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Like any Thursday, last evening the App Store was refreshed with a myriad of new game releases. Rather than highlight juicy games like Real Steel Champions, Warhammer: Snotling Fling and other new arrivals from big name publishers, this time around I’ve decided to do something entirely different.

Therefore: introducing a list of new game releases by independent publishers that I think deserve additional exposure and your attention.

Without further ado, here are five indie games that I think you should definitely check out and hopefully put on your Home screen.

From Kieffer Bros, the creators of Aqueduct, Orba and Monster Soup, comes the next installment in the Blockwick universe. Blockwick 2 is a world of jumbled blocks and colorful shapes that challenge you to unscramble the blocks and connect the colors.

Unlike other color-matching games, Blockwick 2 makes things more interesting by employing weirdly shaped blocks like entangled blocks, sticky blocks, caterpillar blocks, and more.

The game includes 160 levels of increasing difficulty. Tip: illuminate the glyphs for an extra challenge. The universal app is 87 megabytes and requires an iPhone, iPod touch or iPad with iOS 6.0 or later.

Blockwick 2 is $3 in the App Store.

Set in 1849 when gold was discovered in California, you play as Jerrod Wilson, a hero tasked with traveling the routes from New York to California in search of gold. The iPad-only app weighs 923 megabytes and requires iOS 6.0 or later.

Download old Rush! Anniversary HD for $5 in the App Store.

Created by High Score Hero, this game is basically a Wipeout-inspired futuristic racer similar to AG Drive, but with blocky graphics. You’ll be dodging and weaving through down an urban highway in the sky. Physics-based engine takes care of realistic hovering, collision and destruction, with rewards for chain reaction crashes.

What’s interesting is that the game includes an editor in which you create your own hovercraft to use in test flights and in-game challenges. As you create your own fleet from scratch, you’ll be also collect over 50 unique hovercrafts by winning races. The universal 81.8-megabyte app requires an iPhone, iPod touch or iPad with iOS 6.0 or later.

Hovercraft – Build Fly Retry is available free in the App Store.

Indie developer Darrin Henein has been working on Lastronaut for two years and is now putting it out there at no cost as a love letter to the gaming industry. You are a humanoid robot and the year is 2023, but that’s just an excuse for a smoothly executed, pixel-packed action as you run, jump, dodge and blast your way through the machine army.

Your character is equipped with an arsenal of human and robotic weapons to cause mayhem with. The game looks great and I couldn’t stop playing it earlier today

Download Lastronaut for free in the App Store.

Created by Noodlecake Studios, RAD Boarding is an apocalyptic snowboarding game “jam-packed with 90’s flair”. It certainly looks very polished and appears to be addictive. You’re basically performing all sorts of gnarly tricks while collecting tons of items along the way and fighting crazy boss battles.

The 91.3-megabyte universal app requires an iPhone, iPod touch or iPad with iOS 6.1 or later and is available on a freemium basis with optional In-App Purchases.

Download RAD Boarding at no cost from the App Store.

See anything you like on this list?

Think of another indie game that deserves a mention?

You're reading 5 New Indie Iphone And Ipad Games Worth Playing

Best Interactive Story Games For Iphone And Ipad In 2023

Featuring the killer combination of storytelling and gaming, the rising popularity of interactive story games for iPhone and iPad comes as no surprise. These games let you play with your imagination and witness your fantasies in real-time. You read that right!

1. Episode: Choose Your Story

Customize your avatar however you want and develop healthy relationships between them. The options are endless, and the master is only one!

Age: 12+

Price: Free (In-app purchases start from $2.99)


2. Choices: Choose your drama story game

The sheer versatility in its characters would want you to go deeper and get to the climax. Don’t wait for long! Choices gives you more options every day, leaving no chance for you to get bored.


3. Chapters: Interactive Stories

A genre for every need, Chapters is an app to explore every fun element in categories you cannot imagine. One of the most versatile options for Young Adult Fiction Story Apps, Chapters combine a unique gameplay style with fiction from the world’s best authors.

Some of the category’s stories include New York Times Bestseller Bossman, Billionaire Next Door, and whatnot. Choose from the best stories in the world and style them according to your preference.


4. Blaze · Make your own choice‪s

I love how the stories have a variety of choices and unique plots! You can get this app for free but note that you will have to wait between stories! If you don’t want that, you can start the three-day trial and then pay per week, month, or year.

Price: Free ($3.99 per week for Premium)


5. Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery


6. Journeys Interactive Series: Choose and play your story!

If you are a strong YA follower, you must be aware of Linda Brown’s mystery and romance stories. Journeys revolve around her and her character development. Make her look sexier, get her to the love of her life, or let her loosen up and have some fun.

Develop the character according to your preference. This app boasts some of the best outfit choices I have seen in the interactive stories app category for iPhone and iPad. Spend your money wisely on the app, for episodes are updated weekly, and you wouldn’t want to miss essential outfits.


7. A Dark Roo‪m

This is a pretty unique interactive story game that offers virtually no instructions. So, it intrigues you right from the start and keeps you playing to uncover the mystery. It starts with a black screen and a single choice to proceed. That is, lighting your fire. Once the fire is lit, you will be able to see around the room you’re in, from where you make choices to keep going forward.

There’s a pretty cool storyline that offers an RPG-like experience. You have to explore a map, explore dungeons, fight battles, and gather resources. The goal is to ensure that you don’t run out of food or water and survive all the challenges that come your way. The key lies in making the right choices. 


8. maybe: Interactive Stories 

This game is here to boost your inner aura. One of the best role-playing apps may be teams up with some of the world’s finest authors to pen stories across different genres. This includes Young Adult, LGBTQ+, drama, action, love stories, and erotica. Pick a character, and decide their fate, fall in love with the development.

You sure won’t regret participating!


9. Romance Fate: Story Games

We’re all a little weird. And when we find someone whose weirdness is compatible with ours, we join up with them and fall into mutually satisfying weirdness—and call it Romance Fate: Story Game.

This role-playing game is meant to set the temperatures high and is sure to make you fall in love with the idea of love. As the name suggests, the app is meant to create an outlandish affair with the characters and hinder your dopamine levels. The characters and storytelling are so promising, you may end up falling in love with them. Beware, Romance Fate may fatally damage you!


Which interactive story game for iPhone did you try?

Love it or hate it; interactive storytelling app is not a genre that you can easily ignore. I’d suggest trying every app once, as each has a different story to tell; who knows, you may find multiple partners to play with! Whatever it may be, the idea is to have a gala time!

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Playing Old Dos Games On Macos With Dosbox

In the ancient days of Windows versions with 9s in the name, DOS was the dominant platform for early PC gaming. Doom, Quake, Zork, and hundreds of other games took the primitive features of the operating system and created games that are fun and playable even by today’s standards. While macOS is not well known for gaming, you can still play DOS games on your Mac. Learn how to play a DOS game on macOS with DOSBox, the leading DOS emulator on any platform.

Note: for Windows and Linux users, these are instructions are for playing old DOS games on Windows and Linux.

Why DOSBox?

You might wonder why we chose DOSBox when there are other DOS emulators available to play games on macOS. For instance, there’s also DOSBox-X, which is a fork of the DOSBox project. While you do have other options, DOSBox stands out from the rest for several reasons:

It’s incredibly easy to set up. Unlike some emulators, you don’t need to deal with creating a virtual hard drive, configuring hardware settings, etc.

It runs easily on multiple platforms. Just moved from Windows to Mac? It’s not a problem. You can still run DOSBox and your favorite DOS-based games.

It’s free, and that’s always a plus.

It runs older games exactly as they should be. Instead of just emulating a game to run on newer systems, DOSBox emulates the original environment so the game runs as smoothly as it did originally. Even older hardware is emulated to prevent issues. If you’re looking for the most authentic experience possible without digging up an old IBM-compatible computer, this is it.

With all that in mind, it makes sense that you’d want to start with DOSBox to play your favorite DOS games on macOS.

Downloading and Installing DOSBox

1. Download DOSBox from the developer’s website. Make sure to select the correct “Mac OS X” version. If you’re not sure what to download, then download DOSBox for macOS from Sourceforge.

2. Mount the downloaded DMG in Finder.

3. Copy “” into your desired directory, typically the Applications folder, but DOSBox can be run from any folder. You do not need to copy the text files on the DMG.

DOSBox Frontends

You can download a so-called “frontend” for DOSBox on the same page. In this context, a frontend is an application that runs DOSBox’s emulation code but wraps the emulation in a container application.

Normally, the container application extends functionality or simplifies the process of loading and saving games. While it hasn’t been updated since 2023 and won’t work on Catalina and newer version of macOS, Boxer is the best-known macOS front-end for DOSBox. It offers library support and streamlined loading and playing: just drag and drop the game onto the app’s icon, and you’re ready to rock.

Since Apple dropped support for 32-bit applications, you’ll need a 64-bit front-end to be compatible with Catalina and Big Sur. The developers for Boxer are no longer supporting it. However, chúng tôi has created a 64-bit version that’s supposed to be compatible. Some users have noticed frame rate issues. Try this if you need a front-end, but it may not work perfectly.

For this guide, we describe how to use the standalone version of DOSBox for macOS.

Running DOSBox and Playing Games with DOSBox

If you’re completely unfamiliar with DOS, this puzzling interface is called the DOS prompt. You run commands by typing their names and targets and pressing Enter rather than using your mouse to interact with graphical interfaces.

This is an old style of using your computer and can take some adjustment for contemporary users. To perform actions, users assemble instructions from a coded language of commands. Fortunately, running games only requires a couple commands.

Basic DOS Commands

As we navigate, it will be helpful to remember these critical DOS commands. Also, remember that DOS filenames can only be eight characters long. For organization, it’s easiest to abbreviate the names of your DOS games to eight characters or less.

cd directory: change directory to the specified directory or path.

cls : clear the screen.

dir : display contents of the current directory.

help command: show help text for the specified command.

type textfile: show the contents of a text file.

start filename: open the specified application in a new window. Also works with directories.

Mounting Directories and Launching Games in DOSBox

Before you can load up a game, you’ll need to “mount” the directory in DOSBox. This links the mounted folder to the C: drive in DOS, allowing you to load files from that directory into DOSBox. C: is the location of the main hard drive in DOS, so this folder will be treated as your primary storage by the emulator.

1. Use this command to mount directories in DOSBox:

To return to the DOS prompt, quit from within the game. You may need to choose a “quit” option from a menu – each game varies.

Automatically Mounting Directories

To shorten the process of launching games, you can set DOSBox to automatically run a mount command at startup time by editing the DOSBox configuration file.

1. Open the configuration file at “~/Library/Preferences/DOSBox 0.74-3 Preferences” in TextEdit.

The exact name of the configuration file will change depending on your version of DOSBox.

2. Scroll to the bottom of the document. Under the “[autoexec]” section, add your mount command. You can also add additional commands, with one command per line. When you’re finished, save the file.

3. The next time DOSBox is launched, the mount command will run automatically.

Popular DOSBox Compatible Games

You’ll need some games to run in DOSBox. DOSBox will allow you to play just about any DOS game, though not all games are compatible with macOS: see the complete list of DOSBox compatible games. You can download free and shareware DOS games from ClassicDOSGames and chúng tôi You can also check GamesNostalgia for a variety of retro games, including DOS. For premium games, try GOG, which allows you to buy many DOS games for less than $10 each.

If you’re not sure where to start to find compatible DOS games to play on macOS, try some of these popular games that are compatible with DOSBox:

Prince of Persia (1989) – This popular platformer set a new standard for its time. Battles involve swords vs. projectiles. It’s an all-around exciting game with great animation as you race against time through dungeons and against various foes and obstacles. You can also check out the sequel, Prince of Persia 2: The Shadow and the Flame.

DOOM (1993) – When evil creatures are unleashed on Mars in a teleportation experiment, it’s up to you to save humanity. Widely seem as one of the groundbreaking computer games ever, it’s a classic that you have to play at least once.

Wolfenstein 3D (1992) – This game introduced 3D shooters to computers worldwide. It also set the stage for the success of DOOM. How many Nazis can you take down as you make your way out of Castle Wolfenstein?

Oregon Trail (1990) – It’s a classic survival game that’s much more difficult than it seems. Travel with a group of pioneers as you head out west and try to make the right decisions to survive and make it to your destination. There are also fun mini-games to play.

Dangerous Dave (1990) – This was many players’ introduction to platform-style games. The premise is a simple one: recover trophies from 10 levels amongst the many obstacles and challenges that await you.

Scorched Earth (1991) – Battle against as many as 10 other players or computers in this turn-based survival game. While the gameplay might seem simple, it’s a highly complex strategy game using tanks to wage war against others.

Blood (1997) – This is a must-play DOS game for any horror fan, especially with classic horror movie references. It’s an exciting first-person shooter that pits you against an evil cult.

Warcraft: Orcs & Humans (1994) – This was the first game in the Warcraft series, eventually leading to the incredibly popular World of Warcraft RPG. The real-time strategy game lets you pit your skills against a fantasy world.

X-Com: UFO Defense (1994) – Also known as UFO Enemy Unknown, this turn-based strategy game is the first in a series that has you and your team gathering intelligence on aliens and fighting back once you realize how bad they really are.

Wasteland (1988) – After a nuclear war between the Soviet Union and United States, all that’s left is a wasteland. Yet, mutants and raiders are closing in on those struggling to survive. It’s up to you to keep humanity safe.

Sid Meier’s Civilization (1991) – This remains one of the most popular PC games of all time. As the name implies, you try to build and take over civilizations in this turn-based strategy game. Civilization-style board games were actually the inspiration for this game.

Wrapping Up

You don’t have to give up your favorite old-school games. All you need is a free DOSBox download, a DOS game or two, and you’re ready to play your favorite games on macOS for hours. Share your experience playing these games with us below.

Looking to upgrade to a new Mac, start with this in-depth buyer’s guide.

Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons/Gatesbillou, Wikimedia

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10 Best Styluses For Ipad Worth Buying

Every time Apple Inc launches a new iPad, we expect something huge! Like Steve Jobs would have envisaged, when he launched first iPad, it is more than a common Tablet PC. Now, Apple iPad is a widely popular and versatile-in-use device that competes with high-end Smart devices.

That being said, you cannot go and pick up a random stylus, since different styluses are made for different purposes. Some styluses are good for drawing while others are meant for quicker note-taking. In this post, however, we have a list of top ten iPad styluses, which are suitable for various purposes you’d come across.

Choose the best Stylus for your iPad 1 Adonit Jot Pro iPad Stylus

Price: $26.99

Where to Buy: Amazon

2. Adonit Jot Mini Fine iPad Stylus

If you need a less expensive and easy to handle stylus, Adonit Jot Mini Fine iPad Stylus is a nice choice and the brand value is quite useful when it comes to after-sale support and quality. When compared to the aforementioned one, its length is shorter — just 98.7mm when closed with the cap. Also, its weight has also been brought down to just 13gm that is pretty convenient. Despite being affordable, you do not have to compromise precision, since Adonit Jot Mini Fine iPad Stylus comes with the Precision Disc. Also, because of being compatible with almost all Smartphones and tablet PC out there — along with all versions of Apple iPad (iPad pro, iPad Mini and iPad Air) —, you will have a smooth workflow everywhere. You will miss the textured grip but the overall performance and pocket-friendly size is just-right for the on-the-go users.

Price: $19.98

Where to Buy: Amazon

3. FiftyThree Digital Pencil for iPad

Price: $39.95

Where to Buy: Official FiftyThree Store

4. Apple Pencil

Here we have the official stylus for Apple iPad Pro. This is different from other styluses mentioned here because the compatibility is limited to the recently-launched iPad Pro. When you’re using the iPad Pro for designing or sketching, you can have pixel-level access through Apple Pencil, and iPad Pro senses the use of Apple Pencil to give you an enhanced performance. In other words, you are going to have highly responsive sketching or writing. Also, you can control thickness of line by changing the pressure you are applying; similarly, tilting your hand can bring various shades into the screen. When we add the battery backup of 12 hours and complete integration with iOS, it’s Christmas. From tip to cap, it’s 175.7mm and weighs 20.7gms.

Price: $99.99

Where to Buy: Official Apple Store

5. Wacom Bamboo iPad Stylus Pen

This product from one of the well-trusted developers of digital pen technology is for you when you need affordability as well as quality. It claims to offer the smoothest pen-like touch experience, which would be best for writing as well as doodling, for that matter. It makes use of a carbon fiber nib that enhances precision and brings you smudge-free navigation instantly. At the same time, its aluminium cap would be effective enough to protect the carbon nib from a variety of obstacles. With the cap on top, Wacom Bamboo iPad Stylus Pen is 125mm long and the weight is just 12g. Also, if you use additional services from Wacom — such as Bamboo Paper and Wacom Cloud — you can make things easier in your Apple iPad. It’s all good for annotation, doodling and collaboration, along with common navigation.

Price: $17.95

Where to Buy: Amazon

6. Cosmonaut Wide-Grip iPad Stylus

Price: $25.00

Where to Buy: Amazon

7. Sensu Artist Brush & Stylus

Hello, Artists! If you need a rubber-tipped iPad stylus that you can use for convenient sketching and drawing, you will love to have a look at Sensu Artist Brush & Stylus, which is reasonably priced as well. As the name says, it’s a combo of a brush and a stylus, both of which are useful from the artist point of view. Using this combo device, however, you will be able to accomplish a variety of tasks — Drawing, Painting and Navigation, for that matter. While the brush is meant to serve artistic purposes only, the stylus can be as good for almost every task on your Apple iPad. The best part is that you can toggle between the brush and stylus quite easily — there are also some included accessories that help you draw well. For artists, it’s a must-grab iPad accessory, we’d say.

Price: $39.99

Where to Buy: Amazon

8. Maglus Stylus

When you want to have a complete pen-like experience in your Apple iPad, you should try getting Maglus Stylus that is preferred by some users as well. It’s a bit expensive but you get satisfactory features for the money you got to pay. Some notable features of Maglus Stylus include the precision silicone tip, its aluminium-made body that’s ergonomic and the included magnets for getting attached to the iPad easily. The best part is that, along with Apple iPad and the various versions it has, Maglus Stylus would work quite fine, on any capacitive touch screen. You’ve choice when we come to the case of Maglus — you can choose between the microfiber tips or silicone tips, for instance. Similarly, the edgy corners MAY be convenient at least for a few of you.

Price: $35.99

Where to Buy: Amazon

9. Adonit Jot Script Evernote Edition

As the name says, it’s an Evernote Edition iPad stylus you can get from one of the most trusted brand — Adonit. The stylus makes use of Pixelpoint technology, which is meant to provide ballpoint precision when you write / sketch on your iPad screen. Also, the 1.9mm tip is way too impressive, for that matter. Talking of its build, Adonit Jot Script Evernote Edition is equipped with a slim yet grippy build, and with the compatible app installed, it’s Christmas. You’ll be able to charge your Adonit Jot Script Evernote Edition using the provided USB charger and between two charges, you are going to have a working time of 20 hours. With the compatible app, you’re going to enjoy the benefits of palm rejection as well. Talking of Evernote, you’re going to get Evernote Premium subscription of 6 months when you purchase this iPad stylus.

Price: $59.99

Where to Buy: Adonit Official Store

10. Wacom Intuos Creative Bluetooth iPad Stylus

We end this list of top iPad styluses with an awesome product from Wacom — which is targeting passionate artists! It has to be noted that the main objective of this stylus is the perfect precision and the best response when you are trying to sketch something on your iPad screen. Considering this, the company has included a thinner and firmer tip. Similarly, there are 2048 pressure levels available and you can choose the most appropriate brush level and shading when you are sketching. Talking of compatibility, Wacom Intuos Creative Bluetooth iPad Stylus works fine with iPad Mini 1, iPad Mini 2, iPad Mini 3, iPad 3, iPad 4 and iPad Air 1. In all these devices, you get palm rejection if when you are using the compatible creative apps. In the official site, you can get information about supported apps. If we are to take all these to account, Wacom Intuos Creative Bluetooth iPad Stylus is the best for artists. It will be connected using Bluetooth, by the way.

Price: $79.99

Where to Buy: Official Wacom Store

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Three New Iphone And Ipad Software Features Coming This Year, According To Apple

While iOS 17 speculation is already in full swing, there is still a few software features that Apple has announced, but not yet released for iPhone and iPad users. Head below as we round up all of the previously announced features still coming for iPhone and iPad…

Apple Card Savings Account

Continuing with the focus on financial services, Apple has also announced it will integrate a high-yield savings account directly into the Wallet application for Apple Card users. This feature was announced in October, with Apple saying it would be available sometime “soon.” Given that Apple Card is only available in the United States, the new savings account will also be limited to the US.

Apple Card Savings Account will allow you to automatically deposit your Daily Cash rewards into the account. It will fully integrate with the Apple Wallet applications, allowing you to track the balance and growth of the account over time and even make additional deposits via a linked bank account.

Apple Card Savings Account will be operated in partnership with Goldman Sachs, which is also Apple’s partner for the Apple Card itself. There’s no word on what exact percentage rate the account will pay out in interest, but Goldman’s existing online savings account offers an annual percentage yield of 3.30%.

Next-generation CarPlay

At WWDC, Apple unveiled what it described as the “next generation of CarPlay.” This is a feature, however, that even Apple acknowledged would not be available for quite a while, despite the initial announcement at WWDC 2023.

The new CarPlay interface is a dramatic overhaul compared to what is currently offered. It will offer support for multiple screens within your car and be able to deeply integrate with your car’s hardware. Essentially, this new CarPlay design can completely replace the manufacturer’s own digital interfaces:

Speed, fuel level, temperature, and more on the instrument cluster

Control the radio or change the climate directly through CarPlay

Personalize the driving experience by choosing different gauge cluster designs

With widgets, users will have at-a-glance information from Weather and Music right on their car’s dashboard

This is a big undertaking by Apple, and it will require close cooperation with automakers looking to adopt the new CarPlay interface. Apple says that more information will be “shared in the future” and that we can expect the first vehicles with support for the new CarPlay design sometime late this year.

Finally, there’s one security and privacy-focused feature that Apple has already announced is coming sometime this year. iMessage Contact Key Verification is designed for “users who face extraordinary digital threats,” including journalists, human rights activists, and members of government.

The feature works by giving those users a way to further verify that they are messaging with the people they intend. Apple explains:

iMessage Contact Key Verification will be available “globally” sometime in 2023, Apple says.

Apple Pay Later [Now available]

Update March 29, 2023: Apple Pay Later has officially started rolling out to users, but it won’t be available to all users for several months, Apple says.

Apple is ramping up its initiatives in the personal finance sector, and one of its most anticipated new features in this category is something called Apple Pay Later. Announced at WWDC 2023, Apple Pay Later will allow you to split Apple Pay purchases into four equal payments with zero percent interest, spread across six weeks.

The Apple Pay Later feature is similar to competitors like Affirm and Klarna, two of the companies leading a modern wave of “buy now, pay later” platforms. Apple, however, touts that its platform will be “seamless and secure,” with integration into the Apple Wallet application and zero fees.

When Apple Pay Later was announced at WWDC 2023, there was no clear timeline for when it would be available to customers. The feature was not included in the initial release of iOS 16 and hasn’t been added with any of the subsequent software updates. Bloomberg reported that the feature faced “fairly significant technical and engineering challenges.”

Once it launches, Apple Pay Later will be “available everywhere Apple Pay is accepted online or in-app” to “qualifying applicants in the United States.”

Apple Music Classical [Now available]

Update March 29, 2023: Apple Music Classical is now available to all Apple Music users. Learn more in our complete guide.

Ah, yes, Apple Music Classical. This isn’t necessarily a feature specific to iOS 16, but it’s something that Apple said would be available in 2023… and wasn’t. Apple acquired the classical music service Primephonic in 2023, immediately removing the app from the App Store and integrating the content into its own Music app.

Apple also promised, however, that it would release a “dedicated classical music app” sometime in 2023, “combining Primephonic’s classical user interface with more added features.” This didn’t come to fruition in 2023, and Apple is silent on when the app will launch.

At this point, we’re starting to question whether Apple Music Classical has been scrapped (or significantly scaled back in scope), given Apple’s silence on the matter. The good news is that references to the service have been spotted in iOS code. Hopefully, we’ll get an update soon.

Web push notifications [Now available]

Here’s something that has largely flown under the radar since it was officially announced: support for web push notifications for Safari on iOS and iPadOS. This was announced at WWDC last year, with Apple saying that Safari on iPad and iPhone would support push notifications from websites for the first time.

Support for web notifications in Safari has been available on the Mac for several years but has remained notably absent on iPhone and iPhone. What jogged our memory on this feature was a post on Mastodon from Jen Simmons, who works as an Apple Evangelist on the company’s Web Developer Experience team.

In the post, Simmons asked users to share their “favorite web apps” that they’ve added to the Home Screen of their iPhone. This could signal Apple’s continued work on web push notifications for iPhone and iPad, as well as maybe some other improvements to how progressive web apps work on Apple’s platforms.

Apple says that support for web notifications on iPhone and iPadOS will be available sometime in 2023. The feature hasn’t yet materialized in betas of iOS 16.

New Home architecture [Now available]

Update March 29, 2023: With the launch of iOS 16.4, the revamped Home architecture is now available to users once again.

With iOS 16.2 in October, Apple introduced a new opt-in architecture for HomeKit that it said offered “improved performance and reliability of the accessories in your home.” As it turned out, that wasn’t the case, and the new architecture had the opposite impact for many users who opted into the change.

In response to the backlash and complaints, Apple ended up pulling the new architecture altogether last month. The company said in a statement:

We are aware of an issue that may impact the ability for users to share the Home within the Home app. A fix will be available soon. In the meantime, we’ve temporarily removed the option to upgrade to the new Home architecture. Users who have already upgraded will not be impacted.

There’s no official word on when Apple plans to re-implement this new HomeKit architecture. Evidence within recent iOS beta releases, however, shows the company is continuing to work on the platform.

iOS 16.5 likely coming soon…

iOS 16.4 was released to everyone this past week with a handful of features and changes. Now that this update has been released, Apple has started beta testing iOS 16.5. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like this update contains any of the features we’re still waiting for Apple to release.

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Best Siri Shortcuts For Iphone And Ipad

It doesn’t make sense to remain stuck in a roundabout way when you can cut the chase and get work done swiftly. The key to enhancing productivity or embracing multitasking is finding a smart shortcut so that you can have the best of both worlds. Accelerate several oft-repeated tasks using the best Siri Shortcuts for iPhone or iPad!

So, how do you use Siri Shortcuts on an iOS device? To start things off, you have to fine-tune an ever-ready shortcut for a specific task that you wish to do quickly. Whenever you need to do that, fire up Siri and speak the phrase. And you are ready to go!

Before setting you in the motion, let me tell you a couple of things up front:

First and foremost, we’ve rounded up some of the coolest shortcuts based on the user experience. Though you will get the link below each trick, you will have to customize it based on your need

The second, you can create shortcuts both from Settings app and Shortcuts app. So, if you need help to get started, do follow the posts (direct link given down below). Besides, do check out the roundup of the popular apps with Siri Shortcuts integration

1. Browse Top News using Siri Shortcut

Have keen eyes for news and want to keep a tab on the breaking news from the top sources? “Browse Top News” Siri shortcut is for you.

With this shortcut at your disposal, you will be able to put your hands on the latest news instantly. Frankly speaking; it’s one of my favorite picks. As I’ve to track the big stories day in and day, I find this one pretty cool in making my task a tad easier. And I’m sure it’s gonna live up to your demand as well.

Get the Shortcut

2. Open Twitter Lists with Siri Shortcut

To keep myself at peace with all the trending news, I’ve created a couple of private lists on Twitter. It allows me to snap a quick look at the latest tweets from the sites I follow.

Ever since I ran across the option to open Twitter lists using a Siri shortcut, my job of tracking the most recent tweets from the favorite sources has become a lot easier.

Should you wish to keep your Twitter lists just a phrase away, do not fail to give it a shot right away.

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3. Siri Shortcut to Eject Water from your Device

iPhone 7 and later models are water-resistant. However, speakers of iPhones always get slightly affected when you accidentally drop your phone in water.

No worries! With Water Eject Siri Shortcut, you can eject water from your iPhone in a single tap. This shortcut uses low-frequency sound waves to remove water out of your iPhone’s speakers. This makes your device speakers clean and dry, and you get the same quality of sound as you enjoyed previously.

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4. Convert Photos to GIF using Siri Shortcut

To get this shortcut, hit the link below and fine-tune it based on your goal. The next time, you want to set the social media on a blitzkrieg, invoke Siri and speak the phrase to get your work done in a jiffy!

Get the Shortcut

5. Convert Burst Photos to GIF using Siri Shortcuts

The GIF converted from burst images look more eye-catching. So, I think many of you would want to have a go at this shortcut.

Today, GIF has become an indispensable ingredient of our messaging. That’s why most social networking apps offer a large catalog of live and animated images.

Aside from bringing more fun to the conversation, it can also be a great tool for marketing. With a fully customized shortcut ever ready, it would hardly take a few moments to carve out a sensational GIF that can play a big role in making your product more popular.

Get the Shortcut

6. Recording to Evernote

Evernote is arguably the most popular note-taking apps for iOS. If you have been using this app to stay in sync with your tasks or create notes with ease, you’d be glad to know that you can make several shortcuts for the app. And one of them is to create a new recording and save it to Evernote.

When you are on the move and don’t want to fiddle with the software keyboard, this hack can save your day with aplomb. Besides, you will also carve out the short path for resizing screenshot, add a new note from your Apple Watch and more.

Get the Shortcut

7. Use Siri Shortcuts to Play Your Favorite Playlist Right Now!

Wouldn’t it be super cool, if you could start playing your favorite playlist with just a tiny little phrase? Oh, that would be awesome!

More often than not, I like to listen to the only selected set of songs. And with this neat phrase always ready, it takes just a few seconds to get going.

Get the Shortcut

8. Get Directions to Next Event

You are all set to take part in a high-profile meeting. Suddenly, you come to know that the event is scheduled to be held at a remote location. Wouldn’t you want to take the help of Apple Maps to help you guide through so that you can reach there in time?

Whether you are a party animal, executive or a salesperson, you’d like to put your hands on this short way of having access to the directions of the next calendar event.

Get the Shortcut

9. Barcode Scanner Siri Shortcut

Who won’t want to have a fully functional “Barcode Scanner” to be able to scan QR code in a flash? I guess most of us would be really glad to have it.

Whether you want to quickly access the secure website links, contact information, coupon or tickets, it would come into the picture. I’ve tried the Barcode Scanner shortcut on my iPhone, and it functions effectively. To get going, add the hack to your library and then allow it to access your camera.

Once it’s ready, hit the shortcut to launch the camera and use your iPhone to scan the QR code.

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10. Siri Shortcut to Share Location

You are stuck in jam-packed traffic, and the chances are that you may reach home a bit late. You may want to share your current location with your concerned mom or an anxious wife. That’s when this readymade phrase will come in handy for you.

Moreover, it’s also nice to share the location with your loved ones to let them know that you are having a wonderful time with your friends during a holiday. Whatever could be the purpose, it’d be worth putting this phrase on the radar.

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11. Get Activity Report using Siri Shortcuts

Speaking the truth, this one is my first pick! As a fitness conscious person, I use the Health app to stay hell and hearty.  Therefore, I keep an eye on the steps and various other things to ensure I’m fully in sync with my goal.

That’s why I like this shortcut that allows me to calculate last week’s average number of steps with ease. If you are also a fitness loving person, give it a try as well.

Get the Shortcut

12. Read Later

When browsing the web in Safari, you come across a thought-provoking article. As much as you wish to read the entire story, you don’t have much time to get through. Wouldn’t you want to save for later?

Keep the “Read Later” shortcut in your kitty so that you can quickly save a story to your best Read-it-later apps for iOS. Once they are in your personal library, you will adjust several things like font, color, and even theme to make reading a pleasant experience.

Plus, most apps come with a text-to-speech feature to make your device read the article for you.

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13. Siri Shortcuts to Check Amazon Price History

While on a shopping spree, you can instantly check out the price history of any product using this pre-defined hack.

From what I can see, it can help you quickly decide whether it’s the right time to go for a product or wait a little more until the price has come down to your desired threshold. Even better, you can configure this hack to be accessed from Share Sheet as well.

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14. Play Spotify Track using Siri Shortcuts

Yeah, Apple Music has surpassed Spotify in the US and may topple the latter in some other countries as well in the future. However, Spotify remains the most loved music-streaming service across the platform.

If you had been willing to use Siri to let you play Spotify tracks, chances are you would find this shortcut nothing less than a boon. Instead of hopping into the music app and playing the tracks, just invoke the virtual assistant to ask it to play your favorites.

Get the Shortcut

15. Photo grid – Awesome Collage Maker

While taking a peek at some of your most memorable photos which you have captured during a holiday with your funny buddies. Seeing those shots, you become nostalgic and wish to relive the memory.

Wouldn’t you like to bring those images together and create an awesome college? I guess your heart would want to latch onto it.

With the pre-defined photo grid shortcut, you can choose some cool pics and turn them into an eye-catching collage. And yes, you don’t need a third-party collage maker app to get it done.

Get the Shortcut

The Shortcuts app also has the option to create a short way for sharing latest screenshot via AirDrop, cleaning up photos, deleting screenshots and sharing a portrait photo. I’ve given these short ways a try and found the real deal. So, don’t miss them out!

Your top bet?

Among so many handy shortcuts which ones have you chosen for your iPhone. I would really appreciate if you could share your feedback about them.

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