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1. BMW iPhone car wallpaper

I love it when a car exudes power without even turning the key, and the BMW i8 is surely one such car. I don’t know if you’ll agree or not, but it reminds me of the bat vehicle, especially the front, its cuts, and when the door opens.


2. Rolls Royce car wallpaper for iPhone

The Phantom Tempus is my dream car, and I wouldn’t have published this article without having at least one wallpaper of the Rolls Royce. So here we go!


3. Tesla Cybertruck iPhone wallpaper


4. Cool Porsche car wallpaper


5. Mercedes HD car wallpaper

Mercedes Benz E class is the perfect sedan, with an intelligent cockpit that boosts memory function, dynamic selection, and more. Plus, it has reclining rear seats, wireless charging, and other such luxuries. But all I want to say to it is, have mercy on me (sorry, not sorry).


6. Supercar McLaren iPhone car wallpaper

McLaren 765LT, this convertible car has my heart; but unfortunately, my wallet and I can’t make it ours until a few more years. Though I can enjoy its wallpaper till then, and so can you.


7. Aston Martin iPhone wallpaper

The Aston Martin DBS is renowned for elegance, speed, comfort, absolute beauty, and performance. And while we can’t bring all of that to one wallpaper, there is no harm in trying.


8. Lexus car wallpaper for iPhone

Here’s a peek at the Lexus RX 450H. But why just a peek? While I love, love the grill and the shape of the front, I am not impressed by its back. So, this is a simple case of flaunting what you love. Hope you love it as well.


9. Volvo-XC60 wallpaper for iPhone

Does your heart skip a beat when the Volvo-XC60 passes by? And is the midsize SUV a part of your bucket list? Well, here’s an inspirational wallpaper to remind you of your dreams and keep your passions alive.


10. Nissan iPhone wallpaper

Nissan GT-R rethinks how a driver receives information about the key performance parameters. And we at iGeeksBlog redesign how our reader uses their iPhones with tips, tricks, hacks, and beautiful wallpapers.

Aren’t we a match made in heaven? Hope the God who we lovingly call iGeeks’ CEO is listening!


11. Land Rover Defender iPhone wallpaper

The iconic 4*4 by Land Rover is tough, capable, and unstoppable. So who could have stopped it from entering our best car wallpapers list? And before you scroll down, beware; the wallpaper might stop you from going further unless you tap download.


12. Lamborghini Aventador wallpaper for iPhone

Lamborghini Aventador is literally the Batman car, although not used by the alias but Bruce Wayne in Christopher Nolan’s Batman film trilogy.


13. Sports car wallpaper from iPhone

Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 has got it all: good looks, a 5.2L Supercharged V8 engine, 6-speed manual transmission, launch controls, and more, even a handsome-looking wallpaper (shared below).


14. Ferrari wallpaper for iPhone

Very seldom things are sexier than a red Ferrari. And to prove my point, here’s a wallpaper capable enough to seduce 🤤 you!


15. Audi-e-Tron car wallpaper for iPhone

Like Audi-e-Tron is a statement maker, its wallpaper makes a silent yet electric statement. Don’t believe me; scroll down and see yourself.


User user across the wall, which is the hottest wheel of them all?

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15 Aerial Photography Wallpapers For Iphone In 2023

Aerial photography offers a unique and breathtaking perspective of the world around us. Photographers often manage to capture a variety of scenes, from the commotion of a busy city to the tranquil serenity of a mountain stream. 

In this post, inspired by Unsplash, we bring you the magic of the bird’s eye view. Download these free aerial photography wallpapers for your iPhone and stay mesmerized!

1. Grass field aerial iPhone wallpaper 

Aerial of the grassland iPhone wallpaper depicts a field of beautiful green grass from a bird’s eye perspective. Isn’t this wallpaper enticing you to go the extra mile? A splash of color is added to the scene by the stark contrast between the grass’ dark green hue and the sky’s brilliant blue background, making it a must-have.


2. Aerial view wallpaper of the ocean

With its glittering waves, vibrant coral reefs, and diverse marine life, the ocean is a source of positivity. If you love the ocean’s beauty and strength and want to include a little of it in your daily life, ocean wallpapers are the ideal option. 


3. Beach’s drone view wallpaper

There is no better location to visit when in stress other than a beach. It’s the perfect escape from the bustling city and has an eye-pleasing view to calm you down. Experience the same serenity with his jaw-dropping beach wallpaper for your iPhone. 


4. Bridge aerial wallpaper 

The bridge, with its robust and solid construction, extends over a wide body of water. The bridge is extremely attractive due to the exquisite decorations and motifs that it is covered with. The bridge’s dark, streamlined design is well offset by the blue of the river below and the sky above. If you enjoy architecture and engineering, you must download this wallpaper.


5. Cruise ship drone view wallpaper 


6. City aerial view wallpaper


7. Shipyard crossroad drone wallpaper 


8. Nature walk aerial wallpaper 

This stunning nature walk wallpaper will take you to a tranquil, natural environment. Download this high-elevation wallpaper if you want to incorporate the mood of outdoor activities into your daily life. 


9. Motorboat in sea wallpaper

When a speedy speedboat cuts through the waves, it leaves a path of white foam in its wake. The crystal-clear water of the sea and the cloudy upper atmosphere of the sky both display a magnificent hue of blue. The image exudes a tangible sense of motion and freedom, making it the ideal pick for your iPhone. 


10. Forest bird eye wallpaper 


11. Deserted road wallpaper 


12. Stream aerial view wallpaper

The yellow sunlight warms the surroundings; it shines through the trees and complements the clear stream flowing through the lush, green valley. Mountains rise in the distance, giving the landscape an air of majesty. It is a no-brainer to use this landscape wallpaper for your iPhone. 


13. Powerboat wallpaper  


14. City fountain aerial view 

This wallpaper beautifully depicts the magnificence and beauty of an urban fountain. Long pathways, lush verdant, and trees that reach the sky surround the fountain, something that grabs my attention. I hope it grabs yours too.


15. Woods aerial view wallpaper 

The greens and browns of the leaves and branches form a stunning mosaic on the trees. This wallpaper has a unique viewpoint due to the walkway that passes through the middle. Hit the download button to get this wallpaper. 


How’s the view from the sky? 

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15 Best Iphone X Screen Protectors You Can Buy

The main headlining feature of the iPhone X is its display. The bezel-less Super Retina display of iPhone X is a beauty to look at. With iPhone X, Apple also finally switched to OLED displays. Also, for the first time, Apple is bringing its True-Tone display technology to its iPhones. Needless to say, Apple has made sure that the iPhone X comes with a stunning display. However, going bezel-less also means that it is far easier to crack or scratch your display than it was before. If you want to keep your iPhone X’s display as pristine as it is when you buy it, you will need to use a good screen protector. You should ensure that you immediately install a screen-protector as soon as you unbox your new iPhone X. We want to help you do that, that’s why we have created a list of the 15 best iPhone X screen protectors that you can buy today:

Best iPhone X Screen Protectors and Screen Guards

Note: Since iPhone X was just launched, many manufacturers have still not released screen protectors for it. As such, this is not an exhaustive list and will be updated in the future.

1. TOZO for iPhone X Screen Protector Glass

As you might now, Apple uses 2.5D glass technology, which makes the glass curve around the edges to seamlessly meet the iPhone’s metal frame. This means that your normal tempered glass or screen protectors will not provide a complete protection to your iPhone X’s display. Thankfully, this offering from TOZO is anything but normal. The screen protector curves around the edges (just like the iPhone’s) to meet the metal frame, ensuring that your display is fully protected. It is made of composite PET material and tempered glass, which basically means that it is pretty tough. The screen protector also has an anti-fingerprint nano oil coating, meaning, your display will not smudge as soon as you start using it. It is one of the best screen protectors you can get for your iPhone X.

2. Olycism iPhone X Screen Protector

This is also similar to TOZO and provides full display protection. The screen protector is super thin (0.3 mm) and exactly matches the contours of iPhone display. The screen protector also boasts of 98% transparency and silky smooth touch experience. The glass is tempered and shatterproof. This means that it can easily protect your phone’s display in case of minor drops, bumps, scratches, and scrapes. They also provide a 90-day return warranty, in case you don’t like the product.

Buy From Amazon: ($5.99)

3. ESR iPhone X Screen Protector

The problem with using full-coverage screen protectors is that some of them don’t work well with cases. Since most of the cases keep a raised lip around the display to protect them from drops, the full-coverage screen protectors might not play well with them. In that case, you will need a simple glass screen protector which doesn’t curve around the edges. If you are looking for such a screen-protector, this offering from ESR is a good one. The screen protector is made of thin and shatterproof tempered glass. It also has an anti-smudge coating which protects your display from showing fingerprints. If you use cases, this one will play well with them allowing you to use both a case and a screen protector at the same time.

Buy From Amazon: ($8.99) (For a pack of two)

4. MoKo iPhone X Screen Protector Glass

This screen protector from MoKo is one of the best available in the market right now. Like the ESR’s offering above, this one also is a flat screen protector which doesn’t provide full coverage. Depending on your usage, this might be a good or a bad thing. However, what I like most of this product is that it boasts of more than 99.9% transparency. This along with its thin profile will ensure that you won’t even notice it on your screen. Like others, it also comes with an oleophobic coating meaning it will protect the screen from smudges, fingerprints, water, and oil marks. It is also good at resisting scratches and should provide ample protection against drops and bumps.

Buy From Amazon: ($7.99) (For a pack of two)

5. Orzero Tempered Glass Screen Protector for iPhone X

Buy From Amazon: ($7.99) (For a pack of three)

6. MoKo 4D Full Coverage Tempered Glass for iPhone X

Apart from selling flat screen protector, MoKo also offers a full coverage screen protector. The edges are curved using high precision CNC technology resulting in a precision fit. Other features include 99.9% transparency for excellent viewing, ultra-thin design for the better touch experience, hard tempered glass for protection, and oleophobic coating to prevent smudges. It also has an anti-scratch coating that protects it from getting scratched from keys or any-other sharp objects that you might carry in the same pocket with your iPhone. If you are looking for a full-coverage screen protector, currently, this is one of the best in the market.

7. iPhone X Screen Protector By LK

If you are looking to buy screen protectors in bulk because you break them regularly, take a look at this offering from LK. They sell it in a pack of four at a pretty cheap price. Although the price is low, the screen protectors seem to pack all the usual feature that we have seen above. Features like tempered glass, oleophobic anti-fingerprint coating, and 99.9% transparency among others are all here. The screen protector also curve ever so slightly to wrap a little around the edges to fit perfectly on your iPhone. However, do not confuse this with a full coverage protection, as the screen protectors only curve slightly and do not provide full protection. Still, for its price, there’s a lot on offer here.

Buy From Amazon: ($7.99) (For a pack of four)

8. Maxboost

iPhone X Tempered Glass Screen Protector

Maxboost has a great screen protector for your iPhone X on offer for you. Their tempered screen protector is the world’s thinnest (0.25mm) glass screen protector for the iPhone X and is 100% touch accurate and compatible with 3D Touch. It features an open edge design that fully covers the iPhone X’s newest display and is case-friendly at the same time. Also, the surface is coated with hydrophobic and oleophobic clear layers. This helps the glass to protect against sweat and oil residue from fingerprints while keeping your phone’s screen pristine all day long.

Buy from Amazon: ($9.99)(Pack of Three)

9. amFilm

iPhone X Tempered Glass Screen Protector

Specially designed for the iPhone X, the amFilm tempered glass screen protector is one of the best accessories for your iPhone X. It features an ultra-clear high definition glass screen with 99.9% transparency to allow an optimal and natural viewing experience. Also, amFilm is known for producing tempered screen protectors that are highly durable and scratch resistant. It has a surface hardness of 9H and is topped with oleophobic coating to reduce fingerprints. Furthermore, you get a pack of three screen protectors for just $7.99, which is a great value for money.


Spigen iPhone X Screen Protector Tempered Glass

Zizo is a well-renowned brand for screen protectors, and their iPhone X screen protector certainly lives up to its reputation. The screen protector from Zizo is made of ultra-thin, scratch-resistant glass material that has an oleophobic coating over it. The glass is 0.33mm in thickness with 2.5 degree rounded edges. This provides full clarity and zero distortion to the display. Also, it has the industry-standard 9H surface hardness which yields a shatterproof protection and provides an absolute seamless user experience.

Do you want a screen protector that is durable, but not too thick? Well, fret not, Yoyamo’s iPhone X Tempered Glass Screen Protector is here. The 0.26mm tempered glass screen protector for iPhone X is one of the thinnest protectors in the market. It has a 2.5D arc edge design that is dust-free, fingerprint-free, and the installation is completely bubble free. What’s more is that you buy one and you get 2 more free. Now isn’t that cool?


Trianium iPhone X Tempered Glass Screen

Trianium is a brand well known for making tempered solutions with superior build quality. The Trianium iPhone X Tempered Glass Screen is specially designed for the iPhone X to protect your phone from scratches, scuffs, and any other hard objects. It has a hydrophobic and oleophobic screen coating which protects against sweat and oil residue. Also, the full touchscreen sensitivity and compatibility allows for high phone responsiveness. Oh, and the best part? It even comes with an alignment case frame for hassle-free installation.



iPhone X Screen Protector

Not everybody uses cases on their devices. We recommend you to, especially on your iPhone X, but maybe you just want a tempered protector and nothing more. Well, the ALLEASEA 3D iPhone X Screen Protector is just what you’re looking for. It offers full 3D coverage, allowing the screen protector to cover the whole screen, edge to edge, thus providing the best full protection for your iPhone X. And with 9H hardness, the tempered glass can protect your iPhone X screen from everyday usage. Also, the anti-scratch coating allows the screen to be much more durable. What’s more is that with every ALLEASA Screen protector, you get 100% lifetime warranty. Pretty cool, right?

Buy From Amazon: ($9.99)(Pack of Two)


Anker iPhone X Screen Protector

Buy From Amazon: ($7.99)(Pack of Two)

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The Best iPhone X Screen Protectors You Can Buy

The Nft Events You Won’t Want To Miss At Bitcoin 2023

Today marks the start of Bitcoin Week 2023 – the world’s largest celebration of the cryptocurrency that started it all.

Attendees of the four-day Miami Beach event can expect to see some of the most prominent figures in the crypto and NFT spaces. Speakers include former U.S. presidential candidate Andrew Yang, Paypal co-founder Peter Theil, Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers, and Shark Tank star Kevin O’Leary. Notable investors like tennis legend Serena Williams and NFL champion Oddell Beckham Jr., are also making appearances.

Despite its billing as a celebration of Bitcoin, there will also be plenty of NFT-centric events at Bitcoin Week 2023. Here are all the ones you can’t miss.

Bitcoin Renaissance NFT gallery opening

Bitcoin Week 2023 is launching with an aptly-themed NFT collection: the Bitcoin Rennaissance. It’s set to feature work from more than 60 artists including Hitomi Matsui, Drooling Ape Bus Club, and Ross Ulbricht. The best part: you don’t have to be present to be a part of the auction– fans at home can own a piece from the 10,000 square foot gallery, too.

Exclusive drops at the TradeStation after-party

Once the week wraps up, attendees can gain exclusive access to the TradeStation After-Party. The invite-only event is slated to feature a set from DJ ANDR3X, an exclusive NFT auction, and of course, an open bar.

Guests will also get an early look at planned drops courtesy of the event’s host, NFT Glee. You can request an invite here.

Satellite events

Several companies and groups are also taking part in the festivities with a series of satellite events hosted outside of the official Bitcoin Week conference. Just bear in mind that these have no direct affiliation with the actual event. So if you’re willing to take the plunge, here are some of the most interesting NFT events you can participate in at nearby locations.

Art in Action

In partnership with Ujamaa, a mobile NFT marketplace geared towards artists of color, Bitcoin Conference Kings is hosting the 21 Million Savage Networking Event on April 6th at the Sky Yard. Artists will be in attendance to help curate an installation featuring unique artwork produced specifically for the event.

BoredPunks’ party for charity

Members of the CryptoPunks and BAYC communities have come together to host an invite-only fundraiser on April 8th for United Way – a charity that’s recently shown initiative in offering financial assistance to families fleeing Ukraine. They’re also known for their efforts in helping working members of the local Miami community in achieving financial independence.

Although not directly an NFT-centric event, guests part of the BAYC community will have the chance to network directly with other community members over drinks, live music, and under a noble charitable cause.

Solana Miami

The Solana Foundation is hosting Solana Miami in partnership with Hurry Up Slowly. It’s an event to celebrate the work of the builders, artists, merchants, and users who make up the Solana community. The event comes at an exciting time for Solana, as OpenSea recently announced they will add Solana NFTs starting April 2023.

The event runs through April 10 and features a block-long street fair where attendees can make purchases using SOL, an NFT gallery highlighting artists in the Solana ecosystem, and much more.

Iphone 12 Vs. Iphone 12 Pro: Which Should You Buy In 2023?

On the surface, the iPhone 12 vs iPhone 12 Pro are very similar phones. They both feature 6.1-inch OLED displays with flat-edge designs and Apple’s A14 Bionic processor inside, but look a little closer, and there are several notable differences worth exploring.

If you’re shopping for a new iPhone 12 in 2023, here’s everything you need to know about the iPhone 12 vs iPhone 12 Pro. Plus, should you wait for the iPhone 13?

In this comparison, we focus specifically on the 6.1-inch iPhone 12 and the 6.1-inch iPhone 12 Pro. While the iPhone 12 mini and iPhone 12 are largely the same phones, there are some key differences in terms of display size and resolution. The iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max also share many of the same features, but there are notable differences in display size and camera technology.

iPhone 12 vs. iPhone 12 Pro: Display

The display technology between the iPhone 12 and the iPhone 12 Pro is nearly the same. Both devices feature a 6.1-inch Super Retina XDR display using OLED technology with a resolution of 2532 x 1170 pixels at 460 pixels per inch.

The one difference is that the iPhone 12 Pro display features a higher “typical” brightness than the iPhone 12 at 800 nits versus 625. The actual max brightness of the displays is the same, however, at 1200 nits, thanks to universal support for HDR.

The iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro displays are both protected by Ceramic Shield technology, which Apple says offers 4x better drop performance than previous iPhones.

Other display features on the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro include:

2,000,000:1 contrast ratio

True Tone display

Wide color display (P3)

Haptic Touch


The iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro are very similar in terms of design as well, with both featuring flat edges similar to the iPad Pro as well as the iPhone 4/iPhone 5 days. Both devices also feature edge-to-edge displays with identically sized notch cutouts on the front to house the Face ID sensors.

The key difference in design is that the iPhone 12 is made out of what Apple calls “aerospace-grade aluminum” while the iPhone 12 Pro is made from “surgical-grade stainless steel.” This means that the iPhone 12 has a brushed aluminum finish, while the iPhone 12 Pro features a shiny stainless finish.

The difference in materials between the iPhone 12 and the iPhone 12 Pro also has implications on the weight of the phones. The iPhone 12 weighs in at 5.78 ounces, while the iPhone 12 Pro weighs in at 6.66 ounces.

Other dimensions of the phones are the same:

Height: 5.78 inches

Width: 2.82 inches

Depth: 0.29 inches

Both the iPhone 12 and the iPhone 12 Pro are rated for IP68 splash, water, and dust resistance. Under this rating, the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro can withstand submersion at a maximum depth of 6 meters for up to 30 minutes.

Performance and battery life

Another area where the iPhone 12 and the iPhone 12 Pro are nearly identical is in regards to processor performance. Both devices feature Apple’s latest A14 Bionic process, which Apple touts is “the fastest chip in a smartphone.” The A14 Bionic features two high-performance cores and four efficiency cores.

Both the iPhone 12 and the iPhone 12 Pro also feature the latest Neural Engine for improved machine learning features and capabilities. Apple says the new 16-core Neural Engine offers an 80% increase in performance compared to the prior generation.

The iPhone 12 Pro features 6GB of RAM, while the iPhone 12 features 4GB. The additional RAM in the iPhone 12 Pro lends itself to a handful of additional camera features, which we’ll touch on in a bit. The RAM difference is unlikely to have a major effect on performance outside of the camera features, though.

Finally, Apple says that the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro feature the same battery life:

Video playback: Up to 17 hours

Video playback (streamed): Up to 11 hours

Audio playback: Up to 65 hours

Both devices also support fast-charging for getting an up to 50% charge in 30 minutes with a 20W power adapter. There’s also support for 7.5W Qi wireless charging and 15W wireless charging when using a MagSafe wireless charger.


The iPhone 12 lineup is the first iPhone lineup to include5G connectivity, and that extends to the iPhone 12 as well as the iPhone 12 Pro. This means that regardless of which iPhone model you buy, you’ll get the fastest version of 5G available in your area.

In the United States, the iPhone 12 and the iPhone 12 Pro both support sub-6GHz 5G as well as mmWave 5G. Internationally, however, iPhone 12 5G support is limited to sub-6GHz connectivity.

Best iPhone 12 cases:


Where the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro really start to differ, however, is in terms of camera technology.

The iPhone 12 features a dual-camera system with a 12MP ultra wide lens and a 12MP wide lens. You also get software features such as Night mode and Deep Fusion processing alongside optical image stabilization and more.

Here are the iPhone 12 camera features:

On the other hand, the iPhone 12 Pro features a triple-camera setup consisting of ultra, wide, and telephoto lenses. You also get support for Night mode when using portrait mode, which is made possible by the all-new LiDAR Scanner, exclusive to the iPhone 12 Pro.

Another one of the key differences is that the iPhone 12 Pro features support for Apple’s new ProRAW photo format, which will give iPhone photographers more control over their images and new tools for post-processing.

Here are the iPhone 12 Pro camera features:

The iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro feature the same video recording capabilities, except that the iPhone 12 Pro can record Dolby Vision HDR at up to 60 fps, while the iPhone 12 Dolby Vision support is limited to 30 fps. The iPhone 12 Pro also has a higher digital zoom during recording at 6x versus 3x and 2x optical zoom in support.

Colors, storage, and pricing

The iPhone 12 is available in five different colors: black, white, Product(RED), green, and blue. The iPhone 12 Pro is available in four different colors: pacific blue, gold, graphite, and silver.

In terms of pricing, the iPhone 12 starts at $829 (or $799 for AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, and T-Mobile customers) for 64GB of storage. You can upgrade to the 128GB configuration for $879 ($849 for AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, and T-Mobile), or to the 256GB configuration for $979 ($949 for AT&T/Verizon).

On the other hand, the iPhone 12 Pro retails for $999 for 128GB of storage, $1099 for 256GB of storage, and $1299 for 512GB of storage.


Citing environmental concerns, Apple is no longer including headphones or a charging brick in the iPhone 12 box this year. Here are some accessories you might consider picking up to help fill that gap and complement your new iPhone.

iPhone 12 vs. iPhone 12 Pro features What about the iPhone 13? You should probably wait.

As you’ve likely seen, rumors about the iPhone 13 or iPhone 12S are starting to gain traction. The iPhone 12S is rumored to bring a handful of new features, but is expected to be an “S” year upgrade over the iPhone 12.

That being said, we are just a little over 2 months away from the introduction of the iPhone 12S or iPhone 13, so it is best to wait to find out for the Apple event in September to make a decision about what to buy.

You can keep up with the latest iPhone 13 rumors in our full roundup right here.

Wrap up: iPhone 12 vs. iPhone 12 Pro

As you can see throughout this comparison, the primary differentiating factors between the iPhone 12 and the iPhone 12 Pro are camera features. The iPhone 12 Pro offers a range of different camera capabilities that aren’t supported on the iPhone 12.

When you zoom out and look at non-camera features, the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro are harder to distinguish from each other. They both feature 6.1-inch OLED displays, 5G connectivity, Apple’s fastest A14 Bionic processor, and similar designs.

For many, if not most, people, the iPhone 12 is more than enough smartphone. It can handle everyday tasks with ease, and the camera will take stunning images even without all of the bells and whistles of the Pro.

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You Cannot Miss These 8 Python Libraries

This article was published as a part of the Data Science Blogathon

Python is an all-time favorite language for beginners and aspiring Data Science participants. Th -like syntax and wide community supports have given a major boost to this language implementation. I am using this language for a long time and I am still not over with the variety of ways of using this language for any domain.

Being so much addicted to Python programming, I thought why not share my learnings with the community. So, below is a list of such Python libraries that are unique in implementations, target different platforms and some of them are highly underrated. These libraries range from Desktop applications, web development (frontend and backend both in Python), android development, and much more! Let’s dive into each one of them!

Note: I will share a code snippet of each library and relate it to our main goal, i.e, Data Science and Machine Learning. All the code snippets shown will be available at my GitHub Repository also!

Kivy /Kivymd

Ever thought of creating an android app but don’t have the right skill set of Java, Kotlin, or Flutter? Kivy makes it possible to create an android app out of Python. Kivy framework was released in 2011 and till now, it has done a lot of improvements on the user interface components and the overall functionality. The Kivymd library is a collection of Material Design compliant widgets for use with Kivy. Currently, we use both of them hand in hand. We use Kivy for all the core functionality such as network access and Kivymd for UI components such as buttons, text labels, tables, navigation bar, and much more. Here is an example for this library:

The best thing about this library is that the programs are cross-platform. These apps can be run in Android, Windows, and IOS too! The conversion process is a bit complex and requires a Linux system for now but it is worth the effort. It is also a good practice for your OOP concept (Object Oriented Programming) as most of the code is structured in this format only. You can create machine learning APIs and then call them in your app which can be installed by the user on their devices!

Library Link: Kivy, Kivymd

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The code for this page is pretty simple:

import json from browser import document, ajax def on_complete(req): thought = data[‘content’] document[‘result’].text = thought def get_thought(e): req = ajax.ajax()‘GET’, url, True) req.bind(‘complete’, on_complete) document[‘result’].text = ‘Loading…’ req.send()

You must have noticed that I haven’t imported any Brython module. That’s because it is provided as a CDN and requires no installation! You can again create an API of your own and host it on Heroku, then use this CDN to execute commands, apply some styling using CSS and then deploy it as GitHub pages. It will work all the time and you will have a complete end-to-end Machine learning working website!

Library Link: Brython

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As the name suggests, this is a python library that is somewhat related to the web. This library helps in making your old and traditional style terminal-based scripts to the web. That means you will develop your script as you normally do but you will be using Pywebio’s input and output functions. The input function has the same name as input and output functions have a variety of options such as put_text, put_markdown, put_html, and many more. Let me give you an example to explain this library better:

As you can see, the code is not changed much with this library. The changes are done with the output function, input function has an optional type validation but having this makes sure that no other input type is allowed, making your script more interactive with less effort. After you run this script, you will be prompted with a webpage that asks for the user inputs and then displays the results:

You can check out my Analytics Vidya Blog for detailed usage of this library: The Easiest Way To Deploy Machine Learning Models: PyWebIO

Library Link: PywebIO

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This is an amazing extension to the already available resource, Google Colab. It may be the case that your system is not very powerful to handle all the processing needs especially in the case of Deep learning where GPU support is highly recommended. ColabCode converts your traditional notebooks-like environment into a VS CODE environment. That means you will have a complete VS CODE setup online which is underlying using Google Colab power! It can surely improve your coding interest and you will no longer need to install an IDE on your system! To set up this server, just open one Google Colab notebook and then:

!pip install colabcode # To install the library from colabcode import ColabCode ColabCode()

Not only this but you can start the FastAPI or Jupyter Lab server which is directly routed to a ngrok link.

Library Link: ColabCode

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If you’re into machine learning and data science stuff, then you must be aware of what is a dashboard. These usually describe the working of the model in a more depth and interactive way. Common elements of a machine learning dashboard include performance metrics, feature importance, and algorithm visualizations (best in the case of tree-based algorithms). Creating all components and merging them together is a big task. The interactivity and the overall user experience also matters in this respect. Therefore, to automate this task, explainerdashboard helps in generating dashboards that are ready to use and deploy. The most basic and simplest dashboard with no user customizations can be created in less than 10 lines of code! Let’s look at the example code available in library documentation also:

As you can see, the library provides an abstraction over the sample dataset also. Congifuring the desired algorithm object and then passing it to the dashboard object is the only task required in this library. Yes, there are ample options to customize everything in this package. If you run this code shared above which does not have any user changes, you will get this dashboard:

Library Link: explainerdashboard


As data science aspirants, we spend quite a lot of time experimenting with our code in Jupyter notebooks. Almost everyone takes their first step into data science by exploring Python in Jupyter notebooks. We are so attached with this notebook style that when it comes to presenting our findings to the community, we simply share them the notebook file but don’t you feel that you can figure out a more interactive and easy way to share your findings with a large audience but being in notebook environment? That’s where Voila comes.

This library can turn your Jupyter notebooks into standalone web apps that can be deployed to any cloud platform. It renders only the output cells from the notebook plus all the markup and HTML code present in the notebook. You can customize themes dark and light for instance. Before the web app starts, the whole notebook is run, and then only the results are displayed. You can use ipywidgets to make your notebooks interactive (sliders, input fields). To start your notebook as a voila web app, use this command:

voila nameofnotebook.ipynb

Here is an example of a notebook being run as a voila app:

Library Link: Voila

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As I mentioned earlier, Python can be used in any domain, and supporting this statement is our next library, Flask. This framework helps in setting up the backend part of a website. What a backend in the website is responsible for? A backend monitors the data flow between the user and the server. It handles the user authentication, authorization, and how the site will work. Flask is one of the first choices when it comes to backend using Python. It is a minimalistic package meaning only relevant and core functions are provided by the base package. Other functions have different extensions which require explicit installation. It is responsible for different routes and endpoints in a website and also, processes the data to be rendered onto the websites. For data to flow to the front end, it uses Jinja templating. It is also used to create APIs in the minimum effort possible. Here is one of the simplest examples of this library:

You can opt for other libraries such as Django which is a production-level implementation and many real-world websites are made using this framework. Another new competition is FastAPI which adds a lot of functionalities in traditional Flask implementation.

You can check out my Analytics Vidhya Blog for all the differences: FastAPI: The Right Replacement For Flask?

Dear GUI

This is the last library on our list. Dear GUI offers high-performance graphics as it can do GPU rendering as compared to other GUI libraries such as Tkinter. You can create interactive games, apps, and many such applications with this library. There are 70+ interactive widgets that come out of the box from this package. You can also plot graphs with this library which offers almost the same features as offered by Plotly. Look at the example below taken from the documentation of this library:

And here is the output for this:

Library Link: Dear GUI


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