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7 Best Junk File Cleaners for Windows 10

Before getting into how to remove junk files from Windows 10, let’s get to know our enemy a little better, shall we?

In simple terms, over a period of time your operating system (Windows 10 in our case) and its applications create a lot of temporary files. As these accumulate, they take up a significant part of your computer’s storage space, thereby affecting its performance and speed. Which is why it is important to clean this junk from time to time.

However, you cannot just go about deleting anything and everything since you might mistakenly delete a system file which is crucial for Windows. So, if you are wondering how to clean junk files from windows 10 carefully (and without causing any harm to your operating system) you are at the right place. You can take help of some of the best junk cleaners for Windows 10.

Best Junk And Temp File Cleaners For Windows 10 PC (And Other Windows Variants) 1. Advanced System Optimizer – A Cleaner That Doubles up As An Optimizer

To remove junk files from Windows 10, Advanced System Optimizer is indeed a great option. Actually, Advanced System Optimizer does much more than just cleaning junk files. It optimizes your Windows 10 PC for best performance.

Download Advanced System Optimizer

Read The Complete Review Of Advanced System Optimizer


Cleans unwanted data in the form of cache, temporary fies, log files, etc

Helps remove privacy traces exposed by browsers

Removes fragments from drives thereby improving the turnaround time

Completely wipes off files and folders, making them completely irrecoverable

It has a dedicated system protector which removes malware

It has a startup manager which removes unwanted programs from the startup

Comes with a game optimizer module which offers you a sandbox mode and frees up RAM for best gaming experience

Price: $ 49.95

Compatibility: Windows 10/8.1/8/7

2. Advanced PC Cleanup – The Best Overall Junk Cleaner For Windows 10

Advanced PC Cleanup is one of the best junk file cleaners for Windows 10 PC which helps you get rid of temporary files as well. It is powered with several modules that can help optimize your PC and boost its startup time.

Download Advanced PC Cleanup

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Easy to use interface

Intelligently clean registry items or add them to exclusion list

Sort PC slowing startup items

Uninstall apps which you don’t need

Price: $ 35.95

Compatibility – Windows 10/8.1/8/7/XP/Vista

3. AVG TuneUp

Download AVG TuneUp

We all probably know AVG TuneUp as one of the best tuneup utilities for Windows but, it is also a powerful Windows 10 junk file cleaner too. Apart from removing unnecessary junk files, it also updates the programs on your PC automatically.


Automatically fixes any registry issues and prevents crashes and errors

Puts programs to sleep when they are not needed thereby saving CPU and memory

Helps get rid of unnecessary programs and bloatware

Automatically cleans cache files, tracking cookies and browser traces

Price: $ 24.99/ year

Compatibility: Windows 10/8.1/8/7

4. IObit Advanced SystemCare 14 Pro

Download IObit Advanced SystemCare 14 Pro

Looking for a way to delete junk files in Windows 10, IObit Advanced SystemCare 14 is an option, you should definitely consider. The free version itself cleans cache, junk files and cookies in a comprehensive manner. And, when you sign-up for a premium version, its PC Cleanup module cleans 120% more junk files than the previous versions.


Deep cleans registry and prevents any crashes

Utilizes smart AI mode for better PC cleaning

Removes any online traces that can put your personal data in jeopardy

Automatically shuts down unused processes and programs

Price: $ 19.99/ year

Compatibility: Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP

5. CleanMyPC

Download MacPaw CleanMyPC

At number 4 of our list of Windows 10 junk cleaners is CleanMyPC from MacPaw which helps you clean junk files, useless toolbars and fragments from your hard drive and resolve any registry issues without a hiccup.


Helps you get rid of hibernation files easily

Removes the app residues

Disables autoruns items which hamper boot time

Tracks and gets rid of online traces

Intelligently spots and turns off any add-ons which are unnecessary

Shreds files in a manner that they can’t be recovered

Price: Starts at $ 39.95

Compatibility: Windows 7 and above

6. Avast Cleanup

Download Avast Cleanup

When a product comes from Avast, you know it has to be credible. And, standing true to its name, Avast Cleanup doesn’t disappoint you as a commendable Windows 10 junk file cleaner. It scans your PC inside out and deletes all kinds of junk files in Windows 10.


Intelligently remove unwanted programs or put them in quarantine

Defrags SSD and HDD

Tackles and cleans registries with utmost ease

Clears up online traces from over 25 browsers such as Chrome, Firefox and many others

Get rid of unnecessary plugins and toolbars

Updates outdated apps

Price: $ 29.99/ year

7. BleachBit – Best Free And Open Source Junk And Temp File Cleaner For Windows 10

Download BleachBit

BleachBit is a Windows 10 junk cleaner for which temporary files, cache files, unwanted logs and other junk is nothing. One of the greatest aspects of BleachBit is that it is an open source application and it also has one of the simplest interfaces.


It shreds files in such a manner that they can’t ever be recovered

Hide previously deleted and overwrite any free disk space

It is portable i.e. you can run it without installing it

Use vacuuming to improve your PC’s performance

Reduce backup size by removing unnecessary files

Price: Free

Compatibility: Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP

Frequently Asked Questions Is It Safe To Remove Junk Files From The Computer? Which Is The Best Junk File Cleaner For Windows 10?

We have handpicked some of the best junk and temp file cleaners for your Windows PC. But, if you are looking for an easy way to delete unwanted items from your computer you can give Advanced System Optimizer a try and be rest assured that you won’t at all be disappointed.

How To Delete Unwanted Files In Windows 10?

As a prudent computer user if you want to delete unwanted items from your computer you can either take the manual route or use one of the junk cleanup utilities mentioned above. We however recommend that you inculcate both in your strategy.

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7 Best File Managers In Windows

File Explorer is a built-in file manager for Windows computers. Although it offers basic operations on files and folders, its limited features make you look out for better alternatives.

They can be a substantial replacement for built-in File Explorer. Therefore, if you are in a dilemma about which file manager to install, this article will help you guide through it.

There are plenty of file manager applications available on the Internet. Those applications have free as well as paid versions. You can use the free version for a certain period, and it’s upon you if you wish to purchase a paid version.

Here, we have compiled a list of 7 best file managers in Windows. After going through all of them, you will have enough insights to choose from one among them.

The first application on our best file managers list is Directory Opus. The sleek and modern design of the application lets you easily navigate through the files and folders with its multi-window view. It also lets you open the folders in tab view like a web browser making it easy to jump between the folders.

The application uses multithreading, so you don’t need to wait long for files and folders to load. It uses a unique sorting mechanism to sort files according to your preference. You can even apply filters to files concerning their color and icons. Batch renaming (renaming multiple files at once) has also been made possible.

It has an integrated function that lets you quickly find and delete duplicate files. Other than that, it also allows the execution of scripts and supports File Transfer Protocol (FTP). Meanwhile, it also has a built-in file compression tool, so you don’t need to install an extra compression tool.

Available in both 32 and 64-bit architecture, you can use the application with no hassle whether you are a Windows 10 or Windows 11 user. It has free as well as paid versions. Paid version costs around $60 after a 30 days trial period. However, you can always use the free version without issues before purchasing the premium package.

Key Features

Tabbed browsing

Faster processing

Special sorting process

Batch renaming

Redundant file finder

File Transfer Protocol (FTP)

Built-in file compressor

The next one is the Total Commander. Like the Directory Opus, it also lets you surf the folders in tabbed and multi-pane views. The typical design has made it easy for files and folders navigation. Other than that, the application is available in multiple languages so that you can choose the language of your preference. It also integrates batch renaming and FTP support. However, unlike Directory Opus, you may have a hard time customizing its interface.

Meanwhile, it allows you to set a file transfer limit when copying or moving files within your computer. Nonetheless, pausing and resuming file transfer is also possible. It makes it easy to multi-tasking.

Furthermore, it also has a redundant file finder like Directory Opus. It supports most of the formats for file compression and decompression as well. The unique feature of the Total Commander is that it displays a preview of images or videos when you hover the mouse over those files.

Regarding the software’s availability and pricing, you can use it in any Windows version with either 32 or 64-bit architecture. And not to mention it is also available in free as well as paid versions. Depending upon whether you use the free or paid version, there might be slight changes in the available functions and features. The paid version of the application costs around $30 after a free trial period of 30 days.

Key features

Uncluttered and typical UI

Multi-pane view

Limit file transfer speed

Pause and resume file transfer

File archiving and unarchiving

Bulk files renaming

Thumbnail preview

Cloud storage

Q-Dir stands for Quad Explorer, meaning you can open Quad (four) windows at once using this software. Q-Dir can substantially replace File Explorer if you want a lightweight and free file manager for your computer. Since it is possible to open four windows at once in Q-Dir, you can directly drag and drop files rather than bothering to copy and paste.

If you find difficulty navigating the four windows at once, it also has an integrated magnifier glass to help you traverse easily. However, you can not remap keyboard shortcuts like in Directory Opus. Likewise, transferring a large size file can be a stumbling block with Q-dir.

Q-dir supports almost all versions of Windows and even works with old computers since it does not consume many resources. But you may have to sacrifice your ad-free explorer experience with Q-dir.

Key Features

Free of cost

Four-pane view

Drag and drop

Bookmarking is possible


Supports every Windows version

Integrated with a robust backup and restore feature, XYplorer is another lightweight file manager for Windows computers. It also has tabbed browsing functionality with a high-speed searching and sorting function to find your files quickly. Like in the browser, you can restore the previously opened window with this application.

The unique feature that differentiates it from other file managers is its portability. You don’t need to install it on every computer you use daily. You can store it in a flash drive and instantly use it on any computer. Meanwhile, it assigns different colors for different file types, which makes file classification a breeze.

Now coming to the pricing and availability, the application can be used in a range of Windows versions. While the application has a free version, you can also opt for a paid version that costs around $40.

Key Features

Lightweight and portable

Smoother navigation

Restore window function

Multiple location searching at the same time

Cloud storage

Color filtering for different file types

Explorer++ can be a good option if you seek a portable, open-source file manager. The application’s interface is more similar to the built-in File Explorer of Windows, making it easy to navigate. On top of that, OneDrive integrated into the application makes it unique from other file managers available on the Internet.

Key Features


Integrated OneDrive


File split and merge

Easy navigation like built-in Windows File Explorer

Small size and portable

Altap Salamander’s associated networking feature in the application makes it different from other file managers. It supports a wide range of protocols like FTP, SCP, FTPS, and SFTP. It has made file sharing over the Internet a breeze. Using this file manager, you don’t need to rely on other applications for file sharing.

The application is available in all Windows versions and architecture and has free as well as paid versions. With the cost of around $27, the paid version of the application is not that costly either.

Key Features

File sharing over the Internet

Encrypting files and folders

Cheaper paid version

The other file manager in the list is Xplorer². The option to choose between ribbon-style UI and conventional UI offers a speedy file transfer. The application is available in multiple languages, like Total Commander. In addition, features like bulk renaming, duplicate file detectors, and color filtering are further possible in the application.

Talking about compatibility, the application is compatible with most of the latest Windows versions, including earlier versions like Windows XP and Vista. And when it comes to pricing, it is priced around $30 after the free trial period of 21 days ends. But, not to worry, the same license can be used on multiple computers.

Key Features

Overlapping windows


Automate similar tasks with macro function

Best Data Recovery Software For Windows 11, 10, 8, 7

Best Data Recovery Software For Windows 11, 10, 8, 7 [Paid & Free] Discover Which Are The Best Data Recovery Tools To Retrieve Your Lost Files!

1. Best Paid Data Recovery Software

2. Best Free Data Recovery Software

11 Best Paid Data Recovery Software To Restore Deleted, Lost Or Missing Files in 2023

11 Best Paid Data Recovery Software To Restore Deleted, Lost Or Missing Files in 2023

Features & Pros Cons: At Glance

1. Advanced File Recovery (Fastest Scanning Engine with Support for All File Types & Formats)

Price: $69.95/Year

Latest Version:

Compatibility: Windows 11/10/8.1/8/7

File Size: 7.8 MB

Accidentally deleted a file? Don’t worry! Perform hassle-free data recovery on your Windows PC and restore all the photos, videos, documents, audio files, and other file types you thought were lost forever. The application has a solid interface with robust scanning modes to identify, list, and retrieve data from hard disks, encrypted, solid-state drives, and other removable storage media. Unlike other popular file recovery tools, Advanced File Recovery supports emergency data recovery to get back files lost due to virus attacks, system crashes, power failures, human error, OS reinstallation, etc.


Supports recovering all photos, videos, mp3, docs & more.

Fast scanning engine to recover missing/lost/deleted files in no time.

Allows you to preview files before recovering them.

Comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee.


Support for Windows OS only.

Reasons For Getting Advanced Disk Recovery:

Can recover almost all popular file formats & file types.

Supports restoring files from partitioning the formatted disk, SSD, portable hard drives, flash drives, memory cards & other storage media.

Supports Emergency Data Recovery to retrieve files/folders lost due to unexpected system crashes, OS reinstallation, power failure,

2. Advanced Disk Recovery (No. 1 Tool To Restore Deleted Files In A Jiffy)

Latest Version: 2.7.1200.18372

Compatibility: Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista & XP

File Size: 5.3 MB

Try the most trusted and recommended data recovery solution for Windows 10, 8, 7 and other versions – Advanced Disk Recovery to quickly restore accidentally deleted data or lost files from formatted hard drive OR you can go through the roundup and choose which type of scanning mode you need based on your data loss scenario. Advanced Disk Recovery is fully compatible with all types of Windows versions & systems with both 32-bit and 64-bit versions. It’s simple and intuitive interface recovers almost all types of data by simply performing quick or deep scans. In fact, you can rely on this excellent data recovery software if you wish to restore data from multiple storage devices at the same time.


Easy to use interface with the user-friendly console.

Recover any type of deleted data irrespective of file, format, size or type.

Offers two types of scans, Deep Scan & Quick Scan to recover recent or permanently deleted files.

Pause your session anytime you like and resume it whenever you have free time.

It can recover data from local Hard Drive, USB, CD/DVDs running with FAT, NTFS, HFS+, EXT4 file systems.


Lacks customization.

Reasons For Getting Advanced Disk Recovery:

Powerful and intuitive application that can help you retrieve lost data.

Quick Scan & Deep Scan to locate deleted files lost due to any data loss scenario.

Preview before recovering files.

3. Stellar Data Recovery (Reliable Data Recovery Software For Windows & Other Devices)

Price: $49.99

Latest Version:

Compatibility: Windows 10, 8, 7

File Size: 4.7 MB

We have tested a plethora of data recovery software and found Stellar to be the quickest and reliable tool to restore multiple types of files from storage devices like Hard Drives, USB Sticks, Memory Cards and many more. The data recovery solution comes with tons of scanning options that are suitable for multiple types of data loss scenarios. You can even run scans for particular places and drives, which saves your time and you certainly don’t need to perform a full system scan to recover precious files lost due to any circumstances.


Excellent interface.

Fastest scanning engine.

Helps in recovering data from encrypted disks.


Free version could only recover 1 GB of data.

UI could be improved.

Reasons For Getting  Stellar Data Recovery:

Supports multiple file types to recover lost data in one go.

Export the scan results to your computer and access them again later.

The Wizard-like interface makes it effortless for users to use the file recovery app.

4. IMyFone D-Back Hard Drive Recovery Expert

Price: $59.95/Month for 2 PCs, $79.95/Year for 2 PCs, $99.95/Lifetime plan for 3 PCs 

Latest Version: 

Compatibility: Windows 11, 10, 8, 7, XP or Vista  

File Size: 824 KB 

IMyFone’s D-Back is a top-notch Windows hard drive data recovery solution to use in 2023. It allows users to recover lost files, photos, documents, and more, even after formatting, disk damage, malware attack & other data loss situations. Not only this, you can even recover your missing files from an empty Recycle Bin as well. Besides hard drive data recovery, you can even restore files from external USB drives, SD/CF cards, memory cards, digital cameras, SSD drives, Flash drives, etc. Additionally, it supports restoring almost all file types and formats including documents, photographs, videos, audio files, emails, archives, and others. 


Can recover an unlimited amount of data. 

Preview before data recovery. 

Supports both Windows & Mac. 


Lacks customization. 

Data Recovery takes a lot of time. 

Reasons for getting IMyFone D-Back Hard Drive Recovery Expert:

Besides recovering your precious data, it can recover lost partitions as well. 

Enjoy free lifetime updates with any of the paid editions.

24*7 customer support.

5. EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard (Recover Files, Partitions, Boot Sectors & More)

Price: $69.95/Month, $99.95/Yearly, $149.95/Lifetime

Latest Version:

Compatibility: Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP, Server 2012/2023/2023

File Size: 43.2 MB

EaseUS Data Recovery is the best data recovery software for PCs. It’s designed keeping the convenience of the end users in mind. EaseUS performs an extreme level of recovery process without any hiccups on almost all versions of Windows. EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard not only recovers lost/deleted files but also helps in recovering corrupt files without any hassle. It is a robust and effective data recovery software for format retrieval, hard drive retrieval, partition retrieval, and raw retrieval. This Windows-only tool can search for specific file types. It also allows you to pause and restart the scanning process at any time and sort retrieved files by file name, file type or date. You can also preview the file’s probability of recovery.


Quick and easy to use with a user-friendly interface.

Raw file recovery made possible.

Displays probability of recovery and recovery results once done.

Comparatively cheaper than other rivals with such capabilities.

Automatically sorts recovered files by name, file type or date.


Doesn’t recover files from a reformatted hard drive.

Reasons For Getting  EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard:

Lets you view details about each one, such as name, date, type, and size.

Deep Scan mode to thoroughly look for lost/deleted & missing files in your system.

6. Disk Drill (Evergreen Solution To Recover Lost Files On Your Windows & Mac)

Price: $89.00

Latest Version: 4.2.568.0

Compatibility: Windows 10, 8, 7, Server 2023/2023/2012

File Size: 34 MB

Disk Drill is an amazing recovery program by CleverFiles which is one of the most buzzing tools known for its features and technical competencies. The free version comes with a limitation of 500 MB of recovery however gives full functionality. Disk Drill can recover all your deleted Documents, Music, Photos, Videos and other file formats swiftly and easily. This program is compatible with all versions of Windows and can be used for retrieving lost and damaged files from external and internal storage. This tool supports device with FAT, NTFS, HFS+, EXT4, or any file system that you can think off.


Comes with a Recycle Bin, specially designed to maintain a backup reference for deleted files.

Provides Guaranteed Recovery as its database preserves a record of every single file movement.

Allows you to create files in ISO, DMG or IMG formats.

Supports more than 200+ file types with speed and accuracy.

Not only Windows but this software is also compatible with iOS and Android as well.


Allows you to recover up to 500 MB data with free data recovery version.

Doesn’t show the file quality in the scan results.

Reasons For Getting  Disk Drill:

Simple & minimalistic design so that you don’t get lost in all the features.

Opt for a quick scan or a deep scan to recover lost data or partitions.

Supports creating a backup of a disk or a partition.

7. Piriform Recuva (Retrieve Unlimited Amount Of Data With Freemium File Recovery Tool)

Price: $19.95

Latest Version: 1.51.1063

Compatibility: Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP, 2003, 2000

File Size: 3 MB

Recuva is an excellent data recovery software for Windows PC, designed & developed by popular company Piriform. Hence, you can undoubtedly expect the best from the product. This comes with a free trial version with some limitations to recover lost data from Hard Drives, USB Flash Drives, MP3 Players, Memory Cards, and other storage devices with FAT and NTFS file systems. This application is compatible with both 32-Bit and 64-Bit versions. Recuva is also available in a portable form which means there is no risk of overwriting. It is a Freemium app, which means you can enjoy all its features by going premium. Recuva can successfully recover deleted files like unsaved Word Documents, Images, Music, Emails, Videos, and many other popular file types.

Purchase Recuva Data Recovery Here


Quick Scan, Low Price, Free Version available.

Military-standard recovery & User-Friendly interface.

Preview screen before recovery, Full Hard-Drive Scan, External Recovery.

Supports drives as large as 3TB/


Can’t recover rewritten files as compared to other high-priced rivals.

Reasons For Getting Piriform Recuva:

Step-by-step approach and recovery options.

Works extremely fast, and uses a fair amount of system memory.

View useful information about each file, such as size, last modification & more.

8. Wise Data Recovery (Easy To Use Data Recovery Software)

Price: Free/ $59.95 per month

Latest Version:

Compatibility: Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista & XP

File Size: 9.4 MB

Purchase Wise Data Recovery Here


Quick scan for deleted files on Windows 10 & earlier versions.

Coloured circles make it easy to identify the probability of recovery.

Free of cost portable option available.

Fast scanning speeds.

Can recover multiple files at the same time.


While recovering deleted files, the original folder structuring does not remain intact.

Only compatible with Windows, doesn’t work on Mac or Linux.

Reasons For Getting  Wise Data Recovery:

Simple and clean layout to select particular drives to scan.

Manages to remain light on the system resources

Allows users to recover image, audio, or video files, documents, compressed files, email items.

Price: $49.95

Latest Version: 7.0.0

Compatibility: Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista & XP

File Size: 969 KB

Wondershare being on number 5 on the list doesn’t mean that it is less competent than others. This is again one of the best and complete data recovery software for Windows-based computers and other storage devices like External Hard Drive, Flash Drive, Digital Camera or Memory Cards. It is capable of recovering more than 550 file formats including Documents, Music, Photos, Videos, and Emails. It’s simple, user-friendly and favorite of more than millions of customers. It not only recovers accidentally deleted files but also takes care of formatted files, inaccessible or raw files, virus damages, improper operations and many more.


Can recover Documents, Pictures, Videos, Audios & much more.

It is compatible with almost all latest versions of Windows.

Features a pause and resume the process at any point in time during scanning.

Preview before recovery.

Improved safety of data.


The scanning process freezes at times.

Output may not be as good as the original.

Reasons For Getting  Wondershare Data Recovery:

Restore deleted or lost files from FAT and NTFS drives.

The scan is built as a wizard, which will guide you every step of the way.

Supports recovering photos, audio tracks, videos, common documents (e.g. DOC, PDF, TXT, etc.)

10. MiniTool Power Data Recovery (Best Disk Drill’s Alternative)

Price: $69/Monthly, $89/Yearly, $99/Lifetime

Latest Version: 9.2

Compatibility: Windows 10, 8, 7

File Size: 76 MB


Supports over 100 types of file types.

Intuitive user interface.

24*7 technical support available.


No portable option.

Reasons For Getting  MiniTool Power Data Recovery:

Simple installation and pleasant GUI.

Free data recovery version offers 1 GB of restoration limit.

Allows you to exclude documents, archives, pictures, audio, video, emails, and other file types.

11. OnTrack EasyRecovery (Powerful Interface With Wide Range Of Features)

Price: €112.00

Latest Version:

Compatibility: Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP, 2003

File Size: 5 MB

OnTrack is another reputable name in the category of best paid data recovery software for Windows. It features a wide range of tools and comes with easy file sorting capabilities, so that you can easily have your lost, deleted or missing files back on your device. Similar to MiniTool, you can recover up to 1 GB of data with the free data recovery version. If you want to enjoy more features and get the ability to restore more data, you need to switch to the professional edition. With the paid version, you can even create disk images and retrieve data from CD’s, DVD’s and more.


Attractive interface.

Includes a secure-delete feature.

Several data recovery editions for multiple needs.

Price rises according to the level of data recovery required.


Lacks built-in previewer.

Reasons For Getting OnTrack EasyRecovery:

Built-in wizard which comes in handy especially for newbies.

Supports recovering files from external storage devices such as UBS, CD, DVD, Memory cards & more.

You can view thumbnails & extra details about each item, such as name, type, size, modified date.

11. Paragon Backup and Recovery (Simple Data Recovery Tool With Advanced Backup Capabilities)

Price: €79.95

Latest Version: 17

Compatibility: Windows 10, 8, 7

File Size: 139 MB

Like several data recovery software for Windows & other devices discussed in this listicle, Paragon is an intuitive file restoring solution that offers dual purpose to back up data and recover lost, accidentally deleted or corrupted data without any efforts. It even offers functionalities for disk partitioning, successful data wiping and tools to control and manage drives. The tool has performed best, when it comes to data recovering in scenarios like hardware failure, computer virus, ransomware, trojan horse attack, human error or any type of system issues that occurs after program update. Additionally, it offers scheduled backups and encryption options, so that all your data is secured.


Simple interface.

Gets constant updates


No continuous backup option for complete folders.

Reasons For Getting Paragon Backup and Recovery: 

Supports differential and incremental backups.

Supports different partition management tasks, including formatting, deleting, hiding & more.

Provides a protective shield against disk crashes.

Best Free Data Recovery Software to Recover Deleted Files in 2023

Data Recovery Software Best Known-For

PC Inspector File Recovery A Totally Feature Packed Data Recovery Software

TestDisk Command Line Based tool to recover lost Partitions

PhotoRec Tools specifically designed to recover files and not partitions

UnDeleteMyFiles Pro Recover Files based on File Extension

Free Undelete A Real Free Data Recovery Software

1. PC Inspector File Recovery

(A lot of features packed inside not-so-pleasing Interface)

Price: Free

Latest Version: 4.0

Compatibility: All Windows Versions

File Size: 3.3 MB

PC Inspector File Recovery is a Free Data Recovery Software that goes a long way to recover your lost data. It even tries and get the data back from the deleted partitions, even after the most colossal of the damage to the boot sector and file system. In cases where your PC doesn’t even display the hard-drive, PC Inspector File Recovery will try and recover your data.

The free version is available for practically anyone, even the business clients, forever without having to pay for it ever.

However, there are a few flaws that can render this software useless for a few people and a hard choice for many. This free data recovery software can put you off with its complicated interface. Also, though it promises to recover the files from external drives too, it isn’t the most reliable option you have.

With that being said, it definitely deserves to be on the list of Best Free Data Recovery Software considering all the features it has to offer for free.

Download PC Inspector File Recovery


Available for Free for all clients

Helps recover files from deleted partitions

Works with Inaccessible partitions too


Confusing and Intimidating Interface

Doesn’t work reliably with the External Drives

It can’t be installed on the drive that you want to recover data from.

Reasons For Getting  PC Inspector File Recovery:

Lightweight & straightforward app that supports the FAT 12/16/32 and NTFS file systems.

Supports recovering files of various formats (including AVI, JPG, PNG, EXE, WAV, and ZIP).

Uses only a moderate amount of system resources.

2. TestDisk

(A Powerful Partition Recovery Tool)

Price: Free

Latest Version: 7.2

Compatibility: Windows 10, 8, 7, XP, Vista, Server 2023/2012/2008

File Size: 20.5 MB

TestDisk is a command line based tool that is only concerned with the recovery of lost partitions and inaccessible drives.

Because TestDisk doesn’t have a graphical interface and is rather a command line-based tool, it can put off a lot of users. However, it has got a built-in guide to get you through with the process of recovering deleted/lost partitions.

Download TestDisk Partition Recovery Tool


Can help recover lost and inaccessible partitions

Has a comprehensive built-in guide to help your through the process

A reliable tool


TestDisk doesn’t have a graphical interface

Using Command-Lines can be daunting for many

Reasons For Getting TestDisk: 

Supports wiping all data from a partition and restoring non-bootable disks to their bootable form.

Supports restoring all kinds of files and entire partitions.

New updates are frequently added.

3. PhotoRec

(Solely Focused on Recovering files from the drives and not partitions)

PhotoRec is often used as a counterpart of TestDisk. Because TestDisk solely focuses on the Partitions, whereas PhotoRec is known for reliably recovering lost files. These two tools combined create the whole suite for all your recovery needs.

Unlike TestDisk, PhotoRec does have a graphical user interface and it is pretty easy to use. PhotoRec is also a Cross-Platform tool which means that it can be run through a USB-Stick directly without having to install it on the PC.

PhotoRec is one of the best Data Recovery Software when it comes to recovering files.

Download PhotoRec Data Recovery Tool


Cross-Platform Tool

Because it can be run through USBs, it provides least harm to the recoverable files


Doesn’t work to recover lost partitions

4. UnDeleteMyFiles Pro

(Recover Files based on their Extensions/File Type)

Price: Free

Latest Version: 3.1

Compatibility: Windows 19, 7, Vista, XP, 2003

File Size: 1.3 MB

Don’t get intimidated by the word ‘Pro’ in the name; it is still a Free Data Recovery Software. The user-interface of UnDeleteMyFiles Pro, like all other Free Data Recover Software, may not be its strongest point.

But UnDeleteMyFiles Pro comes packed with tools other than just data recovery. In addition to recovering your data/files based on their extensions and type, you get the option of Disk Snapshot that allows you to back up the drive and retrieve the data at your leisure.

However, on the downside, it doesn’t give any information about the quality of the recoverable files which leaves you praying for an unharmed recovered file.

UnDeleteMyFiles Pro is one of the best Data Recovery Software for Windows available in the market.

Download UnDeleteMyFiles Pro Data Recovery Software


Disk Snapshot to let you retrieve the data later

Multiple Tools

Let you easily recover data based on file type


Doesn’t measure the quality of recovered file

Reasons For Getting  UnDeleteMyFiles Pro: 

Displays name, format, size, date of modification, directory, and disk of each found item.

Let you permanently delete files beyond recovery.

Create a disk snapshot to prevent deleted data from being overwritten.

5. Free Undelete

(Full Free Data Recovery Software for Windows)

Price: Free

Latest Version: 2.1.36867.1

Compatibility: All Windows versions

File Size: 448 KB

Free Undelete is a totally free data recovery software for windows absolutely follows, no hidden charges policy. Hence, it never asks you to purchase the product for personal use.

Not just the free software, it is a great tool to use too. It is a reliable tool to help you recover files that have been deleted and the partitions that have been lost. The User-interface though looks a bit outdated, isn’t all bad.

However, the major downside is its lack of support. I know that is too much to ask for in a Free Data Recovery Software for Windows. Apart from this, Free Undelete is a great data recovery software.

Download Free Undelete Data Recovery Software


Free for Personal Use

Supports various drive formats

Helps recover data from even the deleted partitions


Mandatory to purchase for Business Users

Outdated User-Interface

Reasons For Getting  Free Undelete: 

Supports removable devices (like a USB flash drive) etc.

Comes with a user-friendly interface where you can get started by selecting the volume to look into.

Set up a file/folder filter before initializing the scanning procedure.

Wrapping Up Our List of Best File/Folder Recovery Software For Windows 11, 10, 8, 7 PC

All the aforementioned data recovery tools for Windows work exceptionally well and come equipped with user-friendly dashboards to ease the process.

Lately, we’ve been using Advanced File Recovery by Tweaking Technologies to retrieve accidentally deleted photos & videos, and it has worked brilliantly to restore more than that. It supports dozens of file types and formats, including RAW, Raster & Vector files. Additionally, the data recovery application has a straightforward interface with robust scanning modes to identify, list, and retrieve missing/lost/deleted files/folders from hard disks, encrypted, solid-state drives, and other removable storage media. So, we certainly didn’t feel the need to switch to another file recovery program. So, yeah, kudos to the developers!

Frequently Asked Questions: Restore Lost/Deleted/Missing Files In A Jiffy

Have certain queries related to data loss or retrieving processes? Here we are to answer!

Q1. What Are The Main Causes Of Data Loss?

There can be many possible reasons of data loss:

A cyber-attack

System crash

Due to Natural disaster

A virus or malware attack

Or a human error may result in data loss

Many companies face data loss issues due to a server crash and as they can’t afford their precious data to be lost, they pay a huge amount to recover crucial company files and information. Companies not only spend a lot of money, time and resources on fixing loopholes in their security defences but also face reputational consequences. Imagine your personal information is compromised. It may give you Goosebumps but don’t worry, we have listed the aforementioned top 10 data recovery software after several hours of research. Now, you don’t need to be an expert in how to recover deleted files as these tools will do the needful.

Q2. Which Is The Most Reliable Data Recovery Software For Windows?

Well, if you ask for Tweak Library’s recommendation, we suggest using Advanced Disk Recovery. It’s probably the best utility designed for every type of user, no matter what data loss scenario you are dealing with, Advanced Disk Recovery will provide you successful results.

Q3. Is It Safe To Use A Third-Party Data Recovery Software?

Well, to be honest, it’s completely safe to use any of the aforementioned utilities to get your lost, missing or deleted files back. On the contrary, you need to do thorough research before choosing any other third-party software, if you are planning to install any other solution than the ones mentioned here.

Why Trust Us?

We simulate multiple products for testing as closely as possible simultaneously keeping customer’s reviews and functionalities in mind. We test each software by comparing their conversion fidelity, ease of use, speed and optimization features. As per test results, these 5 software turned out to be the best in class tools for data recovery though you may try other free software as per your needs. So even if you don’t know how to recover deleted files, you are still safe as these tools will help you solve the purpose.

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Junk Files In Windows 11/10: What Can You Delete Safely?

Junk files are files that remain on your computer after a task has been performed. Sometimes, Windows or some program needs to create temporary files while doing some task and then forgets to delete the temporary files it created. As time goes by, your computer is full of junk files in the form of temporary files, log files, downloaded files, and unwanted/unnecessary Windows registry entries. The article talks about removing Junk Files in Windows 11/10 using Disk Cleanup. It also tells you what you can keep and what to remove and why.

Junk Files in Windows 11/10

When the analysis is done, you will be presented with a window similar to the following – it lists what all is removable without causing problems to the operating system or installed applications.

Which Windows Junk Files can you delete safely?

The following feature in the list shown in the above list:

Temporary Internet Files

Downloaded Program Files

Offline Webpages

Recycle Bin

Temporary files


Old Windows folder


Temporary Internet files are used to speed up the loading of websites in most cases. In other cases, they are files left out after a session just as the temporary files that are created when you are using an app and are not deleted after the app is closed. Normally, an app creates temporary files when in usage and web pages when closed. Sometimes it fails to delete the files, and they are shown under Temporary files. Both of them are safe to delete so you should check the boxes to tell the OS that you are ready to delete them.

Downloaded Program Files are the files that an app installer leaves behind after installing the related app. These are useless as they do nothing except to occupy space on the hard disk drive. You may remove them without any hesitation.

TIP: USBDriveFresher is a Junk file and folder cleaner for USB Drives.

Offline webpages are the ones stored by your browsers to avoid delays in loading webpages. You might want to keep them in the case of a slower Internet connection. It helps in loading webpages that you frequent. The offline webpages are updated on a regular basis – just in case the online page is changed. You may or may not decide to delete them – based on your Internet speed. If you think you can afford to wait for a little until the webpages can load, go ahead and tick the box to delete them. If you are on a slow connection or metered connection, I recommend that you leave the box unchecked as it will trouble reloading the pages from the Internet. If on a metered connection, you will be charged for what you could get for free.

Thumbnails are previews of image files. There is no harm in deleting them. They will always be rebuild when you access the image files again. Of course, there will be a little delay when you open the image folders in Large icons or medium icons view as it will try to rebuild the thumbnails but the delay could be insignificant unless your computer is very slow and crammed up with images. I recommend deleting them if you are not struggling with an exceptionally slow computer.

Windows Temporary files are again files that are left behind by programs even when you close them. For example, when you open a document in MS Word, you might have seen a related file with the same extension. Like, if you open document .docx, you can see !~cument.docx as a hidden file. Such files are normally deleted by apps when you close them. The remaining ones can be cleaned up using Disk Cleaner to gain hard disk space in Windows 10.

Error Reporting Files are basically logs that contain information about events that lead to improper Windows or related app behavior. These are helpful when troubleshooting Windows. I recommend keeping them (uncheck the box so that they are not removed).

Windows Defender Files – can be deleted without hesitation

Windows Upgrade Log Files – you’ll need them to troubleshoot if the upgrade did not go as intended. These logs help in identifying the errors that happened during the upgrade. If you have successfully upgraded, you can remove them.

Device Driver Packages – contains device drivers which you may have to use in the future when a device is not functioning properly. In most cases, these are but pointers that tell Windows where to look for files. Advice is to keep them

By default, the Disk Cleanup software deletes only old temporary files. If you want it to delete even the recent temporary files, read Make Disk Cleanup delete ALL temporary files. The Disk Cleanup command line lets you clean even more junk files!. If you wish, you can also automate Disk Cleanup.

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The Best Glasses Cleaners Of 2023

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Written By Julian Vittorio

Updated Feb 1, 2023 3:40 PM

Dust, oil, hair, and other types of grime are a normal part of everyday life, but nobody is more constantly reminded of the inconvenience they can cause than people who wear glasses. If you or someone you care about is burdened by the constant cycle of smudging and cleaning that comes with owning a pair of glasses, turn to one of the best glasses cleaners on the market to lessen the ache of spectacle maintenance.

Keeping glasses clean is the only way to ensure that they’re doing their job, so it’s important to choose a spectacles cleaner that will be suited to your routines and activities without causing undue damage to your sensitive lenses. Glasses wearers who intermittently reach for a pair of readers or who only put them on at specific times can benefit from a simple solution like glasses cleaner wipes or sprays, while long-term wearers or folks who engage in physically demanding activities may want to opt for a more robust cleaning solution like a microfiber or ultrasonic glasses cleaner. Below, we’ll break down a few types of the best eyeglasses cleaners available to help you find the right option for any situation.

The best glasses cleaners: Reviews & Recommendations Best cleaner clip: Peeps Carbon Klean Eyeglass Lens Cleaner

Users searching for the best anti-fog glasses cleaner will appreciate that this glasses cleaner spray from Optix 55 is effective at preventing the formation of fog on a variety of optical products including binoculars and swimming goggles. Simply spray to apply, spread it evenly with your finger, let it dry for one minute, and then wipe clean with a microfiber cloth for easy glasses fog-proofing. It’s hypoallergenic as well, so you can feel good about using it near your face, but be aware that it’s not made for use on AR-coated eyeglasses.

Best cloth: MagicFiber Microfiber Cleaning Cloths

These MagicFiber glasses cleaner cloths are the perfect solution for every day glasses wearers who prefer a familiar and affordable way to clean their glasses. The glasses cleaner measure 6 x 7 inches each and come in packs of multiples for long-term convenience. Since they fold up flat, they’re great for storing in glasses cases without adding extra bulk, and they’re hand-washable so you can get the most bang for your buck.

Best wipes: Zeiss Lens Wipes

Zeiss Lens Wipes are pre-moistened with an alcohol-based cleaner and come in a package of 200 wipes, making these some of the best glasses cleaner wipes for getting consistent results. Zeiss is a longstanding company that’s well-known for its high-quality optical products including camera lenses and binoculars, so these wipes are designed to be extremely gentle on the most sensitive surfaces. These wipes are guaranteed to leave eyeglasses streak-free and contain no harsh ammonia-based products or fragrances.

The iSonic D2840 is one of the best ultrasonic eyeglass cleaners on the market, delivering thorough performance and deep cleaning unparalleled by cloths and sprays. The unit sports a 1.6-liter tank and includes an interior basket for safe cleaning of your small items. A digital timer that ranges between 90 and 480 seconds allows for precise and controlled operation, and a blue interior LED indicates when the unit is running for peace of mind. This isn’t really a portable solution when compared to the others on this list, but it’s still the best option for getting dust and grime off of every square inch of your glasses.

Best budget: BCP Mini Eyeglass Cleaning Brushes What’re the best glasses cleaners for you?

The best glasses cleaners come in a variety of forms suited for different environments and lifestyles. Some are portable and built for reusability, while others are disposable and designed primarily for consistency. From glasses cleaner cloths to ultrasonic eyeglass cleaners, here are some of our favorite glasses cleaners currently on the market.

Microfiber glasses cleaner clips

Glasses that are put through low-impact to moderately messy daily activities usually collect a good deal of dust and dirt both from being worn on the face as well as being stored outside of a case. Some of the best eyeglasses cleaners for managing the most common forms of surface oil and grime come in the form of compact reusable microfiber eyeglasses cleaner clips. These utilize a portable and easy-to-handle design that allows users to clean both sides of the lens at once while keeping a firm grip on their glasses.

Anti-fog glasses cleaner for clearer lenses while masked up

While eyeglasses get their name straight from one of the most common materials to ever exist, most lenses are actually made of a type of specialized plastic that’s better suited to optical use than traditional glass. Besides being lighter in weight, plastics and polycarbonates are more resistant to shattering from impacts than glass, and they bond much easier with anti-glare coatings. Despite all this, plastic is no less susceptible than glass to collecting moisture, and there’s never a safe or convenient time for your vision to be blocked by unwanted fog. Treating your glasses with an anti-fog glasses cleaner ensures that your lenses will stay sparkle-clear and perform as intended for sustained periods in any weather.

There are many varieties on the market to choose from, but the best anti-fog glasses cleaners generally form a coating on the lens over a period of multiple uses and are applied as a liquid directly to the plastic before being allowed to sit for some time. When shopping for an anti-fog glasses cleaner, you might opt for a model that comes in a spray bottle for ease of portability and quick application. Unlike normal water or alcohol compounds, anti-fog eyeglass cleaners make it harder for moisture to collect in humid environments and ensure that eyewear users can enjoy uninterrupted vision.

The classic solution: A glasses cleaner cloth

When cleaning glasses, not just any traditional cloth or fabric material will do; it’s crucial to select a cloth that’s designed specifically for eyewear to avoid irreversible damage from scratching and abrasion. Cleaning cloths come in many sizes and varieties, but the best glasses cleaner cloths are made from microfiber, an incredibly fine material made of polyester or nylon. A dense construction or weave allows microfiber to wick away grease, hair, and dirt of even the smallest sizes from sensitive and smooth surfaces like eyeglass lenses, making microfiber cleaning cloths an economical and simple solution for keeping glasses free of debris.

Another benefit of well-made microfiber cleaning cloths is their reusability, which makes them cost-effective and a good long-term solution for everyday glasses wearers. Though they are sensitive, many models can withstand hand washings, which can extend their effective life. Glasses cleaner cloths are a good choice for travelers due to their inherent portability, but they may attract dust and debris when stored improperly. For this reason, they work best if you’re open to washing them from time to time.

Take-anywhere glasses cleaner wipes

For fans of a disposable form factor, one-use glasses cleaner wipes are a fantastic way to get lenses sparkling clean quickly. Choosing glasses cleaner wipes over reusable products like microfiber cloths or clip cleaners is ideal in situations where you absolutely have to ensure that the cleaning product is free and clear of dirt and abrasive materials during each use. Because of their disposable nature, the best eyeglasses cleaner wipes will deliver a consistently streak-free finish in a very portable package.

Most spectacle cleaner wipes are folded cloths made of fine tissue that’s been treated with an alcohol-based cleaning solution free of harsh chemicals. It’s important to choose a wipe that’s designed specifically for critical applications over a generic alcohol wipe to prevent accidental scratches or other types of damage to arise during cleaning. Some of the best cleaning wipes on the market can be used for camera lenses, binocular lenses, and other sensitive optical surfaces, and the disposable format further ensures that users achieve the best results every time.

For heavy-duty cleaning: Ultrasonic eyeglass cleaners

Users who want to put their glasses through one of the most thorough and high-tech cleaning processes available should consider adding an ultrasonic eyeglass cleaner to their eyewear arsenal. Ultrasonic cleaning incorporates high-frequency sound and liquid solvents to disrupt and absorb a wide variety of surface contaminants, making it very useful for cleaning eyeglasses as well as jewelry and other everyday wearables. While this may be the priciest option on the list, ultrasonic eyeglass cleaners are still surprisingly affordable considering that they provide an unparalleled level of clean for every surface and nook on a pair of glasses in addition to the lenses themselves.

When shopping for the best ultrasonic eyeglass cleaner, it’s important to make sure it includes a plastic basket or stand to keep your glasses elevated inside the compartment. Doing so prevents pitting from occurring and ensures that every area on the surface of the glasses is fully cleaned. Some models of ultrasonic cleaners also come with a proprietary solvent that promotes the dissolution of oils and dirt, so take note of the specific solvent type when it’s time to buy a refill.

Buy in bulk to get clean for less

Glasses cleaners are a relatively affordable category of product considering their usefulness, but that fact comes down to their simplicity in design above all else. If you’re looking for a way to clean your glasses on a budget, there are many good options to choose from, but there are some factors to take into consideration. When shopping for the best cheap glasses cleaner, make sure that the model in question doesn’t skimp on softness; cutting corners in cost often makes certain details imprecise, and it’s imperative that your cleaner doesn’t accidentally scratch your lenses by using coarse material. You may have to sacrifice reusability when going for an affordable way to get streak-free glasses, which may also be a limiting factor if you are concerned about creating waste.

FAQs Q: What causes eyeglasses to become cloudy?

Cloudy eyeglass lenses are most commonly caused by accumulations of oil and dirt that go unaddressed over long periods of time, but they can also be caused by the formation of minuscule scratches from improper storage. To prevent eyeglasses from becoming cloudy, clean your lenses thoroughly and regularly, and store them securely in a case with a soft interior.

Q: Can you wash eyeglass cleaning cloths?

Microfiber eyeglass cleaning cloths can and should be washed to maximize their lifespan and cut down on waste. While these cloths are incredibly resilient and effective, it’s imperative to wash them by hand to prevent the introduction of snags or imperfections that might cause harm to your lenses.

Q: Is Windex good for cleaning eyeglasses?

Windex is a well-known cleaning product due to its ability to aggressively remove dirt and grime from glass, but it accomplishes this through the use of chemicals that are far too intense for use on eyeglasses. If you’re looking for an effective liquid glasses cleaner, stick to anti-fog spray or use pre-moistened glasses cleaner wipes.

Final thoughts on the best glasses cleaners

Using the best glasses cleaners available ensures that your vision remains crystal clear every step of the way, and can even prolong the life of your lenses. There’s no one right way to clean your glasses, but using a mix of microfiber cloths and wipes, anti-fog sprays, ultrasonic cleaners, and microfiber clip cleaners can ensure that both you and your lenses are safe.

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Simplify File Management With File Manager Gold For Windows 8

There are tons of third-party file management apps out there. However, a native app downloadable for free as of this moment – it can change to a paid app at anytime – caught our attention because of its geeky touch. Think of Norton Commander and BIOS plus special keys. File Manager Gold gives you that déjà vu as you switch between folders and organise your files within the app. It brings back the 80-90’s way of navigating the window that spices up your Windows 8 experience though you can also use the mouse when choosing options such as Add location or folder.

Media Torrent Zip Apps published File Manager Gold is free for a limited time only. It’s built for Windows 8.1 users and it’s packed in 2.7 MB file size under the Windows Store Tools category. Sign up for or log in to your Microsoft account to get it. It allows you to search through all your files conveniently, unzip and archive them, or view history operations and many more.


2. As mentioned earlier, you can use your mouse to navigate it, or if you’re using a touch screen device, just swipe left to right or tap.

3. For the touchscreen devices, you can switch between drives by tapping the “n” button on the upper right corner.

5 features that make your file management easier

1. Keyboard- and mouse-friendly – you can either make a command using the special keys from F1-F12 or use the mouse or both. It’s easy to use and navigate all under one roof. However, the grey buttons indicate that they are only supported by the special keys, while the rest of the buttons can be used together with the mouse.

2. Supports ZIP file packing/unpacking – File Manager Gold supports up to eight file formats of archiving, compression, and unpacking for your files.

4. Confirmation before changes – whenever you make some changes, File Manager Pro pops up a dialog box to confirm the action.

5. Transitioning in serial and parallel operations with files – copying, moving, and renaming files and folders is a lot easier; you can do this simultaneously in serial or parallel on each drive or location.

Deja vu with File Manager Gold

With such ease and simplicity of the UI/UX and the value it brings for end-users, File Manager Gold is worth keeping on your computer for quick management and organisation of your files. Hurry while it’s free!

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Krisette is a technology writer who loves to cover disruptive technologies, trends, and a myriad of rumors and news updates. To satiate the inconsolable longing to feed her gadget addiction, she simply writes and tinker her gadgets for reviews. You may follow her blurbs, too! @krisettecapati

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