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If you’re looking for a solid media notebook that’s small (though not terribly lightweight) and quick, the Asus N82Jv all-purpose laptop is a good bet. The N82Jv features a snappy 2.4GHz Intel Core i5 450M processor (with turbo boost up to 2.66GHz), a 500GB hard drive, an nVidia GeForce GT 335M graphics card (plus integrated Intel HD Graphics), and the 64-bit version of Windows 7 Home Premium.

As for its looks, the Asus N82Jv is not for everyone. The lid has a chocolate-brown metallic appearance with a tiny cube pattern; that same pattern extends to the inside of the laptop, on a strip above the keyboard and on the textured trackpad. The rest of the design is fairly unimpressive–the wristpad is a nice matte black (no fingerprints!), and the keyboard has lightly textured, matte-black Chiclet keys surrounded by shiny black plastic. Above the keyboard, you’ll find only two buttons: the power button on the right side and a button for switching through power-saving modes on the left side.

Ports-wise, the Asus N82Jv is standard. Although it does have a USB 3.0 port, it has only three USB ports total (the usual for a laptop of this size is four). On the left side of the laptop are a VGA-out port, an HDMI-out port, the USB 3.0 port, and headphone and microphone jacks. On the right side are a DVD player/recorder, a Kensington lock slot, and, behind a flap, a USB 2.0 port, a USB/eSATA combo port, and an ethernet port. The Asus N82Jv also sports a multiformat card reader on the front, as well as a physical Wi-Fi switch (always a nice feature).

Unfortunately, this machine is not a great choice if you’re hunting for something sleek–while the metallic outer casing makes the laptop look appealing, the chassis is clunky (the bottom of the laptop is sculpted to make it appear thinner). The N82Jv measures 13.8 inches wide by 9.7 inches long, and has a thickness of 1.4 inches. It weighs about 5.2 pounds, making it portable but not exactly fun to tote around. Unfortunately, the extra bulk isn’t hiding a hefty battery–you’ll barely get 3 hours with the default battery.

The keyboard is the typical Chiclet-style affair. The outer edges of the laptop are slightly concave, and while that doesn’t do anything except make the area more visually interesting, we appreciate the effort. The keyboard is decently comfortable to type on, but the feedback is a little weak and the keys are just a tad too small.

The touchpad is interesting: It’s a halfway-there multitouch pad that supports two-finger scrolling but not pinch-to-zoom (which, thanks to Apple, now defines multitouch). You get a dark gray, mirrored plastic rocker bar instead of separate mouse buttons; although the rocker bar feels cheap (as do most rocker bars), it’s easy to press and gives good feedback. The touchpad is also nicely responsive.

Video playback on the Asus N82Jv is good, thanks to the Core i5 processor and nVidia GeForce GT 335M discrete graphics card. You’ll have no trouble playing streaming video on Hulu or Netflix, and DVD playback is good quality as well. It would be nice to see a Blu-ray drive instead of a DVD player, but the laptop is priced somewhat high as it is.

When you open the Start menu on this thing, it might look as if you’ve already been using it for a while, considering how much software is preinstalled. The N82Jv runs Windows 7 Home Premium (the 64-bit version, hooray), and comes preinstalled with Microsoft Office 2010 (you can choose to buy the full version or use the Starter version), a trial of Trend Micro Internet Security, CyberLink Blu-ray Disc Suite, Boingo Wi-Fi, Skype, Windows Live, Amazon Kindle, and a bunch of utility programs. The utilities include a USB 3.0 host controller driver, a recovery disc burner, and Asus’s version of Photo Booth (called LifeFrame), among other tools.

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A Testing Strategy That Promotes Good Note

By testing students twice, first without their notes and then with them, a high school teacher fosters strong note-taking skills.

How do we encourage students to study for tests and teach them valuable note-taking skills at the same time? If you’re like me, you value careful note-taking, a crucial skill that students will take with them to postsecondary education and the workforce. Yet, many students resist taking notes.

I’ve begun using a new test-taking strategy that I’ve found encourages my high school government students to take comprehensive notes, as well as study for tests. 

Using the learning management system Schoology, my students take their tests twice. The first time, they complete the assessment using only their own brainpower. On the second attempt, however, I allow them to use their notes and then average the scores. This method incentivizes studying and conscientious note-taking. 

The importance of note-taking

In a perfect world, my students would take notes on what they read and heard in class. These notes would be organized and thorough, and successfully identify the main points of the topic covered. The students would then use these notes to study for the test.

We don’t, however, live in a perfect world.

Research indicates that handwritten notes improve retention and understanding. I’ve written before about the importance of taking thoughtful handwritten notes and the reasons why I promote, and sometimes mandate, note-taking. 

With this in mind, I ask my students to use a traditional notebook in my class. Letting students know that they’ll be able to use their notebooks during the test is a great motivator for them to keep orderly and well-maintained notes. They know that the better the notes, the better they’ll do on the assessment.

What’s more, students become more receptive to learning note-taking strategies. When I give lectures and pointers on ways to keep a more useful notebook, students are often eager to listen. After all, they want their notebook to serve them well come test time. 

Setting up the test

Administering my tests using Schoology allows me to modify the settings so that students have two attempts. I also adjust the automatic grading so that the average of the two attempts is taken as the grade.

The bulk of the test consists of matching, multiple choice, and true/false questions. Schoology grades this immediately upon completion. The short-answer and essay questions require my review.

Studying is still key

The term open-notebook test may conjure up thoughts of students frantically copying down the whole textbook and never once stopping to actually learn what they write. The test-averaging method avoids this scenario by requiring students to first take the test sans notebook. They use only the knowledge they’ve acquired through classroom work, homework, and studying. 

Students know that to secure a higher grade, they must first do well on the test using their knowledge alone. This determines their first score.

When students understand that the two test scores will be averaged, as opposed to the highest score being taken, they’re motivated to do well the first time, and they prepare accordingly.

After they’re finished taking the test without notes, I allow the students to use their handwritten notebooks. The repetition of taking the exact test twice also helps them to internalize the material.

Points to remember

Note-taking is a learned skill. Too often teachers tell their class to “take notes.” Kids need to learn how to take good notes. Consider ways to help your students take better notes by doing the following: 

Give a lecture, with examples, of effective note-taking

Grade notes

Provide feedback on notes

Give periodic open-notebook quizzes that will help students get a feel for how to prepare beneficial notes

Use it often or sparingly. Every class is different. Teachers should gauge on a classroom-by-classroom, assessment-by-assessment basis whether this method is appropriate.

I use the test-averaging method for several key assessments I feel would profit the class as a whole.

Each teacher has to judge when this method would be the most useful.

My students know from the start of the semester that they might be able to use notes on tests, but I don’t always tell them for which assessments in particular they’ll have the privilege. 

I’ve taught my subject enough to know that this method works particularly well for a few assessments that ask the students to learn some rather tricky historical details.

Technology is essential. Let your learning management system do the heavy lifting.

I couldn’t employ the test-averaging method without my learning management system. It does the hard work for me. That said, all short-answer, essay, and open-ended questions must be graded by me. 

If you don’t have a learning management system, consider doing this on a short quiz, only periodically. Otherwise, you’ll burden yourself with too much work (you’re essentially doubling your grading).

Think about time. Taking a test twice in a row can be taxing for students, as well as time-consuming. Keep this in mind when creating the test. 

Gauge how much class time you have.

Create a test that allows students enough time to think about questions deeply without having to rush.

Remember that students will be taking the test two times.

I still grade. Not all questions can be answered by a machine.

My tests almost always include subjective short-answer questions. I tell the students that if they’re comfortable with their first response, they need not answer the question again on their second attempt.

However, if they wish to rewrite the question using their notes, I will review and grade each response.

Because of the time constraints of taking the test twice, I eschew lengthy essay questions and incorporate questions that require a paragraph response.

The test-averaging method has been very successful in my class. It’s essentially a test retake. Students, especially those who struggle, benefit from taking certain assessments a second time using their notes.

WordPress Or Hubspot – Make A Good Decision

WordPress is among those first CMS tools which can come into your mind when building a web site –and also for justification.

WordPress constitutes 59,4percent of this industry reveal, using all the nearest competition, Joomla, arriving in at 6 percent. WordPress can be the CMS of choice for more than 1 / 4 of most websites around the internet today, and also, what is more, is the fact that WordPress is liberated.

With information such as these, there isn’t any wonder why WordPress continues to attract interest. But is it the very best selection to get a small business site? The situation for WordPress frequently depends upon Both core strengths of this popular CMS, specifically:

WordPress is wholly free of charge.

WordPress is extremely customisable and lively thanks for third party service to your own CMS.

When choosing a CMS for an organization, you will need to analyse exactly what the aim of one’s site, what tools that they desire, and also that will probably likely be handling the infrastructure.

WordPress is great for several web sites, but might possibly not qualify as the very best, and sometimes possibly the absolute most affordable, alternative to the corporation.

An increasingly very popular CMS for organization sites is HubSpot, a well known compensated CMS solution. Inside this informative article, we evaluate HubSpot CMS into WordPress by employing them into your hypothetical business site.

What You Should Choose:-

Here are the factors that you must read if you are going to build a website for your business. Or You are going to hire wordpress developer or hubspot developer for your business or any other purpose


Website building and landing pages

Safety & Servicing

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Blogging is now an essential portion of each and every industrial site online. Not just can it be a great instrument for SEO, but it’s additionally the backbone of internet content marketing


WordPress started within an easy-to-use blogging stage, therefore obviously WordPress can be an excellent beginning for running a blog.

Whatever you will need is right there over the fundamental WordPress infrastructure, and it is quite simple to use. Unfortunately, that is exactly where it quits.

Without spending money on plugins and theme growth, WordPress websites could be particularly standard. What’s more, prior enhancing, publishing and scheduling, the fundamental WordPress system lacks extra functionality like core search engine optimisation tools and also the capacity to mechanically create and deliver email alerts to site readers when new articles are all published.


HubSpot was assembled upward using digital entrepreneurs in your mind, and also your site will be the very first tool just about every digital marketer gets used to.

Because of this, HubSpot CMS presents lots of extra attributes over the fundamentals, for example, search engine optimisers, call to action (CTA) founders, articles cooperation tools, Analytics and calendars

The drawback to HubSpot is you are duped in doing things. their way with no passionate HubSpot programmer that will allow you to optimise the appearance and texture of one’s own blogging knowledge.

This could well not necessarily become a terrible issue for most entrepreneurs, however for all those that require complete improvement liberty, but it could possibly be considered a sticking point.

Website building and landing pages

Every site is composed of landing pages every single landing-page must be assembled. An effective CMS which can assist you in developing these landing pages will be in the core of each and every prosperous website.


Assembling a site web page or landing page at WordPress is extremely much like building a blog article and, building a site article. all of the basics can be found to you personally.

But without having more elaborate HTML programming inside your own editor, webpages regularly look dull. Along with the particular, WordPress will not comprise its own form catch modules, so as a way to present operational types, business plugins like Gravity Types ($259/year) of all Ninja Types ($199/year) have to get properly used.

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Like WordPress, HubSpot helps make internet site page production uncomplicated, but not like WordPress. HubSpot provides you with a large number of choices throughout production, which could optimise the expertise for you together with your site customer.

HubSpot allows you to drag and drop pre-built modules, along with any custom modules that your programmer has generated, into your web and landing webpages.

Besides, it provides you accessibility to an outcome site founder, also a sort founder, personalisation along with A/B screening performance –all without the demand for third-party software or even another coding.

Safety & Servicing

Security is getting a significant factor for company people, along with digital entrepreneurs equally in the last several years.

Massive safety flows might lead to havoc employing your standing, and hackers may ruin your organization from the interior. CMS tools of now ought to take maintenance and security intently to its well being in these users along with its particular customers.


If it comes to WordPress, you will mostly lead to your security and maintenance. It will not provide any integrated safety measures out of a junk avoidance filter.

What makes things even worse is the fact that within an open-source program. There’ll continually be more security challenges associated with WordPress. and also the further plugins you get, the additional safety concerns you are going to need when you must depend upon 3rd parties to continue to keep their software up.

In conditions of third party safety, you can find several terrific alternatives, including WP Engine who specialize in high-security WordPress internet hosting.

They even alert you when they notice vulnerability in virtually any plugins that you now use. Additionally, there are a lot of businesses which present WordPress care contracts generally.


HubSpot offers integrated back-up and security for his or her users without needing to be concerned about doing it.

As opposed to WordPress, HubSpot offers necessary firewalls, intrusion detection programs, DDoS reduction, proactive scanning and system testing, and SSL safety.

Besides, they perform regular upgrades into this backend to automatically make sure all of the users will possess the most recent functions and safety spots.

Besides the particular, HubSpot supplies cloud-based help to assist with almost any questions or concerns you may have.

Is Orbot A Good Vpn? Check Our Honest Review

Is Orbot a good VPN? Check our honest review




Orbot is a nifty security/privacy application that can keep your mobile communications private while you’re online.

You can use Orbot exclusively on Android devices, but there are also some ways to run it on Windows 10 PCs. Spoiler alert: it involves using emulators.

Check out our VPN Section for more guides on how to protect your digital life.

Visit our Security Hub to discover more about maintaining your online security.



To fix Windows PC system issues, you will need a dedicated tool

Fortect is a tool that does not simply cleans up your PC, but has a repository with several millions of Windows System files stored in their initial version. When your PC encounters a problem, Fortect will fix it for you, by replacing bad files with fresh versions. To fix your current PC issue, here are the steps you need to take:

Download Fortect and install it on your PC.

Start the tool’s scanning process to look for corrupt files that are the source of your problem

Fortect has been downloaded by


readers this month.

Orbot is a nifty security/privacy application that can keep your mobile communications private while you’re online. It’s based on Tor, but it’s only available for Android phones.

As you probably figured it out already, you can’t exactly use it on Windows 10. Tor and its browser are enough protection and basically offer the same thing for your Windows 10 PC.

Many take Orbot for a dedicated VPN service, which is not exactly true. While Orbot does offer some VPN features, it functions after a somewhat different set of rules.

Did we mention that it’s entirely free to use?

Is Orbot a VPN?

Long story short, no, Orbot is not a VPN for your Android phone. What this project manages to do instead is bring Tor functionality to Android phones. It’s optimized for these devices, so you can rest assured that it’s not just some port.

Orbot lets you connect to the Internet in a secure, private manner. You’re maybe thinking: right, but that’s the same thing a VPN does, so how is Orbot any different? Well, the truth is that this app has the best of both proxy servers and VPNs.

Proxy vs. VPN

Proxy servers let you access certain websites and services on the Internet by offering you a gateway. A VPN establishes a secure tunnel to any server in its network.

Both proxies and VPNs mask your IP address, but proxy servers are generally less secure due to a lack of encryption. A VPN encrypts your traffic, but it can be a bit slower than a proxy.

Orbot uses Tor to encrypt your traffic by redirecting it through various nodes around the world. The nodes are usually other Tor users, but there’s also a chance you can bounce through an exit relay hosted on a dedicated machine.

Long story short, Orbot can be rather deemed as Tor for Android phones with added VPN functionality (includes a VPN mode).

What is VPN mode in Orbot?

As we’ve briefly mentioned above, this app encompasses a VPN mode. Upon closer inspection, you may notice that it acts exactly like a VPN.

It even asks you for permission to manage your connection, just like any other Android VPN service does.

However, Orbot has a bunch of extra features that regular VPNs may lack. For instance, it’s widely known that many websites have VPN filters, which are used to detect and block VPN traffic. One such website is the US version of Netflix.

How good is Orbot VPN?

Considering that it’s based on Tor, Orbot’s VPN can’t be blocked by websites as easily. Your connection will bounce through several nodes until finally reaching the website, which makes it harder to detect and block.

Furthermore, your traffic will be both encrypted and dispersed throughout all the nodes on your connection. This makes it tenfold harder to decrypt traffic, given that it’s not all in the same place.

Last, but not least, Orbot’s VPN feature lets you enable it only for certain apps on your phone. It kind of works like split tunneling, letting you choose which apps’ traffic will be encrypted.

How to use Orbot VPN

1. Install it on your device

Visit the product page on Google Play

Hit the Install button

Wait for the installation to come to an end

Hit the Open button to launch the app

2. Launch Orbot

3. Connect to a server

4. Toggle VPN mode

It’s worth mentioning that you can select the apps for which Orbot will encrypt traffic. Selecting no apps (by default, no apps are selected) will enable a system-wide VPN.

Additionally, we’ve found some hints that the system-wide VPN only works on rooted phones. However, we’ve tested it on a non-rooted phone and it seems to work just fine.

5. Configure Orbot

Note that from an accessibility standpoint, Orbot can be easily configured, as most of the customization options work on a disable/enable model.

However, you should refrain from bringing any changes to the default configuration unless you really know what you’re doing. Otherwise, you may break Orbot’s security and even its functionality.

6. Bonus: for Samsung devices

Reportedly, there’s an app running on Samsung devices that listens to port 9050, which Orbot uses by default. You can either locate the apps that are listening on that port (use third-party apps such as Netstat), force stop them and disable them.

However, it’s far easier to just change Orbot’s default Tor SOCKS port from the app.

How to use Orbot VPN on Windows 10

As we’ve clearly mentioned above, Orbot is Android-exclusive. Thus, not only is the app only available for Android, but it’s also optimized for these devices alone.

In conclusion, you can’t run Orbot on your Windows 10 PC natively, so you’ll have to improvise.

Although you can either use a regular VPN or Tor on Windows to the same effect as Orbot, if you’re stubborn you’ll need an Android emulator such as BlueStacks or NoxPlayer.

Once you have the emulator installed on your PC, deploy the app on it as we’ve described above.

Apparently, the app works without any major issues on Android emulators. However, it won’t be able to hide any traffic from outside the emulator. Furthermore, it may not be as secure as installing and running it on an Android device.

Final thoughts on using Orbot as a VPN

All things considered, if you want a private, secure VPN on your Android device, Orbot is a good place to start. It basically brings all of Tor’s functionality on your Android phone, with added capabilities.

If you plan on using Orbot on your Windows 10 PC, it might be too much hassle. Since the app is Android-exclusive, you’ll need an emulator to get things running, and you might even notice certain bugs during the app’s runtime.

Your connection is not secure – websites you visit can find out your details:

Use a VPN to protect your privacy and secure your connection.

We recommend Visit Private Internet Access

We recommend Private Internet Access , a VPN with a no-log policy, open source code, ad blocking and much more; now 79% off.

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Developing A Good Backup And Restore Strategy For Windows

The world runs on Windows. More businesses run on the Windows platform than any others combined. Any Windows veteran can tell you that you’re going to run into problems that will require you to rebuild your PC at some point, and that is why having a backup is important. In this article we will talk about what you need to know to develop a good backup strategy and ensure your data is available when you need it.

Now, before we get going too far down the road, you probably want to first read about what Windows System Restore can and cannot do for your PC. System Restore is the precursor to the recovery process built into Windows 8.x and Windows 10. Understanding its beginnings may give your system recovery efforts a better chance at success.

Note: reducing worry and stress due to a dead or dying computer or hard drive is all about preparation. If you understand that you will surely need to rely on some sort of backup strategy and restore plan, then you’re halfway home.

Develop a Backup Strategy

How well you can restore your computer to its previous working state depends on how well you have backed up your data. In short, your backup strategy and its implementation is the key to restoring your data.

A good backup plan should consist of the following:

A local backup to ensure that if you do need to blow your computer away, you have a quick and easy way back to the way it was.

An offsite backup just in case your local backup gets corrupted, damaged or infected with malware, rendering it unusable.

Cloud synchronization because not only does it offer the quickest way to get your data back, it gives you access to your data on ANY Internet-enabled device.

Onsite Backup

This is usually a program that will back up your hard drive to a local, or onsite location. In Windows you can use Windows Backup to handle your backup program needs. Windows Backup has a setup wizard that will take you through defining where, when and how often you back up your data. It’s a set-it-and-forget-it option, and that’s the key to making not only this option work but every other option in your backup strategy. Set it up and let it handle things in the background.

There is also a multitude of third-party software that you can use to automate the backup. SyncToy is one useful tool created by Microsoft.

Other than your data, don’t forget to back up your registry, user profile, and drivers as well.

Offsite Backup

Offsite backup apps are very similar to onsite backup apps with two really big exceptions:

All of your backup data is stored offsite.

There’s a monthly charge for the service.

However, it’s something that you absolutely must consider putting in place, simply because fire, storms, hardware failure, or any number of other problems can happen, especially when you least expect it. Any of those could corrupt or destroy your local backup. When that happens and you want to restore your system to what it was before, having a second backup not effected by any local backup issues can help save your bacon.

The big issue you have to get past here is time. It takes time to complete your initial backup. In fact, depending on how much data you have to back up, the initial backup can take – literally – months to complete depending on how fast your Internet connection is. It’s also going to take time to download a restore point should you need it, BUT this backup copy is likely to be safe, uncorrupted and virus-free. It should also be encrypted for your safety.

Some of the candidates you can consider include:

CrashPlan offers a free plan that will back up all of your data, both locally and offsite, and includes a rolling thirty days of online backup. Paid options include one computer for as little as $5 per month (or $60 per year) or two to ten computers for $14 per month (or $150 per year).

BackBlaze includes a free trial to get you going. After that it is $5 a month or $50 a year to back up a single computer. Each additional computer is another $5 per month. Backblaze offers a way to locate missing computers should one get lost or stolen. They will even provide you with an external hard drive version of your backup for a price.

Carbonite offers a basic plan for $60 per year, a plus plan for $100 per year, and a prime plan for $150 per year. Carbonite offers a 30% discount for multi-year subscriptions.

All of the above offer unlimited backups (except where noted) and 256bit AES or better encryption.

Cloud Sync

Dropbox is the most popular choice here, though you can use Onedrive, Google Drive or any other cloud storage service out there. Most of them come with a desktop client where you can easily drop your files into the folder and have them synced to the cloud.

Restore Plan

Determining the best way to restore your computer to the way it was depends on the extent of the loss that occurred. Common considerations include the following.

Cloud Sync Restore

If you’re rebuilding and either aren’t worried about restoring your apps or have a separate plan for reinstalling them, reinstall your cloud sync app(s) and bring down all your data. This should be your first restore consideration, as it can get everything back to the way it was in a matter of minutes or hours.

Onsite Restore

One of the easiest ways to get all of your apps back is to perform a local restore. This will bring back all of your apps as well as all of your data, but depending on the size of the restore set, this could take quite a while longer than just bringing your data down from your cloud sync app. However, this is likely the easiest way of putting your computer back to exactly the way it was prior to the disaster that caused the need for the restore in the first place.

Offsite Restore

This is a restore of last resort. When you need more than just your data back and your onsite restore is corrupted or damaged, offsite restore can get your computer back to the way it was. Depending on the service you chose, you can get your hard drive back by downloading an image, or you may be able to have a hard drive sent to you by your backup service. These options will take more time to complete and/or will likely cost you some additional money. Look to these options only when all other options fail to produce the results you need.


Sometimes you just need to wipe your computer and start over. For this it is important for you to have a backup strategy and a restore plan. Cloud sync is the easiest way to back up just your data. It’s also the easiest and quickest way to get it back.

Onsite backups are a good way to bring back not only your data, but all of your apps and computer configuration as well. Setting this up to run in the background so you don’t have to think about it is the best way to get this accomplished.

Offsite backups are a key element to your backup and restore strategies and insure that you always have a copy of your important data, regardless of any local issues like floods, fire or just plain hardware or hard drive failure. Setting this up to run in the background is the best way to get this accomplished but will likely take weeks or months to download it all over the Internet.

Making your computer like it was isn’t hard, but it does require preparation … and redundancy.

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A Good Night’s Sleep Could Help Vaccines Work Better

Feeling sleepy after getting a flu or COVID-19 vaccine? Go ahead and hit the hay. New research shows that getting a good night’s sleep around the time of your shots could be a boost for immunization. 

A review published in the journal Current Biology on March 13 found that adults who got less than six hours of sleep a night tended to produce fewer antibodies than those who got at least seven hours of sleep. The difference was on par with the decrease in antibodies two months after a brand new COVID jab. The authors didn’t specifically find data for the COVID shots, however—they combined and analyzed seven studies on influenza and hepatitis vaccinations to draw a broader conclusion on how rest benefits people’s immunity. 

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The studies in the review looked at shut-eye in a number of different ways: motion-detecting wristwatches, directly measuring sleep in a lab, or self-reported sleep. The authors only found an association between vaccine strength and sleep in the studies that tracked sleep with devices or in the lab. The duration of self-reported sleep didn’t seem to affect the level of antibodies, probably because survey data is often inaccurate. 

All in all, those who consistently slept for seven or more hours had higher levels of antibodies. There is a big caveat here, though: The effect was only significant in men, and much more variable in women. “We know from immunology studies that sex hormones influence the immune system,” coauthor Karine Spiegel, a research scientist at the French National Institute of Health and Medicine, said in a press release. “In women, immunity is influenced by the state of the menstrual cycle, the use of contraceptives, and by menopause and postmenopausal status, but unfortunately, none of the studies that we summarized had any data about sex hormone levels.”

Additionally, the negative impact of poor sleep on antibodies was mostly prevalent in 18- to 60-year-olds rather. Older populations, however, tend to get less sleep in general. 

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“When you see the variability in protection provided by the COVID-19 vaccines—people who have pre-existing conditions are less protected, men are less protected than women, and obese people are less protected than people who don’t have obesity,” Eve Van Cauter, professor emeritus of medicine at UChicago and senior author, said in a press release. “Those are all factors that an individual person has no control over, but you can modify your sleep.

Getting a good night’s sleep is beneficial for many reasons—from cardiac health to maintaining a balanced weight to keeping mental health in check. And unlike many other maladies, it’s something most individuals can change directly. So resting up before and after your next trip to the doctor or vaccine clinic is probably not a bad idea. 

“The link between sleep and vaccine effectiveness could be a major concern for people with irregular work schedules, especially for shift workers who typically have reduced sleep duration,” Van Cauter added. “This is something people should consider planning around, to ensure that they are getting enough sleep in the week before and after their vaccines.”

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