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Apex Legends is a great game without any doubt. It’s been played and loved by many. However, one can not shy away from the fact that it’s sprinkled with a lot of errors. In this article, we are going to talk about Apex Legends error codes and how to fix them. We will be seeing all the major error codes and messages that one can see while playing Apex Legends. So, without wasting any time, let us hop into it.

How do I fix error code on Apex Legends?

Before fixing the error code, you need to know what error code you are facing. There are a lot of error codes and messages one can face while playing or installing Apex Legends. That is why it is important to find solutions for your error. We have mentioned all the common error codes one can face while playing Apex Legends. So, first of all, study the error message properly and see which error code you are facing. Then, check solutions for that error.

Apex Legends error codes

The following are some of the most common Apex Legends error codes.

Apex Legends Error Code: 23

Apex Legends Error Code: 100

Apex Legends Error Code: 4294967287

Apex Legends won’t launch or crashing

Apex Legends Error Code: CE-34878-0

Apex Legends Error Code: DXGI_ERROR_DEVICE_HUNG

Apex Legends Code:Leaf, Code:Net, Code:Wheel

Apex Legends Error Code: Party Leader Quit or Party Not Ready

Apex Legends Error Code: Shoe

Let us troubleshoot them.

1] Apex Legends Error Code: 23

Error Code: 23 comes with Game Client encountered an application error. If you are seeing this error, try the following solutions to resolve the issue.

Check your Accounts: You need to make sure that your EA Account and Origin Profile has the same language, country, and region.

Rollback drivers: For some users, rolling back the driver to the previous version worked. You can also try to roll back your recently updated driver and see if the issue persists.

Update all the drivers: To update your drivers, you can visit the manufacturer’s website or download a free driver update software

Also Check: 

2] Apex Legends Error Code: 100

If you are unable to complete sign in and are seeing error code 100, check if the server of Origin and Apex Legends is down. You can try a free down detector to know your server status. If the server is down or under maintenance, the only thing you can do is wait for the issue to be resolved. Also make sure that the date, time, and timezone of your platform and EA account are the same.

3] Apex Legends Error Code: 4294967287

When installing Apex Legends on a Windows computer, many users are seeing the following error message along with the error code in question.

Error: A redistributable package (DirectX) was not installed successfully. Setup cannot continue.

Error code: 4294967287 seems like it is related to DirectX. But in reality, DirectX is the only cause of this issue. Following are some of the solutions to resolve the issue.

Download and install the latest version of DirectX.

Troubleshoot in Clean Boot and find out the culprit.

Disable all antivirus programs such as Avast, and Norton before installing the game.

Redownload the installation package and retry.

Hopefully, these solutions will do the trick for you.

4] Apex Legends won’t launch or crashing

If Apex Legends is crashing on your computer with some keywords such as apex_crash.txt or chúng tôi then try repairing the game files using Origin launcher. Following are the steps to do the same.

Launch Origin.

Go to the My Game Library tab and select Apex Legend.

If that doesn’t work, then check our guide on what to do if Apex Legends won’t open.

5] Apex Legends Error Code: CE-34878-0 6]  Apex Legends Error Code: DXGI_ERROR_DEVICE_HUNG

DXGI_ERROR_DEVICE_HUNG comes with the following error message.

DXGI_ERROR_DEVICE_HUNG The applications device failed due to badly formed commands snt by the application. This is an design-time issue that should be investigated and fixed.

To fix it, you need to update your Graphics Drivers. Usually, it’s a dedicated GPU that’s causing the problem such as NVIDIA or AMD. However, we would recommend you update both integrated and dedicated drivers.

7] Apex Legends Code:Leaf, Code:Net, Code:Wheel

All the three error codes in question occur because of some sort of network issue. Following are the solutions you can try to resolve.

Restart your router and modem.

Reboot your computer.

Try ethernet cable.

Release IP, Reset Winsock, Flush DNS

Hopefully, this will do the trick for you.

8] Apex Legends Out of Sync with server

9] Apex Legends Error Code: Party Leader Quit or Party Not Ready

If Apex Legends says “Party Leader Quit” or “Party Not Ready”, then try the following solutions and see if they work. Since the issue is nothing more than a glitch, the solutions are pretty basic.

Leave the party and retry joining.

Create another party and ask others to join.

Go to Main Menu and then to lobby and retry.

Switch Play Apex to Training and then back to Pay Apex.

This should do the job for you.

9] Apex Legends Error Code: Shoe

Error Code: Show in Apex Legends can be caused by various things. One would argue that reinstalling the game is the best option in this case, but according to me, you need to execute some solutions and see if they work. Try out the following solutions and see if they help in resolving the problem.

Go to Settings and lower the Video Memory.

Restart your network devices.

Reset your network.

These solutions should resolve the issue for you.

What are the Apex Legends codes?

Some other Apex Legends issues:

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How To Convert Incoming Voice Chat To Text In Apex Legends.

If you have recently switched from your usual battle royale game to Apex Legends, you’ve probably jumped straight into the action without exploring some of the games more in-depth features. If so, make sure you take a few minutes to appreciate some of the games finer details, like the ability to convert all voice chat into text.

How to Use an Android Device as a Wireless Microphone on Windows 10.

For anyone who is a big fan of battle royale games like PUBG, Fortnite, and more recently Black Ops 4. Apex Legends manages to take some of the best aspects of each and merge them with an Overwatch inspired character system. Although this sounds a little strange from a written perspective, the results are surprisingly fun and if you’ve already logged a ton of hours in-game, you know exactly what we mean.

As well as a completely unique take on battle royale, Apex Legends has quite a few interesting quality of life features that you’ll find yourself using throughout the game. The Ping system is by far the most useful, so useful in fact that you’ll notice most players don’t even bother using voice chat anymore. That being said, there are still plenty of occasions voice chat still comes in handy, especially as the zone starts to shrink into really close quarters combat.

Another interesting feature of Apex Legends that hasn’t got as much attention as it should is voice to text conversion. With this enabled any spoken content and commands are instantly converted to text and displayed in-game via the text chat interface. Surprisingly it’s also extremely accurate and hasn’t managed to completely misinterpret anything I’ve spoken… So far. Although this feature probably isn’t for everyone, there are a lot of people who will find it interesting, so follow along as we show you how to enable it.  

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How Do You Convert Incoming Voice Chat to Text in Apex Legends? (Voice to Text)

Another Suggestion While You Have Apex Legends Open.

Make sure you check out the following Apex Legends article which will show you how to disable the games default setting that shares usage data and system information with EA. Although this information is very helpful for optimizing the game early on, it is something you are probably going to want to disable as soon as possible.

How to Disable Data Collection in Apex Legends. (Apex Legends Usage Sharing)

The 12 Best Characters In Apex Legends

Struggling to choose the best characters in Apex Legends? You can use this guide to learn the abilities, playstyles, and ranking for each legend in the game.

Think of this as the ultimate guide for getting to grips with the characters and deciding who you want to play.

Table of Contents

Apex Legends Season 4 Character Tier List

As of Season 4, Apex Legends has 12 different characters. We’ve listed them based on their abilities, gameplay potential, and their hitbox size.


Wraith is amongst the best characters in Apex Legends. She has everything going for her. Wraith is a legend with a range of skills perfect for positioning. Wraith also has the smallest hitbox in the game, making her very hard to hit.

What Are Wraith’s Abilities?

Into The Void: Allows her to disappear from sight. She cannot take damage during this time, but a trail of light will follow her position.

Dimensional Rift: Lets her create two portals that link together. It’s perfect for escaping dangerous situations.

Low profile perk: Because of her small hitbox, Wraith takes 5% extra damage.

What Playstyle is Suited For Wraith Players?

Wraith’s abilities offer great escape opportunities, making her a great legend for aggressive players.


Pathfinder is one of the best characters in Apex Legends for many of the same reasons as Wraith. Pathfinder has a tactical ability focused on personal mobility and an ultimate ability focused on moving teammates quickly. Pathfinder also has a very small hitbox.

What Are Pathfinder’s Abilities?

Insider Knowledge: Allows Pathfinder to scan survey beacons in the world to reveal the next ring’s location.

Grappling Hook: Can fling Pathfinder in any direction. This ability can be mastered and it’s the best movement ability in Apex Legends.

Zipline Gun: Can create a large zipline that anybody can travel on at increased speed, perfect for entering or escaping fights.

Due to his small hitbox, Pathfinder also has the low profile perk.

What Playstyle is Suited For Pathfinder Players?

Pathfinder is an excellent legend for anyone that wants to play aggressively. You can push into a fight with your ultimate and use your grapple at any time to escape, and you’ll never have to worry about somebody catching up with you.


Gibraltar is the third best character in Apex Legends, despite having the biggest hitbox. This is thanks to the gun shield that blocks most of his upper body when he aims down sights. Gibraltar’s healing and protection abilities also make him a strong team player.

What Are Gibraltar’s Abilities?

Gun Shield: Creates a shield around his upper body when aiming down sights. The shield can block 50 damage.

Dome of Protection: Gibraltar can place a dome shield that can block all damage. Players in the dome shield can use healing items 25% faster and Gibraltar can revive teammates in the dome shield 25% faster.

Defensive Bombardment: An air strike will fall on your position. The missiles from the airstrike will deal 40 damage each.

Fortified Perk: Gibralter takes 15% less damage and cannot be slowed by bullets when shot at like other legends.

What Playstyle is Suited For Gibraltar Players?

Gibraltar is a great legend for players that want to support their team. But don’t get it wrong, Gibraltar is excellent for playing aggressively too.


Wattson is another legend with a small hitbox, but she also has great abilities for setting up camp. She’s the perfect defensive legend.

What Are Wattson’s Abilities?

Spark of Genius: Allows her to fill her ultimate charge with just one ultimate accelerant. She can also get faster tactical recharge time when standing near her ultimate.

Perimeter Security. Wattson can place fence poles that, when placed together, will create an electric fence. Enemies that walk through the fence will take damage and slow.

Interception Pylon: Wattson can place a pylon down that can destroy any incoming ordnance and will repair shields slowly over time.

Wattson also has the low profile perk.

What Playstyle is Suited For Wattson Players?

Wattson is the perfect legend for those who like to play defensively. She’s an excellent option for ranked players because she can hold down areas well.


Bangalore has abilities that give her great positioning power and fast movement. She also has a small hitbox, but doesn’t have the low profile perk.

What Are Bangalore’s Abilities?

Double Time: Boosts her speed by 30% for a short time every time bullets land near her.

Smoke Launcher: Can be used to cloud an area with smoke. You get two charges and each charge takes 30 seconds to replenish.

Rolling Thunder: Can call in an artillery strike. It blankets an area with missiles that slowly explode. It’s great for repositioning in dangerous fights.

What Playstyle is Suited For Bangalore Players?

Bangalore is a great legend for those who like to outplay enemies with smart repositioning. You can use all of her abilities to quickly confuse enemies and start an attack from another position.


Lifeline is a legend perfect for supporting players. She has great healing abilities and a loot packed airdrop as her ultimate. Unfortunately, Lifeline lacks any repositioning or defensive abilities, making her weaker than most other legends ranked above her.

What Are Lifeline’s Abilities?

Combat Medic: Allows her to revive teammates 25% faster. When reviving, a shield wall will appear in the direction she’s facing. Lifeline can also personally use healing items 25% faster.

D.O.C Heal Drone: Allows Lifeline to place a small drone that can heal Lifeline and her teammates when standing nearby.

Care Package: Allows Lifeline to drop a care package. It will have three utility or healing items inside.

Lifeline also has the 5% increased damage low profile perk.

What Playstyle is Suited For Lifeline Players?

Lifeline is a great legend for those who want to support their team. Unfortunately, many of Lifeline’s perks can be found on Gibraltar, potentially making him a better option for the same role.


Crypto is a unique legend with powerful recon skills. You can use Crypto to control a drone that can be used for checking an area for players.

What Are Crypto’s Abilities?

Neurolink: Allows Crypto and his teammates to see the outline of players that are scanned by his drone.

Surveillance Drone: Allows Crypto to control a drone that can survey the area. The drone will scan enemies within 30 meters.

Drone EMP: Will charge up a large EMP blast that will do 50 shield damage, slow enemies, and disable traps.

What Playstyle is Suited For Crypto Players?

Crypto is perfect for those who like preparing a more tactical approach before engaging in a fight. Because Crypto has to stay still when activating his drone, he can be very vulnerable. You need good situational awareness to use Crypto successfully. 


Bloodhound is another recon legend, like Crypto, but tracking skills are far more active. Use Bloodhound to scout areas and know exactly where people are before starting a fight.

What Are Bloodhound’s Abilities?

Tracker: Will leave clues such as player footsteps on your screen.

Eye Of The Allfather: Will briefly reveal enemies, traps and clues within a large radius in front of Bloodhound. All enemies are tracked through walls too.

Beast Of The Hunt: All players are highlighted, your vision goes dark, and you can move 30% faster for 35 seconds. If you knock down a player during your ultimate, the timer will increase by 5 seconds.

What Playstyle is Suited For Bloodhound Players?

Bloodhound is excellent for hunting down players, so they’re an excellent pick for those who struggle to understand the environment through other, more subtle clues. 


Caustic is a great defensive legend that’s hard to master. While not considered amongst the best characters in Apex Legends, he can definitely outplay other legends with some practice.

What Are Caustic’s Abilities?

Nox Vision: Allows Caustic to see the outlines of any enemies that move through Caustic’s gas.

Nox Gas Trap: Allows Caustic to place up to 6 gas canisters that automatically release gas when an enemy is nearby or when shot.

Nox Gas Grenade: Allows Caustic to throw a grenade that blooms into a large area of gas at the location thrown.

All of Caustic’s gas damage stacks over time, and only deals directly to health, ignoring shields. Caustic also has the fortified perk, which means 15% less incoming damage and no slows from bullets.

What Playstyle is Suited For Caustic Players?

Caustic is a powerful defensive legend, but he takes a lot of skill to master. He’s suited for those who have patience but want to master a character that can force one versus one fights against players with his gas.


Octane is a legend that makes us believe he can move fast, but those abilities put him in danger. Octane may be a fun legend to play, but he isn’t viable competitively. 

What Are Octane’s Abilities?

Swift Mend: Allows Octane to gradually regain health over time when not taking damage.

Stim: Allows Octane to move 30% faster for 6 seconds. The stim costs 10 health to use, but it can be used every two seconds. Sounds fun, but Pathfinder’s grapple is still faster, and Bloodhound’s ultimate moves at the same speed with no risk to health.

Launch Pad: Deploys a jump pad that can launch players in the air. This ability can be good for getting to high places.

What Playstyle is Suited For Octane Players?

Octane is a legend that’s there for those who want to recklessly push fights, have fun, and not worry about the consequences. There are better legends that fit this role, so consider Pathfinder or Bloodhound before taking Octane.


Mirage is a trickster who can create clones of himself to confuse enemies or use holo technology to hide. Unfortunately, Mirage’s abilities only work when others are fooled, making him difficult to use against experienced players.

What Are Mirage’s Abilities?

Encore!: With this, you will go invisible for 5 seconds and create a fake decoy of yourself when you get knocked down.

Psyche Out: Will send a decoy of yourself in the direction you point.

Vanishing Act: Will make a ring of decoys appear on your position and you’ll also go invisible.

What Playstyle is Suited For Mirage Players?

Mirage is great for those who just want a bit of fun with his trickster themed abilities. He’s not particularly useful for the team and lacks any mobility.


Revenant may be the newest character in Apex Legends, but he has a big hitbox problem, making him easy to hit. His abilities offer some potential for flanking unaware players, but they need serious work before Revenant can rank higher.

What Are Revenant’s Abilities?

Stalker: Allows Revenant to climb walls higher and crouch walk higher. You are almost completely silent when crouch walking.Silence: Allows Revenant to throw a device that can damage players and disable their abilities for 10 seconds.

Death Totem: Lets Revenant place a totem. When a player activates the totem, they will enter shadow mode. In this mode, you’ll only take health damage. If all of your health damage depletes, you’ll appear back at the totem.

What Playstyle is Suited For Revenant?

Revenant is great for players who want to sneak up on their enemies or set up calculating flanks. There’s no other legend like Revenant, but you should be aware of his flaws before playing him.


10 Common Computer Problems & How To Properly Fix Them

10 Common Computer Problems & How to Properly Fix Them Resolve the most common computer problems




You will get the most common PC errors and their solutions in this guide to resolve the problem quickly.



To fix Windows PC system issues, you will need a dedicated tool

Fortect is a tool that does not simply cleans up your PC, but has a repository with several millions of Windows System files stored in their initial version. When your PC encounters a problem, Fortect will fix it for you, by replacing bad files with fresh versions. To fix your current PC issue, here are the steps you need to take:

Download Fortect and install it on your PC.

Start the tool’s scanning process to look for corrupt files that are the source of your problem

Fortect has been downloaded by


readers this month.

When using a computer, you will come across multiple common problems that we have covered extensively on our website. However, some common issues are quickly fixable.

This guide will give you a list of solutions that will help you with your query about a computer not working properly. Let us get right through the solutions.

What kind of problems I could encounter with my PC?

You will come across multiple issues on your computer while using it. Some of the most common problems where your computer will not work properly are listed below:

The computer won’t start – Some underlying glitch or corrupt system file could cause the computer to not start.

PC overheating – If multiple apps or services are running in the background, then your PC will start overheating.

No network – Wi-Fi drivers if not updated then it could cause your PC to not connect to the internet and you won’t able to download or do anything on the internet.

The computer is slow – Virus infection, storage full, and corrupt registry files can slow down your computer and it won’t operate normally.

The screen is frozen or apps freeze – Corrupt system or program files can cause this type of problem and freeze your screen or the app that you are using.

Strange noises – If you are hearing strange noises on your PC, then it is a sign of hardware malfunction or some broken parts.

These are some of the common problems that will prevent your computer from working normally. Let us now take a look at the other common problems and their solutions to fix them.

How can I fix my computer if it is not working properly? 1. PC overheating

Terminating the processes that are consuming your CPU resources could help prevent overheating issues on your PC. You might as well go ahead and uninstall the program from your PC and download an alternate app.

However, this is just one of the different solutions that you can try to fix the PC overheating issue. For more solutions, you should check out our guide on how to fix overheating issues on Windows 11.

2. Restarting issues

One of the most common problems reported by our readers is that their PCs keep rebooting after installing Windows OS or any program. The main reason this could happen is because your PC doesn’t have enough RAM or there are some driver compatibility issues.

You can also fix this issue by updating drivers on your PC or uninstall the programs that you think are causing problems.

Another popular solution is to restart your PC in Safe Mode and load only essential services and drivers. Finally, if nothing works, then you may have to reset your PC.

3. Network issues

One of the common problems in our list of solutions for a computer not working properly is network or Wi-Fi connectivity issues.

To fix this issue, you can first try restarting your PC, as this could be a temporary glitch. Second, you should try out restarting the router, re-plugging the ethernet cable, or disabling the Firewall to check if that was blocking your connection.

4. BSoD error

The Blue Screen of Death error is a very common and frustrating error. This could pop up randomly and it may take a lot of time to resolve.

The BSoD error usually happens when a driver stops responding, there are driver compatibility issues, application crashes, etc.

BSoD errorMeaning0x0000004EThe system files are corruptWdfilter.sysSome underlying issues with the Windows Defender Firewall0xc0000001There is a problem with the boot sector0x0000011AFaulty or incompatible drivers

BSoD errors usually are sorted out by restarting your computer. However, some types of errors require you to tweak your PC at the system level, and for that, we have a lot of resources on how you can fix different BSoD errors. You should definitely check it out.

Windows update lets you get the latest features and bug fixes on your PC so that you do not come across any other issues.

However, there are times when you won’t be able to update your PC. Often Windows Update fails to work properly and leaves you with an outdated version. This could cause multiple issues, as your security patches are the latest, or you could face driver compatibility issues.

You can resolve some of the Windows update errors by simply running the Windows update troubleshooter.

Some of the popular Windows update issues are listed below:

Windows Update errorMeaning0x80072EE4Important services aren’t running0x800703e6Some issues with the server or the update client is faulty0x800f0986Presence of corrupt system files0x80080008Corrupt system files are preventing the Windows update0x80242ffThe software is conflicting0x80096002Program compatibility issue0x800f0823Corrupt Windows update components

6. USB port not working

Often you will find the USB port on your PC not working, and you might be wondering if the USB port is fried. However, Windows OS is smart and there is a power-saving feature known as USB selective suspend setting.

This setting basically suspends unused or idle USB ports on your PC to conserve power. Simply disable it as shown above and your USB ports will run back again. For some other solutions, we would suggest you check out our guide on how to fix USB ports.

7. Bluetooth not working

Bluetooth is one of the most used features, at least today since it not only lets you transfer files to and fro, but you can connect your wireless devices to your computer.

Expert tip:

There are plenty of reasons why your Bluetooth isn’t working fine. Most of these Bluetooth issues can be resolved by running the troubleshooter or by updating your Bluetooth drivers.

Often these simple solutions won’t help resolve the problem. Sometimes you are required to fix the corrupt system files or even get the Windows OS reinstalled.

Some of the most common Bluetooth errors are:

8. PC beeps or makes strange noises

You will hear static noise or beep from your PC if the drivers are outdated or there is a hardware malfunction. Problematic hardware if used for a long time can prove to be fatal as it can destroy other associated parts on your PC.

Such strange noises can also occur if your PC has the wrong power settings, or the CPU isn’t getting enough resources to do its job.

You can also check out our dedicated guide on how to get rid of background noises on PC and apply the other solutions to resolve the problem.

In case the solutions did not help, you should get your PC checked at an authorized service center and get the parts replaced to fix your PC or probably it is time for you to switch over to a new PC.

9. Slow performance

Over a period of time, your PC performance will not feel as it was when you got it brand new. This could be because of various reasons such as storage fill, virus attacks, system files missing, outdated operating systems, etc.

The slow performance issue isn’t associated with a particular version of Windows, but even with the latest and upgraded Windows 11 as well. But you should avoid using an older version of the OS, as program compatibility issues can creep in and slow down the system performance.

In order to fix the slow performance issue on your Windows PC and fix the computer not working properly problem, you should apply the solutions in our guide and get your PC fixed.

10. High CPU usage issue

One of the most common issues that people come across is the high CPU usage issue. Because of this problem, your PC won’t perform optimally and several programs will crash because of inadequate resources.

Disabling background apps will surely help as it terminates all the applications from running right after your PC boots up, which could consume more of your CPU resources.

However, there are other solutions that can help you resolve the problem and for that, you should check out our guide on how to stop or fix Windows 11 high CPU usage.

11. Battery life issues (Bonus)

Windows 11 users have complained that after upgrading their PCs, the battery life of their computers has fallen down drastically.

While this is a specific issue, other versions of Windows are also susceptible to battery life issues. So, if you are experiencing battery life issues with your version of Windows, it could be because some important system files might be missing, or there could be some issues with your battery itself.

A newer version of the Windows update could also be the reason because a bug could also cause battery drain. Moreover, you should check the battery’s health to check the main cause of the problem.

That is it from us in this guide. Of course, this list isn’t complete and there are other common problems that could be a part of our computer not working properly list, but the above are some of the main issues that people encounter on their PCs.

If the icons are no longer showing in the taskbar, then you can apply the solutions in our guide and also restore the missing desktop icons.

For users experiencing log-in issues, you should read our guide on how you can fix corrupt user-profiles and fix damaged registry keys that will fix the log-in issues.

You will also come across stuttering in games, low FPS issues, and some gaming features unavailable while playing games. This can be easily resolved by applying the solutions in our guide.

Still experiencing issues?

Was this page helpful?


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Powershell Arrays: How To Create And Use Them

Variables are the most basic data structure in any type of coding. But single variables are hardly sufficient for most purposes, especially when dealing with more complex algorithms.

That’s where arrays come in. Be it C++ or Python, arrays are present in every programming language in some form. But what about Windows PowerShell? How do PowerShell arrays work? How do you use them? What is their syntax? Let’s find out.

Table of Contents

PowerShell Arrays 101

Simply speaking, an array is just a structured collection of variables. The idea is to eliminate the hassle of keeping track of dozens of names by collapsing related variables into a numbered set.

In PowerShell, you can create a variable by prepending the $ symbol to a variable name. For example:

$prime = 13

$name = “Levin”

Now to create a new array, simply assign multiple values to the same variable, separated by commas. Like this:

$week = “Monday”, “Tuesday”, “Wednesday”, “Thursday”, “Friday”, “Saturday”, “Sunday”

Some people prefer to explicitly cast a variable into an array to avoid confusion, though that isn’t necessary. To do this, put the values into parentheses prefaced with the @ symbol.

$week = @(“Monday”, “Tuesday”, “Wednesday”, “Thursday”, “Friday”, “Saturday”, “Sunday”)

This usually comes in handy when trying to put the output of other commands into an array, where you cannot manually write them in the correct format.

Creating an Array

We’ve already seen the most common method of creating an array. But depending on the situation, there are other ways that might be more suitable. For example, if you want to create an array that contains a range of numbers, you can use the range operator:

$digits = (0..9)

This will create an array of all the ten digits from zero to nine. You can also initialize an empty array, in case you just want a place to store values later.

$values = @()

Multiple arrays can even be nested into one another, though this type of usage can get confusing very fast.

By default an array can store any variable type, be it numbers, strings, or a mix of both. But you can explicitly define a type in case you want to limit the values put in it. For example:

[int[]] $numbers = 2,3,4,5

This way, the array can only hold integers. Attempting to assign any other type of value to it will return an error. This can be useful to prevent simple errors for arrays exclusively working with numeric values, since entering a string into a variable to be used in calculations will create issues.

Accessing Arrays

So far we have seen multiple methods for creating arrays containing various types of data. But how do you go about accessing this data?

PowerShell arrays use the same format used by other programming languages. Each array variable can be accessed by its index number. For example:

$var = $numbers[5]

This will copy the value stored in the index five of the $numbers array in the $var variable. Note that array indices start counting from 0, so the first item is accessed with zero.

If we were to output this, for example:


We will get Wednesday, not Tuesday.

You can use this same method to modify these values as well. For example, the following command will change the second element of the array to zero:

$numbers[1] = 0

You can also add more elements to an existing array instead of changing the values of current entries just by adding them like an arithmetic expression.

$names += “Johny”

This method can be used to add multiple entries at once too, or even entire arrays.

$names += “Charlie, Liam, Teresa”

$names += $surnames

The comma-separated method holds for accessing multiple array elements too. Entering this, for example, stores the first five elements of $days in $weekdays.

$weekdays = $days[0,1,2,3,4]

Iterating Through Arrays

Manually accessing particular elements of an array is well and good, but if you want to perform actions on the entire contents of an array, it can get tedious. A more elegant approach is to use a For loop.

For loops can systematically go through all the elements of an array, processing each value according to instructions. This is how you can construct such a loop:

The array.Length function returns the size of the array, which is basically the number of elements in it. This can be plugged into a For loop’s test expression parameter to comprehensively iterate over all the elements.

The Foreach loop and the Foreach-object loop can do the same with an even leaner PowerShell script.

This saves you the effort of determining the array’s size, leaving the details for PowerShell to handle.

When Should You Use PowerShell Arrays

The biggest source of bugs in a complex script is incorrectly referenced variables. This happens due to the presence of a large number of uniquely named variables, which makes it difficult to remember their purpose.

The simplest fix for this issue is to use arrays extensively. All variables related in some manner can be assigned to a single array and accessed through their index numbers.

Five Printer Nightmares And How To Avoid Them

The printer ate your TPS reports, but no excuse matters when you’re rushing off to meet clients empty-handed. No wonder everybody loves to hate printers. When you need them most, they’ll display a stupefying error message and create a hot mess of jammed paper and spilled ink.

1. Paper Jams

Printer jams occur when the paper feeding through the printer goes awry. Sometimes the printer ignores the problem, soldiers onward, and extrudes a crumpled mess into the output tray; on other occasions, the printer stops in midjob, and the crumpled mess–or part of it–remains trapped somewhere inside the machine.

Turn off the printer. If you’re going to be working inside the printer, you don’t want any trouble with electricity or moving parts. And if you’re dealing with a laser printer, you also don’t want the fuser to generate additional heat. If the paper is jammed in or near the fuser unit (you’ll feel the heat as you come near it), you’ll have to wait for the fuser to cool off before clearing the jam.

Carefully pull out paper sheets and scraps. Check for paper sheets that are stuck or askew, as well as for paper scraps. Pull paper out of the path firmly but very carefully and slowly. When possible, pull paper in the direction it is supposed to go in under normal conditions–not backward, which could strain the printer’s chúng tôi care to remove all of the paper: As any scraps that remain could cause further jamming. If you have the misfortune of breaking a mechanical piece in the printer, stop what you’re doing and call for service.

How do I avoid this next time? As in most relationships, good communication and kind treatment will help your interaction with your printer go smoothly. Use only one kind of paper at a time in your input tray. Whether you have a single input tray in your printer’s driver or many input trays, tell the printer what kind of paper you have in the tray: Most printer controls include a section or drop-down list where you can pick a paper by name, type, thickness, or other quality. If you aren’t sure whether your printer takes a certain kind of paper, check its documentation. When you reload your input tray, pay attention to the tray’s needs, such as how the paper should be loaded and whether the length or width guides need adjusting.

2. Stuck in the Print Queue

If your printer is not networked: If your computer has a dedicated printer associated with it, you can get to the print queue directly. On Windows, access is through the Control Panel’s Printers program item; on a Mac, it’s through the Utilities’ Print & Fax program item. Any stuck jobs will be listed there, and you can easily cancel them.

If your printer is on a network: On a networked queue, you have control only over the jobs that you send from your own PC. If another person’s job is the problem, you must either contact them for help or ask your IS department to intervene.

How do I avoid this next time? If the print queue clogs up regularly, your IT staff needs to figure out why it’s happening and then address the root cause. Common problems include trying to print a job whose file size is so large that it chokes the network or your printer’s memory; trying to print to a special kind of paper–such as letterhead–without loading the paper or specifying the tray in which it’s loaded; and requesting a print job that requires you (or some other user) to feed the paper manually, but failing to perform this step.

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