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5 best Arduino Uno enclosures to buy




If you’re familiar with Arduino boards, you know that they need a case in order to protect them. There is a large number of cases on the market, and today we’ll show you some of the best Arduino enclosures that you can get.

Note: Deals are subject to change. Keep in mind that the price tag often varies. We recommend going on the vendor’s website to check the price. Some of the products may be out of stock by the time you’ve made your purchasing decision. So, hurry up and hit the buy button.

Designed for Arduino Uno

The two-piece case made from ABS plastic

Transparent case

Openings for all Arduino connectors

Reset key

Lack of instruction manual

Check price

This is a two-piece case for Arduino Uno and it’s made from transparent ABS, so it looks great. Although it provides great protection, it also has openings allowing you to easily access any connector on your Arduino.

Additional features include a reset key that allows you to easily reset your Arduino. There are also secondary screw-mounting points that you can use to secure your Arduino tightly.

Stainless steel screws

The top plate can be removed

Keyhole mounts

Reset button for R3

Access for I/O pins

Not compatible with Micro USB Arduino

Hard to put together

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This case is made in the US, and its top plate can be removed if need be. The case has keyhole mounts so you can easily attach it to any surface. There are also rubber feet on the bottom, so it won’t move while working on a project.

Reset button for R3 is available, as well access for I/O pins.

Two-piece ABS case


Offers access to all Arduino connectors

Reset key and power switch

Secondary screw mounting points

Few users reported that the case is a bit loose after putting it together

Check price

SB Arduino Uno R3 Enclosure is an ABS two-piece case that provides solid protection to your case. Despite being durable, this case also provides access to all Arduino connectors.

There is also a reset key as well as a power switch available for your Arduino. The case also has secondary screw mounting points that let you secure your Arduino.

Weighs only 53g

Measures 79.5 x 64.5 x 21mm

Made from A grade acrylic sheet


Few users reported that they got the wrong screws with the case

Check price

This case weighs only 53g, and it’s made from an A grade acrylic sheet. The case looks rather appealing since it doesn’t have any side plates, just the ones on top and bottom. Both plates are connected by screws, so you can rest assured that your Arduino tightly secured.

Regarding the size, this case measures 79.5 x 64.5 x 21mm.

Transparent, two-piece injection-molded ABS case

Has openings for all Arduino connectors

Reset key, integrated power switch

Secondary screw mounting points

Only fits Arduino Uno

The reset button isn’t accessible with the case on

Check price

This is another transparent case for Arduino Uno. This is a two-piece injection-molded ABS case that will snap together and protect your Arduino.

The case provides solid protection to your board, but at the same time, it also has openings, allowing you to easily access all connectors inside the case.

Additional features include the reset key, integrated power switch, and secondary screw-mounting points.

There you go, these are some of the best cases that you can get for your Arduino, so make sure that you consider all entries from our list.

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10 Best External Gpu Enclosures (Egpu) You Can Buy

What is An External GPU Enclosures or eGPU?

An eGPU or External GPU is essentially a piece of hardware enclosure in which a desktop graphics card can be mounted to be used with your laptops for powering up applications and games. Desktop GPUs are far more powerful than integrated mobile GPUs or APUs and offer up to 10x performance improvements over them. While eGPUs have been around for years now, their functionality has been greatly limited due to the slow connection speeds and low transmission bandwidths. But when Intel announced Thunderbolt 3, the game entirely changed.

Thunderbolt 3 is a USB-C type port that supports a Max Bandwidth of 40 Gbps, thus helping external graphics cards achieve their aim of supercharging a laptop. If you have a laptop that doesn’t satisfy your gaming desires but has a Thunderbolt 3 port, then check out our list of 10 best external graphics card boxes you can buy:

Best External GPU Boxes You Can Buy 1. Razer Core

The Razer Core comes standard with 4 USB 3.0 ports for connectivity, an Ethernet port, a SATA III drive port for expansion and support for AMD’s X-Connect technology. It can also support GPUs up to 12.2 inches (length).

Buy from Razer’s official website: ($499.99)

2. AKiTiO Thunder 3 Duo Pro Thunderbolt 3 Enclosure

The Thunder 3 also features an external HDMI display port for connecting your monitors or TVs directly to this eGPU. The maximum length for GPU support is 7.87 inches.

Buy from Amazon: ($319.00)

3. PowerColor Devil Box 3 Thunderbolt 3 eGFX Enclosure

Alongside 4 USB 3.0 ports, the Devil Box also features a USB C 3.1 Gen1 port for enhanced connectivity. Just like the Razer Core, the Devil Box 3 can also house a GPU of 12.2 inches.

Buy from NewEgg: ($449.99)

4. HP Omen Accelerator

The HP Omen Accelerator is expected to be launched in the third Quarter of 2023 at a price of $300.

Buy: (Coming soon)


Asus ROG XG Station 2 Thunderbolt 3 External Graphics Dock

The XG Station 2 can also house a GPU of max length 12.20 inches As mentioned before, Asus ensures that all of its ROG products maintain a visual appeal, and this is no different. Alongside a phenomenal design, the XG Station 2 also has support for Asus’ ROG Aura, to customize the internal lighting.

Buy from Amazon: ($685)

6. OWC Mercury Helios 3 Thunderbolt 3 PCIe Expansion Chassis

Further more, it has 2 external Thunderbird 3 ports, making it one of the rare eGPUs to offer Daisy Chaining, which basically is the ability to connect several devices in a linear passage, thus resulting in much more computational power. Though, since it’s comparatively smaller than the other eGPUs, the Mercury Helios 3 can only support GPUs of length 7.75 inches.

Buy from Amazon: ($259.99)

7. Mantiz MZ-02 Venus

Buy from Mantiz’s official website: ($389.00)

8. AKiTiO Node – Thunderbolt3 eGPU

The Node is AKiTiO’s second listing on this list, which is basically an economical version of the aforementioned Thunder 3. The Node is powered by a 400W PSU and manages to weigh about 3.10 lbs. The Node follows a straightforward approach to delivering simply the best performance, without any extra features, which is evident by its lack of any expansion ports or any other significant features.

Buy from Amazon: ($309.99)

9. Sonnet Breakaway Box eGFX for AMD and NVIDIA GPUs

Sonnet has brought not one, but two eGPUs to the market, with different specs, but same design. The Breakaway Box comes in two variations, depending upon the power supply requirements of 350W or 550W. These eGPUs support GPUs up to 300W and 375W respectively. The Breakaway Box weighs 7.1 lbs, so portability isn’t really an option. Like the AKiTiO Node, the Breakaway Box does not feature any extra ports or fancy features, and can support GPUs up to 12.20 inches.

Buy: (Coming soon)

10. Bizon Box 3 External Graphics Card for Mac

Last, but not the least, we have on our list the Bizon Box 3, another eGPU focused on the MacBooks. The Box 3 is rather a highly customizable product in terms of its specs. The Bizon Box 3 comes with a 200W PSU, though you do have the choice buy a 400W PSU instead. The eGPU weighs about 8.8 lbs (with the 200W PSU), so portability is not an option. As compared to other eGPUs on this list, the Box 3 does not offer any extra features or expansion ports. Though, it has the ability to mount GPUs up to 12.6 inches. Also, at the time of purchase, the user is even presented with a choice to include any specific GPU along in the bundle.

See More: How to Build a 4K Gaming PC For Under $1500

Using eGPUs to turn your Laptop into a Powerhouse

5 Best Studio Microphones To Buy

5 Best Studio Microphones to Buy [Cyber Monday] Get your hands on the best studio microphone for recording vocals in 2023 & beyond




Eager to know what type of microphone is best for vocals? It can be nothing less than the best studio microphone.

You needn’t spend a fortune on it either as we also ranked studio microphones for recording vocals on a budget.

At home, on your computer and pretty much anywhere – there is no task that the best microphone for studio vocals cannot handle.

The beauty of items that can be used in a dedicated field is that when you search for them, you more or less know that they should have some basic specs that make them good for that particular job.

Such would be the case with studio microphones, as you know that all microphones that have that tag will have everything needed to make them more than good for use in studios.

If you work for a radio station or are simply looking to open up your own personal recording studio, podcast station, or streaming setup, then a studio microphone is the right type of microphone for you.

Note: All the prices and offers in this article are subject to change, so be sure to check the official product page to get the latest deal. If the product or offer you’re looking for is no longer available, you can try to find it on its official manufacturer page or get another one from our list.

Boasts 3 condenser capsules that can record almost any situation

Perfect for vocals, musical instruments, podcasting, and more

Compatible with all major Windows OS versions

Legendary Blue Broadcast sound

Some customers find the mic’s life expectancy to be questionable

Check price

The BLUE mic is already a resounding name, as it also holds a top spot as far as condenser microphones go in general.

The robust metallic body, as well as the incredible price-to-quality ratio, make it a customer favorite on Amazon already.

The four distinct pickup patterns offer you the chance to record and stream in ways that would normally require multiple microphones.

Package includes a microphone, shock mount, adjustable suspension scissor arm stand, table mounting clamp, pop filter, windscreen, 3.5mm XLR cable and manual

TONOR offers a 12-month repair or replacement warranty and a 30-day hassle-free return policy

Cardioid polar pattern

Great for all manner of recording sessions

Needs an additional power supply that has to be bought separately

Check price

The TONOR XLR Condenser Microphone Kit comes in a package that contains almost all the accessories that you would need besides the actual microphone for a good studio recording session.

While each individual product in the package may not be all that impressive, the price is incredibly low considering everything you will be getting.

Great price to performance ratio

Ideal for both professional project, as well as home studio applications

Cardioid polar pattern

High spl handling

Doesn’t come with an XLR cable

Check price

Expert tip:

Most customers described the difference between top-end microphones and this one as simply nothing more than a matter of price.

Ball-type anti-wind foam

Can capture rich

Good cardioid pickup output

High sensitivity

Some user report that the sound may sometimes echo without reason

Check price

The Neewer NW-800 uses a precision electronic circuit to eliminate crossover distortion and harmonic distortion.

It also has a good cardioid pickup output and high sensitivity with low noise and a wide dynamic range.

It also comes in a fashionable design, with a noble and elegant appearance, while still being sturdy and durable.

Improved performance

Can provide better sound for studio recording, vocals, instruments, podcasts than the previous version

Comes bundled with a complete set of mic accessories

Cardioid pick-up pattern

Some users have reported issues with the mic’s ability to pick up sound, even at max volum

Check price

The ZINGYOU ZY-007 microphone presents itself as a leading condenser microphone solution for delivering high-quality sounds for memorable recordings.

This mic comes in yet another affordable bundle that can be considered an all-in-one package.

The ZINGYOU ZY-007 features extremely quiet self-noise. This amazing condenser microphone is a cardioid pick-up pattern, which is the most widely used pattern in professional microphones.

If you plan to seriously invest in studio work, then you better make sure you have the right equipment for the job.

While studio microphones can be a bit costly, they eventually are well worth the investment once you see how your customers appreciate the pristine sound quality.

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5 Best Jukeboxes For Home To Buy

5 best jukeboxes for home to buy [Cyber Monday] Turn your space into an oldschool dance floor with these home jukeboxes




A home jukebox is the perfect device for fun weekends with family and friends.

Some of our top picks include lights for a retro vibe all the way.

If you’re looking for a digital jukebox for your home, we strongly recommend number 1 and 2 from our list.

Whenever you think about a jukebox, you probably think about an old bar somewhere in the ’80s or ’90s that had few songs on it, and half of them were country songs.

Well, jukeboxes exist today as well. However, except for the exterior design that caters to the nostalgic, they have been upgraded to XXIst century standards.

There are even miniature jukeboxes that you can have in the comfort of your home. If you too are a fan of such novelty devices, then you should take a look at our top picks.

Note: All the prices and offers in this article are subject to change, so be sure to check the official product page to get the latest deal. If the product/offer you’re looking for is no longer available, you can try to find it on its official manufacturer page or get another one from our list.

Crosley Bluetooth & CD player Jukebox – 4 built-in stereo speakers

ARKROCKET 200 Wall-O-Matic – Can be attached to a wall

ARKROCKET Saturn V Jukebox Vinyl Record Player – Amazing speaker quality

Roxby Retro Full-Size Jukebox – Great sleek wood finish

Victrola Nostalgic Wood Countertop Jukebox – Smallest jukebox

Now let’s take a look at the pros and cons of each one and see what’s the right one for you.

Bluetooth receiver for fast streaming of your favorite music

Front-loading CD player and built-in AM/FM radio

Color-shifting LED lighting and a decorative musical playlist

Remote included so you can control both the playlist and the lights

Must pay extra for the stand

Check price

Enjoy all your favorite music in style with the Crosley Bluetooth Jukebox.

This massive full-sized will take any medium or large room and turn it into a dancefloor thanks to the vintage design.

Instead of vinyl, this jukebox features a front-loading CD player and built-in AM/FM radio, and the hardwood finish brings a note of elegance, making it suitable for rooms with matching furniture.

You can get this beauty at a 20% discount right now for only 1,595$. Don’t miss the opportunity!

All-in-One with radio, USB, SD slot, and Bluetooth

Special brackets that allow wall-mounting

A dynamic retro disco lighting system

Real buttons for song selection with access to 200 songs

The design may not suit everyone’s taste

Check Price

This jukebox represents a harmonious mix of classic style and modern technology and is the perfect addition to your home.

If you are looking for a jukebox with an amazing 50’s American diner-style, you are looking at the winner.

The jukebox comes packed with radio, USB, and SD card readers, with classic style buttons that you can use to choose from a playlist of 200 songs.

The is one of the cheapest you can find, at only 338$.

Vinyl record player, audio CD player, FM radio with PLL & AUX input

Bluetooth, USB port & SD/MMC memory card slot

Includes remote control with batteries

Full-size floor-standing retro-style jukebox & wooden cabinet with chrome trim 

Pretty heavy for its size

Check Price

Expert tip:

Surprisingly, the technology within is anything but dated. With MP3 and WAV compatibility, and full Bluetooth support, you can put modern technology to good use easily.

Get the best out of the built-in 100-Watt amplifier that delivers rich sound along with two full-range 40-watt Speakers, 2 x 5″ tweeters, and a 6 1/2″ woofer.

Right now it has a 100$ discount for the price of 1,799$.

Retro color-changing LED light tubing in 7 bright color

Sleek wooden finish for the best vintage speaker looks

With full compatibility, radio, AUX, USB, SD, record player, and Bluetooth

Remote controlled and equalizer for the best sounds

Back panel is hard to access if next to the wall

Check Price

Another awesome jukebox on our list is the Roxby Retro Full-Size Jukebox, a home jukebox that can fit into pretty much anyone’s apartment and bring the vintage American feel.

This jukebox is great for any party, music festival, man cave, gift, or just to amp up the room, exactly like a jukebox you would see in a ’50s cafe somewhere in New York.

It features retro-looking color-changing LEDs, and it can read music off of CDs or via Bluetooth connection from pretty much any compatible device.

The price is only 799$ since is a smaller version, but if you want the additional stand, the full price for both is 949#.

AM/FM Radio and a 3.5 mm Aux-in jack at the back to connect all device

Features a volume knob, FM tuner buttons, and a complete set of music playback buttons

Built-in Bluetooth pairs quickly with iPhone & Android smartphones from 33 feet away

The superb sound quality is perfectly paired with 5 jazzy color-changing LED tubes

Instructions could be more explicit

Check Price

Victrola’s 115-year commitment to craftsmanship is evident in this compact, retro diner-style player. Its striking looks, strong build, and well-balanced sound make it a perfect choice to gift to your loved ones

This jukebox is an excellent choice in jukeboxes if you’re trying to gift it to someone, or if you’re trying to give your children or grandchildren a hands-on experience of what the good old times used to look like.

It can read music off of CDs and it can also be connected to a Bluetooth-compatible device, and the neon LED lights and pink outer exterior make it a joy to look at, not just listen to.

The cheapest out of all, small and perfect for countertop, with a discount of 17%, right now it’s only 99$.

If you like to listen to music, you could very easily just go buy a Sony or a Yamaha sound system and be done with it in no time.

But if you like to live in style and you’re also the nostalgic type, then a jukebox could be a good alternative.

These devices will not only make you the envy of the neighborhood, but they have been brought to speed with the latest technologies, so in the end, you don’t actually have anything to lose.

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5 Best Pc Privacy Screen Filters To Buy

5 Best PC Privacy Screen Filters to Buy




If you want to protect your display from prying eyes, a privacy screen filter is just what you need.

When applying such a film, the image will be perfectly visible from a straight angle but blocked when viewed from an angle.

Such products also offer UV protection and often they are also scratch-resistant.

PC privacy screen filters keep confidential data safe from wandering eyes. String passwords and encryption software help you keep your private work data private.

But such tools can’t stop someone from peering at your screen from over your shoulder or snapping a picture of what you are working on.

This is called visual hacking, and it is a serious security threat that businesses shouldn’t ignore anymore. Fortunately, the issue can be easily fixed with privacy filters that adhere to a machine’s display.

These filters severely restrict the viewing angle in such a way that only someone who is sitting in front of the screen can see what’s on it.

Anyone who tries to sneak a peek from the sides or the top will only get to see a blank screen.

Why should I use a privacy screen?

In addition to protecting your documents from being viewed by prying eyes, a privacy filter can also help eliminate excessive glare from your computer screen.

Did you know that glare causes all types of conditions ranging from chronic headaches to Presbyopia which is actually the weakening of your eye muscles?

When you are able to eliminate glare from your computer screen, you can work much longer house without feeling tired or getting a headache.

People who have complained of headaches at the end of every day found a significant improvement in their condition as soon as they installed an anti-glare filter on their computer screen.

How do privacy filters work?

Privacy screens are quite low-tech, and they consist of only a polarized plastic sheet. Polarization works as an optical filter that blocks out light from particular angles.

This is the same technology that is used for polarized sunglasses and some types of camera lenses.

What to look for in a high-quality privacy filter?

➡ Clarity of image

Privacy filters have the tendency of blocking some light from the PC’s screens making them appear dimmer. Dimming can be offset by turning out a screen’s brightness, on the other hand.

➡ Application

The way that you apply the filter to the screen varies from model to model, and you should look for a filter that is easily applied and removed over and over again.

The best filters adhere to using reusable micro-suction strips that will not leave any sticky residue.

➡ Matte finish

Some privacy filters can give glossy screens a matte look, and this will help ward off distraction reflections, but it can also make the display look pretty dull.

Some filters are reversible, and they let you choose between a matte or a glossy side before you apply them.

➡ Colors

Privacy filters come in more colors, and the basic ones will look black once you apply them when they are viewed from an angle.

You can also get filters that give off a gold sheen when they are viewed from the side.

Expert tip:

This means that they are not that good for people who are working outdoors. To make your task easier, we selected 4 of the best privacy filters for PC using the criteria listed above.

What are the best privacy filters for your Windows PC?

Perfect privacy protection

Suited for public and high-traffic areas

Fits any brand of monitors

Anti-glare and anti-scratch properties

The price can be considered a bit steep but it reflects the quality

Check price

The Computer Privacy Screen Filter provided by Vintez is designed for 24-inch 16:9 widescreen computer monitors.

However, they offer lots of such films for all sizes, from 19 to 32 inches providing anti-glare and anti-scratch protection besides the obvious confidentiality.

The screen is perfect for public and high-traffic areas and it can fit any brand of monitor, including HP, Samsung, Dell, Lenovo, Acer, Asus, LG, ViewSonic, and others.

After you apply the privacy filter, the monitor will appear dark when looked at from an angle higher than 30°- 60°, but bright when looking directly at it.

Anti-scratch properties

Fits monitors, LCDs measuring 20-22 inch diagonally

Reduces eye stress

Hanging attachment

Same instruction set for laptop and monitor

Check price

In case you fear that lots of people are prying around and snooping into your desktop screen, we have the perfect solution for you.

If you hesitate to enter the passwords or to read, view, or surf your desktop content in an office environment for the same reason, install this privacy filter from Mosiso and you can relax.

No more prying eyes, the screen is dark from the side (beyond 30 deg) but clear from the front.

Transparency over 85%

Reduces the blue light display transmission

Reduces eyestrain, dry eye, and insomnia

2 attachment options for installation

Poorly fixed-to-screen tape

Check price

It is designed to fit all widescreen laptop LCD monitors (19.0″ screen and a 5:4 aspect ratio) and it has an extra slim, lightweight, and frameless design.

Fits 22-Inch to 24-Inch widescreen monitors

Spring-loaded mount

Reduces blue light by up to 30%

Hard-coated surface

Not anchored directly to the screen

Check price

This filter fits most 22 to 24-inch widescreen monitors with a 16:10 or 16:9 aspect ratio.

It manages to narrow the field of vision on the monitor to +/- 30 degrees, helping you keep the information on your screen to yourself.

The spring-loaded mount attaches to the screen without hassle or adhesives. The textured surface with a light tint minimizes glare and improves contrast, and it also reduces harmful blue light by up to 30%.

Its hard-coated surface protects the sensitive flat panel screen from smudges and damage.

Reversible privacy screen filter

Glossy or matte finish

Anti-glare and scratch-resistant

Extra installation kits

Visible application tape

Check price

The Vintez Computer Privacy Screen Filter limits the viewing angle of your screen to a straight position such that only you can see the contents of your monitor screen while everyone on either side of it sees only a darkened monitor screen.

It also helps improve the confidentiality of your information, your surfing details, and so on. In other words, it reduces the risk of any visual hacking or visual theft.

Users who access corporate networks from remote locations pose a potential danger to data confidentiality because they are in an unsecured and uncontrolled area.

The danger consists in allowing unauthorized people to view the data that you are accessing, and this is why you really need a privacy screen filter.

All the filters that we have presented are ideal for keeping your privacy as it should be, private.

You should also consider reading our list of the best privacy protector software for Windows 10/11 because it may protect you further.

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The Best Arduino Starter Kits For 2023

We may earn revenue from the products available on this page and participate in affiliate programs. Learn more ›

Written By Bob Beacham

Updated Jun 26, 2023 12:07 PM

Arduino kits are great for teaching students about science, technology, engineering, and math. The Interaction Design Institute in Turin, Italy, created Arduino in 2005 to provide people of all ages an easy, inexpensive way to build electronic devices and control them with rudimentary code. By making Arduino an open-source platform, the Institute made the technology freely available to anyone, which led to a vast array of starter kits. Today, everyone from young children to seasoned professional techies use them to build everything from simple devices that turn on the lights to robots controlled remotely via WiFi. Given their popularity, there are a lot of kits available. We look at some of the best Arduino kits and break down what you’ll find and how to choose one suited to your project and learning goals.

How we chose the best Arduino starter kits

Arduino kits have many similarities, so making our selection was not easy. Often with our reviews, there are several key components to highlight, but Arduino starter kits have dozens, if not hundreds, of elements. In this case, it’s not a very practical approach.

What we’ve done instead is ensure that a kit includes key elements, then focus on how each kit satisfies the needs of a particular learner. Does it suit a complete beginner? An intermediate user? Does it meet the criteria for STEM learning? By doing that, we believe we’ve provided a broad selection that offers something for just about everyone.

We also considered value, of course, and most Arduino starter kits are very affordable. That said, we included a premium option for those enthusiastic makers who want to develop multiple projects without having to shop for more components. Not surprisingly, larger kits also tend to offer greater versatility.

The best Arduino starter kits: Reviews & Recommendations Best overall: Official Arduino Starter Kit

Why it made the cut: This kit, from the company that invented the Arduino system, teaches makers of all ages how software and hardware interact to produce real-world results.


Board: UNO R3

Number of Components: Over 100

Projects Included: 15


High-quality components

170-page project book is easy to understand

Many additional free resources available online


Premium price

Software must be downloaded

Picking the best Arduino starter kit is no easy task given the huge variety. That said, nobody has more expertise teaching beginners than the Arduino organization, and its official starter kit provides a wide-ranging yet easy-to-understand introduction to coding and electronics.

The Official Arduino Starter Kit is ideal for STEM learning, or for adult hobbyists or professionals interested in these areas. It features the latest UNO R3 microcontroller board, and more than 100 components. The array of switches, sensors, actuators, motors and displays offers terrific versatility. The kit includes an excellent project guide book. The Arduino software (called IIntegrated Development Environment, or IDE) isn’t supplied, but is available as a free download.

Buyers pay a premium for the name, but the official Arduino starter kit is backed by an array of online resources that allow makers to expand their learning and undertake projects far beyond the 15 provided within this excellent kit.

Best value: Elegoo UNO Project Basic Starter Kit

Why it made the cut: Elegoo makes a number of highly-rated Arduino starter kits. This one may be the most affordable one you’ll find, but it offers all the basics needed to get started.


Board: UNO R3

Number of Components: Over 100, though many are duplicates

Projects Included: 8


Remarkably low cost

Good quality components

IDE included on CD


Breadboard (a plastic board used to prototype projects) is smaller than some expect

Limited project scope

The Elegoo UNO Basic Starter Kit is designed for those who want to try Arduino without spending much money. It includes the UNO R3 microcontroller, a reasonable assortment of components, and a CD that contains a PDF tutorial and the IDE software.

The tutorials focus on introducing the concepts of using code to drive electronic devices. It is a valuable introduction for beginners. The tutorials are very informative, and produce real world-results like illuminating an LED, activating a buzzer, and other fun projects). That said, keen learners will soon seek more demanding challenges, and although they’ll find other projects online, the variety of components included in this kit may limit their ability to pursue them.

The kit offers a couple hundred components, but many of them are duplicates. For example, it includes five red LEDs, five green LEDs, etc. Although it includes 130 resistors, they are limited to 10 types. Every component has its use in basic projects, but this kit does not offer the versatility that might appear at first glance.

Best beyond the basics: Sunfounder Mega2560 R3 Project Kit

Why it made the cut: Budget Arduino starter kits are great for introducing beginners to coding and electronics, but eager learners soon want more. The SunFounder kit provides the logical ‘next step’ and great value for money.


Board: MEGA2560 R3

Number of Components: 291

Projects Included: 40


MEGA2560 board offers increased versatility

Online tutorials extend capabilities

Convenient storage case


Not ideal for beginners

The kit is based on the MEGA2560 board, which is larger than the UNO and provides a wider range of connectivity options. That allows users to employ more complicated wiring. Used in conjunction with items like an ultrasonic ranging module, joystick and tilt switch, makers can build more complex mechanisms. Although the kit includes 40 projects, many more can be developed using online resources.

Users must download the IDE separately. While SunFounder provides some code, it, like instructions, is not as comprehensive as it might be. It’s less detailed than some competitors’, meaning learners may have to find solutions elsewhere or use other online resources to maximize the kit’s potential. While these challenges are not difficult to overcome, we would not recommend this kit for beginners.

Best WiFi set: GAR Monster Starter Kit for Arduino

Goliath Automation & Robotics


Why it made the cut: It’s expensive, but the GAR Monster starter kit can help beginners build and control complex wireless systems.


Board: MEGA2560, UNO R3, NANO, ESP32 WiFi & Bluetooth

Number of Components: Over 500

Projects Included: None (see description)


One of the largest component collections available

Includes three different microcontroller boards

Wireless capabilities



May be overwhelming for beginners

Goliath Automation and Robotics (GAR) claims its Monster starter kit for Arduino is second only to its $500 Colossus kit as the largest kit available.

The instructions are fairly basic, and the main repository for projects is online. GAR offers an expanding library, but that’s really just the start. Given the number and variety of components provided, those wishing to extend their knowledge will find literally hundreds of suitable projects on the internet.

Things to consider when buying an Arduino starter kit

Arduino is an open-source hardware and software platform, which means anyone can copy the designs to produce an Arduino starter kit. As a result, many are essentially clones of the original and are largely similar. That said, the quality and content of each kit can vary considerably. Here’s what to look for.


The core of every Arduino starter kit is a board that contains a microcontroller. This can interpret a signal (input) and perform an action (output) based on instructions supplied by the user. For example, pressing a button might turn on a light or move an object.

Arduino UNO, MEGA2560 and NANO are the most common boards, but many others are available. Each has its own specification, which will become of greater importance as a maker’s knowledge increases. Size may be a consideration if the goal is to build the board into, say, a robot or other confined space. UNO is the most basic and usually recommended for beginners. One of MEGA’s key features is the ability to accept more connections if the project’s wiring is complicated.


Most Arduino starter kits come with a number of projects or tutorials. These may be contained within a booklet or a DVD containing a PDF. Quantity varies from a single tutorial to the 40 projects included in our best value suggestion.

The creative possibilities of a particular kit usually exceed what is covered by the tutorials, however. Manufacturer’s websites, and those run by Arduino enthusiasts, provide almost limitless expansion and variation. Video tutorials are common. Note however that if they are not specific to a particular kit, buying additional components may be necessary.


There are literally thousands of Arduino components and modules available. It’s certainly an area worth exploring. For beginners it is undoubtedly easiest to buy a starter kit and follow the tutorials provided. A ‘breadboard’ is a key component, allowing circuits to be built without soldering.

While many Arduino components are available individually, there is a compelling argument for buying additional starter kits, even for those people who have gained some experience. This is especially true if a maker has a particular project or range of projects in mind. Larger starter kits frequently contain parts for related projects, and buying one can often be easier than compiling an extensive shopping list. They are convenient, and may offer better value. Compatibility issues aren’t common—all components should follow the Arduino standard—but buying from the same manufacturer ensures everything works together.

FAQs Q: How much does an Arduino starter kit cost?

The cost of a Arduino starter kit largely depends upon its complexity. The GAR Monster Starter Kit for Arduino, for example, which allows users to build wireless systems, has a list price of more than $225. But those looking to begin with a less expensive option can learn the fundamentals with the Elegoo UNO Project Basic Starter Kit.

Q: Which Arduino is best for beginners?

It’s a difficult question to answer, because all Arduino starter kits are essentially aimed at those with little or no prior knowledge. Our selections above offer a variety of solutions suitable for all learning levels and all budgets.

Q: What can you build with an Arduino starter kit?

It depends on the kit, though its contents usually give some idea. Once you understand the basics, you can build movement sensors, smoke or fire alarms, timers, air quality sensors, lighting controls, and basic robots. Every kit includes tutorials, but many others are available online. Once you’ve gained a little experience, you can also develop your own variations and share them with other Arduino engineers.

Q: What’s the difference between Arduino and Raspberry Pi?

In basic terms, Arduino is designed for real-world building of models and prototypes, using simple coding for control. It teaches the interaction between software and hardware. A Raspberry Pi is a mini computer for learning programming and software development. It can be extended to activate hardware, but that’s not its primary purpose.

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