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You just got a new iPhone, and now you need some great apps! The App Store can be a daunting environment to get used to, so we thought we’d take the time to point you in the right direction.

Here are some of the best apps available in the App Store for any new iPhone. We’ve got apps from multiple categories, so there’s sure to be something for everyone!



Facebook for iPhone lets you stay connected and share with friends on the go. Start a chat, keep up with friends’ photos and status updates, look up a phone number, upload photos to Facebook and more—right from your iPhone.


Tweetbot is a full-featured iPhone (and iPod touch) Twitter client with a lot of personality. Whether it’s the meticulously-crafted interface, sounds & animation, or features like multiple timelines & smart gestures, there’s a lot to love about Tweetbot.


Now a universal app for both iPad & iPhone, Twitterrific is the friendly, award-winning Twitter client that’s beautiful to look at easy to use and full of elegant features. Effortlessly read and compose tweets, search chúng tôi filter message types and much more.


Call, video call and instant message anyone else on Skype for free with Skype for your iPhone or iPod touch. Plus call and text your Contacts (or any other number) at Skype’s low rates. It’s great value with Skype Credit. Skype for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad is free to download and works over 3G* or Wi-Fi.



LED Light for iPhone


Whether you’re a seasoned photographer or someone who’s barely touched a camera, Camera+ will make you love taking photos. Everybody has a creative side… Camera+ will help bring that creativity out in you, all with a fun, innovative, and beautiful design.



Get free access to Spotify Premium now! With Premium you’ll get access to 15 million tracks from thousands of albums and artists on your iPhone, iPod Touch & iPad. If you haven’t tried Premium before, you can try it on your mobile for 48-hours, completely free. You don’t even have to enter credit card details. Simply download this app

iTunes Movie Trailers

iTunes Movie Trailers puts the newest and most exclusive movie previews in HD in your hands. Browse trailers, clips, and featurettes for the biggest Hollywood blockbusters and independent cinema; view stunning HD photos; explore a year-long calendar of movie releases; find showtimes near you and get ticket into directly from your iPad or iPhone.


Just download this free app and you can instantly watch TV shows & movies streaming from Netflix.


Hear a song you don’t know? Shazam identifies it instantly – the 4th most downloaded App of all time.



Google Reader Client.



Save web pages for later offline reading, optimized for readability on your iPhone or iPod touch’s screen. Featured by Apple and critically acclaimed by top blogs, newspapers, and magazines! Great for long articles and blog posts that you find during the day and would like to read, but don’t have the time when you find them. Save with Instapaper, then read later when you’re commuting, in a meeting, or waiting in line.

Amazon Mobile

The Amazon Mobile App allows iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch users to quickly search, shop, compare prices, read reviews, and make purchases on Amazon using a simple, yet elegant, interface. To make on-the-go shopping and price comparison even easier, the Amazon Mobile App includes helpful shopping features that allow users to scan a barcode, snap a photo, or type a search, to quickly compare prices and check availability.


Angry Birds

The survival of the Angry Birds is at stake. Dish out revenge on the greedy pigs who stole their eggs. Use the unique powers of each bird to destroy the pigs’ defenses. Angry Birds features challenging physics-based gameplay and hours of replay value. Each level requires logic, skill and force to solve.

Tiny Tower

Tiny Tower lets you build a tiny tower and manage the businesses and bitizens that inhabit it!

Infinity Blade II

Temple Run

From the makers of the award-winning best-seller Harbor Master® comes the most exhilarating running game on the App Store. Test your reflexes as you race down ancient temple walls and along sheer cliffs. Swipe to turn, jump and slide to avoid obstacles, collect coins and buy power ups, and see how far you can run!

Whale Trail

Fly Willow the Whale high through the sky in the magical world of Rainbow Land. Watch out for the angry sea monster Baron Von Barry who is ever close on Willow’s tail. Collect Blubbles, loop the loop, smash the grumpy Thunder Bros enemies and meet friends along the way.

Jetpack Joyride


SHADOWGUN puts you into the role of John Slade, the galaxy’s most infamous bounty hunter. Your mission: hunt down Dr. Edgar Simon, maniacal genius and leader of his own mutant army. Infiltrate Dr. Simon’s mountain fortress and fight his personal guard of cyborgs, battle droids, and genetically-enhanced humanoids. Using state-of-the-art weaponry, ships, and the assistance of S.A.R.A.—Slade’s personal android assistant—SHADOWGUN combines intense tactical combat with 3rd person action.


Find My iPhone

If you misplace your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or Mac, the Find My iPhone app will let you use another iOS device to find it and protect your data. Simply install this free app on another iOS device, open it, and sign in with your Apple ID. Find My iPhone will help you locate your missing device on a map. You can then choose to display a message or play a sound, remotely lock your device, or erase your data on it.

Remote Mobile Speed Test

Use chúng tôi for easy, one-tap connection testing in under 30 seconds—accurate anywhere thanks to our global network.


Transform your iPhone, iPad or iPod to remotely control your computer through WiFi. Extended keyboard, Multi-Touch Trackpad and Apple Remote.


1Password is an award-winning password and identity manager with more than 1 million users worldwide. This is a special edition of 1Password *just* for iPhone and iPod touch. If you own an iPad, check out 1Password Pro—our universal app for iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch!



The Wunderlist mobile app for iPhone and iPod Touch will boost your productivity. Organize your to-do lists on the go and synchronize them with your free Wunderlist account. View and modify your tasks on Windows, Mac, Linux,iPad, Android and the Web. Hundreds of thousands of people worldwide use Wunderlist everyday. Wunderlist – your tasks anywhere, anytime.


Pages is the most beautiful word processor you’ve ever seen on a mobile device. This powerful app has been exclusively designed for the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. Create, edit, and view documents wherever you are. Use dictation in iOS 5 on your iPhone 4S to easily create and edit documents. Pages works with iCloud, so your documents stay up to date across all your iOS devices — automatically.


Dropbox is a free service that lets you bring all your photos, docs, and videos anywhere. After you install Dropbox on your computer, any file you save to your Dropbox will automatically save to all your computers, your iPhone and iPad and even the Dropbox website! With the Dropbox app, you can take everything that matters to you on the go.

You can check out Apple’s own “App Store Essentials: Hall of Fame” list in the App Store. Have fun with your iPhone!

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The Best Free Apps For A New Iphone

When I first got up new iPhone 5S (thanks to my parents), I instantly went to the app store and starting downloading apps! Having a smartphone and not using apps is like having a computer and only using it to browse the Internet. If you have an iPhone, you’re also lucky because the Apple app store is still better than the Android app store in terms of number of apps and quality of apps, in my opinion.

So what are the best free apps to download for your new iPhone right away? Well, there are a bunch! Obviously, everyone will have their preferences, so I’ll try to keep this list fairly general and useful for anyone. In addition, I won’t list many alternatives, just one or two at the most and normally the best ones.

Table of Contents

I’ll also break it down by category, so if you’re looking for the best video app or chat app, you can skip down to the appropriate section. I’m not going to mention any games because the “best” game changes everyday and there are already enough lists online for finding good games. I’ll also not mention news apps and a couple of other categories that are pretty self-explanatory.

Best Maps/Navigation Apps

Google Maps – I pretty much use the GPS on my iPhone all the time when driving and it’s completely replaced the Garmin GPS I had used for years before. Apple Maps is pretty good now, but it’s still lags far behind Google Maps. Since it’s a Google product, you can log in using your Google account also and have all your data synced, which makes life a lot easier.

Waze – Waze is turn-by-turn navigation with the addition of a social community that helps brings in useful information for drivers. It has been acquired by Google, but it still a separate app. Eventually, it might be merged into Google Maps, which would make that app the only one you really need for GPS navigation!

Best Weather Apps

Yahoo Weather – This is my favorite because it’s got a beautiful interface and pretty much all the information you need, unless you’re hardcore about weather, in which case you’ll probably be spending money on a fancy weather app. But for free, this is just perfect.

Best Camera/Photo Apps

Instagram – It’s hard not to find a friend who isn’t using Instagram. Even though Facebook bought them, they are still one of the most popular photo sharing apps out there.

Snapseed – The above-mentioned apps are mostly related to photo viewing and storage, but Snapseed is good for photo effects. You can transform and adjust photos with the many options and tools this app includes all for free.

Photo Editor by Aviary – Another free app, but this one has in-app purchases if you want more effects than just the basic ones. The free version has a lot of features and more than enough to create some pretty cool edited photos.

Best Cloud Storage Apps

Dropbox – The most popular and widely known, Dropbox is pretty sweet for storing your files in the cloud. It works on pretty much every device and on the iPhone it’s amazing for uploading all your photos and videos automatically. Only downside? Expensive for storage. If you use a lot of data, you’ll be paying way more than the competitors.

Google Drive – My new favorite because of the huge price drop: $10 a month for 1 TB of storage. You only get 500 GB on Dropbox for $500 a year. My new plan is to move most data from Dropbox to Google Drive and then continue to use Dropbox, but only on the smaller less expensive plans. Google Drive can’t aut0-upload anything from your phone. Google+ can, but the two don’t currently integrate very well, something Google needs to do if they want to compete more with Dropbox.

OneDrive – Even though it’s from Microsoft, it’s a pretty good app. Just about everyone has a Windows PC, which makes this app actually useful. OneDrive is integrated into Office 2013, Windows 8, Windows Phone, Microsoft Surface and other Microsoft products, so if you are in the Microsoft world, this is a good cloud storage app. It’s also cheaper than Dropbox in terms of storage.

Best Messaging/Chat Apps

Google Hangouts – Hangouts is great for anyone who uses Gmail and other Google services. It lets you chat with your buddies and do video calls with groups of people. Not a very great chatting app if you really think about it, but since it’s Google, it’s useful.

WhatsApp – If Facebook paid $16 billion for it, you should probably use it. Just kidding, but very useful for anyone who has family outside of the US because the rest of the uses WhatsApp for messaging.

Facebook Messenger – You can use stickers, make free calls, record voice messages and send free text messages. Messenger is a pretty useful app for keeping in touch with people. Also, it’s Facebook, so everyone you know in the world will be on it.

Snapchat – If you’re a teenager, then go ahead and download as you’ll probably want to share inappropriate pictures of yourself with other inappropriate teenagers. Good luck.

Best Social Apps

Facebook Paper – Paper is Facebook’s new app that lets you follow your News Feed in a much more modern looking UI. Everything looks better in the Paper app and it lets you follow popular news stories on a variety of topics.

Twitter – If you’re not on Twitter yet, you really should jump on the bandwagon. Even if you never post anything, you can get a lot of useful info by following the right people or companies on Twitter. Actually, I get better customer service from companies by posting on Twitter than by calling or emailing nowadays.

LinkedIn – Even if you work for yourself, you should have a profile on LinkedIn. It’s the best social networking site for professionals. Companies use LinkedIn like crazy for finding good talent, so keep tabs on your connections via the app.

Pinterest – I’m not a huge user of Pinterest, but that makes me an exception. Pinterest has huge traffic numbers and people seem to love it. Find interesting stuff whatever your interests might be.

Google+ – Google+ isn’t going to ever replace Facebook, but it’s a good complement. The posts on Google+ are more polished and newsy rather than photos of someone’s lunch or babies.

Best Online Video Apps

YouTube – It only has the most videos in one place in the entire world. Definitely have to download the YouTube app and catch up on whatever crazy viral video is floating around the web that day.

Netflix – If you have a Netflix subscription, then you’ll want the iPhone app so you can binge-watch Breaking Bad or House of Cards.

Amazon Instant Video – If you have an Amazon Prime membership, then you’ll want the Instant Video app to watch all that free content Amazon offers.

Vine – You can literally spend hours watching ridiculously short, yet hysterical videos on Vine. You can also create your own and post it!

Best Note Taking Apps

Evernote – This is the king of note-taking apps and has a slew of features. You pretty much can’t go wrong with Evernote. It works on all devices and there are plugins for browsers, applications, etc.

Microsoft OneNote – OneNote is Microsoft’s free note-taking app that I really like. It’s free on Mac and PC also, so your notes will be synced across computers, the web and your mobile device.

Best Local Apps

Yelp – You’ll always need good recommendations for places to eat, etc, so downloading one of the most popular local guide apps is smart. Yelp is integrated in Google search, Bing and lots of people leave reviews, which makes using it useful.

AroundMe – Another great app for quickly finding local businesses around you. While Yelp is more focused on food, AroundMe can help you find ATMs, hospitals, banks, bars and lots more.

Best Movie Apps

IMDB – Absolutely the best app for getting information about an actor, movie, TV show or anything related to movies and television. A must if you watch any TV or movies at all.

Fandango – Awesome app for getting local showtimes and watching movie trailers. Pretty much the same as Flixter, but I like this app better.

Other Best Apps

In addition to the above apps, there are some that don’t necessarily fit into one of the categories above. Here’s a couple of more that I find useful.

Chrome Browser – If you’re already a Google user, Chrome has some nice features to keep everything in sync. I also find it faster and better than Safari.

Google Search – Even if you never use this app to actually perform a search, you should use it for the Google Now notifications. If you’re a Gmail user, you can connect the two and get alerts automatically for flights, packages and more.

Skype – Facetime is awesome, but sometimes you need to video chat with someone who doesn’t have an Apple device. Skype is a great option since it’s already so popular.

Find My iPhone – You should definitely have this installed if you have more than one Apple device using the same iCloud account. It helps me keep track of all of my family members at any time.

Mint – You probably have credit cards, right? Bank accounts? Loans? Investments? Mortgage? Keep track of it all using the free Mint app.

Runkeeper – Runkeeper is the only fitness app I’m mentioning because it’s free and it does an amazing job of keeping track of your runs.

Best New Android Apps For The Week Of 14Th September 2014

Hello Appsters! It’s time for your weekly dose of new and best Android apps. You’ll be finding great new apps to try, plus cool apps from the past that haven’t been much popular but are definitely worth checking out. Hope you enjoy this! Also, stay tuned with us on Google+, Twitter or Facebook for more next week and so forth.

Noyze Volume Panel

Ever felt underwhelmed when you wanted to decrease the device ringtone volume while listening to music? Yeah, we know how it feels. You do have workarounds for expandable volume panel via root or through the Xposed Installer. But those are murkier waters in which not everyone of us is willing to venture. And for those less daring folks amongst us, Noize is an app well worth a look. This app can be used to customize your volume panel to your liking without any requirement for root. There are numerous themes to choose from and you get full control over your volume buttons and their functionality.


· Invisible (it’s like it’s not even there)

[pb-app-box pname=’’ name=’Noyze Volume Panel’ theme=’light’ lang=’en’]


There are apps for almost every imaginable usage on Android, but certain apps sure are unique in their own way. The Automate app works through various triggers which can be set to initiate various other actions or even launch an app or start a service. Picture this – one of the most popular triggers (which the app calls as ‘flows’) for this app, can detect when the unlock password/pattern is wrong and hence take a picture of the intruder while informing him of the same. Sounds cool, doesn’t it? And this is just one of the automations available in this powerful app.

READ: Make Your Android Device Situation Aware with Automate App

• Sharing — Your “flows” are safe and easy to share with friends, or with other users using the in-app community.

[pb-app-box pname=’com.llamalab.automate’ name=’Automate Beta’ theme=’light’ lang=’en’]

XCam for LG

With the LG G2, LG upped their game in the camera department. The device had a 13MP AF camera with OIS, and the G3 after it continued in a similar vein. The hardware has been really good, but the Camera software, as it happens with most device manufacturers these days, wasn’t everybody’s piece of cake. But not for long, since the XCam app (currently on ver. 5.1) for the LG G2, the G pro 2 and the G3 puts all the core functionalities that you want from your smartphone camera, right to your fingertips.

If you have stock firmware running on one of the above mentioned devices, you should be able to get this camera software running without a hiccup. There are numerous options with added functionality coming along with the donation supported XCam Settings app from the Play Store.

READ: Install XCam on your LG G2/GPro2/G3 to unleash its camera prowess

1) XCam LG installed (see links below)

*Not available on all models

MapsToMe – Share My Location

We’d admit that the navigation functionalities of the stock Google Maps app are really good and the app itself is seeing a steady increase in the number of features. But that doesn’t mean our appetites are filled just by one single app! Take for instance MapsToMe app. The functionality offered by this app is something you might have needed quite a few times. What it does exactly is that it can share your current precise location along with the way to navigate to you, with the friend of your choosing. MapsToMe doesn’t require the other person to have the app and will instead just send a web link which will open in the receiver’s browser. That’s simplistic, and worth a try!

Have you ever been trying to meet friends in a large public space, but they unable to find you?

* Global: works anywhere you have an internet connection

[pb-app-box pname=’com.oneweek.mapstome’ name=’MapsToMe – Share My Location’ theme=’light’ lang=’en’]

[pb-app-box pname=’com.oneweek.mapstome’ name=’MapsToMe – Share My Location’ theme=’light’ lang=’en’]

Timy Alarm Clock

Ever had to wake up early for work and when the Alarm did ring, it was unknowingly turned-off by you!? Well that happens to the best of us. And that’s exactly the situation for which Timy Alarm clock is. The app functions like any other alarm clock except that it has a unique mechanism which requires you to ‘disturb’ one of the preselected animal-figures (each of which are cute, by the way). Go, take a look!

Timy Alarm Clock will help you avoid accidentally turning off your alarm clock and falling asleep.

To dismiss the alarm you will have to disturb some funny characters.

Independent volume control.

[pb-app-box pname=’com.timy.alarmclock’ name=’Timy Alarm Clock’ theme=’light’ lang=’en’]

All in One Gestures

Although Voice-actions are the new trend, not a long while back we were all stung by the ‘Gesture’ bug. Even though that phase seems to be long gone, we all still love to use Gestures in whatever way we can use them. This app gives you the option to apply various gestures to control and use your device. You can use swipes from edges or taps on the statusbar to navigate back, open up Recents panel, or, simply go back to device homescreen. Not just that, standalone apps can also be launched by specific gestures and certain other device actions like taking a screenshot or opening the power menu, are supported too.

The app is free on the Play Store and we’d suggest you to definitely give it a try if you are still into the gesture-phenomenon.

All in one Gestures allows you to hide soft keys, and control your device with simple gestures. Just swipe your finger across the screen, and the action you want will be performed.

• Mouse or stylus (S Pen) is also supported.

• Launch an application or a shortcut.

• Method 3: Check if your ROM (CM, Paranoid…) supports full screen, and use it if possible.

[pb-app-box pname=’com.phoenixstudios.aiogestures’ name=’All in one Gestures’ theme=’light’ lang=’en’]

Most Android phones with on-screen navigation buttons have a behavioral problem (some people may call it that way) wherein a ring appears from the lower part of the screen with the Google icon on it. This may sometimes lead to accidental launching of Google search, which, might be recurring and irritating for some of you folks. NavBar Disabler, as the name suggests, just disables this ‘feature’ of your device for lesser distractions. So if you are among the ones affected, just head-over to the Play Store to get yourself out of this ‘misery’.

NOTE: This app is not really useful if you don’t have the soft navigation buttons.

This app disables the Google icon, so you don’t run Google Search/Google Now accidentally, when you swipe up.

Root is NOT required.

NOTE: Doesn’t work on some ASUS tablets

[pb-app-box pname=’si.kv1dr.navbarringdisabler’ name=’NavBar Ring Disabler’ theme=’light’ lang=’en’]

Periodic Table

NOTE: This application is not completely finished. There is still more information to include, features to add, and bugs to fix. Please keep this in mind while writing reviews.

* Many more!

* Translations for other languages (currently only English)

[pb-app-box pname=’com.tuso.periodictable’ name=’Periodic Table’ theme=’light’ lang=’en’]


Cloakroom is an alternative weather app that tells you what items you’ll need to bring with you before you go out.


– Hide items you don’t want to see appear

[pb-app-box pname=’com.jcleary.cloakroom’ name=’Cloakroom’ theme=’light’ lang=’en’]

[pb-app-box pname=’com.jcleary.cloakroom’ name=’Cloakroom’ theme=’light’ lang=’en’]

10 Best Spy Apps For Iphone (2023)

With iPhone Spy apps, you can mount full-fledged surveillance on the target phone. Spy apps come in handy if you want to keep an eye on your children or elderly parents. In emergencies, these apps can even help save lives and restore normalcy.

There is no dearth of iPhone spy apps in the market. However, I have done my due diligence and cherry-picked top free iPhone spy apps. These apps let you monitor GPS location, Call History, and Social Media activity across apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, and more. Most importantly, the apps are safe, and so is your data. Let’s look at top free iPhone spy apps without much ado.

Best Spy Apps (Spyware) for iPhone: Free & Paid

1) mSpy

Best Overall

mSpy, like its name suggests, gives you the feeling of being a spy yourself. This app has features like keeping track of all sent, received, or deleted messages and incoming and outgoing calls. Moreover, you can track the target phone’s GPS location. And that’s not all; you can even track the routes the target phone has been through.

mSpy lets you see all the online activities of the target phone. Whatsapp, Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook are a few social media sites that can be tracked through this app. However, the best part is that mSpy works flawlessly on iPhones, iPad, or Android devices.

#1 Top Pick



Supported iPhone versions: compatible with all iPhone versions.

24/7 Support: Yes – Offers a toll-free helpline as well

Refund Policy: 14-Days Money-Back Guarantee

Visit mSpy


The app is elusive on the target phone and cannot be detected easily.

It helps you to secure your privacy and keep your personal information personal

Unlike its competitor, the mSpy can track iPhone messages.

It’s easy to setup and get going.

Works with and without Jailbreak. Though some features are available only on jailbroken devices.

Paid installation service available

👍 Pros 👎 Cons

An additional layer of encryption for your iPhone data. Pricier than competitors.

Keep an eye on your kid’s social media behavior without being intrusive. Can be used only on one device. Requires additional subscription for multiple devices.

Block inappropriate websites on the target phone remotely.

Key Specs:

Refund Policy: 14-Days Monay-Back Guarantee

14-Days Monay-Back Guarantee

Best for AI-driven device monitoring

eyeZy, with its options to choose from more than one plan, is a godsend for parents who cannot afford to spend too much on spyware. You can enter your device’s model number on the app website to check for compatibility before purchasing. Keystrokes, social media, device media, calendar, call history, and text messages of the target device can be monitored incessantly with this app. With its various plans on offer, eyeZy has something in store for everyone.




Supported iPhone versions: Compatible with all iPhone versions

24/7 Support: Yes

Refund Policy: 14-Days Money-Back Guarantee

Visit eyeZy


Keep an eye on your children and loved ones’ social media activity.

eyeZy iPhone keylogger feature lets you know exactly where which word was typed.

👍 Pros 👎 Cons

You can track the exact location on a map using GPS location easily. eyeZy can be quite expensive for multiple devices.

Data sync is not consistent. The app needs to be hidden manually on the target device.

The iPhone keylogger feature enables you to view exactly where what was written on the target phone.

Key Specs:

Refund Policy: 14-Days Money-Back Guarantee

14-Days Money-Back Guarantee

Best For monitoring all activities on an iPhone with just iCloud login details

uMobix provides a parent with all the basic features that spyware provides. All you need to do is get your child’s phone for 5 minutes to install the app on their phone. It helps you track your children’s phone call history, including deleted phone calls with details, read text messages to understand their online activities, and monitor their social media.

You also get the opportunity to access the phone camera and microphone to get real-time video-audio updates regarding the phone’s surroundings. In addition, the interactive map in the app lets a parent monitor their kids every movement, which is of great value to any parent. However, the best feature of this app is that it gives you control of the target device to restrict potentially harmful activities and protect your child from any and every form of online threat.




Supported iPhone versions: compatible with all iPhone versions

24/7 Support: Yes

Refund Policy: 14-Days Money-Back Guarantee

Visit uMobix


You can monitor and track all the devices you own from a single dashboard.

Track calls, GPS location, Keystrokes, and much more.

Get access to all social media streams on the target device.

👍 Pros 👎 Cons

Use iCloud details to monitor all activities. Fails to sync data at regular intervals.

The keylogger feature works like a charm. Limited tracking features are available on iOS.

Jailbreak is not required. However, you need access to iCloud on the target device. Complicated to setup. Steep learning curve.

Key Specs:

Refund Policy: 14-Days Money-Back Guarantee

14-Days Money-Back Guarantee

Best For Keystroke recording and reviewing in your Control Panel itself

Like all other top-end premium spyware on the market, KidsGuard Pro provides you will all the basic requirements like keeping track of all the calls and messages on the target device, check the location history of the target device, and keeping a complete track of the target device’s social media and online activity. Requiring no jailbreak or root access, the app is easy to install and takes hardly 5 minutes for complete installation.

This app has recently added a new feature that lets you access a device’s iCloud data without any access to the target iOS device. With more than 20 features that let you keep track of your kids’ phones, this app is truly one of the best companions a parent can wish to have on their kids’ phones.


KidsGuard Pro


Supported iPhone versions: Compatible with all iPhone versions

24/7 Support: Yes

Refund Policy: 30-Days Money-Back Guarantee

Visit KidsGuard


Each keystroke is recorded and can be reviewed from Control Panel.

Keylogger offers great accuracy.

Seamless installation process.

You can sync the data remotely over Wi-Fi.

You can view the target’s iCloud data without the target’s iOS device

👍 Pros 👎 Cons

Exceptional Customer support. You can only monitor only one target device.

You can view the target’s iCloud data without the target’s iOS device Call recording quality is not that great.

Stealth monitoring feature protects you from being discovered. Location tracking could be better.

Key Specs:

Pricing: Plans start at $9.16 per month. Discounts on Yearly payments.

30-Days Money back guarantee

Best For Spy Camera Features

If you want to check on your kids or employee, FlexiSpy is the app for you. FlexiSpy works on Android, iPhones, PCs, and Mac. This enables you to keep track of any and every device regardless of its build and OS. One of the best features of FlexiSPY is to snoop into the target device to listen to the surrounding environment.

Along with tracking digital communications, this app also lets you manage the internet usage of the target device. FlexiSPY lets you set alerts and reports using 2FA security on the target phone. Anything as trivial as a software upgrade in the target device would be reported to you. FlexiSpy needs to be installed on the target device for it to work. The cherry on top is the FlexiSPY EXPRESS service. It delivers brand new phones, with FlexiSPY installed, right at your doorstep.




Supported iPhone versions: Phone 11, 11 Pro, 11 Pro Max, SE (2024 version)

24/7 Support: Yes

Free Trial: 1-Day Free Trial

Visit FlexiSPY


It allows you to take remote screenshots on a target device

You can record, intercept, and listen in on live iPhone calls

It runs in hidden or visible mode.

👍 Pros 👎 Cons

Flexispy provides real-time dashboard alerts. It requires rooting/Jailbreak on the target device.

Remotely activate the iPhone camera to take a photo or video Relatively expensive.

It helps you track users’ log on/off activities of the targeted iOS device. Advanced features require jailbreaking.

Capture audio using the ambient recording feature.

Key Specs:

Free Trial: 1-Day Free Trial

1-Day Free Trial

Best For Recording keystrokes

Spyera is an iPhone spying app that allows you to discreetly monitor your kids or employees. You can view their text messages, call logs, call history, and social media activities on your computer. It also allows you to remotely open the microphone and listen to the iPhone’s surroundings




Supported iPhone versions: Compatible with all iPhone versions

24/7 Support: Yes

Refund Policy: 10-Days Money Back Guarantee

Visit Spyera


You can record keystrokes to see anything typed on the target iPhone.

This app gives you access to the iPhone’s camera to take pictures or videos of the surroundings.

You can track the target iPhone location with the real-time GPS tracker.

Spyera allows you to view SMS, Email, Web history, Bookmarks, App usage, Address book, Notes, and Calendars.

You can monitor your kid’s activities, including phone calls and text messages.

👍 Pros 👎 Cons

This undetectable spy app for iPhone does not need any rooting. It offers different features for iOS and Android devices.

Excellent stealth mode to go undetected.

Key Specs:

Refund Policy: 10-Days Money-Back Guarantee

10-Days Money-Back Guarantee

Best iOS Spy Apps

Cocospy is a 100% undetectable app that does not even require installation for iOS. The setup process needs less than 5 minutes and has no jailbreak or root requirements. Cocospy allows you to keep track of almost everything on the target device.

This includes the basic spyware deliverables like call history, SMS, GPS tracking, social media history, and media. In addition, you get a complete list of all the applications on the target device along with the keylogger feature, which lets you keep track of login details and passwords entered into the phone.




Supported iPhone versions: Compatible with all iPhone versions

24/7 Support: Yes

Refund Policy: 14-Days Money-Back Guarantee

Visit Cocospy


Access all messages on the target device.

Cocospy is specifically designed to monitor and track children’s phones and can also be installed on other iOS devices.

You can have complete track of conversation timestamps.

👍 Pros 👎 Cons

Not easy to detect on the target phone. Requires jailbreaking for tracking social media apps like Snapchat. You run the risk of voiding the warranty.

Track Calendar entries and appointments on the target device. App installation is not required on target phones. Lacks call recording feature.

Key Specs:

Refund Policy: 14-Days Monay-Back Guarantee

14-Days Money back guarantee

Best For Online and Offline Phone Tracking

Best in the business for both online and offline phone tracking.

Searching through the entire content of your target phone might get tiresome. Imagine you want to know where your children are going when they leave the house at night. And you are using spyware to snoop through their phones. It might be ages before you come up with anything noteworthy.

XNSPY makes the entire process easier by letting you set keywords. These specific words, whenever used on the target device, would send an instant alert to your phone 24×7. It also has the latest GPS tracking, social media monitoring, phone recording, and monitoring device surroundings technology. But its primary feature is that it allows you to access the WhatsApp chats of the target device without requiring any form of rooting or jailbreaking.




Supported iPhone versions: Compatible with all iPhone versions

24/7 Support: Yes

Refund Policy: 10-Days Money-Back Guarantee



Record and listen to calls.

You can remotely check on iMessage, and other IM apps, including WhatsApp, Skype, Tinder, and Line, on your iOS devices.

It allows you to monitor all third-party apps installed on the target iPhone.

Track calls, SMS, Social Media activity, and browser history.

👍 Pros 👎 Cons

Shows a list of top callers alongside total call duration. It doesn’t provide features like a camera spy.

One of the very few apps that works with iMessage. It does not allow you to track calls and text messages details.

Monitor all Online Activities of the target device

Key Specs:

Refund Policy: 10-Days Money-Back Guarantee

10-Days Money-Back Guarantee

Best for monitoring and regulating the phone usage of your child

It is not easy to keep track of your children at all times, especially when they are online. Spyic solves that problem by providing an accurate detail of your child’s online activity. With features like message monitoring, location tracking, call and browser history monitoring, and social media monitoring, Spyic offers you the complete package for keeping track of your children’s activities on their phones.

The Geofence alert feature is especially useful if your child is sneaking out of the house or being in places they should not be. The best part of this app is that it has a spy feature for every separate social media. So if you know which social media to monitor, Spyic is the app for you.


Keep a tab on all installed apps on your child`s iPhone and iPad

It allows you to view private messages and group chats.

You will get real-time locations of your kids, employees, or other targets.

You can read your target’s SMS, including the deleted ones.

You can have access to the target’s calendar and notes.

It allows you to monitor social media apps like Snapchat, WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram

👍 Pros 👎 Cons

Undetectable on target device. The dashboard is not comprehensive.

Impressive GPS location tracking accuracy. Sometimes the app becomes unresponsive and laggy.

You can easily access the current and past locations of the target device. It allows you to track the internet browser history of your kids.

Key Specs:

Free Trial: Yes

How to Spy on iPhone using mSpy?

Here are steps for Spy on iPhone using the mSpy app:

Step 1) First, visit chúng tôi enter your email id, and purchase your desired pricing plan.

Step 2) Next, you need to choose the type of mobile phone device you want to spy on. (Android /iOS devices).

Step 3) Enter your iCloud Credentials.

Step 4) Navigate to the Dashboard Menu You can now easily access and spy on all the features.


Here are the Best iPhone Spy Apps:







The answer is both yes and no! Typically, spy apps offer limited features on iOS. Apple has baked in a higher degree of security; thus, certain features are not available without a jailbreak.

In my opinion spy app is a great tool to monitor your children’s online behavior. You can dive in right when needed and educate them about the dark alley of the internet.

Here are some important things that you must consider while selecting the best iPhone spy apps:

Security: Avoid giving out personal information to spy apps. Remember your privacy is of utmost importance.

Multiple Features: Make a list of all the features you need. For instance, a good parental app comprises of location tracking, call logs, contacts, photos, and chat history.

Compatibility: You should check the compatibility and see if your iPhone device is supported by the app that you have chosen.

Free Trial: You must look for the app that offers a free trial so that you can evaluate this app before making your final purchase.

Pricing: Pricing is undoubtedly the most vital factor for selecting the best iPhone spy apps. Therefore, you should look for an app that offers maximum benefits at the lowest cost possible.

Customer Support: You should select the app which provides 24/7 customer support in live chat, phone, and email.

Best Spy Apps for iPhone: Free & Paid

Best Apps For Your Smart Home

Technology has come a long way, and today you can get devices and apps that will make your day-to-day routines much easier. Forgot to turn off the thermostat, or you’re unsure of whether you locked the door on your way to work? Instead of going back, you can now simply unlock your phone, open the smart apps, and do it on the go.

Check out some of the best devices and apps you can get today and improve or transform your house into a modern smart home.

What Can You Install In Your Smart Home: Apps and Devices

A smart home is a residence where some, or all, of the house’s functions are controlled via smartphone or similar device. Lighting, thermostats, door locks, TVs, air conditioners, and more can all be controlled from a distance using apps on your smartphone.

There are thousands of devices, gadgets, and apps that we could discuss. Today we decided to showcase some of the best and most useful ones that will improve your home and enhance your experience.

Smart Door Locks

Functionality comes at a cost, which is why a standard door lock is less expensive and more ubiquitous. Smart door locks you can get range from $200 to $300. According to the experts at Locksmiths Locators, no matter which brand of smart door locks you get, they are no more difficult to install than standard locks.

However, to stay on the safe side and avoid damages, improper installations, or other issues, you should call a professional to do it for you. One example of a smart lock is the Ultraloq U-Bolt Pro Wi-Fi Smart Lock. You can get one online for about $280, and it comes with Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connectivity, geofencing, tamper alarm, touchpad, and voice activation. You can download the Z-wave app from where you can control the door lock.

Virtual Assistant Technology

The first virtual assistant app that comes to mind every time is Amazon’s Alexa. It was launched back in 2013 — the virtual assistant is used with Amazon Echo and has a ton of features. Today, you have heard about this app even if you don’t have Alexa at home. To clarify, Alexa is the app you play via your Amazon Echo speaker. Some people still think that the speaker is named Alexa.

The speaker has an app that helps you control and give commands via voice activation. In fact, all you have to do to make the device work is call its name. You can make appointments, set alarms on your phone, make shopping lists, play music, change the channel on your TV, etc.

You can get the speaker online for about $80, while the Alexa app comes for free, as you can download it on your smartphone.

Smart Lights

Philips has released a lightbulb called Hue. Once you install all the lights and download the app, you can turn them on or off, adjust how bright they are, and even change colors. You can also set timers when the lights change color by themselves.

Additionally, you can pair the app with your Google Assistant, Alexa, or Siri and use voice activation. You can get the Philips Hue lightbulbs online, which come in packs of 2 or 4 and will cost you around $70 or $120.

Intelligent Thermostat

With a smart thermostat like Ecobee, you can open the app, adjust the temperature and make your home warm and cozy, no matter where you are.

Final Thoughts

Technology today is ever changing and bringing new conveniences into our lives. What would have seemed like science fiction a few years ago is a reality today. Whether you decide to jump into smart home devices all at once or slowly over time, it’s important to remember how convenient these technologies can be. More important than convenience is the safety and security that a smart home can provide.

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The Best Healthy Habit Apps For Kids On Iphone And Ipad

While many people don’t begin concentrating on healthy habits until they’re adults, the younger you start, the better. If you’re a parent, grandparent, or guardian of a child, instilling good habits in them when they are young will help them as they grow into adults. Not sure where to start?

This list of apps for iPhone and iPad are designed especially for kids to learn and keep up with healthy habits. From dental hygiene to nourishing meals and snacks to a better night’s sleep with relaxation techniques, the child in your life can start good habits that will carry them into adulthood.

Kids apps for healthy habits

Since there are habits that can affect both our physical and mental health, we’ve split up this list into sections. This gives you a couple of options for each area of your child’s healthy habits. Jump to a particular topic or browse them all!

Timed tooth brushing for dental health

It’s never too early to teach children the importance of dental health and that starts with brushing and flossing their teeth. While many kids feel this activity is a chore, you can make it more fun with these apps.

Disney Magic Timer by Oral-B

If you’re little one enjoys Disney characters like pretty princesses and powerful superheroes, then check out Disney Magic Timer by Oral-B. This handy app slowly scrubs the screen to reveal a cool Disney picture as it counts down from two minutes while your child brushes their teeth.

Kids earn stickers for brushing their teeth with the Disney Magic Timer and you can see their Report Card in the app to keep up with their daily brushing habits.

Bonus features include AR (augmented reality) mode, how-to videos, multiple profiles for all your kids, and extra Disney characters with in-app purchases.

Availability: iPhone, iPad, and Android

Cost: Free with in-app purchases for additional characters your child can use for their profile like Doc McStuffins, Tinker Bell, Elsa, Buzz, and more

Brush DJ

If you have older kids who are just starting to track their own healthy habits, take a look at Brush DJ for their dental hygiene. Your child starts with a good floss and when they finish, they hit the Play button to hear their favorite tune while they brush.

The timer counts down from two minutes and plays a song from Brush DJ, Apple Music, Deezer, or your own library. So turn up the volume and select a song by mood as you take care of those pearly whites! You’ll also see motivational phrases and helpful tips slide across the top of the screen.

Bonus features include reminders to brush, visit the dentist, and replace your toothbrush, how-to videos, and age-specific information for parents.

Availability: iPhone, iPad, and Android

Cost: Free

Mindfulness for balance and relaxation

A lot of people don’t think that children get stressed out. But with pressures to get good grades, please their parents, fit in with friends, and keep up with chores, kids can use a little help at times with relaxation too! This is especially important if your child has trouble balancing it all, but these apps can help.

Mindful Powers

Mindful Powers is a great app for kids aged 7 to 10. They can participate in guided mindfulness sessions in Mindful Play and concentrate on their chores or homework with a task timer in Focus Time. Both features work to help your child learn about balance.

The app helps your child grow the skills needed to handle anxiety, big emotions, and getting along with others. It also assists with focus, relaxation, and calmness. By starting with these types of skills at a younger age, your son or daughter will have a head start on dealing with the stresses of adulthood.

Bonus features include voice narration by a child instead of an adult, attractive imagery and animations, notifications to motivate your child, and a section for adults to help their child further.

Availability: iPhone, iPad, and Android

Cost: Free with in-app purchases for the Mindfulness 101 Story Pack

Meditation for Kids

Meditation is something enjoyed by all ages. So if you want to help your child learn a healthy habit for body and mind, take a look at Mediation for Kids. You can choose from meditations that include relaxing sounds, sleep music, and calm meditations.

The app offers a Storygram section so your child can add their very own story for the day. And you can add sleep music to help at the end of that long day.

You get limited options to try out for free, so take it for a spin before subscribing for more features. If you’re serious about teaching your child the benefits of meditation, definitely check out the Meditation for Kids app.

Availability: iPhone, iPad, Android, and the web

Cost: Free with in-app purchases for packs and subscriptions

Thinking and breathing exercises for mental health

We know as adults that thinking things through to come up with a plan to solve our problems is key. And then there are those times when we simply need to take a few deep breaths to calm down. These apps help teach kids about these skills for handling emotions, situations, and problems.

Breathe, Think, Do with Sesame

For children ages 2 to 5, the Breathe, Think, Do with Sesame app is a great app to help them in sticky situations. They’ll tap their little monster to take deep breathes in order to settle down, which is something kids can follow themselves. They’ll also pop bubbles to help the monster think of a plan to solve his problem which teaches them that thinking things through is wise. They then take the steps they see on the screen for carrying out the plan.

This colorful and educational app gives your child a neat Sesame Street theme they’ll enjoy. They’ll see how to handle frustrations when they can’t do something they want to do, some sadness at the start of the school year, and more.

Availability: iPhone, iPad, and Android

Cost: Free

Stop, Breathe & Think Kids

For children ages 5 to 10, check out Stop, Breathe & Think Kids. With missions for Quiet, Focus, Energizing, Open Mind, and more, your kids can learn ways to deal with all sorts of problems and situations.

Each mission has a colorful, narrated video showing your child how to use five-finger breathing to cool down, shake up to dance around and get energized, how to look at others who are different, but keep an open mind.

The app offers a mission finder based on how your child is feeling. They select an emotion like angry, sad, or nervous. You’ll then see several missions to help through those emotions.

Availability: iPhone, iPad, and the web

Cost: Free with subscriptions and bundles for additional missions

Nutritional eating for a healthy body

The old phrase “you are what you eat” is a good one for kids to keep in mind as they develop healthy eating habits. Foods that give you energy, build your strength and immune system, and fuel your body are ones your child should learn about. This can help them foster terrific nutritional habits they can carry through their lives.

LittleMoochi: Eating & Habit

Your young children can feed the cute little Moochi what’s on their own plate and see how much strength, energy, and immunity that food builds. LittleMoochie: Eating & Habit is a nifty app for kids to keep track of how healthy the foods they eat are.

Enable the camera, let your child snap a photo of their food, and then let Moochi have a nibble too! As you earn strawberries for the foods, you can buy things for Moochi to wear like hats, sunglasses, and eye patch, and more.

Set up multiple profiles for all your children, fill the Album with your food snaps to level up, and get helpful tips on other healthy foods and snacks with LittleMoochi: Eating & Habit

Availability: iPhone, iPad, and Android

Cost: Free

Eat & Move-O-Matic

For older kids who are making their own snack and meal choices, and even for adults, take a look at Eat & Move-O-Matic. Spin the wheel to see your meal and how many calories you can burn with an activity.

You’ll also see helpful tips at the bottom like foods that are high in fat and calories and others you can eat instead. You can even check out food substitutes that are a little better for you like trying a balsamic vinegar instead of ranch salad dressing.

For your middle school or high school kids, this app is a treat because you can not just learn about the foods that are good for you but maybe even get some meal suggestions!

Availability: iPhone and iPad

Cost: Free

Wrapping it up

To help the child in your life even more, have a look at apps for kids to learn to cursive writing and apps that can help kids with homework.

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