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When working with text in photoshop, it can be really frustrating to suddenly notice that the edges of your text appear blocky and pixelated. This appearance makes any text look low-quality and will likely be exported in even worse shape. Fortunately there are some easy ways to fix this problem.

A common reason for pixelated text in Photoshop is an incorrect Anti-Aliasing setting. Anti-Aliasing smooths the blocky edges of text to create a crisp edge. By accessing the Type Tool and setting the Anti-Aliasing to “Smooth” in the upper settings bar, your text will have a more crisp edge.

Now to understand why this happens to text in Photoshop, it’s helpful to first understand what pixels are. Picture elements, or pixels, are the tiny units that measure images. Normally they appear as squares, each of a specific color. There are many factors that can affect how much you can see the pixels in your image and how pixels relate to overall image quality.

But did you know that text is made up of pixels too? Normally we wouldn’t notice, because the text we see is usually quite small. But when working with text in Photoshop, there are a number of reasons the pixels in the text could become visible, creating a blocky edge rather than a smooth clean line.

So let’s explore the top five most common reasons for a pixelated appearance in text, and some easy ways to fix each one.

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5 Common Reasons And Solutions For Pixelated Text In Photoshop 1. The Project Size Is Too Small

When creating a new project in photoshop, you can choose the size of the document you’ll be working with. The size is measured in pixels, so naturally, if you choose a small size – 200×200, for example – you’ll automatically have less pixels to work with than if you chose a larger size, like 1000×1000.

Now you can type the width and height you’d like. For best resolution, I’d suggest anything over 1000×1000 with a resolution of 200 PPI or higher.

Then, enter a different size for the Width and Height of your canvas. Again, anything above 1000×1000 works best.

2. You’re Too Zoomed In

Another reason your text might appear pixelated is if you’re zoomed in too closely on the document. The closer you zoom into your project, the larger the pixels will become, to the point where you might be able to see them if you’ve zoomed in too close.

To check how much you’ve zoomed in on the document, head to the tab above your project with the project’s name and a percentage. This percentage you see is the percentage you’ve zoomed into the canvas.

3. You Haven’t Enabled Anti-Aliasing Yet

One way to ensure your text doesn’t have blocky, pixelated edges is to make sure your anti-aliasing settings are correct. Aliasing is a visual stair-stepping effect that appears on low-resolution images. It follows, then, that anti-aliasing prevents this by smoothing the edges of an image.

This will help smooth the edges and make pixelation less visible. 



4. You Haven’t Set Your File Format As PNG For Export

If your text appears low quality after export, you might’ve exported it in the wrong file format. There are several file formats you can work with when it comes to Photoshop, and some will result in better quality images than others. 

While different files have different uses and strengths, PNG is considered the best file format for anything to do with text. Jpeg, for instance, is best for smaller, compressed files such as photographs. However, this compression can result in the text appearing at a much lower resolution when exported. This can be solved by exporting to PNG.

In the window that appears, head to the dropdown box next to Format and you’ll see a large selection of different file formats you can choose. Find and select PNG.

It is worth noting that saving as a PNG file will result in any areas you’ve set to appear transparent on your canvas (represented in Photoshop by a grey and white checkered pattern) to appear transparent in the exported version. This is another reason PNG is the ideal file format for text-based images like logos – instead of a bothersome white or black background, the background will appear transparent and your text can be easily applied in other projects.

5. Your PPI is too low

PPI, or Pixels Per Inch, refers to the number of pixels in each inch of your image. Naturally, it follows then that the higher the PPI, the better quality your image will appear. The same premise applies to text as well. When working with text in Photoshop, a high PPI means that you’ll have clearer, sharper edges and less visible pixelation in your text.

In the new project window that appears, head to the drop-down menu next to Resolution and make sure Pixels/Inch is selected. 

The number you see in the box next to Resolution is the amount of PPI you’re working with, so you can edit this to a high PPI – something above 300 will give you excellent, crisp-looking text. Just remember the higher your PPI, the larger your project will become.

In the window that comes up, make sure Pixels/Inch is selected as the default Resolution measurement, and edit the number to anything over 300.

Apply this and you’ll notice the edges of your text suddenly become much cleaner.

Seeing pixelation in images and text while working in Photoshop can be frustrating, especially if you don’t know the reason. Hopefully, now that you understand some of the most common reasons text can appear pixelated, you can apply these easy fixes and get a crisp, smooth-edged text for a beautiful final result. To learn more about working with text in Photoshop, check out my complete guide here!

Happy Editing!

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6 Easy Ways To Fix Brush Lag In Photoshop – Brendan Williams Creative

There is nothing quite as annoying as trying to paint or draw in Photoshop while watching your brush lag behind, taking its time to catch up with your cursor. Brush lag can make it difficult to work in a smooth and timely manner as it prevents you from painting as quickly as you’d like. Luckily fixing this issue is often pretty easy, with one reason being the main culprit for the lag.

The most common reason for brush lag in Photoshop is due to the smoothing setting. To turn off smoothing and fix brush lag, select the Brush Tool (B), then set the smoothing to 0% in the upper settings bar.

Besides smoothing, there are many different issues that could explain this bothersome lag. That’s why this post breaks down all 6 possibilities for brush lag so that you can understand why it’s happening and how to fix it.

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6 Ways To Fix Brush Lag In Photoshop 1. Turn Off Smoothing

Brush Smoothing settings are a great way to make sure the brush strokes are smooth and clean, rather than bumpy and uneven. The brush smoothing helps even out any imperfections in your strokes that happen naturally. Unfortunately, the higher you set the percentage of brush smoothing, the more the brush tends to lag.

2. Remove Custom Brush Settings

In the Brush Settings tab, first, uncheck as many settings as you can. Leave the ones you need, but the fewer settings checked, the less the brush tool is being altered as you use it.

You can also decrease the brush spacing in this same tab. Brush spacing is the amount of space between each brush mark in a stroke. Less space creates a smoother stroke, but can often add a bit of lag as the system must work harder to maintain a steady stroke. 

In the Brush Spacing area, you’ll notice that Photoshop automatically sets brush spacing to 25%, which creates a smooth enough stroke in most instances. You can increase the brush spacing by dragging the toggle arrow up, but keep in mind that bigger brush spacing will create some pixelation in the stroke. Below, you’ll notice the difference between the lines with 25% spacing and 45% using a square brush.

3. Turn Off Rulers

Now, you’ll notice the rulers are gone from your workspace. Follow the same steps to turn them back on again if you need them.

4. Reduce File Size

If the file size of the project you’re working on is too big, the tools may work slower, including the brush tool. There are a few things you can do to decrease the size of your project and with it, the amount of lag when you’re drawing with the brush.

In the window that appears, you should change the resolution if it is unnecessarily high. For most projects, especially if they’re only meant for screen and not print, 72 pixels/inch is the standard resolution. A low enough resolution will free up memory and help reduce the file size.

Another way to reduce file size is to optimize your layers. Working with many different layers tends to slow Photoshop down as it requires more processing power and creates a larger file.

All of these methods will help you reduce the file size of your project, reduce the load on your computer, and ultimately help with brush lag.

5. Optimize Photoshop

However, increasing the amount of RAM Photoshop uses might make other programs run slower while Photoshop is open.

Another way to potentially improve the program’s performance is to reset each of the relevant preferences by turning them off and on, one by one. 

Start by unchecking the Graphics Processor. Then, if things are still running slow, you can head to Advanced Settings.

In the pop-up, uncheck the OpenCL, Anti-alias, and 30 Bit Display settings. You can uncheck them all at once, or one at a time if you’d like to figure out exactly which one might be the issue.

Keep in mind you’ll have to restart Photoshop for these changes to come into effect.

6. Optimize Your Computer

If your computer’s CPU is slow, your brush is likely to lag no matter what you do. You can free up some CPU by closing programs running in the background when you use Photoshop. You can also turn off Bluetooth and, if possible, wifi.

If you’re still having issues, you might want to check that your device isn’t on low-power mode or battery optimization mode. Most devices allow you to turn this setting on and off in the battery area. Turning it off will allow your device to run normally instead of at a reduced performance level. Remember to keep your device charging so you don’t lose your work.

Since many different factors can affect brush lag and the speed of Photoshop, it may take a few tries to figure out what is causing your brush lag. Optimizing different settings will not only make drawing and painting more effortless, but it will help Photoshop run better overall.

Happy Editing!

5 Easy Ways To Fix Microsoft Sway If It’s Not Working

5 Easy Ways to Fix Microsoft Sway if It’s Not Working If chúng tôi cannot connect, use our recommended browser




Microsoft Sway not working means you cannot continue your school or work projects.

You should switch to a better presentation program to quickly solve S

way not working.

Lastly, users recommend using the Sway website instead if the Microsoft Sway app is not working.

Struggling with various browser issues? Try a better option: Opera One

You deserve a better browser! Over 300 million people use Opera One daily, a fully-fledged navigation experience coming with various built-in packages, enhanced resource consumption, and great design.

Here’s what Opera One can do:

Optimize resource usage: Opera One uses your Ram more efficiently than Brave

AI and User Friendly: New feature directly accessible from the sidebar

Gaming friendly: Opera GX is the first and best browser for gamers

⇒ Get Opera One

Many users reported that Microsoft Sway is not working on their PCs for unknown reasons. In this article, we take a look at this issue and recommend to you the best fixes.

Sway is a presentation tool from the Microsoft Office line of products. Microsoft released it for general use in August 2024, enabling people with Microsoft accounts to mix media and text to create a visually appealing website.

You may create and share interactive reports, presentations, and more with this application. Sway handles the rest once you’ve added your text and images and searched for and imported pertinent material from other sources.

Since a few users have complained that Sway is not working on their PCs, let’s fix this.

Why is Microsoft sway not working?

Microsoft has a history of building solid and dependable tools. So this is not a situation you should be faced with often.

The most common cause of Sway not working is issues relating to Microsoft servers; Microsoft Sway may be down. In such cases, chúng tôi would have refused to connect. You should note that to perform actions like edits, you must be logged in.

Additionally, regular problems causing your browser to glitch may also affect how Sway works.

Whatever the Microsoft Sway error, here are your best solutions.

Quick Tip:

For the best results, we suggest using the Opera browser, a privacy-oriented web browser, and a great alternative to Google Chrome.

The browser has built-in malware, tracking, and privacy protection and doesn’t send your data to Google. In addition, you have flexible navigation and integrations with multiple apps like Microsoft Sway.


Benefit from faster and secure navigation that assures accesability for various applications.

Free Visit website

How do I fix Microsoft Sway when it doesn’t work? 1. Use the Microsoft Store app troubleshooter

If the Microsoft Sway app isn’t working, you might fix it by using the Microsoft Store app troubleshooter.

2. Use the Sway website instead

Optional: Log out from OneDrive and close all browsers.

Launch your web browser.

Go to the Sway website.

Check if the Sway is working for you.

Expert tip:

3. Try using Sway in Private/Incognito mode

The interface will be different depending on your browser; however, they should all look very similar. We’ve used Google Chrome as an example.

4. Wait for Microsoft to address the issue

If Microsoft Sway is not working, the issue may be related to Microsoft and their server, not your PC.

In that case, you’ll have to contact Microsoft support and explain your problem. If the problem comes from their side, wait for them to fix it.

Make sure you contact the Microsoft support team, who will guide you through everything you need to know and do to solve the issue or inform you regarding their problem.

5. Switch to another third-party program

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Remote Desktop Error Code 0X104: 5 Easy Ways To Fix It

Remote Desktop Error Code 0x104: 5 Easy Ways to Fix It Check the best solutions for quick troubleshooting




The Error code 0x104 appears when trying to remotely connect to another PC using the Remote Desktop feature.

It usually arises due to misconfigured network or firewall settings but can also be a result of incorrect credentials.

To fix the issue, change the name of the exchange server, disable the active VPN, and run the critical services, amongst other solutions.



To fix Windows PC system issues, you will need a dedicated tool

Fortect is a tool that does not simply cleans up your PC, but has a repository with several millions of Windows System files stored in their initial version. When your PC encounters a problem, Fortect will fix it for you, by replacing bad files with fresh versions. To fix your current PC issue, here are the steps you need to take:

Download Fortect and install it on your PC.

Start the tool’s scanning process to look for corrupt files that are the source of your problem

Fortect has been downloaded by


readers this month.

RDP or Remote Desktop Protocol, as the name suggests, allows users to access another computer remotely, i.e., without being physically present. But the connection is not as stable as many would imagine, with Error code 0x104 frequently encountered by some.

This poses a major problem, given that the feature to remotely gain access to the PC has gained prominence over the years. Though there are several third-party apps to establish remote access, let’s first try to fix the Error code 0x104 with Microsoft remote desktop.

What is error code 0x4 in Microsoft Remote Desktop?

As per the error message, Error code 0x104 arises when Windows can’t find the remote PC, and subsequently, the connection cannot be established. Here are a few reasons you might be getting the error:

The Remote Desktop feature is disabled: For the feature to work, you must first enable Remote Access in Windows. And if it’s disabled, the error will show up.

Misconfigured firewall settings: You may come across Error code 0x104 if the firewall settings are misconfigured.

Network Discovery is turned off: Enabling Network Discovery is critical for your PC to identify others on the network and remotely connect to them.

Incorrect DNS server: An incorrect DNS is just as likely to trigger the error, but this can easily be fixed.

How can I fix error code 0x104?

Before we head to the slightly complex solutions, here are a few quick ones to try:

Turn on the Airplane Mode on the device you are using to connect to the remote desktop, disable it in 15-30 seconds, and then try establishing a connection.

Change the name of the exchange server to something simple in case the current one is lengthy or intricate.

When remotely connecting to the desktop via a mobile phone, try switching the network type. Say, if you are one 4G, try 3G, 4G LTE, or 5G if available.

Try establishing a connection using the PC’s IP address (check in the desktop settings) instead of the PC name, and verify if Error code 0x104 is fixed.

Make sure Port Forwarding is enabled on your router, and contact the ISP (Internet Service Provider) to help configure a port forwarding rule for mapping an external port using TCP 3389.

If you are using a VPN while trying to remotely access the PC, disable it.

If these don’t work, move to the ones listed next.

1. Make sure Remote Desktop is enabled

Expert tip:

2. Enable Network Discovery 3. Modify firewall settings

After you have made the changes, check whether the Error code 0x104 while using Remote Desktop is fixed. If not, head to the next solution.

4. Run the critical services 5. Change network settings

That’s it! If the previous solutions didn’t work, settings the DNS service to automatic should help fix Error code 0x104 in Windows.

Also, do not forget to check the best remote desktop software for gaming without any lags or drops in FPS. For regular use, most recommend Mikogo, a popular and easy-to-use alternative. It has many useful features, like hosting meetings, a session scheduler, and session recording.

Still experiencing issues?

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How To Convert Text To Shape In Photoshop

Photoshop is a wonderful graphic software that has a host of useful features. Converting Text to shape in Photoshop is a great feature for making great artwork. Converting text to shape allows for the text to be manipulated just like a shape. There may be challenges to finding unique texts that you like so manipulating one may be the next best option.

How to convert Text to Shape in Photoshop

Converting text to shape can be a great way to create logos or branding symbols. Creating logos will require some uniqueness to the artwork. Being able to turn text to shape and manipulate each letter is a great way to create unique artwork for logos and brands. Gone are the days when you had to use hand drawing to create unique writing. Photoshop allows you to create unique artwork for your projects.

Choose Text

Prepare Text

Convert Text


1] Choose Text

Photoshop offers a lot of text options as default, and you can download more. When you are going to change the text to shape, choose your desired text carefully. You will not be able to make certain changes to the text after it is converted. To help make the process easier, it is best to choose a text that is as close as possible to what you want the result to be. For example, if you want a stencil look as a part of the final result, it would be easier to choose text that already has a stencil look, and not to try to make one. Therefore it is important to plan what you want and make sketches on paper of the result you expect. Make as many sketches as it will take to get you to one that you like.

2] Prepare Text

It is important to prepare the text properly as there will be changes that you will be unable to make once the text is converted to an shape. Choose the correct text, and make changes to the weight. Choose the Font Family, the Font Style, and the Anti-aliasing Method, if all of those apply to the font. Some fonts may not offer a font style option. As stated previously, choose a text that is as close as possible to what you would want the results to be. This will make the manipulation easier after you have converted the text to a shape.

Write the text on the canvas and make the changes and move on to the conversion step.

Go to the left panel and choose the Type tool that is best for your project, whether the Horizontal Type Tool or the Vertical Type Tool. Long press the T icon to make the Type Tools pop out so that you can choose the one you want.

When you are finished choosing all that you can type the text you want to convert.

3] Convert Text

So you have chosen your text and you have made whatever changes you deem necessary so now it is on to the fun part. It is now time to turn the text into an shape so that you can manipulate each letter to make the design you want.

The Fill Color, Fill Pattern and Stroke Option can now be changed from the Fill swatch and Stroke options on the left of the top menu bar.  Photoshop now sees the texts as a shape. You can make further changes according to your project’s requirements. I will make a few changes just to show what can be done with this text.

Text with a rusty looking gradient fill and a stroke.

This is the text that has been changed to a shape. It is used to make a fancy logo. Notice that the W has an overhang on the top of the C.

Logo with the overhang at the top of the C removed. With the text converted to shape, the Direct Selection Tool can be used to distort the different letters separately.

Another way to get rid of the extra would be to rasterize the shape then use one of the tools to cut or erase it. However, rasterizing the image will make it unable to be edited as separate letters. The whole image will become one flat shape.

This is just one example of what you can do with the text that has been converted into a shape with Photoshop.

4] Save

To save the finished product so that it is editable go to File then Save as then choose to save as a Photoshop PSD.

You can save an extra copy for printing, sharing, or using on the web. Go to File, Save As and then choose the File Format to be JPEG, TIFF, PNG or any of the other formats available.

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Why is learning How to Convert Text to Outline in Photoshop Important?

As a graphic designer, professional, or hobbyist, learning new design ideas, tips and tricks will take your skills to another level. These tips and tricks can save you time and give your designs a unique quality and look. Nothing that you learn will be wasted because it adds to the knowledge that you can use to do better work. You will also start to discover new tricks of your own as you learn new design principles.

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Why not Write Each letter Separate then Manipulate Them?

That is a way that the logo or artwork could be done, however, when lighting and color schemes like gradients are to be done, each letter will look different. There will be no cohesiveness and they will all look different. To get them to look like one work, it would take a lot of time to design them. Making them one text and then converting them to shape makes it easier to make them look like one. The gradient lighting and shadows will all match.

Is it Possible to Print from Photoshop?

It is possible to print from Photoshop. Go to File then Print. A dialogue box will appear, make whatever necessary changes there then press Print. Printing from Photoshop can be good because it will save you time. After all, you will not have to save the document as a separate file to print. You will also save space on your hard drive because you will not have to save an extra copy of the document if it is not necessary.

How To Create Gold Text Effect In Photoshop

Photoshop has so many features to make your work stand out. You can mix and match so that you can create unique artwork. This article will teach you how to give boring text a golden look using Photoshop’s layer styles. There are so many Photoshop tips, tricks, and features that can be shared, so do come back to learn more.

How to create Gold Text Effect in Photoshop

Creating gold text effects with Photoshop can be used for logos and artwork for a variety of works. The gold text effect can be used for a jewelry company’s logo. The gold text effect is created using Photoshop’s layer styles. This is using a combination of different layer styles to achieve the desired effect. The steps involved are:

Prepare the Canvas and the Text

Apply Layer Effects

Apply Finishing Touches


1] Prepare the Canvas and the Text

The first step is to open Photoshop and create a new file. Go to File then New or press Ctrl + N on your keyboard.

Gold will shine better on a black background so change the canvas color to black.  To change the background to black go to Edit then Fill or press Ctrl + F5.

In the Fill, Dialogue box Contents section set Use option to Black then press OK.

Choose the Horizontal Type Tool from the Tools panel on the left.

Choose the font that you want to turn to Gold. Go to the menu bar at the top and choose the font from the drop-down menu. Choose the Font, make it Bold and choose size 72, this is the biggest size that can be chosen but it can always be resized after it is written.

Set the value of R, G, and B to 255, each. This will make the text white. Confirm the information in the color picker by pressing Ok. Set the text color to white so it is visible against the black background.

To resize the text, go to Edit then Free Transform or press Ctrl + T. in Photoshop CC just hold any of the corner handles and drag to the desired size. In Photoshop CS6 or earlier, press Ctrl + Shift while you hold the corner handle and drag to the desired size. In Photoshop CS6 Ctrl + Shift will cause the text to resize evenly without distorting.  In Photoshop CC, the proportions are automatically constrained so no need to hold any keys.

To center the text, hold it and drag it to the center of the canvas. Press Enter to close Free Transform.

A copy of the text will appear above the original in the Layers Panel. Both texts should be in the same spot on the canvas so that they will look like one.

2] Apply Layer Effects

To create the gold effect a gradient overlay will have to be added. The reason for the gradient is because it is a variation of colors, to get the gold effect, there needs to be a variation of colors, lights, and shadows.

In the Layers Effect menu choose Gradient Overlay.

In the Layer Style Dialogue box, change the Style of the gradient to Reflected, This will move the darker gold color to the top and the bottom of the text, with the lighter color in the middle.

Text with reflected gradient style.

In the Structure Section set Style to Inner Bevel and Technique to Chisel Hard.

Set the Angle to 1200. Turn on the Anti-aliased option to smooth any jagged edges.

To add more contrast to the effect, increase the Highlight Opacity and the Shadow Opacity to 75%.

Close up the space inside the letters by increasing the Size of the Bevel and Emboss effect, to make the text look more like solid gold.

To enhance the lighting and add more contrast to the reflection in the letters, increase the Depth Value by dragging the slider to the right. You can also place the cursor in the Depth value box and use the up or down arrow on the keyboard to increase or decrease the number. You can watch the changes in the lighting and contrast of the text.

The text is now starting to look like real gold.

Reset Inner Glow settings to default to clear any previous settings.

Change the Blend Mode to Multiply and the Opacity to 50%.

Change the Position of the gradient to Outside. Change the gradient Style to Reflected.

The text with the Original Text layer with a golden stroke.

Shadow Opacity: 75%

These are all the Bevel & Emboss settings that should be there. If not just change them.

In the Bevel & Emboss option there is also a Contour option, turn on the Contour option.

This is the text with all the outer glow effects added.

3] Apply Finishing Touches

A new layer name SPARKLES is added above the text layer.

To add the sparkle to the gold, you will need to use one of Photoshop’s brushes. Go to the Tools panel on the left and choose the Brush Tool.

Choose Assorted Brushes from the dropdown menu.

You can choose to lower the opacity of the sparkles if they are too bright, but that is optional. If you want to lower the opacity, go to the Layers Panel, and use the opacity slider to lower the opacity.

4] Save

After all that hard work it is now time to save. To get the full effect of the gold in the best possible colors, a raster image is the best option for saving. Assuming that the image will not be made very large. You could save it as a JPEG image so that it is both small and will look quite shiny. However, I would save it as a PNG to eliminate the white background that will show when it is opened.  With the background being only black, the gold effect will shine even more.

To save go to File then Save As or Shift + Ctrl + S.

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Why is learning to Make Gold Text Important?

Learning to make gold text is essential because you can use the same principles to make other color text effects. This can be a helpful skill in making other artwork for logos, print, etc. The steps used to make the text have a golden color can be used to make other objects gold or silver, or any other color with sparkles.

Can These Steps be Used to Make Silver Text?

The principles are the same, you just need to find something that is silver so that you can sample the color to use. To get accurate colors for your artwork, you should get real examples of items and take Pictures or find them on the internet and use Photoshop to sample the colors and save them as color swatches for later use.

Remember that items do have reflections and shadows, so try to get realistic samples and sample the different aspects of the colors of the items to make your artwork look more realistic.

Why is Save for Web Different from Save As?

Save for Web has a lot of options that will make saving the artwork optimized for use on the web. You can preview the image on a webpage and even inspect it on the webpage to see the code. If you create web pages, you can copy this code to use on the webpage. There are multiple file formats in the Save for Web option, and they are optimized for use on the web. You can make more changes to get it to fit your purpose.

How can I Get Accurate Colors for Objects in the Artwork I Create?

You can get accurate colors for your artwork by creating your color swatches. Get samples of items you want to work with that you want accurate colors, and sample them to create swatches. You can also search for colors online, usually close to what you want.

However, getting the real item will show how the colors show when the light hits them. You can get the item, take a high-resolution picture, and get it on your computer. You can then use photoshop to take samples of the colors of different parts of the picture that represents different lighting. You can use these color swatches to get realistic color and lighting effects when you create your artwork.

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