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Apple’s Services growth is likely to slow during the current quarter, say two separate analyst surveys.

Services revenue is going to be increasingly important to Apple at a time of flat iPhone sales. But while the market does expect Services to continue to grow, the rate of growth is expected to be dramatically slower in the March quarter …

A report on PED 3.0 cites its own analyst survey, together with one carried out by Visible Alpha.

Two analyst surveys have Apple’s March quarter Services growth slowing in Q2 2023.

Visible Alpha: $11.22 billion (up 18.1%)

Apple 3.0: $11.28 billion (up 21.3%)

By comparison, that revenue grew 31% in the same quarter last year.

Worse, writes Philip Elmer-DeWitt, the underlying growth will be lower still due to Apple recalculating the basis on which it accounts for Services revenue.

Starting in 2023, in connection with the adoption of the new revenue accounting standard, Apple will classify the amortization of the deferred value of Maps, Siri and free iCloud services, which are bundled in the sales price of iPhone, iPad, Mac and certain other products, in Services net sales. Historically, Apple classified the amortization of these amounts in Product net sales consistent with its management reporting framework. As a result, the 2023 net sales information has been reclassified to conform to the 2023 presentation.

What Apple is doing here is saying that each hardware sale includes access to some Services, and that in future it’s going to take some of the cash it gets from an iPhone, iPad or Mac and call it Services revenue.

There’s no cheating going on here: Apple will deduct that cash from the hardware revenues it reports. But it does mean that hardware will appear to do worse than it has in the past, and Services will appear to do better. So if the analyst estimates are correct, the underlying growth will be smaller than the numbers reported by Apple.

Indeed, the 21.3% growth expected by analysts in the PED 3.0 survey would be the equivalent of 14.6% in like-for-like terms. Or less than half the growth seen in the same quarter last year.

The WSJ reports very similar numbers.

Then there is the company’s vaunted services segment. This has been its best growth business recently, but could face new pressures this year due to a slowdown of mobile-game approvals in China along with pressure on AppleCare, which is typically driven by new device sales. A restatement of past segment revenues earlier this month also makes comparisons more challenging. Analysts now expect Apple’s service revenue to average 15% annual growth over the next four quarters. Under the old revenue numbers, that average would have been 22%.

The big question now is what will Apple offer as guidance for the current quarter? The WSJ believes that it may play safe this time.

Apple also may choose to be extra-cautious with its outlook, if only to reduce the chances of having to make another damaging pre-announcement.

AAPL has lost 30% of its market cap since its last earnings report in November, and was, despite a recent bounce, the worst-performing stock in the S&P 500 over the past three months.

Apple reports its holiday quarter earnings – and gives its March quarter guidance – tomorrow.

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Analysts Say Youtube Tv Is The Television Service Apple Should Have Built

AllianceBernstein analysts have suggested that the on-demand streaming subscription service YouTube TV is the television service Apple should have built.

They point to how YouTube has persuaded many to become cord-cutters, using the service to replace their cable subscription – and they present an interesting theory about why Apple has made such little progress with its own TV plans …

Business Insider has seen the report.

On Monday, the analysts released a witty and persuasive report applauding YouTube TV, Google’s challenger to cable television, for creating the kind of simplified and inexpensive service that viewers have long sought. One of their main conclusions though is that Apple positioned itself years ago to beat Google to market — Apple’s cofounder Steve Jobs promised not long before his death in 2011 that the company was near to remaking the TV experience. But while Apple sat idle, Google leapt ahead.

They note that Apple was reportedly close to launching its own 25+ channel service back in 2024, but three years later, that service still doesn’t exist, and very little visible progress has been made. So far, Apple has simply toyed with a few TV shows and documentaries as a bonus for Apple Music subscribers.

While Apple reportedly struggled to sign deals with networks, YouTube apparently had no difficulty in doing so.

YouTube TV debuted in February 2023 and over time has acquired all the top TV networks and many of the largest cable news and entertainment channels, including CNBC, CNN, AMC and FX. When it comes to sports, YouTube TV features ESPN, the MLB Network and NBC Sports.

AllianceBernstein analyst Toni Sacconaghi based some of his research on his own cord-cutting habits and YouTube TV subscription. He argues that YouTube TV now offers as many channels as some cable providers. According to him, YouTube TV wins in any kind of bang-for-the-buck contest.

He suggests that Apple may have felt the service wouldn’t be sufficiently profitable, or may have played hardball with networks and failed to do deals, but he thinks part of the issue may be the Cupertino company’s culture. In particular, that its famed perfectionism may be a hindrance in this case.

The suggestion is that kind of perfectionism is good when building consumer hardware, but bad for creating consumer services.

“YouTube TV was not hardware,” Sacconaghi wrote. “It was a service, and that meant it could be remotely updated, iterated upon, and constantly improved. And that’s exactly what Google did… so now they have the lead. The takeaway here? If Apple truly wishes to become a ‘services’ company someday, it might have to think differently about its product design philosophy and culture.”

Several 9to5Mac writers are big fans of YouTube TV, one saying that it’s ‘by far the best’ TV experience.

If AllianceBernstein is right, it would be ironic at a time when many feel that Apple is adopting the ‘start somewhere then iterate’ approach with both hardware like HomePod and services like Siri (the latter perhaps somewhat lacking in the iteration department).

If you’ve tried YouTube TV yourself, let us know what you think – along with your take on AllianceBernstein’s theory.

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High Pc Prices Hindering Industry Recovery, Analysts Say

Samsung has launched an $1400 ATIV Book 9 Plus laptop (shown above) equipped with Intel’s latest Haswell chip, but analysts said such sustained high prices for laptops and Ultrabooks could hinder the recovery of the PC market.

PC shipments are already in a steady decline with the growing adoption of tablets, and buyers are not yet willing to pay a premium for machines with Microsoft’s Windows 8, analysts said. Most of the new laptops with Haswell chips, including Toshiba’s latest Satellite laptops, are priced above $800, and buyers at this point are only willing to pay a premium for Apple products.

“The thought that you can sell a $1400 notebook is ridiculous. The mess is partly credited to Windows 8,” said Roger Kay, president and principal analyst at Endpoint Technologies Associates.

Most of the Haswell laptops are still priced at $800 or more, with a few exceptions, like Dell’s Inspiron 15R, which is priced at $599 after a $300 discount. Intel has said it hopes to bring the Ultrabook prices to under $600 by the end of this year, though the processor type in those laptops has not been specified. It is likely that sub-$600 Ultrabooks will have the older Intel Core processors code-named Ivy Bridge, as has happened in the past when other older processors were used in less-expensive Ultrabooks.

Laptop prices have stabilized and may even go up slightly because PC vendors are trying to position laptops as a premium product compared to tablets, said Mikako Kitagawa, a principal research analyst at Gartner.

“In general, many vendors stay away from the low-priced market and secure better margins on the mid- to high-end laptops,” Kitagawa said.

Back to school deals?

The back-to-school season usually results in a price drop for laptops, and some reasonable deals are available on laptops from companies like Acer, Asus, and Dell. But those have low-end processors from Intel or Advanced Micro Devices and, while those laptops are good for basic productivity and Internet activities, they are competing with cheaper tablets increasingly capable of handling those tasks, Kay said.

The premium Ultrabooks such as Samsung’s Ativ 9 Book Plus have high-resolution screens, solid-state drives and other high-end features, which are more expensive. Because such components can be expensive, companies try to upsell products for a higher market, Kay said.

But in a slumping PC market, it defies logic that companies are rolling out expensive Windows 8 laptops.

“In their bones they don’t get it,” Kay said. “They refuse to deal with the reality of what’s going on.”

At this point the margin pressure on PC makers is too high, and some of them don’t want to break their necks on pricing, said Charles King, principal analyst at Pund-IT.

Lower volume but higher price is OK with some PC makers, King said.

“Intel has been working both internally and with other component makers to bring unit price—touchscreens and other—to the point where OEMs can build and make a profit on PCs,” King said.

Intel has just started shipping its latest fourth-generation Core processors code-named Haswell. Until the chips start shipping in volume, there may not be a break in laptop pricing, King said.

What Is A Javascript Call() Method?

JavaScript call() method is used to call a function with another object as the first argument.

The call() method in JavaScript is a type of method that is used to write a function that can be used on different objects. The functionality of the call() method is almost similar to the apply() method. The only difference between these two methods is that, the apply() method can be invoked using an array as argument in case of many items, while in call() method, we individually pass every parameter separated instead of a list of all items.

The call() method can be used to call the function inside the JavaScript object using the parameter of another object.

Parameter − The first value passed to the call() method is the object whose property we wan to use inside the function of another object, while all the other parameters passed can either be global or other than the object.

Return Value − The value returned by the call method is the value or the statements written inside the function of the object on which we are using the call() method.


The following syntax will show you how to use the call() method in your code −

call( thisArguements, individualArguements);

In the above syntax, thisArguements refers to the object parameter that is passed inside it, while the individualArguements refers to the other parameters passed inside it.

Let us discuss and understand the working of the call() method in details by implementing them practically inside code examples −


Step 1 − In the first step, we will add two input elements in the HTML documents to get the input data from the user.

Step 3 − In this step, we will define a JavaScript object with some properties of initially empty values and another JavaScript object with a property contains a JavaScript function as value.

Step 4 − In the last step, we will define a JavaScript function which contains the whole logic from grabbing the input values from the user to display them on user screen using the call method on the object function.


The below example will explain everything about the call() method and the algorithm written above −

var result = document.getElementById(“result”); var userData = {name: ”, roll: ”}; var user = { data: function () { } } function display() { var enteredName = document.getElementById(‘inp1’).value; var enteredRoll = document.getElementById(‘inp2’).value; chúng tôi = enteredName; chúng tôi = enteredRoll; var ans =; }

In the above example, we have used the call() method to call the functional property data of the user object and pass another object userData as an value inside it.

Let us see one more code example in which we will pass more than one parameters to the call() method as the function defined inside the object will accept parameter.

Algorithm − The algorithm of this example and the above example is almost same. There will be some minor changes you need to perform as listed below −

Add two more input tags to the HTML document and grab their values inside the display() function.

Define the function of the data property of user object with parameters, so that it can accept them later at the call.

Pass the value of the newly added input elements entered by the user to the function call inside the call() method.


The below example will illustrates you the use of the call() method with more than one parameters as well as explain the above changes in the algorithm −

var result = document.getElementById(“result”); var userData = {name: ”, roll: ”} var user = { data: function (branch) { } } function display() { var enteredName = document.getElementById(‘inp1’).value; var enteredRoll = document.getElementById(‘inp2’).value; var enteredBranch = document.getElementById(‘inp3’).value; chúng tôi = enteredName; chúng tôi = enteredRoll; var ans =, enteredBranch); }

In the above example, we have passed the parameters other than the object individually that are accepted by the function of the data property of the user object.

In this article, we learned about the call() method in JavaScript in detail with the help of two different code examples. The examples, we discussed above both shows the use case of the call() method in two different scenarios.

Why Youtube Is Slow On Your Device (And How To Fix)

YouTube is packed with great content (including our own YouTube channel), but nothing is more irritating than constant buffering and slow-loading videos!

Since so many different things have to happen before you see your favorite YouTube content, the culprit behind your YouTube video buffering could be any number of items. If you’re only seeing that little spinning circle, try one of these tips to fix YouTube slow down.

Table of Contents

Run An Internet Speed Test

Is the problem with YouTube specifically, or is your entire connection slow? Run an internet speed test to see if you’re getting a fast enough connection to the YouTube servers.

Update Your App or Browser

Before you do anything else, update your browser or the YouTube app, depending on which one you’re using. It’s not likely that this is the problem, but it’s best to eliminate software bugs or outdated software from the list of issues at the start.

So update your copy of Chrome, Firefox, or whichever browser you prefer, or check your device’s app store to see if a YouTube app update is available.

You’re Using a VPN or Proxy

If you’re using a VPN or proxy server, all YouTube video data flows through that service before getting to you. This makes it more likely that a data bottleneck could happen along the line.

Simply turn your VPN or proxy off temporarily to see if the YouTube issue resolves itself. If the problem goes away with the VPN off, try changing your VPN to a different server. Alternatively, if you don’t care about hiding your YouTube activity, you could use split-tunnelling to exempt your YouTube traffic from the VPN.

Your ISP Is Throttling YouTube

Your Internet Service Provider (ISP) can’t see what data you’re sending to a website that uses HTTPS, but it can tell which sites you’re visiting and the type of data you’re sending and receiving. For example, it knows whether you’re watching streaming video or using torrent technology.

Your ISP can choose to reduce the connection speed at which that traffic runs to whatever rate it prefers. This is referred to as “throttling” by many users, but the correct term is actually “shaping”. Throttling happens when the entire connection is slowed down for all traffic, but when internet speed limits are imposed only on some types of traffic, it’s called shaping.

Often shaping policies will be included in the fine print of your agreement with your provider, but it may happen without your express knowledge. The easiest way to check whether your YouTube traffic is shaped is by using a VPN. Unless your ISP shapes all VPN traffic (which is a rare possibility), you should see a performance improvement. Just be sure to choose a VPN server close to your physical location for the best performance.

There’s an Issue With the CDN

Streaming content from sites like YouTube doesn’t all come from a single central YouTube server. Instead, a network of servers worldwide is known as a CDN or Content Delivery Network. If the connection between you and the CDN is having problems for some reason, then your YouTube video could have loading issues.

You can use a VPN by switching to a server outside your local CDN’s region to get around this issue. This is an excellent way to resolve a temporary issue with your local CDN. However, if the problem is long-term (or your ISP throttles those specific CDNs), you can add a rule to your Windows firewall from the Command Prompt.


Command Prompt

as administrator.

Enter the following command:

This blocks the IP address ranges used by YouTube’s CDNs. You can undo this by typing the following into Command Prompt:

Press Enter and the rule should be removed. You can change the rule name to anything you like.

Video Quality Is Set Too High

YouTube will default your video streaming quality to the best level your internet connection and display can handle. For example, if you’re using a 1440p screen, it will go to 1440p if your bandwidth allows for it. At least, this is how YouTube behaves on desktop browsers on Mac, Windows, or Linux.

Sometimes YouTube can get it wrong, or perhaps you’ve just manually set the quality of your stream higher than your internet connection can handle. In which case, tap the three dots in the Android or iOS app, and then Quality to change to something lower quality.

If you’re using a desktop browser, select the gear icon in the player window to access Quality Settings.

Clear the Browser Cache

Web browsers have temporary data caches where the information you frequently request from the web is stored. Usually, this speeds up your browsing experience tremendously, but caches can become corrupt or otherwise cause problems.

You should manually clear data from your browser’s cache to ensure you’re not seeing YouTube buffering because of cache issues. The exact way to do this differs depending on your browser, so check out How To Clear The Cache Of Any Web Browser for detailed instructions. With a clear cache, you can at least rule this one out as the cause of your issues. Clearing your browser cache does not clear browsing data, so you don’t have to worry about wiping your browsing history.

Wi-Fi Signal Problems

If you’re using Wi-Fi, there’s a good chance you’re getting poor YouTube performance because you’re having signal issues. Wi-Fi signal bars can also be deceptive here since you may have high signal strength but also suffer interference.

Try moving to a location close to your router and see if the problem is resolved. If YouTube has better loading times when you’re close to the router, you’ll want to look at ways to boost a weak Wi-Fi signal.

Change Your DNS Server

The DNS or Domain Name System is the phonebook of the internet. When you type in an address such as chúng tôi it goes to a DNS server which translates that address into an IP address.

If the DNS is slow or has problems, that will affect how quickly pages load or even prevent them from loading in the first place. Google (which owns YouTube) has its DNS servers at and, so try changing your DNS servers to something other than your ISP’s default offering.

Use the Download Feature

If you’re a YouTube Premium subscriber, you can download a YouTube video instead of streaming it. If you’re willing to wait a few minutes, you can use this download feature to get an offline video copy, thus ensuring perfect playback.

You can also use an online YouTube video downloading site, but keep in mind that this is against YouTube’s terms of service. Although these services are anonymous, there’s no serious risk of being banned.

Remove Ads

If you don’t want to subscribe to the paid service, you can use ad-blocking software or plugins.

You Accidentally Changed Playback Speed

When most people search for “YouTube running slow,” we assume that the service is buffering or lags. However, there’s a chance you mean that your YouTube video is playing slowly!

If that’s happening, you’ve probably accidentally set the playback speed to less than “Normal.” If you’re using a desktop browser like Google Chrome, select the cog icon in the player window, select Playback speed, and change it to Normal.

Select the three dots in the Android or iOS app and change Playback Speed.

An Important Note on YouTube and Adobe Flash

If you still have Flash installed on your Microsoft Windows PC, you’ll want to update Windows to remove it or manually disable Flash, since it now represents a security risk.

How To Reset Graphics Driver? 2023 Method

“When a display driver crashes, Windows will recover it by reinitializing the display driver.  Is there a way to do this manually, if my display becomes corrupted?”

Even machines need rest. While working for long hours, you must have noticed that the display sometimes does not work as smoothly as you would expect it to be. You can face a multitude of errors like a frozen screen, a black screen, irresponsive peripherals etc.

All these are an indication that there is some error in your graphics card driver. Windows 10 and 11 is intuitive in these situations, and it resets the drivers on its own. However, these resets often work very late, and users may want to reset their graphics drivers manually before Windows 10 and 11 does it on its own. Here I shall discuss how to reset graphics driver.

Also, if Nvidia GeForce Experience fails to install on your PC, then read go through the solutions provided here.

We have shown a VIDEO walk through at the end of the post for easy solution.

Whenever your graphics driver faces some serious issue, Windows 10 and 11 automatically resets the driver to reinitialize it and fix the problem.  

Windows, due to its many flaws, sometimes may not reset the graphics driver when such an issue appears.  

So, manually resetting the graphics drivers will help you fix the issue as Windows is not doing it automatically. 

Restarting and resetting the graphics driver are the same thing, and here we have shown how you can do it. 

Windows 10 and 11 usually detects that the driver has gone unresponsive, and will not function properly. Therefore, it restarts the driver. You will see that the PC freezes and your screen go black, and after a beep, the PC comes back to life normally.

You do not have to wait for your operating system to detect an error, as you can manually restart your driver. Resetting the graphics driver will reinitialize the driver, which should fix this problem.

A simple reset should free up any locked cache data, resulting in smooth performance of your device. This is useful while you are working long hours, and see your system halt occasionally.

This method seems safe, and will not cause any harm to your device is used sparsely. The custom settings are left untouched which means everything should work exactly as it did before you reset the device.

If your graphics card has some other issues, there is a chance that something else may go wrong too. As such there is no certain way to determine how your PC may react if there are some issues with your hardware.

In addition, you may want to refrain from using this keyboard shortcut while there is some unsaved work on your desktop. Also, do not use this shortcut repeatedly, as you may end up bricking your system. Only use this Windows 10 restart graphics driver shortcut when you see your PC choking and in emergencies.

If your display drivers have gone corrupt, a simple reset may not solve your error easily. Resetting the graphics driver only reinitializes the graphics card, so it cannot fix a corrupted graphics driver.

You will need to reinstall the latest graphics drivers. To do that, you may follow these steps:

Open a Run dialog by pressing Win + R shortcut. Type chúng tôi and press Enter.

Restart the computer.

Windows should install the drivers required upon restart. Head over to Update section in the Settings app.

If somehow Windows does not download the latest drivers, you can visit the manufacturer’s site and download the latest drivers from there.

If the freezing persists after restarting the Graphics driver, then try updating your Windows. Updating Windows can patch any bugs responsible for the freezing. Here is how you can update your Windows:

Press the Windows + I keys to open the Settings.

Wait for the update to finish and restart your PC.

Another thing you can try in order to fix the freezing is update the Graphics driver. If resetting graphics drivers does not fix the freezing, then updating can fix it by patching the responsible bug.

Updating graphics drivers is easy and here is how you can do it:

Press the Windows + R keys to open the Run Command box.

Type chúng tôi and press Enter to open Device Manager.

Select the Update Driver option.

Wait for Windows to find and update the driver.

Once the drivers are up to date, restart your PC. After your PC restarts, the freezing should fix.

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