problems with certain drivers or devices, and this is the main reason why Windows 10 might not recognize your CD drive, but as you can see, you can easily fix this issue by following our solutions.

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How To Enable Core Isolation Protection On Windows 11.

If you have just completed your regular security check on Windows 11 and have noticed a warning about Core Isolation being disabled. This article will explain what exactly Core Isolation is and how to enable it on your Windows 11 device. Not all Windows 11 devices will have support for this but if yours does it’s worth enabling.

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Windows 11 has a lot of great security features built-in that allow you to keep your system safe and secure without having to pay for third-party protection services. It’s no longer necessary to use programs like Avast, AVG, McAffee or anything else to get top quality system protection for your computer. Windows has everything you need ready to go. One such protection tool is called Core Isolation protection, so what exactly is it?

What Is Core Isolation in Windows 11?

Windows Core Isolation is a process that lets your OS segregate critical core processes from the rest of the ones running normally in order to defend against hostile or ill-natured software/driver or malware. It is essentially a vault that only exclusive processes have access to. The entire process uses virtualization technology which makes it even more secure than just separating processes naturally.

In basic terms, it means that your key processes are secured from any activities and attacks that occur outside this environment and highly mitigates the chances of account takeovers, system crashes, malfunctions, etc. This is a highly beneficial security attribute considering how different types of attacks have evolved over the years.

How do you enable or Disable Core Isolation on Windows 11?

In order to enable Core Isolation on Windows 11, it’s best that you make sure you are on the latest version, so check for an update before continuing. This isn’t necessary but it’s always best to have the latest version of Windows installed on your device.

Once you have done this, type Windows Security into the Start menu and press Enter.

Finally, flip the toggle to On and Restart your computer for the change to take effect.

After you’ve made this change you will no longer have a warning prompt showing in the Windows Security Center. I like to open this every now and then to make sure that everything is green and enabled. You’d be surprised how often things can randomly change within Windows Settings.

What If you don’t see Core Isolation and Memory Integrity?

If you don’t find any of these options, you need to make sure that you have Hardware Virtualization enabled in your system’s UEFI or BIOS. How you do this will vary on your system so you’ll find the steps for this on your own, unfortunately.

Incompatible driver error wdcsam64_prewin8.sys or something similar?

If memory integrity fails to enable and shows the following error code: wdcsam64_prewin8.sys and that you have an incompatible device driver already installed. Check with the manufacturer of the device to see if they have an updated driver available. If they don’t have a compatible driver available, you might be able to remove the device or app that uses that incompatible driver.

Note: If you try to install a device with an incompatible driver after turning on memory integrity, there is a good chance that you will see the same error message. If so, check with the device manufacturer to see if they have an updated driver you can download, or don’t install that particular device until a compatible driver is available.

Four Luxury Brands Bringing Their Loyal Followings To Web3

It’s a well-known fact that individual NFTs have often sold for hundreds of thousands, if not millions of dollars through the years. Whether it’s a particularly rare piece from collections like the Bored Ape Yacht Club, or a new piece from an acclaimed artist like Beeple, high-value NFTs are a prominent feature of Web3.

Given how NFTs have gradually established a warm relationship with luxury goods, several brands catering specifically to luxury markets have firmly established themselves in the NFT space. But it goes deeper than just entering a market prepared to shell out considerable sums of cash, though. NFTs also offer users regularly making four, five, or even six-digit transactions untold security thanks to the blockchain.

But does it stop there? Hardly. Here are four luxury brands that’ve utilized everything NFTs offer to improve their ability to serve their customers.

One of Arity’s gemstone NFTs. Source: Arity

Arity is a Colombian luxury conglomerate hoping to bring its decades of combined expertise into Web3. Through its affiliated jewelry retailer, it has origins steeped in history dating back to the early 20th century. But after all this time as a player in an industry that’s only getting more competitive by the day due to increasingly scarce resources, it has worked to modernize its operations for a leg up against competitors. Its solution? Blockchain technology, particularly the usage of NFTs.

“We thought that NFTs are the best example to [immortalize] our process and jewelry design,” said Arity Co-Founder Ismael Fleing in an interview with nft now. “When we extract a rough gem from our mines, it’s unique.” The problem is, once these gems are cut and processed to be turned into jewelry, they technically no longer exist. By minting these stones as NFTs, Arity looks to immortalize each stone harvested from their mines. This isn’t just for show, either. As part of the minting process, every detail regarding stones harvested from mines is recorded and minted onto the blockchain — a step that undoubtedly helps shore up security as the stones pass through Arity’s supply chain.

Thanks to Arity’s decision to go the extra mile when documenting gemstones extracted from its mines, Arity also believes NFTs can play a pivotal role in adding more value to their products in a trustless way. “For gemstones, the location where it comes from adds value to the gem,” said Arity Co-Founder and CEO Daniel Martin. “That’s why traceability is so important in this industry,” he said. Besides adding value to gems, NFTs can also help curtail the sale of unethically sourced gems and precious metals down the line. Blood diamonds no more? It’s certainly a lofty goal, but it’s definitely possible.

Starting things off was Louis the Game, a 2023 mobile game that enabled players to engage in a collect-a-thon in a virtual world laden with LV’s iconic prints. Of course, some digital collectibles players could acquire in the game were postcards that doubled as fully fledged NFTs. In-game raffles also gave players a chance to win one of ten PFP NFTs depicting the game’s player character Vivienne in licensed LV gear.

Doubling down on its NFT-driven online strategy, April 2023 saw the fashion titan announce several new NFT rewards available to players of Louis the Game, in celebration of its over 200-year history.

Tokyo-based jewelry brand recently took to a growing trend in the luxury goods market, releasing a limited run of digital jewelry NFTs bearing the brand’s iconic smiley design. Kicking off its public sale in November 2023, EYEFUNNY’s 1,152 pieces of NFT jewelry went up for grabs.

So what’s in it for owners of these NFTs? The chance to participate in a raffle for real-world pieces of physical jewelry. As of writing, raffle winners are scheduled to be announced on EYEFUNNY’s official website, and will be able to pick up any winnings they may have at EYEFUNNY’s physical stores in Tokyo, Japan, along with a yet-to-be-announced seasonal location in Paris, France.

Christie’s, Sotheby’s, and more

Diana Sinclair’s I Am That I Am. Source: Diana Sinclair

When Beeple sold his iconic Everydays piece on legacy auction house Christie’s in March 2023, considerable progress was made in legitimizing the sale and purchase of NFTs in the public eye. The price tag it ended up fetching certainly helped. Selling for an eye-watering $69.3 million, other auction houses quickly began moving to accommodate this fast-growing trend in the art world.

Bu Hockey Player Pleads Not Guilty To Rape

Max Nicastro, here playing in this year’s Beanpot game against Harvard, faces rape charges. Photo by Brooks Canaday

BU hockey defenseman Max Nicastro pleaded not guilty to two counts of rape at his arraignment yesterday in Brighton District Court. Nicastro was ordered to post a $10,000 cash bail. Defense attorney Hugh Curran told the court, “We believe that, when all the facts are out, it will be found it was not a criminal act.” Curran said Nicastro would make bail.

Gloriann Moroney, Suffolk County assistant district attorney, said Nicastro has been relocated to an undisclosed address, away from the female student who says he assaulted her early Sunday. Nicastro has been suspended from the hockey team while the case is investigated and no longer lives on campus. Judge Franco Gobourne ordered him to avoid any contact with the alleged victim and impounded the police report in the case to protect her privacy.

The 6-foot-3 Nicastro (CGS’11, MET’13), handcuffed and in a gray suit jacket and a shirt without a tie, held a legal pad in front of his face as he stood in the docket to block news photographers during the 15-minute proceedings. The arraignment of the second BU men’s hockey player to be charged with sexual assault in recent months drew almost a dozen Boston reporters and cameramen to the courthouse.

Curran said Nicastro “has every intention to return to BU” and study this summer in order to graduate on time.

Moroney said that after receiving a call that a female student had been raped, BUPD officers met the tearful alleged victim Sunday morning. She said that Nicastro had raped her. After conducting several interviews, police went to Nicastro’s 10 Buick Street residence and arrested him. The alleged victim was taken to the hospital, where she was treated and released, Moroney said.

She said that while Nicastro has no criminal record, she requested cash bail given “the seriousness of the charges” and his out-of-state ties. Nicastro, whose mother came to Boston for the arraignment, is from Thousand Oaks, Calif.

Dean of Students Kenneth Elmore (SED’87) says Nicastro is no longer enrolled as a student. “Simultaneous to the court proceedings,” says Elmore, “we are conducting an investigation of this matter.” Elmore says his investigation, which will include talking with Nicastro and the alleged victim, may determine whether Nicastro is enrolled this summer.

Asked if he was concerned that there might be a culture among hockey players or athletes generally contributing to misconduct, Elmore says he wouldn’t use such “a broad brush” until the Nicastro case is resolved: “Before we make that kind of conclusion, we’ve got one situation right now that we’ve got to continue to investigate.”

Gobourne set a probable cause hearing for March 26, which happens to be four days after the next court date for former BU hockey player Corey Trivino, who was arrested in December on charges he kissed and groped a BU student against her will in her dorm room. Trivino has pleaded not guilty to charges of indecent assault and battery and breaking and entering.

Fix: Cd Games Won’t Play In Windows 10/11

Fix: CD Games won’t play in Windows 10/11




Many game developers are using all sorts of copy protection methods in order to protect their products. Although such protection is necessary, it seems that Windows 10 users are having some problems with it. Users report that CD games won’t play on Windows 10, but fortunately, there’s a way to fix this.

What to do if CD games won’t play in Windows 10

Table of contents:

Fix: Can’t play CD games in Windows 10

SafeDisc and SecuROM are copy protection programs used by game developers in order to prevent any unauthorized copying of their games. These tools were used heavily in the past decade, and now only older games tend to use SafeDisc and SecuROM. According to Microsoft, SafeDisc and SecuROM aren’t supported by Windows 10, therefore, many users won’t be able to run their favorite older games.

According to Microsoft, both SafeDisc and SecuRom are deeply embedded in the operating system, therefore they are a potential security threat. In fact, in November 2007 there was a security vulnerability discovered in SafeDisc that allowed hackers to take complete control of your PC. In order to protect its users, Microsoft decided to completely remove any support for SafeDisc and SecuROM in Windows 10.

Without support for SecuROM and SafeDisc in Windows 10, you won’t be able to play any older games, but there are few ways to circumvent this limitation.

Solution 1 – Check the developer’s website for latest patches

Many developers updated their games so they don’t require SafeDisc or SecuROM in order to work, and if you can’t run a specific game on Windows 10, make sure to visit the developer’s website and download the latest update. Bear in mind that not all older games had been patched, and certain number of games still requires SecuROM or SafeDisc in order to run properly.

Solution 2 – Use dual-boot

Expert tip:

Solution 3 – Use a virtual machine

If you don’t want to use dual-boot on your computer, you can run older version of Windows from a virtual machine. Just download tools such as VirtualBox and follow the instructions to create a virtual machine. We have to point out that virtual machine will run from Windows 10, thus requiring a lot of hardware power to work properly. If you’re planning to run virtual machine on Windows 10, make sure you have enough hard drive space and RAM.

Solution 4 – Buy a digital version of the game

If you want to run a specific older game on Windows 10 but you don’t want to use dual-boot or virtual machine, you might have to buy the digital version of that game. Many old games are available on Steam or GOG, so make sure to check them out. It has been confirmed that older games from GOG will work with Windows 10, so you might want to head over to GOG and download digital version of the games that won’t run on Windows 10.

Solution 5 – Add SafeDisc driver manually

We have to mention this solution can cause system instability and potential security issues, so use it at your own risk. To add SafeDisc driver manually follow these steps:

Download Driver Signature Enforcement Overrider tool from here.

Download chúng tôi file or copy it from any older version of Windows. In older versions of Windows this file can be located in C:windowssystem32drivers folder.

Move SECDRV.SYS file to C:windowssystem32drivers folder on your Windows 10 computer.

Select Sign a System File, navigate to C:windowssystem32drivers and select chúng tôi file.

When your computer restarts, start Driver Signature Enforcement Overrider again and turn on Test Mode. After you’ve done that, you should be able to run old games once again on Windows 10.

Problems with CD games that won’t play on Windows 10 are caused by the lack of support for SecuROM and SafeDisc, but you can easily fix these problems by using some of our solutions. We also did a guide on how to play old games on Windows 10, so feel free to check it out if you need more information.


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