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Sleep tracking is a notable addition to the already robust Apple Health that boasts a wide range of health and fitness features including the ability to check headphone audio level in real-time and automatic reduction of loud headphone audio. So far, I have loved using the built-in sleep tracker to keep a track of sleep and also improve it. However, some users have reported that it’s unable to track the sleep accurately. If you have run into the same problem, try out these tips to improve sleep tracking in iOS 14 on your iPhone.

Tips to Enhance Sleep Tracking on iPhone Running iOS 14 or Later

So, what could be preventing the built-in sleep tracker from recording data accurately? From what I can tell after taking a close look at how the sleep tracking feature works and used it to keep a tab on my sleep ever since it was available in the iOS 14 beta, it could be due to a miscellaneous glitch or too many distractions.

Besides, I won’t completely rule out the possibility of a rare bug that may be hindering the sleep tracker. Taking all these things into account, I have suggested solutions that could prove to be helpful in troubleshooting the mess.

Force Restart Your iPhone

The very first solution that I would suggest you try is to hard reset your device. More often than force restart works in fixing random issues that seem to crop up out of nowhere. So, it would be wise to give it a shot first up.

If you have iPhone 8 or later, press and quickly release the volume up button. Then, press and quickly release the volume down button. Now, hold down the side button until the Apple logo appears on the screen.

On iPhone 7/7 Plus, you need to hold down both the volume down button and the side button at once until the Apple logo appears on the screen.

If you have an iPhone 6s or 6s Plus, hold down both the home button and the power button at once to force restart your device.

Perfectly Customize Sleep Tracking

If the first solution has not fixed the sleep tracking issue, ensure that you have ideally customized it. Health app offers you the needed flexibility to fine-tune sleep tracking as per your needs. So, make sure it’s in line with your goal.

Open the Health app on your iPhone and tap on the Browse tab. Now, choose the Sleep option. After that, tap on Edit under the Your Schedule section. Next, customize your sleep schedule and tap on Done at the top right corner of the screen to finish.


If you tend to get distracted by incoming alerts during your sleep or often get late, turn on the Sleep Mode and Wind Down can prove to be pretty helpful. Wind Down alerts you to wrap your work and head to your bed on time, sleep mode ensures distractions remain at bay. Tap on the Get Started under the Set Up Wind Down Shortcuts and then set it up. 

Just in case you want to go for a fresh start by wiping out all the previous sleep tracking data, follow this guide to remove all the recorded sleep tracking data on your device. 

Add Sleep Tracking Data Manually

Update Software on Your iPhone

If the sleep tracker just doesn’t seem to work as expected, there is no harm in updating the software. I guess the problem could be due to a rare bug that might be preventing it from working properly.

Improve Sleep Tracking on Your iPhone in iOS 14

Hopefully, these tips have helped the sleep tracking feature to work normally on your iPhone. If they have, let me know the trick that fixed the issue. Besides, if there is any other solution that works well in terms of sorting out this problem, I would be glad to know that as well.

Though Apple Health looks quite complete thanks to the presence of a series of health and fitness tracking features like Cycle Tracking and Hearing Health, it can’t claim to excel in each aspect. What are the new features and the notable changes you want to see in it? Do not forget to share your two cents.

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7 Best Sleep Tracking Apps For Android And Ios

Sleep deprivation can have all sorts of harmful effects on your body — ranging from depression to heart diseases and several other more severe diseases. Ironically enough, the notion of “there’s an app for everything” can help you in getting a better night’s sleep. All these sleep tracking apps make use of the accelerometer sensor on your phone to track your sleeping patterns and wake you up at the optimal time so that you don’t feel groggy when you wake up. So today, I’ll do a round-up on 7 best sleep tracking apps for Android and iOS:-

1. Default Clock app on iOS




The “Sleep” section of the Apple Health app stores all the sleep related data. Here, you can view how much time you slept grouped by day, week, month or a year. This tracking is made possible with the help of Apple’s motion co-processor introduced with iPhone 5S. It is also very battery efficient, so it eliminates the battery drain concerns. That being said, Apple’s default option doesn’t offer any fancy features. Fortunately, if you’re looking for more options to tweak around, there are a lot of good sleep tracking apps that can help you accomplish that.

2. Sleep Cycle




Sleep cycle is a pretty simple yet powerful sleep tracking app. Just set the time you want to be woken up and place your phone beside you. Sleep cycle uses your phone’s accelerometer sensor and microphone to analyze your sleep throughout the night and wakes you up in the lightest phase of your sleep, just before your main alarm goes off. This sleep data is plotted on a graph and you can easily see your sleep phases over the course of night. It also throws in some other metrics like sleep quality and average sleep time.

3. Sleep Better by Runtastic




Runtastic has established itself as a reputed developer when it comes to health and fitness section of apps. Sleep Better is Runtastic’s take on the sleep tracking app and boy, I must say that it lives up to its name. Just set the time you want to wake up and Sleep Better will wake you up gently in your lightest phase of your sleep, just before the main alarm. The free version features an inbuilt sleep diary where you can write down a brief record of your sleep and dream notes. You can also connect to the Apple Health app, so it can write your sleep data to the Health app.

The premium version presents you with the option to include certain scenarios like stressful day, alcohol and caffeine so you can gain insights on how these factors affect your everyday sleep. Moon phases also have the ability to affect your sleep and it can help you discover on which moon phases you have the most peaceful sleep.

4. Sleep Time by Azumio




5. Good Morning by Apalon




6. Pillow




Download: iOS (Free Version, $5 premium version)

7. Sleep as Android




Sleep as Android is an Android-only sleep tracking application which ticks all the boxes when it comes to features. Along with the basic sleep tracking, it tracks your sleeptalk and snoring using your Android’s microphone. It also has a lot of features to wake you up forcibly like solving math problems, counting sheeps to stop the alarm. Lots of lullabies are built into it to help you fall asleep faster. It integrates nicely with Pebble, Android Wear, Google Fit, S Health and Philips Hue.

Given its long list of features, it may seem a little intimidating at first. But fear not, once you get used to it, Sleep as Android is the single-most app you’ll ever need for sleep tracking on your Android.

Download: Android (Free Version, $4 Premium version)

Which Sleep Tracking App Do You Use?

How To Limit Adult Content In Ios 14 On Iphone And Ipad

How to Restrict Adult Content on iPhone and iPad

Screen Times offers comprehensive tools for content restrictions on iOS. So, depending on your needs, you can block access to not only shady websites but also ward off explicit books, movies, and TV shows. Not just that, you can even stop Siri from using explicit language. So, if you often see your little kid triggering the virtual assistant, make sure to filter Siri’s language.

What if you wish to allow only a handful of kid-friendly websites on your iOS device so that your child can continue to enjoy learning? Well, there is a way to limit adult content as well as enable access to trusted sites for a more personalized experience. That said, let me walk you through the steps to limit adult content on iPhone and iPad:

Launch the Settings app on your iPhone or iPad.

3. Next, tap on Content & Privacy Restrictions.

4. Next up, ensure that the ‘Content & Privacy Restrictions’ toggle is turned on.

5. Up next, tap on Content Restrictions.

6. Now, enter your Screen Time passcode. If you have forgotten your Screen Time passcode, here are the steps to reset it.

8. Here, you will have three options to choose from: Unrestricted Access, Limit Adult Websites, and Allowed Websites Only.

Unrestricted Access: Allow access to adult content on your iPhone or iPad without any restriction (it’s the default option). 

Limit Adult Websites: Limit access to adult content. When you choose it, you get the option to allow kid-friendly websites and block access to some suspicious websites. You can edit the Always Allow and Never Allow sections as per your liking. 

Allowed websites only: Allow access to only trusted websites. When you select it, you will see some kids-friendly websites under the “Only Allow These Websites” section. You also have the option to add some more trusted websites to the list.

I would recommend you to go with the ‘Allowed websites only’ option to better safeguard your kids’ online browsing experience. It will only let the kids access select websites. You can expand the allowed websites list at any time. If you select the ‘Limit Adult Websites’ option, we suggest you also limit websites like Twitter, Reddit, Tumblr, Mastodon, Sharesome, and others that are known to host adult content.

If you wish to further restrict adult content, go to the ‘Allowed Store Content’ section under Content Restrictions. After that, tap on Music, Podcasts, News & Workouts and choose ‘Clean’ to disallow Explicit content.

Next, tap on Movies/TV Shows/Apps/Books and choose the preferred option to keep explicit content at bay. The steps look the same as above.

Under the Siri section, tap on Explicit Language and then choose ‘Don’t Allow’ to prevent the personal assistant from using bad language.

Restrict Explicit Content on iPhone and iPad with Ease

That’s pretty much it! Now that you know how to keep adult content away from your iOS and iPadOS devices, make the most of this parental control feature to safeguard your kids. Also, don’t forget to prevent Siri from using explicit language on your device. Make sure to limit more websites that you think may host adult content and be accessible on your kid’s iPhone or iPad.

7 Best Ios 14 Siri Shortcuts To Supercharge Your Iphone


Siri Shortcuts have been around for a while now but with the release of iOS 14, the shortcuts have gotten more powerful than ever before. Ranging from changing your app icons on the Home Screen to playing YouTube videos in PIP mode, Shortcuts can do all sorts of cool things. Here is a list of some of my favorite iOS 14 Siri shortcuts that you can use to supercharge your iPhone. Let’s check them out.

1. Icon Themer

With the addition of Widgets to iOS 14, you can now customize the Home Screen of your iPhone and view additional information at a glance. Not just that, Icon Themer takes it one step further and lets you customize the app icons as well. You can customize both System and third-party apps using the shortcut and put any image as an icon. The only limitation of using this shortcut is that it shows a shortcut running page before opening the desired app.

Get Icon Themer (routinehub)

2. YouTube in PIP

One of the major highlights of iOS 14 was the native integration of Picture-In-Picture mode. As YouTube offers PIP as part of the YouTube Premium subscription, you can’t actually use it without coughing up some cash. This iOS 14 Siri Shortcut lets you play any YouTube video in PIP mode even if you don’t have a subscription.

Simply install the shortcut and an accompanying script app and you’re all set. If you need help, here’s an in-depth guide to help you bring you up to speed.

Get YouTube PIP (routinehub)

3. Shazam++

Shazam was bought by Apple and is beautifully integrated with the iOS ecosystem so that you can even recognize songs playing in other apps. There is, however, one tiny inconvenience. You can only open the discovered songs with Apple Music. Well, you can use Spotify as well but if you use any other music service, you’d need this shortcut.

Shazam++ lets you discover songs using Shazam and open in your favorite music streaming service such as YouTube Music, Tidal, Pandora, Soundcloud, etc.

Get Shazam++ (routinehub)

4. YTScript

Downloading YouTube videos on your iPhone has always been a time-consuming task but with this iOS 14 Siri Shortcut, you can easily save YouTube videos to the iPhone. It even lets you decide the quality of the video and gives you an option to download just the audio. You can’t use this shortcut from the YouTube app though, so you would have to open the video link in Safari and then run the shortcut to download the videos.

Get YTScript (routinehub)

5. Facbook Video Downloader

Just like YouTube, Facebook Watch has become a huge platform to consume content online and if you wish to download those videos to your iPhone, you’d need this shortcut. Just install this shortcut, tap the Share button below the video, and run the shortcut. The videos would be downloaded to your Photos app and if you want detailed steps then check out this guide. Easy right?

Get Facebook Video Downloader (routinehub)

6. Control Your Roku

Roku is one of the most popular TV boxes in the US, and it makes sense because Roku is extremely simple to use and offers a reliable service. You can mirror your iPhone to Roku, play games, customize the home screen, and do much more. However, you can also control your Roku with your iPhone using Siri Shortcuts which is not even officially available. You need to put your Roku’s IP address in the shortcuts to make it work and that’s why we wrote an in-depth guide to walk you through the entire process.

7. Get Alerts when iPhone is sufficiently charged

One of the most useful iOS 14 Siri shortcuts is actually an Automation rather than a Shortcut which means it would trigger automatically whenever the iPhone charges to a certain value. I use it all the time as Li-ion batteries are most efficient when charged to 80%. Creating an alert is super simple and I have a detailed article on how to set it up which you can check out here.

Make Your Own iOS 14 Siri Shortcuts

These were a few of the Siri Shortcuts I use all the time that enhance the functionality of the iPhone. I had previously made a list of Siri Shortcuts that offered a lot of cool things. However, at the end of the day, you need to figure out what do you want the Siri Shortcuts to do for you. If you need more from Shortcuts then there are third-party apps that add even more features.

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12 Tips To Improve Battery Life On Apple Watch Series 5

Apple Watch Series 5 seems to be a complete smartwatch –  in more ways than one. But there is one department where the wearable device still lags behind is the battery life. While the claimed 18 hours of battery life may prove to be more than enough for many, they might not be enough for power users including those who love to listen to music during rigorous workouts. Even though I don’t claim to be a power user, my smartwatch has barely gone past 13 – 14 hours. Moreover, there have also been situations where I would be completely taken aback by the rapid battery draining on my Apple Watch. And I guess, I’m not alone who is complaining about this issue. If my personal experience is sounding familiar to you, try out these tips to improve battery life on your Apple Watch Series 5.

Tips to Improve to Battery Life on Apple Watch Series 5

First and foremost, do keep in mind that reducing power consumption involves some trade-offs. But if you don’t mind giving up on some helpful yet power-hungry features, you can extend the battery life of your watchOS device. To ensure, your user-experience doesn’t take a hit, I have mostly targetted the features you can live without. And the ones that might affect your personal usage have been red-listed so that you can decide whether to keep them enabled or put them off until the battery of the smartwatch returns to normal. Having said that, let’s get started with the tips!

1. Disable “Always on Display”

2. Limit Animation

3. Take Control of Notifications

Going forward, your Apple Watch will no longer mirror alerts from the specific apps of your paired iPhone.

4. Reduce Transparency

5.Disable Auto-Play Message Effects

6. Make the Most of Greyscale Mode

7. Turn off Background App Refresh

8. Turn off Automatic App Install and Updates

9. Disable “Wake Screen” on Wrist Raise

10. Decrease Auto-Lock Time

The longer the screen of your smartwatch remains awake, the more battery it will consume. Hence, try to decrease the auto-lock time. watchOS offers you to choose from three options: 15 seconds, 70 seconds and Always. Make sure to select either 15 or 70 seconds if you want to cut down the unnecessary power usage.

11. Take Advantage of Theater Mode

Times when you are enjoying a movie or some fun-filled games with your loved ones, be sure to enable Theater Mode to keep the smartwatch silent and dark. As a result, even when the Wake Screen is active, the watch screen won’t wake. Simply swipe up from the bottom of your Apple Watch to access the Control Center. Now,  tap on the Theather Mode icon to turn it on.

12. Enable Power Saving Mode

Though enabling “Workout Power Saving Mode” could be immensely pivotal in maximizing the battery life of your Apple Watch Series 5, I want to leave the decision to you as it involves some trade-offs. Well, when this feature is enabled, the Always-on Display and the built-in heart rate sensor during walking and running workouts are automatically turned off. While Apple says that the Bluetooth-connected heart-rate monitors are not affected, calculations for energy burned in some workouts may be less accurate. If you think that these trade-offs are worth the you can turn it on to improve the battery life on Apple Watch.

Note: On this very screen, you should see yet another helpful feature that automatically pauses running workouts when you stop moving and kickstarts when you start your workout again. It could also be quite helpful in extending the battery life of your device. To enable this feature, simply turn on the toggle for Running Auto Pause. 

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Improve the Battery Life of Your Apple Watch

So, that’s how you can take control of all the power-hungry features of your Apple Wath and help the battery last longer. Of course, some of the tricks do involve some trade-offs but they are worth embracing especially during the times your smartwatch needs to last longer. Have any feedback for us? Feel free to send that across.

Improve Your Asset Management With Mobile Asset Tracking Solutions

With asset management applications on handheld mobile devices, organizations can have greater visibility into not just the location of assets, but also the scheduling of proactive or preventative maintenance, tracking of work orders, and the staffing allocation for maintenance and repair operations.

Streamline Asset Maintenance

One of the biggest value-adds asset management software can provide is the ability to simplify and improve work and repair orders. Organizations often don’t have the information they need to make timely decisions. This results in over-ordering because they don’t know what parts they have in stock or, worse, equipment being offline because critical parts weren’t ordered in time. These seemingly small inefficiencies can add up to a big financial cost.

With asset management software like IBM Maximo, organizations gain the ability to track all asset types, check their health in real time, and streamline global operations, from procurement to contract management. This allows organizations to see their parts inventory in real-time and order and request parts from anywhere at any time.

Through IoT, which allows sensors to be connected to devices, organizations can also improve their maintenance strategy. With the ability to track when repairs are required, organizations can move from reactive, run-to-failure maintenance to proactive, preventative maintenance strategies that limit equipment downtime and ensure that maintenance is carried out only when necessary — providing significant time and cost savings.

Mobile Tools for Asset Management

The transition to mobile applications is also dramatically improving asset management practices. In most cases, maintenance employees are on the floor and in the field, where they need real-time, from-anywhere access to information, such as whether a part is in stock. In the past, organizations have used Wi-Fi-enabled laptops bolted down in trucks to communicate, which prohibits employees from walking around with the device and requires them to track information on paper and re-enter it into the laptop.

Now, however, rugged tablets are providing an affordable, reliable mobile option. With a solution like Maximo Anywhere, which is designed for mobile, no cellular service is required. Field workers can enter work orders — without Wi-Fi — that will be saved and uploaded to the home office once the mobile device is reconnected to the internet.

21 Tests the Galaxy Tab Active2 Survived

White Paper

See a full rundown of the MIL-STD-810G testing the Tab Active2 passed in this infographic. Download Now

Having mobile devices in the field also allows employees to access other features on the devices, like high-quality cameras or the ability to use augmented reality (AR) applications in scenarios such as determining where faults are for inspections. Mobile devices also help organizations avoid human error by eliminating manual processes and paper systems where information is easily lost or entered incorrectly.

Final Considerations

When deciding how to launch your digital asset management program and which mobile devices to use, keep these three considerations in mind.

Rugged Tablets: If there is concern that devices could get wet or exposed to dust, intense temperatures or significant altitude changes, a rugged tablet is probably the way to go. Also, in an environment where employees need to be wearing gloves to do their work, a rugged tablet with a capacitive touch pen, like the Samsung Galaxy Tab Active2, makes it even easier for workers to be highly productive while using the devices.

MDM Solutions: If you’ll be deploying a large number of mobile devices, you may also want to consider a mobile device management (MDM) solution to help you provision and manage devices throughout the organization. Samsung Knox Configure, for example, allows you to streamline the IT experience and improve employee productivity and security considerably through uniform device settings, ensuring no rogue apps are installed on devices.

CYOD vs. BYOD: Think twice about a BYOD program for mobile asset tracking solutions, as it will be more difficult to implement from a security, provisioning and management perspective. It’s worth exploring other options that let you maintain more control over employee devices.

Comprehensive asset management software offers cost and time savings. But the biggest benefit is fewer errors and more visibility into the condition of your assets and your maintenance workflows.

Learn how the Samsung Galaxy Tab Active2 can help solve your toughest business challenges, including Enterprise Asset Management.

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