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You may be surprised to find out there are thousands of free ebooks available to download from digital libraries. Whether you like to read on a Kindle, iPad or smartphone, we’ve searched the web to discover the best places to download short stories, novels, and even kids books – all without spending a dime. Let’s take a look at the best ebook libraries you can visit today to download free ebooks.

1. Project Gutenberg

Undoubtedly one of the most popular ebook libraries, Project Gutenberg is home to over 60,000 titles that are free to download. There’s no fee and no registration. Popular titles include some of the most classic novels in history, including Adventures of Tom Sawyer, The Illiad, Moby Dick, A Tale of Two Cities, Crime and Punishment, and more. Books are available to download in a variety of formats, including ePub, Kindle, plain text, PDF and more.

2. Smashwords 3. International Children’s Digital Library

Even though most free online ebook libraries cater to adults, options to download free ebooks for children exist thanks to sites like International Children’s Digital Library. With more than 4400 titles available, all available titles are scanned online so that they can be read through the site’s own default reader. Book discovery is done through language, shape, color, genre, character, true versus make-believe and format, so it’s easy for parents to quickly discover something their child will like.


Arguably one of the best websites for historical content, chúng tôi is also home to all types of free eBooks. Everything from fiction and historical to academic and children’s books is available. Download formats including PDF, ePub and Kindle shows book interests are definitely broader here than in most other free ebook libraries. All totaled, there are more than 20 million downloadable books and texts for free with more than 2.3 million of those being “modern” ebooks.

5. Amazon Kindle Store (Adults)

As much as Amazon pushes books for purchase, the online retail giant still offers ebooks for free through their website. The best place to start is the Top 100 Free section, which often includes a mix of romance, mystery, fiction, and the occasional children’s title. Alternatively, you can also explore Amazon’s current selection of free Kindle titles that changes regularly and often includes similar genres to the Top 100 list. All ebooks are available in Kindle format, so you will need a dedicated Kindle reader or the Kindle app on mobile or desktop.

Amazon Kindle Store (Kids)

Adults are not the only ones who get to enjoy free Kindle ebooks. Children will also find a choice list of free available ebooks through the Kindle Store. Available ebooks include titles good for babies all the way up to age 12. There are some fun short stories as well as a mix of books to help children understand new emotions and feelings they are just beginning to recognize. There are often a few hundred titles available, so it’s worth checking out monthly to see if something new pops up that may be of interest to younger readers.

6. BookBub 8. 9. Baen

When it comes to science fiction or fantasy genres, look to Baen as a go-to library for free ebooks to download. The site has a large selection of novels that you can read online or download in five different formats. In addition to science fiction and fantasy, Baen also includes young adult, nonfiction and paranormal romance genres. You won’t find any new releases or a very deep library, but it’s a great site to discover some hidden science fiction and fantasy gems.

10. Barnes & Noble (Children)

Like Amazon, Barnes and Noble also offers a strong selection of free eBook titles for children. With more than 5000 available books, they are broken down by ideal age group, new releases, top 100 and more. Downloading each ebook is completely free and can be read across a spread of Nook-supported tablets, eReaders and apps for Windows, iOS, Android and iPadOS. The book selection changes every so often, so it’s good to check back a few times a month to see whether new titles have been added.

Barnes and Noble (Adult)

Similar to its children’s site, Barnes and Noble offers a similarly solid lineup for adults as well. Whereas the children’s site is broken down more by age and new release, the adult site is focused more on genre. Genres including cookbooks, young adult, thrillers, romance and science fiction are all available for free ebook discovery. There’s a really deep selection of titles for each genre – science fiction alone has more than 12,000 free ebooks available. Like the children’s site, free ebooks can be read across any supported Nook tablet or smartphone app.

Frequently Asked Questions Are all of these ebooks free forever?

Yes! Best of all, there are no limitations on how long you can keep them or how many times you can read them.

Are these free ebook download libraries safe?

Absolutely. All of these free ebook download libraries have been around for years with solid reputations. Project Gutenberg, for example, is on everyone’s list of top sites for free ebooks, as it is so well regarded.

Are there other free ebook download sites?

These are our favorite free ebook download libraries, and there are more ebooks available through these sites than you could read in many lifetimes. That said, there are still other favorite sites out there like Read Print, Open Library and

When it comes to downloading free ebooks online, there really are so many libraries to browse through. Whittling the list down to the above choices gives you an excellent list of curated sites and digital libraries where you will find something new and exciting to read – for you and your children. No matter your genre of preference, you are covered with choices upon choices. Now that you have the ebooks, check out the best eReaders for Windows, Android and iOS.

David Joz

David is a freelance tech writer with over 15 years of experience in the tech industry. He loves all things Nintendo.

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5+ Best Edm Making Software To Download For Free

5+ best EDM making software to download for free




Do copyright regulations interfere with your plans to produce electronic dance music? An EDM  software will take care of that.

In this article, we have gathered the

best EDM software

to help you create any type of beat.

If you’re an artist or a music producer you know that audio digital tools are part of the process to create good music.

Our guide below will provide qualitative DAW software that will incredibly enhance your sound with professional tools.

Get the right software to support your ideas!

Creative Cloud is all you need to bring your imagination to life. Use all the Adobe apps and combine them for amazing results. Using Creative Cloud you can make, edit, and render in different formats:




3D models & infographics

Many other artworks

Get all apps at a special price!

The thought of producing EDM (electronic dance music) may have crossed your mind several times especially if you are a content creator, budding music artist or a DJ.

For content creators, music is a big part of their production. However, the recent copyright laws have made it difficult to use free music available on the Internet. A copyright strike and you may end up losing your channel.

The best solution here is to either purchase a license to music or create your own EDM. EDMs are created using DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) software.

Every Digital Audio Workstation is different, as a result finding the one that caters to your needs is important.

While we cannot promise you to make the next Marshmallow, what we can certainly show you is the best DAW software for EDM.

In this article, we have gathered the top music production software to help you create any type of beats for EDM.

Adobe Audition is the pinnacle when it comes to professional Digital Audio Workstations allowing you to edit, mix, record, and even restore audio.

Designed to deliver a polished mix with pristine sound, the Audition includes multitrack, waveform, and spectral display features that help accelerate production workflows.

Its complex toolset is matched by step-by-step tutorial guides to ensure the perfect usage of its audio transforming capacities.

Regarding sound effects, Audition offers plenty of free effects you can add to your tracks, like fade-in or fade-out for making your songs as original as possible.

Moreover, the benefits provided by this great tool helps to record, edit or mix your music professionally, resulting in a satisfying sound of your music. With its comprehensive audio tools, you’re able to produce tracks that will impress the most critics.

There are other plenty audio effects you can enjoy, such as reverb effect or parametric equalizer designed to improve your recordings. Another capability is the noise reduction option that removes every unwanted sound from your track, transforming it into a crystal-clear melody.

To conclude, such powerful software can assure your EDM music quality thus increase your chances to be heard worldwide.

Let’s quickly go through its key features:

Audio cleanup, restoration, and precision editing tools (spectral frequency display, Diagnostics panel, and effects)

Record, mix, and export audio content for videos and podcasts

Complex sound effect design and robust audio toolkit

Record, edit and integrate music clips

Step-by-step, interactive tutorial guides

Seamless integration with Adobe Premiere Pro and other Adobe Cloud Suite apps

Essential Sound panel for professional-quality audio

Remix (easily and automatically rearrange any song to fit any duration)

Adobe Audition

Adobe Audition is the best professional audio software for recording and producing audio!

Free trialVisit website

ImageLine’s FL Studio is a powerful DAW software that can help you create some of the sleekest beats. Apart from creating EDM, the tool is equally good for creating and recording any kind of music project.

The base version Fruity Edition of the tool lets you create basic melody and loops while the producer edition offers full song creation and audio recording features.

To aid complex score editing and manipulation, it comes with the best in industry Piano Roll that can be used to send a note to plugin instruments.

It also offers a flexible editing timeline with tracks that can hold notes, audio, and automation.

You can use over 80 plugins for instruments and effects covering synthesis, compression, equalization filtering, and distortion, etc apart from support for third-party plugins.

Other notable features offered by FL Studio include a vectorial interface, automation recording, VST, ReWire support, Live DJ Control, the ability to render 4K videos using FL Studio, and more.

FL Studio is both powerful and complex, but once you master its use, the possibilities are endless. The company offers a trial version of the same for you to try before making a purchase.

Let’s sum up its key features:

Intuitive and modern looking users interface

Support for 4K audio

Multiple display support

Excellent MIDI composition tools

Free future upgrades

FL Studio

Fruity Loops is the best software for creating EDM and can be handled easily by newcomers or professionals.

Check priceVisit website

Magix is the same company that owns Vegas Pro video editing software. It also offers its music production DAW software Acid Pro. The Acid Pro comes in multiple versions.

Acid Pro was mainly known for its loop tools. However, the latest version of the software comes with a wider feature set than ever.

The user interface of Acid Pro is nothing different from other DAW tools with a model GUI offering intuitive loop-based composing.

It is standing on the new and powerful 64-bit architecture and comes with a new set of features that include instruments including synthesis, sampler and drum, new plugins, guitar, and mode.

It also comes with two new Vita Solo instruments Pop Brass and Orchestra Ensemble.

Then there is the exclusive Analogue Modelling Suite but only for Acid Pro 365 users offering classic-style effects of limiter, compressor, and transient modeler.

Expert tip:

Acid Pro 365

Check out Acid Pro 365 to create your music using professional tools, without having to worry about copyrights.

Check priceVisit website

Zulu DJ is a professional mixing software that offers enough features for a professional and is easy enough for a beginner to get started.

It is a premium software for the home edition and extra features like a multi-track mixer, audio editing tools, audio converter, and vocal voice changer and more can be added at an additional cost.

There is a free version of the DJ Zulu available as well, but some features get disabled after 14 days trial while others remain functional.

Zulu DJ claims to be a complete mixing solution offering powerful features along with an intuitive user interface.

It also comes with features like the ability to easily crossfade between tracks, real-time pitch, and tempo adjustment, seamless music mixing with auto-play mode, and support for multiple audio formats including MP3, Wav, and other popular formats.

You can also add effects like Distortion and Reverb in real-time. The VST plugin support allows you to add more functionality to the tool.

An easy-to-use interface, real-time automatic BPM detection, and the ability to add all the popular effects on the fly make DJ Zulu a good choice for anyone looking for mixing software.

Zulu DJ

Make your most enjoyable tracks using this proficient mixing program and go crazy with your music.

Check priceVisit website

From producing music to performing Live, Ableton Live is among the simplest digital audio workstation you can find today. The latest version of Ableton makes it even better with a new set of features.

The Ableton Live is divided between two views – the arrangement view and the session view. The Session View enables you to play music live in real-time using scenes made from audio clips.

This allows you to combine a drum, bass, and guitar track in a single scene if needed and the next scene may only include bass and drum with guitar track removed.

The latest version also includes new devices – Wavetable, Echo, Drum Buss, and Pedal to create new sounds with the help of live instruments and effects.

Ableton Live can also capture and edit multiple MIDI clips using the arrangement view that enables quick and creative editing with tools like stretch and audio fade.

Hence this resourceful music producer tool offers the whole experience of recording your music and master it at full resonance. Regardless of your music genre, such efficient software guides you with every single note.

It also has Push 2 integration for viewing MIDI notes on Push display and Max For Live integration as well.

Ableton Live is a fully loaded professional tool that is ideal for mixing and EMD production. Grab the demo and try it to check if it meets your requirements.

⇒ Get Ableton Live

Bitwig is that new kid in the block but offers similar functionality as of Ableton Live which is also due to the fact that some of the former Ableton developers have helped in creating Bitwig.

Bitwig is a professional digital audio workstation for Windows and other platforms offering flexible workflow for recording, live performance, and sound design.

It comes with a complete package of 80+ instruments and effects along with over 10 GB of professional-grade sound content ready for production.

The flexible panel-based user interface offers three layouts: Arrange, Mix, and Edit so that you can focus on the work in hand with a required set of tools.

It also supports multiple monitor setups to boost your productivity. The Detail Editor enables you to make destructive edits to a clip using stretch, split, copy, pan, reverse, add, move, and pitch tools.

Other features offered by Bitwig include standard note editing tools, the ability to open multiple projects at a time, fades and crossfades for audio clips, and hardware integration.

The demo of Bitwig is available for download, make sure you grab the demo before betting your money on it.

⇒ Get Bitwig

We have listed the top DAW software for EDM production and audio mixing. While some offer ease of use, others bring industry-standard tools to create the best piece of EDM in the coming time.

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Javascript Animation Libraries: 10 Popular Choices

I love experimenting with various animation effects, particularly those that are simple and can be implemented with CSS. But, if we look at the broader picture – CSS animations will only take you that far. And, if you want to create complex and interactive user experiences, you’ll have to switch to JavaScript sooner or later.

The types of JavaScript animation libraries

So, because JS animation libraries come in many shapes and forms, it really helps to narrow down the specific area of focus. Many engines and frameworks aren’t just used for front-end stuff, but also used to build games, and create other interactive content.

For this specific roundup, my focus is on libraries that are most commonly used in front-end development, either on their own or together with any of the current frameworks.

In due time, I’ll consider adding more libraries to this list that are smaller in scale but still provide meaningful ways to add interactive animations to your projects.

Each library has links to its website and GitHub page. I’ve also added a CodePen example that you can run from this page and additional resources – which are either tutorials or video guides.

#1 – Three.js

Three.js is the go-to library for creating 3D animated effects that you use in creative website development. chúng tôi removes the need for developers to learn about WebGL, and can instead focus on building interactive 3D effects without the complexity.

On the high end, chúng tôi is used to create interactive virtual experiences like Mozilla Hubs. The library is also often utilized to create immersive landing page experiences. World-class publishers and editorials have used chúng tôi for years to build data-based pages with dynamic updates.

If you visit the homepage, many highlighted projects are listed, which should give you plenty of inspiration/clarity about how this library is used in everyday environments.

Three.js Example Animation

See the Pen Mesh Line Waves Background – chúng tôi by CP Designer (@cpandya) on CodePen.

Three.js Additional Resources

#2 – Anime.js

Anime.js from Julian Garnier is probably the 2nd best-known library for integrating animations into web-based projects. Its popularity stems from having in-built tooling to help accelerate the process of animating CSS, SVG, and DOM elements.

For example, you can target specific CSS selectors and then apply refined animation logic through JavaScript, as opposed to writing the @keyframes yourself.

anime({ targets: '.staggering-axis-grid-demo .el', translateX: anime.stagger(10, {grid: [14, 5], from: 'center', axis: 'x'}), translateY: anime.stagger(10, {grid: [14, 5], from: 'center', axis: 'y'}), rotateZ: anime.stagger([0, 90], {grid: [14, 5], from: 'center', axis: 'x'}), delay: anime.stagger(200, {grid: [14, 5], from: 'center'}), easing: 'easeInOutQuad' });

Just with the above snippet alone, you can make an effect that looks like this:

If you were to do this with CSS – you would need to select each individual grid block and write separate logic for it. Not only is that impractical, but it’s also a lot of work. On the chúng tôi docs page, you’ll find plenty of similar examples. And, the demo below goes a step further to showcase how this library can be used in modern front-end development.

Anime.js Example Animation

See the Pen chúng tôi logo animation by Julian Garnier (@juliangarnier) on CodePen.

Anime.js Additional Resources

#3 – Popmotion

Popmotion is a low-level animation library written in TypeScript. The library also powers the popular Framer Motion (we have it listed in this article) library used in React projects. Being unopinionated, you can use Popmotion to integrate custom effects by writing additional functions you wish to use.

As the name implies, Popmotion is particularly good for animating user interface elements through the use of various motion-based animations. This includes effects like easing, springs, keyframes, and more intricate transition effects. The example below does a good job of showcasing the practical application of animation effects for component elements.

Popmotion Example Animation

See the Pen Popmotion demo’s by Arden (@aderaaij) on CodePen.

Popmotion Additional Resources

#4 – mo.js

Mo.js is focused on motion graphics and excels in providing a simple code structure that you can implement in self-contained projects and with frameworks such as React.

And, because chúng tôi ships with its own declarative API – you get to control each step of the animation. This includes defining the logic for what you wish to achieve and how you will get there. The library includes pre-made components and examples which are tailored for visually rich user experiences.

Here is a sample snippet:

const travelCircleExpand = new mojs.Shape({ fill: COLORS.BLACK, radius: 126, scale: { .1: 1 }, opacity: { 0 : 1 }, easing: 'cubic.out', duration: 400, isForce3d: true, isTimelineLess: true, });

As you can see, a lot of the logic is pre-defined. So, rather than coming up with your own ideas, you can take note of the provided properties, and build your way up. The tutorial section in the docs has quite a few examples of practical applications, particularly effects that add minuscule yet meaningful animations to everyday web page elements.

mo.js Example Animation

See the Pen Link Hover Effects w/ chúng tôi by Mike Quinn (@mprquinn) on CodePen.

mo.js Additional Resources

#5 – p5.js

p5.js is the JavaScript implementation of Processing – a separate “language” intended for use by visual artists. Unlike some of the examples we have seen so far, chúng tôi is a universal animation library, providing solutions for practical applications and more robust and complex projects. This includes full-on support for 2D & 2D effects.

As far as using chúng tôi in website projects go, the library opens up an avenue for in-depth creativity. For example, you can quickly bootstrap effects like a smokescreen, animated trees, and data-based landing pages which users can interact with.

You do have to do all of the drawings yourself, but with the number of resources available for chúng tôi – I think you’ll find that it’s not so difficult to get started. And, it goes without saying, that the community behind both of these projects is very involved.

p5.js Example Animation

See the Pen chúng tôi Twist and Turn. by Sdsmnc (@supastrocat) on CodePen.

p5.js Additional Resources

#6 – Motion

React is so popular that it only makes sense it would have its own animation library. Framer Motion comes with a pre-built API that let’s React developers simplify the process of building animated components. It also alleviates some of the hurdles of needing to learn CSS and its independent animation properties. And it’s quite easy to work with.

An example snippet:

import { motion } from "framer-motion" <motion.div animate={{ rotate: 360 }} transition={{ duration: 2 }} )

Animations in Framer are defined by the motion & animate properties. This lets you select entire components and their inner elements, which you can then enrich with your custom animation logic. The Smashing article from Nefe Emadamerho-Atori in the resources section is a great starting point to see how Framer Motion works.

Motion Example Animation

See the Pen Laser Sight Button by codebro (@codebro) on CodePen.

Motion Additional Resources

#7 – GSAP

I’ve been seeing GSAP art being shared on Twitter quite a lot recently. But it doesn’t come as a surprise. Many of the animations and dynamic effects we see in creative projects have been made possible thanks to the robust GSAP engine.

Not only is the library optimized for performance, but it’s also highly compatible with your favorite technologies. That includes frameworks like React & Vue and libraries like jQuery, with additional support for mobile and dated web browsers.

Because GSAP can query and animate practically any web element (from CSS to Canvas to DOM objects), you can use it for something as simple as a spinner effect, or go all out and build truly dynamic website experiences.

The Showcase section has hundreds of example projects developers have worked on. Check it out for inspiration and to see what is possible with this library.

GSAP Example Animation

See the Pen Hulu Originals Intro by Hyperplexed (@Hyperplexed) on CodePen.

GSAP Additional Resources

#8 – Paper.js

Paper.js is an animation library with a strict focus on animating vector graphics. This approach lets you do not only static effects, but also interactive dynamic experiences. In particular, chúng tôi is popular among animation projects where users can drag objects, rearrange them, and provide custom input.

Objects can be categorized through layers, each with a custom animation specification. This comes in handy when you work on complex structures, letting you remove/disable certain layers unless requested by the user.

Paper.js Example Animation

See the Pen Filling Glasses – chúng tôi by Fiorald Ismaili (@Fiorald) on CodePen.

Paper.js Additional Resources

#9 – Web Animations

This library is a direct JavaScript port of the Web Animation API. The library integrates directly with the Element.animate() specification, letting you use animation features typically written using CSS logic. The authors explained it by saying:

“A JavaScript implementation of the Web Animations API that provides Web Animation features in browsers that do not support it natively. The polyfill falls back to the native implementation when one is available.”

Web Animations Example Animation

See the Pen Imperative Animations by Sam Thorogood (@samthor) on CodePen.

Web Animations Additional Resources

#10 – Proton

Particle effects are definitely up there in modern web design trends. Not only do designers implement them for background effects, but also for interesting transitions, and even presentations for creative projects. The Proton library is tailored specifically to the needs of quickly scaling creative particle effects.

You can do things like build spark effects, and collision-based interactions, but also transform text into new and exciting animation experiences.

Proton Example Animation

See the Pen my-emitter by matsu7089 (@matsu7089) on CodePen.

Proton Additional Resources


The nice thing about many of these libraries is that they have been around for a while. As such, it’s relatively easy to find examples and in-depth guides on using a particular library in a specific context.

Above all, it helps to know what kind of a goal you’re trying to achieve, particularly if you’re going to be working on animations that implement real-time data or user-based input.

In other words, there is no such thing as best. Each library has its own strengths and weaknesses. I’d probably go with GSAP because it’s nicely optimized for use in almost any front-end project imaginable.

But if I am doing a project that’s less ambitious, a library like Popmotion is plenty.

38 Of The Best Free Stock Photo Websites For 2023

Here’s a list of online resources and websites where you’ll find free stock photos for your social media posts, website, or other marketing channels.

You might be the most amazing social media manager in the world, with an impeccable social strategy and well-honed posting schedule — but that doesn’t mean you know how to take a picture. Maybe you should be looking into free stock photography instead.

That’s okay! We’re not blaming you! We can’t all be good at everything. (For example: even Grammy-winner Michael Bublé doesn’t know how to eat corn like a normal human.)

Even if you’ve studied up on how to take good Instagram photos, sometimes it’s just best to leave imagery to the professionals. Which is where free stock photos come in.

And, lucky for you, the internet is chock-a-block with gorgeous, royalty-free, copyright-free photos, just waiting for a chance to dazzle your followers.

In fact, we’ve managed to round up 38 (thirty eight!) of the best free stock photo websites to share with you. So if you’re looking for photos for commercial use that don’t cost a penny but will make your social feeds look like a million bucks, read on.

(Looking for free stock video sites? We’ve got you covered there, too.)

Bonus: Get the always-up-to-date social media image size cheat sheet. The free resource includes recommended photo dimensions for every type of image on every major network.

How to know if a stock photo is free to use

Before you go on a shopping spree (or… whatever it’s called when the thing you’re shopping for is totally free), it’s important to clearly understand how to know if a stock photo is free to use.

If you accidentally share something that doesn’t give you commercial rights, you might be in violation of copyright law — which could mean some serious consequences for your brand, or even you personally.

And unfortunately, “I didn’t know” won’t fly as a legal defense.

So look for clear descriptions on the stock photo website that say “commercial use allowed,” “commercial use and modifications allowed,” or “no known copyright restrictions.”

Anything licensed under the Creative Commons or public domain is fair game too.

But when in doubt, read the fine print.

You can dig more into understanding image copyright here, but here’s a handy flowchart that cuts to the chase:

Source: Hootsuite

And now, onto the good stuff: free resources for social media photos that will wow your followers and get those likes rolling in.

38 free stock photo websites

Gorgeous, editorial style pics are everywhere here. Photographers upload their content in hopes of catching someone’s eye for future paid work. In the meantime, low- or no-budget brands can benefit from the wealth of stylish shots. Not sure what to search for? Browse featured collections like “Athletics,” “Travel,” or “Technology” to spark some inspiration.

Gratisography is really pushing the whimsy here. Download any of their free high-resolution stock photos for whatever use you want, thanks to a “peace of mind” license. Lots of illustrations are available, too.

Source: Gratisography

Find free photos, vectors and videos courtesy of Adobe, which all meet the exact same licensing standards as the company’s paid content. Some shots look a little more posed and stock photo-y than others… but maybe that’s what you’re going for!

Source: Adobe Stock Free Collection

You guessed it: more free stock photos for editorial or commercial use. No attribution required at all here, so if you don’t want to give credit to the person who shot this person holding a pumpkin, you don’t have to.

Source: Pikwizard

RawPixel has a decent collection of Public Domain images (either photos that have fallen out of copyright, or has been dedicated to the public domain). You might find just what you’re looking for here… though you do need to sign up with a free account to get it.

Instantly download free high-resolution stock photos. Good news, because when you’re in a rush to get that Instagram post scheduled, sometimes there’s no time to log-in!

Source: Splitshire

Shopify wants its clients to have nice looking websites, so they’ve helped ‘em out with a collection of sleek, high-quality photos. A lot are (surprise) retail or service focused.

25,000-plus photos and 1,500-plus vector illustrations are at your fingertips here… including this chubby sea lion!

Pixabay has some beautiful shots… millions of them, in fact. What more do you need to know?

Sometimes, you want your free stock photo site to focus. FoodiesFeed exclusively offers beautiful food photos. Not a great place to be looking if you’re reading this round-up just before lunch, FYI.

Hundreds of new, free, high-resolution stock photos are added weekly here, in categories like “Nature,” “Dog,” and “Family.”

Talented creators share their best free stock photos on Pexels. You can even explore the most-viewed photos for a hint of what’s really resonating with audiences at any given moment.

Seven new stock photos are uploaded each week. It’s a mixed bag, but they’re all beautiful… and, as you probably guessed, they’re all free.

While they do have images of barns, they also have images of other things: hands holding cell phones, beautiful vistas, and cups of coffee on a messy office desk.

Three photographer pals create stock images in their spare time. You’ll find a lot of documentary-style shots here, which can give a social feed a much-needed dose of authenticity.

Okay, I’m going to start getting repetitive at a certain point, because it’s hard to say something new about another collection of royalty-free images and stock photos. But that doesn’t mean it’s not worth doing a little search here for some Insta-inspo!

A “photographer of the week” feature puts the spotlight on Life of Pix’s talented contributors weekly.

Photographer Jay Matri has made a large selection of his photos available for free commercial use (“Do anything,” he says). We hope you like trees and waves!

No restrictions on any of the ISO Republic photography — download to your hearts’ content and get to posting.

Self-described as “femine” stock photography, the collections here are airy, bright, and generally have an “Instagram influencer making smoothies in the ‘burbs” vibe. Which sometimes is exactly what you need.

People, places, things: all the usual fare you would want from a free stock photo website.

One neat distinction from IM Free is that they also offer free web templates and icons, in addition to royalty-free imagery.

Freerange promises “great photos”: what’s not to love? New free images daily.

I mean, the name really says it all, doesn’t it?

All these free stock photo websites kind of look the same too… it’s like one endless collection. But that’s good! It means you have infinite sources to find exactly what you need to build engagement.

Beautifully lit, high-resolution photos that have been “hand-picked,” whatever that means!

They’re gorgeous, they’re high-resolution, they’re (you guessed it) freeeee.

Want to give your social feeds a vintage flair? Grab some of these free historical photos from the public archives.

A lot of disembodied-hands-holding-smartphones. A lot of beaches. A lot of women in beachy hats. It’s a stock photo treasure trove!

Photographer Jan Vasek shares their work, free for websites or commercial projects.

The late photographer Nic Jackson’s work remains available to use any way you want — his family has ensured all of his images will stay accessible and open to the public.

Morgue file was started back in ‘96 as a free image exchange for creative professionals and teachers. It’s still alive and well, with images now available for anyone and everyone to use however they see fit. There’s a lot of amateur stuff here, but also lots of hidden gems.

Want Picjumbo to just choose photos for you? Sign up for their newsletter and they’ll deliver free stock to your inbox weekly.

Find stylish (and very Instagrammable) photoshoots here at Kaboom. Hot editing idea: some of the textured photos could make cool backdrops or borders for any of these other stock photos you’ve just downloaded.

To help improve representation of gender in all its forms, Vice has compiled a collection of Creative-Commons-lisenced photos of gender-diverse and non-binary models for anyone to use.

Another cool initiative to improve representation in stock photography, Nappy only features photos of Black and brown models.

Whew! If you can’t find a stock image to suit your needs in this exhaustive list of resources… well, we don’t know what to tell you. Maybe consider using a stock video instead?

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Bandicut Download Free Video Cutter For Pc

Our Review Pros Good-looking interface and intuitive features Cut, merge, and convert videos High-speed mode Cons No fully-functional free version

Made for Windows computers only, Bandicut features an intuitive interface and easy controls for splitting and joining videos. It can also act as a video converter, giving you the possibility to change the format of the resulting clips. The tool reaches out to both beginners and experienced individuals.

Before getting our Bandicut review, you should take a look at its limitations, system requirements, setup operation, interface, feature set, and how-to-use steps.

Bandicut free

The software application isn’t freeware. However, you can explore most options and configuration settings in the free demo. But you should take note of its restrictions. For example, there are fewer video formats supported for cutting videos in high-speed mode.

On top of that, the tool throttles the cutting and merging speed. It also adds a watermark to all the new videos you create. If you want to lift these limitations and enjoy the free version, you have to buy Bandicut.

On the bright side, you have to make a one-time payment since there are no subscription plans, so you don’t need to worry about monthly or yearly fees. Volume discounts are available for Bandicut, depending on the number of PCs that interests you. Also, you will receive a lifetime guarantee.

Bandicut system requirements

Before downloading and setting up this video splitter on your computer, check if you meet these requirements:

Processor: Intel Pentium 3 or higher CPU

Memory: minimum of 128 Mb RAM

Disk storage: around 20 Mb or more HDD

Monitor: 800×600 screen resolution at 16-bit color, or better

OS: Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP (either 32-bit or 64-bit)

Bandicut installation

Setting up this video cutter on your PC is a simple task, thanks to the traditional wizard steps. You can select the installer language, review and accept the license terms, create a program group and desktop icon, or change the default install path if you prefer a different location. Bandicut can be launched as soon as the setup is over.

Bandicut interface

The software application is wrapped in a user-friendly interface with a good-looking appearance. It has a dark theme and shows large buttons in the Home section, giving you the possibility to choose the video mode from Cut, Split, and Join.

A vertical menu is displayed on the left side of the main window, providing you quick access to the Home, Cut, Join, Information, and Configuration sections.

How to use Bandicut

To quickly cut a video file into several parts using Bandicut, here’s what you need to do:

In the Home area, select the Cut mode and choose a video from your PC

Repeat this process for every segment you want to extract from the video

Set the output file name and saving destination

While waiting, you can set a post-task action (Go to main window, Play a sound, Open the output folder, Shut down)

A great video cutter and joiner for all user levels

To conclude, Bandicut is an excellent piece of software that can help you easily cut and merge video files by configuring simple settings. It supports the most popular video formats and lets you cut multiple segments out of the same clip. You can also upload the new files to YouTube or Twitter.

Bandicut performs tasks quickly, even in the free demo, that intentionally slows them down. It doesn’t hog system resources either, so you can work in other applications while creating new videos. Thanks to its intuitive interface and options, the video cutter and merger can be used by anyone with ease.

FAQ: Learn more about Bandicut

Is Bandicut free?

No, Bandicut isn’t free, but you can still use it for free, as long as you don’t mind the demo limitations we described above.

Is Bandicut safe?

Bandicut is a legitimate piece of software made by the same company that created Bandicam. It does what it says: cut and merge videos. The tool doesn’t contain malware, nor does it alter the original videos. It’s perfectly safe to download, install, and use Bandicut.

Which is the best video cutter for PC?

Bandicut is one of the best video cutter software tools for your PC, thanks to the fact that it’s incredibly fast and easy to use.

16 Websites To Download Free Ebooks Legally

Reading is one of the best and most productive habits we can cultivate. Not only does it add to our knowledge, but also stimulates the creativity of the mind, helping us think better. And thanks to free eBooks, getting into reading has never been easier. Now, there are millions of great totally free eBooks available online, on just about every topic imaginable. But the question is, where does one find this treasure of books that doesn’t cost anything?

Legally Download eBooks for Free 1. Open Library

With an aim of creating “one webpage for every book ever published,” Open Library is an invaluable source of not just freely available eBooks, but also a whole lot of useful information about them.

Visit Website

2. Project Gutenberg

Arguably one of the most famous and well known sources of free eBooks, Project Gutenberg is a volunteer effort aimed at making eBooks (and in a broader sense, the knowledge they contain) available to everyone free of cost.

Having over 50,000 titles (as of this writing), most of the eBooks available on Project Gutenberg are available under the public domain. From Classics to Periodicals, and from History to Social Sciences, there are books available on a diverse range of subjects. The latest additions to the website are shown on the homepage, and you can also use the site-wide search if you’re looking for something specific. Most of the books can be downloaded in a variety of formats, such as EPUB, MOBI, and TXT. What’s more, you can also save the eBooks directly to a variety of cloud storage services, like Dropbox, Google Drive, and OneDrive.

3. Smashwords

Love the literary works of Indie authors? You’re going to love Smashwords. At its core, Smashwords is a web based platform that enables authors/publishers around the world to publish and distribute their works to retailers.

But that’s not all. It’s an invaluable source of freely available eBooks, spanning an insane variety of subject topics/genres, such as Anthologies, Fantasy, Horror, Mystery, Romance (Fiction); and Career Guides, Entertainment, General Reference, Philosophy, Science (Non-Fiction). Navigating the website is extremely simple, and you can use the quick filter buttons to sort the results based on parameters like word length, and chúng tôi categories/genres are listed on the left. Apart from thousands of free eBooks, paid titles are also available at numerous price points. Once you’ve found the eBook you’re looking for, you can download it in multiple formats like EPUB, MOBI, PDB, and TXT. The eBooks can also be read online.

Visit Website

4. Loyal Books

Want quick and no-fuss access to hundreds of free eBooks? Loyal Books is exactly what you need. And the best thing is that it doesn’t only have eBooks, but audiobooks as well.

From Adventure to Comedy, and from Nature to Tragedy, Loyal Books’ collection of free, public domain eBooks has something for everyone. It even boasts works from world renowned personalities such as Benjamin Franklin, Oscar Wilde, Confucius, and Karl Marx. The website sports a fairly straightforward UI, and a sidebar on the left lets you quickly browse books based on specific genres, as well as those available in other (Non-English) languages. Once you’ve found the eBook of your choice, you can download it in several formats like EPUB, MOBI, and TXT. eBooks can be also read online, and for those titles that are available as Audiobooks, you can either stream online, or download them as MP3s or Podcasts.

Visit website

5. Bookbub

Bookbub’s collection of free eBooks keeps on constantly changing, based on which eBooks are available for free at any given time. However, you can be almost sure of always finding some really good titles, including at times, even bestsellers from critically acclaimed independent authors. The eBooks are available across a broad spectrum of categories/genres, including Biographies & Memoirs, Cooking, Historical Mysteries, Literary Fiction, and Thrillers. Based on which eBooks are available for free, they can be downloaded directly to the eBook reader devices such as Kindle, Nook, and Kobo (in the formats that the devices support) from their respective online bookstores. And of course, you can also find discounted deals on numerous other eBooks. All you need to do is create a free account, fill in your genre/subject preferences, and Bookbub will provide you regular recommendations on the best deals. How cool is that?

Visit Website

6. MobileRead Forums

If you’re new to this whole concept of eBooks, eReader devices, and stuff like that, there’s probably no better place to start off than MobileRead Forums. Put simply, it’s a storehouse of invaluable information regarding everything eBooks.

Visit Website

7. Wikibooks

In the simplest of words, Wikibooks can be described as the Wikipedia of books. It’s essentially an open-content collection of textbooks that anyone can edit, thus making it an incredible resource of user contributed content.

Wikibooks, as the name pretty much explains, is a sister project of Wikipedia. Having over 2,800 books, its collection includes a lot of non-fiction content, based on subjects like Computing, Humanities, Science, Languages, and Engineering, each further sub-divided into multiple categories. This makes navigation really easy when you’re looking for something specific. And of course, you can use the site-wide search as well. Subject specific eBooks are categorized as Completed, Nearing Completion etc., based on their completion status by the editing community. The eBooks can be read online, having interlinked pages just like regular webpages, and can be downloaded as PDF files as well.

8. ManyBooks

Another great source of getting free and public domain eBooks, ManyBooks boasts of a pretty solid collection, and you can be sure of finding something of your liking once you start digging through it.

ManyBooks’ collection consists of over 33,000 titles, covering a whole gamut of genres like Art, Drama, Fiction & Literature, Science, and Travel. What’s more, navigating the website is a breeze, thanks to handy, self-explanatory sub-sections which let you browse the collection based on parameters like authors, languages, and title names. You can also search for eBooks, and check out the Recent Additions and Special Collections sub-sections. Each eBook’s detail page lists helpful information about it (e.g. author name, genre, word count), and once you’ve found the eBook of your choice, you can download it in popular formats like EPUB, MOBI, and PDF. Nearly all of the eBooks are public-domain, and are fully legal to download.

Visit Website

9. Feedbooks

Feedbooks is en online retailer of eBooks that provides a platform to upcoming and independent authors to publish their works. Unsurprisingly, it has a pretty robust catalog of some really good and decently priced eBooks.

But that’s not everything. Feedbooks also has quite a collection of both original and public domain eBooks, that you can download legally and read on any device you want. From Action & Adventure to Short Stories, and from Mystery & Detective to Horror, Feedbooks’ collection has something for everyone. The detail pages of the eBooks include helpful information like synopsis, word count, and more. The eBooks themselves can be dowloaded in all popular formats like EPUB, MOBI (for Kindle), and PDF. Feedbooks includes other interesting sections like Editorial Reviews, Interviews etc. that are worth checking out too.

Visit Website

10. Bookboon

Visit Website

11. HathiTrust

While we’re on the discussion of eBooks catered towards the student community, it’s only fitting to talk about HathiTrust, which is a one of a kind digital library of educational titles.

Visit Website

12. Free Ebooks

The name says it all. If you’re looking for free eBooks, you should definitely check out, well, Free Ebooks. From works of fiction, to academic texts, Free Ebooks has it all.

13. Baen Ebooks

Although its website may look like something from the early 90s, but Baen Ebooks has a fairly good collection of free eBooks that make it worth checking out. No seriously, it’s good.

Basically, Bean Ebooks is an online store that sells DRM free eBooks spanning a variety of genres. However, they also have a free library that includes quite a few really nice eBook titles that you can download legally for absolutely nothing. The eBooks are primarily based on the Science Fiction and Fantasy genres, although there are some other titles as well. Each eBook’s detail page includes information like synopsis, and author name. The eBooks can be read online, as well as downloaded in almost all popular formats, such as EPUB, MOBI, and PDF. There are other eReader device specific formats available for download too, and you can also email the eBooks to yourself.

Visit Website

eReader Device Specific Online eBook Stores 14. Amazon Kindle

Probably the most popular eBook reader devices out there, Amazon’s Kindle line is a great way to access Amazon’s huge library of eBooks. All you have to do is go to the Kindle store, and search for “free eBooks.” The Amazon Kindle library has over 32,000 free eBooks, covering everything from Action & Adventure to Travel. Simply download, and sync/download the eBooks to your Kindle device, and Amazon account.

Visit Website

15. Barnes & Noble Nook

Visit Website

16. Kobo

If you’re having one of the awesome Kobo eBook reader devices, you can check out the great collection of free (and paid) eBooks available on the Kobo store. There are titles available across nearly all genres, such as Mysteries & Thrillers, Sci-Fi & Fantasy, and a lot more. Once you’ve found what you’re looking for, simply hit the Add To Library button, and the eBook will be downloaded/synced to your Kobo eReader device. As simple as that!

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