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5 Fixes For No Valid Sources Are Available for This Video Wrong settings on your browser might lead difficulty playing videos




A slow internet, individual website video players, and your browser cache data might trigger this video error. 

This error is not specific to Windows 11 and will require device-specific solutions, like turning off ActiveX Filtering.

Deleting the browser should be the very last resort when none of the other fixes works for you. 

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The days of waiting hours for a movie to completely load are long gone. Today, you may watch videos online instantaneously with no buffering.

However, this does not rule out the possibility of some difficulty. While streaming on the internet, you may run into various problems.

You probably have run into the error message no valid sources are available for this video. While browsing on Windows 11, you may encounter this error on Chrome, Firefox, or the Edge browser.

The problem may be caused by various factors, including outdated plugins, browsers, and a corrupted cache.

We will dive into this and recommend the best fixes you may apply. 

Note that other browser issues like a slow Chome on Windows 11 will require different solutions.

What does no valid sources available for this video mean?

The no valid sources available for this video error occurs when your browser has difficulty playing a video embedded in a website.

Faulty or outdated browser extensions can cause this. Another prominent cause of the issue is the accumulation of corrupt browser data, which disturbs your browser’s activities.

Lastly, wrong browser settings can also lead to difficulty playing videos.

Will a no valid source error make my videos slow on Chrome?

Many users dealing with errors relating to no valid sources available for videos in Chrome may also experience slow loading rates on their browsers.

If this is the case with you, then the typical culprits are:

A slow internet connection: Smooth video streaming needs a speedy internet connection. The video might buffer if your connection is sluggish or unreliable. As a result, ensure you have a strong enough internet connection to play the videos in the browser.

Individual website video players: Another factor to consider is the website itself. The video player used by a website determines how a video is played.

Browser cache data: Too many caches might also be the cause.

Regardless of the reason, the steps in the article will also resolve slow video loading times on your browser.

Quick Tip:

It’s possible that an issue exists just in one browser and not in others. You may confirm whether this is the case by performing a similar activity in Opera One. It has support for multiple video formats.

We recommend Opera One because it is open source and has rich video format file support. It is also updated very often, and any issues you may encounter here are easily manageable.

Opera One

Try an up-to-date browser that supports multiple file formats and is open source.

Free Visit Website

What do I do when there are no valid sources for my video?

If you use an older browser, you may miss out on patches and new features for issues and faults that were prevalent in prior versions.

These flaws may lead to various problems while using the browser, including errors connected to no valid sources available for videos on Firefox, Chrome, and Brave Browser.

2. Clear the browser’s cache 2.1. How to clear the cache on Google Chrome 2.2. How to clear the cache on Firefox

Expert tip:

This can lead to issues like no valid sources available for this video on your browser on Android, PC, and other devices. Cleaning the cache regularly might also help keep your browser uncluttered.

3. Restart the browser task

Certain websites or temporary bugs might cause this browser video error. If you try restarting the browser, it may continue operating in the background even after closing it.

You must end the task in the Task Manager to force the browser to close.

4. Reset the browser 4.1. How to reset Google Chrome 4.2. How to reset Firefox

Your browser’s settings and data will be cleared if you reset it. After that, it will restore to the default settings. This procedure is comparable to uninstalling and reinstalling your browser, but it’s a faster process.

5. Remove recently added third-party extensions

Extensions or plugins are designed to improve your surfing experience, making it simpler and more comfortable, but they may occasionally create complications by interfering with the settings. 

As a result, it’s conceivable that they trigger this video playback error. 


Since your extensions are disabled in private mode, you may launch the browser in private or incognito mode to determine whether the error persists before disabling extensions.

Why are videos not playing in the browser?

The reason a video might not play on your browser can be because of a weak internet connection. Also, it might be due to problems with the source file.

Lastly, this issue might be because of some problems with your browser. In this case, you can apply the fixes discussed in this guide.

Can I experience no valid sources for Android videos?

In this article, we covered the error on Windows 11, but on Android OS, users have also experienced the same problem where they see an error message that says: no playable video source found on Android

The steps to rectify it are similar, and you must consider:

Updating your internet browser

Clearing your browser’s cache

Turn off ActiveX Filtering

Allowed browsers to run Flash

Launching browsers in Incognito Mode

This error message is, in fact, spread across different OS and browsers, and you may come across the following iterations:

No valid sources are available for this video on Firefox and Chrome: Here, you will have to apply fixes for these two browsers regardless of your device.

No valid sources are available for this video on iPhone: In this case, you should consider updating the device, then apply browser-specific fixes.

No valid sources are available for this video on your Safari iPad browser: Most of the steps in this article will work. The UI for Safari, however, will be different.

The fixes will generally hover around the same solutions discussed.

Getting the not-so-pleasant error message – no valid sources are available for this video can be bugging, but these steps should be all you need to fix it.

These steps are in no particular order, and you should only consider deleting your browser as a very last option.

Unlike in the past, you have a rich choice of the best browsers for Windows 11, which you may try.

Still experiencing issues?

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5 Best Video Converters For Android

When you have applications such as VLC player or sites such as YouTube that can essentially handle any video format, do you really need a converter for your Android device?

In most cases you probably don’t, but when you encounter a video that won’t play on your player of choice or you want to shrink the size of a video before sending it to someone, they can be incredibly useful. 

Table of Contents

Besides, modern Android phones are so powerful they can crunch through video conversation jobs with relative ease. We selected five video converters for Android and put them through their paces. 

This video converter is more than just an app to convert video formats. VidSoftlab has packed their software with features. There are several tools to choose from, but they have managed to make the interface easy to navigate. Although we aren’t crazy about the cutesy design language.

Apart from being a video converter, it also has trimming, compression and merging functions along with the basic video editing options. The process of converting our sample video to a new format was snappy.

Rating: 3/5

Like the VidSoftLab app, Inverse AI has created a product that does more than just convert file formats. It has a trimmer, compressor and offers the choice to only extract audio. In case you want to make a ringtone, for example.

There’s also a dedicated audio cutter, so if you only want to trim an audio file you can. Most of the mainstream formats are supported as well as a few which are a little less common.

Which brings us to the video conversion experience itself. Good news! You can batch convert using the free version of the app! That immediately moves this app to the top of the list when it comes to free video converters for Android. Both the speed and quality of the conversion was more than satisfactory. InverseAI has done an excellent job here.

Rating: 5/5

The word “barebones” comes to mind when first encountering the interface of Media Converter. This is an app that takes you back to the early days of working with an Android phone. It’s a thin interface painted over the conversion engine that’s sure to be off-putting for many users who are used to more modern interface design.

Using additional options such as trimming the clip or cropping it isn’t as easy as it should be. While the options to crop, rotate, change resolution or trim are easy to set, there’s no preview. So you’re making these changes blindly. If there is a way to see a preview of the changes you’ve made, then we couldn’t find it.

As for the conversion itself, it worked just fine. The quality was great and the video worked as intended. So if you just want to convert videos and not modify them, this is a fantastic free option.

Rating: 3/5

After experiencing the stark austerity of Media Converter, Audio Video Factory feels like the furthest thing from that raw, minimal design. It’s colorful, clear and makes it perfectly obvious what you need to do from the second you open the application.

When you hit the big “+” button to start your conversion process, you can choose from videos in your library or from the SD card. You can also add audio files, since this acts as an audio converter as well.

As with the other better video converters for Android, you can do batch conversions without having to pay. We converted three video clips with no fuss at all.

Setting the desired output settings was a doddle and there are options to crop and trim right in the conversion menu. Yes, unlike Media Converter, AV Factory does offer previews for cropping and trimming. So you can see exactly what you’re doing.

Rating: 4/5

The last app on this list came as quite a surprise. KKapps have managed to create a video conversion app that strikes the perfect balance between simplicity and functionality. The first screen you see straightaway offers you two options. Either choose “new videos to convert” or look at the conversions you’ve already done.

Picking a video is easy, especially since there are three useful basic categories of video to filter your choices. Once you’ve chosen the video you want to convert, it’s an on-rails guided process to get to the conversion itself.

The biggest drawback with this application is that it won’t allow you to select more than one video at a time. So batch conversion isn’t an option. It is however perfectly suited to people who simply want to convert one video in the fastest, most straightforward way possible. Within that niche, it’s a 5-star application. As a general-purpose converter, on the other hand,it’s more in the middle of the pack.

Rating: 3/5

Video Converters for Android Are Handy  

While we think that mobile phone video conversion is a pretty niche app category, it’s good to know that there are so many quality choices for those who need it. Even if you don’t have a regular need to change video formats or otherwise tweak your clips before sending them on, it’s worth keeping at least one of these apps installed. You never know!

5 Seo Quick Fixes For Ecommerce Sites

Many things in SEO are hard.

Many things are time-consuming.

But not all of them.

In fact, there are some issues we see all the time – especially in ecommerce SEO.

What follows are five of the most common SEO problems that have quick fixes.

SEO Quick Fix 1: Nav Links

By far the number one issue I encounter is in the navigation.

The lion’s share of ecommerce sites fall into one of two categories:

Mega Mega Mega Menu

Site owners know where things are – and so, a system like this:

It may be incredibly helpful if you know exactly where you’re going unless the link you want is one that doesn’t even fit on the screen.

Users aside, this structure basically assigns the same PageRank/internal link weight to every single category and sub-category.

It’s important to remember that if your page has 100% of its weight to pass, if you divide it over 10 links, each link gets 10% of the weight.

And if you link to 263 pages as this site is, each one is getting 0.38%.

So, find the top categories and pages that you want to rank, and push the weight there.

After all, imagine if Amazon did that.

And I hear they may have a decent SEO professional or two, on staff.

Lack of Direction

One that leaves me scratching my head every time is when there’s no logical structure to the nav, and often not even the pages to rank.

As an SEO professional, I’m left wondering what conversation led to the building of a powersports website with no link to “ATVs” (literally happened yesterday, as of this writing).

What’s perplexing is if I ask the owner, “What do you want to sell?”, they’d say “ATVs.”

And if I ask them to get to it on their site they’ll generally have to head to a product page and start messing around with filters.

Leading to the questions:

What page example should rank for ATVs?

Why do you hate your visitors so much?

Often, I believe it’s simply poor or rushed design and a lack of understanding from the business owner.

The lack of understanding is fully acceptable.

I don’t know ATVs, they don’t know design and SEO.

But the poor or rushed design is unacceptable.

Designers aren’t SEO pros.

That’s not my beef – and I’m a crappy designer.

But they are there to help users get where they need to go.

And a poorly developed navigation is a sign of a lack of understanding on the part of the designer in how to complete that task.

Perhaps a new profession is in order?

The Fix?

The fix in both cases is the same.

Consider what products and services you most want to sell, and get them into the navigation in a clear way.

Think about what pages need the link weight most to rank.

And what structure will get the user from your homepage to their product as quickly as possible if they’re a casual surfer who doesn’t know offhand the location of sub-sub-sub-category X.

And when in doubt, visit Amazon or other sites that rank well in your niche.

Flatter them with your imitation.

SEO Quick Fix 2: Schema

Ecommerce sites tend to be missing product schema, organizational schema, or both.

I can’t stress enough how important they are.

Organizational schema to help reinforce who, what, and where you are.

Product schema to reinforce that you sell stuff, assisting not just in product queries themselves, but more generalized “buy terms.”

Adding schema to your site can be easy or complex, depending on how your website CMS functions.

If you’re in WordPress, it’s fairly straightforward to get the basics in.

Regardless of the system, for organizational I personally tend to ignore the plugins/add-ons, etc., and go straight to the source(code).

I use a tool like Merkle’s Schema Markup Generator to get a head start on the schema basics and then go to the Organization area of chúng tôi to refine and add as much relevant data as I can.

The more specific you can be, the less possible confusion there will be for the engines.

If you have access to the templates you can just add this into the header.

If you don’t and you’re not using a system like WordPress that has plugins that allow you to add code into the header and footer, you can add it into Google Tag Manager as custom HTML and simply set it to appear on all pages.

Product schema is a little more finicky, and unless you have either a handful of products or an expanse of time, you’ll need to automate how it’s created as it’s a per-product thing.

Systems like Shopify, WooCommerce, etc. will do this for you.

But if you’re in a system that doesn’t, you’ll need to work with your developers.

I can’t stress how important this is in ecommerce.

Increased visibility for products:

And increased rankings for purchase intent, general queries by clarifying that you’re not just talking about products, you sell them, you have them, and they’re in stock.

(Or not per the example above, but these days that rowing machine is hard to get your hands on… and so I wait.)

While working with your dev, or troubleshooting/setting up plugins may not seem like a quick fix but it is.

You will be literally improving, to a serious degree, every product page on your site.

Yes, it might take more than a few minutes, but by the end – on a per-page/product level it’ll probably be mere seconds.

And that’s pretty quick.

SEO Quick Fix 3: Product Titles

This one makes it on so many of my lists because it’s so easy and so overlooked.

Most ecommerce systems come with a pre-configured setup for how titles are created – that business owners rarely revisit.

And those that don’t, come with configuration options and can almost always be easily adjusted in the code.

Let’s take for example a system that formats the product titles (slight adjustment to company name to not violate privacy):

This is not a random example, I took very strong inspiration from a site I was reviewing earlier today.

And this is one of the first areas I’d address.

In a SERP that becomes:

“2024 Ford Shelby Mustang GT350 Red, White, Silver, Blue,…”

Neither awesome for users, nor SEO-friendly.

In the code it was basically:

The code simply needs to be changed to something like:

So, the same product would now appear as:

Not 100% of the titles work, but based on our crawl data about 93% would, as opposed to 57% prior to the switch.

And in many cases, it also simply chops off “cars,” meaning the real meat of the title is intact.

The benefits are two-fold:

Improved CTR

We’ve seen them range from just a few percent increases, to up to 3x depending on how poorly they started.

But consider the number of pages impacted and even a few percent is huge.

Improved Rankings

Focused titles, focused SEO.

Chopping out the less or irrelevant verbiage increases the overall relevance of the title to what the page is actually about – the 2023 Ford Shelby Mustang.

Once more you may need to contact your dev if you don’t control this or know how to code, and you might say…my individual product pages only get on average 20 entrances per year.

Fair point.

And if we increased that by only 5%, that’s a lot of work for 1 visitor.

But you probably don’t have just one product.

The site I was looking at had about 6,000 products.

Let’s say only 10% of them are performers to the 20 entrances per year level.

That’s still an extra 600 visitors.

Plus, improved SEO to add to that traffic.

Suddenly it seems worth sending that email to your dev, doesn’t it?

Because I’m guessing you’ll pay more than the cost of making that edit to get 600 visitors consistently per year via PPC.

Or even just improving the rankings in other areas to facilitate that type of improvement.

SEO Quick Fix 4: Featured Snippets

If you find yourself ranking decently but not wonderfully for queries, it might be time to pursue featured snippets.

It doesn’t apply in all cases, but it applies in many.

In many cases you can look at queries you rank on page one for but not in the top three, first consider if there is a featured snippet to take, and if not, ask “Should there be?”

I’ve been testing timelines, done right it takes about 3 weeks.

If a query has a possible intent that can be summarized in 300 characters or less or in a list, then it’s yours to take if you just come up with a better answer for the user’s intent than currently exists.

In one of my more recent efforts, we wanted to take the snippet from someone else.

They had an older page with a good answer.

We edited a newer page to include a clear section:

With about a 250-character definition, that includes keywords that we knew would be relevant to a good answer.

As noted, in just under 3 weeks we took the featured snippet.

It’s generally a faster path to the top position than slogging through link building.

You just need to produce superior content in a format (and voice) that fits Position Zero.

I’d suggest starting in Search Console and visit your top queries where you are in position four to ten.

Figure out which have someone else holding the featured snippet and produce a better answer, clearly structured.

If there is no featured snippet, consider whether there should be and test making them.

Want to rank for “blue widgets?”

Adding a section “What Are Blue Widgets?” with a 295 character definition might be a great place to start.

Or perhaps a list “Types (or uses) of Blue Widgets.”

Or perhaps both.

Hedge your bets.

SEO Quick Fix 5: Google My Business Products

One of my big favorite hidden gems is the product listing in Google My Business.

When you log in you simply head over to:

And voila! Your knowledge panel comes up.

I like to keep my eye on the stats and so I use UTM codes in the URLs like:

(You can get as elaborate as you like.)

Then I can easily find it in my analytics and see how they convert.

Thankfully, I’m most interested in that they spent money and how much – and generally less on what they bought.

This is one of the fastest areas to complete and needs little-to-no technical skill.

Just pick the products you want to promote and get started.

In Closing

Even if you aren’t highly skilled in code, and you don’t have time for major undertakings, there’s almost always something you can do.

Hopefully, these five SEO quick fixes for ecommerce sites gives you a place to start.

But not a place to end.

More Resources:

Image Credits

Quick Fixes For Climate Change

Dear EarthTalk: What are some of the leading proposed technological fixes for staving off global warming, and how feasible are they? — James Harris, Columbus, Ohio

While most of the world fixates on how to reduce the amount of carbon dioxide (CO2) and other greenhouse gases we emit into the atmosphere, scientists and engineers around the world are busy working on various “geo-engineering” technologies — many of which are highly theoretical — to mitigate global warming and its effects. Many scientists oppose using new technology to fix problems created by old technology, but others view it as a quick and relatively inexpensive way to solve humankind’s most vexing environmental problem.

One of the theories proposed for reducing global warming involves deflecting heat away from the Earth’s surface with solar shields or satellites with movable reflectors. Computer models suggest that blocking eight percent of the sun’s Earth-bound radiation would effectively counteract the warming effect of our CO2 pollution. The idea was inspired by the cooling effects of large volcanic eruptions — such as Mt. Pinatubo in 1991 — that blast sulfate particles into the stratosphere. These particles reflect part of the sun’s radiation back into space, reducing the amount of heat that reaches the atmosphere.

Another technological fix involves “sequestration,” the storage of CO2 either deep underground or deep in the ocean. Some of the nation’s largest utilities, which are also “washing” coal to filter out impurities, are working on ways to capture the CO2 they emit and store it miles below the Earth’s surface. Costs of such technologies have been prohibitive, but new regulations could force the issue in the near term.

Another leading theory, “ocean fertilization,” entails scattering iron powder throughout the world’s seas, providing nutrients to boost the amount of phytoplankton that thrive in the water’s upper layers. Through photosynthesis, these plants absorb CO2, which in theory stays with them when they die and fall to the ocean floor. Initial experiments have not lived up to the hype, however, but more research is underway.

Yet another take on altering the seas for the sake of the climate, “engineered weathering,” entails replacing some of the oceans’ carbonic acid with hydrochloric acid. This, the theory goes, accelerates the underwater storage of CO2 otherwise destined for the atmosphere. According to Harvard Earth and Planetary Science Ph.D. Kurt Zenz House, engineered weathering “dramatically accelerates a cleaning process that nature herself uses for greenhouse gas accumulation.”

While the cost of many of these so-called “geo-engineering” fixes would not necessarily be prohibitive in light of the cost of transforming our global energy economy, the risks of unintended consequences weigh heavily on even the researchers proposing them. “Personally, as a citizen not a scientist, I don’t like geo-engineering because of the high environmental risk,” Ken Caldeira, a researcher at California’s Carnegie Institution of Washington, told New Scientist. “It’s toying with poorly understood complex systems.” But he also wonders: “Is it better to let the Greenland ice sheet collapse and let the polar bears drown their way to extinction, or to spray some sulfur particles in the stratosphere?”

The 5 Best Cryptos To Buy This Week For 30X Gains!

One of the main reasons behind the crypto rally we have seen in January is Fed’s report that has shown that the US inflation is finally being put under control.

But until the next meeting takes place, we can expect the crypto market to continue this bullish trend. 

And, according to experts, the best way you can capitalize on this momentum is by investing in Meta Masters Guild (MEMAG), Fight Out (FGHT), RobotEra (TARO), and C+Charge (CCHG) because of the unique features they offer.

5 Best Cryptos to Buy this Week – Overview

Meta Masters Guild (MEMAG)

– First Ever Mobile-Only P2E Project

Fight Out (FGHT)

– M2E Platform that Combined Web3 and the Real-World 

RobotEra (TARO)

– Immersive Metaverse Filled with Robot NFTs

C+Charge (CCHG)

– Promising EV Blockchain Project  

ApeCoin (APE)

– FBI Join the Bored Ape Frenzy

5 Best Cryptos to Buy this Week – Granular Analysis 

With the basics covered,  let’s move on to a more detailed analysis of these coins:

Meta Masters Guild (MEMAG) – First Ever Mobile-Only P2E Project

Meta Masters Guild has taken the mobile gaming industry like storm when it was announced due to its focus on mobile-only titles.

Guild is going to incorporate numerous games into its platform like Meta Kart Racers, Meta Masters World, and NFT Raid which are already in their final phases of development. 

In addition to that, the team behind the project embraced other game developers to work on their platform in order to expand the offer.

At the core of the project will be its native token $MEMAG which will be used for all in-game transactions and also as an exchange for any fiat currency.

MEMAG is now entering the final stages of the 5th presale stage that is due to end this week, and experts suggest that the price will never be this low again.

Fight Out (FGHT) – M2E Platform that Combined Web3 and the Real-World 

A platform that combines an innovative approach to blockchain, Web3 technology, and real-world use cases? That’s what Fight Out is all about. 

The project was built on a premise that every individual should have an individually constructed workout plan and diet regime.  

Fight Out will deliver just that by hiring world-renowned athletes that will create a specially tailored regime for every user. 

Instead of tracking just simple movements like walking, fitness enthusiasts will be able to record a variety of exercises like weight lifting and many others.

In addition to that, users will obtain soulbound NFT avatars that will mirror their progress. 

While all of that is already superb, a launch of Fight Out gyms is expected in Q4 2023. There, users will be able to use top-notch equipment and showcase their valued NFTs.

FGHT is now on presale and experts seem to believe that we may be looking at the best project of the year.

RobotEra is a new Metaverse project that is looking to revolutionize the P2E crypto space with an incredible use of P2E technology.

The Metaverse will be comprised of seven different continents that have been devastated and players will have the task of rebuilding them from the ground up.

Players will have to obtain their NFT robots, which they will use to explore, extract resources, and trade land within the multiverse.

The primary currency and official token of the platform is TARO, and its presale is now in its 1st stage, however, prices will rise much sooner than expected considering that more than $40 million TARO has already been sold.

C+Charge (CCHG) – Promising EV Blockchain Project

C+Charge is a new cryptocurrency that focuses on the environmentally-friendly and renewable energy sector, with the goal of making carbon credits accessible to EV drivers.

C+Charge has developed a platform that uniquely utilizes blockchain technology, granting drivers carbon credits as a reward for charging their electric vehicles at designated charging stations.

CCHG is also working on an app that will help drivers find charging stations more easily and also figure out if there is a big waiting line.

Industry analysts seem to be sure that C+Charge is on a fool-proof course to becoming the leader in the green crypto space.

ApeCoin (APE) – FBI Acquired a Bored Ape

ApeCoin is the main utility token for one of the most successful NFT projects, Bored Ape. APE was a huge success from the very launch of the coin.

There is a lot of going on in the BAYC right now and the announcement of new features for 2023 will make APE’s price go even higher.

Interestingly, there is a new member of the Bored Ape owners club – the FBI. Apparently, the Federal bureau seized a Bored Ape #9658 from the infamous crypto scam artist that goes by the name “Horror”, which reassures the investors that APE is the good portfolio option right now.

The Conclusion

There are a lot of positive signs that the crypto market will continue its upward trajectory in value throughout February.

But, which projects will bring the largest gains? 

Groupon To Launch Pos App For Ipad? Here Are 5 Alternatives

Groupon Payments

It looks like Groupon is adding yet another mobile payments solution to the already crowded space that includes its own Groupon Merchants app for iPhone and Android. as well as competitors such as Square and PayPal Here.

What’s behind its removal is anyone’s guess (a horrible name, perhaps?) and Groupon hasn’t officially announced it. Before it went missing, the Groupon POS app description said it “works for a wide variety of merchants from cafes and delis, to salons, spas and florists,” reported TechCrunch, which said it looked like a more simple and generalized version of Breadcrumb, a restaurant-centered iPad payments solution Groupon acquired last year.

You can expect a Groupon app for tablets to reappear because of the kind of traction Groupon is getting in mobile. In a recent earnings report the company said that 45 percent of North American transactions occurred on mobile devices, compared with only 30 percent a year earlier.

In the meantime, if you’re not yet taking payments from customers using a phone or tablet but like the idea of doing so, here’s how the major mobile payment platforms shake out.


The longest standing mobile payments solution of the pack, Square was the first to think of the idea of giving people a free miniature card reader to plug into their device to use with an app that lets them accept credit cards on the go. The appeal is its simplicity—no hidden or setup fees, plus you pay either a flat $275 a month and nothing per swipe, or no flat rate and 2.75 percent per swipe. In case it matters to you, Square was co-founded by the same guy who co-founded Twitter, billionaire Jack Dorsey.

PayPal Here

With PayPal Here you can accept PayPal payments, credit and debit cards and U.S. checks, as well as send invoices directly from the app and record cash payments. PayPal slightly undercuts Square and charges 2.7 percent per swipe. As another little perk to attract users you get a debit card with PayPal Here that gives you 1 percent cash back on eligible purchases.

Intuit GoPayment

Intuit says its most popular GoPayment plan is only $12.95 per month and lowers your swipe rate to 1.75 percent per transaction, a great option for businesses that do high volume sales. If you prefer to skip the monthly rate, the swipe fee bumps up to 2.75 percent. QuickBooks users will appreciate the fact that GoPayment syncs with the accounting software.

Like the other solutions here, PayAnywhere gives you the card reader for free, but it charges a bit less than some of them: 2.69 percent per swipe. Anyone who does business on the road will like that PayAnywhere figures out sales tax based on your GPS coordinates, as well as shows you heat maps based on where you’re selling the most. Apple iOS users can print a paper receipt to an AirPrint-enabled or Star thermal printer and cash drawer. By way of comparison, Square lets you print paper receipts with an iPad, but not a smartphone. And all the mobile payment platforms listed here let you provide customers with digital receipts via text message or email.

Groupon Payments

Groupon Payments for iOS and Android phones uses the Groupon Merchants app which not only takes credit cards, it let you redeem Groupon vouchers. While the swipe rate is only 1.8 percent, there’s also a 15-cent charge per transaction, and slightly more if your business hasn’t partnered with the daily deal giant before; Groupon charges non-Groupon merchants 2.2 percent and 15 cents per swiped transaction. While the audio jack reader is free, a special phone case that lets you swipe on the side of the device, as opposed to the top or the bottom, costs $100.

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