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Owning an Apple Watch reduces the need to carry your iPhone around all the time. But how can you extend your Apple Watch battery life to enjoy the convenience it provides? We’ve compiled a list of tips that will help maximize your Apple Watch battery to ensure it lasts all day or longer on a single charge.

Interested in customizing your Apple Watch? We show you how to create personalized watch faces for your Apple wearable.

1. Enable Low Power Mode

Turning on Low Power Mode on your Apple Watch reduces battery consumption, as it turns off the Always On Display while limiting sensors (e.g., heart sensors, accelerometer, etc.) and Wi-Fi connection.

Note: the feature can also be enabled via your iPhone – but only when you’re about to start a workout with the Apple Watch.

The downsides to enabling Low Power Mode include delayed notifications and the inability to use features that require sensors to work. If you’re looking to prolong your Apple Watch battery because you don’t have access to a charger or your iPhone, turning on Low Power Mode will help extend its battery life.

2. Disable Wake Screen on Wrist Raise

Sometimes your Apple Watch’s screen will accidentally wake when moving your arm and, in the process, consume some of that precious battery life. To maximize your Apple Watch battery, it’s best to disable the “Wake Screen on Wrist Raise” feature so that your Apple Watch screen stays in sleep mode until you intentionally wake it up by tapping the screen, pressing the Digital Crown, or turning the Digital Crown.

Go to “Settings” on your Apple Watch.

Scroll down and tap “Display & Brightness.”

    Scroll down to the “Wake” section and tap the switch beside “Wake Screen on Wrist Raise” to disable it.

    You can also disable “Wake Screen on Wrist Raise” on your iPhone using the Watch app:

    In the Watch app, go to “Display & Brightness.”

      Under the “Wake” section, tap the switch beside “Wake Screen on Wrist Raise” to disable it.

      Not getting notifications on your Apple Watch? Here are a few things you could do to fix this.

      3. Turn Off Always On

      In Apple Watch Series 5 or higher (except SE), you can keep your display on to show the time and other data. Since the screen is constantly on, more battery power is consumed. This isn’t ideal if you don’t have a charging outlet nearby.

      Note: if you’ve turned off “Always On and Wake Screen on Wrist Raise,” you have to tap the display, press the Digital Crown, or turn the Digital Crown to wake your screen.

        Find and tap “Always On.”

          Turn off “Always On” by tapping the switch beside it.

          You can also change it on your iPhone.

            Tap “Always On.”

              Press the switch beside “Always On” to disable the feature.

              Tip: learn how to use your Apple Watch to track health stats.

              4. Keep Bluetooth Enabled on iPhone

              Your Apple Watch uses Bluetooth LE to connect to your iPhone. Bluetooth LE consumes less power than regular Bluetooth. Aside from this connection method, your Apple Watch can also connect to your iPhone using Wi-Fi, which eats up more power. If you want to minimize Apple Watch battery consumption, keep Bluetooth enabled on your iPhone so that your watch connects to it using the more economic method.

              Pull up Control Center on your mobile device.

                Tap the Bluetooth icon to enable it.

                Note: the icon should turn blue when it’s enabled, white when it’s disabled until the next day, and gray when it’s disabled until you turn it on manually.

                5. Reduce Brightness

                You can further reduce how much battery your Apple Watch consumes by reducing the brightness of the display.

                  Under “Appearance,” choose the lowest brightness level by tapping on the sun icon on the left.

                  On your iPhone:

                  Launch the Watch app and go to “Display & Brightness.”

                    Pick the lowest brightness level by tapping or dragging the white circle to the leftmost part of the “Brightness” bar.

                    Using Chrome on your Android or iOS device? Here’s how you can turn on dark mode in your mobile browser.

                    6. Use Dark Watch Faces

                    Another strategy for conserving battery power is to opt for dark watch faces. When you use this type of watch face, fewer pixels are turned on, which means less power is consumed.

                    Switch between the watch faces you’ve added to your Watch via the app’s “My Faces” function.

                    Press the Digital Crown or put your palm on your Apple Watch’s screen to go to the current watch face.

                    Press and hold your watch face, then swipe left or right in “My Faces” to opt for a dark watch face.

                    On your iPhone:

                    In the Watch app, tap on the watch face you want to use under “My Faces.”

                      Scroll down and tap “Set as Current Watch Face.”

                      7. Avoid Constant Media Playback

                      While it’s convenient to listen to music on your Apple Watch with a compatible Bluetooth device, your Apple Watch battery life will take a toll. The consumption is even bigger if you have a cellular Apple Watch, as you can stream music that’s not downloaded to your Apple Watch.

                      If you’ll be listening to music for hours, we highly recommend bringing your iPhone and playing music from there. This is vital in conserving battery power if you won’t be able to charge your Apple Watch when its battery gets low.

                      8. Disable Background App Refresh

                      The Background App Refresh feature on your Apple Watch checks for updates and new content for your apps even when they’re not in use. This consumes battery power, as your apps constantly refresh to get new content in the background. To maximize your Apple Watch battery, we recommend disabling this feature on the wearable as well as iPhone.

                        Scroll down and look for “Background App Refresh.” Tap on it.

                          In the “Background App Refresh” screen, tap the switch to turn it off.

                          On your iPhone:

                          Launch the Watch app and go to “General.”

                            Scroll down and tap “Background App Refresh.”

                              Tap the switch beside “Background App Refresh” to disable it for all apps. You can also disable it for some apps and keep it enabled for others.

                              9. Change iPhone Mirroring Settings in Apps

                              iPhone Mirroring lets your Apple Watch sync content for apps like Calendar, Mail, Messages, etc. With this feature, these apps, which are also installed on your Apple Watch, will get the same notifications and content.

                              If you always have your iPhone in hand while wearing your Apple Watch, this feature is rather redundant and needlessly consumes battery power. You can only disable and enable iPhone mirroring in the Watch app.

                              Launch the Watch app.

                              Scroll down and tap on the app in which you wish to change the iPhone mirroring settings.

                                Under “Notifications,” tap “Custom” and configure your notifications and content mirroring settings. The process is the same for all other apps.

                                  Move on to the next “Mirror my iPhone” button below the app name and tap “Custom.” Change the settings according to your needs.

                                  10. Use Theater Mode

                                  Theater Mode is best enabled when you find yourself in a dark environment or in a setting where disturbance is frowned upon, like in meetings or theaters. It also saves battery power, as you won’t get any notifications, and the screen will remain turned off. You can turn Theater Mode on from your Apple Watch but not your iPhone.

                                  Pull up Control Center.

                                  Tap the theater icon to enable Theater Mode. Tap the same icon to disable it.

                                  Using your mobile device constantly? Check out how to protect your eyes when using your smartphone.

                                  Frequently Asked Questions How long should my Apple Watch battery last?

                                  Without Low Power Mode enabled, the latest Apple Watch Ultra should last you up to 36 hours according to Apple. If you’re using an older model like the Series 7, you should get up to 18 hours of battery life. These figures will vary based on individual usage patterns.

                                  Can I charge my Apple Watch using a power bank or laptop?

                                  If there’s no available wall socket near you, charge your Apple Watch using a power bank or laptop with a USB Type-C port.

                                  Can I have my Apple Watch battery replaced?

                                  Apple offers Apple Watch battery replacement services and other repairs. You can also get a battery replacement service from a third-party repair provider you trust.

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                                  12 Tips To Improve Battery Life On Apple Watch Series 5

                                  Apple Watch Series 5 seems to be a complete smartwatch –  in more ways than one. But there is one department where the wearable device still lags behind is the battery life. While the claimed 18 hours of battery life may prove to be more than enough for many, they might not be enough for power users including those who love to listen to music during rigorous workouts. Even though I don’t claim to be a power user, my smartwatch has barely gone past 13 – 14 hours. Moreover, there have also been situations where I would be completely taken aback by the rapid battery draining on my Apple Watch. And I guess, I’m not alone who is complaining about this issue. If my personal experience is sounding familiar to you, try out these tips to improve battery life on your Apple Watch Series 5.

                                  Tips to Improve to Battery Life on Apple Watch Series 5

                                  First and foremost, do keep in mind that reducing power consumption involves some trade-offs. But if you don’t mind giving up on some helpful yet power-hungry features, you can extend the battery life of your watchOS device. To ensure, your user-experience doesn’t take a hit, I have mostly targetted the features you can live without. And the ones that might affect your personal usage have been red-listed so that you can decide whether to keep them enabled or put them off until the battery of the smartwatch returns to normal. Having said that, let’s get started with the tips!

                                  1. Disable “Always on Display”

                                  2. Limit Animation

                                  3. Take Control of Notifications

                                  Going forward, your Apple Watch will no longer mirror alerts from the specific apps of your paired iPhone.

                                  4. Reduce Transparency

                                  5.Disable Auto-Play Message Effects

                                  6. Make the Most of Greyscale Mode

                                  7. Turn off Background App Refresh

                                  8. Turn off Automatic App Install and Updates

                                  9. Disable “Wake Screen” on Wrist Raise

                                  10. Decrease Auto-Lock Time

                                  The longer the screen of your smartwatch remains awake, the more battery it will consume. Hence, try to decrease the auto-lock time. watchOS offers you to choose from three options: 15 seconds, 70 seconds and Always. Make sure to select either 15 or 70 seconds if you want to cut down the unnecessary power usage.

                                  11. Take Advantage of Theater Mode

                                  Times when you are enjoying a movie or some fun-filled games with your loved ones, be sure to enable Theater Mode to keep the smartwatch silent and dark. As a result, even when the Wake Screen is active, the watch screen won’t wake. Simply swipe up from the bottom of your Apple Watch to access the Control Center. Now,  tap on the Theather Mode icon to turn it on.

                                  12. Enable Power Saving Mode

                                  Though enabling “Workout Power Saving Mode” could be immensely pivotal in maximizing the battery life of your Apple Watch Series 5, I want to leave the decision to you as it involves some trade-offs. Well, when this feature is enabled, the Always-on Display and the built-in heart rate sensor during walking and running workouts are automatically turned off. While Apple says that the Bluetooth-connected heart-rate monitors are not affected, calculations for energy burned in some workouts may be less accurate. If you think that these trade-offs are worth the you can turn it on to improve the battery life on Apple Watch.

                                  Note: On this very screen, you should see yet another helpful feature that automatically pauses running workouts when you stop moving and kickstarts when you start your workout again. It could also be quite helpful in extending the battery life of your device. To enable this feature, simply turn on the toggle for Running Auto Pause. 

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                                  Improve the Battery Life of Your Apple Watch

                                  So, that’s how you can take control of all the power-hungry features of your Apple Wath and help the battery last longer. Of course, some of the tricks do involve some trade-offs but they are worth embracing especially during the times your smartwatch needs to last longer. Have any feedback for us? Feel free to send that across.

                                  How To Change Your Apple Watch Face

                                  Last Updated on May 15, 2023

                                  Apple watches are great devices. You can access heart rate information, notifications, and even estimated blood oxygen levels all from your wrist! 

                                  There are a variety of versions to choose from. The most recent Apple Watch is the series 7 model, which claims to have a larger display, better charging time, and more durability. 

                                  One of the best things about the watches is that they are pretty customizable, so you can choose your own Apple watch face and change them whenever you want – from both your iPhone and the watch itself.

                                  This article will show you all the different ways you can change the watch face on your Apple Watch. 

                                  How To Change The Watch Face On Your Apple Watch

                                  Switching to different watch faces from your Apple Watch is very simple.



                                  Swipe Left Or Right

                                  All you need to do is swipe left or right from each side, and you will see the different watch face options that you have previously added to the watch. 



                                  Swipe To Center

                                  Once you have found the one you want to switch to, you don’t have to do anything else. Just swipe it to the center and that’ll be your new watch face!

                                  How To Customize The Watch Face On Your Apple Watch

                                  Another great thing about these little devices is that you can actually customize the watch face on the watch itself!




                                  Once you have selected the face you would like, tap on it and select ‘Edit’. You will then be able to select an array of feature options. You can change the color or markings of certain faces.



                                  Press Down

                                  You can do this by tapping to select a change, and then using the digital crown to change it. Once you are happy with the changes, press down on the digital crown and the changes will be saved. 

                                  How To Delete A Watch Face From Your Apple Watch

                                  While knowing how to add and change watch faces from your Apple Watch is essential, knowing how to delete them is equally important.



                                  Swipe Left And Right

                                  As you would do to select a watch face, swipe left and right until you reach the face you would like to delete.

                                  Simply swipe up, and you will see an option that says ‘Remove’. Tap this, and that selected watch face should be removed. 

                                  How To Add A Watch Face From Your iPhone

                                  If making all these changes on the small face of your Apple Watch is a little too fiddly for your liking, then you can do them all directly from your iPhone!



                                  Face Gallery

                                  Simply go to the Watch app on your phone, and go to the ‘Face Gallery’ that is located at the bottom. Here, you can search through the different watch faces that are available.

                                  Once you have found the one you’d like to include in your collection, you can press ‘Add’.




                                  You can also customize different watch faces from your iPhone. Once you have selected a watch face, you can choose from a variety of different colors, styles, and complications.




                                  Once you are happy with your edits, tap on ‘Add’, and your new watch face will be added to your Apple Watch.




                                  If you would like to remove a watch face using your iPhone, just select the face you want to get rid of, and at the bottom of the screen you should see an option that says ‘Remove’.

                                  Tap on this, and the watch face will be removed from the collection.

                                  Final Thoughts 

                                  Apple watches are great – even better when just how you want them to be to match your own style – and as mentioned there are a variety of models to choose from.

                                  If you are an iPhone user, having an Apple Watch will enable you to access a variety of features including fitness and health tracking. It will also give you the convenience of seeing messages, calls and notifications right on your wrist. All on a watch face which can reflect your own personality or practical needs.

                                  17 Ways To Save Battery On Android

                                  Although manufacturers have incorporated larger batteries to support stronger phones, they still run out just as fast to support new features. However, you can change or disable several features to make your battery last longer. Here’s a simple guide to help you save battery on your Andriod device.

                                  The most simple method to save battery is to restart your Android phone. Restarting will stop all apps that may be running in the background. It will only start your phone with essential apps and features, ultimately reducing power consumption. 

                                  Keeping your phone’s operating system up to date can also save battery since newer updates may contain patches that can utilize power more efficiently. Here are some other tips to save battery on your Android phone.

                                  Reducing screen brightness is the simplest and the most effective way to reduce battery consumption. The brighter your phone screen, the more power it will consume. As screen brightness is an important feature, Android phones have a brightness slider integrated into the notification center for easy accessibility.

                                  If you have to use your phone outdoors frequently, you can make use of the auto-brightness feature. This feature will automatically change the brightness according to your environment.  On some Android phones, it may be found under the name “adaptive brightness.”

                                  Most newer Android models also have light and dark mode options. Light mode will use white backgrounds on your phone’s interface and apps, whereas dark mode will use black backgrounds. On AMOLED and OLED screens, using dark mode will consume less battery since the phone just turns off the screen pixel to imitate the black color.

                                  Android phones are on the light mode by default, but you can change it to dark mode to save your phone’s power.

                                  All phones have a feature that automatically turns off the phone screen after it sits idle for some time. This feature’s main motive is to save power when the phone is not in use.

                                  This feature is generally turned on by default and is set to turn off the screen after 30 seconds to 1 minute, depending on the phone model. If you’ve changed this to a longer delay, reducing it to 15 seconds or lower can massively decrease your power consumption. The battery consumption can be fairly noticeable even if it’s only reduced by a few seconds.

                                  Some phones even have an Always On Display feature that constantly shows the current date and time even when the screen is turned off. Turning off this feature can help save power as well. Here are the steps to do it:

                                  Open Settings.

                                  Go to Lock Screen.

                                  The refresh rate of a device means the rate at which its screen changes frames. A 60 Hz refresh rate means it’s changing 60 frames in a second. Few Android phones allow you to change the refresh rate of your phone. 

                                  Choosing a lower refresh rate can help you save a considerable amount of battery. You can usually change the refresh rate from the Display settings. Here are the steps to do it:

                                  Open settings.

                                  Android phones have a power-saving mode, which, as the name suggests, saves power. Power saving mode restricts your system’s performance, so it consumes less power. 

                                  This means your apps will have slightly slower responsiveness, and your games may lag a bit. Depending on your phone manufacturer, power saving mode also stops video from auto-playing on some social media apps.

                                  Some phones also have an ultra power saving feature. This mode will only enable minimal features and a select few applications, but it will make your phone’s battery last a lot longer than normal.

                                  Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are one of the most basic and important features of an Android phone. Android phones have both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth adapters integrated into them, which require extra power to operate. Hence, disabling both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi when you don’t need them can save a noticeable amount of battery on your phone.

                                  Airplane mode disables all wireless signals on your phone, including reception signals. This mode is mainly used when traveling by plane so that it does not interrupt communication between the airplane and the tower. But you can also use it to save battery on your device. Enabling airplane mode while charging can even make your phone charge faster.  

                                  You can put your phone in silent mode to save battery as well. Since your phone won’t be using any audio, your speaker won’t need any power hence saving your battery. Similarly, disabling keypad and keyboard sounds will also help save mild power.

                                  If you don’t need any form of audio feedback, you can also disable vibrations on your phone. Even without sounds, vibrations alone consume a considerable amount of power as well.

                                  Most apps will keep running in the background until you kill off the apps. Most Android apps have the “recent apps” feature, which keeps track of your most recently opened applications. These apps will consume battery power and resources in the background.

                                  A small habit of killing the apps after use will help you preserve power. 

                                  The background app refresh feature lets certain apps refresh their contents and data in the background automatically. This feature is commonly used by social media applications to provide you with the newest content.

                                  You can also disable background refresh selectively for individual apps from the app’s settings. Although, enabling the power-saving mode will also automatically disable this feature for all apps at once. 

                                  Disabling this feature may prevent you from getting alerts or notifications about recent activities in the app. However, this feature also works in your favor. Since there will be no notifications, your phone screen will not wake up at random, hence saving more battery.

                                  If you have cloud backup turned on, Android phones will automatically back up your phone’s data to the Google cloud. This feature is known as auto-sync.  As handy as this feature is, it may run in the background and consume power even when your phone is idle.

                                  Disabling this will save the battery of your phone. However, with this function disabled, you will have to manually sync your phone with the cloud. You can also delete unused email accounts to prevent those accounts from syncing in the background and consuming extra power.

                                  Your phone uses Global positioning service (GPS) to track your location in the world. GPS uses satellites to track your position on earth. Location services are used by maps, video, games, or certain social media apps to provide special services. You can disable this location service from the settings app if you do not need it.

                                  However, you may not be able to use some apps that explicitly require you to turn on location services. 

                                  Open the Google app.

                                  Press on your profile icon.

                                  Android phones have a feature that lets you check your phone’s battery usage. It tracks the total battery power consumed by each app or feature on your phone. Some apps or video games consume more power than other general apps. You can force-stop any apps using the most power to prevent them from using any more battery.

                                  The apps you force stop will stop all their background processes as well. However, doing this may corrupt the app data leading to app crashes.

                                  In some cases, just killing or stopping the app will not completely prevent it from running processes again. Some apps automatically start up after a certain period. A solution to this issue is just uninstalling the app temporarily. You can simply redownload the app whenever you need to use it. But be sure to back up any important data first that you may lose when uninstalling the app.

                                  As fascinating as live wallpapers are, they also use more battery power than regular wallpapers since the background is constantly changing. Your phone has to allocate more power to the processor, which keeps the background moving.

                                  Using a still wallpaper can reduce the power consumption on your Android phone. If you’re not much into color aesthetics, you can choose a plain black background to save even more power. However, black wallpapers only save power on AMOLED and OLED displays.

                                  It may come as a surprise, but your environment and phone’s temperature also affect your device. Unusually high/ low temperatures will impact battery life negatively. Using your phone at a moderate temperature will keep your phone battery from dying faster.

                                  If you notice your phone heat up, letting it rest till it cools down is good practice.

                                  Batteries deteriorate with time and use. After a certain time, it slowly loses its maximum capacity. But a healthy charging routine can extend your battery life significantly. 

                                  Keeping your battery charge between 20% – 80% may keep your battery’s overall life. Start charging your phone at 20% capacity and stop it at 80%. Although you do not have to follow this pattern strictly, just trying is good enough to save your battery’s lifespan.

                                  How To Free Up Space On Your Apple Watch

                                  How to Free Up Space on Your Apple Watch

                                  Yeah, when it comes to the iPhone or iPad, you can easily choose on the basis of RAM or memory but it isn’t the same with Apple Watch. That is why, while making the decision of buying an Apple Watch, you cannot only think about memory. It needs to be an overall decision where everything about the Watch will have the same weightage.

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                                  Apple Watch & iPhone

                                  Check Storage Space Before Clearing Space on Apple Watch

                                  Since there can be many reasons your Apple Watch can get less storage space error, the same way there are many ways one can clear space on Apple Watch. From finding the unnecessary data stored on the Apple Watch to the rarely used apps, everything can be flushed out to create enough space.

                                  In order to look for the solutions to clean up space on Apple Watch, first you need to find which section is storing most of the space. And if that’s unnecessary, I think you know what action needs to be taken without blinking. And to do so, you need to dig in deep & look into each section to look at how much storage space you have on the Watch as below:

                                  Also Read: Quick Guide To Use Camera App On Apple Watch

                                  1. Storage Checking With Apple Watch App

                                  Dedicated Apple users who have accessed the Apple Watch know that your Watch is as good as the not-connected-speaker sitting idle in the room corner, if not synced with the Watch App on iPhone. If we say that your Watch is incomplete without the Apple Watch, it wouldn’t be wrong. Because you can literally control anything & everything on the Apple Watch with your iPhone’s Watch app. So if you have got an Apple Watch & are getting the storage space notification, its high time you look for the remaining storage on the Watch. As well as, without further delay, identify the solution to deal with the storage issue as below:

                                  A. Start with launching the Watch App on your iPhone (that’s been paired with Apple Watch).

                                  B. Follow the process by tapping on My Watch; General, & then About.

                                  C. Give yourself a couple of seconds & you will see all the details have appeared in front of you (installed apps, music tracks, images, & remaining storage).

                                  This was one of the ways to look for the storage space on your Apple Watch & see if there is any unnecessary data that needs to be flushed out.

                                  2. Storage Space Checking From Apple Watch

                                  It’s not that you can access the storage details only from the Watch App on your iPhone. In case you do not have your paired iPhone nearby, still the Apple Watch storage details can be seen on your Watch. Apple Watch will give you a complete & detailed info about the storage that’s been covered up by installed apps.

                                  You need to start with unlocking the Apple Watch & pressing the Digital Crown button.

                                  Once you have reached the above mentioned path, the Available & Used storage details will appear in front of you. The storage info will also display the applications as which one is consuming how much space.

                                  After analyzing the whole storage space details, you can see the apps that are covering the maximum space on the Apple Watch. And once you have found the details about storage space, now is the time to start cleaning space on Apple Watch.

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                                  Here’s How to Free Up Space on Apple Watch

                                  Now that the problem has been found, it’s time we look for the solution that can help us clean the space on Apple Watch. Let’s start the process of freeing up space on Apple Watch using below steps:

                                  1. Removing/Uninstalling 3rd Party Apps from Apple Watch

                                  Considering that you have used the above steps to know the space covered by installed apps, you need to figure out which ones are rarely used & take up the most storage. Once those have been narrowed down, you need to start deleting or removing those apps to clear space on Apple Watch.

                                  Please note: If you find apps that are native ones (such as Walkie-Talkie, Podcast etc.), know that they cannot be deleted from the Apple Watch.

                                  B. Follow the process by visiting the Installed Applications area & choose the one that you wish to delete from the Apple Watch.

                                  C. Now you need to tap on Turn Off option for Show App on Apple Watch. Simple as that!!

                                  For now, there isn’t any way to delete or uninstall multiple applications from the Apple Watch so be patient while removing apps one-by-one.

                                  2. Remove Native Apps From Apple Watch

                                  I know what you are thinking that just above it was stated “you cannot delete or remove native apps”. However, you can do so by using your Apple Watch, instead of the paired iPhone. Using the below way, you can easily delete the native apps to free up space on Apple Watch as mentioned below:

                                  You need to start the process by tapping on the Digital Crown button on Apple Watch.

                                  Similar to your iPhone, keep a hold onto any of the apps until all of them start juggling.

                                  Please know you can swipe left to right while those apps are juggling & delete apps on the next page as well.

                                  3. Remove Audiobooks to Free Up Space

                                  While removing data from Apple Watch, you need to make sure if those can be accessed through iPhone as well (if deleted from here). For example, Audiobooks and that is something that can easily be accessed & listened to if you have your iPhone nearby. So in order to clear space on Apple Watch, let’s delete audiobooks from Apple Watch:

                                  Navigate to the Watch App on paired iPhone & make your way to Audiobooks (through My Watch tab).

                                  Once you locate Audiobooks, tap on it & switch off the option “Reading Now”. While you are on the page, please switch off another feature “Want to Read” as well.

                                  Post doing so, find Library & start the Audiobooks deletion process by swiping right onto the file & select Delete.

                                  You can also tap onto the Edit button (top right side of the screen) & remove multiple Audiobooks in one go.

                                  4. Delete Messages & Health Data From Apple Watch

                                  Another successful way of cleaning up space on Apple Watch is deleting messages from Apple Watch as well as the health data.

                                  With Messages, there is a proper chain that’s going on without even realizing how big it is. Plus, though they don’t store enough space, still, in order to clean up space everything counts, from pin to plane. There will be messages that are important to you and there will be those that aren’t. So narrow down those messages and navigate yourself to the Messages app on Apple Watch to delete them (swipe right to the conversation). Simple!!

                                  When it comes to Health Data, it’s quite an important thing as it’s directly related to your health. Since all the health data on your iPhone is exactly a mirror of the data on Apple Watch, I think you know what to do. Both the statistics get synced so anything on one device will be easily accessible on the other one as well.

                                  Please know that doing so on your Apple Watch will remove the whole fitness & health record from the Watch.

                                  Navigate yourself to the Health app on your iPhone & tap on Sources.

                                  Under Sources, launch the Apple Watch & look for the option, “Delete All Data from Apple Watch”.

                                  Choose the option & go ahead with tapping on the Delete function. That’s it. Another way has been used to create more space on Apple Watch by removing many.

                                  5. Set Synced Album Limit on Apple Watch

                                  Synced Album gives the user liberty to sync up to 500 photos & that is a huge number if you are going through them on your Watch. And you can visit those pictures anytime, even though the iPhone isn’t paired with the Apple Watch. Luckily, Synced Album has an option where you can set a limit onto the number of photos that can be synced. So let’s start by setting a limit from 50-100 and see how that’s been working out for you.

                                  Launch the Watch App on your iPhone & go to the My Watch tab.

                                  Follow the process by scrolling down to look for the Photos section & once you find it, tap on it.

                                  Under Photos, tap on Synced Album & now is the time to select the Album.

                                  After choosing the Album, here you need to set the limit on the number of pictures (50-100) according to your requirement.

                                  6. Remove Music to Free Up Space on Apple Watch

                                  Music is one of the best feelings in the world that can take you places you never imagined & bring you back in no time. Obviously, your Apple Watch also has the feature of Music Playing & we all know that we don’t listen to all the songs that are into our playlist. Some of them we ignore & others we skip to listen to the favorite ones. So why keep them in the Music library if we are not listening to them at all. Let’s clean space on Apple Watch by deleting the not-played music as below:

                                  A. Delete Music Through iPhone

                                  Open the Watch app on your iPhone & as always, go to the My Watch tab.

                                  B. Delete Music Through Apple Watch

                                  Yeah, that’s possible too!! You have the liberty to delete music tracks from your Apple Watch in simple steps.

                                  Just simply visit the Music app on your Apple Watch & narrow down the Playlist/Music/Album you wish to remove.

                                  After choosing the track or playlist, swipe to the right & tap on the burger menu (three dots).

                                  Tap on Remove & confirm the action by choosing the upcoming prompt. Simple as that!!

                                  Following the above steps as well as methods will definitely free up space on Apple Watch. However, if you keep following these from the start, you may never face the issue of “not enough storage space” while installing updates as well. Apple Watch has been a tremendous support to our lives, from attending phone calls to responding to messages & accessing social media apps. And all of this was possible without even taking out the cell phone was amazing so let’s keep the device clean & spacious enough for functions to work flawlessly.

                                  Wrapping Up

                                  It’s quite necessary that one keeps his/her device with enough storage space that at least updates can be installed without any issue. And since Apple Watch has literally become our iPhone, we have become totally dependable on it. So let’s try to free up a bit of load from Apple Watch & try to clean space on Apple Watch by using different ways.

                                  From as small-sized-category as Messages are to as large-sized-category as Music or Photos, everything needs to be analyzed. That is how you can free up space on your Apple Watch and make things seamlessly work out for you so explore them all.

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                                  About the author

                                  Ankit Agarwal

                                  How To Fix Apple Watch Not Pinging Your Iphone

                                  If your Apple Watch is not pinging your iPhone, here are a few solutions to fix this issue. Once that’s done, your misplaced iPhone will play a sound when you command it from your Apple Watch, and you can find it easily.

                                  What is the “ping” feature on Apple Watch?

                                  Suppose you kept your iPhone somewhere in the house and forgot about it. Sure, one way to find it is by calling your iPhone using a family member’s phone. However, what if no one is home or your iPhone is in silent mode or Do Not Disturb mode?

                                  In these situations, you can use your Apple Watch to ping your iPhone. For this, swipe up from the bottom of the watch face to open watchOS Control Center. Now, tap the iPhone icon with tiny rings, and it will ping your iPhone; that is, your iPhone will play a sound, and you can easily locate it.

                                  This sound plays even if your iPhone is in silent mode or Do Not Disturb Mode.

                                  Pro tip: If you press and hold (not just tap) the ping button in Apple Watch Control Center, it will not only play a sound on your iPhone but also flash its back LED flashlight, thus helping you locate your iPhone at night.

                                  However, if your Apple Watch is not pinging your iPhone, here’s more about it.

                                  Your iPhone and Apple Watch must be somehow connected

                                  You can ping your iPhone from your Apple Watch if:

                                  Both devices are near, and Bluetooth and Wi-Fi are enabled on both.

                                  Both devices are near, and Bluetooth is enabled on both.

                                  Both devices aren’t near, but they are connected to the internet via Wi-Fi or cellular. It’s ok if Bluetooth is turned off on both or one of the devices.

                                  If you satisfy any of the first two requirements, pinging the iPhone is easy, as mentioned above.

                                  Note: While you’re in the Apple Watch Control Center, make sure it isn’t in Airplane Mode. When it is, the Airplane Mode icon is yellow instead of gray and white.

                                  Ping iPhone if Bluetooth is turned off

                                  If you only satisfy the third point, that is, devices are far, out of Bluetooth range, or with Bluetooth turned off, tapping the ping icon may not play a sound on the iPhone. But you can use the Find Devices app on your Apple Watch, as long as your Apple Watch is connected to Wi-Fi (or cellular on cellular models). When it’s connected only to Wi-Fi, you’ll see the tiny Wi-Fi icon in watchOS Control Center.

                                  Press the Digital Crown to see all your apps and open the Find Devices app.

                                  Tap your iPhone from the list of devices.

                                  Scroll down and tap Play Sound.

                                  Now your Apple Watch will communicate with the iPhone via the internet and play a sound on it, helping you find the nearby iPhone.

                                  In other words:

                                  If you see a green iPhone icon in the watchOS Control Center, it means it’s connected to the iPhone and can ping it.

                                  If you see just the Wi-Fi icon in the Apple Watch Control Center, you should be able to ping the iPhone using the Find Devices app (assuming your iPhone is connected to the internet via Wi-Fi or cellular data).

                                  If you see a red iPhone icon in the Apple Watch Control Center, that means it’s disconnected from the iPhone and the internet. You can’t ping your iPhone unless you go near it to connect via Bluetooth or connect your watch to Wi-Fi (or cellular on supported models).

                                  Must see: How to know whether your Apple Watch is connected to the internet or not

                                  Try moving around

                                  If you somewhat remember the last position where you kept your iPhone, like the garage, kitchen table, lawn, kids’ room, go near it to ensure your iPhone and Apple Watch are in Bluetooth range (about 30 feet or 10 meters). Now, if you see the tiny green iPhone icon in the Apple Watch Control Center, that means it’s connected to your nearby iPhone. Tap the ping icon to play a sound on the iPhone to locate it.

                                  If you still can’t find your iPhone, use the Find My app on your other devices like your iPad or Mac. If you don’t have that, you can use chúng tôi on a Windows PC. And if you have no other device of your own and your Apple Watch is unable to ping, you can use your friend or family member’s iPhone to find your misplaced iPhone!

                                  Related posts to keep you informed:

                                  Shout “Hey Siri” to find the missing iPhone

                                  If you can’t ping your iPhone using Apple Watch but had enabled “Hey Siri,” go to the probable location where you think your iPhone might be and loudly say “Hey Siri.” If your nearby iPhone recognizes it, it will light up its screen or reply something like “I’m listening. Yes, etc.” In case it does nothing, just ask it a question like “Hey Siri, how is the weather” and it should speak the answer.

                                  Related: How to use “Hey Siri” when iPhone is face down or covered

                                  Besides the above options, there is nothing else you can do to find your missing iPhone except for searching it manually everywhere around you.

                                  How to ensure Apple Watch pings your iPhone in the future

                                  You saw above the conditions necessary to ping your iPhone using the Apple Watch. We didn’t include some of the fixes like restarting and updating the iPhone as it requires you to have access to the iPhone – which is impossible if you’re trying to find that very missing iPhone.

                                  But, once you find your iPhone, make sure to follow the below recommendations to ensure your Apple Watch pings your iPhone all the time in the future.

                                  Never turn off Find My feature

                                  Related: How to check Activation Lock before buying a used Apple device

                                  Keep Wi-Fi and Bluetooth enabled

                                  For squeezing the most use time on your iPhone or Apple Watch, you can turn off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. But doing so also takes them offline. So, if you frequently misplace things, please never turn these off. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth ensure you can ping your devices or use the Find My service appropriately.

                                  Restart your devices regularly

                                  I restart my iPhone and Apple Watch almost once every couple of days. I would recommend that you turn off your iPhone and Apple Watch and turn it back on at least once every three to seven days. Restarting is a quick and effective solution to keep several petty issues away from your electronics.

                                  Don’t put them in Airplane Mode and forget about it

                                  Airplane Mode cuts off the radio signals like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and cellular. Make sure you don’t enable it and then forget about it.

                                  Update your Apple Watch and iPhone

                                  For the near-perfect experience, keep your Apple Watch and your iPhone updated.

                                  Reset iPhone network settings or all settings

                                  If you face connection issues or similar problems between your iPhone and your Apple Watch, try resetting the network settings. And if that doesn’t help, go with a full settings reset. Here’s how to do all types of resets on an iPhone.

                                  Unpair and re-pair the Apple Watch

                                  Finally, let’s say your iPhone and Apple Watch are with you, and you tap the ping icon to try or test the feature, but your iPhone stays silent! This can mean a bigger problem between your iPhone and the wearable, but it can be fixed by unpairing the Apple Watch and pairing it again with your iPhone.

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