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The app has a clean, minimalist design with bright colors and attractive icons. It is easy to find what you need and you are not bogged down with too many buttons, dropdown menus, or sideswipes.

The app comes with five category sections, but you can add one more by logging in with your Facebook or Google account. You can also buy more with in-app purchases. The categories can be identified by different colors. You can choose from six different colors to make your categories pop.

When you are ready to create a new idea, all you have to do is tap the big plus (+) button at the bottom of the screen. A handful of options will appear, like reminders, pictures, voice memos, and more.

App Use

When you first open the app, you will be asked to log in by connecting to Facebook or Google, or by signing up with your email address. If you are not sure that you are ready to commit yet, skip the log in and go directly to the app.

There will already be a few categories set up as samples for you with a couple of tips and tricks. You can easily delete these categories by tossing them in the trash. To make your own category, tap the “Create New Space” tab at the bottom of the screen.

When the category creation window pops up, enter the title and pick a color to go with it. For example, you may want to create a category for ideas for your upcoming novel. You could title it “Book Ideas” and make it blue.

After you’ve created a category, you can immediately start adding ideas. Tap the gray button at the bottom of your screen. You can add reminders, take pictures or add them from your camera roll, add a note, record a voice memo, and create a checklist.

If you want to share your categories with others, tap the share icon to add them from your contacts list. You can add as many collaborators as you like. They will have to log into Catch in order to access the info.

You can also email all of your ideas directly to someone by tapping on its share button instead of inviting someone to collaborate on the entire category. If you give an idea a star, it will be added as a special notification so that you can quickly access it if you have a large list of ideas to look through.

The Good

I love how easy it is to add new ideas. The big button at the bottom of the screen brings up icons that make it easy for you to start jotting down ideas without any effort.

The Voice Memo feature is a great bonus. I use my Voice Memo app all of the time to make quick notes for myself, so having the same ability inside the app makes it easier to keep everything all in one place.

The Checklist feature is perfect for people who tend to make lists a lot. It can be used for sharing grocery lists, packing for travel, ideas for gifts, etc.

The Bad

The free app is limited in what you get. If you go beyond 250MB of storage, you have to upgrade to add more. Catch offers a Pro account for $4.99 per month and a Premium one for $15.99 per month. But if you don’t want to pay a monthly subscription fee, you are stuck at 250MB, no matter how many new categories you pay for.


Since it is free to download, the value is great. It is easy to use and offers just enough features to make you feel like you can be really productive without making you feel like you have to jump through hoops to work with it. It is a real time saver. The additional cost to add more categories (or, Spaces, as they are called) is unnecessary. Especially since you are limited to only 250MB of space. If you want more categories, you may need to buy the Pro account.


This app is great for capturing ideas on the fly and makes it possible for you to collaborate with other users for a very efficient productivity app. If you are looking for an app that lets you jot down or record ideas that you can share with multiple recipients, Catch Notes may be what you need. This app is available for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Download it in the App Store today.

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Switchhud Makes It Easy To Toggle Between Iphone Volume Modes

The two most commonly-used volume modes in iOS are the ringer volume and media volume. The ringer volume controls the volume of text tones, ring tones, and notification sounds, while the media volume controls the volume of your music and videos.

The only problem is, iOS likes to default to the ringer volume all the time, unless you have media playing. If you do, that’s the only time the volume buttons will actually change the media volume level.

If you don’t like that solution, then hold on to your seats, because we’re going to be showing you a new free jailbreak tweak called SwitchHUD, which takes volume switching to the next level by letting you manually toggle between the two at any time with an Activator action.

The problem with iOS volume

Every time I want to prepare my volume to watch a movie or listen to a song, my instinctive move is to press the volume up or volume down button. To my dismay, I always see that stupid “ringer” HUD come up, and it always reminds me that I need to open Control Center to adjust my media volume beforehand.

I really never liked the way iOS handled volume, because sometimes after watching a movie or listening to a song at a high volume, I’ll forget to reduce the volume when it’s finished, and the next time I go to use it, it’ll automatically be set to full blast and I’ll blow an eardrum out before I can even adjust it.

Of course, iOS lets you adjust the media volume of your device once media is finally playing, but at that point, it could already be in the middle of blowing your eardrums out. Doesn’t that sound wonderful?

SwitchHUD to the rescue

After opening Cydia today, I discovered a new jailbreak tweak called SwitchHUD, which appears to magically rid me of this problem.

SwitchHUD integrates with Activator so that I can manually toggle between volume modes on my iOS device. This lets me choose what my volume buttons are going to adjust on demand, rather than opening Control Center to handle one type of volume and using the volume buttons to handle the other.

Now, I am able to set my ringer at a comfortable level for use 100% of the time and just use the ringer/silent switch when I decide I don’t want to hear it anymore, and this tweak lets me use my volume buttons for the media volume that I am frequently and intentionally adjusting when playing songs or movies.

The nice part about this is I can use my volume buttons 100% of the time to adjust either type of volume that I want to, whether media is playing or not. With a simple Activator action, I can toggle between the two.

Configuring SwitchHUD

SwitchHUD adds a preferences pane to the Settings app where you can toggle the tweak on or off on demand, as well as choose the Activator action that you wish to invoke to toggle between the two volume modes:

We’ve chosen double-tapping on the Status Bar for the Activator action because it’s something that you can do from anywhere in iOS, rather than from a specific part of iOS.

Now when we double-tap on the Status Bar, we’ll get the media volume, and then if we double-tap on the Status Bar again, we’ll get the ringer volume, etc.

My thoughts on StatusHUD

If I didn’t make it clear enough already, the volume settings on my iPhone have almost always been the bane of my existence.

On the other hand, I find that StatusHUD is a great way to have more control over what volume you adjust with your actual volume buttons on demand whether you have media playing or not.

The tweak gains come serious brownie points from me because it does something I really like, but the fact that it’s free and simple to use makes me say I have to recommend this tweak to everybody.


StatusHUD can be downloaded for free from Cydia’s BigBoss repository right now. If you want to have manual control over what volume you’re going to adjust with the volume buttons, then this is the tweak for you.

Also check out: Volume Mixer 2 lets you adjust all your iOS volume settings in one place

Share And Collaborate In Excel

We’ve been able to share and collaborate in Excel files simultaneously with our co-workers for quite some time. However, recently there have been some significant improvements to the Excel co-authoring experience that will blow you away.

All you need to co-author in Excel is a Microsoft 365 subscription and an internet connection. You can even invite people from outside your organization who don’t have a Microsoft 365 subscription to collaborate with you.

Watch the Share and Collaborate in Excel Video

Download Workbook

If you’d like to see how I built the workbook used in this example, please download it here. Note: it won’t allow you to experience collaboration as this is something you need to instigate by sharing your file with others.

Enter your email address below to download the sample workbook.

By submitting your email address you agree that we can email you our Excel newsletter.

Please enter a valid email address.

Share and Collaborate in Excel Step by Step: Sharing Excel Files

To share an Excel file with your co-workers from in or outside your organization:

Make sure you’re signed into your Microsoft 365 account in Excel,

Save your file to SharePoint Online or OneDrive

Here you can specify what editing rights they’ll have (1) and then choose who to share the file with (2):

When someone else is editing the file, you’ll see their initials in the top right:

Note: people from outside your organization who aren’t logged into Microsoft 365 display as a Guest Contributor:

Make sure Autosave is turned on to see changes they make in the workbook within seconds after they’re entered.


In Excel Online you can also assign a task when you at mention someone:

Show Changes

The Show Changes tool, currently only available in Excel Online*, enables you to keep track of edits to your workbooks across any end point: Desktop, Online, Mac, iOS, and iPad. They’re retained for 60 days allowing you to see who changed what, where and when, along with the previous value of the cell.

*[UPDATE] Show Changes is also now available in the Excel desktop app.

Bulk changes are shown in the changes card allowing you to scroll through the list or collapse it via the ‘hide changes’ button:

You can reduce the list of changes to a specific cell, range of cells or sheet via the filter button:

To be clear, you can currently only see the Show Changes tool in Excel Online, but it will display changes made in Excel for the Desktop, Mac, iOS or iPad.

Version History

Show changes gives you the ability to revert to earlier edits on a cell by cell basis. Alternatively, you can use Version History to revert the file back to an earlier version:

This opens the Version History task pane where you can open earlier versions and restore them:

Sheet Views

Sheet Views enables you to create a custom view of the file that allows you to sort and filter the data without affecting what other users currently in the file see. You can save these custom views and quickly switch in and out of them as required.

Excel automatically names your new view Temporary View to indicate the sheet view isn’t saved yet. You’ll also notice the column and row labels are black with white font.

When a Sheet View is applied, an eye symbol is visible in the worksheet tab name and hovering over the eye will display the sheet view name in a tooltip:

You can switch back to the original view by choosing ‘Default’ via the sheet views drop down:

Sheet View Options is where you’ll find tools to rename, duplicate and delete views:

Notes on Sheet View:

You can only use Sheet Views in a document that is stored in a SharePoint or OneDrive location.

40+ Easy Small Business Saturday Marketing Ideas

Small Business Saturday is a day dedicated to celebrating and supporting small businesses across the nation. Shoppers may be eager to support small businesses and shop locally, but you won’t see these shoppers by sitting back and watching the show. In order to leverage the excitement of Small Business Saturday to facilitate your business goals, you have to promote your business and improve your local visibility!

Whether you’re only able to make a last-minute effort or have the ability to implement a detailed Small Business Saturday plan, there are opportunities for every business on Small Business Saturday.

Small Business Saturday ideas to try

Here are some Small Business Saturday ideas to help you make the most out of the day. 

Get listed ahead of Small Business Saturday

The first thing you should do is make sure your business can get found by shoppers on Small Business Saturday. Update your local listings in popular directories like Google, Facebook, and Yelp to make sure you show up for relevant searches. Your Google Business Profile is of the utmost importance here–take the time to optimize your Google Business Profile; it’s worth it.

You’ll also want to add your business to the Shop Small map so people can find you when looking for participating businesses around Small Business Saturday.


Create Small Business Saturday offers

Small Business Saturday is all about celebrating small businesses, but in order to stand out above your competitors and grab the attention of overstimulated shoppers, you’ll need an attractive offer.

Some basic ideas for offers on Small Business Saturday include:

Buy one get one free deals for people shopping with (or for!) friends.

Discounts for same-day appointments.

Bundle services into packages and offer them at a discounted rate.

Create holiday gifts out of products or services, and those who purchase the gift get a discount or free service.

Free gift with purchase.

Discount for signing up for your blog, newsletter, or providing contact information.

Purchases come with a coupon for holiday services.

Run limited-time offers to encourage shoppers to act fast around Small Business Saturday.

Your Small Business Saturday offer can serve many purposes and support many business goals.

It can be:

Given out on that day to attract customers.

Revealed beforehand on social media to increase engagement on social media.

Redeemed later on to encourage return customers.

Host a Small Business Saturday event

Another Small Business Saturday idea to promote your business is to host an event. Even if your focus is around celebrating your small business, you should still include an offer that incentivizes customers to attend.

If you have a brick-and-mortar location, here are some ideas:

Gyms can have a free post-Thanksgiving workout for interested potential new members. Serve snacks and drinks afterward with free t-shirts and have a place where people can sign up for your newsletter. (Psst: Get more fitness marketing tips here!)

Hairdressers and salons can offer a discount for customers who sign up for their email list or offer a bundle deal for holiday services.

Dentists, physical therapists, and chiropractors can run an open house where shoppers can come in and get some swag with your business information on it.

If you don’t have a brick-and-mortar location, you can still host a virtual event or partner with a brick-and-mortar business to host an event.

For example:

Landscapers can pass out reusable shopping bags with their logo on it.

Massage therapists can partner with a local business to offer chair massages to shoppers. (Just make sure you have health and safety protocols in place!)

Financial planners can host a workshop on how to budget for the holidays and the new year.

For these ideas, you might have a sign out front to attract foot traffic but be sure to promote your event online too.

For example:

Create social media posts the week before and the day of to attract attendees.

Utilize Facebook Events or Eventbrite to encourage people to attend and to get a ballpark headcount. You might have occupancy limits to adhere to that you’ll want to plan for.

Reap the benefits of landing pages! Create a high-converting landing page for your event or offer to encourage users to follow through in converting.

Post pictures from the event as it is happening. Get creative and have fun with Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat.

If you don’t have a space to accommodate people, fear not! You can always partner up with a local business. Or, you can run an event online, such as a social media contest or giveaway. With the proper social media marketing strategy, you can leverage Small Business Saturday to achieve your long-term business goals.

Partner up on Small Business Saturday

While Small Business Saturday is for everyone, promotion ideas are sometimes easier to execute for retail businesses and those located on busy streets. If you don’t fit into that category, consider partnering up with a business that does.


Partnering is a great way to increase your exposure across a relevant audience, maximize profits, and build a sense of community.

For example,

Physical therapists and massage therapists can offer free or discounted chair massages at a boutique store during peak shopping hours.

Home service providers can partner up with furniture or home goods stores and offer their services at a discount. In exchange, the home service providers can promote that store through email, social media, and their website to encourage more visitors.

Landscapers can offer a free yard cleanup or discounted package at hardware stores, and promote that store across their marketing channels.

Preschools can partner with yoga instructors to offer prenatal yoga classes.

Find a small business that will take on a small business guerrilla marketing campaign with you.

When considering partners for Small Business Saturday, don’t just think about the most popular places. Think about businesses that share your values and appeal to your target audience. This way you can leverage the partnership to strengthen your brand story and increase your exposure to the right people.

Use local media

As a small business owner, you may not have the time to coordinate an event, and hosting an event might make it hard for you to manage higher customer volumes on that day. One idea for Small Business Saturday that won’t have you preoccupied on that day is to do a write-up for the local newspaper or local online publication.

For example:

Produce a round-up of stores in the area that you recommend for shoppers (cater to those in your target audience or niche market if possible). Perhaps those stores will pass out your flyers or coupons for a promotional offer.

If your business has a unique story or strong roots within the community write an article on the history of your business. At the end, you could talk about special deals you’re offering for Small Business Saturday or invite the media to come and interview customers on that day.

Another approach would be to write an opinion piece on the importance of Small Business Saturday. Acknowledge hard-working business owners, highlight the role of small businesses in the economy, and their contribution to the community. Not only will business owners and shoppers appreciate it, but you can also stand out as a committed member of your community.


If you don’t have the ability to contribute this type of content directly, consider branded content to help you communicate your business story to your community in your local publication.

Thanks to the benefits of social media, this type of publication can also increase your online presence before Small Business Saturday and even long after.

Use social media on Small Business Saturday

There are a number of other ways to utilize social media on Small Business Saturday.

For example:

Run a Small Business Saturday Instagram giveaway.

Write a blog post that is relevant to SBS, your target audience, and your business, and promote it across social.

Leverage existing social media groups, such as on Facebook and LinkedIn, to promote your special offers and sales.

Cross-promote email offers with social media posts.

Offer a discount on your product or services to the first x number of new followers on this day.

Ask a blogger or social media influencer to feature your store in a roundup blog post.

Use Small Business Saturday hashtags such as #SmallBizSaturday, #SmallBusinessSaturday, and #ShopSmall.

Engage with the official Small Business Saturday Facebook or Instagram accounts.

You can also use social media for Small Business Saturday discount codes:

Reveal a promotional code on this day only.

Reveal a promotional code during the week leading up to SBS that followers can only redeem on SBS.

Provide a promotional code on SBS that is redeemable at a later time, such as for holiday appointments or winter services.

Run a Small Business Saturday Email promotion

This Small Business Saturday idea is great because it focuses on leveraging the audience you have at hand rather than trying to acquire newly interested potential customers.

Here are some ideas for email marketing campaigns around Small Business Saturday:

Send an email promoting your in-store event or sale.

Send a coupon for email subscribers to use on Small Business Saturday.

Send a round-up of the businesses you’ll be supporting on Small Business Saturday.

Create and send a holiday gift guide using products and services from local businesses.

Update and optimize your website

Try giving your website visitors something fresh to look at over the weekend with updated Small Business Saturday pages. You could switch up your website copy or creative elements to reflect any Small Business Saturday promotions you’re doing.

Odds are, you’ll likely see an increase in traffic to your website during Small Business Saturday. So, you’ll want your business’s site to be as prepared as possible with a dedicated Small Business Saturday section.

Here are some ideas for updating your website to match your Small Business Saturday marketing:

Add a banner promoting your sale to pages across your site.

Switch up your homepage content to mention Small Business Saturday.

Use a live chat feature to alert visitors of Small Business Saturday promotions.

If you’re unsure of what areas on your site you should optimize for the big day, try using free, online website grader tools. This can help you identify areas where you could improve your site for Small Business Saturday.

Our free website grader can help you prepare your website for Small Business Saturday 2023.

For example:

If you’re already running Google Ads or Microsoft Ads, take this weekend as an opportunity to refresh your PPC keyword strategy by bidding on terms that include “small business saturday” in them.

An example of a Small Business Saturday display ad.

Make your 2023 Small Business Saturday a success

With the right Small Business Saturday marketing plan, you can make the whole weekend a success.

We know that people love supporting small businesses during this season–so play that up in your holiday marketing to capture shoppers and finish out the year strong.

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14 Easy (Yet Powerful!) Wedding Marketing & Advertising Ideas

As lucrative as the wedding service industry is, it’s also incredibly competitive. There’s a huge market of couples looking for help in planning and executing the wedding of their dreams. Along with this are the thousands of businesses vying to get their attention.

14 marketing ideas for promoting your wedding business

Try these wedding marketing ideas to keep your business busy whether it’s wedding season or not!

1. Build your brand

Much like how a person’s DNA is integral to their identity, so is your brand to your business. When developing it, treat it as your company’s DNA. What’s your mission and vision for the business? What values do you want your services to embody? What tone do you wish to use when communicating ideas to the public and, more importantly, to potential clients?

These are questions to keep in mind as you choose a name for your brand and create an appealing tagline and logo. They can also guide you in deciding on the color palette that you’ll use for your marketing materials. To ensure that you build a strong and defined brand, consistency and cohesion among all these elements are key.


Related: Get tips and inspiration to build your brand identity.

2. Create a website and start your own blog

Having a solid digital presence is a necessity now for any new business. But to build your digital footprint, you’ll need an online home base. This home base is your small business website. It’s the place where people can find all the information about your company and its services. It’s also the springboard for bigger marketing ideas you’ll take down the road once you’ve established brand recognition and recall.

A great section to have on your website is a blog. Content marketing lets readers get to know more about you and the people behind the business. It’s also a great avenue to highlight your branding. A blog can strengthen your brand’s tone and style with posts that present personality and flavor. It lets potential clients know about your mastery of the wedding industry scene and enthusiasm for keeping up with trends.


Plus, your blog can serve as a place to showcase your work, educate potential couples about your services, and share creative ideas that will have them coming back for more.

3. Be featured on a wedding blog site


Of course, features like these introduce you to a wider audience of potential clients. Imagine all the newly engaged couples scouring the web for possible wedding planners and looking up recommendations from industry experts. A wedding blog write-up can help put your name on their radars.

4. Invest in styled photoshoots


5. Host a giveaway to increase followers

Hosting a Facebook contest or Instagram giveaway is a fun way to engage with your audience. You get to thank your existing followers for their support, while also attracting new ones. Through giveaway promos, the public has a chance to try some of your services for free, with no strings attached. They get a taste of your wedding planning expertise and, hopefully, are left wanting more.


Giveaways don’t have to be huge or costly. You can partner with other related businesses to share the cost of the prize (and make it more appealing!) or you can even offer customized wedding invitation designs as a prize. Thanks to platforms like Canva, it’s easy to create wedding invitations for free. You get to showcase your creativity and collaborate with clients without going over budget.

6. Participate in wedding fairs

Creating a buzz for your wedding planning business online is good. Getting up close and personal with your target market and fellow industry players? Even better.


Networking at fairs is a tried-and-tested wedding marketing strategy. These events are excellent opportunities to meet potential clients and fellow business owners. If you’re still building your wedding start-up, you can learn hard-earned and reality-based tips from experienced business owners. You can even develop further connections and collaborations down the road. After all, each wedding has plenty of different elements that need to be taken care of. Get in on the action by joining the wedding fair crowds.

Related: Don’t forget to follow up with those you network with at the bridal fair or expo! Use these networking email subject lines to get started.

7. Write and submit a guest post

We’ve touched on how putting a name, face, and personality behind your business helps strengthen your brand. Now, write about what you know about the industry and have other websites use your article as content.


8. Add your business to wedding directories

Once you’ve begun putting your business and brand out there, people would need to know where to find you and how to get in touch with you. Your website and contact details may be easily searchable, but in addition to including your website on top local business listings, you should also add them to wedding directories. These databases offer one-stop-shop convenience to the public. Your inclusion in them also signals the legitimacy of your business.

Some of the top wedding directories include:


9. Leverage your wedding testimonials and reviews

We’ve already talked about how a credible endorsement can attract business. Another terrific wedding marketing idea would be to use testimonials from previous clients. Don’t be shy to ask satisfied customers to share what they liked most about working with you. Compile their reviews into a section on your website. Believe us, people check these sections out as part of their decision-making process.


Online reviews also allow you to interact with clients, including disgruntled ones. The way you handle less-than-stellar reviews helps people get a better sense of what working with you would be like. Positive reviews, on the other hand, make for great pull quotes that viewers can immediately see upon visiting your website.

Related: Get tips for how to respond to negative reviews.

And if there are bloggers or influencers among your happy clients, there’s no harm in requesting them to write a glowing post about their experience with you. (Remember to ask if they could add a backlink to your website too.)

10. Create an FAQ page for your website

Couples planning their weddings do a lot of research to find the right vendors to work with. Often, they’re trying to find as much information as possible about a wedding vendor before taking the next step to call. If you can answer common questions directly on your website, you can set your wedding business apart from the competition and increase the chances that couples will take that next step with you.

Ask your team to help you compile the most common questions they receive, and think about what other information would be helpful for prospective couples to know before they reach out. Then answer these questions and add them to an FAQ page on your website.


11. Try out social media platforms such as TikTok and Pinterest

You may think that joining the short-video craze isn’t the right wedding business marketing approach for you, but let’s be real. Most clients are drawn in by visuals first before anything else. Social media sites present your work and branding without having to use too many words. Plus, they can be fun tools for increasing brand awareness once you get into them.


Add the best images and clips from your portfolio of wedding planning work on the ‘gram. Post your suggested mood boards for different wedding aesthetics on Pinterest. Share on TikTok foolproof tips that brides and grooms can use to prepare for their big day. Given the app’s growth in the past two years—plus the increasing share of its users who are of marrying age—you never know whom you might reach and convert into a client.

Related: Get tips for how to get more TikTok followers here.

12. Advertise on The Knot and WeddingWire


13. Invest in your website’s SEO 14. Partner with wedding vendors for referrals

As you well know, putting together a wedding requires teamwork. And part of that team is the wedding suppliers and vendors who help turn every wedding planner’s ideas into reality.

When dealing with suppliers and vendors, treat them as collaborators. Maintain a professional attitude even when you’re not working together on a project. Understand that they are integral parts of the wedding industry ecosystem.


You can even partner with vendors by creating a preferred vendor list that you can share with your clients. In return, they can add you to their preferred vendor list so their clients receive your information as well.

Given the intense competition, their referrals are a form of organic wedding marketing that can increase your chances of landing more clients.

Try these wedding marketing ideas today

They may seem like a lot of work at first glance. But once you get the ball rolling, executing these wedding business marketing ideas will begin to feel like second nature. Some of them may even be fun! At the end of the day, they’re simple, smart, and effective tips that let people know what you do and how well you do it. Try all of these wedding marketing ideas today and see how they can drive growth for your business:

Build your brand

Create a website and start your own blog

Be featured on a wedding blog site

Invest in styled photoshoots

Host a giveaway to increase followers

Participate in wedding fairs

Write and submit a guest post

Add your business to wedding directories

Leverage your wedding testimonials and reviews

Create an FAQ page for your website

Try out social media platforms such as TikTok and Pinterest

Advertise on The Knot and WeddingWire

Invest in your website’s SEO

Partner with wedding vendors for referrals

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18 Tips To Use Apple Notes App On Mac Proficiently

Initially, I had planned to make an extensive post about Apple Notes tips for Mac and iPhone/iPad. However, I had to change my mind midway as the article would have turned out to be rather long. After wrapping up the 16 hacks for iOS Notes app separately, I think it’s the right to do the same favor to its macOS counterpart. Talking about the tricks, I’ve picked them based on how effective they are.

If you rely on Apple’s note-taking app to record ideas or keep your hectic life in sync with your priority, the following tips can boost your productivity. Plus, they can also help you ideally customize the app as per your workflow. Read on to explore the tricks and use them proficiently to get the best out of the app!

18 Tips and Tricks to Get the Most Out of Apple Notes App for Mac

1. Use Continuity Camera to Scan Docs

macOS Mojave has introduced a smart feature called “Continuity Camera.” You can use this well-thought-out feature to quickly add a photo to your note or scan a document using your iPhone on your Mac.

Times when you want your workflow to be smooth, Continuity Camera can come in very handy. One thing worth noting is that it works between macOS Mojave and iOS 12. So, ensure that your devices are fully onboard.

2. Pin Notes

Just imagine that there are a number of lists in your note. And whenever you want to access a specific list, you have to drill down the entire collection. Wouldn’t it be great if you could show a frequently used checklist right at the top? This is where pinning comes into the picture!

3. Float Notes

Supposing you have created an extensive agenda about the things you have to do today while working on your Mac. And you have to hop into it time and time again to ensure you are in sync with the plan. That’s when the floating feature can save your day!

4. Import files to the Notes app

5. Export Notes As PDF

Next, enter the name, add a suitable tag and select the desired location. Hit the Save button, and you are ready to go!

6. Create A Checklist

You are all set for a long shopping spree and want to craft an easy-to-view checklist. Don’t worry, as you don’t need to look anywhere else for the solution.

7. Add Tables

We have crafted a detailed post on it. Do check it out here.

8. Sort Your Notes

I like to keep my notes organized. And the one little trick that helps me keep them in sync with my workflow is “sorting.” If you also want to put all of your stuff in a better state, this one can definitely make a difference.

Pretty much like its iOS counterpart, the Notes app for macOS allows you to sort your projects based on Date Edited, Created or Title.

9. Format Text With Quick Keyboard Shortcuts

Frankly speaking; I’ve saved this tip for the folks who are fond of super handy keyboard shortcuts. Formatting text can be made a tad easier with a keyboard shortcut. Keep the following ones on your radar to boost your productivity and also save time.

10. Make the Most of Siri to Create and Edit Notes Fast

Do not underestimate Siri! The personal assistant works pretty well in letting you quickly create notes and even edit them with ease. When you don’t want to fiddle with the keyboards, use the quick commands to get your work done.

You can invoke Siri and say something like: “Create a new note.” “Open my shopping note.” “Add sugar to my shopping note.”

11. Change Default Account

By default, all of your notes are designed to sync with iCloud. However, you can switch your default account to Google, Yahoo or other. Besides, you will also choose to save them locally on your computer.

Note: If you want to keep your notes locally, check the box to the left of Enable the On My Mac account.

Want to sync your lists with a different cloud service? No problem. Fire up System Preferences → Internet Accounts → Select the desired service and sign in.

12. Move a note out of iCloud

So, that was about switching the default account. What if you want to move a specific note from iCloud to Google or other cloud services? It’s just as upfront!

13. Use Dark Mode

Follow this hands-on guide to enable system-wide dark mode on your Mac.

14. Collaborate With Friends

To use this feature, you have to first invite your friends. And once they have accepted your request, they can make changes seamlessly.

Open the respective note → hit the people button → choose the medium and then share it with your friend/s as usual.

15. View Attachments from All Of Your Notes

Keeping track of attachments is quite simple. Personally; I make sure to use this feature for one biggest reason–prevent the app from being cluttered.

Then, navigate through the specific sections like Photos & Videos, Sketches, Documents, Websites and more.

To preview an attachment, select it and then hit the space bar.

16. Save files to Notes from Other Apps

You are browsing the web and suddenly find a piece of an article worth remembering. Wouldn’t you want to save it in a secure place? Yeah, you would love to offer it up safe heaven.

Note: Share button may not be available in every app.

17. Lock Your Note

Supposing you have created some personal notes and don’t want anyone to bump into them without your permission. Why not lock them out! It would add an additional layer of safeguard to your personal info.

Once you have secured a project, anyone who wants to have access to it will have to enter the password.

18. Recover Deleted Notes

You are on the complete cleanup mission. And want to get rid of all the useless lists or folders so that the app no longer seems to be messed up. Unfortunately, you end up deleting some important notes and want to restore them as soon as possible.

That’s pretty much it!

Video: Apple Notes Tips and Tricks

Your Favorites?

So, these are some of my most productive hacks for Apple Notes app for macOS. Which ones were able to win your favor or found a special place in your collection?

Moreover, if you find some of your favorites missing from the lineup, do not forget to let us know about them.

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