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Cold War Multiplayer is Not Working? 5 Easy Solutions Check how experts got thing running in no time




Even though

Call Of Duty: Black Ops allows you to connect with your friends, gamers

reported that Cold War multiplayer is not working.

It’s usually due to missing game packs or your firewall conflicting with the connection.

To fix things, download every available pack or run the game client with administrative privileges, amongst other solutions.



To fix Windows PC system issues, you will need a dedicated tool

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Download Fortect and install it on your PC.

Start the tool’s scanning process to look for corrupt files that are the source of your problem

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readers this month.

Call Of Duty: Black Ops Cold War players often reported that the multiplayer mode is not working. In most cases, the game is disconnecting or displaying connection errors. 

Since the issue has been reported by many, and in most cases, the problem seemed to be at the user’s end, troubleshooting shouldn’t be tricky. So, let’s find out how you can get things running.

Why is multiplayer not working on Cold War?

Here are a few reasons why you might be facing the issue:

All the content is not downloaded – One of the primary reasons you are getting the error is that all the content required for multiplayer gaming is not downloaded and is currently unavailable.

Bug in the current game version – Many reported Cold War multiplayer is not working after update, which points to a bug in the current version.

The game installation didn’t go through properly – This, too, has been a known underlying cause, and uninstalling the game and all associated files and then reinstalling it from scratch did the trick.

What can I do if the Cold War multiplayer is not working?

Before we head to the slightly complex solutions, we recommend you give these quick ones a try:

Restart the game when multiplayer is not working, or you can’t find a match in Cold War.

Verify if the connection is unstable or if you are getting a slow Internet speed. Make the necessary amends, and things should work.

Make sure you are not shadow-banned. You can confirm this by contacting the support team.

If none of these worked, the solutions listed next surely would.

1. Download all packs

As stated earlier, not having all packs installed can trigger issues and lead to multiplayer gaming not working in Cold War. Also, many users reported that their multiplayer pack was uninstalled after updating Cold War, so you may have to install it again.

Some users reported that even a missing High-Resolution Assets pack could trigger the error, so get that as well, along with every other pack that’s listed as Install Content.

2. Run the game as an administrator 3. Add an exception to the firewall

Expert tip:

4. Restore the license (for PlayStation)

If the Cold War multiplayer is not working on a PlayStation, restoring the license should do the trick. All you have to do is head to the Restore Licenses option in the Account Management settings.

It shouldn’t take long and won’t affect the game data or any other files on the PC. Besides, it will also fix issues with the other installed games.

5. Reinstall the game

If nothing so far has worked, your last option is to reinstall the game. This helps when the previous installation did not go through successfully, and some critical files are missing.

In case a complete reinstall does not work, some users suggest only downloading the necessary packs, i.e., the game, Multiplayer, and Zombie packs.

That’s it! With these quick and easy solutions, you should be able to fix things when Cold War multiplayer is not working, be it on Xbox, PlayStation, or Windows.

For those playing Cold War on a PC, find the best ways to optimize Windows for gaming and get the best performance.

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5 Easy Ways To Fix Microsoft Sway If It’s Not Working

5 Easy Ways to Fix Microsoft Sway if It’s Not Working If chúng tôi cannot connect, use our recommended browser




Microsoft Sway not working means you cannot continue your school or work projects.

You should switch to a better presentation program to quickly solve S

way not working.

Lastly, users recommend using the Sway website instead if the Microsoft Sway app is not working.

Struggling with various browser issues? Try a better option: Opera One

You deserve a better browser! Over 300 million people use Opera One daily, a fully-fledged navigation experience coming with various built-in packages, enhanced resource consumption, and great design.

Here’s what Opera One can do:

Optimize resource usage: Opera One uses your Ram more efficiently than Brave

AI and User Friendly: New feature directly accessible from the sidebar

Gaming friendly: Opera GX is the first and best browser for gamers

⇒ Get Opera One

Many users reported that Microsoft Sway is not working on their PCs for unknown reasons. In this article, we take a look at this issue and recommend to you the best fixes.

Sway is a presentation tool from the Microsoft Office line of products. Microsoft released it for general use in August 2024, enabling people with Microsoft accounts to mix media and text to create a visually appealing website.

You may create and share interactive reports, presentations, and more with this application. Sway handles the rest once you’ve added your text and images and searched for and imported pertinent material from other sources.

Since a few users have complained that Sway is not working on their PCs, let’s fix this.

Why is Microsoft sway not working?

Microsoft has a history of building solid and dependable tools. So this is not a situation you should be faced with often.

The most common cause of Sway not working is issues relating to Microsoft servers; Microsoft Sway may be down. In such cases, chúng tôi would have refused to connect. You should note that to perform actions like edits, you must be logged in.

Additionally, regular problems causing your browser to glitch may also affect how Sway works.

Whatever the Microsoft Sway error, here are your best solutions.

Quick Tip:

For the best results, we suggest using the Opera browser, a privacy-oriented web browser, and a great alternative to Google Chrome.

The browser has built-in malware, tracking, and privacy protection and doesn’t send your data to Google. In addition, you have flexible navigation and integrations with multiple apps like Microsoft Sway.


Benefit from faster and secure navigation that assures accesability for various applications.

Free Visit website

How do I fix Microsoft Sway when it doesn’t work? 1. Use the Microsoft Store app troubleshooter

If the Microsoft Sway app isn’t working, you might fix it by using the Microsoft Store app troubleshooter.

2. Use the Sway website instead

Optional: Log out from OneDrive and close all browsers.

Launch your web browser.

Go to the Sway website.

Check if the Sway is working for you.

Expert tip:

3. Try using Sway in Private/Incognito mode

The interface will be different depending on your browser; however, they should all look very similar. We’ve used Google Chrome as an example.

4. Wait for Microsoft to address the issue

If Microsoft Sway is not working, the issue may be related to Microsoft and their server, not your PC.

In that case, you’ll have to contact Microsoft support and explain your problem. If the problem comes from their side, wait for them to fix it.

Make sure you contact the Microsoft support team, who will guide you through everything you need to know and do to solve the issue or inform you regarding their problem.

5. Switch to another third-party program

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Is Adler Perseus In Call Of Duty: Black Ops Cold War?

Ever since Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War came out, the internet is buzzing with theories and conjectures about who the big bad Commie is. In fact, no sooner had the trailer come out than the theories started popping up like left and right. And most of them, if not all, invariably surround the seemingly mythical figure of Perseus.

Those of you who’ve been living comfortably under a rock and don’t know much about these floating theories about the Russian KGB operative(s) are sure to have their minds exploded. Read on to find out the ‘Adler is Perseus’ theory and whether or not it holds any water.

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The Legend of Perseus

Before we get into the theories, let us address the cocktail of stories surrounding Perseus and the mythical figure that emerges from their concoction.

In the early 90s when the KGB archives were made available to foreign researches, the name Perseus stood out in various declassified documents. Many of the counterintelligence projects initiated by the USA during WW2 also referenced ‘PERS’ in their documents.

However, most notable of all (well corroborated) stories is that Perseus was the name given to the Soviet operative(s) that were a part of an assignment at Los Alamos. Quick history lesson: Los Alamos was the site for The Manhattan Project which gave birth to nuclear weapons.

Many high ranking Soviet officials have also mentioned the name in their writings and even referred to it as still being ‘active’. The stories tell us that Perseus was one of the four Soviet operatives that were a part of the espionage missions conducted by the KGB in the 1940s inside the Manhattan Project facility.

Three of them have long been caught (Theodore Hall, David Greenglass, and Klaus Fuchs). But rumor has it that the apparent fourth operative – codenamed Perseus – evaded capture and is still at large. Another rumor suggests that the operative was in fact caught, but never revealed or exposed because of how deeply placed he was in the chain-of-command.

Such tales provide the perfect maelstrom of ideas for COD Black Ops Cold War to employ into its narrative, and leave it open-ended enough for players to get lost in the world of speculation and theorizing about who Perseus really is, at least in the COD universe.

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Adler is Perseus: Too Straightforward?

Seeing how shady and mysterious Adler comes across, it doesn’t take a Sherlock to point out the reasons why Adler and Perseus could be the same person. But this is one theory that only the credulous fans would believe, or those who haven’t played COD enough.

Adler is one of the newest characters in Black Ops and it would make sense for Perseus to be someone who wasn’t in Black Ops 2, since all of them are killed off at the end of that game. On top of that, in a recent piece of intel found in Warzone, the note says – ‘Adler/Perseus’. But is it too obvious?

We definitely think so. It would be too easy a giveaway if that were the case. Moreover, given the fact that this intel came out before the game was even released may be nothing more than a ruse, for, after all, ideological subversion is a major theme in Cold War. What’s to say that Activision is not goading its fans into this direction, leading them away from the truth for the big reveal?

Mason – Another Contender

Now, this theory is more to our liking. If you recall the days of Black Ops 1, Alex Mason was basically brainwashed by the Soviets, putting a number sequence in his head. Many documents and intel from the CIA show that they’re worried that Mason is still brainwashed by them.

Is it possible that Alex Mason is still a sleeper agent and is acting against his will for the Soviets? What if he’s actually Perseus helping the KGB without even knowing it? Now that’s a theory that we can get behind, especially considering that there’s no way to disprove it. On top of that, in the beginning of Black Ops 2, we find that he’s retired from the CIA. Could it be that the unrelenting brainwashing forced him into retirement?

However, there’s another piece of information that we should look at which basically does away with the Mason theory. In the real world, it was rumored that Perseus infiltrated the US government during the end of World War 2 to gather intel on the Manhattan Project. That means that it would be impossible for Mason to be Perseus since he would be too young at the time of the World War 2.

But there is one character in the Black Ops universe who’s worked with both the Americans and the Soviets, and was also present during the WW2 – Victor Reznov.

The Reznov Theory

Victor Reznov fits the profile as far as age and unfinished stories go. In Black Ops 1 we see Reznov a bunch of times only to find at the end that he’s been dead and our character was seeing his ghost all along.

But we never see Reznov die, and if you don’t see them die, don’t assume they’re dead, even if you’ve been ‘told’ they’re dead. This is one of the tricks by which Activision has rehashed characters that were presumed to be dead and brought them back for furthering the narrative and linking it up with the all-important past.

Another thing to keep in mind is that Reznov was part of the group that brainwashed Mason and implanted the number sequence and visions in his head. We’re told that he died at Vorkuta Prison, but since we didn’t see him die, it is quite possible that he is still alive and is indeed Perseus.

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The Truth

Spoiler Alert!

Alright, we’ve got a confession to make. We’ve known all along who Perseus is. No, it’s not Adler, or Mason, or Reznov (though all of them made for good contenders). In reality, there is no single Perseus.

Yes, you read that right. There have been various signs that there never has been a single operative by the name of Perseus. This fits into the real world drama surrounding Perseus like a glove. Many top KGB officials have revealed that the purpose of the myth of Perseus is to make the story so unclear that the agencies prying into the workings would gain nothing of the methods used by the Soviet intelligence.

A published CIA paper has also openly declared that “there was no Perseus”, only a means of disinformation to protect other spies. So we are left with a James Bond-like code name that has grown and grown in the traditional culture.

But this is where Activision succeeds as it seamlessly blends the real world romanticism with the gaming narrative to reveal as much information as it withholds, and keep the legend of Perseus very much alive even as the credits roll.


Screengrab via: InkSlasher ; RajmanGaming HD

Get My Payment Not Working? Try These Solutions

The Internal Revenue Service or IRS is expected to send Coronavirus stimulus check to over 80 million Americans as a result of the US government’s $2.2 trillion aid package to help businesses and households survive during the pandemic.

IRS has started hosting a Get My Payment portal to help people track the status of their payments but within moments of its rollout, several users are facing issues when checking for the status of their relief money. As expected, the “Payment Status Not Available” message can leave people guessing if they’re even entitled to receiving the check, in the first place.

If you’re one of those who are eligible to receive the $1,200 relief check but are getting a “Payment Status Not Available” error, then this post will help you analyze what could be the actual problem behind it and help you with a resolution, if there is any.

Check your eligibility

You will only receive the Economic Impact Payment if you meet the following requirements:

You are either a citizen, permanent resident, resident alien, or qualifying resident alien of the US

You possess a valid Social Security number

You’re not dependent on another taxpayer

For tax filers: Your income is under a preset amount that’s based on the filing status and your qualifying children. Your adjusted gross income should be under

$75,000 if you’re an individual

$112,500 if you’re the head of the household

$150,000 if you’re married and filing for joint returns

For Non-Filers: Your income did not exceed $12,200 ($24,400, if you’re married) in the year 2023

For taxpayers with higher than a particular income: If your income comes under any of the following criteria, you will still receive the economic impact payment with some cuts. The criteria are as follows:

Between $75,000 and $99,000, if tax is filed as single or married separately

Between $112,500 and $136,500, if you’re the head of the household

Between $150,000 and $198,000, if you’re married and filing for joint returns

You’re NOT eligible if you belong to any of the following categories:

Your income is greater than $99,000 ($136,500 if you’re a household head or $198,000 when filed together as married)

You are dependent on someone else’s income tax return like a child, student, or a person dependent on a parent’s return

You do not possess a Social Security number

If you have filed any of the forms – Form 1040-NR or Form 1040NR-EZ, Form 1040-PR or Form 1040-SS

You are a nonresident alien

Can you receive payment without filing a tax return?

Yes, you are eligible to receive economic impact payment even if you haven’t filed an income tax return but only on a few conditions. These include:

You’re either a U.S. citizen or a permanent resident

Your income in 2023 didn’t exceed $12,200 (or $24,400 if married)

You receive any of the following benefits – Social Security retirement, SSDI, survivors benefits, SSI, or Railroad Retirement

Who can receive economic impact payment automatically?

If you’re an eligible taxpayer residing in the US, then you won’t need to take any action in the Get My Payment portal. If you belong to one of the following criteria, you are eligible for receiving economic impact payment automatically on your account:

You have filed the federal income tax for 2023 or 2023

You belong to any of these categories – Social Security retirement, Supplemental Security Income (SSI), disability (SSDI), survivor benefits

You receive Veterans Affairs benefits

You get Railroad Retirement benefits

Make sure you provide the following information correctly

One of the basic reasons for the ‘Payment status not available’ error to pop up could be because of human error. The IRS won’t be able to complete the payment if you entered information with even a slight difference from what’s on record. If you wish to avoid the payment status error, you might want to provide the following details correctly on the Get My Payment portal:

Your full name

Email address

A mailing address that you use currently

Date of birth

A valid Social Security number

Your bank account type, account number, and routing number

An Identity Protection Personal Identification Number, if provided to you by the IRS

A state-issued identification or Driver’s license

Details regarding each of your qualifying children – Name, Social Security number, Relationship to you/your spouse

Did you file your taxes for the years 2023 and 2023?

If you didn’t file your tax returns for 2023 or 2023, the ‘Payment status not available’ error might appear on your screen. You can either file an income tax return for 2023 with the IRS or use the Non-Filers: Enter Payment Info Here tool to get your payment quickly.

You can use the Do I Need to File a Tax Return? tool to check if you’re required to file a tax return for 2023. Here, you will have to enter regarding your basic information, filing status, and tax withheld.

Did you file taxes quite recently?

If you’re someone who filed your tax return for 2023 recently but you’re seeing the ‘Payment status not available’, then chances are that your return has not been processed yet. If you filed your return recently, it’s best left if you give IRS some time to use your information to calculate the right payment for you. The authority says that the Get My Payment data gets updated once a day and you can check if you’ve received the payment once every day.

Did you file your taxes through Turbo Tax, Credit Karma, or other tax apps?

The ‘Payment status not available’ error message can also show on your screen if you’re someone who filed your taxes with the help of third-party tax preparation services like Turbo Tax, Credit Karma, or H&R Block. As explained by some users on Reddit (1,2,3) and The Washington Post, the IRS seems to have not obtained details regarding the direct deposit when users utilized these services for tax preparation.

Do NOT check your Get My Payment application during off hours

IRS has clearly mentioned that its Get My Payment service will be unavailable between 10 p.m. and 1 a.m. Eastern time during the following dates:

April 23, 2023

April 24, 2023

April 25, 2023

These timeframes are labeled as planned outages as the IRS will conduct maintenance during the stated time. Moreover, users don’t need to check for payment status more than once per day as the IRS only updates the portal once a day.

Your bank could be unable to check your account balance

Ever since the US government approved the $2.2 trillion aid package to its citizens, it’s not just the Get My Payment portal that has gotten overcrowded due to too many people using the same queries, even bank portals have started reporting issues.

Since a bank account is a second-best way for people to track whether they’ve received their relief money, these portals have also started getting overloaded. CNET reports that US banks including Captial One, PNC Bank, US Bank, Chase, and more are getting issues because of increased usage.

Did you get locked out of your Get My Payment account?

Besides getting the ‘Payment status not available’ error, you could also potentially get the Try again later after you enter your details on the Get My Payment portal. IRS says that if the information you enter does not match its records, then you will get an error message. If such an error occurs multiple times, users will be locked out of their Get My Payment account for the next 24 hours.

Look out for scams in the disguise of economic impact payments

IRS has warned people to avoid scam artists who could use the economic impact payments as a cover to take away your relief money and with it, your personal information. It’s important to note that IRS WILL NOT make phone calls, send texts or emails or contact you via social media regarding your Coronavirus stimulus check. Contact the IRS if you have faced such a situation.

Check with your spouse if you filed returns jointly

If you’re married and you filed your returns jointly with your spouse, then you should know that either spouse can access the Get My Payment portal to check the status of your payment. Check with your spouse if they provided all the information or if security questions were answered correctly. Once your identity is verified, both spouses will be shown the same payment status.

Evaluate how your payment will be sent to you

IRS says that upon processing, the payment will be sent to you whether by direct deposit or mail. If you want your stimulus check in the quickest way possible, then you should provide the Get My Payment account with all your bank information so that the relief money is directly deposited in your bank.

Check which bank account you’re expected to receive payment in

By default, IRS will use the bank information that’s available from your recent-most tax return. However, you can change your bank account information when submitting your ‘Get My Payment’ application or ‘Non-Filers: Enter Payment Info Here’ tool. You CANNOT change your bank account after the payment status turns to pending or processed.

If your bank account has changed since filing your tax return, you can update the changes on your Get My Payment application until the payment is ‘scheduled for delivery’ as mentioned in the image provided above. You can only change your bank account information if you did not use a direct deposit on your recent-most tax return or if the direct deposit was refunded.

In case the bank account that you previously used for tax returns is closed, your relief payment will be sent to the address that’s filed in your last return.

You can no longer use the ‘Non-Filers’ tool if you’re an SSA and RRB recipient with Dependents

If you’re an SSA and RRB recipient with a child and you don’t normally file a tax return, then you can no longer use the ‘Non-Filers: Enter Payment Info Here’ tool as you have crossed the deadline date for submission which was set for April 22, 2023. You will only receive the $500 per qualifying child after claiming the 2023 tax return.

Are you a U.S. citizen living abroad?

IRS will also send you the Coronavirus stimulus check if you’re a U.S. citizen currently residing outside the country. If you have a valid Social security number and aren’t dependent on another taxpayer, you can receive the economic impact payment by filing the Form 1040 or Form 1040-SR.

Even citizens living in Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands, American Samoa, Guam, or the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands are eligible to receive the relief payment.

Cold War Zombies Camo Challenges Guide: Everything You Need To Know

The most important component to any military-grade firearm is, without a doubt, a dazzling paint job — bullets being a close second, of course. Seasoned vets of the CoD franchise will recognize the Camo challenges system, while newer players new to the ways of CoD need only understand that Camos are nothing but skins for your weapon.

The Camo Challenges equate to achievements, usually involving kill totals and methods, to earn specific skins for specific weapons.

A trio of extra-fancy skins, the Mastery Camos, can be unlocked by working your way through whole sets of Camos and are a shiny badge of pride for the extra “dedicated.” Down below we’ll run you through each and every one of the Black Ops Cold.


Grunge is the easiest set of camos to acquire — just slay a couple thousand zombies (i.e. a couple thousand more than any of us would manage in a real apocalypse. Let’s be honest.) To unlock all of Grunge’s camos, you’ll need to accrue a total of 2500  kills — which equates to, let’s be honest now, roughly one weekend for you these days.


Get 50 Kills in Zombies.


Get 250 Kills in Zombies.


Get 750 Kills in Zombies.


Get 1500 Kills in Zombies.


2500 Kills in Zombies.



50 Critical Hit Kills in Zombies.


250 Critical Hit Kills in Zombies.


1500 Critical Hit Kills in Zombies.


1500 Critical Hit Kills in Zombies.


2500 Critical Hit Kills in Zombies.


The Brustroke camos operate almost exactly like Grunge — in that you need only a ridiculous number of generic Zombie kills — except more satisfying; for Brushstroke all 2500 kills need to be made with your weapon Pack-A-Punched.


50 Kills in Zombies with your weapon Pack-A-Punched.


250 Kills in Zombies with your weapon Pack-A-Punched.


750 Kills in Zombies with your weapon Pack-A-Punched.


1500 Kills in Zombies with your weapon Pack-A-Punched.


2500 Kills in Zombies with your weapon Pack-A-Punched.


To obtain the Vintage Camo set, you’re gonna be taking down the big boys– Elite Zombies. All of the Zombies mini-bosses count, up to a total of 15 to get your semi-coagulated-blood-spattered hands on the Vintage camo set.


Get 3 Elite Zombie kills with your desired weapon.


Get 6 Elite Zombie kills with your desired weapon.


Get 9 Elite Zombie kills with your desired weapon.


Get 12 Elite Zombie kills with your desired weapon.


Get 15 Elite Zombie kills with your desired weapon.


The Fauna set may, for some players, require a red bull or two in order to complete. For all five camos in the Fauna set, you’ll have to get a total of 10 “rapid” kills a total of 10 times.


Get 10 kills rapidly 2 times in Zombies.


Get 10 Zombie kills rapidly 4 times in Zombies.


Get 10 Zombie kills rapidly 6 times in Zombies.

Blue Tiger

Get 10 Zombie kills rapidly 8 times in Zombies.

Rising Tiger

Get 10 Zombie kills rapidly 10 times in Zombies.


The completely appropriately-named Topography camo set and its constituent, equally-appropriately named camos is acquired with 3+ critical hit kills done in quick succession a total of 10 times.


Get 3+ critical hit kills in rapid succession 5 times in Zombies.


Get 3+ critical hit kills in rapid succession 10 times in Zombies.


Get 3+ critical hit kills in rapid succession 15 times in Zombies.


Get 3+ critical hit kills in rapid succession 20 times in Zombies.


Get 3+ critical hit kills in rapid succession 25 times in Zombies.


To get every skin in the Infection camo set, you’ll need to float like a butterfly that just took an adrenaline shot to the chest and sting like a bee armed with double-chainsaws — i.e. you’ll have to go 10 times with a 20+ kill streak without getting hit once.


Get 20+ consecutive kills without getting hit 2 times in Zombies.


Get 20+ consecutive kills without getting hit 4 times in Zombies.


Get 20+ consecutive kills without getting hit 6 times in Zombies.


Get 20+ consecutive kills without getting hit 8 times in Zombies.


Get 20+ consecutive kills without getting hit 10 times in Zombies.

Mastery Camos

The Mastery Camos are the icing on the festering, ooze-ridden cake that is Zombies mode and are, without a doubt, the single most effective lure to attract the “other” CoD players out of their multiplayer haven and into the bizarro-land that is Zombies mode. Be ready to grind like

Gold Viper Mastery Camo

The coveted Gold Viper camo is obtained by completing all 35 camos for a specific weapon.

Plague Diamond Mastery Camo

Once you’ve obtained all of the Gold Viper camos for a specific weapon class, you’ll receive the Plague Diamond mastery camo for the entire set.

Black Aether Master Camo

Last, and certainly not least, is the Black Aether camo — only unlockable once the Plague Diamond Mastery Camo for every single weapon set has been unlocked. This is, as far as its place on the Camo list goes, the holy grail of Zombies weapon skins and one that’ll take a heck of a lot of grinding to complete.

But what a glorious, zombie-infested grind it is.

And that’s it for this year’s CoD Zombies edition of 2023 Firearm Fashion. Let us know if you have any questions down below, and be sure to check out our Black Ops Cold War archives for more tips, tricks, guides, and walkthroughs!


Is The Monese App Not Working? Use These 5 Methods To Fix It

Is The Monese App Not Working? Use These 5 Methods to Fix it Explore our expert’s tried and tested method to solve this issue




Monese is a UK-based money transfer service used by millions, but not without issues.

The article below will showcase what needs to be done when Monese stops working.

To start the repair process, check if your internet is working and restart your device.



Try Outbyte Driver Updater to resolve driver issues entirely:

This software will simplify the process by both searching and updating your drivers to prevent various malfunctions and enhance your PC stability. Check all your drivers now in 3 easy steps:

Download Outbyte Driver Updater.

Launch it on your PC to find all the problematic drivers.

OutByte Driver Updater has been downloaded by


readers this month.

If you’re looking for current accounts and money transfer services as an alternative to traditional banks, then Monese is a service you should consider. However, in many aspects, Monese is very similar to other financial services, such as Revolut, PayPal, or Payoneer.

Unfortunately, Monese and all the other mentioned services have one thing in common: they are electronic payment systems. This means they run using computers, servers, and, of course, the Internet.

This is what a Monese user usually sees before not being able to access the account:

We’ve made some improvements to our app that you’ll need to continue using your account. Our latest terms and conditions can be viewed in the updated app

Like any service that runs electronically, Monese is bound to experience the occasional downtimes, so let’s explore some of the most common reasons.

Quick Tip:

All transactions that can be done from the mobile app can be done from Monese’s website as well. Because of this, you can try on Opera One, we managed to make transactions successfully here.

This powerful browser allows you various useful features, like a built-in VPN, adblocker and integrated virtual wallet. Transactions within Opera One are secured, thanks to these built-in functions.

Opera One

Test the connectivity with Monese in this browser, and see if you can fix the problem there.

Free Visit website

Is the Monese app down?

The first step to figuring out the actual issue with the Monese app will need to make sure that the servers are not down.

To do so, we can use the official Service Status from Monese.

At the time of writing, this is how the Monese servers look:

As you can see from the image presented above, there are some issues with the Incoming Transfers.

Whenever you have any issues with Monese, you can open up this article and check the official website.

Is Monese free?

Monese offers both free and paid services for its customers. The free version has no monthly fee and allows you to withdraw from ATMs, top up your card with cash, etc.

Even though the free subscription has some limitations, it still provides an excellent overall service. But, of course, if you want to surpass those limits, you can always choose the Classic or Premium subscriptions.

For more information on this topic, feel free to visit the official Monese pricing information.

Why is my Monese card not working?

Even though there could be other reasons, users have encountered issues with the app lately.

Now that we understand what type of issues the app users have faced in the last 24 hours, let’s also cover some of the most common reasons for which the Monese card might not work:

The card details were incorrect

Funds were not sufficient when you tried topping up

You have surpassed the daily or monthly limit

The issuer of your card is not part of the 3D Secure Program

You’ve gone over the top-up limits

Why is my Monese account blocked?

Usually, Monese accounts get blocked to limit or stop unauthorized use of the account or card.

To re-activate the locked account, feel free to contact the company’s support team and confirm that it was you who accessed the account.

Another situation that might end up with you having your account blocked is if you have been using the service in a fraudulent manner or for any illegal activities.

To protect the security and privacy of all users, Monese ensures that no suspicious transactions will pass through without in-depth scrutiny from the company.

That being said, there are many variations to these issues on Monese. Here are some of them:

Monese something went wrong

Monese location verification failed

Monese not working

Monese not responding

In other cases, the Monese account ends up being suspended because of using inaccurate or incomplete information when applying for the service itself.

Expert tip:

What can I do if the Monese app is not working? 1. Check your internet connection

Even though the number of variables when dealing with this issue can be large, most commonly, when users experience problems with the Monese app, it is caused by a faulty or unstable internet connection.

To ensure that this element is not getting your way, try out other apps and websites that require an internet connection and check if everything works well.

If it does, move to the next solution.

If your internet connection disconnects constantly or isn’t strong enough, it would be best to contact your Internet Service Provider (ISP) and ask for help.

2. Restart your device

Rebooting your device, whether you’re using a PC, mobile, or virtual machine to access the Monese services, will ensure that all connections are reset.

In some cases, this will automatically solve your issue, and you will get back to using Monese as quickly as before.

3. Check if the problem is the Monese mobile app

Portability is one of Monese’s selling points; that is why many users use it in conjunction with the mobile app.

As such, some issues may come from the app itself:

Your mobile phone doesn’t have the latest version of the app installed

Your phone is not connected to the Internet

You have a faulty Monese app Installation

4. Test your browser and virtual card

If you’re having problems with Monese and think that your browser is to blame, consider doing one of the following:

Clearing your current browser’s cache and cookies

Changing your browser altogether

If you notice that Monese still doesn’t work even after checking all the variables mentioned above and below, you might consider closing it and switching to the best browser that supports Monese transactions. As mentioned before, Opera had the best results in our tests.

If one of your virtual card numbers is compromised due to a data breach, or if a single payee fails to cancel anything you did not want to auto-renew, you can disable that virtual number only.

Choosing another service, even if only temporarily, will help you complete your transactions and save you time while the Monese issue is rectified.

5. Check if the Monese services are down

First, make sure that Monese is down by visiting their status website.

Here you can see all of their listed services and their operational status.

These include:

If any of these systems have anything besides Operational written next to them, you can do anything with Monese except that.

Additionally, you can use the same website to see a log of past issues to check whether there were problems in the past that may have affected you as well.

You can contact Monese by visiting the official Monese customer service for the app and services.

How to get money back from Monese?

To get your money back from Monese, you will need to wait for 5 to 10 working days. The exact period to wait will depend on the respective’s merchant’s refund policies.

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