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All new iPhones run Apple’s latest A12 Bionic system-on-a-chip and synthetic benchmarks like Geekbench 4 confirm this. According to the CPU, GPU and GPU compute scores for iPhone XR, Apple’s colorful phone basically offers identical performance to the premium iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max smartphones, but in a package with a longer battery life that costs $250 less.

As Macworld noted, iPhone XR, priced at $750 for the base model, starts off with Geekbench 4 results almost identical to the premium iPhone XS series.

The scores

With these scores, the XR is on par with Apple’s priciest smartphones and about 13% faster in single-core tests and 10% faster in multi-threaded performance than last year’s iPhone X.

If you care about benchmarks, be sure to read the MacWorld piece as it includes more charts highlighting CPU, GPU and GPU compute scores in the AnTuTu and 3D Mark benchmarks. Those numbers augment the picture, but you won’t go wrong focusing strictly on Geekbench because Geekbench is widely regarded as the most reliable benchmarking platform.

Here are your Geekbench scores for the XR, XS and older iPhones:

iPhone XR (A12 Bionic)

Single-core performance: 4,818

Multi-core performance: 11,326

Metal performance: 22,025

iPhone XS (A12 Bionic)

Single-core performance: 4,807

Multi-core performance: 11,382

Metal performance: 21,574

iPhone XS Max (A12 Bionic)

Single-core performance: 4,813

Multi-core performance: 11,096

Metal performance: 21,967

iPhone X (A11 Bionic)

Single-core performance: 4,253

Multi-core performance: 10,377

Metal performance: 15,691

iPhone 7 Plus (A10 Fusion)

Single-core performance: 12,894

Multi-core performance: 5,965

Metal performance: 21,967

The main reason the XR has the longest battery life of any iPhone is the screen.

iPhone XR battery life

Aside from the power-efficient 7nm chip, the XR uses traditional LCD panels that in certain situations can be power-friendlier than the OLED screens. More importantly, the XR’s screen is of a much lower-resolution at 1,792×828 pixels (iPhone XS: 2,436×1,125; iPhone XS Max: 2,688×1,242) so its GPU needs more power to push all those additional pixels.

Summing up, if you only care about benchmarks do yourself a favor and buy an iPhone XR instead of one of the more expensive iPhone XS models. The slight discrepancy between the XR/XS scores is within a margin of error of a couple of percentage points.

About synthetic benchmarks

While synthetic benchmarks offer a good indication of a device’s CPU speed, real-life speed is contingent upon a bunch of factors, ranging from pure compute power in terms of number-crunching tasks, such as exporting a 4K video, to other things that influence perceived speed, like how zippy the animations are and the overall OS responsiveness.

That being said, Primate Labs’ Geekbench remains a mainstay of performance benchmarking, mostly because the app is available for a bunch of platforms ranging from macOS, Windows and Linux on desktop to iOS and Android on mobile, making comparison easier.

We should point out that Geekbench is meant to measure the CPU and GPU speed.

It does not, however, take into account Apple’s Neural engine in the A11 and A12 processors, which was specifically designed to accelerate machine learning tasks in hardware.

This is crucial because machine learning and artificial intelligence increasingly power services in iOS, from the Camera experience to Portrait lighting modes to Face ID. Therefore, pure CPU/GPU scores don’t really tell the whole story.

We also reported on early Geekbench scores for the new Mac mini, MacBook Air and iPad Pro.

Your two cents

What do you make of these XR vs. XS vs. XS Max benchmarks? And while we’re at it, does the XR offer best value for money of any iPhone to date, do you think?

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How To Take Screenshots On Iphone X, Iphone Xr, Xs, And Iphone Xs Max

Want to take a screenshot of iPhone X, iPhone XR, iPhone XS, or iPhone XS Max? Of course you can snap screenshots of iPhone X-series, but you’ve undoubtedly noticed by now that iPhone X line has no Home button, and thus the familiar screenshot method pressing the Home Button and the Power Button no longer works to capture the screen of iPhone X, XR, XS, XS max.

Instead, the iPhone X, XS, XR uses a new and different button pressing combination to snap screenshots. It’s equally simple as what you used to use for snapping screen captures of iOS devices, but because it’s entirely new it may take a bit of getting used to before the new screenshot method becomes habit for iPhone X series owners.

You might want to practice it a few times to get the hang of it.

How to Screenshot iPhone X, iPhone XR, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max

Press Volume Up button and Power button together at the same time

You must press the Volume Up button and Power button concurrently to take a screenshot of iPhone X, XR, XS. When the screenshot is successful, you will hear the familiar shutter camera sound, then see a little thumbnail of the screenshot preview appear in the bottom left corner of the screen.

The Power button is on the right side of the iPhone X, XS, XR, and the Volume Up button is the topmost button on the left side of iPhone X, XR, XS (it’s the button, not the little mute switch).

Some people refer to the Power button as the Side button or the Lock button, whatever you want to call the button the functionality is the same and it is a required step for taking a screenshot on iPhone X, iPhone XR, or iPhone XS.

A quick warning: do not HOLD the Power button and Volume Up button for too long, because it will quickly attempt to trigger the Shutdown screen and the Emergency SOS feature. When held too long, Emergency SOS will go a step further and then activate and attempt to call local authorities and emergency services, which is likely not what you want to do if you’re simply trying to take a screenshot. So beware of how that. Just a quick simple concurrent press of Power and Volume Up will snap the screenshot without doing anything else.

Notice while still using a dual button press procedure, this is different from screenshotting iPad or screenshotting iPhone models prior to iPhone X. It’s also worth noting that the process of taking screenshots with iOS 11, iOS 10, iPhone 7, iPhone 8, or iPhone 8 Plus was adjusted ever so slightly (at least in perception which required a minor behavior adjustment for some users) but remained the same with Home button and Power button pressing, whereas iPhone X, XR, XS is completely new behavior with a new button press.

And in case you were wondering, screenshots from iPhone X and newer are a substantial resolution of 1125 x 2436 pixels, making a large and tall image.

Enjoy taking your screen shots with iPhone X, iPhone XR, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and you can check out more screenshot tips here if you’re interested in the topic.


Cheap Iphone Xr Cases In 2023

If your budget is not tight or limited by a specific price firewall, finding the best iPhone XR cases should be pretty much a cakewalk for you. But what if you don’t want to go beyond a certain distance and still wish to get a suitable pair for the smartphone? The following collection of affordable iPhone XR cases (under $15) is for you.

What sort of cover has walked into the below roundup? Well, we’ve chosen a variety of cheap cases for iPhone XR based on different demands. From ultra-crystal transparent, slim suit to sophisticated wallet cases, this lineup of inexpensive covers should help you find an ideal companion for your smartphone without breaking the bank!

1. Silk Wallet Slayer Vol. 1

If a minimalist wallet cover is right on top of your target, “Silk Wallet Slayer Vol. 1” should be a safe bet for your iPhone. The case has a compact look and features textured sides for better grip.

The hidden slot on the back can store up to three cards and also some cash. It works efficiently with wireless chargers as well.

The exterior is good enough to resist minor shock. Plus, you can find this impressive cheap wallet cover for iPhone XR in some nice colors like red rover, black, blue and more.

2. Spigen Thin Fit

A slim case as elegant as Spigen Thin Fit is worth giving a chance. The snap-on structure plays a major role in making this cover fit snuggly around the XR.

The best thing about this case is the embedded metal plate that helps it play nicely with magnetic car mounts. If you like using your smartphone hands-free during on the drive, you would adore this functionality.

Another important thing about this case is that the magnetic plate doesn’t obstruct wireless charging. Lastly, this low-priced case comes only in a couple of color variants like black and graphite gray.


As a slim case, “CASEKOO” has ticked off most of the essential boxes. The cover has got a form-fitting design with the precision cutouts ensuring you have no problem in accessing the camera, speaker and ports.

The matte optical texture feels really nice and also offers better hold. Check out the elevated ring for the single camera and the front lip that lifts the screen off the surface.

Apart from the extra safeguard against scratches, CASEKOO is available in three adorable hues–black, blue and the ever-hot red.

4. V VRS Design

Why not let your iPhone XR showcase its nice-looking design? You guessed it! I’m talking about presenting the smartphone a clear case so that it can reveal its charm with elan.


So, your heart races for a sleek profile? “RANVOO” has got the promise to be an elegant svelte cover for your iPhone.

This inexpensive case features four layers of coating to ward off scratches and fingerprints a bit more efficiently. Plus, the outer surface has got the grippy feel, making it convenient to hold the large screen smartphone.

The extra defense for the camera and wireless charging compatibility make it a better deal for everyday usage. That’s not all; the three color options like black, blue and red appear to be eye-catching.


Time to look standout! VIVIBIN sports fascinating marble pattern that seems so appealing.

The soft silicone material coupled with the compact design assists the cover in being a good match for the iPhone. With the buttons offering better feedback and the cutouts being on point, you won’t have any complaint.

Furthermore, the screen has got an additional layer of security in the form of the front edge that prevents it from being scratched.

7. NeWisdom

Willing to go a bit offbeat? NeWisdom wooden cover flaunts a vintage design that should appeal to your realistic taste.

The real wood exterior is very smooth and provides anti-slip hold. Incorporated with the rubberized inner shell; this low-cost wooden case can absorb impact.

Talking about the cutouts, they appear to be very precise so that there is no pain while using ports. Even better, NeWisdom is backed by a trusted 24-month warranty.

8. Crosspace

Crosspace has come up with a beautiful wallet case. What has caught my eyes in this cover is up to nine card slots. If you need to carry so many cards and want a functional wallet cover, go for this one.

The PU leather outer shell with the impact resistant casing makes Crosspace very durable. It also has a hidden pocket where your cash can reset securely.

With the wrist strap, you can carry the case in style. Regarding color variants, there are four options to select from: black, red, blue and rose gold.

9. ESR Yippee

Made of liquid silicone, ESR Yippee belongs to the sophisticated side of the fence. But you can trust this thin cover to protect your iPhone XR from regular wear and tear.

The presence of microfiber lining empowers the cover to thwart scratches. With the outer surface offering comfy hold, you won’t find it inconvenient to carry the 6.1-inch smartphone.

The cutouts for ports, speakers and mute switch seem to be on the target. And yes, you also get some attractive hues to choose the right Yippee for your device.


“FLY HAWK” is primed for the folks who admire ultra-compact wallet case. It’s crafted out of PU leather and showcases refined workmanship. A couple of slots on the back ensure you can carry your credit and identity cards safely.

As for protection, you shouldn’t expect too much from this slim cover. The soft-textured exterior can reduce accidental slip-ups. With as many as six colors on offer, selecting the most befitting FLY HAWK shouldn’t be a big ask.

And that’s the wrap up of this roundup of the low-cost cases for iPhone XR!

What’s your favorite?

As always, we would be glad to know your picks. So, don’t fail to toss up your thoughts and the things you’ve liked in the above affordable covers.

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Iphone Xs And Xs Max Review Roundup: Definitely An “S” Year

iPhone Xs and Xs Max review roundup: Definitely an “S” year

The first iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max reviews are out, and it’s a mixed affair when it comes to Apple’s 2023 flagships. The pair of smartphones pick up the baton of last year’s aesthetic-upending iPhone X and then run with it much faster, courtesy of the new Apple A12 Bionic processor, while the iPhone Xs Max offers the largest smartphone screen so far in the company’s line-up.

Indeed, in a package roughly akin to the iPhone 8 Plus, the iPhone Xs Max squeezes a full 6.5-inch touchscreen. At the same time, the iPhone Xs keeps the 5.8-inch OLED panel size of the iPhone X, making it physically the smallest of Apple’s new 2023 handsets, but still offering a reasonably large display by virtue of the slender bezels.

As with any “S” year in Apple’s tick-tock cycle of upgrades, however, the improvements are evolution, rather than revolution. That’s certainly the conclusion from the first spray of iPhone Xs reviews today, anyway. Although Apple’s new flagships get credit in many places, reviewers also suggest that there are some good reasons to keep your wallet closed.

The phones miss “that one killer feature that would force an upgrade,” Wired says, though praises the A12 Bionic’s performance. “The iPhone XS is good enough in many ways,” TechRadar agrees, but still says it “doesn’t redefine anything the way last year’s phone did.” The NY Times says the iPhone Xs Max’s big screen is great, but maintains that “the smaller Xs is a better fit for most people.”

Those with an iPhone X but considering an upgrade might want to hold off. “If you’ve got an iPhone X and don’t care about a larger screen or better camera performance, you’ll survive just fine another year or two with it,” Mashable suggests, “especially with iOS 12.” Apple’s newest operating system was released yesterday.

It’s a sentiment echoed by The Verge, which praise the great displays and long battery life of both phones, but cites their expense as a good reason for sticking with what you already have. Compared to Google’s camera technology they “definitely prefer the Pixel 2’s camera, but the iPhone XS isn’t that far behind, and it’s still a significant improvement over previous iPhones.”

The looming specter, ironically, is of Apple’s own creation. The iPhone XR won’t go on sale for another month or so, but its lower price tag despite similar features to the Xs and Xs Max – not to mention a screen that slots in-between those phones in terms of size – has many reviewers suggesting waiting it out might be the smartest route.

It’s hard to be too surprised by any of the initial reviews, really. Apple’s “S” updates have always been about refinement rather than revolution, and the iPhone Xs and Xs Max pay the price of the iPhone X being such a huge upending last year. Apple’s updates, all the reviews agree, make a great smartphone even better: features like much improved LTE performance could end up making even more of a difference over the couple of years you spend with the device. However, it’s the completely new iPhone XR and its more affordable price tag that could well be 2023’s star.

Cheap Iphone Xs Max Cases Of 2023

While compiling an extensive roundup of the best iPhone Xs Max cases, I came across several cheap iPhone Xs Max cases. Despite being highly affordable, they showed plenty of promise. That’s when I made up my mind to line up the most affordable iPhone Xs Cases under $15. Whether you are willing to go for an ultra-clear suit, a thin case, a nice-looking wallet or a classy wooden case, I’ve ensured your search for an affordable case for iPhone XS Max no longer continues!

1. Spigen Ultra Hybrid

Spigen is known for producing most affordable yet exceptionally good iPhone cases. So, you shouldn’t be surprised to see this well-known brand in this collection.

Talking about Ultra Hybrid, the case looks pretty compact and promised to offer a trusted military-grade defense to your smartphone. With the air cushion technology, the cover is sturdy enough to thwart even nasty impact.

The clear back panel doesn’t get yellow over time, while the buttons feel very tactile. And you get to pick from three colors like crystal clear, matte black and rosy crystal.


Want to have a bit more grip while holding your ultra-large smartphone so that there is no chance of accidental falls? Why not go for a ring case.

The built-in metal makes ICONFLANG work with magnetic car mounts to help use your smartphone comfortably during the drive. Besides, this durable iPhone Xs Max case comes in multiple colors including red, white, pink, and black.

3. XRPow

Is a slim wallet case on your radar? This offering from XRPow should be worth a consideration.

The PU leather case features a sleek design and offers a comfy grip. It has a couple of slots on the back wherein two cards can safely reside.

With the scratch resistant layer and raised lip, it also offers a basic safeguard to your smartphone. Even better, XRPow wallet cover is available in eight hues like red, blue, black, brown and more.

4. El Lumiere

Do you enjoy watching movies or video calling hands-free? A kickstand case could be a well-thought-out pick for you.

El Lumiere has got both the looks and the quality to be an appreciable match for your smartphone. The metal kickstand works well in boosting your landscape viewing.

With the elevated edge, the camera and the screen have the desired protection from abrasion. That’s not all; you can pick El Lumiere in more than 25 attractive variants.

5. NeWisdom

How about trying out a vintage wooden case? NeWisdom presents a classy wooden case that should appeal to your taste if you want to add a touch of natural flair to your smartphone.

The cover is made of real wood and has a rubberized inner shell. As a result, it’s more flexible and snaps around the Xs immaculately.

The buttons have the tactile feel and cutouts seem on point. Plus, NeWisdom can also play perfectly with wireless chargers.

6. Spevert

If it’s time to make the iPhone look stand out, Spevert can be an instant pick. So, what makes this case such a nice bet.

Well, the thing that has compelled me to include this cover in this lineup is the marble pattern that catches the eyeballs right from the word. The PET material makes the cover very elastic and also helps it get installed with ease.

With the soft edge, it provides an extra shield to your smartphone. Beyond protection, Spevert is available in eight captivating colors with different patterns.


Should you decide to embrace one of the thinnest iPhone Xs Max cases, “GEARART” would be one of the better options. I say it because I find the case fully equipped to be a praiseworthy suit.

The cover claims to feature triple layers of matte finish and offers grippy hold. It can also ward off fingerprints and smudges to keep the exterior pristine.

Thanks to the functional lips, both the dual camera and the bezel-free display have the required shield against scrapes. Even better, GEARART is primed to be compatible with wireless charging as well.

8. Luvvitt ClearView

As a clear case, Luvvitt ClearView has impressed me. It’s got a highly transparent design so that the smartphone continues to show off its famed elegance.

Another quality that has caught my eyes in this cover is the shock-absorbing structure. The rugged PC back panel and the TPU frame give it enough solidity to withstand impact.

Courtesy the beveled edge, the rear camera and the large screen get the desired defense against scratches. With the cutouts being on point, you will be able to access speakers, camera, and ports without any pain.

9. Salawat

“Salawat” is a simple case that aims at not just making a form-fitting pair with the iPhone but also keeping it bulk-free. And I must say, it has succeeded in both the aspects.

The PU leather outer shell offers a smooth grip, making it more convenient to hold the iPhone. And the TPU frame helps the case disperse regular impact.

The dual camera and the screen remain safe with the presence of raised edges. Aside from safeguard, Salawat slim case comes in three hues: black, blue and the classy dark brown.

So, these are my most affordable covers for the iPhone Xs Max.

Stay Tuned for More…

I guess you have found the above Xs Max cases adorable. They have just proved an old saying true, “Not everything that’s priced a bit low is below par.”

You would want to take a peek at the below roundups as well:

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Best Iphone Xs Slim Cases In 2023

Among a variety of cases that are available in the market, the one that has been my favorite for long is a sleek cover. The main reason why I prefer a thin case is that it lets my smartphone exhibit its class. The only thing that I have to compromise a bit is protection. However, much to my surprise there are some of the iPhone Xs Slim Cases that offer the basic defense to the smartphone without sacrificing style.

1. totallee

The moment I think of thin cases, the one brand that strikes my mind instantly is totallee. Man, you’ve got to give the credit where it’s due.

Sporing just 0.02 thickness, totallee iPhone Xs case is undoubtedly the thinnest. However, what I like about this case the most is its ability to fight abrasion thanks to the matte finish.

The availability of camera ring works as a reliable defender for the dual-camera. And yes, there are seven fascinating color options to choose the gorgeous svelte case for the iPhone.

Check out on Amazon

2. Spigen Thin Fit

Featuring a pretty sleek design, Spigen Thin Fit makes an elegant match with the iPhone. Despite being so slim, it’s able to withstand minor impact and also defend the smartphone against scratches.

One notable feature of this case is the support for magnetic car mounts. Therefore, you get much-improved viewing angle while driving. That’s not all, Spigen Thin Fit comes in seven charming color variants to let you choose an ideal suit for your iPhone.

Check out on Amazon


TORRAS looks really svelte and wraps around the iPhone snugly. However, this thin case has got enough strength to resist scratches. The hard PC features matte finish to keep off fingerprints and smudges with ease.

With the raised lip, TORRAS works as an extra shield for the OLED display and doesn’t let the screen slide. The cutouts are precise, while the buttons are highly responsive. Lastly, TORRAS slim case comes in six beautiful color options.

Check out on Amazon


Sporting a flexible design, TOZO makes a nice-looking match with the iPhone Xs. It’s made of high-quality TPU and features smooth exterior. The soft-textured surface provides better grip, ensuring you feel comfortable while holding the smartphone in your palm.

As I like charging my iPhone wirelessly, I’m glad to see the wireless charging support in this case. Hence, I don’t need to remove the cover before dropping the device for charging.

Check out on Amazon

Like to flaunt the design of your iPhone Xs? With the crystal clarity, ESR can be a top-notch pick. The cover is exceptionally flexible and smooth and fits the iPhone spotlessly. However, the thing that further boosts its profile is the combo of PC and TPU.

The double layer of structure doesn’t give impact any chance to ruin the look of your iPhone. Besides, the front lip and camera ring offer extra safeguard to the smartphone.

With the microdot pattern, it fits all the contours of your palm. Aside from the improved grip, ESR comes in ten enchanting colors.

Check out on Amazon

6. DTTO Romance Series

It’s the enviably slim and snug-fit design that has compelled me to pick out DTTO Romance Series. It’s carved out of liquid silicone rubber and feels nice to the touch. The smooth-textured surface makes sure your palm enjoys holding the iPhone.

One notable feature is the honeycomb grid pattern that helps the cover resist impact. The soft interior also plays a vital role in fending off the challenges from scratches. Oh yes, Romance Series cases come in nine fascinating colors.

Check out on Amazon

7. Xoomz

Oh, how can you turn your eyes away from a case that appears as adorable as this one from Xoomz? It boasts a sleek design that pairs beautifully with the iPhone Xs. But don’t go by the slimness as it’s able to ward off scratches with ease.

The frosted finish adds more charm to its profile and also helps it put dust and fingerprints at a fair distance. Plus, the support for wireless charging makes it a new age case. Like to have color options? Well, it doesn’t disappoint you in this regard either with four nice options.

Check out on Amazon

8. X-level

As someone who has a big liking for colorful profiles, X-level has won me over.  The high-quality TPU material with the matte finish makes X-level a dashing match for the iPhone.

Apart from being quite slim, it snaps around the device like a glove. And with the smooth exterior on offer, you get the secure grip to stop the phone from slipping out of your palm.

Regarding protection, you shouldn’t expect much from it. However, it won’t let you down when it comes to putting the challenge from drops at bay. Did I say; you’ve got six hot colors to experiment with the looks of your smartphone.

Check out on Amazon

Do you have butterfingers? I mean if you often find your iPhone jumping out of your hands, you should give NataX a close look. Well, it’s because it has carbon fiber exterior that provides a secure grip.

The soft TPU back and rugged PC frame give it the needed durability to survive the falls. With the raised lip always, the screen doesn’t slide when the device is placed flat. Better still, NataX is backed by a solid lifetime warranty.

Check out on Amazon

10. Anker KARAPAX

Anker is better known as one of the top iPhone charging accessory makers. However, I’m impressed with its KARAPAX slim case. Due mainly to the soft TPU, the cover is incredibly flexible and smooth. Therefore, you won’t have a hard while installing and removing the cover.

The semi-transparent design allows the smartphone to make its presence felt in style. There is one quality that makes this slim case highly appreciable: the anti-yellowing. That means it won’t lose its shine when exposed to UV rays.

Check out on Amazon


How about giving a marble touch to your iPhone? With the impressive marble design, VIVIBIN can make a dashing match with your smartphone. The two-tone design coupled with the form-fitting structure makes it a fine pick iPhone Xs Slim cases for a special occasion.

The soft silicone rubber feels great to the touch, making it more comfortable to hold the device. As for buttons, they are easy to press. But to what makes VIVIBIN is availability in tons of color variants. Therefore, if you love to experiment with the looks of your iPhone, you will never run out of options.

Check out on Amazon

That’s pretty much it!

What’s your favorite svelte case?

I know, I know you have just found a beautiful suit for your all-new smartphone. If you don’t mind, may I know the name of the case that’s all set to pair with your iPhone?

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