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Instagram takeovers can be a great tool for both brands and creators. Here’s how to make sure your takeover goes off without a hitch.

Whether you’re trying to cross-promote content, grow your follower base, get the message out about a product or idea, engage a specific community, or just have a little fun with your feed, an Instagram takeover is never a bad idea.

But running a successful takeover requires a bit of planning and a whole lot of coordination. In this guide, we’ll cover everything brands and creators need to know to make sure your next collaboration is a hit.

What is an Instagram takeover?

An Instagram takeover is when someone temporarily takes over another account to create and share content—usually on behalf of a brand. The takeover host might be a celebrity, an influencer, or even a team member.

It’s kind of like when your friend uses your phone to post a silly selfie while you’re in the bathroom. Instagram takeovers just require much more planning and intentionality. (Oh, and your permission!)

The MS Association had actress Selma Blair take over its Instagram to promote its 52nd anniversary.

Why should you do an Instagram takeover?

An Instagram takeover is one of the best organic marketing tools for your account. As long as you approach it strategically, it’s almost impossible to see a downside to the practice.

Whether you’re a social media marketer or an influencer, it’s the ultimate win-win scenario. In an Instagram takeover, both parties can benefit from one another in expected (and surprising) ways.

Read on to learn why an Instagram takeover is the right decision for you.

Instagram takeover benefits for businesses:

Here are a few ways an Instagram takeover can help your business.

Find new audiences

Think of an Instagram takeover as a bridge that connects similar (but not identical) groups of people. If you invite someone to guest post on your account, many of their fans will likely follow along to see what happens. It’s a great way to gain high-quality followers.

Build hype

If you have an important milestone approaching, a takeover makes perfect sense. An Instagram takeover is a great hype machine. Consider it a chance to drum up attention before launching a new product or service. It’s like a social media version of Kanye West’s Yeezy collabs with Adidas and the Gap or Travis Scott’s McDonald’s meal.

Earn credibility

An Instagram takeover is a tacit endorsement of your account. This is especially valuable if you cater to a specific niche. For example, a meal kit company might work well with a family-oriented influencer. A takeover is a way both parties can vouch for each other.

Quantity and quality

No one wants to flood the feed, but keeping up with consistent, timely, relevant posts is also important. Even the greatest marketing managers can occasionally feel stuck in a rut. Takeovers can be a great way to freshen up your marketing strategy and think outside the box (or, er, grid).

Instagram takeover benefits for influencers:

We know takeovers can be a great way for businesses to breathe new life into their Instagram feeds, but what’s in it for creators? Here’s how successful Instagram takeovers can be helpful for influencers.

Expand your reach

If you’ve been invited to host an Instagram takeover, it’s a chance to share your voice with a brand new audience and showcase what you have to offer. Takeovers are a rare opportunity to connect with a group of people who have a proven interest in your niche.

Build your reputation

When you partner with a brand, you tell their audience (and your own) that you’re a trusted voice in that space. Plus, you can add every successful brand partnership to your pitch deck and use those wins to generate even more deals.

Generate content for your account

You can (and should!) promote the takeover on your Instagram, too. If you’re taking over a brand’s account, you’ll likely have exclusive Stories and posts you can share with your followers.

Have fun

Despite their high-profile nature, Instagram takeovers are relatively low-stakes. The posts can be as polished or rough-around-the-edges as you want, and the audience will roll with the punches. In fact, a change in tone or look might even garner more attention as your viewers poke around to figure out what’s going on. As long as you’re serious about strategy, there’s a lot of room to have some fun.

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How to do an Instagram takeover in 7 steps

1. Set your goals

Start by asking yourself the big-picture questions. What are you hoping to accomplish with this Instagram takeover? Having a clear purpose will help you plan out every step of your strategy, from who will host to the measurable metrics for success.

Here are a few goals you could consider when planning an Instagram takeover:

Growing your audience

Increasing brand awareness

Promoting a new product

Launching a campaign

Boosting engagement during a special event

Freshening up your account

Driving traffic to your website

2. Select a takeover partner

An Instagram takeover is inherently collaborative, so you’ll want to choose someone who is the exact right fit for you. Let’s break down the dos and don’ts of booking an Instagram takeover partner.

For brands

DO partner with someone who is aligned with your brand.

You’ll want to pick a creator who understands the product or service you have on offer. You should also make sure they fit the demographic of your target audience.

For example, a slang-heavy Gen Z influencer won’t make waves with a target audience of baby boomers. A super-polished millennial creator isn’t likely to connect with TikTok teens, either. Make sure a potential partner’s tone works for your audience.

DO partner with someone whose content you enjoy.

If you enjoy someone’s content, your followers probably will too. Take a look at your potential partner’s IG grid, stories and tagged page to get a feel for their personality and posting style. This is a fairly personal collaboration, so getting a feel for who you’re working with is important.

DON’T book someone just because they have lots of followers.

Your potential takeover partner might have a large follower count, but don’t go on numbers alone. Their engagement rate is also important. Do their followers seem interested in what they’re posting?

You can calculate engagement yourself, but your partner should also be able to supply these stats in their media kit.

DON’T book someone who only does sponsored posts.

For influencers

DO pick a partner that you authentically enjoy.

Your followers trust that they’re getting the most authentic version of you, and this is even more critical when marketing a product. If you’re not fully sold on something but agree to participate, you could hurt your personal brand in the long run. Being strategic about who you partner with can ensure your decisions are best for you.

DO research the brand to make sure you align with them.

DON’T work with someone for the wrong reasons.

We know it’s tempting, but make sure you’re not working with someone just because they’ve offered you payment or a free product. Social media users can sniff out inauthenticity a mile away. If your takeover feels off, it will hurt your online reputation, too.

DON’T overextend your reach.

Instagram takeovers can be great for building your brand. But that doesn’t mean you should do them constantly. The point is to drum up hype with exciting events, but if you overextend yourself, you’ll hurt your overall influence in the long run.

3. Choose your takeover format

There are many different kinds of Instagram posts, and each could serve a different purpose in your Instagram takeover. For example, you might be okay with your collaborator posting all over the feed or prefer they stick to Stories.

These Instagram formats are perfect for takeovers:

Instagram Stories

Stories can also be customized with links and calls to action. Plus, you can save Stories in your highlights, so they don’t need to disappear forever when the takeover ends.

Team Canada invited different athletes to take over their Instagram Story to share a day in their lives.

Instagram Feed

The main Instagram feed, also known as the grid, is a more permanent home for your takeover content.

Generally, the grid isn’t best for tons of quick posts in quick succession (a.k.a. “flooding the feed”), but it can still work well for takeovers. Guest content will stand out on your feed, which means it can continue attracting attention long after your takeover. It’s also a great place to include Reels.

The Canada Council for the Arts invites up-and-coming artists to share works in progress, musical performance and visual art as part of their ongoing takeover series.

Instagram Collabs

One of Instagram’s newest features is perfect for Instagram takeovers.

The Instagram Collab tool allows you to simultaneously post the same image or Reel on two accounts. The post appears on both party’s grids and is credited to both accounts.

Podcaster and meme-maker Premiles partnered with the tech company Air for a series of self-aware collaborative posts.

Collabs are a great way to boost your reach and engagement since your post will automatically be shared with two audiences at once. With the right call-to-action, Collabs can be a powerful marketing tool. Who knows, they may even replace takeovers entirely someday.

Instagram Live

IG Live is another great option for a takeover. Livestreams just require some pre-planning and a great deal of trust.

With a livestream, there’s more room for error, but that spontaneity can be fun. Just make sure your content, goals and partnership are aligned before going live.

Scott Wolf and the cast of ‘Nancy Drew’ did a brief Instagram Live takeover that was captured on YouTube.

4. Prepare the logistics

Once you’ve picked a partner and created a plan, it’s time to map out the details of the takeover.

How long will your partner be posting on your account? How many posts would you like from them, and what kind of content are you looking for? You also might be expected to pay an influencer rate, particularly if you expect the person taking over your account to post about it on their own feed. Put all of your expectations in writing, ideally in some form of contract.

You’ll also want to determine exactly how you plan to run the takeover. There are two main ways of doing so:

A partial account takeover means the creator submits their content to you for final approval and posting

A full account takeover means you hand over the keys to your account

In most cases, we’d recommend choosing a partial takeover. It allows you to double-check that your partner’s content matches your expectations. Plus, you can schedule the takeover posts alongside your regular content using your social media scheduling tool of choice. (We like Hootsuite for this, of course, but we’re biased)

A full account takeover is riskier, but sometimes it’s the only option — if you want your takeover partner to go live, for example. It means you’ll have less control over what your partner posts, though, and sharing your password makes you more vulnerable. Just make sure you create a new, temporary password and switch it back as soon as the takeover is complete.

5. Market your event

You’ve successfully planned your takeover. Now, you need to make sure the world doesn’t miss it.

The American Association of Colleges of Osteopathic Medicine shared this eye-popping poster to promote a Pride Month takeover.

Don’t forget to promote the takeover outside of Instagram, too. If you’ve got an audience on Twitter, Facebook, or TikTok, they also might want to know about it.

6. Do the takeover

You’ll also want to be around in case anything goes wrong. There’s nothing worse than needing a last-minute password reset and not having the resources to do so.

7. Measure your results

Once the takeover’s over, the real fun starts. It’s time to dig into the performance metrics to find out just how well you did. Measuring your results is the only way you’ll learn what worked and where you can improve next time.

The most important metrics for evaluating your takeover will depend on your goals. You’ll likely want to take a peek at Story views, engagement stats, and follower growth.

You can use Instagram’s native tools to review your analytics on a fairly high level. If you want detailed comparative metrics, though, you’ll need a more robust tool.

Among other things, the Hootsuite Analytics dashboard can help you:

Compare your takeover’s performance to past posts using historical data

Generate downloadable custom reports

Want some help measuring your results? Here are the best Instagram analytics tools. We’ve got more information on using IG Live analytics too!

Frequently asked questions about Instagram takeovers Do I need to pay my takeover partner?

It’s well within standard practices to pay an influencer for their participation. But some partners may be willing to participate for free or in exchange for your product. It’s really a case-by-case basis.

Just make sure both parties communicate their expectations in writing before the takeover. You can also check out our guide to influencer marketing for more details.

What should I ask my Instagram takeover partner to do?

Again, this will depend on your goals and strategy. You might want them to highlight a product or hype up a specific element of your brand.

But you also might just want them to be themselves. Sometimes, the thrill of the unknown is more rewarding than having someone be “salesy” on your account.

The web series Critical Role invites guests to share a day in their lives as part of their Instagram Stories takeovers.

Is it safe to share my password with another user?

Obviously, there are always going to be risks when sharing your account with someone else. The safest, simplest bet will be to have your takeover partner submit their content to you and then posting it yourself.

But if you’ve opted for IG Live, that’s not necessarily an option. In that case, change your password before sharing it with your partner. Then, change it again once the takeover is complete.

When is the best time for an Instagram takeover?

If you use Hootsuite, you can use your past performance metrics to find the best time for your particular audience. There’s also a long-running Instagram trend for “Takeover Tuesdays.”

NASA rocket scientist Kevin J DeBruin highlights different women in STEM for his weekly Takeover Tuesday posts.

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8 Tips & Features For Ipados 16 You’ll Appreciate

iPadOS 16 brings some major new features like an all new multitasking option to the iPad, but there are also various smaller more subtle features, changes, and additions that are particularly nice to have around for iPad users.

1: Stage Manager Multitasking

Stage Manager brings a new multitasking interface to the iPad, allowing you to have multiple windowed apps on your screen at the same time.

Stage Manager can be activated from Control Center, and once enabled you’ll find that new apps launched will open into Stage Manager within a windowed mode by default. Once in Stage Manager, apps can be resized and moved around a bit,

2: Weather App Arrives

The Weather app has finally arrived on iPad, which is a nice change. It syncs with the weather locations you have already chosen on your iPhone as well, which is nice.

Gone are the days where you tap on a weather widget and go to some third party website, now the weather widget opens directly into the Weather app on iPad.

3: Column Sorting in Files App

If you’ve been wishing for a column sorting capability to come to Files for iPadOS for a while now, here it is.

4: Change File Extension in Files App

You can now change the file extension of files in Files app for ipadOS too. Another critical but valuable addition to a file manager, since everyone needs to change a file extension from time to time.

5: Schedule Sending Emails in Mail App

The ability to schedule the sending of emails has come to the iPad Mail app, which is a nice addition whether you’re planning on sending an email at the end of the day, the morning, next week, or for someones birthday or on an anniversary.

Just be aware that the iPad must be turned on for the Mail scheduling feature to work.

6: Undo Sending Emails in Mail App

You can now undo the sending of emails in the Mail app as well, which is a wonderful new addition for people who tap on ‘send’ and then quickly realize they forgot to mention a subject, or found a last minute typo.

By default you have 10 seconds to undo the sending of an email, but you can adjust this in Mail Settings for up to 30 seconds.

Look for the “Undo Send” option at the bottom of the Mail app screen after you send an email.

7: Edit Sent iMessages in Messages App

You can edit sent iMessages through the Messages app, a handy feature if you want to correct a typo, or perhaps you worded something poorly.

There is a time limit on for how long you can edit sent messages, so you can’t go back and rewrite ancient history.

8: Unsend iMessages in Messages App

After you send an iMessage in the Messages app, you have a window of time now where you can retract and unsend the iMessage. Maybe you sent something in the heat of the moment, or maybe you sent something to the wrong person by mistake, whatever the reason, if you act fast you can unsend that message.


Instagram Marketing For Business: A Complete Guide

If you’re not utilizing Instagram marketing for your business, you’re missing out. Instagram is a great way for individuals and businesses to express themselves.

Most businesses utilize Instagram as a platform where they can connect with existing or potential customers.

For example, they accomplish this by producing content as a means of storytelling.

An integral part of social media for businesses is that it helps to increase brand awareness, drive engagement and reach bigger audiences. This has a huge upside as it can convert to sales.

In this guide, we’ll dive into Instagram marketing strategies you can use to skyrocket your business.

Table of Contents:

1. Logo, Bio, and Link

Here’s an example of an effective profile from us, Followchain.

Use a logo for your profile photo. If you don’t have a logo, make sure to pick a photo that expresses your brand.

Additionally, story highlights reinforce your brand’s identity. Treat it like a board where you can showcase your brand’s goods, services, unforgettable moments or launch dates.

Here’s another example of an effective profile by YouTube:

YouTube has consistent story highlights, one with a prominent thumbnail challenge that keeps its audience engaged.

For bio-wise, short and simple ones are the best.

Like any one-liner pitch, you want people to understand your business the first time you say it.

Keep your bios in one sentence and write them in plain English. Don’t use any jargon.

If you haven’t already noticed, YouTube’s bio has only three words.

Here’s another example by Pinterest:

Did you notice anything distinctive about these profiles?

The link provided in their bio isn’t directly linked to their sites.

If your brand has lots of content published from various platforms, a single link wouldn’t be enough. This is why many other brands are utilizing tools like LinkTree or chúng tôi to connect all their content in one link.

It’s a great idea to utilize these tools for your business if you have other content that you want to link your audience to.

2. Theme

You need a consistent, eye-catching theme if you want your brand to shine.

Stick to a theme that has similar or complementary colors to your logo.

We like to retain the same colors from our logo – white and blue.

Hence, our theme mostly comprises of graphics with these colors.

Here’s another example of a business that stuck to a consistent theme:

Starbucks nailed it using photos with objects that complement their logo.

Here’s another one:

Prada accomplished this in one of their campaigns, Prada Linea Rossa, which underscores its foundations and origins in the 1990s sportswear. It marks the precision of the lines and improvisation of aesthetics that defined the look of the era.

Lessons learned: Consistency is key. Make use of a consistent theme and stick with it.

Captions provide an opportunity for you to express your business. Everyone loves a good story, be it a pitch or a sale.

But here’s the debate – should you write longer or shorter captions?

Various sources recommend people to write longer captions because they are great for storytelling and driving engagement.

Here’s an example of a longer caption from Instagram:

However, other sources suggest that shorter captions are the way to go.

Here’s a shorter caption, from Apple:

Both of these photos are art forms can be used as an analogy. Art can speak a thousand words or a couple of words; depending on the person who views it. It’s extremely subjective.

Here’s what we believe:

Short and sweet captions are the most effective.

If your caption is too long, most people won’t even bother to read till the end so it’s redundant to write something more than 150 characters.

At the end of the day, captions don’t really matter. What’s more important is the amount of engagement you’re giving or reciprocating to others (extended on tip number 5).

However, that being said, there is still one tip that every business should utilize in their captions.

Include a call to action at the end of every caption

Example: ‘link in bio’.

This one simple tip can lead to a bigger amount of conversions (traffic to your website).

4. Instagram Stories

Instagram stories is a great way to keep your audience updated to the latest happenings of your business.

Moreover, it can drive a lot of one-on-one conversations, polls or feedback because it’s such a great ice-breaking tool.

Example: If you’re launching a product, you can utilize Instagram’s countdown feature in your stories to inform your audience about its launch date.

This feature allows your followers to be notified when the countdown hits 0 if they set a reminder.

So, this has the potential to drive a lot of sales, sign-ups and more.

You can also utilize Instagram Poll Stickers to gather user feedback.

Instagram Polls is an awesome way to prompt users to interact with your story.

You can use this if you want to gather your user’s thoughts on something. It could be a poll for a future update or an improvement to be made.

Another great use of the story feature is the ability to share your post on your story.

Example: If you were to post something, you can add it to your story as well to prompt your followers to engage in your post. This is incredibly useful because some people view stories more than posts.

A simple heart icon is enough to tell your followers to spread some love to your recent post.

You’ll be surprised how effective yet simple this is.

5. Always Engage

This shows that you actually care about your followers, (or customers in this sense).

Example: Wendy’s does this extremely well. Not only on Instagram but also on their other socials.

Be like Wendy’s.

Unfortunately, many businesses and individuals are unable to accomplish this because they get it wrong.

You can’t create a business account for the sole intention of taking and not giving. Treat the account as an individual one and your followers as friends.

That being said, following others back is a must. Don’t bother building a good following/followers ratio. Instead, try to build rapport. It’s unforgivably cringeworthy seeing business accounts with an ‘exceptional’ following/followers ratio, but terrible engagement rates.

Especially if you’re a small business, not many people are aware of your brand.

If you want to have increased engagement, you’ll have to give engagement first. It doesn’t work the other way around.

6. Instagram Direct Messages

Instagram Direct Messages is an unconventional way to market your business, drive sales, or sign-ups. It’s also one of the best ways to get your message across to your customers (or potential customers) if done right.

This is because the open rate of direct messages is incredibly high, well above 70%.

However, mastering the art of direct messages takes multiple trials and errors.

For a start, you should never direct message users at random. Here’s why:

You’re not providing any value.

Nobody will be interested in your product/service.

One does not simply break the ice by selling.

To be able to successfully send a direct-message that guarantees a reply, you’ll need to find and target a group of users that need your product/service right now.

This is incredibly challenging and you’ll have to do lots of research.

Having said that; if you manage to pull it off, the results will be outstanding.

Instagram Direct Messages can also be utilized as customer service.

If your business is small, Instagram Direct Messages is sufficient enough for customer service so you don’t have to pay for software.

It’s a quick and easy way for your customers to contact you for any questions or inquiries.

Moreover, 500 million people use Instagram daily. This makes it seamless for customers to contact you as most of them are on Instagram on a daily basis.

Instagram Direct Messages is a quick way to pitch your product/service.

Here’s a quick tip: Whenever someone follows you, you can send them a quick message thanking them for the follow, and then introducing your business or provide them with an offer/discount codes.

Example: “Hey, thanks for the follow! Just want to inform you that our entire store is 15% off currently. Just use code “x” at checkout.”

Here’s an additional tip if you have an Instagram Business Account:

You can utilize Instagram’s Quick Replies to respond instantly to the questions you receive most often.

This is super helpful if you receive the same questions multiple times and you want a quick way to respond to them.

However, this works the same as a keyboard shortcut, so it’s pretty redundant if your phone already has this feature.

Hashtags are a great way to increase the reach of your posts.

However, finding the right hashtags is really difficult.

In my other article, 7 Effective Ways To Increase Your Instagram Engagement, I listed down a quick guide for you to find and use the best hashtags for maximum engagement.

There are millions of hashtags on Instagram, but only a few of them drive a large number of likes to your post.

Here’s a recap:

The key to this strategy is to find the best combination of hashtags that gets the highest number of likes.

Then re-using it for your future posts.

Important note: Limit your hashtags to 30 or your account may be shadowbanned.

If you don’t know what a shadowban means, it’s basically the act of hiding your posts on your followers’ feed, the explore page and/or your username on the search results.

This will negatively affect the reach of your posts drastically.

8. Post during peak hours (and don’t spam)

According to ExpertVoice, the best time to post on Instagram (that has the best engagement rate at 4.9%) is Wednesday around 5:00 a.m., 11:00 a.m. or 3:00 p.m.

DayEngagement rateMonday4.4Tuesday4.73Wednesday4.9Thursday4.76Friday4.72Saturday4.66Sunday4.62

That being said, it still depends on the country and demographics of your followers.

Your engagement rates might vary depending on the location and time-zone of your followers, so there isn’t a strict time to post on Instagram.

To find the best time to post, you should do a trial and error and post at different times to see when works best.

Please, don’t over-post.

This is an example of a frequently asked question: Why am I getting fewer likes for multiple posts on Instagram?

The answer is simple, your posts will be regarded as spam.

Nobody likes getting their feed flooded by the same person, it’s disruptive and prevents them from viewing other user’s posts.

It’ll be natural for someone to like one of your posts on their feed and ignore the rest because it’s ‘overkill’. Moreover, your posts are more likely to be muted if your photos appear way too many times on someone’s feed on a single day.

A better approach is to utilize Instagram’s multiple photo feature (if you’re looking to post consecutive photos).

Example: Multiple photos feature

Try to post less often, (once per day is more than sufficient). This gives time for your previous posts to catch up on likes (especially if your followers are in a different time-zone).

9. Growing your followers

Growing your followers is one of the highest priorities for Instagram marketing, second to growing your engagement rates.

If you’ve just started a business account, you may have a couple of these questions:

“How am I supposed to grow my followers from 0?”

“Nobody knows about my account, how do I increase awareness?”

Instagram Growth is hard, especially if you’ve just made a new account.

At the end of the day, ‘You have to spend money to make money’. Similarly, you have to follow others to gain more followers. This is crucial if your account is completely new, and has no reach whatsoever.

You can leverage Followchain’s community to grow your followers.

If you’re struggling to grow your Instagram followers, you can join our follow for follow community, Followchain.

Followchain acts as a single-page thread where you can share your Instagram username.

Firstly, you’ll have to sign up and create an account.

A verification link will be sent to your email, this may take a few minutes.

If you haven’t received it, please check your junk/spam mail!

After you’ve confirmed the verification, log in with your newly created username and password.

Here’s how the community works:

You simply share your Instagram link, follow users that interest you and direct-message them for a follow-back!

By joining Followchain, you can make your Instagram account discoverable by thousands of people, for free! ?

If you’re interested to know more about growing your Instagram followers, you can read this article: 7 Actionable Ways To Grow Your Instagram Followers.

10. Growing your engagement rates

Food for thought: If you post something that gets little to no engagement, what’s the point of posting it anyways?

This is why engagement conquers everything.

If you have lots of followers but low engagement rates, the quality of your account is poor from any user’s point of view.

Your number one focus on Instagram marketing should be growing your engagement rates.

These are several effective ways you can use to improve your engagement rates.

Here are some quick tips you can use right away to skyrocket your engagement rates:

Unfollow ghost followers

There are apps available on the app/play store that tracks this.

However, most of them require you to pay as it is part of their premium features.

Always engage on posts in your feed

You should consistently engage with other user’s posts.

Some people will start to notice and reciprocate. Thus, increasing your likes.

Add your post to your story

With an emphasis on point 4, stories are a great way to drive engagement to your posts.

Whenever you post something, immediately add it to your story.

Some people browse Instagram stories more than liking posts.

Connect with people you know on their Instagram

You should constantly be asking for people you know for their Instagram username, especially the ones who are active.

Friends are family are more likely to engage with your posts as they are closer to you.

You can also follow mutuals as they are more likely to follow you back and engage.

For a full guide on how to grow your engagement rates on Instagram, go to 7 Effective Ways To Increase Your Instagram Engagement. This article mentions why engagement rates matter and changes you can make to improve it.

Bonus: Content Ideas

Content can come in many different forms, the possibilities are endless.

Hence, here are some content ideas for your business, ripe for taking!

1. Graphics

Source: Slack

2. Tweets

Source: GaryVee

Tweets are extremely simple to post!

If you have Twitter, all you have to do is take a screenshot of your tweet, crop it, and share it on Instagram.

3. Videos

Source: YouTube

Videos are a fantastic way to get your message across.

Keep your videos short to captivate your audience.


Source: success.rule

Heard or saw an inspiring quote recently?

Share it on Instagram!

5. Memes

Source: GaryVee

Memes add humor to your business.

It’s also a great form of content that caters to the younger demographic.

Are you struggling with growing your Instagram followers? Stop paying for agencies that require your Instagram password or growth services that utilize bots or fake followers. Followchain is the only solution you need. Sign up and create an account for free today.

Author: Lim How Wei. Lim How Wei is the founder of Followchain, a community that simplifies growth and networking for Instagram users. Feel free to follow him on Instagram.

How To Add A Location On Instagram (+More Tips To Get Found)

One thing I love to do on Instagram is search for a location far from my home in Texas and see what people are doing—What fun are they having? What food are they eating? What styles are in for that area? It’s become a favorite way to pass the time while I’ve been cooped up at home during the last two years of off-and-on quarantine.

Living vicariously through my phone.

It’s one reason I’m so happy Instagram’s location tagging feature exists. And luckily, it’s not only a benefit for my wanderlust, but it’s also a benefit for businesses trying to put their locations on the map (literally!) to attract a new crowd, collect user-sourced photos, and give people a glimpse at what to expect from a visit.

But how do you add a location on Instagram or tag a location in your Instagram posts?

In this guide, we’ll cover why adding a business location on Instagram is important and then some ways you can actually do it.

Feel free to skip to the tactic you’re most interested in or read through for all the different options!

Why add a location to Instagram?

Every small business owner wants to put their business on the map to get found by more customers. That’s why local listings sites and Google Business Profiles are so important. But social media platforms also give you an opportunity to put your business on the map (in more ways than one!), and Instagram is no exception.

Getting your business on Instagram and adding your business’s location is a great way to get in front of people who are active on the social media site—and not just any people, but the people who are most likely to become customers.

Instagram users add and search locations for a variety of different reasons. Whether they’re daydreaming about a vacation, looking to learn more about a city, or searching for tasty dishes at your restaurant, locations on Instagram give users the ability to tell their followers where they are.

Adding a location on Instagram

There are a few different ways you can include or add a location on Instagram:

Add a location on Instagram (via Facebook)

Add an address to your Instagram bio

Tag a location in an Instagram post

Use a location hashtag

We’ll walk through each way to add a location on Instagram here.

How to search for a location on Instagram

But first: You might not need to add a location to Instagram because it may already exist in the app. Instagram has pulled in many business locations from Facebook, so before you try to add a location, make sure it’s not there already.

Here’s how to search for a location on Instagram:

Tap the search icon within the Instagram app

Type in your business location or other location you’re interested in adding

Tap “See All Results”

Tap “Places” and see if your desired location is there

If it is, great! You don’t need to add a location to Instagram. If it’s not, keep reading—I’ve got you covered!

How to add a location on Instagram (from the Facebook app)

Unfortunately, you can’t add a new location to Instagram at this time, but you can add a location from the Facebook app to show up on Instagram.

All you need to do to add a location on Instagram is:

Open your Facebook app and tap into “What’s on your mind”

Tap “Check In” (make sure you’re allowing the app to use your location)

Search for your business or desired location and scroll down and tap “Add”

Fill out the place name, address, and city and make sure the map pin is in the right place

Tap “Save Custom Place”

Now your location is added to Facebook and should be added to Instagram as well (in due time–this won’t happen immediately and can take up to a couple of weeks).

Again, because Instagram uses information from Facebook for its locations, it’s important to have a Facebook page for your business and to add your location on Facebook. (And it helps to link your Instagram to a Facebook Business Page!)

How to add an address to your Instagram profile

It’s a good idea to include your business’s address right in your Instagram profile because it allows users to map to your location directly from the Instagram app. Plus, it’s really easy.

Note: This feature is only available if you’re using a professional account for your business’s Instagram. If you’re not using a professional account, we recommend making the switch because it gives you some great tools and deeper analytics to help manage your business on Instagram. (If you’re not using a professional account, navigate to “Settings” when you’re logged in under your business account, tap “Account,” and then tap “Switch to Professional Account.”)

Here’s what it will look like when you’re using a professional account on Instagram. 

Here’s how to add an address to your Instagram profile:

Navigate to your profile

Tap “Edit Profile”

Scroll down and tap “Contact Options”

Add your business address and tap “Done”

Navigate back to “Contact Options” and tap “Save”

Scroll down to “Profile Display” and make sure “Display contact info” is not hidden

Tap “Done”

PS: Want to spruce up your Instagram bio? Get our ultimate guide to how to write a business description here!

How to add a location to an Instagram post

You can also add a location tag when you post about other businesses or community areas. For example, you may add a broader location tag for your city or town to try to get more awareness and interest for your post.

Here’s how to add a location tag to an Instagram post:

Tap the plus button and choose “Post”

Choose the picture or video you want to post, then tap “Next”

Choose your filter, then tap “Next”

Write your Instagram caption (use our Instagram caption ideas for inspiration!)

Tap “Add location”

Search for your desired location and tap on it once it populates

Tap “Share”

And you’re done!

How to add a location to your Instagram Story or Reel

In addition to adding a location tag to an Instagram post, you can also add a location to your Instagram Story or Reel. If you add a location tag to your Instagram Reel, it may show up on the location page on Instagram, so this is a valuable addition to expand your reach.

You can also encourage your customers to tag your location in their Instagram Story or Reels so you can see their posts and reshare with your audience.

Here’s how to add a location to your Instagram Story:

Tap the plus button and choose “Story”

Choose the picture or video you want to post, then tap “Next”

Tap the sticker icon and then tap “Location”

Search for the location you want to add and place it on your Instagram Story

Post as usual

Super simple!

Now, here’s how to add a location to your Instagram Reel:

Tap the plus button and choose “Reel”

Take a video or upload your video

Add any music, effects, or stickers to your video

On the screen where you add a caption, tap “Add Location”

Search for the location you want to include

Share away!

And there you have it! Now you can make sure your location is out there in both your Story and your Reels.

How to use a location hashtag on Instagram

Adding an address to your Instagram bio and tagging a location on Instagram are great ways to get your business location out there, but you can also use a tried-and-true method for getting more exposure: hashtags!

In addition to custom hashtags or event hashtags, use a location hashtag to help users find you even if they’re not looking for your exact location (not to mention it’s a free way to promote your Instagram account!).

Examples of location hashtags include:

City hashtags such as #Dallas and #Charlotte

Local location hashtags like #GoldenGateBridge or #Stowe

Local industry hashtags like #Chicagofood or #IGersBoston

Small business-friendly hashtags like #eatlocal and #shoplocal

Adding a location hashtag is as easy as typing into your Instagram captions!

Search for relevant location hashtags in your area (you might even take a peek at what your competitors are doing to get inspiration) to find out what’s resonating with your audience and bringing in new users.

Put your business on the map on Instagram

By using these various tactics to get your business location on Instagram, you can give your business a better chance at reaching a new audience, gathering content you can reshare to your Instagram account, and putting your business on the map (literally!).

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3 Best Browsers For Flawless Hulu Live Tv Streaming

3 Best Browsers for Flawless Hulu Live TV Streaming For a complete experience, use a browser with integrated VPN





is an over-the-top subscription service offering on-demand streaming video of movies, television shows, etc.

For online streaming, you definitely need a reliable and secure browser that won’t interfere with the quality of your video.

In our list you will find the proper Hulu browser for a stable and high-resolution streaming experience.

We’ll also show you a browser that ensures your browsing sessions are safe and private from phishing or hacking, so read on!

Struggling with various browser issues? Try a better option: Opera One

You deserve a better browser! Over 300 million people use Opera One daily, a fully-fledged navigation experience coming with various built-in packages, enhanced resource consumption, and great design.

Here’s what Opera One can do:

Optimize resource usage: Opera One uses your Ram more efficiently than Brave

AI and User Friendly: New feature directly accessible from the sidebar

Gaming friendly: Opera GX is the first and best browser for gamers

⇒ Get Opera One

Streaming online Live TV is quite more demanding than streaming, say, films or TV shows. Slow networks below 5.0 megabits per second will only take out of the thrill of the moment.

A browser streaming at 720p, below 1080p means it’s not the best High Definition quality for Hulu TV.

That’s where a good and reliable browser comes into play. In this article, we present the best browsers for Hulu Live TV streaming.

Does Hulu have a web browser?

Like any on-demand video platform, Hulu has its own content management system but you can hardly call that a browser.

However, you can watch Hulu on any major browser and you can see our recommendations below.

How do I update my browser for Hulu?

Hulu recommends keeping your browser updated at all times to make sure that you have an optimal viewing experience.

Nowadays, all the major browsers update automatically, but you can do that manually as well by following the steps below for each browser.

Opera One



We have shown you how to update the three browsers recommended by us below but the procedure is very similar on other browsers as well.

For instance, here’s our guide on how to update Safari on Windows 10 & 11.

The list of Hulu-supported browsers is long, but we selected only the best for an enjoyable experience.

What is the best browser for Hulu Live TV streaming?

Opera One ranks as the best browser for Hulu Live TV due to innovative technology and simple design, and we’d also recommend that before anything else, you give it a try.

Opera One also ensures your browsing sessions are secure and private from phishing or hacking using a built-in VPN and a variety of blocking tools.

Opera One

The best browser when it comes to enjoying flawless Hulu Live TV streaming.

Free Visit website

Microsoft Edge made some sterling and innovative improvements to the application. Now you can stream HD videos at 1080p resolution.

Microsoft further allows users to install plug-ins to heighten the experience using Edge.

Running on such features makes Chromium Edge arguably one of the best browsers for Hulu Live TV.

One other plus with Edge is the exciting HD viewing even with its low battery consumption when streaming videos.

Edge, however, works best with Windows 10 OS, therefore; older versions of Windows might require a little more to enjoy the Chromium Edge experience.

⇒ Get Microsoft Edge

Google Chrome streams standard definition videos at 720p which does not give impressive HD quality. Hence, you might not be tempted to see it as one of the best browsers for Hulu Live TV.

The plus for Chrome, however, lies in its simple design that increases the speed of loading web pages. However, with the aid of the Chrome extension, you can experience better viewing quality.

The one drawback with using Chrome is, that it can be CPU-intensive, drawing so many system resources when opening multiple tabs.

Please note, that watching Hulu Live TV at 720p might not show much difference on your laptop.

So Hulu 1080p on Chrome is not possible on your laptop, but once you connect your laptop to beam signals to your TV the difference with 1080p visuals would become obvious.

⇒ Get Google Chrome

Hulu Windows 10 app vs browser

You can make captions, use keyboard controls, and use the Hulu Watch Party to view the content with other subscribers.

However, if you’re out and you don’t have access to your PC, the best way will clearly be the browser.

Some of our readers have also mentioned that the Hulu app was not working for them at all and that can be a definitive tie-breaker.

Coming back to our subject, several factors besides the browser can further determine what the best browser for Hulu Live TV would be.

And they include speed, lagging or loading time, High Definition videos, battery drain for laptops, etc. The systems’ RAM, internet, or processor speed all combine to affect the browser performance.

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8 Tips To Protect Your Business’ Wireless Network

Enamored by Wi-Fi’s convenience, we tend to be blind to its risks. Many routers are riddled with security holes that leave your data exposed to enterprising hackers and other intruders. And if you’re running a business, the jeopardy is even greater. To keep your wireless network secure, follow these eight security tips.

Change the default password

If you didn’t do it when you set up your router, immediately change the default password. This is an essential step given that the default passwords for all network equipment vendors are widely known and just a quick search away.

Use only WPA2 encryption

The unidirectional nature of Wi-Fi signals necessitates the use of encryption to prevent neighbors or malicious parties from spying on your online activities. Even though the option is still available for legacy reasons, avoid WEP encryption as it can be cracked in minutes. Use only WPA2, which introduces a new AES-based encryption for better security over WPA. There’s really no excuse not to: Every Wi-Fi router bearing the Wi-Fi trademark today supports it, as does every wireless device and Wi-Fi adapter card made in the last few years.

Use a complex passphrase

Despite the lack of known weaknesses in WPA2, it is susceptible to brute force attacks when used with an easily guessed passphrase. Specialized software makes it trivial for attackers to process captured wireless data packets against huge dictionary lists to obtain a match. To foil such attacks, use a passphrase containing at least 25 characters including a mix of letters (upper and lower case), numerals and symbols.

Avoid common SSID names

One common tip is to not broadcast the SSID (Service Set Identification). While this could be used to throw off novice attempts at breaking in, hiding the SSID is useless against a half-competent hacker.

However, it’s good practice to not use the default SSID, as well as common names. Hackers have developed pre-computed tables of password hashes known as a “rainbow table” to find the WPA passphrase quickly. These tables are keyed to individual SSIDs, and using one that is not on the list would force an attacker to adopt a more time consuming approach without the benefit of a ready-to-use rainbow table.

Disable WPS

If your Wi-Fi router supports Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS), disable it. Created as a user-friendly way for users to add new devices to their network, the WPS PIN is an 8-digit number printed on the label of WPS-enabled devices. Depending on vendor implementation, however, it is likely to be susceptible to brute force attacks.

WPS makes it easier to add device to your network, but it also makes your network more vulnerable.

An attacker can crack the PIN code of a vulnerable device with between four to 10 hours of automated effort, which would allow them to recover your secret passphrase and make changes to your Wi-Fi hardware.

Set up a guest network

It would be bad form to deny friends and relatives access to your Wi-Fi network when they’re visiting. But circulating the static passphrase to everyone is bad security. Instead, set up a separate wireless network under a second SSID, a feature supported by an increasing number of wireless routers. Having a separate network for guests allows you to routinely change the passphrase without affecting your own devices. You can even disable it entirely when not in use.

Forget MAC address filtering

The MAC (media access control) address is a unique identifier hardcoded to individual ethernet ports and Wi-Fi devices. However, the actual effectiveness of this is dubious, since it’s trivial to spoof a MAC address. Most Wi-Fi access points will allow you to filter out unauthorized MAC addresses, though the security benefits are dubious.

Unless you know what you are doing here, we would urge against using MAC address filtering due to the inconvenience and hassle that can result from a misconfiguration. Moreover, having to manually add every single tablet or smartphone that you acquire is a productivity downer.

Disallow admin access from wireless network

You may not be able to keep a determined hacker out, but you don’t have to make his job easier. Disallowing administrative access from the wireless network shout keep any successful hacker from wreaking further havoc by making changes to the configuration of your Wi-Fi router. Obviously, this means that any tweaks to your Wi-Fi router would have to be done from a desktop or laptop on your wired local area network. But the added protection is worth the hassle.

Though this isn’t meant as an exhaustive guide to protect yourself against all possible security risks of a Wi-Fi network, adhering to the above tips should make you significantly safer. Ultimately, if security is paramount sticking to a wired ethernet network may be your best bet yet.

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