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If you find that your Bluetooth mouse is connected but does not work on Windows 11/10 then this post may be able to help you. Sometimes a Bluetooth device shows a healthy connection with your computer but does not work. If this issue occurs on your computer, the first thing that you should do is restart your computer. In some cases, restarting the device solves the issue.

If restarting the device does not help, try the troubleshooting methods that we have explained in this post. But before you proceed, we recommend you check the following points for your Bluetooth mouse:

It should be completely charged.

If it runs on a non-rechargeable battery, make sure that the batteries are not drained or dead. Replace the batteries if they are drained out.

Make sure that your mouse should not be out of range.

Does this mouse work on another PC? Does another mouse work properly on this PC?

Bluetooth mouse is connected but does not work on PC

The following solutions may help you get rid of the problem:

Turn Off and On the Bluetooth.

Toggle the Airplane mode.

Run the Bluetooth Troubleshooter.

Remove the Bluetooth device from Devices and Printers and add it again.

Check in Clean Boot State.

Wireless Mouse not working in Windows 11/10 1] Turn Off and On the Bluetooth

Windows 11

You can also turn the Bluetooth on or off from Windows 11 Settings. The steps for the same are listed below:

In the Settings app, select Bluetooth & devices from the left pane.

Windows 10

The first step that you should do is toggle the Bluetooth of your system. The steps to do so are listed below:

You will see a toggle switch under Bluetooth on the right pane.

Check whether you are able to use your mouse or not.

2] Toggle the Airplane mode

In Windows 11, you can easily toggle the Airplane mode from the Quick Settings menu. If the button to toggle the Airplane mode is not available there, you have to customize the Quick Settings menu. Alternatively, you can also turn the Airplane mode on or off from Windows 11 Settings app.

Some Windows 10 users were able to use their Bluetooth mouse after toggling the Airplane mode of their system.

The below steps will help you with that:

Launch the Settings app.

Select Airplane mode from the left pane.

After toggling the Airplane mode, check if the Bluetooth device works.

3] Run the Bluetooth Troubleshooter

You can also try to run the Bluetooth Troubleshooter and see if it helps.

The steps to launch the Bluetooth Troubleshooter on Windows 11 are listed below:

Press Win + I keys to launch the Settings app.

Select System from the left pane and scroll down the right side till you see the Troubleshoot tab.

The following steps will guide you on how to run Bluetooth Troubleshooter on Windows 10:

Launch the Settings app.

Select Troubleshoot from the left pane.

The troubleshooter will fix the Bluetooth problems on your device. After the troubleshooting gets completed, see if the problem is fixed or not.

4] Remove Bluetooth device from Devices & Printers and add it again

If the above methods did not solve your issue, you can try removing your Bluetooth mouse and adding it again. You can remove a Bluetooth device from your computer via:

Settings app

Control Panel

How to remove a Bluetooth device via the Settings app

Windows 11

The following steps are for Windows 11 users:

Launch the Settings app.

Select Bluetooth & devices from the left side.

Windows 10

The following steps will help you remove the Bluetooth device from Windows 10 via the Settings app:

Select Bluetooth & other devices from the left side.

How to remove a Bluetooth device from the Control Panel

Now, let’s see the process to remove a Bluetooth device from the Control Panel. The steps that we will describe here will be applicable for both Windows 11 and Windows 10 computers:

If the above methods did not solve your issue, you can try to remove the Bluetooth mouse and add it again. The steps to do this are listed below:

Switch the View by mode to Category.

This will reconnect your Bluetooth mouse with your computer. Now check if the mouse is working or not.

5] Check in Clean Boot State

If none of the above methods helped you, try to Clean Boot your system. After that disconnect your Bluetooth mouse and add it again. If it works, then some 3rd-party process is interfering with your device. You need to isolate and eliminate it.

How do I fix my Bluetooth mouse not working?

If you start facing an issue where your Bluetooth mouse does not work properly or disconnects randomly, first, you should check if the batteries of the mouse are expired or dead. If yes, replace the batteries. Another reason for this issue is the corrupted or outdated drivers. Therefore, we suggest you update your Bluetooth mouse drivers from the Device Manager.

We also suggest you check the Power Management settings of your Bluetooth mouse and stop Windows from turning off your device to save power.

Why is my mouse connected but not working?

If you have a wired mouse, make sure that the wire is not damaged. You can also check whether or not your mouse has malfunctioned by connecting it to another USB port or another computer.

If you are using a wireless or Bluetooth mouse, check if its battery is drained out or not. Also, check if you have accidentally turned the Airplane Mode on. Turning on the Airplane mode automatically turns off the Bluetooth.

Read this if your Bluetooth Mouse scroll is not working.

You can try the troubleshooting methods that we have described in this article to fix the issue or reset your mouse settings to default.

Hope this helps.

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How To Fix Mouse Scroll Not Working On Windows 11/10

There are many reasons your mouse’s scroll wheel can stop working. You may have a problem in your mouse settings, a bad connection to your PC, or even a broken scroll wheel.

Table of Contents

We’ll look at all the possible ways to fix the mouse scroll not working issue on your Microsoft Windows PC.

Disconnect and Reconnect the Mouse to Your PC

The first thing you should do when scrolling stops working is to make sure your mouse is correctly plugged into your PC. A loose or improperly connected mouse may not work as expected.

Take a look at the port your mouse is plugged into and ensure the connection isn’t loose. You can unplug and replug your mouse if necessary.

If you have a wireless mouse, unpair and re-pair the mouse with your PC to ensure a good connection.

Replace Your Wireless Mouse’s Batteries

For a wireless mouse, the most common reason you can’t use the scroll wheel is that your mouse is running out of battery charge. Eventually, you’ll find that your Bluetooth mouse’s other features are also not working.

In this case, replacing your mouse’s batteries should fix your scrolling issue.

Use the Mouse With Another PC

One reason you can’t scroll with your mouse is that your mouse’s scroll button is physically damaged. You can verify that the mouse is working by connecting it to another PC.

If scrolling doesn’t work on the other PC, your mouse is probably broken. Unless you know how to fix PC components, you’re probably looking at buying a new mouse.

Change Your Mouse Scroll Wheel Settings

Windows offers a few options to change how your mouse functions on your computer. It’s worth changing some of these settings to see if that fixes the scrolling problem.

Launch Settings on your PC by pressing the Windows + I keys simultaneously.

Choose Devices on the Settings window.

Select Mouse from the sidebar on the left.

Select the Roll the mouse wheel to scroll drop-down menu on the right and choose an option.

Change the value of the Choose how many lines to scroll each time option.

If your mouse scroll starts working, you can go back to the previous mouse settings.

Windows’ Devices and Printers Troubleshooter

Windows offers several troubleshooters to help you find and fix issues with your various items. When you experience hardware problems, you can use the Devices and Printers troubleshooter to fix your issues.

These troubleshooters run on their own for the most part, so minimum interaction is required from the user side.

Open Control Panel on your PC by accessing the Start menu, searching for Control Panel, and selecting the tool in the search results.

Select View devices and printers beneath Hardware and Sound.

Wait for the troubleshooter to find problems and offer fixes for them.

Update the Mouse Driver

Mouse drivers are software that control how your mouse interacts with your PC. If you ever experience issues like your mouse scroll wheel not working, it’s worth checking for and installing any available mouse driver updates on your computer.

Windows automates the process, so you don’t have to download and update mouse drivers manually.

Select Search automatically for drivers on the following screen.

Let Windows find and install the latest drivers for your mouse.

Restart your PC when the drivers are installed.

Update Windows

Updating your Windows PC ensures you have the most recent bug fixes. This helps resolve many issues on your computer, including any mouse-related problems.

It’s easy, free, and quick to update your Windows operating system. Here’s how.

Open Settings on your PC by pressing Windows + I keys simultaneously.

Choose Update & Security in Settings.

Select Windows Update on the left.

Choose Check for updates on the right.

Install the available updates on your PC.

Restart your PC.

Repair Your Windows PC

If your mouse still doesn’t scroll your pages up or down, your PC’s core files might be problematic. One way to get around this is to use Windows’ built-in startup repair option. This option fixes the issues lying with your system-level files.

Access your PC’s Settings app by pressing Windows + I keys.

Choose Update & Security in Settings.

Select Recovery from the sidebar on the left.

Choose Restart now under the Advanced startup header on the right.

Troubleshoot the Mouse’s Scroll Not Working Issue on Your Windows PC

If you’re used to scrolling pages with your mouse’s scroll button, it’s hard to do your tasks when that button stops working. Luckily, you can fix the button’s problem in most cases by toggling your system settings, as described above.

Number Or Numeric Lock Is Not Working On Windows 11/10

Sometimes the Number lock (Num Lock Key) in Windows 11 and Windows 10 might not work even when it is enabled, making things inconvenient for those working with digits. If you are facing the same problem, you will find multiple solutions in this article. We have already seen what to do if the Num Lock is not working due to Fast Startup now let us see what we can do when it happens in the general case.

Num Lock not working on Windows 11/10

To fix Num Lock not working issue on Windows 11/10, follow these steps:

Troubleshoot in Clean Boot State

Update your Device Drivers

Install the Driver in Compatibility Mode

Turn Off Mouse Key

Registry Editor method

To know more about these steps, continue reading.

A Clean Boot is used to diagnose and later troubleshoot issues with your system. During a Clean Boot, we start the system with a minimal number of drivers and startup programs which helps isolate the cause with interfering software.

Once you have booted in the Clean Boot State, enable one process after another and see which process makes the problem appear. Thus you can find the offender.

2] Update your Device Drivers

Whenever any hardware shows a problem, we should be to update the device drivers. Open Devices Manager and update the Keyboard driver.

If that doesn’t work, you might consider downloading drivers directly from the manufacturer’s website and re-installing them.

TIP: NumBlock will help control, enable, disable Num Lock key.

If the existing drivers aren’t compatible even after an updating them, you could download them from the manufacturer website and install them in the Compatibility Mode and see if it works. Here is how to go about it.

Check the “Run this program in Compatibility mode” option.

Select a previous version supported by the software.

Install the driver as it is supposed to be installed.

Wait for the installation to complete and restart the device.

If the root cause of the problem is outdated drivers or incompatible drivers this method will surely solve the issue. You can visit the manufacturer website and download the up-to-date numeric keypad drivers. However, there is a chance that the drivers aren’t the problem at all. For this, there is the next method.

4] Turn Off Mouse Key

Try this and see if that helps:

Go to the Control Panel from the Start Menu.

Navigate to the Ease of Access Center.

Go to Make the keyboard easier to use.

Navigate to Control the mouse with the keyboard and uncheck the “Turn On Mouse Keys” option.

Basically, it might all boil down to a simple settings issue, which if true would be resolved in this step. You should be good to go.

5] Registry Editor method

There is yet another option you can use even though the mouse key method should work. If you want to use an elaborate method or if you actually need another solution, this is it. Remember, since you are making changes in the Windows Registry, it will be wise to create a System Restore point just in case anything goes amiss. After you’ve done that follow these steps.

Run regedit to open the Registry Editor.

Navigate to the following key:

HKEY_CURRENT_USERControl PanelKeyboard

Now navigate to this key:

HKEY_USERS.DEFAULTControl PanelKeyboard

Now set a registry string in the name InitialKeybaordIndicators and set the value to 2147483648.

Reboot the device.

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Why is my NumLock button not working?

There could be numerous reasons why the NumLock button is not working on your computer. Depending upon which device you are using, the solutions may vary slightly. For example, if you are using a laptop, you might need to check if there is any dust or not. On the other hand, if you are using a wireless keyboard, make sure that you have the charged battery.

Related: Enable Num Lock on startup or reboot in Windows 11/10.

How do I fix NumLock on Windows 11/10?

All the solutions are mentioned in this article to fix NumLock not working issue on Windows 11/10. Apart from these, you must verify if all the other buttons are working as well. If not, there could be some internal issues that might not be fixed at home. You also try setting the correct Registry value, installing the driver, updating the respective driver, etc.

Fix: Windows 11 Monitor Detected But Not Displaying

Fix: Windows 11 Monitor Detected but Not Displaying This is triggered by connection issues from the External monitor




The Windows 11 monitor detected but not displaying is usually caused by a connectivity or driver problem.

However, it may also be just a problem with your settings or the projection mode.

Updating the drivers and your OS may also fix this display problem.



Try Outbyte Driver Updater to resolve driver issues entirely:

This software will simplify the process by both searching and updating your drivers to prevent various malfunctions and enhance your PC stability. Check all your drivers now in 3 easy steps:

Download Outbyte Driver Updater.

Launch it on your PC to find all the problematic drivers.

OutByte Driver Updater has been downloaded by


readers this month.

A computer with multiple monitors allows you to see more content, multitask and split your screen. However, many users report that Windows 11 monitors are detected but not displaying content, which can be very frustrating.

Another issue users report is Windows 11 not detecting the second monitor, making it impossible to connect and use it.

Why is the Windows 11 monitor detected but not displaying?

For many reasons, users may experience their Windows 11 monitor not displaying even when connected to their PC. Some factors liable to cause the issue are:

Outdated graphics driver – If the graphics driver is not detected or outdated, it can cause problems with the devices connected to your PC due to bugs and compatibility problems.

External monitor connection issues – There’s a possibility that the external monitor connection may be faulty, causing issues with it displaying on your PC.

Outdated Windows OS – Windows updates often come with bug fixes and drivers, and if you don’t install them, many problems may occur, including the monitor issue.

Now that we know the causes behind this problem, let’s see how to get your monitor to display again.

How do I fix Windows 11 monitor that is detected but not displaying?

Disconnect other external devices connected to your computer.

Unplug the monitor from its power source and from your computer, then reconnect it.

Restart Windows in Safe Mode and check if the monitors work properly.

Inspect the connecting cables and see if they are properly plugged into the right ports and if they show signs of any deterioration and replace them if needed.

If you can’t fix the problem, proceed with the solutions below.

1. Change your Project mode

The above steps will refresh any external projection display device connected to your PC and resolve connection errors from other monitors.

Read what to do if you encounter problems with your monitor screen fading to black on your PC.

2. Change the settings for the external displays

Expert tip:

Should this solution fix the problem, you will need to update the display driver. We have the solution below.

3. Enable multiple displays from the dedicated software

Our example is for those with an Nvidia graphics card and software, but the solution is similar for AMD owners.

Enabling the multiple display option in the dedicated software lets your device detect external monitors and make them work smoothly. Check how to fix the Nvidia Control Panel crashing or not working on your PC.

The graphics driver update will fix bugs affecting the monitor display and install the latest features to improve its performance. Read our detailed article on updating graphics drivers on Windows 11 if you have any issues.

Suppose you’re searching for a quicker updating alternative. In that case, you can opt for a specialized program like Outbyte Driver Updater to automatically find the latest updates for your outdated drivers, thanks to its large database.

Try this great app to update your drivers with the best versions immediately.

Free Trial Download now

Readers can also check our article about fixing external monitors not detected after sleep or not waking. Also, you can read our detailed guide about the third monitor not detected on Windows 11 and how to fix it.

Still experiencing troubles? Fix them with this tool:


Some driver-related issues can be solved faster by using a tailored driver solution. If you’re still having problems with your drivers, simply install OutByte Driver Updater and get it up and running immediately. Thus, let it update all drivers and fix other PC issues in no time!

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Mouse Scrolling Automatically Up Or Down In Windows 11/10

To enhance user productivity, Microsoft implements a number of small features that make a difference in the overall experience & productivity of the user. But sometimes, these features get caught with issues and result in the abnormal functioning of the computer. One such feature is where the mouse scrolling occurs automatically without any user intervention. This can be frustrating, and if this bug occurs repeatedly, it can also make your computer unusable. Today, we will check out how to fix this mouse auto-scrolling issue on a Windows 11/10 computer.

Mouse scrolls automatically up or down

A few suggestions before you begin:

Disconnect and re-connect your mouse – maybe to another USB port

Ensure that your mouse is properly charged

In the case of a wireless mouse, change the battery if needed

Physically clean the mouse and the wheel properly.

Use another mouse on the PC and see; Or use this mouse on another PC and see if the issue occurs to identify where the fault lies.

If that does not help, there are three things you need to take a look at:

Toggle the appropriate Mouse Setting.

Uninstall recently installed Windows Updates.

Use System Restore.

Mouse scroll wheel jumps up and down in Windows 1] Toggle the appropriate Mouse Setting Windows 11

Select Bluetooth & devices from the side panel on the left.

Now, scroll down to the Scrolling section. Under it toggle the switch next to Scroll inactive windows when hovering over them option to the Off position.

Windows 10

Try hitting the WINKEY + I combo to launch the Settings App.

Finally, toggle the Scroll inactive windows when I hover over them setting to Off.

Reboot your computer and check if that has fixed your issues.

2] Uninstall recently installed Windows Updates

To uninstall Windows Updates, the best way to do it is in Safe Mode. There might be chances that recently installed updates might have messed up your computer’s software.

To Uninstall Windows Updates in Windows 11, do the following:

From the Start or WinX Menu, open Windows 11 Settings

Now scroll down till you see Uninstall updates under Related settings

The Installed Updates Control Panel applet will open

To fix the issue in Windows 10, you can first all start by booting into Safe Mode then try hitting the WINKEY + I combo to launch the Settings App.

From the left side menu column, select Windows Update.

And then on the right-side column, select View installed update history.

3] Use System Restore

Start by hitting the WINKEY + R combo to launch the Run utility. Now type in sysdm.cpl and hit Enter.

Now, select the tab labeled as System Protection and then choose the System Restore button.

It will now open a new window where you will need to choose your desired System Restore Point.

After selecting your desired System Restore Point, follow the on-screen instructions to complete the process.

Now Reboot your computer and check if this method was able to resolve your issue.

Something is sure to help!

Should I increase pointer speed?

50%- 60% is optimum for the users. However, you can set your mouse cursor speed up to 800 DPI (dots per inch). This means you can move the mouse cursor 800 pixels across the screen for every inch you move the mouse. So, if you increase the DPI, your cursor will move more quickly for every real-life inch.

What should I set my DPI to?

Experts suggest a 1000 DPI to 1200 DPI is the best setting for Real-Time strategy games. If not, even 400 DPI to 800 DPI is sufficient for normal use and to accomplish most of your tasks.

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Fix: Touchpad Click Not Working On Windows 10 & 11




If that’s your case too, then you should check

the delay settings.

Make sure you are running the latest version of the touchpad driver.

Make certain changes to your registry by following our step-by-step guide below.



To fix Windows PC system issues, you will need a dedicated tool

Fortect is a tool that does not simply cleans up your PC, but has a repository with several millions of Windows System files stored in their initial version. When your PC encounters a problem, Fortect will fix it for you, by replacing bad files with fresh versions. To fix your current PC issue, here are the steps you need to take:

Download Fortect and install it on your PC.

Start the tool’s scanning process to look for corrupt files that are the source of your problem

Fortect has been downloaded by


readers this month.

Moreover, keep in mind that our tips below may fix all these problems that users encountered:

In today’s article, we’ll try to fix this annoying problem. Just keep on reading the solutions detailed below.

1. Be sure that this feature is enabled

In order to enable this feature, you just need to complete the above steps. After making these changes, the tapping feature should be enabled and everything will start working again.

2. Make sure that delay is turned off 3. Reinstall the touchpad driver

According to users, your drivers can sometimes get corrupted and that will cause the problem with your touchpad.

However, you can fix this problem simply by reinstalling your touchpad drivers.  After doing that, you’ll have to restart your device and Windows will automatically install the necessary drivers.

In some cases, you might have to restart your PC twice to solve the problem.

Few users suggested that instead of a touchpad driver you should reinstall mouse driver, so you might want to try that as well.

4. Make sure that your drivers are up to date

A dedicated tool is quite simple to use, and it will scan your PC for outdated drivers and update them automatically for you, so be sure to try it out.

Download and install the Outbyte Driver Updater app.

Launch the software and wait for the app to detect all incompatible drivers.

Now, it will show you a list of all outdated drivers to select the ones to Update or Ignore.

Restart your PC to ensure the applied changes.

Outbyte Driver Updater

Maintain your device healthy by letting OutByte Driver Updater find the latest driver options.

Free trial Download now

Often, your computer system might not be able to update the generic drivers for your hardware and peripherals correctly. There are vital differences between a generic driver and a manufacturer’s driver. Finding the correct driver versions for every hardware component can become tiresome.That’s why a dependable updater can help you find and update your drivers automatically. We strongly suggest the Outbyte Driver Updater, and here’s how to do it:Disclaimer: You may need to upgrade the app from the free version to perform specific actions.

5. Run Hardware and Devices troubleshooter

According to users, certain glitches can sometimes occur with your device, and the same goes with your touchpad.

In case you don’t know, Windows has many troubleshooters available, and you can use them to automatically fix common problems.

Once the troubleshooter process is finished, check if the problem is still there. Several users reported that this method worked for them, so be sure to try it out.

Your touchpad is disabled on the logon screen? Check out our detailed guide and fix it in no time.

6. Make changes to your registry

According to users, sometimes in order to fix the problems with your touchpad you need to modify your registry.

If not, then this solution won’t apply to you so you can just skip it.

7. Perform a System Restore

This is relatively simple to do and you can do it by following the above procedure. Once your system is restored, check if the problem is still there.

Keep in mind that the issue might reappear, so keep a close eye on system updates and other system-related changes.

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