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Avast Antivirus not Scanning Email: 6 Useful Methods to Fix




Avast Antivirus

not scanning emails can be due to configuration settings or other scanning issues that can arise from incomplete installation.



email scanning doesn’t work, some users might need to adjust that utility’s Mail Scanner settings.


Avast Antivirus

services might help some users fix the


email check.

ESET Antivirus comes with all the security tools that you may ever need to protect your data and privacy, including:

Anti-theft support

Webcam protection

Intuitive setup and UI

Multi-platform support

Banking-level encryption

Low system requirements

Advanced anti-malware protection

An antivirus program needs to be fast, efficient, and cost-effective, and this one has them all.

The Avast Antivirus utility incorporates an integrated Mail Scanner feature for scanning inbound and outbound emails.

However, some users have said on Avast’s forum Avast Antivirus doesn’t scan emails. This leaves some users’ PCs vulnerable to email attachment viruses.

What’s so important about the Mail Scanner in Avast Antivirus?

One thing to note about Avast Antivirus’ Mail Scanner feature is that it’s for email client software. That means it’s only intended to scan messages handled by email applications like Outlook and Thunderbird. So naturally, web-based mail services like Gmail have their shields.

However, the Mail Scanner shield in Avast Antivirus is more critical if you utilize Outlook and other email client software. It’s not uncommon for malware authors to spread viruses with email attachments. Therefore, Mail Scanner is one of the four core shields in Avast Antivirus.

How can I fix Avast Antivirus not scanning emails? 1. Check out alternative antivirus software

Remember that other notable antivirus utilities incorporate comparable email-scanning features to Avast Antivirus. For example, ESET Internet Security is a highly-rated antivirus utility with email protection. In addition, that utility’s email protection supports the Outlook, Windows Mail, and Live clients.

ESET Internet Security is also a more internet-orientated antivirus utility than many alternatives. It incorporates network features, such as the Connected Home Monitor. The Connected Home Monitor lets users view connected network devices and identify router vulnerabilities.

Other useful ESET Internet Security features

It incorporates a built-in firewall.

ESET Internet Security has a secure browsing mode feature for Chrome, Edge, Explorer, and Firefox

The ESET Internet Security Pro version enables users to encrypt photos

Users can store and save passwords with ESET Internet Security Pro

ESET Internet Security

Integrates with well-known antivirus technologies to protect against ransomware and other forms of malware, and phishing websites.

Check price Visit website

2. Check the Mail Shield settings for Avast Antivirus 3. Repair the Avast Antivirus software 4. Restart the Avast Antivirus service 5. Remove conflicting antivirus software

Expert tip:

You can uninstall a secondary antivirus utility within Programs and Features as outlined within the resolution below.

6. Reinstall Avast Antivirus

There are additional antivirus alternatives accessible at a glance if you feel the need to change the antivirus to help you scan your emails. Read about each one and pick the one most suited for email scanning, based on your daily activities and email routine.

Note: Users can also uninstall Avast software with the Avast Clear utility.

Can I manually scan single email attachment files with Avast Antivirus?

Of course, it’s much better to have the Mail Scanner shield enabled for automatic email scanning. However, when that feature isn’t working, you can still manually scan email file attachments with Avast Antivirus.

Protect your PC now!ESET Antivirus comes with all the security tools that you may ever need to protect your data and privacy, including:

Don’t leave your PC unprotected! Get one of the best antivirus tools in the world and navigate the Internet without worries!comes with all the security tools that you may ever need to protect your data and privacy, including:

Webcam protection

Multi-platform support

Low system requirements

Top-notch anti-malware protection

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Youtube Videos Not Playing – 6 Ways To Fix

Based on what device you use to watch YouTube, there are many causes as to why YouTube is not playing any video. Factors like a faulty VPN app, bugs, cache files, and more can cause YouTube to stop working properly. 

So, let’s dive into more of these causes and ways to fix this problem. 

Why Is My YouTube Not Playing Video?

If YouTube is not playing videos or is showing a black screen, it could be due to the following reasons:

The content you want to watch is geographically-restricted.

You’re using Ad-blocker plug-ins or apps. 

Your cache files are corrupted. 

Your internet connection is slow. 

There are potential viruses in your phone/PC.

Faulty apps/ browser extensions

Your browser is not up-to-date.

How to Fix YouTube Not Playing Video

Let’s start with the simple solutions first. Restart the YouTube app or website. Try signing out and signing back in on YouTube. But, if the issue is still persisting, let’s look at other effective fixes. 

Disable Ad-Blocker Apps/Plugins

If you often use Ad-blocker apps on your phone or ad-blocker plugins on your PC, it could be one of the reasons YouTube is not playing videos. This is because such apps/plugins keep collecting your data while running in the background. This consumes a lot of bandwidth and power, causing some apps/websites like YouTube to lag. 

In some cases, the ad-blocker tools can have bugs as well, resulting in problems like this. So, we recommend turning them off or uninstalling them completely.

Similar to ad-blocker plugins, check other extensions on your PC as well. Attractive and fun browser extensions may be tempting, but not all are reliable. Some carry bugs, corrupted files, and viruses that could result in websites like YouTube crashing and not playing videos. 

Simply check the owner of the extension and research on it to check if it’s credible or not. Check for the reviews and no. of users as well. Then, it’s best to uninstall extensions that don’t seem very reliable. Now, you can try to open YouTube again and see if it helps.

Disable/Enable VPN 

VPNs are useful to unlock restricted content and hide your IP. However, this seemingly good friend can also come with a few problems. Some unreliable VPNs can invite potential viruses and bugs, causing apps like YouTube to lag, freeze, and not respond. 

In other cases, the process of a VPN encrypting and transferring data takes up a significant amount of bandwidth. So, this can make the overall performance of your device slow. Hence, YouTube may not play any video. So, we recommend turning off VPNs or uninstalling them if you don’t need one. 

However, YouTube will show an error message or won’t play a video if it’s geographically restricted. So, to play such videos, you can enable your VPN. But, it’s ideal to only use trustworthy VPNs and disable them when not needed. 

Clear Cache 

Cache files are records of your browsing history, login credentials, searches, likes, and more. These saved files help make your YouTube surfing experience load faster. However, after a long period, these cache files can get corrupted if not cleared regularly. These corrupted files can interfere with YouTube, causing it to stop playing videos. 

Here’s how to clear cache on your devices: 

On Android

Go to Settings.

Select and open YouTube.

Go to Storage. 

On iPhone

There’s no Clear Cache option on the iPhone. While a few apps come with a Clear Cache feature, most of them don’t. So, you’ll need to uninstall and reinstall the app itself to clear the cache. 

Alternatively, if you don’t want to uninstall YouTube, you can also delete history and searches by yourself. Although this doesn’t equal a complete cache clearing process, it might help with minor issues, like the video not playing.

On Chrome for Windows

Press down Ctrl + Shift + Delete all at once. This will open a pop-up window to clear the browsing data. 

Check the boxes for what you want to delete. You can also choose the timeline as well.

On Safari for Mac

Open Safari and open History. 

Turn Off Hardware Acceleration 

This step is mostly for PC users. Hardware Acceleration is always on by default. This is when your software works with hardware components to improve the computer’s performance. 

However, sometimes the computer sends tasks to the GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) instead of the CPU. This can cause browsers to lag or freeze. So, YouTube may not work properly. 

You can turn off Hardware Acceleration to help YouTube work again. Here’s how you can do so:

On Chrome

Open Settings from the three dots on the top-right corner. 

Go to Advanced Settings. 

Restart Chrome. 

On Firefox

Open Firefox and search about:config

Type layers.acceleration.force-enabled on the searchbox.

Then, again type *gfx.webrender.force-disabled *on the searchbox.

This option is by default set to False on Windows. However, if you are using Linux, you must change the status.

Update GPU Driver 

When your computer is not compatible with the GPU (Graphics Processing Unit), you might not be able to play YouTube properly. So, updating the GPU driver can help solve this problem.

Open Device Manager.

You can restart your computer and try to open YouTube again. 

Bonus Tips

Here are a few additional tips if you’re having problems with the above fixes.

Set the video quality to Auto.

Try to open the video in Incognito Mode. 

Update the browser to its latest version. 

Change the internet bandwidth frequency to 5GHz if you’re on a mobile hotspot.

Restart browser. 

Uninstall and reinstall YouTube. 

Try to open YouTube on a different device. 

Clear up storage in your phone. 

Close apps/programs running in the background. 

Update your phone and computer to the latest version. 

Why Is Avast Not Detecting Virus?

If you do not want to invest in a third-party premium antivirus software, Avast is one of the best free alternatives you can find right now. The application has received positive responses from many users, who appreciated the usability and functionality of the application.

However, there are some occasions when the application downright fails to work. If you suspect that your computer has a virus, here I shall discuss what you can do if you see Avast not detecting viruses.

Another reason why you may see Avast not picking up viruses is due to the Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) service malfunctioning. The WMI infrastructure is responsible for maintaining the operations on all Windows versions. The antivirus failing to work may be related to this infrastructure, which will need troubleshooting.

Now that you have some idea regarding why you may see Avast malfunctioning, follow these solutions one by one to find the cause as well as troubleshoot the error as well.

For troubleshooting some error, you may have turned off Avast shields on your computer. In this state, Avast usually does not allow scanning and shows a notification for the same. However, if you turned off the notifications, this may be the reason why Avast is not detecting viruses on your computer.

Open the Avast UI, and you should automatically be directed to the menu. Enable the shields again, and run a full scan.

The next solution that you need to try is to update the virus definitions. If the software does not have the right tools to detect the virus or malware, the infected file will remain undetected on your computer. Update the app to receive the latest virus definitions. Follow these steps for the same:

Open the Avast GUI from the notification tray icon.

Under the Update tab, you will find the current versions of the antivirus program and the virus definitions as well.

If there are any pending software or definition updates, install these and check if the error persists.

The action center displays all the notifications that you receive on your Windows 10 computer. If the action center itself is broken on your computer, there is a chance that you may have missed the virus detection notification.

If you see Avast not picking up viruses, try troubleshooting the action center and check if the error persists. Your error should now be resolved.

As mentioned above, the WMI service is responsible for the proper operation of the Windows operating system. If the service gets locked up due to some reason, the Win32 apps on your computer will begin to malfunction. Restarting the service should free any locked-up cache, and therefore solving the error.

Follow these steps for the same:

Open a Run dialog using the shortcut keys Win + R.

Type chúng tôi and press Enter to launch the Windows Services Console.

Windows Management Instrumentation

If not, select the same from the drop-down menu.

Next, make sure that the service is running.

Now, check if the error persists.

If the Windows Management Instrumentation repository got corrupted due to a recent update or a change, there is a chance that the Win32 apps on your system may start misbehaving. This is one of the primary reasons why you may see Avast not detecting viruses on your computer.

If the solutions provided above did not help you, as a last resort you can try repairing the WMI repository. Although the repository is usually updated while Windows 10 updates as well, you can repair the library by using the elevated command prompt window.

Follow these steps for the same:

Open an elevated command prompt. To do so, open a Run dialog by pressing Win + R, type cmd, and press Ctrl + Shift + Enter. This will launch a command prompt window with administrative privileges.

winmgmt /verifyrepository

You will get the status of the WMI repository in a message.

winmgmt /salvagerepository

If you receive an error message, run the above-mentioned command again. Repeat this until you get a success message saying, ‘WMI repository is consistent’.

Restart your computer.

After you restart your computer, your Avast antivirus error should now be resolved.

So, there you have it. Now you know how to fix if you see Avast not detecting virus on your computer. Comment below if you found this useful, and to discuss further the same.

Is The Monese App Not Working? Use These 5 Methods To Fix It

Is The Monese App Not Working? Use These 5 Methods to Fix it Explore our expert’s tried and tested method to solve this issue




Monese is a UK-based money transfer service used by millions, but not without issues.

The article below will showcase what needs to be done when Monese stops working.

To start the repair process, check if your internet is working and restart your device.



Try Outbyte Driver Updater to resolve driver issues entirely:

This software will simplify the process by both searching and updating your drivers to prevent various malfunctions and enhance your PC stability. Check all your drivers now in 3 easy steps:

Download Outbyte Driver Updater.

Launch it on your PC to find all the problematic drivers.

OutByte Driver Updater has been downloaded by


readers this month.

If you’re looking for current accounts and money transfer services as an alternative to traditional banks, then Monese is a service you should consider. However, in many aspects, Monese is very similar to other financial services, such as Revolut, PayPal, or Payoneer.

Unfortunately, Monese and all the other mentioned services have one thing in common: they are electronic payment systems. This means they run using computers, servers, and, of course, the Internet.

This is what a Monese user usually sees before not being able to access the account:

We’ve made some improvements to our app that you’ll need to continue using your account. Our latest terms and conditions can be viewed in the updated app

Like any service that runs electronically, Monese is bound to experience the occasional downtimes, so let’s explore some of the most common reasons.

Quick Tip:

All transactions that can be done from the mobile app can be done from Monese’s website as well. Because of this, you can try on Opera One, we managed to make transactions successfully here.

This powerful browser allows you various useful features, like a built-in VPN, adblocker and integrated virtual wallet. Transactions within Opera One are secured, thanks to these built-in functions.

Opera One

Test the connectivity with Monese in this browser, and see if you can fix the problem there.

Free Visit website

Is the Monese app down?

The first step to figuring out the actual issue with the Monese app will need to make sure that the servers are not down.

To do so, we can use the official Service Status from Monese.

At the time of writing, this is how the Monese servers look:

As you can see from the image presented above, there are some issues with the Incoming Transfers.

Whenever you have any issues with Monese, you can open up this article and check the official website.

Is Monese free?

Monese offers both free and paid services for its customers. The free version has no monthly fee and allows you to withdraw from ATMs, top up your card with cash, etc.

Even though the free subscription has some limitations, it still provides an excellent overall service. But, of course, if you want to surpass those limits, you can always choose the Classic or Premium subscriptions.

For more information on this topic, feel free to visit the official Monese pricing information.

Why is my Monese card not working?

Even though there could be other reasons, users have encountered issues with the app lately.

Now that we understand what type of issues the app users have faced in the last 24 hours, let’s also cover some of the most common reasons for which the Monese card might not work:

The card details were incorrect

Funds were not sufficient when you tried topping up

You have surpassed the daily or monthly limit

The issuer of your card is not part of the 3D Secure Program

You’ve gone over the top-up limits

Why is my Monese account blocked?

Usually, Monese accounts get blocked to limit or stop unauthorized use of the account or card.

To re-activate the locked account, feel free to contact the company’s support team and confirm that it was you who accessed the account.

Another situation that might end up with you having your account blocked is if you have been using the service in a fraudulent manner or for any illegal activities.

To protect the security and privacy of all users, Monese ensures that no suspicious transactions will pass through without in-depth scrutiny from the company.

That being said, there are many variations to these issues on Monese. Here are some of them:

Monese something went wrong

Monese location verification failed

Monese not working

Monese not responding

In other cases, the Monese account ends up being suspended because of using inaccurate or incomplete information when applying for the service itself.

Expert tip:

What can I do if the Monese app is not working? 1. Check your internet connection

Even though the number of variables when dealing with this issue can be large, most commonly, when users experience problems with the Monese app, it is caused by a faulty or unstable internet connection.

To ensure that this element is not getting your way, try out other apps and websites that require an internet connection and check if everything works well.

If it does, move to the next solution.

If your internet connection disconnects constantly or isn’t strong enough, it would be best to contact your Internet Service Provider (ISP) and ask for help.

2. Restart your device

Rebooting your device, whether you’re using a PC, mobile, or virtual machine to access the Monese services, will ensure that all connections are reset.

In some cases, this will automatically solve your issue, and you will get back to using Monese as quickly as before.

3. Check if the problem is the Monese mobile app

Portability is one of Monese’s selling points; that is why many users use it in conjunction with the mobile app.

As such, some issues may come from the app itself:

Your mobile phone doesn’t have the latest version of the app installed

Your phone is not connected to the Internet

You have a faulty Monese app Installation

4. Test your browser and virtual card

If you’re having problems with Monese and think that your browser is to blame, consider doing one of the following:

Clearing your current browser’s cache and cookies

Changing your browser altogether

If you notice that Monese still doesn’t work even after checking all the variables mentioned above and below, you might consider closing it and switching to the best browser that supports Monese transactions. As mentioned before, Opera had the best results in our tests.

If one of your virtual card numbers is compromised due to a data breach, or if a single payee fails to cancel anything you did not want to auto-renew, you can disable that virtual number only.

Choosing another service, even if only temporarily, will help you complete your transactions and save you time while the Monese issue is rectified.

5. Check if the Monese services are down

First, make sure that Monese is down by visiting their status website.

Here you can see all of their listed services and their operational status.

These include:

If any of these systems have anything besides Operational written next to them, you can do anything with Monese except that.

Additionally, you can use the same website to see a log of past issues to check whether there were problems in the past that may have affected you as well.

You can contact Monese by visiting the official Monese customer service for the app and services.

How to get money back from Monese?

To get your money back from Monese, you will need to wait for 5 to 10 working days. The exact period to wait will depend on the respective’s merchant’s refund policies.

Still experiencing troubles? Fix them with this tool:


Some driver-related issues can be solved faster by using a tailored driver solution. If you’re still having problems with your drivers, simply install OutByte Driver Updater and get it up and running immediately. Thus, let it update all drivers and fix other PC issues in no time!

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6 Of The Most Useful Linux Commands For New Users

Making the switch to Linux can be a little intimidating. A new operating system? Different Desktop? Everything that you have known in computing has changed? Although the switch may seem scary at times, it can be more productive and quite rewarding. Learning new things is your first step.

What is terminal?

Before you can begin learning the ins and outs of Linux, you will need to understand what terminal is. The terminal is Linux’s version of the command prompt or powershell. Linux, which was originally created as a command-line operating system, added a graphical interface for ease of use because of its growing popularity The Linux operating system, in its most productive form, uses terminal.

Terminal commands are unlike most applications you may be familiar with. They are unlikely to spawn a new window, as the results are executed immediately within the terminal application. Terminal commands may also have additional options, which are called “switches.” Switches are used to add functionality to the requested command line operation. Below you will find 5 of the “must know” commands when switching to Linux.

1. “man” command

The man command is going to be the most useful of commands for users new to Linux or terminal. Man is short for “manual,” which is the term for a Linux help document. Every terminal command has a man page, even the “man” command.

If you know the name of the Linux command, function or file you are interested in, simply type man command name and hit Enter. Below represents what running the above command results would be.

2. “ls” command

The ls command is a great tool to see what directories or files reside in your current location or throughout the file system. It is installed in Linux distributions by default, as it is part of the GNU core utilities package. To use this command is as simple as typing ls in your terminal window. This will show you the results of your current working directory.

To show files and directories, size, modified date / time, owner and permissions:

To sort files in current working directory by size:

To list directory information for a directory that is not the current working directory:

3. “cd” command

The cd command is another useful command and is used to change from the current working directory. The below examples will show the functionality of the “cd” command.

To change to a subdirectory:

To change to a subdirectory multiple directories away from the current location:

To change the directory to the home directory of the user:

4. “ifconfig” command

This Linux command may look a little odd if you have worked a long time using Windows operating systems. “ifconfig” is very similar to the Windows version of the command “ipconfig.” This command is not installed by default in all Linux distros. In order to obtain this functionality, the user can install the package by running sudo apt get install net-tools from the terminal (if you are using Debian-based distro). Once installed, using this command will provide the user with the current IP-addressing information for your device.

To view network settings of a specific interface:

To disable a network interface:

To enable a network interface:

5. “find” command

When attempting to find a file by a specific name or extension in Linux, it is best to use the find command. Some of the examples below can be very useful for new user learning to navigate within the Linux terminal.

To search for a file with the filename:

To search for all the “png” files in “/home/Desktop” and its subdirectories:

6. “clear” command

When your terminal is filled up with text, the best way to clear it is with the clear command. This clears the screen in your view and allows you to start again with just the prompt. In some cases you can also use Ctrl + l, which will perform the same task.


In conclusion, we covered the most useful commands that a beginner should know. In addition to these, there are many more commands which you can run in a Linux terminalas well as some commands you should never run. Learning these commands won’t make you want to quit your day job and become a tech guru, but it may make your transition to Linux that much easier.

Josh Grimes

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Only One Airpod Working? 6 Ways To Fix

The Apple AirPods are designed to provide a balanced audio experience. Their compatibility with binaural audio means some sounds will come through the left AirPod while others will come through the right. So when only one AirPod is working, it creates a less-than-excellent listening experience.

The good news is that several easy fixes can help correct this problem. Just follow the steps to correct your AirPod imbalance and get back to jamming out to Dark Side of the Moon in both ears.

Table of Contents

How to Fix When Only One AirPod Is Working

If one of your AirPods will not play a sound or doesn’t connect to your other devices, try one of these quick fixes.

Charge Your AirPods

The most common reason why an AirPod stops working is simple: it isn’t charged. Sometimes when you place an AirPod into the charging case, it will not make a firm connection and won’t charge all the way (or at all). When you place it in your ear next time, it won’t work.

Make sure there’s no dirt or debris inside the charging case that would stop your AirPods from making a solid connection. When placed into the charging case, the light on the front will flash briefly. Look for that signal and ensure both of your AirPods are charging.

After they’ve charged, place both AirPods in your ear and check that both work. If this method doesn’t correct the problem, continue to the next fix. 

Re-Pair Your AirPods

This will remove your AirPods from your iOS device and allow you to repeat the pairing process. Place both AirPods inside the charging case, wait roughly 30 seconds, and then open the lid near the front of your iOS device. 

When prompted, re-connect your AirPods. Place them in your ears, wait for the confirmation sound, and then test their sound output. 

Reboot Your iOS Device

If the above method doesn’t work, you should reboot your phone, iPad, or macOS before continuing to a more extreme step. Often the problem is not with your AirPods, but with the device they’re connected to. 

On an iPhone or iPad, press and hold the power button until you’re given the option to power down. Wait for the device to shut off completely before restarting it. On macOS, shut down the computer completely, wait 30 seconds, and then turn it back on. 

Check for Software Updates

Updates to iOS or macOS can cause problems with AirPods. If there’s a software update, make sure to download it and allow your device time to reboot before testing the AirPods again.

Updates are often released to correct glitches and bugs in the OS itself, but an update can also be the cause of glitches. In this case, a subsequent update will usually be released in a few days that will correct the problem with only one AirPod working.

Perform a Factory Reset for Your AirPods

A factory reset is different then re-pairing your AirPods. Some of the steps are the same, but it’s a more intensive procedure that causes you to lose custom settings. You will need to choose all of your settings again once you finish the process.

WIth the lid still open, press and hold the button at the back of your AirPod case for at least 15 seconds until the status light on the front flashes amber. Move your AirPod case close to your device to begin the pairing process, and follow the on-screen prompts to complete it.

Once you’ve connected your AirPods once more, both should produce sound. If they don’t, there is one final step you can try. 

Reset iOS Network Settings

If the issue lies not with your AirPods but with your phone (and updating/rebooting doesn’t help), your next step should be to perform a total reset of the network settings. Multiple Bluetooth connections to a single device can sometimes cause interference and result in failed connections and glitches.

If you perform this reset, you’ll lose all saved Bluetooth devices on your phone. You’ll have to re-pair each device, and you’ll also lose all saved Wi-Fi networks and passwords. This is a sort of final resort if nothing else works.

After you’ve reset all of your network settings, pair your AirPods once more with your phone and test their connection. 

If none of the above steps work, check your AirPods for physical damage. One might have fallen out of your ear or broken in some way.

Update the detailed information about Avast Antivirus Not Scanning Email: 6 Useful Methods To Fix on the website. We hope the article's content will meet your needs, and we will regularly update the information to provide you with the fastest and most accurate information. Have a great day!