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Siri Shortcuts have been around for a while now but with the release of iOS 14, the shortcuts have gotten more powerful than ever before. Ranging from changing your app icons on the Home Screen to playing YouTube videos in PIP mode, Shortcuts can do all sorts of cool things. Here is a list of some of my favorite iOS 14 Siri shortcuts that you can use to supercharge your iPhone. Let’s check them out.

1. Icon Themer

With the addition of Widgets to iOS 14, you can now customize the Home Screen of your iPhone and view additional information at a glance. Not just that, Icon Themer takes it one step further and lets you customize the app icons as well. You can customize both System and third-party apps using the shortcut and put any image as an icon. The only limitation of using this shortcut is that it shows a shortcut running page before opening the desired app.

Get Icon Themer (routinehub)

2. YouTube in PIP

One of the major highlights of iOS 14 was the native integration of Picture-In-Picture mode. As YouTube offers PIP as part of the YouTube Premium subscription, you can’t actually use it without coughing up some cash. This iOS 14 Siri Shortcut lets you play any YouTube video in PIP mode even if you don’t have a subscription.

Simply install the shortcut and an accompanying script app and you’re all set. If you need help, here’s an in-depth guide to help you bring you up to speed.

Get YouTube PIP (routinehub)

3. Shazam++

Shazam was bought by Apple and is beautifully integrated with the iOS ecosystem so that you can even recognize songs playing in other apps. There is, however, one tiny inconvenience. You can only open the discovered songs with Apple Music. Well, you can use Spotify as well but if you use any other music service, you’d need this shortcut.

Shazam++ lets you discover songs using Shazam and open in your favorite music streaming service such as YouTube Music, Tidal, Pandora, Soundcloud, etc.

Get Shazam++ (routinehub)

4. YTScript

Downloading YouTube videos on your iPhone has always been a time-consuming task but with this iOS 14 Siri Shortcut, you can easily save YouTube videos to the iPhone. It even lets you decide the quality of the video and gives you an option to download just the audio. You can’t use this shortcut from the YouTube app though, so you would have to open the video link in Safari and then run the shortcut to download the videos.

Get YTScript (routinehub)

5. Facbook Video Downloader

Just like YouTube, Facebook Watch has become a huge platform to consume content online and if you wish to download those videos to your iPhone, you’d need this shortcut. Just install this shortcut, tap the Share button below the video, and run the shortcut. The videos would be downloaded to your Photos app and if you want detailed steps then check out this guide. Easy right?

Get Facebook Video Downloader (routinehub)

6. Control Your Roku

Roku is one of the most popular TV boxes in the US, and it makes sense because Roku is extremely simple to use and offers a reliable service. You can mirror your iPhone to Roku, play games, customize the home screen, and do much more. However, you can also control your Roku with your iPhone using Siri Shortcuts which is not even officially available. You need to put your Roku’s IP address in the shortcuts to make it work and that’s why we wrote an in-depth guide to walk you through the entire process.

7. Get Alerts when iPhone is sufficiently charged

One of the most useful iOS 14 Siri shortcuts is actually an Automation rather than a Shortcut which means it would trigger automatically whenever the iPhone charges to a certain value. I use it all the time as Li-ion batteries are most efficient when charged to 80%. Creating an alert is super simple and I have a detailed article on how to set it up which you can check out here.

Make Your Own iOS 14 Siri Shortcuts

These were a few of the Siri Shortcuts I use all the time that enhance the functionality of the iPhone. I had previously made a list of Siri Shortcuts that offered a lot of cool things. However, at the end of the day, you need to figure out what do you want the Siri Shortcuts to do for you. If you need more from Shortcuts then there are third-party apps that add even more features.

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Best Siri Shortcuts For Iphone And Ipad

It doesn’t make sense to remain stuck in a roundabout way when you can cut the chase and get work done swiftly. The key to enhancing productivity or embracing multitasking is finding a smart shortcut so that you can have the best of both worlds. Accelerate several oft-repeated tasks using the best Siri Shortcuts for iPhone or iPad!

So, how do you use Siri Shortcuts on an iOS device? To start things off, you have to fine-tune an ever-ready shortcut for a specific task that you wish to do quickly. Whenever you need to do that, fire up Siri and speak the phrase. And you are ready to go!

Before setting you in the motion, let me tell you a couple of things up front:

First and foremost, we’ve rounded up some of the coolest shortcuts based on the user experience. Though you will get the link below each trick, you will have to customize it based on your need

The second, you can create shortcuts both from Settings app and Shortcuts app. So, if you need help to get started, do follow the posts (direct link given down below). Besides, do check out the roundup of the popular apps with Siri Shortcuts integration

1. Browse Top News using Siri Shortcut

Have keen eyes for news and want to keep a tab on the breaking news from the top sources? “Browse Top News” Siri shortcut is for you.

With this shortcut at your disposal, you will be able to put your hands on the latest news instantly. Frankly speaking; it’s one of my favorite picks. As I’ve to track the big stories day in and day, I find this one pretty cool in making my task a tad easier. And I’m sure it’s gonna live up to your demand as well.

Get the Shortcut

2. Open Twitter Lists with Siri Shortcut

To keep myself at peace with all the trending news, I’ve created a couple of private lists on Twitter. It allows me to snap a quick look at the latest tweets from the sites I follow.

Ever since I ran across the option to open Twitter lists using a Siri shortcut, my job of tracking the most recent tweets from the favorite sources has become a lot easier.

Should you wish to keep your Twitter lists just a phrase away, do not fail to give it a shot right away.

Get the Shortcut

3. Siri Shortcut to Eject Water from your Device

iPhone 7 and later models are water-resistant. However, speakers of iPhones always get slightly affected when you accidentally drop your phone in water.

No worries! With Water Eject Siri Shortcut, you can eject water from your iPhone in a single tap. This shortcut uses low-frequency sound waves to remove water out of your iPhone’s speakers. This makes your device speakers clean and dry, and you get the same quality of sound as you enjoyed previously.

Get the Shortcut

4. Convert Photos to GIF using Siri Shortcut

To get this shortcut, hit the link below and fine-tune it based on your goal. The next time, you want to set the social media on a blitzkrieg, invoke Siri and speak the phrase to get your work done in a jiffy!

Get the Shortcut

5. Convert Burst Photos to GIF using Siri Shortcuts

The GIF converted from burst images look more eye-catching. So, I think many of you would want to have a go at this shortcut.

Today, GIF has become an indispensable ingredient of our messaging. That’s why most social networking apps offer a large catalog of live and animated images.

Aside from bringing more fun to the conversation, it can also be a great tool for marketing. With a fully customized shortcut ever ready, it would hardly take a few moments to carve out a sensational GIF that can play a big role in making your product more popular.

Get the Shortcut

6. Recording to Evernote

Evernote is arguably the most popular note-taking apps for iOS. If you have been using this app to stay in sync with your tasks or create notes with ease, you’d be glad to know that you can make several shortcuts for the app. And one of them is to create a new recording and save it to Evernote.

When you are on the move and don’t want to fiddle with the software keyboard, this hack can save your day with aplomb. Besides, you will also carve out the short path for resizing screenshot, add a new note from your Apple Watch and more.

Get the Shortcut

7. Use Siri Shortcuts to Play Your Favorite Playlist Right Now!

Wouldn’t it be super cool, if you could start playing your favorite playlist with just a tiny little phrase? Oh, that would be awesome!

More often than not, I like to listen to the only selected set of songs. And with this neat phrase always ready, it takes just a few seconds to get going.

Get the Shortcut

8. Get Directions to Next Event

You are all set to take part in a high-profile meeting. Suddenly, you come to know that the event is scheduled to be held at a remote location. Wouldn’t you want to take the help of Apple Maps to help you guide through so that you can reach there in time?

Whether you are a party animal, executive or a salesperson, you’d like to put your hands on this short way of having access to the directions of the next calendar event.

Get the Shortcut

9. Barcode Scanner Siri Shortcut

Who won’t want to have a fully functional “Barcode Scanner” to be able to scan QR code in a flash? I guess most of us would be really glad to have it.

Whether you want to quickly access the secure website links, contact information, coupon or tickets, it would come into the picture. I’ve tried the Barcode Scanner shortcut on my iPhone, and it functions effectively. To get going, add the hack to your library and then allow it to access your camera.

Once it’s ready, hit the shortcut to launch the camera and use your iPhone to scan the QR code.

Get the Shortcut

10. Siri Shortcut to Share Location

You are stuck in jam-packed traffic, and the chances are that you may reach home a bit late. You may want to share your current location with your concerned mom or an anxious wife. That’s when this readymade phrase will come in handy for you.

Moreover, it’s also nice to share the location with your loved ones to let them know that you are having a wonderful time with your friends during a holiday. Whatever could be the purpose, it’d be worth putting this phrase on the radar.

Get the Shortcut

11. Get Activity Report using Siri Shortcuts

Speaking the truth, this one is my first pick! As a fitness conscious person, I use the Health app to stay hell and hearty.  Therefore, I keep an eye on the steps and various other things to ensure I’m fully in sync with my goal.

That’s why I like this shortcut that allows me to calculate last week’s average number of steps with ease. If you are also a fitness loving person, give it a try as well.

Get the Shortcut

12. Read Later

When browsing the web in Safari, you come across a thought-provoking article. As much as you wish to read the entire story, you don’t have much time to get through. Wouldn’t you want to save for later?

Keep the “Read Later” shortcut in your kitty so that you can quickly save a story to your best Read-it-later apps for iOS. Once they are in your personal library, you will adjust several things like font, color, and even theme to make reading a pleasant experience.

Plus, most apps come with a text-to-speech feature to make your device read the article for you.

Get the Shortcut

13. Siri Shortcuts to Check Amazon Price History

While on a shopping spree, you can instantly check out the price history of any product using this pre-defined hack.

From what I can see, it can help you quickly decide whether it’s the right time to go for a product or wait a little more until the price has come down to your desired threshold. Even better, you can configure this hack to be accessed from Share Sheet as well.

Get the Shortcut

14. Play Spotify Track using Siri Shortcuts

Yeah, Apple Music has surpassed Spotify in the US and may topple the latter in some other countries as well in the future. However, Spotify remains the most loved music-streaming service across the platform.

If you had been willing to use Siri to let you play Spotify tracks, chances are you would find this shortcut nothing less than a boon. Instead of hopping into the music app and playing the tracks, just invoke the virtual assistant to ask it to play your favorites.

Get the Shortcut

15. Photo grid – Awesome Collage Maker

While taking a peek at some of your most memorable photos which you have captured during a holiday with your funny buddies. Seeing those shots, you become nostalgic and wish to relive the memory.

Wouldn’t you like to bring those images together and create an awesome college? I guess your heart would want to latch onto it.

With the pre-defined photo grid shortcut, you can choose some cool pics and turn them into an eye-catching collage. And yes, you don’t need a third-party collage maker app to get it done.

Get the Shortcut

The Shortcuts app also has the option to create a short way for sharing latest screenshot via AirDrop, cleaning up photos, deleting screenshots and sharing a portrait photo. I’ve given these short ways a try and found the real deal. So, don’t miss them out!

Your top bet?

Among so many handy shortcuts which ones have you chosen for your iPhone. I would really appreciate if you could share your feedback about them.

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Ios 12 Siri Shortcuts And Suggestions Digs Ai Into More Apps

iOS 12 Siri Shortcuts and Suggestions digs AI into more apps

Siri is getting much deeper integration into third-party apps, with Apple hoping to address criticisms that its virtual assistant just hasn’t been as useful as it could have been. Announced at WWDC 2023 today, Shortcuts in SiriKit and the new Shortcuts app promise to make Siri far more responsive and useful, including by learning from how you use your iPhone in everyday life.

“In Shortcuts, any app can expose quick actions to Siri,” Apple’s Craig Federighi explained during the WWDC 2023 opening keynote. For example, if you use the Tile app to track down your keys, you’ll be able to add a link to that specific task into Siri. Users will be able to add a custom verbal command, too, so that they can ask by a custom phrase.

Meanwhile, there’ll also be Siri Suggestions, so that you might not even need to link an app to Siri manually. Effectively, it’s Siri learning from what apps and services you do, where you do them, and when, and then prompting you with those features automatically. Federighi outlined a few possibilities during the keynote.

For instance, if you always order a coffee at the same coffee shop every day, Siri will put a prompt on the lock screen at that time, when you’re in that spot. It’s not just a link to the app, either: it’s your usual order, with a one-tap option to order it again. If you use an app to track workouts, meanwhile, that app – and the workout program you use – will show up on the lock screen too.

It needn’t be quite that involved, mind. Siri Suggestions will also prompt you to text the meeting organizer of the next appointment in your calendar, if you’re going to be late. It’ll suggest turning on Do Not Disturb when you’re at a movie, or remind you to call someone important on their birthday.

Users will be able to create their own shortcuts too, using the new Shortcuts app. It’s a widget-based structure, much like IFTTT or Apple’s Automator app on macOS. You can string together multiple tasks – like adjusting smart home equipment with HomeKit, summoning information from apps, sending messages, or more – and have them all triggered with a single custom phrase.

Apple’s example was “Surf Time”: a shortcut to run when you go surfing. With one custom phrase, the iPhone can get a weather report and a surfing conditions report, an ETA to the beach with Apple Maps, and finally ping you with a reminder to put on sunscreen. In Apple’s on-stage demo, a single command for “Heading Home” had Siri say “You will get there in 1 hour. I sent a message to Sheryl. The thermostat is set to 70 degrees, and I turned on the radio.”

Siri Suggestions and the Siri Shortcuts app will be offered on iOS 12. It’ll be supported on iPhone and iPad, and you’ll be able to trigger the custom phrases from your Apple Watch, too.

Apple Releases Ios 13.1: Share Eta In Maps, Siri Shortcuts Automations, And More

Late last week, Apple released iOS 13 to the public. However, that software version number was short lived, because now iOS 13.1 is ready for the spotlight.

Apple on Tuesday —as expected— officially launched iOS 13.1 to the public. This is the first major update to the iOS 13 platform, which, as mentioned at the start, only released to the public on September 19. This update isn’t bringing with it a ton of new features, as it primarily focuses on correcting a range of reported bugs since the launch of iOS 13 last week.

But here are the big new features Apple introduced last week with iOS 13, as we look ahead to iOS 13.1:

iOS 13 was a huge update for the mobile operating system, bringing with it a ton of new features like system-wide dark mode, a new swipe keyboard, and the ability to pair wireless Xbox One and PlayStation 4 controllers to your devices. However, some of the elements that Apple talked about earlier this year at its Worldwide Developers Conference weren’t included in that initial update, which means it’s iOS 13.1’s job to fill in the holes.

(Here’s a laundry list of the new features present in iOS 13 and iPadOS.)

iOS 13.1 will add Audio Sharing to supported devices. With this feature, users will be able to connect two pairs of AirPods to a single device and listen to the same media at the same time. This means you won’t have to split up a single pair of AirPods to share a listening experience.

What’s more, it’s also been confirmed that the Audio Sharing feature will expand to additional Beats-branded headphones equipped with the W1 and H1 chips with the launch of iOS 13.1.

The new Apple‑designed U1 chip uses Ultra Wideband technology for spatial awareness — allowing iPhone 11 to precisely locate other U1‑equipped Apple devices. Think GPS at the scale of your living room. So if you want to share a file with someone using AirDrop, just point your iPhone at theirs and they’ll be first on the list.

This new feature is tied to AirDrop for now, but will probably expand beyond that once Apple finally announces the oft-rumored Apple Tags tracking device. Right now, there is a new AirDrop interface in iOS 13.1, making it easier to just simply point a U1-equipped iPhone at another U1-equipped device and easily share content with them.

There are new HomeKit icons with iOS 13.1 as well, and speaking of AirPods there is a new dedicated icon for AirPods while adjusting volume.

Here are some subtle changes Apple made with iOS 13.1:

Apple Maps continues to improve, and iOS 13.1 leans into that trend by welcoming in the Share ETA feature. When you use Maps to navigate, you’re already given an estimated time of arrival, or ETA. With iOS 13, users will be able to send that information to family, friends, or coworkers, letting them know when they should expect you. And if your ETA changes because of a delay, it will automatically be updated so everyone stays informed.

In addition to that, Siri Shortcuts Automations are making their iOS debut with iOS 13.1. These will allow iOS users to quickly set up automatic Siri Shortcuts, all primed by a specific trigger. These Shortcuts can also work in the background. This can include multiple actions as well, as MacStories has outlined in an in-depth look at the new Siri Automations. Users will be able to have Siri handle a variety of tasks when they finish a workout, or a certain time of day rolls around, or when they reach a specific location.

MacStories also goes into an in-depth look at Conversational Shortcuts as well. This type of Siri interaction will see Siri getting a bit more active in the conversation when asked to do something, rather than just opening up an app like Shortcuts and leaving it up to the user to handle it all:

All of this is changing in iOS 13.1: if Siri hits a parameter that requires an interaction to be resolved, it’ll ask for your input before continuing with the execution of the shortcut. At a high level, this typically involves speaking a response or choosing from a list of options; both Shortcuts’ native actions and third-party actions will support conversational mode, which has been designed to allow for interactions on any Siri-capable device that can run shortcuts, including HomePod and Apple Watch.

Those are the big elements coming to iOS 13.1, which is now available as a free update. Are you excited about any of these big new features in iOS 13.1?

4 Tips To Improve Sleep Tracking In Ios 14 On Iphone

Sleep tracking is a notable addition to the already robust Apple Health that boasts a wide range of health and fitness features including the ability to check headphone audio level in real-time and automatic reduction of loud headphone audio. So far, I have loved using the built-in sleep tracker to keep a track of sleep and also improve it. However, some users have reported that it’s unable to track the sleep accurately. If you have run into the same problem, try out these tips to improve sleep tracking in iOS 14 on your iPhone.

Tips to Enhance Sleep Tracking on iPhone Running iOS 14 or Later

So, what could be preventing the built-in sleep tracker from recording data accurately? From what I can tell after taking a close look at how the sleep tracking feature works and used it to keep a tab on my sleep ever since it was available in the iOS 14 beta, it could be due to a miscellaneous glitch or too many distractions.

Besides, I won’t completely rule out the possibility of a rare bug that may be hindering the sleep tracker. Taking all these things into account, I have suggested solutions that could prove to be helpful in troubleshooting the mess.

Force Restart Your iPhone

The very first solution that I would suggest you try is to hard reset your device. More often than force restart works in fixing random issues that seem to crop up out of nowhere. So, it would be wise to give it a shot first up.

If you have iPhone 8 or later, press and quickly release the volume up button. Then, press and quickly release the volume down button. Now, hold down the side button until the Apple logo appears on the screen.

On iPhone 7/7 Plus, you need to hold down both the volume down button and the side button at once until the Apple logo appears on the screen.

If you have an iPhone 6s or 6s Plus, hold down both the home button and the power button at once to force restart your device.

Perfectly Customize Sleep Tracking

If the first solution has not fixed the sleep tracking issue, ensure that you have ideally customized it. Health app offers you the needed flexibility to fine-tune sleep tracking as per your needs. So, make sure it’s in line with your goal.

Open the Health app on your iPhone and tap on the Browse tab. Now, choose the Sleep option. After that, tap on Edit under the Your Schedule section. Next, customize your sleep schedule and tap on Done at the top right corner of the screen to finish.


If you tend to get distracted by incoming alerts during your sleep or often get late, turn on the Sleep Mode and Wind Down can prove to be pretty helpful. Wind Down alerts you to wrap your work and head to your bed on time, sleep mode ensures distractions remain at bay. Tap on the Get Started under the Set Up Wind Down Shortcuts and then set it up. 

Just in case you want to go for a fresh start by wiping out all the previous sleep tracking data, follow this guide to remove all the recorded sleep tracking data on your device. 

Add Sleep Tracking Data Manually

Update Software on Your iPhone

If the sleep tracker just doesn’t seem to work as expected, there is no harm in updating the software. I guess the problem could be due to a rare bug that might be preventing it from working properly.

Improve Sleep Tracking on Your iPhone in iOS 14

Hopefully, these tips have helped the sleep tracking feature to work normally on your iPhone. If they have, let me know the trick that fixed the issue. Besides, if there is any other solution that works well in terms of sorting out this problem, I would be glad to know that as well.

Though Apple Health looks quite complete thanks to the presence of a series of health and fitness tracking features like Cycle Tracking and Hearing Health, it can’t claim to excel in each aspect. What are the new features and the notable changes you want to see in it? Do not forget to share your two cents.

50 Best Ios 14 Hidden Features: Time To Dig Deeper!

Going by the early impression, iOS 14 seems to have checked almost all the boxes of my wishlist. From the well-timed App Library to smart app widgets to the long-awaited Picture-in-Picture mode, the latest iteration of iOS has got the features to warrant a worthy upgrade from iOS 13. Though big-ticket iOS 14 features got the spotlight during the WWDC 2023, a ton of notable yet slightly hidden iOS 14 features didn’t receive the same attention.

Cool iOS 14 Hidden Features 1. Photos Privacy

In the latest iteration of iOS, you can allow apps to access only selected photos rather than the whole photo library when they ask for access to your Photos app. It’s a much better way to prevent apps from having access to your entire library.

2. Local Network Privacy

Another notable privacy feature worth taking note of is that apps need to ask for permission to find and connect with devices on the local network. Looking at this vital privacy feature, all I can say that it looks Apple-esque from the core.

3. Organize Photos Using Filters

4. Exposure Compensation in Camera

iOS 14 features an all-new exposure compensation control that allows you to lock an exposure value while separately locking camera focus. So, the next time you want to snap a cool shot, be sure to get the most out of exposure compensation.

5. Home screen Customization

Now, you can customize the Home screen from the Settings app. For instance, you have the option to add new apps to the App Library or keep them on the Home screen. Besides, there is also an option to show notification badges in the App Library. Though it’s not full-on customization, it might be the start of something big to come.

6. QuickTake now available for iPhone XR and XS 7. QuickTake Volume Buttons

8. Video Mode Quick Toggles

All iPhones now feature quick toggles for switching video resolution and frame rate. Thanks (Apple) for finally adding this long-awaited feature!

9. Night Mode Improvements 10. Mirrored Selfies

11. FaceTime Picture in Picture

With the introduction of the picture-in-picture mode, you can now carry out other activities like browsing the web, taking a note or messaging with your friends while FaceTiming with your friends.

12. FaceTime Eye Contact

Apple has reintroduced the Attention Aware feature which had been removed from an iOS 13 beta. Named “eye contact”, it helps in establishing eye contact during the video call.

13. Messages Threaded Conversations 14. macOS-Style Emoji picker

iOS 14 has come with the same emoji search interface that’s has existed on the Mac. With the emoji picker, it has become pretty straightforward to find specific emojis.

15. Music App Redesign

The Music app‘s interface has been redesigned to look more intuitive. The bottom navigation menu features Browse, Radio, Library, and Search tabs. Noticeably, the For You tab has been replaced with Listen Now. What’s more, the app also features a handy Autoplay feature that automatically finds new music at the end of a song or a playlist so that your music spree doesn’t come to a halt.

16. Health Checklist 17. On-device intelligence for Notes

Thanks to the on-device intelligence, search has become way faster in the Notes app. So, search for specific notes shouldn’t be a big deal now. Besides, the tech giant has also made scanning docs a breeze.

With the touch and hold on the Aa button, you can edit the text styles quickly. On the iPad running iPadOS 14, Notes comes with a shape recognition to convert imperfectly drawn shapes into perfect ones.

18. Quick Entry for Reminders

The stock reminders app has got some well-timed enhancements as well. Now, it comes with a Quick Entry option and smart suggestions that make capturing new reminders pretty quick. Unlike before, Shared list members can choose to assign reminders to each other to split up the task in a better way. Besides, it also supports the editing of multiple reminders at one go.

19. AirPods API

20. AirPods Battery Notifications

Did you ever find your AirPods dying abruptly and you had no other option but put the earbuds on the charge, halting the exciting music-listening spree?  If yes, iOS 14 has got a better solution for that. Now, you will get AirPods battery notifications, informing if you need to charge your AirPods.

21. Automatic Switching for AirPods

AirPods can now seamlessly switch between Apple devices with automatic device switching. Spatial audio with dynamic head tracking can now deliver a theater-like experience to AirPods Pro.

22. Third-Party Default Apps

For the folks who had been asking for the freedom to set third-party apps as default, there is something to cheer about. If that’s you, this one could easily top your list. With iOS 14 and iPadOS 14, you can set third-Party mail and browser apps as the default option. This is my favorite hidden feature in iOS 14.

23. Up Next for Podcasts

24. Enhanced Recording for Voice Memos

It comes with an Enhance Recording feature that allows you to improve the sound quality of your recordings. Further, it also has organizational options to keep all of your recordings in the right sync.

25. Weather Provides Info on Many Events

The Weather app now offers info on many weather events and upcoming shifts in weather. In the U.S., the app will feature a chart with a minute-by-minute forecast of precipitation intensity.

26. WiFi Private Address 27. APFS Support for Files

The Files app for iOS 14 has got the support for external drives that use APFS encryption. It can play a vital role in managing your files.

28. Magnifier UI

The Control Center now sports an updated interface for the magnification feature.

29. Sound Recognition added in Control Center

iOS 14 has added a new toggle for Sound Recognition in Control Center. It’s designed to continuously listen for certain sounds and notifies you when sounds are recognized.

30. Sleep Mode in Control Center

There is a new Sleep Mode toggle in the Control Center that allows you to put your iOS device in Sleep Mode. When the sleep mode is activated, the screen will turn dark, and Do Not Disturb will be enabled.

31. HomeKit Favorites in Control Center

With the latest version of iOS, you can access your favorite HomeKit scenes right from the Control Center. So, no more digging deep into the Home just for controlling the scenes that you like to keep on your radar!

32. Back Tap Accessibility Option

There is a super handy Accessibility feature called Back Tap that allows you to create a double-tap or triple-tap gesture that invokes an action when you tap on the back of the iPhone.

33. Headphone Accommodations

Accessibility now features Headphone Accommodations that amplify soft sounds and tunes audio. As a result, music, movies, phone calls, and podcasts sound crisper and clearer.

34. Smarter VoiceOver

VoiceOver, noted screen reader for the blind community, can now automatically recognize what is displayed visually onscreen. Though it might not seem to be a big feature, it could be quite helpful for the blind.

35. Digital Car Keys Based on U1 Chip

Aside from introducing the Digital car keys which offer a secure way to use iPhone or Apple Watch to unlock and start their car, the tech giant has also unveiled the digital car keys based on Ultra-Wideband technology for spatial awareness delivered through the U1 chip. With this smart car keys, you can unlock future car models without removing your iPhone from your pocket or bag. It will roll out next year.

36. Calendar Date Picker

For long Apple has forced us to use the archaic scroll-wheel date picker. Not only that implementation looks bad, but it also makes it harder to use and takes more time when selecting dates. In iOS 14, Apple has replaced the scroll-wheel date picker with a simple calendar date picker, and this feature alone has made my life easier.

37. Audio and Video Recording Indicator

Some of the biggest privacy features coming with iOS 14 are the audio and video recording indicators. Now iOS shows you a green dot or an orange dot if an app is using your iPhone’s camera or microphone. Not only that, but it also shows you which app is using the camera or microphone when you pull down the Control Center.

38. Clipboard Access Notification

Another great privacy feature coming with iOS 14 is the clipboard access notification. Now, when an app accesses your iPhone’s clipboard, you will receive a notification. This feature has already caught many apps accessing the clipboard without permission. The one that came in highlight is TikTok. The company has officially acknowledged this and has promised to remove this feature.

39. New Filter Views in iMessage

40. Apple Maps Improvements

41. Weather Alerts

A couple of months back, Apple acquired the prominent iOS weather app called Dark Sky. Now, the company is starting to incorporate its features in the native weather app. With iOS 14, now the Apple Weather app shows you weather alerts right inside the app.

42. Compromised Password Warnings

Apple has been making its keychain password manager more feature-rich for the last few years. And in iOS 14, it has added a new feature that sends you a notification when it finds that your passwords are compromised in a data breach. This feature was already present in third-party password managers like 1Password, and I am happy to see it come to the native keychain password manager.

43. Revamped Contacts

iOS 14 has revamped the contacts app, and now it looks cleaner and easy to read. All the contact buttons for calling, messaging, and more are bigger and easier to spot. The app also uses Siri to show you contact details that you can add to your contacts. Siri does this by looking at your email and finding relevant details that are in the email for that person.

44. Safari Tracking Report

Safari in iOS 14 also comes with a new tracking report that shows you the number of trackers that it stopped from tracking you. It also shows what kind of trackers it stopped along with the number of tackers on any given website. You can access this feature by tapping on the “AA” menu in the top-left and selecting “Tracking Report”.

45. Low Battery Pop-up Notification for AirPods

Just like your iPhone shows you low battery notification when the charge drops below 20%, now iOS 14 shows you low battery notification for AirPods. Currently, it doesn’t work with my third-party earbuds, but I am hoping that this feature will be implemented in the future.

46. New Music Recognition Feature

The iOS 14.2 beta brings a new Music Recognition feature that integrates a Shazam toggle right inside your Control Center. Using this toggle, you cannot only identify songs playing in the background but also songs playing on your iPhone or iPad even when connected to headphones. Once it identifies the song, you can tap on a button to play that song in the Apple Music app. The feature is not turned on by default. Head over to our linked guide to learn how to enable Music Recognition on iPhone and iPad.

47. New Music Player Screen in Control Center and Lock Screen

iOS 14.2 is also improving how the music player appears on the lock screen and control center. First, when playing music, you have a scrubber that allows you to skip inside the songs. The AirPlay 2 interface is also redesigned. You get a list of all the sources and the ability to select multiple sources.

In Control Center, long-pressing on music controls shows you the recently played music and podcasts if nothing is playing on your iPhone. The album artwork has also become large and looks quick. In podcast now playing screen, you also get the skip forward and backward button along with a timeline scrubber. Overall, I love the now playing interface.

48. People Detection in Magnifier App

There’s a new people detection feature in the Magnifier app in iOS 14.2 which shows the distance between the phone and the people in front of it. Presumably, you can use this feature to observe the required 6 feet of social distancing rule when you are out and about.

49. Shortcuts Folder

50. New Time Picker in the Clock App

Apple has also introduced a new time picker for the Clock App. Instead of the abysmal scroll-wheel time picker that used to take ages, now you can just tap in the time field and enter your desired time. And while the look of the scroll-wheel is gone, you can still swipe up and down to change the time like before.

When Will iOS 14 Be Released?

As is usually the case, iOS 14 will be released this fall. Going by the past records, it will launch in September. Apple has already rolled out the developer beta of iOS 14 and the public beta is set to be launched in July.

Is My iPhone/iPad Compatible with iOS 14/iPadOS 14?

iPhone 11, 11 Pro and Pro Max

iPhone XS,  XS‌ Max, and XR ‌

iPhone‌ X, ‌iPhone‌ 8 and‌ 8 Plus

‌iPhone‌ 7 and 7 Plus

‌iPhone SE, and SE 2

‌iPhone‌ 6s and 6s Plus

iPod touch (7th-generation)

Just like iOS 14, iPadOS 14 also supports older iPad models.

All ‌iPad‌ Pro models

iPad‌ 5, 6, and 7

iPad‌ mini 4 and 5

iPad Air 2 and 3

Explore the Cool iOS 14 Hidden Features

So, these are the top iOS 14 hidden features. Though they may not have got the needed highlight at the WWDC event, they have got the quality to appeal to most iOS users. Have you also come across some concealed features in iOS 14? If yes, be sure to share them with us. Also, give your feedback about the latest iteration of iOS and whether or not it has lived up to your expectation.

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