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FIX: Computer is not authorized to run iTunes




Computer not authorized message in iTunes can prevent from using iTunes, but there’s a way to fix it.

Fixing the issue is simple, and you just need to deauthorize all devices that are using iTunes.

Alternatively, removing the corrupted directories might fix the problem as well.

If iTunes says your computer is not authorized, you can also try signing in and out of iTunes.

To play and sync media content in the iTunes media player, you need to authorize a Windows desktop or laptop for an Apple ID.

Some iTunes users have stated that computer not authorized error messages pop up when they try to play or sync media content with the media player.

Those error messages pop up for some users even when they’ve already authorized an Apple ID with the Authorize This Computer option on the Store menu. Consequently, they can’t play or sync selected music or video in iTunes.

How do I fix iTunes saying computer is not authorized when it is? 1. Log out of iTunes

If iTunes says that your computer is not authorized, but it actually is, the cause of the problem might be a glitch that is easily fixed by logging out and logging in to iTunes again.

2. Check what user account purchased the media file

Note that iTunes might request authorization when you select to play DRM media files that weren’t purchased with the Apple ID you’re signed in with.

Thus, somebody else who also utilizes iTunes on the same laptop or desktop might have purchased media content with a different Apple ID than the one you’re logged in with.

Or you might have downloaded DRM media content with another ID yourself. If so, you’ll need to sign in with the account ID that the music was purchased with to play it.

3. Deauthorize computers linked with iTunes

You can only authorize a maximum of five PCs for your Apple ID. Thus, you can’t authorize a computer if you’ve already authorized the maximum number of PCs for your iTunes account.

As such, reauthorizing desktops or laptops for an Apple ID might fix the computer not authorized message in iTunes.

4. Reinstall iTunes

Expert tip:

You can manually reinstall iTunes like any other app, but if you want to completely remove it, we suggest using IObit Uninstaller.

This application is designed for software removal, and it will completely uninstall any software that you want to remove, including all associated files and registry entries.

IObit Uninstaller is simple to use, and it offers in-depth removal unlike the regular uninstall process in Windows, so you should check it out.

Other great features:

In-depth software removal

Can remove stubborn applications

Can remove Windows 10 Universal apps

Automatic system monitoring

Automatic leftover files removal

IObit Uninstaller

To remove any application along with all of its associated files, be sure to use IObit Uninstaller.

Check priceVisit website

5. Delete the SC Info folder

The iTunes computer not authorized error can be to due to a corrupted SD Info folder. Thus, deleting that folder can potentially fix the issue as iTunes will then recreate SD Info.

6. Reset User Account Controls

If iTunes says that your computer is not authorized but it is, adjusting User Account Control settings might be able to help you.

These are a few fixes that will probably resolve most iTunes computer not authorized error messages.

Note that most of the above resolutions might also fix not authorized issues for the Apple Mac iTunes software along with its Windows counterpart.

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My Computer Time Is Wrong – How To Fix It

By default, your computer will sync the time and date based on your timezone. However, if you notice unusual time differences here and there, even after manually correcting them, it’s time to troubleshoot the issue.

There are several reasons why your computer is displaying the wrong time. However, here are the most common ones.

Time zone set incorrectly

Dead CMOS battery

Multiple clocks on the system

Malware or virus

Internet time server not synchronized

In most cases, your date and time issue can be easily fixed by changing the time zone on your system. However, the solution can vary according to the actual cause of the issue. 

Hence, you can try the following solutions until the problem gets fixed.

Check Your Time Zone 

Most of the time, your computer time is wrong due to incorrect time zone settings. So you should check if it’s configured correctly. Here’s how you can check as well as rectify it.

Press Windows + I key to open the Settings app.

You can follow our article to set date and time automatically on other devices like Mac, iPhone, Xbox and AndroidTV.

Check if Windows Time Service Is Disabled

It could be the case that a Windows service called Windows Time which ensures date and time synchronization is not running. 

Here’s how you can start Windows Time service:

Press the Windows + R key and type the command services.msc.

Scroll downwards and look for Windows Time.

Under the General tab, if Service status shows Running then leave it as it.

Restart the system to apply the changes.

Switch the Internet Time Server

By default, Windows provides us with its own time server. However, you can switch to other servers or even add a public time server from open-source. Doing this will sync your PC to that particular server’s time. Here’s how you can switch it.

Press Windows + I key to open the Settings app.

Navigate to Time & Language.

Expand the time zone dropdown and set the correct time zone.

Next to the Server field, switch to a different time server.

Configure Using W32time.exe

W32time.exe is a tool for troubleshooting the Windows Time Service settings. Running it forces your PC to resynchronize its clock as soon as possible. Here’s how you can use it.

Press Windows + R key and type cmd.

Press Ctrl + Shift + Enter key to open cmd as administrator.

Type the following commands in sequential order

net stop w32time

w32tm /unregister

w32tm /register

net start w32time

Exit the window and see if your problem has been resolved.

Replace the CMOS Battery

The CMOS battery is mainly responsible for powering the BIOS firmware. However, if it is damaged or dead, it can reset the date and time settings, often leading to an earlier date and time.

To fix this issue, you need to replace your CMOS battery. It is fairly easy, and you can do it yourselves. However, if you need some guidance, you can follow our article to replace the CMOS battery.

Scan and Remove Viruses or Malware

If your system has viruses or malware, those can also infect the system files responsible for maintaining the correct date and time. So, we suggest you run a reliable antivirus application and scan to detect any infected files in the system. 

Furthermore, it is even better to do it inside the safe mode. Your system will only access the essential files and device drivers in safe mode and even prevent viruses and malware from starting up.

See if the date and time are restored correctly after removing them.

How To Run Computer Performance Benchmark Test On Windows 11/10

Running a computer benchmark test on any PC tells us about its capabilities. Benchmarking a system is the method of quantifying the performance of a system. It helps you in making your next hardware purchase decision. In this article, we will learn how to run the Computer Performance Benchmark Test on Windows 11/10 without using any third-party benchmarking software.

In today’s world, everyone compares their own devices with others. You might remember the Windows Experience Index that used to come with Windows 7. The major task of this index is to provide an accurate or approximate benchmark of a system. It was a simple, basic yet useful utility designed to measure the performance of your own Windows system.

Run Computer Performance Benchmark Test

Performance Monitor could be the most complete and trustworthy tool which comes with every copy of Windows 11/10. One can use this tool to view and analyze applications as well as hardware data to fix system performance-related problems. Other than the Performance Monitor Tool, you will find some other ways of benchmarking your system.

In this article, we will talk about some of these ways along with Performance Monitor. When it comes to any type of tool to test your system, built-in tools are way better than any third-party software. We will be benchmarking our system using three methods:

Running Performance Monitor Tool

Using Command Prompt

Using Windows PowerShell

1] Running Performance Monitor Tool

You can run this tool in many ways along with different data sets. But to keep it simple, we will generate two reports i.e., System Performance and System Diagnostic reports

System Performance

Press Win + R keys on your keyboard. The Run window will open up.

Type perfmon and hit Enter. The Performance Monitor application will open up and start collecting the required data. Wait for the application to finish collecting the data and process it.

In the System summary, you can see all the details about your computer. From device name to available memory, disk space, processor information, etc.

Here you will get a detailed and complete performance report.

It will include the System Performance Report, Summary, Diagnostic Results, Report Statistics, and information about CPU, Network, and Disk usage.

System Diagnostic

Press Win + R keys on your keyboard. The Run window will open up.

Type perfmon /report and hit Enter. The Performance Monitor application will open up and start collecting the required data. Wait for the application to finish collecting the data and process it.

After 60 seconds you will get a Performance Report. Along with some details like CPU, Network, and Disk usage, the report will also certain have details related to device configuration.

Enlarge the given query and the given sub-query.

You will now get the list of Scores based on your device’s configuration.

Read: What does PC Benchmark mean?

2] Using Command Prompt

If you are a tech enthusiast then you may know that there is nothing that commands cannot do.

Type the following command and hit Enter:

winsat prepop

Wait for a certain amount of time till the command completes its work.

Once done, you will get a list of results showing how well your system can perform.

Some test results will show data in MB/s (megabytes per second) while others will show in fps (frames per second).

TIP: PerfView is a Performance Analysis & Profiling Tool from Microsoft.

3] Using Windows PowerShell

There are some of the commands which may run only in Command Prompt and some only in Windows PowerShell.

Type the following command and hit Enter:

Get-WmiObject -class Win32_WinSAT

Wait for a certain amount of time till the command completes its work.

Once done, you will get a list of results showing how well your system can perform. The command will give scores to CPU, GPU, Disk and Memory present in the system.

TIP: This post will show you how to test Hard Drive speed on a Windows computer.

I hope you find this post useful to get started.

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Raise To Listen Is Not Working, How To Fix

Raise to Listen allows you to listen to audio messages and voice messages by lifting the phone to your ear. It also allows you to record and send audio messages and voice messages without tapping the record button. You simply raise your iPhone to your face. Sometimes for various reasons, Raise to Listen may not work properly and can misbehave. When it is not working, you may experience these sorts of problems:

iPhone does not automatically start playing when it receives an audio/voice message.

iPhone does not automatically start recording audio when you lift it to your face.

Raise to Listen sends incomplete audio messages.

If you are having issues like these, here is how to fix them.

Raise to Listen is misbehaving

Sometimes, Raise to Listen may appear to work but shows bizarre behaviors. For example, Raise to Listen may be triggered unexpectedly, or some of your audio/voice messages may be cut off before you stop talking, causing you to send incomplete messages. Another example would be Raise to Listen may erroneously mark your audio messages as read.

This issue is likely because of your third-party case or screen protector. Some third-party hardware may interfere with your iPhone’s sensors. Your iPhone’s sensors are critical to Raise to Listen’s performance. Try removing your case or screen protector to see if this solves your problem.

If your case or screen protector is causing problems, you have two options:

Remove the case or screen protector and use another one that causes no problems.

Disable Raise to Listen to stop these erroneous actions.

Raise to Listen is not working at all

If Raise to Listen is not working, meaning nothing happens when you raise your iPhone, this can probably be fixed by following a few simple steps.

Restart iPhone

iPhone X and later (iPhone, X, iPhone 14, etc.): Press and hold the side button and one of the volume buttons together until you see the power off slider. Drag the slider to the right. Wait for it to turn off. Then press and hold the side button until the Apple logo appears.

Other iPhone models (iPhone SE, iPhone 8, etc.): Press and hold the side or top button (depending on the iPhone model, this is the sleep/wake button) until you see the power off slider. Drag the slider and wait for your iPhone to turn off. To turn it back on, press and hold the side button again until you see the Apple logo.

Force restart iPhone

If restarting does not fix the Raise to Listen problem, you will need to force restart your iPhone. In fact, I was having this exact issue with my iPhone. When I forced my iPhone to restart, my problem was fixed. Here is how you can do this:

Press and release the volume up button.

Press and release the volume down button.

Press and hold the side button. If you see the power off screen, ignore it. Keep holding the side button until your screen goes black and you see the Apple logo. When you see the Apple logo, release the side button.

Your iPhone will restart.

Now check your issue. If your issue continues, you may have a hardware problem. For example, your proximity sensor may be bad. You should contact Apple. You can have Apple service your iPhone by making a Genius Bar appointment.

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Whatsapp Web Not Working On Computer

While most of us use the WhatsApp service only on your mobile phone, it can also be accessed in your internet browser. The browser service is called WhatsApp Web. However, if at any point in time, WhatsApp web is not working on your Windows computer, then one of these suggestions is sure to help you fix the problem.

WhatsApp Web not working on PC

If WhatsApp Web is not working, then the problem could be either with your account, the server, or your browser/computer. Try these resolutions and see:

Check the status of the WhatsApp server and your account

Log out and Log in again

Clear browser cache and check

Change the browser and see

Check browser compatibility

Disable the Firewall and security programs temporarily

Run the Internet Connections troubleshooter.

Contact Network Administrator.

If you encounter the issue of WhatsApp web not working on the computer, try the following solutions sequentially:

1] Check the status of the WhatsApp server and your account

If you wish to check the status of the WhatsApp server and your account, the best method would be to verify whether WhatsApp is working on your mobile phone or not. Try sending a message or two to be sure. If the service doesn’t work on your phone, it won’t work on your computer/browser either.

If the service works on your phone, please move to the next suggestion.

2] Log out and log in again

While you log in to WhatsApp web after scanning through the barcode through the phone on which you are logged on to WhatsApp, logging out is to be done directly through the system.

3] Clear browser cache and check

The cache files are stored offline whenever you visit a website for the first time. This helps in retrieving data quickly when you load the same website the next time. It also means that the webpage will load faster.

However, if the cache files associated with a certain webpage are corrupt, the webpage might not load properly. The resolution is to clear browser cache files. When you visit the webpage again, the cache will build itself again.

4] Change the browser and see

If WhatsApp works fine on your phone, the problem is either with the browser or the system. So, try opening WhatsApp web on a different browser. If it doesn’t work on a different browser either, try it on a different system to isolate the issue.

In the rare event where WhatsApp web doesn’t work on the other system either, check if your phone is able to scan the code or not. It could be an issue with the camera or otherwise.

5] Check browser compatibility

In case you figure that the problem is with the browser, please check browser compatibility and update the browsers. WhatsApp web will only work with certain browsers like Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera, and Edge. Other browsers such as Internet Explorer are not supported. Even more, they won’t work if the versions of these browsers are obsolete.

Also, blocking scripts can cause issues with some websites, so please disable addons or extensions that may potentially be causing such issues.

6] Disable the Firewall & security programs temporarily

While the Firewall and security programs are very important to keep your system secure, at times they falsely flag genuine applications. In case this has caused the issue in discussion, you could temporarily disable the Windows Defender Firewall and the security programs and check if WhatsApp web starts working. If it does, please add it to the whitelist of the security programs.

7] Run the Internet Connections troubleshooter

The Internet Connections troubleshooter doesn’t just check for the internet connection but for other issues impacting certain websites from functioning properly. The procedure to run the Internet Connections troubleshooter is as follows:

Select the Internet Connections troubleshooter from the list and run it.

Check if this fixes your problem.

8] Contact Network Administrator

That’s all!

Does WhatsApp Web expire?

WhatsApp Web session doesn’t expire on connected devices even if your phone is offline. Once WhatsApp Web is connected successfully, it will work continuously on the linked device(s) unless you log out from your device or phone manually. However, do note that the linked device(s) is logged out if you don’t use your phone for more than 14 days.

How do I reset my WhatsApp Web?

There is no option to reset WhatsApp Web. You can either refresh the browser tab or use the update WhatsApp option to load chats from your WhatsApp contacts in the linked device. On the other hand, if you are using its desktop app on Windows 11/10, then you can reset the WhatsApp app using the Settings app. In the Installed apps list, look for the WhatsApp app, access its Advanced options, and use the Reset button.

This post will help you if WhatsApp Desktop app not working or connecting.

7 Effective Ways To Fix Itunes Error 0Xe800000A On Windows

Usually, when you plug an iPhone into your PC, the “Trust This Computer” prompt appears on the mobile. Then, once you tap the “Trust” option, the device appears in the iTunes application.

However, when your device has issues connecting to the Windows system, you get the “iTunes could not connect to this iPhone. An unknown error occurred” with the bug check code 0xE800000A. When the error pops up, you can neither back up nor sync your device to Windows. Also, the device doesn’t show up on iTunes. 

As the error speaks for itself, there isn’t any particular reason why it failed to connect or where it’s having problems. Sometimes your devices could be acting up erratically for a moment due to a minor glitch. Besides that, the source of error could be the cables, the iTunes app, or the Windows system you are connected to. 

Since your mobile device needs to grant permission to access it from the computer, make sure you unlock your phone while connecting. Also, tap the Trust option when prompted on the phone.

Likewise, disconnect your iPhone and exit the iTunes app before applying the following fixes.

The above error mostly occurs when your iOS device (iPhone, iPod or iPad) has a problem connecting to the iTunes application on your Windows system. 

Therefore, connect the lightning cable to a different system and check if it is working fine. On the other hand, try switching the USB port when connecting the iPhone. And if you are using a USB hub, connect the device directly to the device’s USB port. 

Also, disconnect any other additional devices connected to your PC and make sure your PC is connected to only the iPhone. 

For each iOS device you connect to a particular computer, a lockdown folder is created automatically for each one on the PC. These folders contain lockdown certificates that store unique UDID data to know which data to sync for a particular iOS device. 

So, if you connect multiple iOS devices to your PC, several of those folders exist in your system. And sometimes, they get corrupt, due to which you have issues connecting the device and may receive the 0xE800000A error.

To resolve the error, you can rename the lockdown folder so that a new one is created when you connect your iOS device. 

The Apple Mobile Device Service is a Windows service that runs in the background. It helps to detect and connect any iOS device on a Windows system. If it’s not enabled or not working well, you can face issues while connecting your iOS device to Windows. 

Therefore, you need to re-enable it and restart the service again to fix your issue. Here’s how you can do it.

When you connect your iPhone to a Windows system, it needs to run several processes in the background to perform various tasks.

For example, the iPodService.exe process provides access to iTunes while connecting your iPhone and AppleMobileSync.exe helps sync your device with the PC. Similarly, several other processes need to be executed, and sometimes your security software blocks them after misinterpreting them as malicious threats.

On Windows, the Windows Defender firewall, by default, scans for potential threats on your system unless you have installed another third-party antivirus/firewall. So, to resolve your issue, you have to disable the firewall. However, it isn’t safe, as you could be vulnerable to viruses and malware. A better option is to allow iTunes in the firewall.

Using an older version of iTunes is one of the main reasons the above error can occur. The older version of the app is likely incompatible with your system or contains bugs. Therefore, update the app to avoid such issues.

Note: If you have installed iTunes through the Microsoft Store, it gets updated automatically. But you can still go to its library and update it if you like.

Additionally, enable automatic updates on iTunes to avoid the need to update manually over time. You can do it as follows.

Either your system or the device is likely incompatible with each other’s versions, causing conflict. So, consider updating both of them to get rid of the error message.

Here’re the steps to Update Windows:

Here’re the steps to Update iPhone:

If the issue persists, reinstalling is the last option to resolve your issue. Doing so replaces any corrupt data or bugs on your current iTunes app and replaces them with a fresh copy of the latest iTunes application.

Here’re the steps to uninstall iTunes from the control panel.

After you complete the uninstallation process, browse the iTunes official site. Then, download and install the latest version for your Windows system.

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