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Welcome to the latest edition of iDB’s ongoing Gift Ideas series, where we provide curated roundups of some of our favorite products. Throughout the year we cover and test a number of devices and accessories, so we decided to use that experience to help those searching for the perfect present. Today’s roundup is focused on gift ideas for folks who like to travel.

Twelve South PlugBug Global Adapter

If the person you’re shopping for is an international traveler, the PlugBug from Twelve South makes a great gift. This portable adapter comes with five snap-on international plugs so you can charge your MacBook and other Apple devices in a number of countries including the UK, Australia, China and Japan. If they’re an experienced traveler, chances are they already have some adapters, but we’re going to bet they’re not as sleek or seamless as the PlugBug.

You can buy the Twelve South PlugBug for $45.

Apple Watch Series 2 42mm

For most folks, the Apple Watch is a nice gadget, but for travelers, it’s an essential one. Picture this, wearing the Watch you enter the airport. You use it to show your boarding pass, pay for your coffee at Starbucks and buy a sandwich at the terminal cafe—all without having to take out your phone or wallet. These are just a few examples of how Apple’s wearable can come in handy while on-the-go. I can’t think of a better gift for a frequent traveler that doesn’t already have one.

You can buy the Apple Watch Series 2 Aluminum for $399.

Alternative: if you really like the person, get them a Stainless Steel model (shown above).

JOTO Universal Waterproof Phone Pouch

Whether you’re headed to the beach on vacation, or just to the city on a boring business trip, a waterproof pouch can really come in handy. It’s built for your smartphone, but it can also store other important things such as plane tickets, passports, your wallet and more. We like this pouch from JOTO because it’s dirt/snow/waterproof up to 100 feet, touch-friendly, fits a number of devices, and it has a 4.6 star Amazon rating on some 17K reviews. It’s not super attractive, but it’s cheap and packable so you can pull it out in a pinch.

You can buy the JOTO Universal Waterproof Pouch for $8.

Bose QuietComfort 25 Acoustic Noise Cancelling Headphones

We recommend Bluetooth headphones more often then not, because wireless is clearly the way everything is headed, but I’m not sure there’s a more popular pair of headphones among travelers than the Bose QuietComfort 25s. They fold up for portability, they sound great, and best of all they feature Bose’s patented noise cancelling technology that can virtually silence a noisy airplane cabin. There’s also an inline microphone for fielding phone calls, a built-in remote for media playback, and Bose includes a nice carrying case.

You can buy the Bose QuietComfort 25 headphones for $300.

RAVPower 26800mAh 3-port Portable Charger

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: a good portable charger always makes a great present. There are tons of them out there, but for our travelers gift guide we’re recommending this one from RAVPower. It has a HUGE 26800mAh power bank that’s capable of fully-charging an iPhone 9 times, it has 3 high-powered USB ports, and iSmart 2.0 tech for fast, safe and reliable charging. All of this is fit into a package that is just a bit larger than a TV remote.

You can buy the RAVPower 26800mAh portable charger for $50.

Twelve South BookBook Travel Journal

Twelve South’s BookBook Travel Journal has popped up in a few of our gift guides this year, but this thing was made for travelers. It looks like a large hardback book, but it’s really more like a small bag, and honestly I think it could replace a carry-on for a lot of folks. It features a zippered closure, a large interior pocket and several smaller pockets for carrying various items. Use it store your iPad, headphones, portable charger, cables, adapters and other important things like your passport or wallet.

You can buy the Twelve South BookBook Travel Journal for $98.

Victorinox Swiss Army Spirit X Multitool

I really like giving multitools as gifts in general, but they really come in handy while traveling. You want to get a solid one—not the plastic ones you see in checkout lines at the grocery store—and we really like the Swiss Army Spirit X. It’s made of stainless steel and features 22 tools including screwdrivers, wire cutters, bottle openers and more. Plus it’s made in Switzerland by perhaps the most renowned name in multitools: Victorinox, and comes with a lifetime warranty.

You can buy the Swiss Army Spirit X for $75.

Alternative: if the gift recipient needs something more TSA-friendly, check out the bladeless Swiss Army Jetsetter tool.

Tom Bihn Aeronaut 30 Duffel Carry-on

A good carry-on bag makes a great gift if the traveler you’re shopping for needs a new one. Now luggage is very subjective, as people have different aesthetic tastes, but you should be ok if you go with solid colors and premium materials. All of Tom Bihn’s bags meet those requirements, but we really like the Aeronaut 30 duffel. It has a large main compartment, easy-access end-pockets, and can be held and carried in a variety of ways. All of this is wrapped in high tenacity nylon with YKK Aquaguard coil zippers and duraflex buckles—translation: this bag was built to last.

You can buy the Tom Bihn Aeronaut bag for $285.

Alternative: there’s a bigger Aeronaut bag available for just $10 more, but it skirts the line for carry-on size.

Hydro Flask Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottle

Hydro Flasks also make great presents. They are essentially vacuum-insulated water bottles that can keep a liquid hot for up to 6 hours or cold for up to 24 hours. They look great and are super durable. You can use a nice water bottle really anytime, anywhere, but as you can imagine they really come in handy while on-the-go. The Hydro Flask also features a wide-mouth opening for smooth drinking, and comes in various sizes and colors.

You can buy the Hydro Flask Water Bottle starting at $30.

iPad Pro 9.7-inch 128GB

Like the Apple Watch, the iPad is another device that really shines on the road. More specifically, we like the 9.7-inch iPad Pro for its combination of power and portability, and recommend getting a larger storage capacity like the 128GB model so it can store enough movies and TV shows to get you through a long flight. I doubt you need any further convincing here, but just in case the iPad also plays games and music, can read millions of e-books, and offers thousands of apps to help you get things done.

You can buy the iPad Pro 9.7-inch 128GB for $630 (sale price).

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Best Online Whiteboard Tools To Create Great Ideas

If you work from home and want to come up with ideas, you will need a good Whiteboard. You can use a physical whiteboard, but not everyone wants to do that, so how about whiteboard apps that are available on the web? In most cases, they are just as good when compared to the free Whiteboard apps for PC. Furthermore, each web-based whiteboard we are going to discuss here is great for team collaboration, so users can always get the most out of brainstorming for the next best idea. And if you are the type of person who works alone, then worry not because these whiteboards are good for that as well.

Best online Whiteboard tools to create ideas

If you are looking for the best online whiteboards to create great ideas, then the following options should be more than good enough:



Google Jamboard


Whiteboard Team

1] Canva

There is a good chance you have heard of Canva before. This tool is mostly used by professionals to create social media banners, infographics, invitation cards, and much more. But did you know it comes with a whiteboard option? It does.

Now, while Canva is free, there are some aspects that require a premium account, so keep that in mind, always. Visit the official Canva website.

2] Browserboard

Another cool whiteboard that is also free, is one known as Browserboard. With this tool, folks can use it without an account. Users can easily create a whiteboard that expires in 7 days, and there is no need to sign up. However, if users want to save their boars and use additional features, then a free account is required.

In terms of features, Browserboard gives the user the option to upload photos from any device via a free account. Whiteboards can be locked to prevent editing from others, and the ability is there to download a photo of the whiteboard and select the scale along with the transparent background.

3] Google Jamboard

Chances are you’ve heard of Google Jamboard. It is not the better whiteboard online tool on this list, but it is good enough for most use cases. Folks who use the whiteboard feature in Google Meet should know it is actually Jamboard, so you already have some experience with it.

Since your Google account is tied to Jamboard, all whiteboards are saved to the cloud for easy access via any supported device and web browser.

In terms of features, we like the fact that users can create separate frames on the same whiteboard. Furthermore, folks can switch between them with ease, and that’s something we like. Those who want to make their notations stand out can choose preinstalled background images or upload them from their device. Additionally, boards can be downloaded as a PDF or as a frame.

Visit the official website at Google Jamboard.

4] Miro

What we have here is a full-featured online whiteboard that is quite popular among users. It comes with all the required tools to do what needs to be done on a whiteboard. For example, highlighter, pen, eraser, text boxes, shapes, lines, sticky notes, and more.

We also like the smart drawing feature that transforms sketches into perfect shapes with ease. The option is there to integrate with apps such as Microsoft Teams, Asana, Slack, and Jira.

Visit the official Miro website.

5] Whiteboard Team

We like what Whiteboard Team has to offer because it does not require the user to sign up for an account. It is 100 percent free, and since there is no need to create an account, this tool is perfect for quick sessions with collaborators.

Whenever a whiteboard is created, it can be saved on the platform for a maximum of 30 days. If an account is created, then your work can be kept up and running for as long as you want. Furthermore, it is possible to lock a whiteboard in order to prevent other collaborators from editing after work has been completed.

Visit the official Whiteboard Team website.

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Which color is best for a whiteboard?

The best background color should be white or any color you feel is best for what you need to do. Furthermore, black, red, or blue pen marker colors are easier to see on a white background, so try to avoid other characters if you can.

Does Zoom have a whiteboard feature?

Yes, the Zoom app does include a whiteboard feature, but if you are not seeing it for some reason, then contact an account administrator in order for them to enable it. Bear in mind that free and pro accounts are limited to three whiteboards only.

5 Great Ideas To Boost Your List Engagement: Email Marketing

1.      Review your welcome greetings

2.      Deliver a productive confirmation email

Once your buyer makes a purchase from your store, they are expecting that you provide them a confirmation email about their order. Research shows that this kind of email has the highest rate of being opened thus you should ensure that you send not only a plain and simple confirmation email. It should be one with a production value that could also provide you additional sale such as suggesting to your customer some complementary products that may be related to their purchase. This is an opportunity for you to identify the specific products that your customers need and you can align your proposal for similar products that they may like to purchase too. Online marketers often get an additional order when they try to re-sell or cross sell another product when sending a confirmation email to their customers.

3.      Test if your email comes through and evaluate its elements

No matter what kind of effort you give in your email marketing, it would still be useless when your email does not come through to your prospect customers. You might be throwing away the value of your marketing pitch and other schemes for your email marketing campaign when your intended recipient does not receive it at all. It is always best to test your system all the time to ensure that you are making a productive effort in sending people on your listing a good business email that will sit directly on their Inbox to start engaging them in your business. Likewise, evaluate your email elements such as the fonts, font size, color schemes, images, link placement, headings, text message and the like.

4.      Embark in email list segmentation

You are sending an email to various types of people. Segmenting your email list will improve your target customer engagement when you are able to create an email that best suit their circumstances. While creating a custom email to your customers, you can make a more engaging message accordingly based on their industry, behavior, title and position. Using this kind of email marketing approach will deliver you better results in terms of engaging your potential customers or clients to your business by providing them a personalized email to market your business.

5.      Reward your customer loyalty

Your customers will likely become more engaged to your business if you can provide them the feeling of importance and the opportunity to appreciate the value of your business. By offering your customers with a loyalty reward, you are improving your brand value and allows you to build your consumer-brand relationship. By establishing a reward program to your loyal customers, you are encouraging your customers to further patronize your products and services and will make them more engaged in every email that you send them with always something valuable to look forward to. Incentive programs also give a boost on your business reputation and helps in ultimately building an engaging relationship of your customers to your brand.

image credit: Shutterstock

Top 10 Face Recognition Project Ideas For Students On A Weekend

The top face recognition project ideas for students to keep them busy during the weekend

Applications utilizing machine learning have been developed that are extremely powerful in the field of computer vision. These face recognition project ideas will introduce you to these methods and direct you toward more experienced applications so that you may better understand the sophistication presently available. Face recognition projects are helpful.

Most novices love developing applications based on computer vision that recognize faces because it is entertaining. Consider the possibility of best face recognition project ideas that recognizes you by name after viewing your photo. With so many computer vision libraries available, developing such an application is not as challenging as you may imagine. Face recognition projects for students have helped them create fun applications. Face recognition technology has taken the world by storm. In this article, we discuss some of the top face recognition project ideas that can help you get all hooked during weekends and let you explore the best.

Here are the top 10 face recognition project ideas for students: 1.Face Recognition with Python and OpenCV 2.Mask Detection

It has become essential to wear a mask to prevent the COVID-19 virus from spreading. We still have a few persons that don’t follow the protocols, even though the majority of employees fully grasp its purpose. Therefore, an urgent necessity for developing a system that can automatically identify those who are not wearing masks.

We have all tried a filter that takes a photograph automatically when we grin while experimenting with image editing software. Face expression recognition is the straightforward principle behind this filter. A deep learning model that has been trained to recognize smiling faces from non-smiling faces is used by the filter. Creating such a filter is not at all challenging. You must first create a classifier for smiling and unsmiling faces before applying it to each frame of a live video.

4.Human Expression Recognition

If you choose to take on a somewhat more difficult assignment, think about developing an emotion detection model. Six primary face emotions—happiness, sadness, anger, fear, disgust, and surprise—can serve as the foundation for your model.

5.Blur the Face

To conceal a person’s identity, all news channels blur the faces of people in videos. The person’s face may be automatically identified, and you can utilize that information to obscure the image. The project will be helpful to make the faces of the persons in the video blurry.

6.Family Photo Face Detection

Grab your family photo album to gather authentic data and create a facial recognition model that can recognize your family members in the pictures. Face detection, alignment, feature extraction, and feature recognition are the several stages of this work. Consider integrating video data as well to enrich your project’s narrative and improve the model’s precision.

7.Automated Attendance System 8.Security Sector

When it comes to deploying face recognition, the security industry has years of experience. Since the introduction of the digital biometric passport in 2006, face verification has been utilized at several international borders. Face recognition technology is often used by police departments. Facial verification technology is used in many high-security locations, including government buildings and nuclear power plants, to confirm the identity of staff.

9.Retail and Marketing

Although face recognition in retail and marketing is still in its infancy, some fascinating trials have been conducted by major corporations. Facial recognition technology can be used installing cameras in stores. By accessing client information from their social media profiles and providing them with personalized offers and products, it can assess and enhance the customer purchasing experience.

10.Banking Sector

Facial recognition technology is being used by the banking sector to stop fraud and make internet banking safer. In more than 24 countries, HSBC introduced a Face ID verification option for their corporate clients. Even quicker than Touch ID is the Face ID login.

Best Snapchat Challenges In 2023: Great Story Ideas To Engage Your Friends And Family

Snapchat, which hosts one of the youngest demographics in social media, regularly comes up with quirky and fun challenges. These challenges help strengthen the bond with your Snapchat friends and even help you get noticed on the platform. Today, we’ll help you with some templates and ideas which you can put up as Stories on Snapchat.

How to add a Story on Snapchat?

Snapchat was the originator of the widely celebrated Story feature — the feature we’re now enjoying on Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, and even Twitter. So, it’s goes without saying that the methodology is quite straightforward.

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To add a story, first, log in to your Snapchat account and go to the ‘Camera’ tab.

Now, since you’d be adding from the gallery, you’d need to tap on the ‘Gallery’ button or swipe up from the bottom of the screen.

Now, pick the image you want to use as your template, and hit the send button.

Then, add it to ‘My Story.’

And finally, confirm.

That’s all. Your Snapchat Story will go live and stay visible for 24 hours.

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Best Snapchat challenges to have fun with friends

Snapchat, per se, doesn’t have a dedicated hub to find all the games and challenges. However, if you’re creative and resourceful enough, you can easily find or create some templates that could help you get some traction on Snapchat. Here, we’ll discuss a few ideas that you can use.

Expose yourself

This elaborate template by Pinterest account, ‘Latest Instagram Captions,’ is a great Snapchat ice-breaker. It basically is a set of interesting questions — full name, best friends, favorite colors, favorite songs, type of phone you have, whether you want to have children, and the likes — which can be put up as a Snapchat story in an attempt to converse with fellow Snapchatters.

Questionnaire for you

Cell phone game

This is a unique take on the whole “getting to know users” bit. Posted by ‘Showers, Parties, and More’ on Pinterest, this image asks users to calculate their scores using the items they have on their mobile. From having ‘a selfie as lock screen’ to texting history with mother, the template pretty interesting corners.


If you want more engagement and want your story to be shared as much as possible, try to entice users to bring others into the fold. And there’s no better way to achieve that than making your Snapchat followers mention their friends. This image asks your followers to tag based on a person’s smile, dependability, height, and more. However, before using the list by ‘Storytemps’ be sure you’re not unintentionally hurting a sensitive person or group.

This or That

Instagram and Snapchat have seen plenty of ‘This or That’ since the lockdown. However, if you are yet to take part in one, you could surely kick things off by using this neat template by ‘Sequins & Spatulas.‘ Here, you’re giving your followers 12 pairs of options and asking them to tell you about their preferences. If you don’t want to post a blank template, you could easily post your preferences and tag a couple of your friends in that story. That way, the status will keep circulating, giving you some exposure along the way.

Emoji game

We’ve already covered five different methods of engagement, so, let’s add the missing piece to the puzzle: Emojis. Now, this questionnaire isn’t that unique in terms of the questions, per se. But its format and execution are quite different. Here, you’d be answering your questions in one of the three ways — Yes, No, and Maybe. And your followers, of course, are free to submit their question by picking any of the 16 emojis.

Jars of Fear

Each and every one of us is scared of one thing or the other. We don’t always admit them publicly but telling another person know, privately, isn’t that daunting. This template by Imgur banks on the same line of thought to maximize engagement. As you can see, there are a total of 28 hollow jars on here. Depending on their fears, your followers would need to fill up the jars and share them with you. Similarly, you can offer them a safe space by telling about some of your fears. Although the idea is quite unique, it’s important to remember that not many would be interested in opening up to a relative stranger. So, be sure to manage your expectations before diving in.

Favorite Emojis

The earlier emoji entrant was only used as a tool to lead to tougher questions. This one is just about having fun and sharing the love you have for emojis. This template, as you can see, asks your followers to tell you about the emojis they use the most or use them to answer a couple of simple questions, such as the current weather, their mood, and the country they want to visit the most. To start things off, you could fill up the sheet yourself at first and mention a couple of friends to participate.

Circle your favorites

We have already gone through one version of multiple-choice questions, called ‘This or That.’ This well-crafted template, which is a little similar in philosophy, benefits from offering more options. Instead of choosing from two options, you offer up to five. And as always, you can get the ball rolling by filling out the form yourself first.

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10 Project Ideas Based On Generative Adversarial Networks (Gan)

Earlier this year, MyHeritage’s Deep Nostalgia, which used AI technology to bring old photos to life, took the world by storm. People all over the world were captivated by the results because seeing your deceased loved ones in action again, smiling and moving, was an emotional experience. Images of many famous people, including freedom fighters, renowned scientist’s activists, researchers, and authors, were animated and shared on social media platforms.

Create your own Anime Characters using GANs

Have you heard of Fullmetal Alchemist? Bebop Cowboy? What is a Death Note? You have, of course! Who hasn’t heard of these well-known anime series? Even if you don’t, it’s never too late to try something different. We can create our own Anime characters’ faces using GANs. Several GAN architectures can be used for this task, including DCGAN, StyleGAN, and others.

Image Style Transfer using CycleGANs

Have you ever wished to paint like Monet or Van Gogh? What if we tell you that you can now without even picking up a paintbrush? GAN is all you need. Image Style Transfer is a task that takes two images as input, namely content, and reference, and produces a composition that combines the objects of the content image in the style of the reference image. By style, we mean the reference image’s brush strokes, colors, and textures.

Semi-Supervised GAN (SGAN) using the MNIST dataset

Semi-Supervised Learning is a novel type of problem in which the training dataset contains both labeled and unlabeled data. The difficult aspect of this problem is that the model is expected to learn from a small set of labeled data and then apply that knowledge to classify unlabeled data as well as generalize on previously unseen data. GANs are essentially a combination of supervised and unsupervised algorithms.

Using GANs for Pulmonary Chest X-rays and Medical Image Synthesis

Build Face Aging Application using Face Synthesis

Who doesn’t want to know how we’d look in our 60s and 70s when we’d be frail and wrinkled? While we don’t have Professor Trelawney’s magical crystal ball to see into the future, we can certainly use generative modeling to predict how we will look in the future. We can render a face with natural aging that is aesthetically blended using cGANs or Conditional GANs. It is especially useful in the search for kidnapped children.

Colourizing Black and White Images using GANs

Working on image colorization is a fun GAN project. We all have old photographs and reels from the days when colored filmography was the talk of the town. Wouldn’t it be fantastic if you could colorize those black-and-white images and bring them to life?

Removing Unwanted Noises from Real Scene Images using GANs

Have you ever taken a picture of the perfect sunset with just the right amount of reds and yellows on your phone? However, the texture of the image was too grainy, detracting from the quality of the capture. It had the potential to be the next Instagram viral picture, but you can’t show it to anyone now. So, there’s nothing to be concerned about. GANs will help you.

Create a Text-to-Image synthesizer using ST-GANs

Creating photorealistic images from textual descriptions is both an exciting and difficult problem. GANs have struggled to generate photorealistic images based on other images fed into them. The only input given in this task is a textual description of the image, where many details of the expected/target can be ambiguous, and the model is expected to make its assumptions. When high-resolution images must be generated, details and finesse become a major issue.

Abstractive Text Summarizer using GANs

There are two types of text summarization tasks: 1) Text Extraction and Summarization and 2) Summarization of Abstractive Text. Extractive Text Summarization is a relatively simple task in which we extract the sentences that best represent the text from a long text. Abstractive Text Summarization, on the other hand, is difficult because we must paraphrase the long text to capture the main ideas in a short text. It may or may not contain sentences or even words from the original text.

Anomaly Detection using GANs in MNIST Datasets

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