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As email services stubbornly cling to their Web 1.0 25MB attachment size limits, users meanwhile are needing ways to transfer larger and larger files.

Of course, if security is not an issue, there is always cloud storage or leaving files temporarily on your web domain. But if you need a secure way to transfer files across the Interwebs, you need something a bit safer.

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The following are five secure file transfer options, which are also free.


As usual, we start with my favourite which was recommended to me two years ago. I love WeTransfer not only for its utter simplicity but also because of the fast uploading and downloading speed. I love things which “just work” and WeTransfer is always zippy and kicking butt.

There is a free option and a paid option. The free option allows file transfers of up to 2GB without the need to register for an account. Just upload the file, then add your own email and personalized message.

You can either send the download link by email or be given a unique encrypted link for copying and pasting in chat messages for example.

The paid pro plan ($12 a month or $120 a year) offers a few more features such as 20GB file transfers, 100GB file storage space, passwords and expiry dates on your file transfers, and even set up and design your own WeTransfer page and URL. But unless you are transferring large video and audio files, your files are never likely to exceed 2GB. So the paid plan will suffice.

Firefox Send

Firefox Send is another one I have been experimenting with lately. Brought to you by the same people who do the popular web browser, Firefox Send gives WeTransfer a serious run for its money. Plus it obviously benefits from the higher name recognition.

Firefox Send ups the ante on WeTransfer by making file transfers 1GB without registration and 2.5GB if you register a free account. expires so you don’t have to worry about links being passed around and your documents being re-downloaded. But if you use a Firefox account to send 2.5GB, you can keep those links active for up to a week and share the link with more people.

Files can be password-protected free of charge and once the file is uploaded, you are given your encrypted link.


Compared to the others, RiseUp does not offer so much in the way of features. Plus the file size limit is capped at a measly 50MB. But I have used RiseUp in the past to great success and is handy for smaller files.

You just need to drag your file into the window and an encrypted link will be generated which will last for one week. Or if the other person has already told you they have the file, you can go in and delete the file yourself right away.

RiseUp also has a pasted text section, similar to PasteBin. So you can copy and paste plain text into the site and have an encrypted link generated to send that text to another person.


I have previously talked about Onionshare, so I am not going to delve too deeply into it here. But I would be remiss not to include it in an article about file sharing apps.

Onionshare is starting to gain my affections because unlike the others, your file is not stored on any central server waiting for someone to download it. Instead, the other person needs the Tor Browser and when both are open, an encrypted connection is formed. Then the file goes from your computer to theirs automatically.

This is called Peer to Peer (p2p) and is probably the most secure form of transfer there is.

An equivalent P2P platform is Resilio which I am about to try out.


I am going to end this article by mentioning my favorite chat program – Signal. Signal is an extremely secure messaging app – some say the most secure ever. So theoretically sending files over Signal would also be extremely secure and safe.

On the smartphone app, tap on the contact you want to send the file to. Obviously this means they need the Signal app too. Then tap the “+” icon on the left.

This will bring up a list of things that can be sent via Signal. Tap on “Document” in this case.

Where you are taken next for your document will depend on whether you are on iOS or Android. On iOS, it will be iCloud Drive so make sure your file is there first then simply navigate to it on your phone. Signal will then send it to your contact.

If you have an Android phone, I am not sure where your file would need to be as I haven’t had an Android for eight years now. But I would imagine whatever the default filing system is on your phone.

You're reading 5 Secure Online Services To Transfer Large Files To People

How To Transfer Android Files To Mac

For a hybrid user who loves macOS and opts for an Android for a mobile experience, there could be a hassle in transferring files cross-platform between these devices. In fact, in many cases, it feels better to stick to a single ecosystem. Interestingly, tech enthusiasts love what they love, so be it an Android device, a Mac or whatever, it should not matter.

Read this article to find options for dealing with file transfers from Android devices to Mac.

Method 1: Using Android File Transfer

This method requires an app download on the Internet. It is called Android File Transfer. This Google app performs the sole task of transferring files from Android to Mac. These easy-to-follow steps help you get this done.

3. Use the cable that came with your Android to connect to your PC. On your Mac, open the newly downloaded Android File Transfer app. The app will open, displaying your Android root directory.

4. Open a Finder window. Browse the files and folders on your Android device that you wish to transfer, and drag and drop them to the Finder window.

Method 2: Using Smart Switch

Using Smart Switch will only work with Samsung Smartphones. LG has something similar called LG Bridge.

Method 3: Using Google Services


There are other ways to transfer files from Android to Mac. The options listed here, however, are free. One could also look into using some premium software, but that just may be an overkill in performing a simple process.

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Fix Warzone Stuck On Connecting To Online Services

If you are stuck at the Connecting to Online Services screen in Warzone, then here is a complete guide that will help you get rid of this problem.

Call of Duty: Warzone is a popular free-to-play battle royale video game loved by millions of gaming enthusiasts. However, it has its own share of errors and issues that players face once in a while. One such problem is being stuck at the “Connecting to Online Services” screen. A lot of users have complained of being stuck at the loading screen and unable of getting past the “Connecting to Online Services” screen.

While this problem is most likely a server connection issue, there can be some other underlying reasons for this issue as well. Now, if you are one of those experiencing the same problem, we got you covered. You can follow this post and try the listed fixes to resolve the problem. So, without much ado, let’s get to the solutions.

Why is my Warzone not connecting to online services?

Here are some of the reasons due to which you might be stuck on Connecting to Online Services in Warzone:

This problem can arise if Activision is dealing with some server issues. So, the first thing you should do is make sure the servers are not down currently. If it’s a server issue, wait for the support team to resolve the problem.

Another common reason for this problem can be connectivity issues on your system. If the scenario is applicable, you should try making sure that you are connected to a stable internet as well as try troubleshooting network issues on your PC. Additionally, make sure your internet speed is good enough.

Out-of-date or corrupted network drivers can also cause connectivity issues. Hence, update your network drivers to fix the problem.

DNS server inconsistencies might also be the reason triggering this issue in Warzone. So, switch to some other public DNS server to fix the problem.

Now that you know that the scenarios that cause the problem of being stuck on Connecting to Online Services, let us discuss the fixes in detail.

Fix Warzone Stuck on Connecting to Online Services

Here are the fixes that you can apply in case Warzone gets stuck on connecting to online services:

Check your internet connection.

Make sure servers are not down.

Update network adapter driver.

Release and renew the IP address.

Change your DNS server.

Use a wired connection.

Link your Activision and Blizzard accounts.

Try a VPN.

1] Check your internet connection

This problem is most likely to occur if you are dealing with some internet connectivity issues on your PC. So, make sure you are connected to a stable internet connection having a good speed. Here are the tricks you can try to ensure that your internet connection is not at the fault:

Troubleshoot your WiFi and try fixing related problems. Then, relaunch the game and try connecting to servers to see if the problem is now fixed.

Check your internet speed and make sure it is good enough for Warzone to connect to online services. In case your internet speed is very slow, you will need to contact your ISP and upgrade your plan.

You can also try performing a power cycle on your networking device (modem or router). This will clear the router cache and eliminate connectivity issues caused due to it.

In case you find out that your internet isn’t at fault, move down to the next potential solution to fix the problem.

2] Make sure servers are not down

This problem might occur in case there are issues on the server-side. It might be due to server outages or servers might be under maintenance at the very moment. So, do ensure that there is no server-related problem. You can try checking the server status using server status checker tools. There are some other mediums to find out server status for CoD: Warzone. You can contact their support team or visit the official handle of the support team on social networking websites.

If their servers are down currently, you will have to wait for them to fix the problem from their end. Hence, keep on refreshing the game to see if the problem is gone. In case the scenario is not applicable, you can move down to the next method to resolve the issue.

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3] Update network adapter driver

The problem can occur due to outdated and corrupted network adapter drivers causing connectivity issues. Hence, if the case applies to you, go ahead and update your network driver. There are different ways to update network drivers on your Windows PC:

When done updating drivers, reboot your system and launch Warzone. See if you are able to connect to online services without any issues now. If not, we got some more fixes for you; so try the next solution.

4] Release and renew the IP address

If the problem is indeed caused due to connectivity issues, you can try to release and renew the IP address of your computer. This has been proven to be effective for several affected users and might just work for you as well. Here is how you can do that:

First of all, launch the Command Prompt with administrator privilege.

Now, in the Command Prompt, write the commands in the below sequence and then press Enter:

ipconfig /release ipconfig /flushdns ipconfig /renew

You have to execute the above commands one by one. So, until you receive a message confirming the command is successfully completed, don’t enter the next command.

When the three commands are executed, try launching your game and see whether the problem is fixed or not.

See: Fix Modern Warfare Warzone’s High CPU Usage on PC.

5] Change your DNS server

Inconsistencies with your default DNS server provided by your ISP can be a reason that Warzone is stuck at connecting to online services. If the scenario applies, you can try using some other DNS server provided by popular brands. Most people recommend using the Google Public DNS server to get rid of DNS server issues. Here are the steps to do that:

First, open Run using Win+R hotkey and enter chúng tôi in it to launch the Network Connections window.

After that, highlight the Use the following DNS server addresses: option and then enter in Preferred DNS server and in Alternate DNS server.

Lastly, press the OK button to save changes.

You can try opening the game and see if the same problem still persists.

6] Use a wired connection

You can try switching to a wired connection in case you are using a WiFi or wireless connection. It might help you resolve the problem by improving connectivity. You can use a LAN cable to connect your device to the router.

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7] Link your Activision and Blizzard accounts

Another thing you can try to fix the problem is to link your Activision and Blizzard accounts. Some affected users have confirmed that this method helped them resolve the problem. So, you can also try doing the same and see if you are able to get past the “Connecting to Online Services” screen. Here is how to do that:

Firstly, visit Activision‘s website and sign in.

When you are signed into your account, tap on your PROFILE present at the top-right corner.

Now, go to the ACCOUNT LINKING section and look for your profile and link it with your chúng tôi account by tapping on the respective button.

Next, press Continue and complete the account linking process.

Finally, relaunch the game and see if the problem is fixed now.

8] Try a VPN

If you still face the same issue, try using a VPN client on your PC. It will help you avoid bandwidth throttling which might be causing the problem at hand. So, download and install VPN software and then launch your game to check whether the problem is fixed.

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What does Unable to Access Online Services mean in Warzone?

When you face the “Unable to Access Online Services” error screen in Warzone, it will prevent you from establishing a connection with the server. It is basically caused due to a server outage or maintenance issue. In some cases, it can also be caused due to internet connectivity issue from your end. You can try the fixes that we have listed in this article to get rid of this problem.

Hope this helps!

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Best Free Online Fax Services To Send Fax Messages

Well, who is unaware of Fax? If you do not then let me introduce you to Fax? Fax or Facsimile Telecopying/ Telefax is a way to transmit scanned printed material telephonically to a number that is attached to other output devices.

Faxes are still used in many offices to send docs and then receive them safely as it is the safest way to send confidential papers. Therefore, it is still used in many large enterprises.

If you are to send your document, you can send it online without the need to spend a huge amount on buying a fax machine as you can have your own fax machine with the help of your Windows computer. So, not only it is safe but pocket-friendly as well.

Free Online Fax Services

In this article, we are showing you 5 of the best free online Fax Service. They are:

eFax free

Windows Fax




Note: Most of the Fax services we are going to talk about in this article are not complete, in order for you to have a complete two-way communication service you need to upgrade. Therefore, you may need to use two services at once, one for receiving and one for sending.

Let us talk about them in detail.

1] FaxZero

If you are from America, Canada, or some other neighboring nations then FaxZero is the way to go. You can send texts, attach documents, and curate a perfect professional Fax without paying a penny.

However, there are some limitations here. The maximum size of a FAX  is limited to 3 and you can only send a maximum of 5 Fax a day in its free plan. If you want, you have to pay more. But, the free plan is perfect for most people. You can access FaxZero from its official website.

2] Use Windows Fax

If you are a Windows user then one of the best ways to send a Fax is via Windows Fax. It is a service, built-in in Windows, that allows you to send a Fax from Microsoft Office services such as Excel, Outlook, Word, etc.

To access this feature, you need to enable “Print and Document Services”. To do that, follow these steps:

Launch Command Prompt by Win + R, type “command”, and hit Enter.

3] PamFax

Another free online Fax service on our list is PamFax. It is a partially free service that allows you to send 3 free fax pages from a device that has access to the Internet.

After your free trial, you have to choose from 3 options provided to you by PamFax. On-Demand services, the Professional Plan, and the Basic Plan are the options you can select from after your free period ends.

The PamFax On-Demand services start from 11 cents a page whereas the Professional plan will cost you $7.53 a month with 8 cents a page and the basic plan for $5 a month and 11 cents a page. However, you will still be receiving Faxes for free, if you go for the free plan, and that’s what allowed this to enter our free list. You can access PamFax from their official website.

4] GotFreeFax

It is one of the most straightforward fax services that do not ask you to register and can simply send the fax by entering the name along with the email. If you are not satisfied with 2 free fax of a maximum of 3 pages then you can upgrade plans.

These plans start from 98 cents and can go up to $1.98 and $2.98. The 98 cents plan allows you to send docs of 10 pages, and the page limit exceeds 10 plus with cash. This can be accessed from their official website.

5] HelloFax

And to wrap the list we are presenting you HelloFax. It is one of the most modern fax services that do not make you feel old with its refreshing interface and menus. If you are a neophyte then it also lets you have a 60-sec tutorial.

It is clearly a feature-rich fax service that lets you send your fax internationally across more than 70 countries but when it comes to the free tier, it kind of lets you down as it only lets you transmit fax of a maximum of 5 pages.

After the free trial, it is required for you to spend a fortune on buying a plan for sending faxes. It has a feature set that leaves any other fax service in the list behind as it supports Google Drive, Evernote, DriveOneDrive, Box, Dropbox along with accessing files. You can access HelloFax from their official website.

Hopefully, this has helped you in finding the best Fax Services in the market.

3 Ways To Entertain People


Tell funny stories. It can be tricky to tell a story that can entertain a crowd and make people laugh. Some stories are hilarious if you tell them to one person in private, while others really can win over a diverse group of people. Do not tell a story that would embarrass your friend or family members. The key is to keep the story short enough to hold interest, but long enough to have entertaining details that leave people wanting more. Tell the story with charm and confidence, and, if you can pull it off, you can even reenact parts of the story of do impressions of the people involved. While you shouldn’t spend all night trying to tell stories to entertain people, one or two stories per night can really do the trick. Here are some things to keep in mind:

A story that lightly and playfully makes fun of someone you all know, whether it’s a friend or a teacher, can crack people up, especially if you know how to do impressions. However, if your story is mean-spirited in nature, people will be naturally turned off.

Read the audience as you’re telling the story. If they’re making eye contact, not whispering to each other or playing with their phones, or even gently nodding as you talk, then they’re engaged and want more. But if they’re shifting on their feet, looking at each other, or act like they’re in a dentist’s chair, then you should probably wrap up your story sooner than expected.

Be animated as you tell your stories. While you don’t have to walk back and forth across the room and gesture wildly like Dane Cook, you should stand upright, maintain positive body language, and gesture occasionally as you tell your story.

Build suspense when you talk. People need a reason to get to the end of the story. If they feel like they already know what happened, then they won’t want to hear the end. Instead of saying, “Let me tell you the story about the crazy ex-girlfriend who painted my car pink,” you can say, “You’ll never believe what my ex did to get revenge on me…” Then, the audience will want to keep listening because they’ll want to know what happened next.

It can be tricky to tell a story that can entertain a crowd and make people laugh. Some stories are hilarious if you tell them to one person in private, while others really can win over a diverse group of people. Do not tell a story that would embarrass your friend or family members. The key is to keep the story short enough to hold interest, but long enough to have entertaining details that leave people wanting more. Tell the story with charm and confidence, and, if you can pull it off, you can even reenact parts of the story of do impressions of the people involved. While you shouldn’t spend all night trying to tell stories to entertain people, one or two stories per night can really do the chúng tôi are some things to keep in mind:

Free Anonymous File Sharing Services – Share Files Without Creating An Account

Just like you want to stay anonymous when browsing the internet, many users also want to do the same for File Sharing. While we have tons of file-sharing services on the internet, there are very few which allow you to share anonymously. In this post, we are highlighting free anonymous file-sharing services which allow you to share files without creating an account.

Free Anonymous File Sharing Services

Mozilla’s Firefox Send service allows you to send a file size of 2GB without any tracking. Just drag, and drop the file, grab the link, set up a few parameters, and you are done.

2] chúng tôi [2GB + 2 Weeks]

Among the most popular file-sharing services category, just like Firefox Send, you can use this to send any file format. The limit is 2Gb tops, and the file will be available for two weeks. Unline Firefox Send you don’t need to set any limit based on download count or days. It is handy for those situations.

Is WeTransfer anonymous?

The file transfer through WeTransfer is not anonymous. When you share files using WeTransfer, you have to provide your email address. The receiver will receive the file along with the sender’s email address. If you register by creating a free account, your name and email ID will be shown in the email you send to the receiver through WeTransfer.

3] chúng tôi [4GB + 7 Days]

When most of the services cap the file size to 2GB, this one allows you to send 4GB of data. If you have multiple files, you can zip them, and upload them here. There is no data transfer limit, but you can share with a maximum of 20 people. After seven days, the file is deleted from their servers. Like Firefox Send and WeTranfser, you can choose to add a password to make the files secure. The service also offers a “Self destruct” option. Once all the members have downloaded the file, it will be deleted. All the files are encrypted with 256-bit AES Encryption.

4] chúng tôi [20Gb + 2 Days]

Looking for a free solution that also lets you chat? Volafile is a file-sharing service with style. They allow you to create a room where you can and upload files. The files stay for two days, and they can max 20 GB per file. You can also share the room with others who can contribute by uploading files. The service looks promising, and is best suited for those who want to share large files and are ok with the short period. It is my favorite of all the anonymous file-sharing services.

5] chúng tôi [1-10GB + 60 Days]

Primarily built for Videos, this file lets you share video file as big as 10Gb. There is a catch though; you should allow it to convert the videos. Apart from that here is the list of supported files:

Audio: MP3;AAC;Ogg Opus;WebM Vorbis;WebM Opus;WAV-PCM

Video: MP4; WebM; Ogg Theora

Docs: .html; .php; .txt

6] chúng tôi 5GB + Download Count Limit]

If you want the files to stay as long as somebody is downloading them; File Dropper is just for you. You can upload a file with a max of 5 GB size. The service keeps track of the download count. If the file is not downloaded once every 30 days, it will be deleted.

7] chúng tôi [Tor Encryption]

This one is a bit different from the others. Instead of depending on online servers, it uses your computer, and Tor to encrypt. You can download, and install the OnionShare application on macOS and Windows. Once you start the server, drag and drop the file. Then generate a link and share it with anybody.

It will generate a unique link that will not be easy to remember or guess. However, the end-user will need to open this in the TOR browser to download the files. You host the files on your computer. The recipient doesn’t need OnionShare. Opening the address in Tor Browser is all that is required to download the file.

While Dropbox requires an account, File Request works precisely the opposite way. If you want others to send data to you, but stay anonymous, you can use File Request. It creates a file uploader for the end-user, and they can send files to you. The uploaded files will be available in the Dropbox Account.

If you have enough storage space on your Dropbox account, there is no limit on the file size.

Is Dropbox anonymous?

All the files that you store in Dropbox will be available only to you. This means no other person can view the files stored in your Dropbox. Hence, Dropbox is anonymous. Your Dropbox files will be available to others only if you share them with others.

9] chúng tôi [5 GB + 30 Days]

You can securely share files up to 5GB for 30 days. It is as simple as that. Apart from this, the service also offers you the option to sell files, affiliates, and so on. When using this without an account, you will not be able to delete it before that.

10] chúng tôi [Unlimited + 60 days]

While the service doesn’t put any restriction on file size, it wants it to be active. You will receive an email before deletion. So if you want to reset it, redownload it again. Also, file transfers are encrypted.

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