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Game controller is the heartbeat of any gamer. The controller brings easier ways to control games. But what can you do when your controller doesn’t work on your PC?

Many users have reported that their Xbox controller doesn’t work on their PC.

Here in this article, we have discussed what you can do when your Xbox controller not working on PC.

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Damaged or loose cable connection. This is the most overlooked but simple reason. USB cables are known to be vulnerable and get easily damaged.

PC doesn’t recognize the controller device when plugged into the USB port. This situation arises when you have a problem with the USB Ports on your PC or you have inserted the controller to USB 3.0, which it may not support.

Outdated drivers can conflict with your system devices and lead to this issue.

Malware or sometimes the installed Antivirus programs can also interfere with device drivers.

The ports you have plugged the Xbox controller can be malfunctioning. Change the ports and see if it fixes the issue.

If you have connected the controller to a USB hub, then try connecting to the motherboard ports at the back of the CPU.

Also, make sure to check the controller cable. There is a chance that cables are malfunctioning. USB cables are vulnerable, so try a new cable and see if it solves the issue.

This issue is mostly caused by outdated or malfunctioning drivers. First try disabling and enabling the gamepad driver, which would reset it.

To disable and enable the gamepad driver, follow the steps given below:

Open Run utility using Windows + R.

Type devmgmt.msc on Run utility and press Enter.

After that, open the Device Manager again.

Now select the Enable Device option.

If still the issue persists then it might be the case of obsolete drivers, then try updating the controller drivers. Here is how you can update the controller drivers:

Open the Device Manager ( as mentioned earlier).

Now select Update driver option.

Follow the instructions on your screen to complete the process.

If this method also doesn’t work, then re-install the driver. To uninstall the driver, follow the steps given below:

Open the Device Manager (as said earlier).

Then expand the Sound, video and game controllers option.

Now, restart your PC after the PC opens System automatically reinstalls the driver on Windows chúng tôi issue persists, try the next solution.

In Windows there is an option that turns off the plugged-in devices automatically. The Xbox controller not working on PC can be due to this feature.

To disable the auto turn off plugged-in devices feature, follow the steps given below:

Open the Device Manager and expand USB Serial Bus Controllers.

Do the above steps for all the USB root hub 3.0 drivers. Once done, check if still your Xbox controllers for PC is not working. If the issue persists, then try the next solution.

If Xbox controller is not connecting to PC wired, then try connecting wirelessly through Bluetooth.

Here are the steps to do it:

Plug-in the adapter into a USB port.

Turn on the controller by press and then hold the Xbox button for few seconds. Release it after the Xbox button will turn-on. 

Press the Pairing button after the device turns-on.

You will receive a pop up message on your PC to connect the controller.

After accepting the pairing request the Xbox light will become Steady.

So, when your Xbox One wired controller on PC is not working, then running it wirelessly should fix it as mentioned above.

If your Xbox controller is still not connecting even wirelessly, then try running the Bluetooth troubleshooter:

Press the Windows Key + I to open the Settings app.

Go to Update & Security option.

Select the Troubleshoot option on the left-hand panel.

Expand Bluetooth and select Run the troubleshooter.

Follow the instruction on the running wizard to complete troubleshooting.

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Spotify Is Not Working On Xbox: 3 Quick Ways To Fix It

Spotify Is Not Working on Xbox: 3 Quick Ways to Fix It Check expert solutions that actually work




Spotify was first introduced on Xbox in July 2023 and has since been a rage, but many reported that the app is not working.

The problem usually arises due to issues with the server, a slow Internet, or improper installation of the app.

To fix things, first, update both Xbox and Spotify, check the Internet speed, or hard reset the console, amongst other solutions.



To fix Windows PC system issues, you will need a dedicated tool

Fortect is a tool that does not simply cleans up your PC, but has a repository with several millions of Windows System files stored in their initial version. When your PC encounters a problem, Fortect will fix it for you, by replacing bad files with fresh versions. To fix your current PC issue, here are the steps you need to take:

Download Fortect and install it on your PC.

Start the tool’s scanning process to look for corrupt files that are the source of your problem

Fortect has been downloaded by


readers this month.

Spotify has, of late, become one of the most popular audio streaming platforms, with millions registering for it. And while the app runs seamlessly across devices, some Xbox users have reported that Spotify is not working.

For many, Spotify was not working on Xbox one, but the issue is prevalent across different console versions, and even for a few users, Spotify stopped working on Windows. So, if you were looking for a concrete fix, this is the right page.

Why is Spotify not working on Xbox?

Here are a few reasons Spotify is not working on Xbox:

Issues with the Spotify servers: If the Spotify servers are down, you will encounter issues accessing the app or streaming content over it.

Spotify was not installed properly: Some users reported that an improper installation of Spotify triggered the problem in their case.

A buggy update: In case the problem started after updating the Xbox or Spotify, it could be a bug in the update that’s to be blamed. Usually, the developers release a patch for it in the subsequent versions.

What can I do if Spotify is not working on Xbox?

Before we head to the slightly longer solutions, try these quick ones:

Check if the Spotify servers are down. For that, you can use a service like Downdetector or head to Spotify’s social media handles for updates.

Check if you have reached the maximum device limit because, in some cases, users were unable to run Spotify due to this. To fix things, remove a few devices from the Microsoft account.

A simple yet effective fix when Spotify is not working on Xbox is to perform a hard reset. All you have to do is press the Xbox button on the console for 10 seconds and wait for it to turn off. Next, unplug it from the power source for another 10 seconds. All that’s left is reconnecting the Xbox console to the power source and turning it on. Now, check whether Spotify works.

Update both the Xbox console and the Spotify app.

If Spotify is not working, switch to another app on Xbox where there’s some background music, go back to Spotify from the menu, and increase its volume. Once Spotify starts working, you can navigate back to the app, and it should continue to function normally.

In case none of these work, the ones listed next surely would.

1. Use Spotify Connect


You could use both a mobile device and a computer to stream music to the Xbox via Spotify Connect. The steps here are for the latter, though they remain similar for both.

Spotify should now start working on Xbox, but again, it’s more of a workaround. If you insist on fixing the problem at hand, the solutions below should help.

2. Test the Internet speed

On your controller, press the Xbox button and then open Settings.

Now, in the General tab, choose Network settings.

Select Test network speed & statistics.

Your Xbox will now test the network and should display the results in a few seconds.

Expert tip:

3. Reinstall Spotify on Xbox

If nothing else works, it’s likely the app itself to blame when Spotify is not working on Xbox. As stated earlier, problems during the installation process can affect the functioning of any app.

And the easiest solution here is to reinstall Spotify. Just make sure you are connected to a stable Internet when installing Spotify on Xbox.

That’s it! If Spotify was not working on Xbox earlier, it should now, and that, too, seamlessly, just the way it was intended.

Also, if you are looking for an alternative, check the best Xbox One background audio apps.

Still experiencing issues?

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Fix Xbox One Error 0X87E00064 On Windows Pc

If you’re encountering Xbox One error 0x87e00064 while installing a game on your Windows 11 or Windows 10 computer, then this post is intended to help you. In this post, we will identify the possible causes, as well as provide the most appropriate solutions you can try to help you remediate this issue.

When you encounter this issue. you’ll receive the following full error message;

The error code is 0x87E00O64, in case you need it.

You might encounter the error due to one or more, but not limited to the following known causes;

Corrupted temp folder.

Corrupted Blu-Ray Cache.

Firmware inconsistency.

Bad disk or optical drive problem.

A poster on Microsoft Answers has said that this helped him:

If it helps you, great, else read on.

Fix Xbox One error 0x87e00064

If you’re faced with this Installation stopped – Error 0x87e00064 issue, you can try our recommended solutions below in no particular order and see if that helps to resolve the issue.

Install the game on a stable internet connection

Power-cycle your Xbox One console

Install the game from Xbox Store

Delete cache and save the file

Replace Optical Drive

Wipe Firmware file on your Xbox One console

Let’s take a look at the description of the process involved concerning each of the listed solutions.

1] Install the game on a stable internet connection

If you’re using a Wi-Fi connection, check that your console is receiving a strong signal, or change to using a wired connection as this gives more stable internet than a wireless one. You can also leave your game installing overnight if it requires downloading a single large file.

2] Power-cycle your Xbox One console

Do the following:

Ensure that your console is fully turned (not in hibernation mode).

On your console, press and hold the Xbox button and keep it pressed for about 10 seconds or until you notice that the front LED (on your console) stops flashing.

Note: While you wait for this time period to pass, you can also disconnect the cable from the power outlet in order to ensure that the power capacitors are completely cleared.

After this period has passed, connect the power cable once again and start your console conventionally to see if this issue has been fixed.

During this next startup, you can pay attention to the startup animation logo. If you notice that the longest animation logo appears, take it as confirmation that the power cycling procedure has been successful.

Once the next startup is complete, repeat the action that was previously triggering the 0x87E00064 error code.

If the Xbox One error 0x87e00064 issue persists, try the next solution.

3] Install the game from Xbox Store

Sometimes the game disc can be physically damaged causing Xbox One error 0x87e00064. In this case, you can install the game from the Xbox Store, and then use the game disc to play.

Here’s how:

Go to Xbox Store.

Go to the Search bar.

Type in the name of the game

Install the game

Wait for the console to finish downloading and installing the game.

If the installation is complete, insert your game disc and play

If still unable to play, try the next solution.

4] Delete cache and save the file

If your game was not installed or uninstalled, Xbox One error 0x87e00064 may occur due to a cache or a game saved that is related to the game you are installing. Corrupted files that have been saved can also cause the error so in this case, delete all of these items.

To delete saved files, do the following:

Press the Guide button on your Xbox controller

Go to Settings Tab

Select System Settings.

Select a storage device.

Select Games and Apps.

Look for a corrupted game among the saved files.

Delete it if there is any.

To delete cache, do the following:

Press the Guide button on your Xbox controller.

Go to Settings Tab

Select System Settings

Select Storage.

Select any of the listed storage device

Press Y on the Xbox controller.

Select Clear System Cache.

If prompted to confirm the action, select Yes.

Turn off your Xbox console and then unplug it for at least 30 seconds to flush out the memory cache.

Turn the Xbox console on and install the game using the game disc.

5] Replace Optical Drive

If you’re only encountering this error code while trying to install content from Blu-Ray disks, you should start considering a bad DVD or problem with your optical drive. This is more likely so if you return your DVD and try to do the installation from a brand new game disk and the issue persists.

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6] Wipe Firmware file on your Xbox One console

Do the following:

Start by ensuring that your console is fully booted up, then press the Xbox button on your controller to open up the main guide menu.

Once you’re inside the guide menu, access the Settings menu.

From the Console Info tab, access the Reset Console button.

Once you arrive at the next Reset console menu, select the option named Reset and keep my games & apps to initiate a soft reset.

Confirm the operation, then wait patiently until the process is complete. At the end of it, your console will restart and a couple of OS updates will be installed once the next startup is complete. Follow through with the on-screen prompts to install every OS update in order to be able to go online.

Once your system firmware is up to date, try installing any game and see if the Xbox One error 0x87e00064 appears again.

Any of these solutions should work for you!

Google Meet Microphone Not Working On Windows Pc

If you are trying to access the microphone in Google Meet, but it is not working and you see an error message Your mic is muted by your system settings on Windows 11/10, then these troubleshooting tips will help you fix the problem. There are several reasons why Google Meet may not be able to detect the audio input device attached to your computer.

Your mic is muted by your system settings – Google Meet

Google Meet is a new player in the video conference market. However, it is one of the best video conferencing solutions and like any other online video conferencing app, it requires a microphone and a speaker. However, if the microphone is not working with Google Meet, the cause could be:

A faulty input device is selected as the default microphone.

Windows has blocked the browser from accessing the microphone.

You accidentally blocked the browser from accessing your microphone.

Apart from that, there can be some internal issues behind this problem as well.

Google Meet microphone not working

If you see Your mic is muted by your system settings message, then to fix the Google Meet microphone not working issue, follow these steps-

Check Google Meet audio settings

Check microphone access

Allow Google Meet to use the microphone in the browser

Check physical connection

Run Speech troubleshooter

Your mic is muted by your system settings – Google Meet 1] Check Google Meet audio settings

The official website of Google Meet allows users to switch between various microphones and speakers. Thus, users will get the best experience all the time. However, if you have chosen a faulty device as your default microphone, Google Meet won’t be able to detect the audio. As a result, you can’t speak to others during an online video conference through Google Meet. To verify this setting, follow the following steps.

If not, switch from the current one to another device to check if there is a problem with the microphone or not. If it is working, you will see the audio bar next to the microphone sign.

2] Check microphone access

Users can manage app permissions and disable microphone access from the Windows Settings. If you did that earlier, Google Meet wouldn’t detect the microphone when needed. Therefore, it is mandatory to verify if you have correct microphone access or not.

To check microphone access on Windows 11, follow these steps:

Press Win+I to open Windows Settings.

Switch to the Privacy & security tab on the left side.

Toggle the Microphone access button to turn it on.

Toggle the Let desktop apps access your microphone button to turn it on.

However, if you are using Windows 10, do the following:

Scroll down to the bottom of the page and find out the Allow desktop apps to access your microphone heading. Also, verify that the toggle button is turned ON. You may find the list of apps that are using your microphone in real-time.

3] Allow Google Meet to use the microphone in the browser

When you open the Google Meet website for the first time, it asks you to allow the microphone and camera access. They are mandatory for a video conference. However, if you blocked those accesses earlier, you won’t be able to use the microphone now. No matter if you are using Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, or any other browsers, these settings remain the same. We have mentioned the steps to verify these accesses in Google Chrome, but you can do the same in other browsers as well.

Now, check if Google Meet detects the microphone or not.

4] Check physical access

If you are using a desktop computer, there is a high chance that your CPU has two different ports – Microphone and Speaker. If you used the Speaker port and want to use it as a microphone, it won’t work for obvious reasons. Therefore, it is recommended to recheck the physical access.

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5] Run Speech troubleshooter

If there is an internal problem with the microphone, Windows 11/10 will solve the issue. All you have to do is to run the Speech troubleshooter on your computer. As Windows 11/10 already comes with all the common troubleshooters, you can follow these steps to run it.

Windows 11

Unfortunately, Windows 11 doesn’t come with the Speech Troubleshooter. However, you can try using the Recording Audio Troubleshooter. For that, do the following:

Press Win+I to open Windows Settings.

Make sure that you are in the System tab.

Find out the Recording Audio troubleshooter.

Follow the screen instructions.

Windows 10

Now, go through the screen instructions to find out the possible issue.

If it is an internal problem, this troubleshooter will fix it. Otherwise, you will see a suggestion on your screen.

Hope these solutions work.

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Why is my Google Meet microphone not working?

There could be various reasons why the Google Meet microphone is not working on your Windows 11 or Windows 10 computer. For example, there could be faulty hardware or a microphone. Other than that, you need to check Microphone permission in Windows Settings as well as Google Chrome browser.

How do I enable the microphone on Google Meet?

Powera Enhanced Xbox Controller Review: The Perfect Little Brother Controller

The PowerA Enhanced Xbox Controller has all the features of the official version for just half the cost—it can be yours for under $30 most days. It even adds some useful extras like programmable buttons and a volume toggle. The cable is the biggest drawback, but the feel and build quality also take a step down compared to Microsoft’s Series X/S controller. If nothing else, the PowerA Controller is a great “little brother controller.”


Much lighter than official controller

Physical volume toggle

Only costs about $30

Programmable buttons


Uses old microUSB port instead of USB-C

Mushy d-pad

No wireless connectivity

Our Verdict

The PowerA Enhanced Xbox Controller might be a budget option, but it’s no slouch. It comes with tons of functionality both for use with the Xbox and those who need a controller for PC gaming as well. Ultimately, it performs almost as well as the official controller but costs only half as much.

Best Prices Today: PowerA Enhanced Xbox controller




View Deal



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PowerA Enhanced controller: Design and build quality

At first glance, you might not realize that the PowerA Enhanced Xbox Controller is a third-party accessory. It has the typical Xbox shape, a glowing Xbox button in the middle, and all the buttons in the right places. However, it’s a bit chunkier, giving it a hand-feel closer to the previous-gen Xbox One controller. There’s a diamond texture etched into the grips, but it’s far less grippy than the tiny dots on the official controller that ships with the Series X and S. 

Even though the chassis is larger, the PowerA controller is surprisingly light at just 208g (7.33 ounces). The stock Series X controller with AA batteries installed is a whopping 300g. Thankfully, the cable is removable, but the port (between the triggers) is an old-fashioned microUSB. Current-gen controllers from Microsoft and Sony use the newer USB-C standard. These cables are reversible and more durable, but microUSB works fine, and the controller comes with a long 10-foot cable. 

The bottom edge hosts a 3.5mm headphone jack, and just above that on the face of the controller is the volume toggle. This is the most obvious departure from the stock controller, which doesn’t have any dedicated hardware buttons for volume control. Flip it over, and you’ll see the other hardware tweak—a pair of programmable buttons on the grips and a button in the middle to configure them. The controller also has eight exposed screw holes on the underside, making the PowerA controller look much cheaper than the official controller, which fits together with no visible screws. 

The PowerA Enhanced controller shares a lot of design elements with the Xbox Series X/S.

Ryan Whitwam

You might also notice that the d-pad is of the traditional plus-shaped variety, whereas the official Series X/S controller has moved to a more precise dish-shaped pad. The PowerA ABXY cluster has more travel (they protrude a bit more from the body) with less tactility than Microsoft’s controller. The other buttons look about the same—PowerA even has the share button introduced with the Series X and S (although, it’s round instead of pill-shaped, and it’s a bit wobbly)


PowerA Enhance controller: Features and hands-on experience

As we pointed out in the Xbox Wireless Controller review, Microsoft’s latest gamepad is louder than the last one. The PowerA makes that one seem whisper-quiet by comparison. Elements like the triggers and thumbsticks have very hard, loud landings when pressed. The thumbsticks are also stiffer and rougher than the official controller, but the difference is negligible enough that you won’t notice unless you have both of them side-by-side for comparison. 

The programmable buttons are placed conveniently on the inside of the grips—perhaps a little too conveniently. It doesn’t take much force to depress them, so they’re easy to hit accidentally if you squeeze the controller too tightly. That said, they can be handy if you don’t like the location of one of the other buttons. Simply long-press the program button in the middle of the rear panel and press the control you want to replicate. 

Official Xbox Series X/S (left) and the PowerA Enhanced controller (right).

Ryan Whitwam

While the lack of wireless connectivity is a bummer, you’d have to expect that buying a wired controller. The lower controller weight is an appealing consolation, though. As long as you can run the 10-foot cable to your PC or console, the PowerA Enhanced Xbox Controller is comfortable to use for long periods of time.

PowerA Enhanced controller: Compatibility

This controller also works with smartphones but not as easily as the stock controller. Since the official gamepad uses USB-C, you just need a C-to-C cable to connect to an Android phone, and it also supports wireless Bluetooth connectivity. With the PowerA, you need to use the cable (or another micro USB cable) and an adapter that can turn the rectangular USB-A into USB-C. We’ve tested this with Google’s Pixel USB adapter, and everything works despite being clunky.

The PowerA Enhanced controller can work with smartphones given the proper adapter.

Ryan Whitwam

Final thoughts

The official Xbox Series X/S controller is undoubtedly a better device—it’s wireless, looks nicer, and has better build quality. It’s also expensive at $60. The PowerA Enhanced Xbox Controller has 90 percent of the functionality at just half the cost. We also appreciate that PowerA offers the controller in so many colors. 

The lack of a battery makes the PowerA controller much lighter than wireless ones, and most of the buttons feel almost as responsive and tactile as the official controller. There are a few extra buttons, too, allowing you to replicate any of the standard controls on the programmable grip paddles. We don’t love the old plus-shaped d-pad, which is mushier than the one on the latest Microsoft controllers, and the programmable buttons are a bit too easy to press by accident. 

The Xbox comes with one controller, and that’s enough for some people. If you need extra controllers for your console and don’t fancy spending $60 on each of them, the PowerA is a good purchase. For PC gamers, the PowerA Enhanced Xbox Controller is a reasonable way to get all the Windows Xbox integrations on the cheap. However, anyone looking for a mobile controller should move along. The lack of wireless connectivity or a USB-C port means you’ll have to deal with cables and adapters just to get the PowerA Enhanced Xbox Controller linked to your phone.

Fix Microsoft Teams Not Working On Samsung Tablet

There have been many reports about Microsoft Teams not working on Samsung tablets. The app may fail to launch, freezes, and crashes, users can’t log in to their accounts or they get all sorts of error codes. Taking into account the large number of users that complained about such issues, we decided to create this guide. Let’s see how you can troubleshoot some of the most common Teams issues on Samsung tablets.

How to Fix Teams Issues on Samsung Tablets Update Your App and Android OS Version

That’s the first thing you should do when you notice Teams doesn’t work as intended. Open the Play Store app, search for Teams, and hit the Update button to install the newest app version.

To update your tablet, navigate to Settings and select General. Then tap About tablet and select Software update. Tap Update to install the latest Android OS version for your tablet model.

Clear the App Cache

Clearing the app can help you fix a long list of glitches. The temporary files stored under your cache folder may sometimes interfere with the app.

Navigate to Settings, select Applications, and then Manage Applications.

Select Teams from the list of apps, and tap Storage.

Then tap the Clear Cache button and launch the app again.

Check if you notice any improvements.

Speaking of your tablet’s storage, do ensure you have enough space. Free up some space in case you’re running out of storage space. If the issue persists, log out of your account, restart your tablet and then launch Teams again.

Give Teams Full Permissions

A number of users managed to solve this problem by giving Teams full permissions to access and use the tablet features. Go to App Management, select Teams, and select Give all permissions to the app.

Edit MS Authenticator App Settings

If you can’t log in to your Teams account on a Samsung tablet, the solutions below should help you to fix the problem.

Disable Usage Data

Other users solve this issue by disabling data usage for the Authenticator app during sign-in. Launch the MS Authenticator app, go to Settings and turn off Usage Data.

Turn off Battery Optimization

Alternatively, you can disable battery optimization.

Launch the Microsoft Authorisation App.

Tap the Menu and select Settings.

Locate the option that says Stay logged in to your Microsoft work or school account.

Then disable battery optimization. In this manner, Teams will be able to fetch your Microsoft work account.

Change MFA Settings

As an alternative, you can change your MFA preferences to only receiving a text message, instead of using the Authenticator app.

On the other hand, other users had to completely uninstall the Authenticator app to fix this issue. If you do that, don’t forget to clear the cache after you remove the app.

Close Background Apps

To prevent app conflicts, avoid running multiple apps in the background. Teams uses a lot of resources during video meetings and that could make your tablet slower than usual or even unresponsive. In other words, close all background apps when using Teams.

Exit all Office 365 applications on your device. Disable your mobile device manager and antivirus. Then start the Teams app again to test the results.

Check Your Connection

If there are multiple devices using the same network connection, disconnect them and check if Teams is running properly on your Samsung tablet. Having too many devices connected to the network may lead to bandwidth problems.

When attending Teams video meetings on your tablet, make sure no other devices are streaming video content. Or use a different network connection, if that’s possible.

You can also reset your connection.Navigate to Settings, select Network & Internet, and tap the menu button. Then go to Network settings reset and tap Reset settings.

If that did not work, unplug your router’s power cable, wait two minutes and then power up the device again.

Reinstall Teams

If you still can’t use your Teams app properly, uninstall the app. Restart your tablet and install Teams again. Hopefully, installing a fresh copy of the app  solves your problem.


If Teams is not working properly on your Samsung tablet, clear the cache and update the app. If you’re experiencing log in issues, disable data usage and battery optimization in the MS Authenticator app.

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