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Binance Labs, the venture capital arm and innovation incubator of Binance, is pleased to announce it led the seed round for Ultiverse, to build a Web3 social gaming metaverse with BNB Chain together. The fund will be used to develop the product, attract top talent and further grow the community.

Ultiverse is working on connecting web3 with a VR-compatible virtual world that will be home to the first AAA blockchain game. As a first-of-its-kind MetaFi, Ultiverse’s tokenomics encourages mutually beneficial relationships among ecosystems, where players could benefit from building the community.

The world of Ultiverse will allow players to import their own NFTs from multi chains for use in the virtual world, and also support NFT and land customization. The appearance of NPCs will be adjusted through players’ actions AI track, which brings an immersive gaming experience.

Frank Ma, the CEO of Ultiverse, said, “We’re excited to grow Ultiverse along with Binance Labs and BNB Chain ecosystem, as we share a common vision of Web3 gaming metaverse. I am confident that Ultiverse will be the proof-of-concept that both Web3 and gamers have been clamoring for. We’ll do this by providing intricate virtual worlds and, more importantly, ways in which these worlds can be interacted with and affected in a truly collaborative way.” 

Nicole Zhang, Investment Director at Binance Labs, said: “ MetaFi is always a sector that we are active in. We believe Ultiverse can bridge between Metaverse gaming and ‘traditional gaming.’ and bring more innovations to the community and industry.”

“Blockchain games are still in their infancy. The first generation of GameFi has been predominantly simple card-based games, and AAA games with high quality are in great need. Thus BNB Chain is more than pleased to support projects like Ultiverse to unlock the full potential of Gamefi.” said  Gwendolyn Regina, Investment Director at BNB Chain Fund.

Ultiverse will launch in tandem with its first internal game, a 3D MMORPG Play-To-Earn title with a realistic ecosystem that different roles of players need to cooperate or compete with each other.

The seed round for Ultiverse is co-led by Defiance Capital, and the other investors include Three Arrows Capital and SkyVision Capital.

“DeFiance Capital is extremely thrilled  to back Ultiverse team who have a stellar track record building top tier games on Unity and Unreal Engine 4.“ said Arthur Cheong, Founding Partner at DeFiance Capital: ”We are also particularly excited for their first game, Endless Loop, a Triple A MMORPG. A genre DeFiance is particularly bullish on due to its potential to create an immersive metaverse.”

“By combining next-gen visuals, incredible in-game dynamics and collaborative gameplay between players in an ever-evolving virtual world, the MetaFi approach of Ultiverse makes them well positioned to exceed the perceived limitations of what we thought was possible with gaming in the metaverse,” said Kyle Davies, Co-Founder of Three Arrows Capital.

About Ultiverse

Ultiverse is building the social gaming metaverse that connects Web3 with an immersive VR-compatible virtual world. By empowering players of various economic abilities to build mutually beneficial relationships, Ultiverse is aimed at creating a first-of-its-kind MetaFi.

Check out their Twitter handle for more news and information regarding the platform.

About Binance Labs

Binance Labs identifies, invests, and empowers viable blockchain entrepreneurs, startups, and communities, financing industry projects that help grow the larger blockchain ecosystem. Binance Labs is committed to supporting fast-executing teams who positively impact the crypto space.

About BNB Chain

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How To Generating Leads For Business In Future

For example, an individual who is generating Content online, a vlogger, now has the options like Facebook Live to give product reviews and conduct giveaways to have a more engaging consumer or fan base.

In addition to the above, user-generated Content on social media has become one of the biggest marketing history promoters. User-generated Content generally consists of a product.

Social Media Management

The inspection followed by the private experience of the user him or herself to market any item that they may choose. Social networking management solutions are the organizations wish to make sure that the Content related to their company strategy.

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Using Quality Content

As a guideline, posting on interpersonal websites should only be achieved once somebody has quality articles to talk about, not only for the sake of sharing. There is a reason an individual is submitting the Content, and it must be there.

This is the way a person will discover the suitable number of articles to guarantee quality articles. But, posting a lot of may result in annoyance for those consumers viewing the standings. These scenarios are detrimental to this fan following, and thus it’s proven it is essential to attaining that proper balance.

Daily Posting without Delays

Moreover, individual intending on getting a presence online should understand different studies and resources which describe the acceptable submitting frequency among other factors (Mahmoud, Adams, Abubakri, Commey, and Kastner, 2023).

Afterward, a person is able to begin to check the waters with their followers on several social networking platforms by correcting the frequency of articles to guarantee the amount of involvement with the customers remains high. Posting knowledge isn’t simply limited to this particular aspect. The site should also have connected with all the various social networking platforms.

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Reviewing and Managing Each Post’s

There are metrics in societal websites that are quantifiable stats which depict the effect and success of somebody’s articles by quantifying the effects on customers on social websites (Jiang, Huhmann, and Hyman, 2023). These social websites benchmark metrics include data linked to the amount of likes, stocks, follows, along with other interactive measurable connections across social networking platforms.

On Instagram, the characteristic of stored articles is a metric, even whereas pined articles will be exactly the exact same metric but are utilized by Pinterest. As its name suggests, whilst reach is the capability of a titles page to participate as many customers as possible.

Reviewing Sales and Lead Generation

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Understanding with the Help of Example

By way of instance, we immediately know the number of times a specific singer or manufacturing has seen each tune on YouTube. Another metric is that the profile trip, the percent of individuals who socialized with a network page by seeing its profile site. This may be an overall trip or special ones, rely if it is an old client or a new one.

Mentions keep count of those occasions; the manage of a neighborhood page or a new was mentioned everywhere by the crowd members using an internet presence. At precisely the exact same time, tags occur when the viewer adds the title of a new or its hashtag to some other article.

It may be fatal at times also when the audience isn’t happy or quite cross; they could utilize this to spoil the newest picture. Reposts are when a customer from the audience articles brand’s Content onto their webpage.

Therefore, giving the newest the term of mouth it requires. Shares is like article sharing, and customers share some article or an internet action over a distinct social networking platform.

Improvement of Social Media Strategy

The metrics mentioned previously may be influenced to guarantee increment from the social networking followers and enhance customers’ involvement on social networking platforms using the strategies to offer lead generation and dialogue boosts.

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The social media metrics can be reviewed in various ways; for example, built-in tools for each social media platform can be utilized for specific purposes. An individual can also make use of state-of-the-art social media tracker like Google analytics.

For tracking a brands website and social media platform metrics, tools like this are an excellent option for an organization. But, with more and more integration of built-in metrics tools on social media platforms themselves, engagement and feedback with the consumer is going to play a pivotal role in strategizing the social media action plan of a brand

Meizu Mx4 Pro! Rumour Round

For weeks now we had all heard that Meizu were planning to launch a Pro level version of the Meizu MX4, but nothing but leaks and rumours were evidence. Finally though Meizu boss, Li Nan, mentioned the MX4 Pro on Weibo, confirming that the phone is a reality, but also mentioning that fans should wait a while longer before a launch.

So the MX4 Pro is real, but what about the hardware? What specs will this flagship Meizu offer that the current MX4 doesn’t?

Meizu MX4 Pro: All the rumours

We can only go off rumours and what sources have told us, so don’t take every detail here as 100% confirmed. There are a few details which have been mentioned over and over again that we believe are true, while others seems a little off to us.

Meizu MX4 Pro 2K display

The Meizu MX4 has a FHD display, so for the flagship phone to have a 2K QHD panel would make a lot of sense, both Nubia and IUNI have done it so why not Meizu?

As we already know, Meizu tend to use a 15:9 screen faction on their phones to give a wider and shorter phone, with a ton of room when in landscape mode, but we wonder if there are any manufacturers making a 2K panel in this ratio?

Meizu MX4 Pro Fingerprint scanner

This is a feature that has been mentioned over and over again in various leaks and from various sources. Just from the frequency of this popping up in every MX4 Pro rumour has us believe this is true.

Meizu MX4 Pro rectangle home button

The shape of the home button on a phone might not seem important on the grand scheme of things, but for Meizu to contemplate chaining from their iconic (and often copied) halo is surprising.

Sources that tell us that the MX4 Pro will have a fingerprint scanner also say that this new security feature will be embedded in a rectangle home button, similar in design to the Meizu M8 and the Samsung Galaxy phones.

Meizu MX4 Pro Samsung Exynos

Meizu and Samsung have been partners for years, and we expect this won’t change for sometime to come. The Meizu MX4 Pro is rumoured to come with the latest Samsung Exynos 5420 octacore processor. This chip has a powerful Mali GPU, built-in LTE and made around a big.LITTLE architecture.

Gizchina News of the week

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Meizu MX4 Pro RAM

We have heard rumours that the MX4 Pro will have 3GB RAM, while purported leaked specifications say 4GB RAM is a possibility. In all honestly we believe 3GB is more likely and really all that is needed from an Android smartphone at this time.

Meizu MX4 Pro Cameras

There is no way Meizu will ditch the impressive 20.7 mega-pixel Sony camera on the MX4, so expect a beefed up version of the sensor with a more competitive aperture size. We would also like to see OIS but wouldn’t be entirely surprised to find it omitted.

An easy upgrade on the Meizu MX4 Pro would be a better front camera. The same leaked specs which said 4GB RAM also state a 13 mega-pixel front camera. We think 5-8 MP is more likely.

Meizu MX4 Pro Ubuntu

It has been alleged that the MX4 Pro will be released with an option of operating systems. Flyme 4.0 being the standard Android option, with Chinese fans also getting to choose Alibaba’s YunOS.

Reports even claim that the MX4 Pro will have an Ubuntu Touch option at launch. Personally we feel this is highly unlikely to happen at launch, with an early 2024 roll out for Ubuntu being much more likely.

Meizu MX4 Pro Price

Meizu surprised everyone with the price of the MX4 and they are likely to do it again with the Meizu MX4 Pro. Rumoured pricing for China is 2500 Yuan while customers outside of China might be looking at nearer $500.

Meizu MX4 Pro: Everything we know so far

So that is everything we know about the Meizu MX4 Pro so far. If these details are only partially true it would mean that Meizu’s flagship will be a very competent beast, and would effectively make the current MX4 a mid-range phone, at least in the Meizu range.

Meizu are also rumoured to be launching a Mini phone and another phone device before the end of 2014, and we could also see a smart router from the phone maker in the near future too.

What do you think of the Meizu MX4 Pro specs? Is there anything not mentioned here you home the phone gets?

[ Title image source chúng tôi

Top 5 Sales Tips For Generating Valuable Leads In 2023

1. Co-Create Exclusive Content

As you do not wish to support your opponents, there are probably numerous other businesses related to yours which have similar client bases without overlapping with your small business.

It is time to reach out into the businesses which target demographics much like your own to begin discussing which kind of lead-generating material you’ll be able to collaborate on.

Your internet reach is double, as you and your collaborator disperse the content concurrently across stations. Even better, the time that it takes you to make this content — make it an eBook, movie revenue letter (VSL), whitepaper, or otherwise — is half what you would put in on your own.

Ensure that the material is gated in some way which permits you to collect email addresses and telephone numbers of interested prospects.

2. Influencer Reach Outs

If you are not working together with influencers on your business, you are missing out. In reality, it’s very likely your opponents are already searching for partnerships to control this profitable social station.

These smaller influencers generally have significantly more active fan bases which will enjoy your content greater than a broader audience. There are resources you can utilize to locate influencers on your market, but a easy hashtag research and a summary of your followers can deliver you to a valuable prospects.

3. Share Your Content Across Channels

An omnichannel approach for your marketing keeps you up-to-date with the most recent changes in consumer preferences, possibly providing you an edge when a specific site or media outlet requires off.

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4. Focus On The Phone

Obtaining a hot or warm lead to the telephone may be the decision stage for if they become a lifelong client or take their business elsewhere. Possessing a fantastic over-the-phone encounter makes the former more likely.

Whichever methods you choose, be certain that you’re all set to manage queries and concerns in real time. Working on your own telephone voice never hurts !

5. Reach Out For Referrals

2024 continues to be a year of social distancing and quarantine, all which have resulted in a mood of isolation and solitude. Now could be the opportunity to reach out to all those you have never spoken to in some time, especially in regards to your professional community.

All of us have acquaintances we have spoken to a couple times, possibly at a business conference or social role. With social websites, it is simpler than ever to stay in touch, nevertheless those budding professional associations can certainly fall by the wayside once we’re busy with work.

Fortunately, reconnecting is as simple as making a telephone call or sending a LinkedIn message.

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Final thoughts

It’s this kind of strategy – the one that’s ever-evolving – that works best. As long as you keep change at the front of your mind, you’ll be poised to make your future sales with the utmost confidence.

How An Entrepreneurial Mindset Leads To Business Success

blog / Entrepreneurship

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A business stands on the pillars of persistence, vision, patience, and, most importantly, on the leadership and entrepreneurial mindset of the CEO. A 2023 Harvard study claims that over two-thirds of startups failed to deliver positive value to their investors. So, where do they go wrong? The answer lies in the leadership characteristics shown by the entrepreneur, which have the power to make a business stand out in a climate of intense digital transformation. Let’s examine what an entrepreneurial mindset looks like and how it can be developed. 

What is an Entrepreneurial Mindset? 

Entrepreneurial mindset refers to the set of thought processes that help you master the practice of developing, evolving, and running a business. Such a mindset unlocks the potential to embrace mistakes and learn from failures, thus allowing leaders to successfully pilot their businesses through challenges.

The Importance of an Entrepreneurial Mindset

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Entrepreneurial Mindset: Characteristics   1. Positive Inner Dialogue

Entrepreneurs become their own coaches and guides. This means a significant amount of self-talk leading to a smooth navigation of failures, constant dialogue with self-doubt, and an ability to control impulsive thoughts.

2. Experimentation

Being a co-founder or the sole founder requires you to constantly experiment with new ideas, problem-solving techniques, and business models. This encourages a culture of teams who can abandon older ideas and incorporate newer ones.

3. Accountability

Success rarely has an easy progress map as things can and will go wrong. Being accountable for your actions, decisions, and outcomes is as important as enabling a culture of continuous development.

4. Resilience

The pandemic wrecked the fabric of global business networks and taught entrepreneurs the value of resilience in difficult times. Entrepreneurs have a huge responsibility to bounce back from failures by succinctly learning from them.

5. Empathy

Finally, being kind to yourself and others is often a fundamental step toward a culture that innovates. To stay attuned to the mood of the organization helps leaders improve morale, an essential for entrepreneurial businesses.

How to Develop an Entrepreneurial Mindset

An entrepreneurial mindset is the cornerstone of success in an environment of rampant innovation. Here’s how you sharpen it:

Step 1: Set Clear, Reachable Goals

Hone the practice of setting a goal and following it through to completion. If you have a clearly defined vision, start crafting smaller achievable goals. If not, set aside some time to brainstorm every day. The key is to keep making steps towards your goal without fail. 

Step 2: Redefine Perspectives

It is important for entrepreneurs to upend the traditional ideas of success and failure, and learn from their past mistakes. They need to redefine failure, and look at it as an opportunity to introspect and improve.

Step 3: Learn to be Decisive

Any radical vision needs strong decisiveness at every step to translate into a fully functional product. Cayenne Consulting terms indecision as a silent startup killer. Thus, to avoid being run over by immense competition, learn to be decisive at every step.

Step4: Enable a Growth Mindset

This means facing your fears, regulating your emotions, and remaining curious. Psychologist Carol Dweck defines people with a growth mindset as those who believe their success depends on time and effort, and not on inherent abilities.

Entrepreneurial Mindset Examples 

Here are some ideas and examples on how to challenge the mainstream business paradigms with an entrepreneurial mindset:

Establishing Customer Relationships First:

While product development is a part of traditional business models,

Greg Gianforte

, author of

Bootstrapping Your Business

’ and an entrepreneur himself, directly reached out to potential customers to understand their needs. This brought positive cash flow to his company, RightNow Technologies. 

Help and Care as Business Strategies: Entrepreneur James Altucher talks about fostering relationships with prospective clients without expecting anything in return. He believes this strategy proves extremely beneficial in the long term as a brand or business image is directly linked to altruistic ideas.

Value-Driven Connections: Jason Nazar, former CEO of chúng tôi stresses on the importance of providing value to prospective clients and business connections before asking them for something. As opposed to how networked spaces such as LinkedIn work, value-driven connections increase ROI from marketing efforts.

These principles will build an entrepreneurial mindset, preventing poor business decisions and helping you outperform competition. If this resonates with you, learn more about entrepreneurship through Emeritus’ wide spectrum of courses, created in association with globally renowned universities. It’ll help you prepare for the exciting journey ahead.

By Bishwadeep Mitra

Write to us at [email protected]

Top 10 Countries To Work As A Metaverse Professional In 2023

Metaverse is a virtual world where you can connect with people via your digital avatars. The technology creates a virtual world similar to the real one. The COVID-19 pandemic has speeded up the emergence of virtual communities as major lifestyle areas for locked-down users. We can see the ecosystem of individual entrepreneurs globally and the spirit to work for the latest tech trends. The growing popularity among individuals and developments in NFTs, cryptocurrencies, 3D avatars, and immersive gaming experiences creates multiple opportunities for players in the global market. The global metaverse market size was valued at US$63.83 billion in 2023. The market is projected to grow from US$100.27 billion in 2023 to US$1,527.55 billion by 2029, exhibiting a CAGR of 47.6% during the forecast period. This article features the top 10 countries to work as a Metaverse Professional in 2023.


Just like in many countries the “Metaverse” has become a new buzzword in China, bringing about a host of new and exciting business opportunities. Chinese technology companies have begun testing the water by developing metaverse type apps, trademarking metaverse-related phrases, and investing in the VR/AR segment. For those who are highly interested to work as Metaverse professionals, China seems your dream destination. It is one of the best countries to work as a Metaverse Professional in 2023.


Large Indian firms are beginning to embrace the bold new world of Metaverse—an unexplored universe, often in 3D, AR, or virtual reality! It is immersive and almost as uncharted as the internet was in the early 90s. Indian companies like Mahindra & Mahindra, Tanishq, and MakeMyTrip have ventured into the metaverse space and are paving the road to the digital future. The companies using metaverse-related tools and NFTs as marketing tools to expand their operations to the digital world are spread across several sectors. It is one of the best countries to work as a Metaverse Professional in 2023.


Israeli tech is aiming on playing a significant role in the Metaverse, with research by seed and pre-seed venture capital firm Remagine Ventures showing that the local landscape already includes almost 50 companies that are active in this blossoming sector.

Saudi Arabia

The UAE and Saudi Arabia will lead the region will it comes to investing in the metaverse, with the Middle East becoming a “major player” in the online virtual world. Dubai is now home to MetaIncubator; the first Metaverse Incubator in the Middle East, designed to foster the development of early-stage Metaverse and Web3 applications. It is one of the best countries to work as a Metaverse Professional in 2023.


The idea of the Metaverse started in the U.S. and there are many companies developing parallel technologies like AR and VR as well. In March 2023, American game company Roblox landed on the New York Stock Exchange, bringing the Metaverse concept to the mainstream. The CEO of Microsoft even said outright that all the tech giants would enter the Metaverse.


The mixture of the real with the virtual has been happening in Japan for many years. Japanese games are generally immersive, their Visual Novel already tries to lead their players to a new life with relationships and friends. Something that has become popular recently is YouTube channels where the presenters are most often anime-style characters called V-tube. Something strong, since the Japanese value anonymity a lot. It is one of the best countries to work as a Metaverse Professional in 2023.


As the hype machine continues to laud the metaverse as a ‘revolutionary technology, internet users across Europe are becoming increasingly curious about the concept. According to new research, individuals in the UK are the most curious about the metaverse in the entire continent.


Canada’s tech companies are already deep in the metaverse market, working in every corner of the economy, offering products and services that both improve lives and deliver a sense of wonder. It is one of the best countries to work as a Metaverse Professional in 2023.


Everyone wants a piece of the metaverse pie. The new frenzy has also spread to French companies, who gathered at a VivaTech event – also attended by tech giant Meta – in Paris this week. The event focused on virtual reality – an integral part of metaverse’s future – and also saw companies like French luxury giant LVMH allow attendants to try on their clothing via augmented reality.


South Korea is the first country where the government is all in the Metaverse, with Korean companies being equally bullish in turn. On November 4, 2023, the Korean government released the “Five-Year Plan for the Metaverse City.” It announced that it would invest $3.3 million to establish a Korean Metaverse platform, “Metaverse Seoul”. It is one of the best countries to work as a Metaverse Professional in 2023.

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