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Thanks to the rapid evolution of technology, real estate professionals now have access to digital tools that makes the job so much easier.

These include customer relationship management (CRM) software, which makes relationship management less of a time-consuming task. Ideally, the CRM software you should choose must be a “one-stop shop.”

. Aside from improved productivity, a complete CRM solution can also make your job as a real estate broker more exciting.

In addition to saving you a great deal of time, a good real estate CRM software can also help with personalization. Remember that customers want to be treated well and feel important. With an effective broker CRM software, you’ll find it easier to deliver each client’s unique needs.

That being said, you might not be at all familiar with the features of a CRM tool. Perhaps it’s your first time using such a software or maybe you’re looking for something more efficient. Whichever is your case, the list below will guide you to must-have features of any CRM software for brokers.

Real Estate CRM Software for brokers Lead Management

Lead management or contact management is arguably the most important feature of any CRM system, whether for brokers or other professions.

Particular to the real estate industry, lead management should allow you to manage all your contacts using various segregation categories.

Email Tools

Email is easily one of the most important tools in real estate. Agents, recruiters, and brokers alike make use of email to design effective campaigns and stay in touch with clients.

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List Management

A good CRM software should have a good list management system. In particular, you should be able to create customized listings using various fields such as dates, deals, commissions, events, and offers.

Moreover, you should be able to easily monitor each listing and generate reports and other documents in relation to them. Ideally, the CRM tool should also have a place to consolidate all listings where you can summarize all the relevant details of each. This way, it’s easier for you to monitor the progress of every deal.

Mobile Capability

Real estate professionals are always on the go. Thus, the CRM software you choose should be capable of keeping up with your career’s fast-paced action.

Make sure that the tool is as mobile as you are. This can mean two things: either the software has a dedicated app or the web application has a mobile-responsive design.

It’s also preferable if you can work offline and then just sync the data when you go online again. Compatibility with iOS and Android also matters, but most software these days already are.

Compatibility With Other Tools

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User Interface and User Experience

User interface and user experience (UI and UX) do not necessarily feature but, they’re also critical components of any CRM tool.

A well-designed UI and UX will ensure ease of use and navigation, making your job as easy and smooth as possible. Great UI and UX will also minimize the learning curve, which is important when you have team members who aren’t as tech-savvy.

Do note that these two elements work together. The design of the UI should aid in the UX, so that the CRM software can perform its function in the best and fastest way possible.

The real estate industry is more competitive than ever. For real estate professionals, CRM software can help pave the way for even greater success.

Refer to this list of features if you’re on the market for a customer relationship management tool to get the most suitable one for your needs.

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How To Open A Real Estate Business Online

Real estate competition is growing literally every day. Only truly successful companies that work simultaneously in several directions and offer their customers the most complete and high-quality range of services can survive in such conditions. In this case, the virtual representation of the company on the Internet is of great importance. A well-made website will introduce the residents of the city to the activities of your company and will become an effective tool for promoting goods and services among potential customers. In addition, using a virtual office, a specialized bulletin board can be organized which will quickly convey information about new offers on the real estate market to interested parties.

Developing your own website gives realtors truly huge opportunities. If you have an online presence, people can at any time access the database of a real estate agency, study all offers for the sale, purchase or rental of housing, and can make an application for the most interesting options online.

It is not surprising that millions of people instantly open their own business (some kind of online store), hoping to cut money in a quick and clean way, because “many people earn that way.” True, people forget that any successful site has been thought through far and wide, every detail has been successfully verified and analyzed, and the design is so strange because it is such a design that increases sales of a particular product. Therefore, only a few manage to achieve good earnings. These people are not lucky; fortune did not smile at them.

These people simply turned to the web design studio, hoping to create a high-quality and popular website that is infinitely far from what you can get for free. So, here is the question: how to start a real estate business online? If you have a business and you need a website for a business, an online store, a business card website (whatever), then why you should contact a web design studio, and not Google, where you will be offered dozens of options for “free sites” (pay attention to quotes)? This article will help you understand why you need a website along with starting a real estate business and how would it benefit you in your success.

Why does a real estate agent need a website?

A good website for a real estate agency, first of all, performs representative functions. The presence of a website on the Internet means for a real estate agency the presence of a personal business card, but it is available for public viewing. The site also performs the role of a virtual real estate agency, with a catalog of offers, customer support services, and a feedback function. Thus, the site can become a full-fledged Internet representation of your real estate agency, capable of accepting customer orders, payment and organizing a full-fledged communication channel. In the modern world, when almost everyone has free access to the Internet, having your own website is a prerequisite if you are unsure about how to start a real estate business.

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Site development

The site for a real estate agency, first of all, should be built and developed on the basis of special web design service for a real estate agency. If there is sufficient funding for the development of the site, this script is developed individually for a specific site in order to maximize the effective and efficient operation of the Internet resource. Using a specially developed script, the administrator can maintain a catalog of current real estate offers, a client base, receive payments from clients, and maintain a communicative connection with resource clients. With a limited budget for creating a site, there are alternative options, for example, a template web design services for a real estate agency site.

Site design

In general, the design of the website of a real estate agent should be quite strict and have a simple and accessible interface. Ideally, the site should have a unique real estate logo and design developed by a web designer, an understandable menu that even an inexperienced Internet user will understand. The site will be much more effective if these recommendations are followed since the appearance of the site and ease of use have a key impact on the user’s perception of the site.

Site content

The content of any site should be unique, written by a professional author. Pay particular attention to spelling and punctuation. The materials on your site should be extremely competent, because customers expect accuracy and professionalism from you, even in small things. In addition to the catalog of real estate, a description of your services and achievements, office hours, etc. should be provided. A good option would be the placement of feature articles. For example, the user will be interested in reading articles on the legal aspects of how to start a real estate business, analytics on prices in the real estate market, and the intricacies about registering property rights to real estate. It is the textual content of the site that largely determines the search engine optimization of the resource, which, in turn, creates new user flows to your real estate agency site.

Some necessary questions to be answered

If you are planning to develop a website for your real estate agency from scratch, then you should understand that having developed a “simple website” you will not get real benefits for your business. There will be only one benefit in this case – you can give your existing customers a link to the site to familiarize themselves with the current facilities, other than that, it is highly recommended to use a custom web design service available on the internet.

The cost of such a showcase site, depending on the quality of development, will vary from $500-$50,000, and the production time is from 1 to 12 months. All this money and time will be wasted, as soon you will realize that your site does not have the capabilities that make it an effective business tool.

What does a real estate agency website need to be effective?

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How much does it cost to develop an effective website for a real estate agency?

If you want your site to become an active source of new customers, it is necessary that your website is independently replenishing the database of your real estate and allowing employees to work with it as with a CRM system. In this case, be prepared that the development of such a site from scratch will take at least 2 weeks and about $500-50,000. Moreover, not all developers will be able to make such a site, and that is why good web design services online providing successful sites of real estate agencies on the Internet are few. 99% of real estate agency sites are just shopping windows.

Is it mandatory to design a website for a real estate agency from scratch?

No, and this is the worst possible solution to the problem. Today, it is not necessary to have huge budgets and a lot of time to get an effective website. To do this, simply select a good ready-made solution with a custom real estate logo, start using its capabilities, and then make improvements if necessary, and such improvements will be meaningful and easy to implement.

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How To Set Up Two Monitors For Double The Screen Real Estate

Note: While the monitors we discuss below are 1080p, our article about 1080p vs. 4K  monitors can help you determine what approach to take for your own dual-monitor setup; you should also check out our comparison of ultrawide monitors vs. a dual-monitor setup to learn the pros and cons of each. Learn why now is the right time to upgrade your monitor. And if you are in the market for a second display, check out our recent review of the Monoprice 24-inch CrystalPro. This 1080p IPS monitor is priced right, at around $150. It’s also got a thin, discreet bezel that’s ideal for a dual-display setup.

mentioned in this article

MonoPrice 24-inch Crystal Pro 44029

Read our review

Best Prices Today:

Any modern desktop or laptop PC has the graphics capability to run dual displays. All that’s required is a second monitor. Prices for displays have gone up the past few years, but good deals can still be found. See, for example, PCWorld’s review of the Acer K24HYL 24-inch ISP display—it focuses on the features you should care about to hit $150.

mentioned in this article

Acer K242HYL

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Best Prices Today:

If you’re determined to get the price even lower, HP’s V20 HD+ Monitor comes in at slightly less, with a 19.5-inch diagonal screen using TN technology, which offers faster response times but less clarity off-axis. Another good option is Dell’s SE2222H, which steps you up to a 22-inch screen that features slim bezels, nice for minimizing the disruption between your two screens. If you want an even bigger screen (although the same 1920×1080 resolution), Dell’s S2721HN 27-inch IPS panel is a fine option at $190.

Today’s monitors typically come with some combination of VGA, DVI, HDMI, and DisplayPort ports. In other words, you’ll have a couple options for how to connect the monitor to your PC. While its common for VGA and DVI cables to come included with the display, you may have to purchase your HDMI or DisplayPort cable separately if you go that route. Those can be easily purchased on Amazon. 

You can also tap your television to act as a second display in a pinch, although doing so has some potential drawbacks. Our guide to using your TV as a computer monitor explains everything you need to know. Regardless, the method for managing your displays in Windows is the same, as described below.

How to set up dual monitors Step 1: Connect the monitor cables

Simply plug your second monitor into a power outlet and connect its video cable to an available port on your PC. 

Step 2: Intruct Windows how to manage your dual displays

Windows 8: By choosing to Extend the display, your two screens will act as one. 

In the resulting dialog box you can specify the displays’ arrangement. The Multiple Displays pull-down menu allows you to control how the two screens work together. Choosing Extend these displays will prompt Windows to treat your displays as one contiguous screen. 

Step 3: Choose monitor order

You can tell Windows which monitor is on the left or right by dragging the screen icons at the top of the dialog box. Get this wrong, and scrolling the mouse will be very confusing.

Step 4: Choose primary display

The Make this my main display option controls which monitor gets the taskbar and Start button. If you don’t see that option, the currently selected monitor is already the main one.

7 Privacy Trends For Companies To Look Out For In 2023

2023 wasn’t a comfortable year for business. Companies worldwide switched to remote working and had to adapt to the new (online) environment. With this transition came an increase in cybercrime issues and data breaches.

In the first half of 2023, data breaches exposed 36 billion records. And 58% of them involved the personal data of users. The number of phishing attacks went up too –one in every 4,200 emails was a scam.

Top 7 Privacy Trends for Companies to Look Out for in 2023

When updating to a hosted dedicated host, it’s crucial to keep in mind that not all the dedicated servers are the same and neither would be the hosting solutions provided by service suppliers. Since it can be tricky to be aware of the essential qualities to search for when locating a supplier, we have assembled this listing of those we believe are the most crucial. They will provide you much clearer insight into what to search for.

1. The Year of Privacy Laws

General Data Protection Regulation, or GDPR, put into action in 2023, was one of the first and landmark laws focused on consumers’ digital privacy rights.

It obliged companies that gather and utilize people’s information to record data breaches and gave consumers more rights to restrain the organization’s data on them, e.g., to need to delete their information (“the right to be forgotten”). California implemented an identical judgment (CCPA) in June 2023.

In 2023 India’s solitude dictates will probably become legislation, and more nations will follow. Based on Gartner, 65 percent of the planet’s inhabitants will have their information covered under privacy legislation by 2023.

2. App Tracking Policies Developed

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3. There Will Be a Further Increase in Data Breaches

In 2023, you will find 331 data breach alarms every day across Europe, a 19% growth since 2023. Researchers anticipate the number of data breaches to leap up much more in 2023. The insider threat will rise, Forrester forecasts the share of information breaches brought on by insiders increases to 33 percent in 2023.

Now 45 percent of all Americans are more concerned about their online privacy than they were a year ago. To protect themselves from information breaches, in 2023 users will further adopt applications that help them protect their private information.

By way of instance, in 2023, Virtual Private Network (VPN) use jumped by 27.1percent, and that season the number of people who use VPNs will keep growing.

4. Companies will Further Implement User Data Privacy Automation

GDPR provides users the right to request a company to reveal all of the information they gathered. And, if the user needs it, the corporation is going to need to delete it entirely. To deal with these requests, businesses introduce solitude automation features that’ll automatically collect, put together and present the information to the consumer.

Additionally, these attributes will delete all of the information if necessary. Businesses might develop them look for outsourcing or B2B solutions.

Primarily, an individual needs to get in touch with our service with a need to present their information or delete it.

Our engineers run a unique script that hunts for all of the information which may be associated with the user. Following the script finds that the information, can either delete it or set in a distinctive mobile record, which we will send to the consumer.

 5. Cybersecurity Focus Due to Increased Cloud Adoption

At precisely the same time, external strikes on cloud balances increased by 630 percent. These strikes affected authorities, manufacturing, and transport the most. At the start of this calendar year, experts discovered malware that targeted Apple’s latest M1 chip.

In 2023 cybersecurity will turn into one of the primary centers of companies, particularly small and mid-century ones. Businesses want to apply new tools and practices to safeguard their remote workspaces.

By way of instance, employ secure gateways for their cloud solutions by allowing access to them just using the company VPN. They’ll also present multi-factor authentication (MFA) when they have not already to prevent compromised workers’ credentials used by hackers.

Even though the clinic is very popular with large IT companies, less than a third of workers used this kind of authentication in smaller businesses in 2023.

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6. Companies will Adopt Zero-Trust Architecture

Normally, businesses stored their information on-premise servers, and any work that had been present at work had access to them. The bodily Security Perimeter shielded the business enterprise.

However, with much more workers working remotely, some as salespeople, and much more valuable information being saved on the cloud, even the security of their Security Perimeter is suspicious, and lots of defense holes bugs can exploit look. That is when a zero-trust structure gets beneficial.

To perform it, businesses can use bespoke enterprise applications or construct their very own Single Sign-On (SSO) servers. MacPaw, by way of instance, utilizes a centralized SSO way to check the identity of the group members.

 7. Consumer Privacy to Become a Competitive Advantage

Based on Cisco, 84 percent of consumers care about the privacy of the information. More than 50 percent of these will change companies due to their data policies or information-sharing practices. In 2023 companies (particularly those working primarily on the internet ) will have to admit their customers care about solitude. If their customers are not happy with the way the provider handles their information, they’ll go to rivals with better privacy policies.

As soon as we develop our services and products, we ensure that they comply with all the conventional privacy regulations and manage privacy-based requests expeditiously. In 2023 we found ClearVPN — a fresh approach to VPN-based solutions for routine users.

To Sum It Up

Top Digital Health Data Analytics Fundings To Look Out For In 2023

In the past year, the Covid-19 pandemic has accelerated the shift to digital health and drove unprecedented investments in the health tech space. The healthcare data analytics companies have gathered a substantial volume of the amount in the first quarter of 2023. Some analysts predicted that the pandemic inspired a decline in investments, but 2023 has proven to be a successful year for big venture investments and is breaking all records. Analytics Insight presents the top digital health data analytics funding that took place in 2023.  

• Komodo Health

Amount Raised: US$220M Transaction Type: Series E Key Investor(s): Tiger Global Management, Casdin Capital, and others Komodo Health is an AI-enabled data analytics software platform for healthcare providers. It brings transparency and market intelligence to healthcare and life sciences. The software platform applies AI and other disruptive technologies to its healthcare map.  

• Ro

Amount Raised: US$500M Transaction Type: Series D Key Investor(s): General Catalyst, TQ Ventures, and others Ro is a New-York based startup that includes online pharmacy services, telehealth, and in-home care. It is a telehealth company with three online health clinics, and currently, it is focusing on expanding into remote monitoring for chronic conditions.  

• Evidation Health

Amount Raised: US$153M Transaction Type: Series E Key Investor(s): OMERS Growth Equity, and others It is a health data analytics company that aims to empower its users to participate in better health outcomes. Evidation measures health in everyday life and enables anyone to participate in its groundbreaking research and health programs.  

• Innovaccer

Amount Raised: US$105M Transaction Type: Series D Key Investor(s): Tiger Global Management, and others

In the past year, the Covid-19 pandemic has accelerated the shift to digital health and drove unprecedented investments in the health tech space. The healthcare data analytics companies have gathered a substantial volume of the amount in the first quarter of 2023. Some analysts predicted that the pandemic inspired a decline in investments, but 2023 has proven to be a successful year for big venture investments and is breaking all records. Analytics Insight presents the top digital health data analytics funding that took place in 2023.Amount Raised: US$220M Transaction Type: Series E Key Investor(s): Tiger Global Management, Casdin Capital, and others Komodo Health is an AI-enabled data analytics software platform for healthcare providers. It brings transparency and market intelligence to healthcare and life sciences. The software platform applies AI and other disruptive technologies to its healthcare map.Amount Raised: US$500M Transaction Type: Series D Key Investor(s): General Catalyst, TQ Ventures, and others Ro is a New-York based startup that includes online pharmacy services, telehealth, and in-home care. It is a telehealth company with three online health clinics, and currently, it is focusing on expanding into remote monitoring for chronic conditions.Amount Raised: US$153M Transaction Type: Series E Key Investor(s): OMERS Growth Equity, and others It is a health data analytics company that aims to empower its users to participate in better health outcomes. Evidation measures health in everyday life and enables anyone to participate in its groundbreaking research and health programs.Amount Raised: US$105M Transaction Type: Series D Key Investor(s): Tiger Global Management, and others Innovaccer is a healthcare data startup. It delivers healthcare through pioneering analytics and transparent data. It aims to fully use the data that the industry collects and transform care delivery to work as one.

Chess Software For Windows 10: Best To Use In 2023

Chess Software for Windows 10: Best to Use in 2023




Whether you’re a chess enthusiast or are just trying to learn the ropes, the best chess software for Windows 10 can help you improve your skills.

We made a selection of

 programs that auto-explain chess moves and some of them are even available for free.

You can also find a tool created by the popular 18-time world computer chess champion Stefan Meyer-Kahlen.

When people nowadays hear the word game they usually think of something that is purely fun and runs on some kind of gaming system.

There are plenty of board games on the market but some of the original ones disappeared. However, chess has a very long history and it’s definitely here to stay for a lot longer.

Its tactical nature will live forever and many of the upcoming generations will find chess as something worth their time.

What is the way to combine modern technology with a brilliant strategic game and make it playable for millions? Well, the answer involves creating the game itself.

That’s just it. Microsoft used to implement Chess Titans into Windows Vista and Windows 7 but stopped doing so in Windows 8 and 10. All of us can agree, that was regrettable.

Although Chess Titans was great and hard to match, we have some other games that you can get for Windows 10.

How to choose the best chess software for Windows 10?

Whether you need to practice your skills as an experienced chess player or you’re a novice in this area, decide what you want in order to choose from the wide range of tools on the market.

➡ Chess engine

On the other hand, if you’re a beginner or an intermediate player, you won’t need to bother with this kind of setting.

➡ Friendly interface

If you’re a beginner, like most users who just want to start their journey into this wonderful game, you will need a simple solution with basic functions, like some of the apps listed below.

➡ Features

You should look for learning tutorials that will improve your knowledge about strategy, opening, positioning, and a lot more and the first tool from our list has all these. And it isn’t the only recommendation worthy of your attention.

What is the best chess software for Windows 10?

DecodeChess is considered a strong chess software tool at this moment for a good reason. Chess enthusiasts see it as a chance to win something even greater than a master at their disposal 24/7.

Actually, DecodeChess is well beyond the skill of any chess genius. This great tool provides the best interface to practice with a chess engine and the flexibility to compete against opponents that play more like humans.

You can also benefit from useful hints to learn how moves support future player plans, and positional/tactical motives relevant to the decoded position.

Even more, forget all about regular chess engines that lack descriptions. DecodeChess auto-explains chess moves in rich, intuitive language.

In the game’s Summary tab, you will also learn about the major threats that you are exposed to, how to find the best move, and what pieces you need to pay attention to.

Moreover, it is also the perfect choice for professionals who are often overwhelmed by poorly implemented complex features of other chess software tools.

After all, all the players share a similar goal: to become more open to the game possibilities in front of them and enforce wise habits. That’s precisely what they get from DecodeChess!


Get your skills to the next level with the most sophisticated chess analysis tool – DecodeChess!

Free trialVisit website

Shredder Classic is not simply a chess game, it is a piece of art. This software is created by Stefan Meyer-Kahlen, and the popular 18 times World Computer Chess Champion.

Thus, you won’t need to worry about a thing – you’ll play with a pro. If you are a beginner, you can adjust the program’s level to yours.

By opening the Training module from the Mode tab, you will even have access to more than 1000 chess puzzles that you can try to solve.

In time, by playing games, you will learn what is your level, but until then, you can test it by setting it up from the Levels tab and selecting the Playing Strength.

The virtual player level can be easily adjusted

You will also discover a game editor where you can enter the position of every piece and reproduce one of your plays or study a given situation from another source.

The interface of the app doesn’t look fresh but it’s pretty friendly and you will get adjusted to it quickly. You can discover more features of Shredder Classic by downloading it for free using the link below.

Shredder Classic

Shredder Classic is not only a great gaming app but it’s also excellent for learning chess.

Free trialVisit website

The Chess Lv.100 is one of the few free chess games available in the Microsoft Store. It is not as appealing as Chess Titans, but it will serve you well.

This tool brings a lot of customizing options to the table, concerning board and pieces, in-game sound, and graphics. You can also record games you play for later inspection.

You can select levels according to your knowledge of the game or play against friends. AI is quite tricky to beat on higher levels so prepare yourself for a true challenge.

Another great feature is the Edit Mode that will help you reevaluate a position you experienced in a live game or a practice situation.

The last game you played is saved after closing, so you can continue from the same point next time.

We appreciated the pleasant graphics of the app and the soothing music in the background, but you can switch that off from the Settings option quickly if it doesn’t help you.

⇒ Get The Chess Lv.100

Chess Online + is another free chess game you can find in the Microsoft Store. It doesn’t offer an abundance of customization options like The Chess Lv.100, but, instead, brings competitive online gaming.

In fact, you can’t play with the computer at all. You can only find opponents online and there are thousands to choose from.

Expert tip:

When you first open the game, you will receive 120 credits and if you create a user account, you will also get 300 more.

The game is based on credits

When you start playing a game, you have to bet a number of credits (a minimum of 10) on it or pick a player who already proposed a match.

After that, it’s pretty simple. If you win the game, you will get the credits from the other players. If not, you will lose the amount you have bet.

You can set your own conditions for the game

As you can see from our screenshot, you can pick the number of credits, the time period for the moves (by default it’s 5 for a move and 15 minutes in total), and the range for the player rating.

You can also see the statistics for your games or review them, the rankings for your country or worldwide and you can change the design of the board and pieces.

It’s not a complex app but you should try it out, especially if you are a beginner because it will help you develop your skills during intense competitive play.

⇒ Get Chess Online +

The first clear difference between Chess V+ and Chess Online + is that with this one, you can also play with the computer.

Speaking of the differences, this is a pretty basic game, so it’s not so amazing visually, although you can change the appearance of the pieces and the board.

It doesn’t have a 3D view so if you should look elsewhere if you want that feature. However, it does have a Hint option (the question mark) on the side when you’re playing with the system.

Pressing the Hint option will suggest you the next move

The computer level is well balanced but unfortunately, you don’t have the option to change the rating or level and it can be beaten even by an intermediate player.

On the other hand, the game also has a hot seat, player versus player game mode, so you can either play for both sides or with another player on the same computer which transforms the app into a digital chessboard.

That mode can be very convenient if you want to practice a strategy and reproduce a match, or you have a friend around, but you don’t have a chess set available.

That is a great feature if you’re a beginner as you will grasp the piece roles much more easily when you see the moves on the screen.

Chess V+ is a lookalike of classic chess simulators we encountered in the 90s, so it falls behind for most nowadays players.

But it is a reasonable option for nostalgic and chess puzzle enthusiasts. And it’s completely free except for a couple of commercials displayed at the bottom of the screen.

⇒ Get Chess V+

If you like the idea of a tridimensional feeling, 3D Chess Game is what you’re looking for. It is simple but it’s a good chess simulator so you should try it out.

With this app, you get the reverse of what you receive from others because it doesn’t have a 2D view option so you will have to find the right angle to get comfortable with.

The interface is simple but lacks some options you could find in other games. However, it’s easy to understand and get around.

There are 25 available levels of difficulty, from beginner to professional. It can be played against the computer or in a hot-seat mode, against another player on the same PC.

There are also a lot of options to customize the colors of absolutely all elements of the table and pieces so you can even use this app if you want to get some great shots with a chessboard.

You can edit the situation on the board so you can replay a certain position and you can add a time mode to make things more challenging.

The interface is very friendly and there are not so many options to play with so it can be an ideal choice for a beginner.

⇒ Get 3D Chess Game

How can I improve positional thinking?

We came across a great piece on positional thinking on the Chess Evolution website that will eventually help you assess the situation on the board more clearly.

➡ Material

Of course, you also need to look for any traps or strategic consequences that can lead to your quick demise.

➡ Activity

An important aspect of the chess game is to acquire as much control over as many squares with your forces as possible.

If you look at the screenshot below, the knight in the center of the board controls 8 positions while the one in the corner only 2. It’s clear that the one in the middle dominates the board a lot better.

So, the lesson here is that you want to develop your pieces towards the center of the table to gain as much dominance as possible.

➡ Activity principles

The three principles of maximum activity, center, and least active piece work together as a whole.

You have to look at your pieces on the board and if you find any idle ones that have not yet left their home square, start thinking about moving it on the best square possible.

Idle pieces except little to no domination on the board so they must be put to good use, closer to the center of the board if possible.

➡ Attack

Your attack should start when you have a superior position over the opponent. But that position is gained only by respecting the other principles listed above.

Analyzing the correct situation, the piece roles, and the position are extremely important in chess and must not be overlooked.

And if you look further into this wonderful world of chess, you can also take a look at our list including the best software to analyze chess games.

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