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Apple’s truly wireless earbuds AirPods seemingly won Christmas this holiday season, in more ways than one. Worldwide, customers were faced with stock shortages in the run-up to the holidays with AirPods demand so strong. They are believed to be one of, if not number one, item on people’s gifting wish lists.

Despite first launching in late 2023, Apple also managed to capture the attention of social media with a flurry of AirPods memes springing up. In fact, ‘AirPods for Christmas’ ended up being a trending topic on Twitter on December 25 ….

AirPods have been a strong seller for Apple since their release, but it seems to have surged this holiday season in particular. It seems like a lot of customers still see the AirPods as a ‘new’ item, even if they are — in reality — as old as the iPhone 7. 

When the AirPods were introduced, they became an instant meme of mockery. People laughed at how funny they looked; cigarette butts in your ears was a common refrain. This week, AirPods are back in meme status, but for the entirely opposite reason. This holiday season, they are practically a fashion item. 

Twitter trending, December 25 2023

Twitter was deluged with thousands of tweets starring AirPods-related humor, with varying themes, although almost all pitted AirPods as a status symbol of desire rather than something to mock. The tweets generally made jokes about how people with AirPods are somehow elevated into higher social classes, with many references along the lines of ‘I got AirPods now I’m the CEO’. 

— Nox (@yungl10nel) December 25, 2023

My little cousin got AirPods for Christmas and is going round saying “I can’t even hear you cause you’re broke” LOOOOOL

— zander (@alezander) December 25, 2023

AirPods user : Smells like broke ppl in here

— £ (@M1_LCG) December 26, 2023

The implication is that people are buying these things just to show off, but it’s not like AirPods cost a fortune. $160 isn’t cheap by any means, but it is not that exorbitant for wireless headphones. As the best memes are, you can’t explain them with logic. They don’t make sense, which is part of their comedic value.

Many tweets poked fun at people with Beats for being ‘broke’ (quote unquote) and not owning AirPods, yet most of the Beats line actually cost more than AirPods do. I also saw several people saying something to the effect of ‘f*** Apple, AirPods suck, I’m buying Beats’, clearly unaware that Beats is an Apple subsidiary. 

The fashionability was highlighted with this tweet mocking people that have AirPods but own older iPhones of the ‘home button generation’, garnering in excess of 150,000 likes and 30,000 retweets.

If you got AirPods but still a home button , you basically just put some rims on a 1997 Honda

— Alex (@NoTomatoes222) December 25, 2023

The funny thing about this analogy is that the ‘1997 Honda’ includes the home-button adorned iPhone 7, which actually are as ‘old’ as the AirPods are. It’s just the kind of dumb fun that Twitter is great for.

— AJ 🕊🥵 (@ItzYahBoiAaron) December 23, 2023

My personal favorite was this thread of people simply tweeting pictures of their home screen with the AirPods battery status card overlaid. Showing off that you own AirPods in a creative manner was enough to earn this tweeter thousands of likes and retweets of engagement, despite not even using the keyword ‘AirPods’ in the tweet text. There’s just something comical about someone subtly bragging that they have joined the AirPods bandwagon.

Me: *walking into a bar*

Bouncer: “ID please”

Me: *puts in my AirPods*

Bouncer: [thinking I’m a celebrity] “Right this way sir”

— ryan tallant (@taIIant) December 26, 2023

There was also this example of someone using AirPods with an Android phone (with a doctored screenshot). In classic iPhone vs Android fashion, this caused some controversy as pithy Twitter judged the use of combining devices from different brands.

— Yaya Ginobili (@OfficialYmar) December 25, 2023

As long as you interpret these tweets as light-hearted fun, and not borderline bullying, AirPods for Christmas was a hilarious Christmas Day online event. It’s incredible that a two-year-old product made such a mainstream impression, seemingly out of nowhere. A rare crossover of Apple’s cultural impact — and Twitter at its best. Plain and simple fun.

(And if you are feeling AirPods jealous, you can always give your EarPods to your dog.)

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10 Best Xbox Games For Christmas 2023

10 Best Xbox Games For Christmas 2023 [Sales & Offers] We made a list of fun XBOX games to play during the holidays




A list of exciting games to play and make Christmas more fun.

Games with realistic movements and improved features.

Take a look at these games’ various and colorful details.

The holiday season is a great time for gamers. We have more time to spend playing games, and the weather is usually cold, which is the perfect condition for playing our favorite games.

On top of that, there are tons of various deals during the holiday season, so we can afford to play even more games than during the rest of the year.

The same goes for absolutely every platform, be it Windows PC, Steam, Xbox One, or PlayStation 4. But as we’ve already presented you with our list of the best PC games to play this Christmas, it’s time for a treat for Xbox gamers.

We’ve created a list of the best Xbox One games to play this Christmas (including Xbox series S games), covering a wide range of gameplay styles, so make sure to check all of them out.

What are the best Xbox games to play this Christmas?

More than 700 teams

Amazingly realistic graphics

Over 30 leagues to choose from

More than 19,000 players

Older PCs will have issues when playing online

Check Price

FIFA has been at the top (or amongst the first games) suggested on almost any top list of games for a very good reason – it is one of the most popular games ever created.

This year, the FIFA series has a newly released version, called FIFA 23. This amazing football simulation game has evolved gradually since its first version, and now has reached an incredible graphics level, with some saying that it almost looks real.

Not only the graphics of the game evolved over time though, game testers and players observed very important improvements when it came to the way the players can be controlled, and interacted with, and the naturality of their every move.

As for the customization tools that allow you to create a player of your own, they have also been improved tremendously. That’s why this FIFA 23 offer is worthy of your immediate attention.

Lead raids against Saxon fortresses and troops

Can dual-wield weapons

Great graphics and epic story-line

Open-world exploration

Diverges a lot from the Assassin’s Creed mythos

Check price

No matter if you played the other games from this series or not, this game proves to be an incredible addition to the series, offering state of the art graphics and an incredibly realistic physics engine that is bound to have you feeling like you’re one of the Vikings.

You get to explore a very big free world map with historically-exact places, go on a variety of quests, meet thousands of interesting characters, explore a variety of hidden areas, and also go through the main story of the character.

One very different element for this game compared with its predecessors from the series is the fact that you will have a home base for your character.

This will be your very own village, in which you control all the elements, including how the funds are spent, construction, and the happiness of the villagers.

You can always come back to your village and improve on it, or you can explore the vast virtual world at your convenience.

Improved graphics and assists engine

A revolutionary aiming feature that uses the stick

A.I. off-ball team-mates are a lot better at opening spaces

Great player customization options

Lots of off-court pay-to-win microtransactions

Check price

NBA 2K21 is an exceptional basketball simulator game that we all ended up loving. This last version of the game offers unparalleled graphic and physics engine improvements.

Even more, it also revolutionizes the way you can aim, by using the shot-stick aiming feature.

This allows you to actually aim shots, and not rely on the automatic aiming process that we’ve been used to in the previous versions of the game.

This gives it an even more competitive vibe and allows both experienced and non-experienced players to be challenged.

Player spacing has also been improved in the 2K21, allowing for a more realistic movement of the players without the ball, while in the online mode, A.I. team-mates are a lot better at opening the field up for passes.

The latest NBA 2K21 G2A offer gives you the chance to enjoy all these right away. To make an informed choice, you can take a closer look at this NBA 2K21 Green Man Gaming deal too.

Great graphics

An amazing story that explores the hardships of living in a dystopian future

Can recruit any NPC in DedSec

You can play with a variety of characters

A wide range of skills imply a wide number of possible outcomes

Some character recruitment missions tend to repeat

Check price

Explore the near-future city of London with this amazing immersive and versatile free-world game that takes your control over situations to the next level.

As opposed to the previous versions of this game, in Watch Dogs: Legion you don’t play as a single character, but as any character of your choosing that is part of the DedSec hacker group that fights against the tyrannical techno-fascist police state depicted in the game.

The story presented in this game is sure to capture your attention and present you with a not so far-fetched potential future for humanity, controlled by evil corporations and affected by choosing comfort over privacy.

As in the past, the game features a wide range of political themes, focusing mostly on the loss of privacy and rights of the common citizen.

Make sure to explore this beautifully rendered and challenging world this Christmas. The Watch Dogs: Legion G2A offer might just sound like music to your ears.

Amazing story-line

Improved state-of-the-art graphics

Completely re-written dialog

Fresh soundtrack

Some open-world side missions would have been a great addition

Check price

This last rendition of the highly-acclaimed Mafia game, called Mafia: Definitive Edition is a long-waited refurbish of the original game.

The storyline of this game is incredibly immersive, offering you a glimpse into the underlying structure of the fictional city of Lost Heaven, based on a real-life version of Chicago back in the day.

Even though the game is presented as an open-world type, the 20 missions it contains are all set in a linear mode, as we have used in the previous release.

Map levels that intertwine beautifully with the story

Hidden areas that offer help

A prosthetic arm that allows you to grapple to new heights

Improved stealth features

Ability to resurrect if killed in battle

The game can be paused at any time

The battle engine can be complicated to master

Check price

Sekiro: Shadows Dies Twice is an incredibly beautiful hack and slash game that doesn’t disappoint at all when it comes to graphics, storyline, and physics engine either.

The most iconic element of change for this game is the extremely interesting prosthetic arm that can be used as a grappling hook, weapon, and tools gadget.

This tool enables you to explore a wide range of iconic and mythical places, while also offering you a quick way of getting out of the way of enemies, and an increased overall feeling of freedom while exploring the map.

Wasteland 3 is another great gaming option to try out this Christmas vacation, with an incredibly wide amount of exciting features, weapons, and characters set in a post-apocalyptic environment.

This turn-based role-playing game gives you a very complex story, great strategic combat elements, and a wide range of ways to do it.

Being the winner of the best RPG  prize at the Games Com Awards, this game offers a very complex and interesting character creation system and a variety of abilities to choose from.

⇒ Get Wasteland 3

Rich and varied locations

Customized cars

You can create your own races

Some users experienced engine sounds glitch

Check Price

This amazing racing game brings a new dimension to this genre, by letting you explore the world while experiencing a variety of colorful details.

This feature not only makes the game feel more realistic but also contributes to the way players can interact and race as well while enjoying the beautiful graphics and varied locations of Mexico.

Seasons change every week, and this allows you to explore a variety of driving conditions such as dry, wet, muddy, snowy, and icy environments.

You have the option to play solo, or join forces with other players and form a powerful team while trying to become the Horizon Superstar.

Ace Combat 7 Skies Unknown is a very realistic and fun virtual combat game that offers you incredible graphics, realistic flight controls, and a chance to use a wide array of combat techniques.

Beyond the entertaining dog fights and chases, you can also enjoy immersive photo-realistic renditions of scenery and detailed aircraft designs.

To make it even more real, the entire game is filled with real-world current and near-future weapon systems, while also offering you the Ace Combat feel you’ve grown to love.

⇒ Get Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown

Destroy All Humans is a very entertaining game to enjoy this Christmas vacation.

As the name suggests, the game objective is very simple: destroy all humans.

You can do so by using Crypto’s out-of-this-world weaponry, using psychokinesis to smash humans to the ground or send them flying, while also being able to throw any object in the world at them.

It is worth noting (for the series fans), that this version of the game also includes the much-rumored, and never seen Lost Mission of Area 42, so make sure to check this fun game out today!

⇒ Get Destroy All Humans!

As you can see, this guide has provided you with some of the best Xbox One games for Christmas 2023. After all, this year’s vacation is all about you and your loved ones.

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Ticpods 2 Pro Review: The Airpods For Everyone

Our Verdict

Mobvoi is giving users even more control when it comes to interaction with the TicPods 2 Pro. Alongside the return of “Tickle Touch”, new gesture and voice-based control make these a versatile set of truly wireless buds. An impressively small charging case and a considered range of colours also appeal, but not everyone will back Mobvoi’s decision to ditch the in-ear design of the TicPods 2 and 2 Pro’s predecessors, nor will some of the performance inconsistencies encountered.

Chinese AI specialist Mobvoi is bringing its second-generation true wireless buds, the TicPods 2 and 2 Pro, to the world.

Originally launching in China at the end of 2023, these new buds step in the opposite direction to Apple’s most recent wireless earbuds in one regard, whilst also gaining new functionality absent from their predecessors, the TicPods Free, in another.

The Chinese company first stepped into the true wireless space in early 2023, with the TicPods Free. Their stalked design immediately led comparisons to be drawn with Apple’s iconic wireless buds.

If you’re already sure you’re not tempted by TicPods 2 or 2 Pro, why not check out our roundup of the Best True Wireless Earbuds you can buy right now – comprised of everything we’ve reviewed so far.

Price & Availability

While both the TicPods 2 and 2 Pro are already available to purchase in China, international variants were announced at CES 2023 (the Consumer Electronics Show) on January 7 and made available to pre-order on the same day.

Both versions are available to purchase through Mobvoi’s existing retail channels and its regional online stores starting January 15.

Like their predecessors, the new TicPods offer relatively aggressive pricing, coming in at £85.99/$99 and £119.99/$129 for the 2 and 2 Pro, respectively.

Design & Build

With this year’s iterations, the company is more closely aping Apple’s original true wireless buds from a design perspective, with an all-plastic body that forgoes the TicPods Free’s extended ear tips for a less-intrusive vented design (meanwhile, Apple’s new AirPods Pro move in the other direction embracing silicone ear tips, which are absent on the classic  AirPods).

While open-bud designs such as these are few and far between (Apple, Huawei and Razer being among the few major companies with similarly-fashioned products), Mobvoi apparently made the change from one generation to the next based on user feedback. The new design allows for passive passthrough of external sounds, for those who like to maintain a level of audio awareness about their surroundings.

The trade-off is weaker sound isolation, compared to the likes of the TicPods Free, plus a looser fit – especially when working out, where sweat against the plastic finish can cause the buds to slide out of your ears if you’re not careful (it’s worth mentioning these buds’ IPX4 certification against dust and water, though).

While functionality differs between the TicPods 2 and TicPods 2 Pro, the actual design and finishes you’re able to pick these buds up in remains consistent across both variants.

The included charging case resembles that of the previous generation, with accentuated wave-cut detailing along the top to add a bit of interest, however, Mobvoi’s also managed to make it 42% smaller, with the intention that it’s compact enough to fit into the coin pocket generally found in the average pair of denim jeans – a trait that does hold water in practice, even though it’s an undoubted squeeze.

The case and buds come in one of three colour-matched hues at launch: Navy and Ice (dark blue and white) which the TicPods Free were also sold in, alongside a new Blossom (pale pink) colourway – again, an inclusion that came out of Mobvoi listening to its users.

The punchy Lava (orange/red) found on the original TicPods is also set to feature, but not until later in the year, coinciding with the likes of Valentine’s Day in relevant markets.

While there’s no doubting how impressive the compact nature of the TicPods 2 charging case is compared to most of the alternatives out there, the layout and finish leaves a little to be desired.

For one, the plastic feels a little cheap and this sense carries across to the flimsy lid design too, which was likely kept thin to keep weight down but flexes all too easily when handled.

The buds snap magnetically inside the charging case with an angled overlap but the positioning of each bud seems counterintuitive to how the average user would pry them from their respective beds.

Functionality & Controls

Like their predecessors, the TicPods 2 line features a touch-sensitive strip along the stalk of each bud. Both variants offer touch controls which the company calls “Tickle” touch; letting you change the volume, pause, play and skip tracks, make and end calls, and envoke your device’s virtual assistant.

Questionable naming aside, it’s an impressively robust means of interaction and intuitive enough to work out without much practice. Some controls can be customised by way of Mobvoi’s companion app too, which also doles out battery percentage breakdowns for each bud, plus the charging case.

Here’s where the Pro model steps out in front most prominently. Unlike the standard TicPods 2, the Pro model also packs in what’s called TicHear and TicMotion.

The first adds voice controls to the experience, letting you summon your phone’s virtual assistant (be it Android or iOS-based) using the phrase “Hey, Tico”, which works reliably well, even in noisy surroundings. There are also voice commands for the aforementioned touch controls, covering both media playback and call handling.

TicMotion, meanwhile, adds gesture-based controls, such as shaking your head up and down or side to side to accept or reject incoming calls.

We were dubious about this feature’s reliability but sure enough, so long as you make deliberate shaking motions with your head (just a couple of nods or turns – no need to give yourself an injury), the TicPods 2 Pro convert your motion into call acceptance or rejection with surprising reliability.

Once you start to gauge the sensitivity of the accelerometers at work, this feature comes in handy when your hands are full and someone’s trying to ring you.

Performance & Battery Life

Despite different Qualcomm-based Bluetooth chips between the two variants, both 2 and 2 Pro make use of the latest Bluetooth 5.0 standard. Support for the company’s own aptX audio profile is on hand when the TicPods are paired with compatible Android phones too, but the buds default to standard AAC support when used with iOS devices.

We did encounter an inconsistency across devices, with one bud sometimes failing to connect to iOS devices, while some Tickle touch gestures, like pause and play, only partially seemed to work on mobile, but then behaved as promised when used in conjunction with MacOS. 

The TicPods 2/2 Pro output sound through 13mm drivers, delivering a fairly flat sound with weak bass but good definition. There’s also the option of single or (superior) dual-microphone noise cancellation during calls, respectively.

Noise reduction is serviceable on the 2 Pro, with call recipients stating that conversations are discernable, even with background din, however, switching to the phone’s own microphone and earpiece still makes for a cleaner call experience.

The buds themselves each contain a 30mAh battery, while the case sports a 390mAh cell of its own. Battery life across the board is par for the course, considering the competition, with the richer feature-set of the Pro model actually resulting in weaker longevity compared to the more reserved TicPods 2.

Mobvoi quotes four hours of music playback from the buds themselves but a reduced 20 hours, compared to 23 hours, by the time you exhaust the 2 Pro’s charging case.

In practice, four hours seemed conservative, with our testing leading to around five hours of use from the buds before needing to go back in the case, however, without clear understanding of the setup, audio source and volume that Mobvoi gleaned its official figures from, it’s unsurprising that there’s a level of variability when it comes to longevity.

As for the case – expect to charge it daily and you should be fine. 20 hours, broken down into intermittent stints actually only means you’ll likely have just-enough to get through a day’s use. Based on the figures, the standard TicPods 2 should get you from one day to the next with a little more breathing room.


Mobvoi’s new true wireless buds offer a rich feature set, a considered range of colours and aggressive pricing for those after some AirPods alternatives.

The functionality offered up by the TicPods 2 Pro in particular highlights the company’s strengths in AI and user interaction – something that’s prevalent across its other products, like the equally fresh-faced TicWatch Pro 4G LTE.

Where they fall down is with regards to a couple of fundamentals: the open-style ear tip’s fit won’t be for everyone and longevity measures in at just enough for daily use, no more.

Specs Mobvoi TicPods 2 Pro: Specs

13mm drivers

TicHear voice commands

TicMotion head gesture control

Touch controls

Dual-mic noise cancellation

Qualcomm aptX support

Battery life = Up to 4 hrs (buds only)

Battery life = Up to 20 hrs (with case)

Fast charging

Quick pairing

In-ear detection

Multi voice assistant support

Bluetooth 5.0

IPX4 dust and waterproof resistance

USB-C charging port

30mAh battery (each bud)

390mAh battery (charging case)

4.4 grams (each bud)

29.5 grams (charging case)

Colours: Navy, Ice, Blossom

5 Best Airpods Apps That Makes Using Airpods On Android (2023)

5 Best AirPods Apps That Makes Using AirPods On Android Yes! You Can Use AirPods On Android Easily With These Following Apps!

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Smart AirPods Apps For Android – Get Ready To Enjoy The iPhone Like Experience

Using any of the Best AirPods Apps mentioned here, you can easily pair your Apple’s AirPods with an Android device and they’ll just work like any other pair of Bluetooth earphones.

1. Assistant Trigger

Assistant Trigger by DotArrow is an excellent AirPods Android App, which lets you call the Google Assistant in the same way you use a shortcut to call Siri when connected to iOS – a double-tap. It works great even when your device is locked. Using this AirPods app for Android, you can even identify the battery status of AirPods along with its battery case. Cool, right? The application is highly compatible with Powerbeats Pro, AirPods Pro, AirPods 1st, and 2nd gen.


You will get a display popup window with AirPods battery level, once you open the AirPods case.

You can launch Google Assistant by double-tap.

Additionally, there is also a feature wherein AirPods in-ear will be detected.

Also Read: How to Access AirPods Pro Hidden Settings on iPhone

2. Equalizer

Handsfree and music are often related to each other. Well, it is a luxury to listen to music with earbuds, right? Equalizer AirPods app offers its users an ability to enjoy premium sound quality without any hassles. The app focuses on configuring the sound for your AirPods. It brings all the features & tools required to fulfil your needs to improve the overall audio quality in just a few taps and swipes.


You can create your own equalizer preset with the help of 5 band controllers, giving the perfect sound quality to your AirPods. (Paid Version)

This AirPods Android app helps you to choose from almost nine different presets, which include Normal, Rock, Folk and more.

Equalizer supports other online music streaming apps such as Spotify, Pandora and more.

Download Link Not Available

Also Read: Factory Reset AirPods To Fix AirPod Connection Issues

3. AirBattery

Just like the Assistant trigger, this AirPods Android app helps to see the charge level of Apple AirPods & automatically launch when AirPods are connected to the phone. The application supports AirPods 1, 2, Pro, BeatsX, Solo3, Studio3, Powerbeats3, and Powerbeats Pro. The AirPods app for Android works seamlessly while watching content on Netflix, YouTube, Deezer, Apple Music, Deezer and BeyondPod. Note that certain mobile phones such as Huawei, Oppo, Vivo might not work with it.


AirBattery, an AirPods app supports Apple W1 and H1 Chip.

You will find a small popup with the current battery status of AirPods and Beats.

Note- You will get the battery status of an interval size of 10%. (For example, 85%, 75% and so on) The AirPods case doesn’t own a Bluetooth transmitter, so the battery status of the case is displayed when Airpods is inserted in the case.

Download this AirBattery AirPods App from Google Play Store!

Fast, simple and straightforward are some words that define this AirPods Android app. Using this application, you can see the AirPods battery information and automatically calls out the name of the incoming caller. In case you want to change the name of AirBuds, you can do so from the BT system settings. Note that on certain smartphones it requires the location service & notification access to be turned on, so that the AirPods app works smoothly.


The user interface is simple yet gives ergonomic feel.

Like most of the AirPods Android apps, you can easily observe the battery status.

It seamlessly supports the wearing detection when you have AirPods in your ears.

Download this AirBuds Popup Free app  from here

5. Podroid

Similar to Assistant Trigger, Podroid offers dedicated functions and tap features to stop/pause playback. It comes with a straightforward and unique user interface and offers three different themes to customize your listening experience. You can switch to white, black or pink theme. Using this Android AirPods app, you can check the battery information of AirPods in real-time and support double/triple tap.


Check real-time battery information from the notification panel.

Make the most out of this AirPods Android app by using functions as playing the next song, previous song, volume up/down and so on.

Podroid even supports the function to detect audio when AirPods is lost.

Which AirPods Android App Would You Choose?

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How Can I Find Lost AirPods? Q2. Is It Worth Getting AirPods For Android?

Well, this totally depends on your likes & preferences, but Android users do have some better options when it comes to listening to music with the best earphones or earbuds.

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Harshita Singh

Some Of The Best Jailbreak Tweaks For Airpods On Ios 14

If an iPhone user asked me what pair of headphones or earbuds they should get, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend any of Apple’s AirPods offerings.

But as a jailbreaker, I’m also aware of many different ways that Apple’s AirPods could be functionally improved with software-based tweaks.

Since jailbreaking is such a substantial part of what we do here at iDownloadBlog, we figured this would be an excellent opportunity to help fellow jailbreakers discover what we believe are some of the best jailbreak tweaks for upgrading AirPods on iOS 14.

The best jailbreak tweaks for AirPods on iOS 14 AirPopupConnect – FREE

If you have more than one iPhone and/or iPad, then you might find switching your active AirPods connection from one device to another to be a lot more complicated than it should be despite Apple’s marketing claims of a “magical” wireless connection experience.

AirPopupConnect is a commonsense upgrade for the AirPods user experience because it adds a Connect button to the bottom of the AirPods pop-up. This helps users avoid the cumbersome process of navigating iOS’ Bluetooth menu to accomplish the same task.

As an added bonus, AirPopupConnect gives the connectivity pop-up a Dark Mode-friendly aesthetic.

You can read all about AirPopupConnect and how it works in our full review post.

Banana – FREE

You probably already know by now that the AirPods Pro can be switched between Active Noise Cancellation and Transparency modes depending on whether you want your surroundings to be quiet or need to hear someone speaking to you.

Banana is a free jailbreak tweak that makes this process more automatic by turning Active Noise Cancellation on or off depending on your state of music playback. When listening, it turns this feature on, and then paused, it’s turns it off again.

In addition to making the process more automatic, this also helps preserve battery by keeping your AirPods Pro from having to balance and produce noise to create the noise cancellation effect.

You can learn all about Banana and why we recommend it in our full review post.

Hate listening to pecking and popping noises of your keyboard when you have AirPods in your ears? You aren’t alone.

Maple 2 – $1.99

You might remember a time when Apple planned to release something called AirPower, a product for charging all your mobile Apple devices on the same pad. But it was ultimately cancelled.

Maple 2 is a jailbreak tweak that brings the charging aesthetics that AirPower intended to introduce, but to jailbroken devices. Best of all, it’s a great way to see the current charge of your AirPods at a glance.

You can learn more about Maple 2 and how it works in our full review post.

Ainsworth – $1.49

Ainsworth is an awesome jailbreak tweak that brings the AirPods pairing experience to your other Bluetooth headphones and speakers that aren’t made by Apple or Beats.

With it, you can experience the same pairing pop-up you’ve come to enjoy with AirPods with things such as JBL speakers and headphones, among other brands.

You can learn more about Ainsworth in our full review post.

AirPods Case Low Battery – FREE

It can be a real bummer when you feel like using your AirPods, only to learn that they’re almost dead. It’s an even bigger bummer when the charging case you keep them in is almost dead.

AirPods Case Low Battery is a free and highly recommended jailbreak tweak that displays a complementary notification on your pwned iPhone when your AirPods charging case gets low on juice, allowing you to boost the charge before you end up with a dead case.

You can learn more about AirPods Case Low Battery in our full review post.

Kai – $0.99

Another jailbreak tweak that can help keep you consciously aware of your AirPods’ battery level is Kai, which adds a persistent battery level indicator to your Lock Screen.

Along with your AirPods, Kai displays the battery level of your Apple Watch and any other Bluetooth accessories that you might have connected.

You can learn everything you need to know about Kai and how it works in our full review post.


Any of Apple’s AirPods models are going to provide a high-quality and reliable service life, but jailbreak tweaks are a great way to extend their feature set or capabilities beyond what Apple provides out of the box.

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Holiday Gift Guide 2023: 30 Best Tech Gifts For Christmas And New Year’s

It’s that time of the year again. With cold weather and streets lighting up with stars and decorations, the festive season is officially upon us. However, just when the world started to open up and recover from the Coronavirus pandemic, a new variant of the virus has brought back panic and delayed everyone’s plans to get back to a sense of normalcy. Yet, here we are, continuing to survive the pandemic, in hopes of a better world. While there’s no denying the fact that the past few months have been hard for many of us, we should look at the bright side and cherish those close to us. With the holiday spirit in mind, we have prepared a list of tech products you can gift your loved ones during Christmas or New Year’s in 2023. Let’s dive in and check out this curated holiday gift guide.

Best Tech Gift Ideas for Christmas and New Year (2023)

We have divided this 2023 holiday gift guide into five sections based on the price range of tech products. You can use the table of contents section below to skip to the section that suits your planned budget. With that said, let’s jump right into the list.

Best Tech Gift Ideas Under $50 Wyze Bulb Color

If you know someone who’s getting started on building a smart home ecosystem, Wyze’s smart bulb might just be the practical tech gift that will make their life easier. Other than offering over 16 million colors to choose from, Wyze’s smart bulb is bright enough at 1,100 lumens. You can even set up routines to automatically toggle the light on sunrise and sunset after pairing the bulb with Alexa or Google Assistant. In case your budget is flexible, you could also look at premium offerings such as the Philips Hue White and Color Ambiance bulb ($49.97).

Buy from Amazon: ($14.00)

LIFX 40″ Color Zones Lightstrip

Buy from Amazon: ($47.59)

Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K

Converting a regular TV to a smart TV is no longer a hassle, thanks to streaming sticks. Those looking for an affordable option to access all the best streaming services like Netflix, Prime Video, Disney+, Peacock, and more should consider Amazon’s Fire TV Stick 4K. You also get support for Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos here, provided your TV hardware supports it. If you prefer Google TV over Fire OS, you could consider purchasing Chromecast with Google TV.

Buy from Amazon: ($29.99)

Echo Show 5

Here’s a tech gift for those who like to stay organized. Echo Show 5 is a compact smart display to stay in the loop with the latest news, your alarms, timers, and more. Powered by the Alexa voice assistant, you can use the Echo Show 5 to view your photos, control Alexa-enabled smart home devices, and perform video calls. Echo Show 5 is an ideal bedside table companion, and you even have the option to close the camera shutter for greater privacy. This could be the perfect holiday gift for your family to use in the kitchen or dining room.

Wyze Smart Plug

Don’t want to splurge on a new smart home device while your existing gadget is working just fine? Wyze’s smart plug has got you covered. With this smart plug, you get the flexibility to control your connected devices remotely. There’s also a convenient ‘vacation mode’ that you can use to randomly switch on devices to keep intruders at bay. Wyze plug doesn’t require a hub and works with Alexa, Google Assistant, and IFTTT.

Buy from Amazon: ($19.97)

Apple AirTag

We’ve all misplaced valuable items and spent hours searching for them. If you know a forgetful friend (or you are that friend), it’s time to gift them an AirTag. For the uninitiated, the AirTag is Apple’s smart item tracker to help you keep track of your items and find them if lost. Integrated to Apple’s Find My network, Apple has also released an Android app to detect unknown AirTag devices. If your friend is not in Apple’s ecosystem, Tile Pro is the best AirTag alternative for them.

Buy from Amazon: ($29)

Mooas Cube Timer

Buy from Amazon: ($14.99)

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate: 3 Month Membership

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is the ultimate holiday tech gift for the gamers you know. Purchasing Game Pass Ultimate membership gives them access to over 100 high-quality games accessible from console, PC, phones, and tablets, along with EA Play membership. Game Pass Ultimate is a no-brainer for Xbox fans and if you know someone who has been eyeing a subscription for a while, make them happy with a subscription gift this Christmas.

Buy from Amazon: ($44.99)

Best Tech Gift Ideas Under $100 Echo 4th Gen

If you’re planning to gift a smart speaker to your loved ones this holiday season, Amazon’s 4th-gen Echo speaker is something to consider. With Amazon Echo, you can stream music via leading music streaming services, including Amazon Music, Apple Music, Spotify, SiriusXM, and more. You can even stream lossless audio with Amazon Music HD. Echo speaker is a good starting point for anyone planning to enter Amazon’s Alexa ecosystem.

Fujifilm Instax Mini 11

Capturing memorable moments is an integral part of celebrations and the Christmas holiday season is no exception. While we usually rely on our smartphones or DSLR cameras for taking photos, you could consider switching to Fujifilm’s Instax Mini 11 camera. It will allow you to instantly print photos your family will treasure for years to come. Starting at $69, the Instax Mini 11 is available in multiple attractive colors, including Lilac Purple.

Buy from Amazon: ($69)

Fujifilm Instax Square SQ1 Instant Camera

Another instant camera worth considering is Fujifilm’s Instax Square SQ1. The camera captures square images in a 1:1 aspect ratio and is 1.5 times bigger than the mini print. Activated by twisting the lens, Square Q1’s selfie mode lets you capture bigger selfies than the company’s Mini series. Instax Square SQ1 is available to buy in Orange, White, and Blue color variants.

Buy from Amazon: ($99.95)

iFixit Pro Tech Toolkit

Buy from Amazon: ($69.99)

Logitech G502

Often regarded as the best wireless gaming mouse, the Logitech G502 Lightspeed offers you up to 25,600 DPI, a 1 ms response rate, and 11 customizable buttons. G502’s Lightsync RGB tech automatically reacts to your gameplay, audio, and screen color. The mouse lasts up to 60 hours on a single charge, making it an ideal tech gift for your gamer cousins.

Buy from Amazon: ($96.97)

Royal Kludge RK84

Royal Kludge’s RK84 is a known name in the mechanical keyboards community, mostly due to the sheer set of features it offers for the money. Featuring TTC switches, the hot-swappable board offers 84 keys and supports Bluetooth 5,0, 2.4GHz dongle, and USB-C for wired mode. Equipped with a 3,750mAh battery, the company promises up to 200 hours on a single charge. Overall, the RK84 is the perfect gift for a beginner mechanical keyboard enthusiast.

Best Tech Gift Ideas Under $250 Sony WH-1000XM4

Sony’s WH-1000XM4 needs no introduction and is often regarded as the best noise-canceling headphones in the market. The key features of the headphone include touch controls, wear detection, adaptive sound control, and more. It even supports a smart listening featrue that automatically balances the noise-canceling levels based on your surroundings. With 30-hour battery life on a single charge, the WH-1000XM4 might be the best tech gift for your frequent flyer relative this holiday season.

Buy from Amazon: ($248)

Sony WF-1000XM4

Those who prefer the compact nature of AirPods-style truly wireless (TWS) earbuds should look at Sony’s WF-1000XM4 earbuds instead. The Sony WF-1000XM4 uses 6mm drivers and equips Sony’s V1 integrated processor with a QN1e chip. You also get IPX4 water resistance and 8 hours of battery life on a single charge (24 hours with case) on this one. Furthermore, charging the earbuds for 5 minutes gives you up to 60 minutes of playtime.

Buy from Amazon: ($248)

Samsung T7 Touch 1TB SSD

Buy from Amazon: ($149.99)

Kindle Paperwhite

Know a bookworm in your family? Gift them a brand-new Kindle Paperwhite to help them access their favorite books on the go. Featuring a 6.8-inch display with adjustable warm light, Kindle Paperwhite lasts up to 10 weeks on a single charge. Although you would save $20 on an ad-supported version of Kindle Paperwhite, I’d recommend going for the ad-free version where you can set book covers as the lockscreen image.

Buy from Amazon: ($159.99)

eufy RoboVac 11S

Doing chores is often a redundant and boring task, but it doesn’t have to be. Enter eufy RoboVac 11S, a robot vacuum cleaner that reaches difficult corners and rolls over carpets to do the cleaning for you. Featuring 1300Pa of suction strength, the RoboVac 11s is relatively silent at 55dB noise level. The vacuum cleaner offers 100 minutes of usage on a single charge, making it the ideal gift for parents.

Razer Kiyo Pro

Know a friend who always shows up on video calls with a grainy feed? Consider gifting them a webcam this holiday season. Capable of 1080P 60 FPS and 30FPS HDR footage, Razer’s Kiyo webcam features a 2.9μm sensor with an adjustable field of view and is the perfect holiday season gift for live streaming and video conferencing. You also get a privacy cover to close the camera when not in use.

Buy from Amazon: ($222)

Best Tech Gift Ideas Under $500 GoPro Hero 10

Travel enthusiasts and vloggers are likely to appreciate GoPro Hero 10 as a Christmas tech gift in 2023. The Hero 10 features a 23MP sensor and is capable of recording 5.3K videos at 60FPS and 4K videos at 120FPS. Alongside HyperSmooth 4.0 stabilization with 45° horizon leveling, you also get 8x slow-motion recording at 2.7K resolution here. You also have the option to use your GoPro as a webcam and live stream 1080p footage.

Buy from Amazon: ($399)

Oculus Quest 2

Buy from Amazon: ($299)

Nintendo Switch OLED

As a long-awaited upgrade, Nintendo released the OLED version of the Switch gaming console earlier this year. Other than the 7-inch 720p OLED display, the Switch OLED comes with 64GB of internal storage and a dock with a wired LAN port. Since the launch, the new Switch OLED has been selling like hotcakes and is guaranteed to make a gamer happy.

Buy from Amazon: ($349)

Apple Watch Series 7

Apple Watch Series 7 is a substantial upgrade for anyone switching from older Apple Watch models except Series 6. The company has finally added a QWERTY keyboard alongside a larger screen, a brighter always-on display, and 33% faster charging this time around. Needless to say, you won’t go wrong gifting Apple Watch Series 7 to your fitness enthusiast family members.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic

While the Apple Watch is undoubtedly the best option for iPhone users, Samsung’s Galaxy Watch 4 Classic is the best of what the Android world has to offer. Featuring Google’s latest Wear OS 3.0 with Samsung’s One UI on top, the Galaxy Watch 4 also offers body composition measurement among other standard health features like heart rate monitoring and SPO2 blood oxygen monitoring. That said, do keep in mind that the Galaxy Watch 4 won’t work with iPhones.

Buy from Amazon: ($319)

Best Tech Gifts That Cost Over $500 MacBook Air (13-inch)

Although Apple launched 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pros earlier this year, the 13-inch Retina display MacBook Air is still a solid deal. Featuring the Apple M1 chip, you can expect up to 18 hours of battery life on this machine. MacBook Air has Touch ID for authentication, and the base variant with 256GB storage starts at $899. That makes it a great gift for students and working professionals alike during the holiday season.

Buy from Amazon: (starts at $899)

iPad mini (6th-Gen)

Buy from Amazon: (starts at $494)

Galaxy Z Flip 3

Rather than being just a foldable phone, the convenient Galaxy Z Flip 3 has evolved to be a style statement among the fashion-focused. The device features a 6.7-inch display along with a 1.9-inch cover display. The camera setup consists of a 12MP main camera, 12MP ultra-wide sensor with 10x digital zoom, and a 10MP selfie camera. The 3,300mAh battery on the Z Flip 3 supports 15W fast charging.

Buy from Amazon: ($849.99)

Google Pixel 6

After months of anticipation, Google unveiled the Pixel 6 series a couple of months back. Under the hood, the Pixel 6 packs Google’s first in-house Tensor chip. The Mountain View giant finally upgraded the camera setup with a primary 50MP f/1.85 Samsung GN1 sensor and a 12MP f/2.2 Sony IMX386 wide-angle lens. While I think Pixel 6 is better value for money than the Pixel 6 Pro, you can checkour Pixel 6 vs Pixel 6 Pro comparison to make an informed decision based on your needs.

Microsoft Surface Laptop Studio

Launched at this year’s Surface event, you can use Microsoft Surface Laptop Studio as a traditional laptop, a tablet, or unlock a tablet-like experience for drawing using the pull-forward display. Surface Laptop Studio supports Surface Slim Pen 2 and magnetically attaches to the side. Powered by Intel 11th-gen i5-11300H and i7-11370H processors, you get up to 4GB Nvidia RTX 3050 Ti graphics here.

Buy from Amazon: (starts at $1299)

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