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HDR stands for High Dynamic Range. It is a technology developed to improve the image and video quality. Some of you might be familiar with the term HDR. Today, this technology is widely used in cameras, smartphones, and TVs. The aim of developing the HDR technology is to create an image closer to that seen by the human eyes. The photos taken by a camera with HDR mode enabled are clearer than the photos taken by the same camera with HDR mode disabled. This is because the HDR technology produces the photograph by balancing its darkest and brightest parts. The HDR technology also has an application in the gaming sector. Playing a game on an HDR-capable TV definitely boosts the gaming experience. This article talks about how to configure the best HDR settings for gaming Xbox on TV.

How to configure best HDR settings for gaming on Xbox on TV

If you configure the correct HDR settings for gaming Xbox on your TV, you will not have to adjust the brightness and contrast levels again and again for darker and brighter environments in a game. Here are some suggestions that you can follow to configure the best HDR settings for gaming Xbox on TV.

We will discuss the following:

How to set up HDR TV for gaming Xbox

How to set up Auto HDR for gaming Xbox

Different HDR settings in an HDR TV for gaming Xbox

Let’s start.

1] How to set up HDR TV for gaming Xbox

To set up your HDR TV for gaming Xbox, you have to try different picture settings with HDR mode enabled on your TV.  The menu settings are different for different TV models. To calibrate the correct HDR settings on your TV for gaming Xbox, you can use the Xbox HDR Game Calibration app. The steps to use the Xbox game Calibration app are as follows:

Press the Xbox button to open the guide.

Now, select TV & display options.

There, you will see the Calibrate HDR for games option.

Now, you can adjust the HDR picture settings to set up your HDR TV for gaming Xbox. Do note that while setting up your TV for HDR gaming, your TV should be in HDR mode.

2] How to set up Auto HDR for gaming Xbox

Enable the HDR10 feature on your TV.

Press the Xbox button on your Console to open the guide.

Now, select the Video modes option and then turn on the Auto HDR. Also, enable the Allow 4K, Allow HDR10, and/or Allow Dolby Vision options.

Do note that all games do not support the Auto HDR feature. To know whether or not your game supports the Auto HDR feature, first, enable the Auto HDR on your gaming console and then launch the game. Now, press the Xbox button. If the game supports this feature, you will see an Auto HDR badge on the top right side of the interface.

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3] Different HDR settings in an HDR TV for gaming Xbox

If you want to have the best HDR gaming experience on your TV, tweak the following settings on your HDR TV:

Brightness: In order to get the best HDR gaming experience on your TV, set the HDR brightness level of your TV to the maximum. Some TVs come with a built-in light sensor that adjusts the screen brightness according to the light intensity in your environment. If your TV has a light sensor, disable the automatic brightness settings.

Local dimming setting: The local dimming settings in HDR TVs improves the contrast ratio by making the dark colors appear darker and deeper. You will find this setting with different names in different models of HDR TVs. To get the best HDR experience in gaming, it is recommended that you enable this setting on your TV.

Color: The look of an image is affected by the color temperature on a TV. This setting is often called color tone or color temperature (depending on the model of an HDR TV you have) and has the options called cool, C10, Warm1, W10, etc. If you want to get the best HDR gaming experience, you should use Warm1, W10, or normal color settings on your HDR TV.

Sharpness: Enabling the sharpness on your HDR TV could lead to unnecessary sharp edges that affect the HDR content. Hence, it is suggested to disable the sharpness settings of your HDR TV in order to get the best HDR gaming experience.

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How do I make my Xbox HDR look better?

You can make your Xbox HDR look better by calibrating the HDR settings correctly. For this purpose, you can use the Xbox game calibration app. By using this app, you can configure the best HDR settings on your HDR TV for Xbox gaming.

Is HDR good for gaming?

The HDR technology presents an image with more clarity. If you capture an image by enabling the HDR mode in your camera, you will see the darker and brighter parts of that image more clearly. The purpose of HDR technology is to create more realistic images. HDR is good for gaming. If you want to enjoy a better gaming experience, you should play your games after enabling the HDR mode. If you enable HDR mode, you will get a more diverse contrast in the darker environments in your game.

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Best Monitor Settings For Gaming

Have you recently purchased a new monitor and are considering gaming? We’ve all been there, and the adrenaline rush is surreal. However, having a great monitor isn’t everything.

To get the best gaming experience, you must have a good gaming setup and monitor setting to match it. Monitor Adjustments refer to changes in resolution, refresh rates, enabling screen tearing removal technologies & calibration. 

These are some of the most important factors, but there are others too. We have compiled a list of factors to consider. Check them one by one and adjust your settings accordingly.

We will start with the main things and move on to complimenting factors. Check these settings parallelly, and by the time you finish this article, you will be set to start gaming. 

We recommend starting with a factory reset. The reset will bring the monitor settings to the manufacturer’s exact settings. Think of it as creating a blank canvas for you to customize.

We can do the reset through the on-screen display menu with the help of the monitor’s buttons. The exact placement of this option can vary from monitor to monitor. Try to find yours and set it to factory settings.

Every monitor has a combination of horizontal and vertical pixels. You can check these resolution combinations through the display settings.  

Remember, we cannot change the max resolution of the monitor. We only get to choose the given combinations. 

Now, if you are gaming, two factors will come into play.

Speed/ Response

Quality of visuals

We recommend not focusing much on high resolutions for Gamers that emphasize competitive or online gaming. Speed is the most important factor in these games.

Try to find a sweet spot where speed is not sacrificed, and you still maintain a usable resolution. 

Follow the steps to check and adjust resolution:

If you are using multiple monitors, select the monitor first on the top section of the display settings before choosing the resolution for that external monitor.

High FPS Games

Professional high FPS gamers will generally play with low resolutions like 1920*1080 on small size monitors (24-27 inches).

This resolution trick will be applicable for games like COD, Overwatch, Valorant, or any game where split-second decisions can get you the win. In simple terms, these players sacrifice resolution for speed.

High Graphics Games

We recommend bumping the resolution to its highest capacity for gamers who are into more immersive role-playing games like The Witcher, Red Dead Redemption, Elden Ring, or God of War. These games would be no fun with low graphics and resolutions.

Remember, the higher the pixels, the more strain it will impose on the graphics card. If you plan on playing games at 4K, you will need a current powerful graphics card at least equivalent to a GTX 1080.

Refresh rate is the rate at which the monitor refreshes its total pixels in one second. High refresh rates mean that the monitor can refresh and show new visual information faster. Higher the refresh rate, smoother the performance in gaming.

Every monitor will have a maximum refresh rate. Consider the maximum as the ceiling that we cannot change. We recommend setting them to the highest possible number for the best experience.

Alternatively, you can directly go to display adapter properties for Display N (N is the display number) and choose List all Modes. A list of combinations of resolution with refresh rate will pop up. Try choosing the highest possible combination.

A 60 Hz refresh rate should be the minimum baseline in today’s standard. We recommend monitors with at least 144 HZ or more if you ask us.

If you have multiple monitors set up, we recommend moving the game to the monitor with the highest refresh rate.

Important Tips

Remember, maintaining a high refresh rate isn’t only dependent on the monitor. The following conditions should be met to maintain a high refresh rate.

The monitor should have a high refresh rate.

The Graphics card and its ports should support the stated high refresh rate

The cable connecting the monitor to the graphics card should transfer the needed speed.

Do not approach refresh rate as a fixed rate. Think of it as “at what resolution can I maintain a particular refresh rate while using a particular port on the graphics card?”

We have a designated article talking about maintaining 144hz through HDMI. We recommend checking it out. The same concepts apply to higher refresh rates. Once you understand its core concept, it will be with you for life.

If your monitor is G- Sync or free Sync categorization, we recommend enabling it. Adaptive sync technologies help in reducing screen tearing and shuttering issues during gameplay.

It utilizes a variable refresh rate system where the monitor’s refresh rate gets controlled according to the frames rendering output of the graphics card. Please check the driver requirements for Gsync compatible monitors.

Before turning G-sync on through the control panel, check the OSD settings of your monitor and turn on adaptive sync/ DDC/CI / Free sync (whichever is listed).

 For Nvidia users  For AMD Users

AMD users get their own version of adaptive sync called Free Sync. We recommend checking their official website to enable the Free Sync on your monitor.

You can also set up free sync monitors to use g sync, provided you have an Nvidia Graphics card.

Overdrive pushes the monitor’s response time which in turn helps in reducing any ghosting or trailing problems.

Unfortunately, you can only use overdrive if your monitor has overdrive features. We recommend checking the monitor specifications for these settings.

Please check your on-screen display menu with the help of the buttons present on the monitor. Monitors usually list it as:



Response time

Trace free

We consider this to be crucial if you are using adaptive sync technologies. As most monitors with adaptive sync technologies use Variable refresh rates, overdrive is needed to balance things out.

Adaptive sync technologies make the monitor work for the graphics card. It adjusts the refresh rate according to the frames produced by the graphics card. So there might be a lot of jumping up and down in terms of refresh rate.

The monitors that use adaptive sync technologies also tend to have a lot of refresh rate capacity. 

E.g., Check out the G-sync monitor’s list from NVIDIA. Most high-performance monitors will have variable overdrive features.

Overdrive is needed to balance this variableness. We have a specific article on enabling overdrive in monitors. We recommend reading it thoroughly before tinkering with overdrive settings. 

This is crucial as using overdrive to the extreme can create another problem called inverse ghosting issues.

Under normal circumstances, most of us won’t even care about this. But if you are a hardcore gamer that needs the perfect color combinations, then this is a must.

You can calibrate monitors through the following methods:

Calibrating hardware

Custom ICC profiles for the specific monitor

Windows designated tool for calibration

Online websites

Remember to let the monitor run for around 30-45 minutes to warm up properly and get to its usual brightness levels.

You can directly calibrate the monitor for normal users through the windows tool. A big downside to this is that we use our eyes to calibrate the monitor, so chances of human error increase drastically.

Press the Windows key and search/select calibrate Display color

A white screen with instructions will pop up. We should move this white screen to the Display that you want to calibrate

Select next

Follow on-screen instructions.

There are also calibration websites with test images that we can take as a reference point. You can use your monitor OSD settings simultaneously while using these test images to calibrate the Display.

There are also plenty of already configured color profiles on the internet. These files have stored color information as a series of numbers that can be downloaded and used for your monitor.

We recommend googling profiles on the internet. A lot of websites are dedicated to creating such profiles. 

Two same models of monitors with the same spec and brand might react differently with the same color profile. There will always be slight manufacturing differences.

Hence, the best method is to use a hardware colorimeter or spectrophotometers. We can plug these devices into the computer and place the calibrating machine on the monitor. You will also need to install its driver.

Both hardware devices have their strengths and weaknesses. Colorimeters are good at handling a wide range of luminances, low light readings, and contrast measurements.

Spectrophotometers are more accurate in color readings but aren’t that good for low light readings. 

Spectrophotometers generally start around $1400-$2000. It might exceed the price of the monitor itself. Unless you have money lying around, we recommend getting a colorimeter.

This hardware does come with a price, but some electronics shops also rent it out. We recommend checking it out.

Factory reset the monitor or turn every post-processing enhancement like blue light filters, shadow boosting modes, dynamic contrast features, image-enhancing modes, eco or power-saving modes.

Some monitors come with an inbuilt speaker. Under normal circumstances, we recommend using gaming headphones or speakers, but if you do not have them, this might be the only option. Turn the sound on for these monitors to get audio.

These settings will depend on personal preferences. You can adjust the brightness, contrast, and sharpness according to your liking via the on-screen display menu on the monitor. 

There is no universal formula to this. Put the brightness and contrast in a setting that you are most comfortable with. As games generally run for hours, the setting should be centered toward your preference.

Excess brightness or contrast might cause eye strain, so be wary about the effect of the setting on you. 

Under normal monitor settings, the monitor will exude blue light. We can reduce this by enabling blue light reduction from the on-screen display menu on monitors or through night mode in the windows operating system.

Try to find the setting through the OSD settings first; else, move on to the steps below:

Press Windows Key and search/select Night light.

Use the slider to increase or decrease the strength of the night light.

You can also schedule the night light to automatically run-on custom hours or from sunset to sunrise. Do what is comfortable to you.

This setting aims to brighten dark areas without compromising lighter areas. During a game, you will have both light and dark sides; a black equalizer, as the name suggests, lightens up the black or darker areas. 

The exposure of the lighter areas does not increase and stays the same.

This option will be in the monitor’s on-screen display menu if available. Check yours and turn it on.

However, for immersive games, we recommend turning them off. It ruins how the game was supposed to be played. You aren’t limited to split-second decisions like real-time high fps gun games, so enjoy the visuals.

Let us know the only way to find the best configuration for you. Let us know what kind of gaming settings you use that get you the best gaming result.

An Xbox Game Streaming App For Your Smart Tv Might Be On The Horizon

An Xbox game streaming app for your smart TV might be on the horizon

For some time now, Microsoft has been focusing some of its gaming efforts on game streaming. At the moment, game streaming is only available on Android as part of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, but Microsoft has indicated a number of times in the past that platform-agnostic game streaming is a potential end goal for the company. With that in mind, it might not be long before we see Microsoft launch an Xbox app for smart TVs.

Xbox boss Phil Spencer indicated as much in a lengthy new interview for The Verge’s Decoder podcast (transcribed in full here). The interview covers a lot of ground, but it eventually moved to the future of dedicated gaming machines now that there’s such a big focus on game streaming. While Spencer thinks that Microsoft will continue to ship gaming hardware in the future, he also suggests that it won’t be long before we see an Xbox app available for smart TVs.

“I think you’re going to see that in the next 12 months,” Spencer said. “I don’t think anything is going to stop us from doing that.” So, it may not be long before we’re able to stream games directly through a smart TV app. Elaborating on that further, Spencer touched on it game streaming dispute with Apple and suggested that any device capable of running a web browser could potentially be a device capable of streaming Xbox games from the cloud.

“If the device is capable of running a capable web browser, we’re going to be able to bring games to it, which is pretty cool,” Spencer said. “You’ll be able to bring all of your saved games and your friends and everything comes with you. It’s just Xbox on this new screen with the games.”

Companies pursuing game streaming – in this case Microsoft, Google, NVIDIA, and Amazon – have all bumped up against Apple’s restrictive App Store rules, and now it seems that each of them are looking at launching game streaming as a Safari-based web app. Amazon and NVIDIA have already rolled out game streaming in some form on iOS and Google has confirmed that it will begin testing iOS streaming soon. In this interview, it seems that Spencer is confirming that streaming through a web browser will be a way forward for Microsoft when it comes to a number of devices including iOS.

So, while Microsoft’s Project xCloud game streaming might be fairly limited in scope at the moment, Spencer’s interview with The Verge suggests that the future is wide open. Not only that, but Spencer indicates that Microsoft is going to look at every avenue it can for streaming to a number of different internet-connect devices. We’ll see what happens from here, but by this time next year, we could be gaming through an Xbox app on our smart TVs.

The New Apple Tv Doesn’t Support Youtube In 4K Hdr

While support for the object-based Dolby Atmos surround sound technology is “on the roadmap”, it’s unclear when Google’s YouTube app for tvOS might serve 4K HDR video on Apple’s upcoming 4K-enabled media streamer.

YouTube, upscaled!

At present, the official YouTube app available in tvOS’s App Store simply upscales 1080p video to 4K on the new Apple TV. This actually gives early adopters a worse user experience because, in most cases, upscaling 1080p content to 4K looks less than great (unless you hook up your new box to a non-4K TV set, which defeats the purpose of buying into 4K).

The Verge’s Nilay Patel notes in his detailed review of Apple TV 4K that Apple doesn’t support the open-source VP9 video format which YouTube delivers 4K video streams in.

Apple TV video formats

At present, Apple TV 4K supports three major hardware-accelerated video codecs:


HEVC (H.265)


As a result, YouTube on the new box doesn’t stream 4K HDR video.

What this means for you

It’s a problem that affects Safari on macOS and iOS as well and is the reason why you currently cannot watch 4K YouTube clips in Safari for iPhone or Mac.

From the article:

Again, the specifics of the issue are nerdy, but the result is that no one who buys a new Apple TV can watch 4K YouTube videos—and YouTube is the single largest source of 4K video. Until Apple and Google figure it out, MKBHD and #teamcrispy will all be running at 1080p on the Apple TV 4K. Sorry, boys.

Given its steep price tag and insane processing power, it’s something of a disappointment that early adopters won’t be able to enjoy YouTube in 4K on their Apple TV 4K.

This is clearly a matter of politics, not a technical issue.

VP9 versus H.265

The VP9 codec was originally developed by Google to compete directly with the HEVC (H.265), which Apple backs and has adopted across iOS 11, macOS High Sierra and tvOS 11. Android has supported VP9 since version 4.4 KitKat and most desktop browsers are able to render VP9-encoded video out of the box.

By contrast, Microsoft’s discontinued Internet Explorer and mobile/desktop Safari are the only two major browsers lacking VP9 support, with Safari in particular remaining the last H.264 holdout among web browsers.

Though open and royalty-free, parts of the VP9 codec are covered by patents held by Google.

Gosh, not another format war

The thing is, Google grants free usage of its own related patents as long as a company does not engage in patent litigations.

This may explain why Apple has avoided adopting VP9 thus far.

Either Apple will have to eventually implement support for the VP9 codec across its operating systems or Google will need to update the YouTube backend in order to serve HEVC (H.265)-encoded video streams to Apple users (they actually did this for the original iPhone).

It’s the user experience that suffers in the end.

We certainly don’t need another format war—we’ve had plenty of those. Apple and Google ought to find a workable solution that’s in their customers’ best interest, not their own.

The new Apple TV is slated to arrive tomorrow.

The Best Tv On The Web

Thanks to the explosive growth of YouTube and social networking sites like MySpace, video permeates all aspects of Web life. And though short-form user-generated and professional video has a fairly lengthy history on the Web, a perfect storm of conditions has driven the growth of the Internet’s emergence as a means of distributing high-quality television entertainment.

All of these factors have encouraged television audiences to turn to the Web to fill in their viewing blanks. A Nielsen Company study conducted for the Cable & Telecommunications Association for Marketing and released in June noted that 35 percent of adult broadband users in its survey group had used the Internet to watch at least one program originally shown on TV.

Many of today’s video experiences more closely approximate the TV experience than the networks’ PC-centric, postage-stamp-size efforts of yore. The new programming is also more interactive, with greater viewer control over player size (including options such as 720p HD, full-screen, mini-player screen, pop-up trivia, or audio tracks) and with social networking capabilities such as embedding full episodes or episodes clips, forum discussions, and hooks into Facebook and MySpace. The streamed video’s resolution may vary dramatically, and sites rarely report the actual figure to viewers at home–largely because most sites employ adaptive streaming techniques to adjust bit rate and resolution in the background depending on individual users’ system capabilities and bandwidth.

Hollywood’s rush to the Web makes sense: Networks and content producers are simply following the migration of their audience online by making television–defined here as professionally produced full-length episodic or sports content–available on the Internet. The peculiarities of online distribution or syndication deals mean that you can find multiple sites that offer the same content. And many of those sites link to a third-party site that hosts the video itself. The end result resembles a linkfest at the sausage factory. We looked at a large cross-section of sites to determine the state of television on the Web today, and we found that even when content offerings appear to be identical, the viewing experience depends to a large extent on where you get your video. The sites we considered fall into three categories: aggregators, portals, and networks (we examined the big four networks, not individual cable networks; and we skipped pay-to-dowload TV options as well).

Ultimately, I found plenty of TV to stream via the Web, and I enjoyed the convenience and the opportunity to rediscover favorite series from the past. I preferred the in-browser experiences to those that involved installing a separate player or browser plug-in–though I did what I had to do to catch the episode of Grey’s Anatomy that I’d missed.

The Aggregators



TV Guide

Veoh Networks


MySpace TV




The Networks





The Aggregators

Aggregator sites showcase streaming television, drawing their content from multiple sources. Since aggregators focus on entertainment, their goal is to build a comprehensive entertainment experience.

Hulu–ranked by PC World staff as the number one product of 2008 (see “The 100 Best Products of 2008“)–remains the gold standard among aggregator sites for finding and viewing free television on the Web.

The video player, which dominates the Hulu experience, makes Hulu feel closer to a true television experience–especially in full-screen video mode. The player is neatly organized, with none of the clutter that abounds at countless other sites. Run your mouse over the video screen, and various controls become visible to the sides and at the bottom of the video screen. By default, the site shows video at 700 kbps (for 700p video, better than DVD), but it automatically reduces the transfer rate to 480 kbps (for 480p video), and may dip as low as 360 kbps (360p), if your bandwidth connection warrants it.

You can watch video full-screen or in a pop-out player (which puts the video player into its own self-contained window); the raise/lower lights function conveniently darkens the screen around the video you’re watching within the browser. Social networking options let you embed, e-mail, or share a video.

Fancast, from Cable giant Comcast, debuted earlier this year. It admirably combines a bargeload of information about television shows with an enjoyable online video experience. Fancast, still in beta, seems to be dedicated to broadening on-demand video and helping site visitors find the shows they want, whether on the Web or delivered via TV (through Comcast’s cable box-based on-demand service or through a cable channel).

Though the full-episode playback experience was pleasant–Fancast’s layout and visual design make it fairly simple to navigate–finding full episodes of shows could be easier. The site has so much going on, with multiple paths to the same endpoints, and some of those paths are clearer than others.

Here, too, the browser-based player is central to the presentation, though you can opt for a full-size player or for a tiny pop-out player that you can position anywhere on your desktop. Unfortunately, video (even Hulu video) looked unduly pixelated at full-screen resolution. Many of the episodes come from Comcast’s distribution deal with Hulu; others, from Comcast’s separate deals with CBS and ABC. Video dimensions and resolutions vary from one provider to another.

TV Guide, not content with its status as king of the programming grid, now offers a compelling Online Video Guide. TV Guide’s new owner, Macrovision (yes, the same company responsible for copy protection), aims to expand the role of video on the site. For the moment, however, video is just one component of the TV Guide site’s offerings.

The site has worked out distribution deals with Hulu, ABC, CBS, ESPN (for short-form content), NCAA Football, Viacom, and Warner Brothers, making it one of the more comprehensive aggregators around.

Social features at Veoh include the tools for uploading videos or publishing them to other sites, including Facebook and MySpace.

Now in beta 1.7, Joost remains in transition. The company had to shut down its discussion forums (which were linked to content) because it is developing a Web-browser based version of the software. Before watching any content, you have to install the Joost player–which can be annoying given its need for outgoing ports (it conflicted with my installation of BitDefender, for example).

Channels are sorted by show or network or production company (for example. Beverly Hills, 90210 or Comedy Central or Warner Brothers). The channels mix up full episodes and short clips–annoying if you’re looking for one over the other.

Browsing by channel quickly gets wearisome, as you have to page through 40-something pages of thumbnails, with no clear indication of whether full episodes or clips lie beneath the thumbnail for a given content channel. Original Star Trek episodes (again, supplied by CBS), for example, simply state “Star Trek: The Original Series – Errand of M” (the “ercy” gets cut off from the screen).

MySpace TV feels more like McTV, rife with snippets and short doses of content rather than full episodes of TV shows. Hulu supplies the full episodes, with language skewed to the teen set (“booyah” and “no way” substitute something else for the ‘thumbs up’ and ‘thumbs down’ icons provided for rating videos). MySpace deserves notice for publishing some original-content Webisodes, but beyond that it has nothing you can’t get elsewhere.

The Aggregators



TV Guide

Veoh Networks


MySpace TV




The Networks





The Portals

Illustration: Hadley HooperAOL, MSN, and Yahoo offer a vast array of content in their role as gateways to the Web. Full-episode video is but a small piece of their empires, and all three lean heavily on repackaging Hulu’s content.

MSN Video’s presentation of video from Hulu is far busier and more annoying than Hulu’s own. For The Simpsons and for A.L.F., for example, MSN Video displays the four episodes and thumbnails at left, with the player midscreen, and episode information at right. The in-browser video player is smaller, and the resolution is noticeably lower than on chúng tôi I observed pixelation in both in-browser and full-screen modes.

The in-browser and full-screen players carry a Hulu logo overlay in the lower right corner, but neither carries the same time-line marks for commercial breaks that Hulu does. The same Simpsons episode had longer commercial breaks at MSN (30 seconds each) than it did at Hulu (15 seconds each).

Babylon 5 was here, but it was part of AOL Television’s In2TV not an import from Hulu. Because all of the thumbnails showed the same still image, I couldn’t use them to help identify the episode (nor could I rely onthe running time–all episodes were listed as being 26 minutes long, unlikely given that the original broadcasts ran for an hour each, with commercials). Many other Warner Brothers–produced shows appear on In2TV (Time Warner is the corporate parent to both), including numerous shows, such as The Adventures of Brisco County Jr, That I didn’t find elsewhere on Hulu.

Yahoo offers full episodes, too, but the experience remains rudimentary at best. Yahoo’s partnership with Hulu is source of available episodes. The player occupies more of the page than do the players on AOL or MSN, and like other Hulu syndication sites it carries the Hulu bug; but the mediocre images made me wonder why anyone would go here for video rather than going directly to Hulu.

At least Yahoo has a wide-screen player; AOL and MSN have only a 4:3 aspect-ratio player, which means that shows filmed in 16:9 high-definition format, like 30 Rock, end up displaying in letterbox format.

The Aggregators



TV Guide

Veoh Networks


MySpace TV




The Networks





The Networks

In the past year, the Big Four broadcast networks have taken aggressive steps to make content available online. According to a Nielsen Company study released in June, 87 percent of survey participants who watched a TV program online did so on a TV network site; 82 percent of those users sought out a show they missed on TV. Typically, you can find at least 80 percent of each network’s prime-time broadcast schedule online.

That’s good news for viewers and networks. Viewers are flocking to network sites because they associate Grey’s Anatomy and Lost with ABC, or 30 Rock and Heroes with NBC. Nonetheless, the networks are using a two-pronged approach to distribute content online. They’re beefing up the offerings on their own Web sites, and they’re also setting up distribution deals with other sites so their video reaches audiences throughout the Web.

ABC and Fox use Move Networks’ player in the background, so you’ll need to install this browser plug-in to open and play episodes. CBS uses its own player, while NBC uses Move’s technology for its browser-based player.

ABC is at the forefront of streaming high-definition video: Select episodes, including all four seasons of Lost, are available in 720p high definition. The image quality falls far short of what you’d get on Blu-ray Disc, but it’s still impressive–assuming that you have the hardware and the bandwidth to handle playback (see “The Gear You Need to Watch TV on the Web?“). I saw more detail, greater clarity, better contrast, and superior depth in the images–along with some pixelation and artifacting.

The ABC player launches into its own pop-up Window. The site’s design makes finding complete episodes easy, though the home page is way too busy. Regrettably, video clips are intermingled with full episodes. ABC had episodes of 19 shows available in their entirety, including hits like Brothers & Sisters, Desperate Housewives, Grey’s Anatomy, and Lost (seasons one through four in high-definition, and season four in standard-definition streaming video as well).

CBS maintains a collection of full episodes of both current and classic series–including episodes that you may not associate with the CBS television network but that CBS now owns–cult and quasi-cult favorites such as the original Star Trek series, The Twilight Zone, Twin Peaks, Perry Mason, MacGyver, Melrose Place, The Love Boat, Hawaii Five-O, Family Ties, and Beverly Hills 90210.

The centrally positioned video player runs inside the browser, dominating the screen (it’s bigger than the player on Veoh). You can view vdeos at full-screen size, but the video quality degraded noticeably when I did so; and pixelation in the on-screen images was bad enough that I won’t rush to repeat the experience. Despite having limited controls, you can skip ahead within the video. The player uses a 4:3 aspect ratio; episodes captured in wide-screen format are shown letterboxed.

Of CBS’s current prime-time slate, some shows, including CSI: Crime Scene Investigation and How I Met Your Mother, had four current full-length episodes available for viewing when I visited the site. Others–including Big Brother and the already-canceled CBS series Jericho–had even more episodes; and still others, such as Two and a Half Men, Without a Trace, and Cold Case, had only clips.

The episodes are accessible via a video tab or through the home screen for each show. This approach makes sense for current programming–the video becomes part of the network’s online treatment of that show (along with community, blogs, episode recaps, and cast information).

Fox makes it really easy to find full episodes: The network prominently displays this option at the top of its home page, and its site fosters navigation thanks to its clean, attractive, and uncluttered design. Fox on Demand, the full episode player, featured 20 shows–pretty much all but three of Fox’s shows (missing are reality fests American Idol, So You Think You Can Dance, and Don’t Forget the Lyrics).

Fox fosters its own community by allowing registered users to rate and review shows.

The series that I tried had closed captioning (pop-up text that ran to the right of the player in normal or large mode, or on top of the player in full-screen mode). Heroes had quick-bits interactive pop-up trivia, too. An extremely annoying flashing banner ad ran below the player on one Heroes episode. I endured five commercial breaks on Heroes; but they ran for a shorter time and were less annoying than the other commercials I saw on chúng tôi



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The Gear You Need to Watch TV on the Web?

High-quality video is a major bandwidth hog. If you plan to stream television from the Web, the bottleneck of greatest concern to you will be the downstream bandwidth you get from your ISP, not your system’s limitations.

Most streaming-video sites call for a minimum broadband connection speed of about 800 kbps. You might get away with a little less (if you’re in the vicinity of 700 kbps), but your experience will vary.

At the upper end of the range is ABC’s player: To watch in high definition, you’ll need a dual-core processor (AMD or Intel), 128MB of video memory, 1GB of RAM, a monitor with at least 1300 by 770 resolution, and a beefy broadband connection of 2 mbps or more.

Keep an eye on your ISP’s bandwidth allowances. In an era when ISPs are intent on limitingbandwidth usage, the quantity of data involved in regularly streaming video can add up fast, especially if you already use your connection for other bandwidth-intensive activities. At Hulu, for example, 1 hour of video translates to about 200MB of data at 700 kbps, the default stream’s bit rate.

The bandwidth issue becomes more critical when you deal with sites like Joost that rely on peer-to-peer networking to distribute their content. Under such an arrangement, you could be serving up video in the background without realizing that your PC is engaged in sending video out. Upon installation, Joost warns users that the player application runs in the background and uses a “relatively high amount of bandwidth per hour, which means that it could exceed a 1GB cap in a few hours.”



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Sports Frenzy: More Than the Score Online

Unlike sites that boast full episodes of TV series programming, sports-centric sites often charge a fee (typically a subscription fee) and target true enthusiasts of the sport. Major League Baseball, CBS College Sports XXL, the NBA, and NHL’s Center Ice Online all charge a subscription fee for access to games and other content (CBS College Sports XXL even covers press conferences).

Sports such as gymnastics, beach volleyball, rowing, swimming, and track and field receive generous attention at chúng tôi (formerly chúng tôi by subscription), which launched as a streaming-video network three years ago. NBC Universal recently purchased a controlling stake in the World Championship Sports Network, and content from the site will be spun off onto a new cable network, Universal Sports.

One of the most limited sports options online is chúng tôi It delivers full coverage of such events as soccer, rugby, cricket, and Wimbledon tennis, but there’s a catch: It works only with AT&T Yahoo (SBC) and Verizon broadband network connections. So much for catching Venus Williams’s 127-mph serve.

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10 Best Xbox Games For Christmas 2023

10 Best Xbox Games For Christmas 2023 [Sales & Offers] We made a list of fun XBOX games to play during the holidays




A list of exciting games to play and make Christmas more fun.

Games with realistic movements and improved features.

Take a look at these games’ various and colorful details.

The holiday season is a great time for gamers. We have more time to spend playing games, and the weather is usually cold, which is the perfect condition for playing our favorite games.

On top of that, there are tons of various deals during the holiday season, so we can afford to play even more games than during the rest of the year.

The same goes for absolutely every platform, be it Windows PC, Steam, Xbox One, or PlayStation 4. But as we’ve already presented you with our list of the best PC games to play this Christmas, it’s time for a treat for Xbox gamers.

We’ve created a list of the best Xbox One games to play this Christmas (including Xbox series S games), covering a wide range of gameplay styles, so make sure to check all of them out.

What are the best Xbox games to play this Christmas?

More than 700 teams

Amazingly realistic graphics

Over 30 leagues to choose from

More than 19,000 players

Older PCs will have issues when playing online

Check Price

FIFA has been at the top (or amongst the first games) suggested on almost any top list of games for a very good reason – it is one of the most popular games ever created.

This year, the FIFA series has a newly released version, called FIFA 23. This amazing football simulation game has evolved gradually since its first version, and now has reached an incredible graphics level, with some saying that it almost looks real.

Not only the graphics of the game evolved over time though, game testers and players observed very important improvements when it came to the way the players can be controlled, and interacted with, and the naturality of their every move.

As for the customization tools that allow you to create a player of your own, they have also been improved tremendously. That’s why this FIFA 23 offer is worthy of your immediate attention.

Lead raids against Saxon fortresses and troops

Can dual-wield weapons

Great graphics and epic story-line

Open-world exploration

Diverges a lot from the Assassin’s Creed mythos

Check price

No matter if you played the other games from this series or not, this game proves to be an incredible addition to the series, offering state of the art graphics and an incredibly realistic physics engine that is bound to have you feeling like you’re one of the Vikings.

You get to explore a very big free world map with historically-exact places, go on a variety of quests, meet thousands of interesting characters, explore a variety of hidden areas, and also go through the main story of the character.

One very different element for this game compared with its predecessors from the series is the fact that you will have a home base for your character.

This will be your very own village, in which you control all the elements, including how the funds are spent, construction, and the happiness of the villagers.

You can always come back to your village and improve on it, or you can explore the vast virtual world at your convenience.

Improved graphics and assists engine

A revolutionary aiming feature that uses the stick

A.I. off-ball team-mates are a lot better at opening spaces

Great player customization options

Lots of off-court pay-to-win microtransactions

Check price

NBA 2K21 is an exceptional basketball simulator game that we all ended up loving. This last version of the game offers unparalleled graphic and physics engine improvements.

Even more, it also revolutionizes the way you can aim, by using the shot-stick aiming feature.

This allows you to actually aim shots, and not rely on the automatic aiming process that we’ve been used to in the previous versions of the game.

This gives it an even more competitive vibe and allows both experienced and non-experienced players to be challenged.

Player spacing has also been improved in the 2K21, allowing for a more realistic movement of the players without the ball, while in the online mode, A.I. team-mates are a lot better at opening the field up for passes.

The latest NBA 2K21 G2A offer gives you the chance to enjoy all these right away. To make an informed choice, you can take a closer look at this NBA 2K21 Green Man Gaming deal too.

Great graphics

An amazing story that explores the hardships of living in a dystopian future

Can recruit any NPC in DedSec

You can play with a variety of characters

A wide range of skills imply a wide number of possible outcomes

Some character recruitment missions tend to repeat

Check price

Explore the near-future city of London with this amazing immersive and versatile free-world game that takes your control over situations to the next level.

As opposed to the previous versions of this game, in Watch Dogs: Legion you don’t play as a single character, but as any character of your choosing that is part of the DedSec hacker group that fights against the tyrannical techno-fascist police state depicted in the game.

The story presented in this game is sure to capture your attention and present you with a not so far-fetched potential future for humanity, controlled by evil corporations and affected by choosing comfort over privacy.

As in the past, the game features a wide range of political themes, focusing mostly on the loss of privacy and rights of the common citizen.

Make sure to explore this beautifully rendered and challenging world this Christmas. The Watch Dogs: Legion G2A offer might just sound like music to your ears.

Amazing story-line

Improved state-of-the-art graphics

Completely re-written dialog

Fresh soundtrack

Some open-world side missions would have been a great addition

Check price

This last rendition of the highly-acclaimed Mafia game, called Mafia: Definitive Edition is a long-waited refurbish of the original game.

The storyline of this game is incredibly immersive, offering you a glimpse into the underlying structure of the fictional city of Lost Heaven, based on a real-life version of Chicago back in the day.

Even though the game is presented as an open-world type, the 20 missions it contains are all set in a linear mode, as we have used in the previous release.

Map levels that intertwine beautifully with the story

Hidden areas that offer help

A prosthetic arm that allows you to grapple to new heights

Improved stealth features

Ability to resurrect if killed in battle

The game can be paused at any time

The battle engine can be complicated to master

Check price

Sekiro: Shadows Dies Twice is an incredibly beautiful hack and slash game that doesn’t disappoint at all when it comes to graphics, storyline, and physics engine either.

The most iconic element of change for this game is the extremely interesting prosthetic arm that can be used as a grappling hook, weapon, and tools gadget.

This tool enables you to explore a wide range of iconic and mythical places, while also offering you a quick way of getting out of the way of enemies, and an increased overall feeling of freedom while exploring the map.

Wasteland 3 is another great gaming option to try out this Christmas vacation, with an incredibly wide amount of exciting features, weapons, and characters set in a post-apocalyptic environment.

This turn-based role-playing game gives you a very complex story, great strategic combat elements, and a wide range of ways to do it.

Being the winner of the best RPG  prize at the Games Com Awards, this game offers a very complex and interesting character creation system and a variety of abilities to choose from.

⇒ Get Wasteland 3

Rich and varied locations

Customized cars

You can create your own races

Some users experienced engine sounds glitch

Check Price

This amazing racing game brings a new dimension to this genre, by letting you explore the world while experiencing a variety of colorful details.

This feature not only makes the game feel more realistic but also contributes to the way players can interact and race as well while enjoying the beautiful graphics and varied locations of Mexico.

Seasons change every week, and this allows you to explore a variety of driving conditions such as dry, wet, muddy, snowy, and icy environments.

You have the option to play solo, or join forces with other players and form a powerful team while trying to become the Horizon Superstar.

Ace Combat 7 Skies Unknown is a very realistic and fun virtual combat game that offers you incredible graphics, realistic flight controls, and a chance to use a wide array of combat techniques.

Beyond the entertaining dog fights and chases, you can also enjoy immersive photo-realistic renditions of scenery and detailed aircraft designs.

To make it even more real, the entire game is filled with real-world current and near-future weapon systems, while also offering you the Ace Combat feel you’ve grown to love.

⇒ Get Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown

Destroy All Humans is a very entertaining game to enjoy this Christmas vacation.

As the name suggests, the game objective is very simple: destroy all humans.

You can do so by using Crypto’s out-of-this-world weaponry, using psychokinesis to smash humans to the ground or send them flying, while also being able to throw any object in the world at them.

It is worth noting (for the series fans), that this version of the game also includes the much-rumored, and never seen Lost Mission of Area 42, so make sure to check this fun game out today!

⇒ Get Destroy All Humans!

As you can see, this guide has provided you with some of the best Xbox One games for Christmas 2023. After all, this year’s vacation is all about you and your loved ones.

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