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You might love her or hate her, but you can’t ignore Power while watching the Chainsaw Man anime. She is powerful, cunning, and a truly wild spirit. From lying through her teeth to pushing her companions into harm’s way to save her skin, there is nothing Power won’t do for survival. But there are several surprising lesser-known facts about Power that are buried beneath her chaotic behavior. So, let’s take a step back and learn about Power in Chainsaw Man in a new light.

New Facts About Power in Chainsaw Man (2024)

Spoiler Warning: The majority of Power facts in this guide contain major spoilers for the characters and the plot of Chainsaw Man’s Public Safety Arc. Please watch the Chainsaw Man anime or read the manga, at least till chapter 97, to avoid eradicating the intended experience.

1. Power Has a Pet Cat With Two Names

Image Courtesy: Chainsaw Man manga by Tatsuki Fujimoto – Volume 1 (Shonen Jump)

Power rarely cares for other living beings, but she’s ready to sacrifice her life (and apparently Denji’s too) for her pet cat. But an interesting fact about this pet cat is that she has two different names depending upon the version of the manga you read. In the original Japanese iteration of Chainsaw Man manga, the cat is named Nyāko, which is a cuter way of saying the Japanese word for cats – Neko. However, in the English translation of the manga, the cat’s name becomes Meowy, which is still cute but contrasting.

2. Her Horns Can Grow Significantly

Being a blood fiend, Power has horns made of blood growing out of her head. They are proof of her devilish side and are directly connected to her ability to use instruments made out of her blood and heal herself by consuming blood. Expanding on that, in Chapter 39 of Chainsaw Man manga, we learn these horns grow taller and larger whenever Power consumes more blood than she needs.

3. Power is Quite Popular Among the Fans

If you have seen Power in action, it might not come as a surprise that she is quite popular among the fans. This was proved during the official popularity polls of Chainsaw Man that were conducted by Shueisha, a partner company of Shonen Jump. Power topped the leaderboard in the first popularity poll with 35,268 votes.

Then, in the second popularity poll, she came in third with 69,850 votes. The winner of that poll was Aki Hakayawa, another popular character in the fan base. Nevertheless, Power made up for this drop in ranking by appearing twice in the second popularity poll. Read the next point to find out how.

5. Personality Inspired by Eric Cartman and Walter Sobchak

Eric Cartman from South Park (L) and Walter Sobchak from The Big Lebowski (R)

But Eric isn’t the only one to blame for her ruthlessness. While giving an interview for Jump Festa 2023, CSM’s author shared that Power’s personality is also inspired by Walter Sobchak from The Big Lebowski. He is quite stubborn in his ways and deals with everything in a passive-aggressive manner. Some might even call his actions thoughtless, which is how we can perceive Power’s behavior as well.

6. Power is the First and Most Unique Fiend We See in Chainsaw Man

At this point, you might know that the world of Chainsaw Man is made of humans, devils, hybrids, and fiends. You can use our dedicated guide to find out the differences between them. But even after meeting a variety of these characters, you cannot find any other fiend like Power.

She is the first fiend we are introduced to in the CSM series, and also the most unique one. Instead of siding with either humans or devils, she sides with whoever is winning at the moment. That makes her extremely selfish but also really powerful in serious battles. She doesn’t even think before flipping to the other side to save herself.

7. Power Has the Worst Hygiene

Sorry to burst your bubble if you were crushing on Power, but she is a dating nightmare when it comes to hygiene. In Chapter 11, we learn that she doesn’t bathe and doesn’t even flush the toilet. As a devil in a human body, Power considers humans to be too sensitive for taking their hygiene seriously. Later, we witness her tossing off food items (especially vegetables) from her meals that she isn’t fond of.

So from the looks of it, Power cares about meat tastes as much as she cares about the odor coming out of her washroom.

8. Power Has Flexible Abilities

As covered in our guide to Power and her abilities in Chainsaw Man, she can create a variety of weapons using her blood. Even though she usually sticks with simple melee weapons like hammers, there doesn’t seem to be a limit to what she can create. Her abilities aren’t limited to creations that are similar to Green Lantern’s projections.

We observe the true extent of her abilities when Power manipulates her blood to repress the healing of the Control devil in the later chapters of the manga. In that situation, she programs her blood to act in a specific way, even outside her body. Not to forget, at that point in the manga, Power, as a fiend, had already passed away. With her inevitable return, it will be interesting to see how further can she take her blood manipulation.

9. We Don’t Know Power’s Hair Color

Either due to a coloring glitch or maybe because of a creative decision, it seems like Power can’t have a consistent hair color. In some parts of the colored manga, her hair color is pink (like in Chapter 15). But in other scenarios (like the cover of Chapter 29), her hair appears to be blonde.

10. Power’s Name has a Christian Origin

Power’s name stands out the most in the Chainsaw Man franchise. It is the only non-Japanese name for one of the main characters, and it appears superficial on the first encounter. But as revealed by the author of CSM, Tatsuki Fujimoto, during Jump Festa 2023, Power’s name has a complex origin.

The Assumption of the Virgin featuring the hierarchy of angels at the National Gallery London

He told the audience that Power’s name comes from the Christian hierarchy of angels. “Powers” is the name of middle-order angels that have power over evil forces. They prevent evil from doing harm by suppressing them. Living up to this name, Power eventually plays a major role in restraining the main villain in the Public Safety arc of Chainsaw Man.

Top Facts About Power in Chainsaw Man

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All You Need To Know About Soapa

All You Need To Know About SOAPA

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What Are the Benefits of Using SOAPA?

Apart from being an upgraded model of SIEM, it provides ease to manage the network security. Experts have come up with this tool to make sure that we make a better way for analytics and intelligence guided decision making. Also, with an efficient security model it will be easier to handle the attacks even if a firm is short on cyber experts.

Incident Response Platforms– To enable the administrators to classify threats detected. This way getting priority alerts and working on them instantly will no longer be an uphill task.

Threat Intelligence- This helps in identifying the abnormalities in their network so that it is easier to detect the infected node.

Network Security Analysis:  This allows to analyze the flow of data packets in the network.

Security Asset Managers and Vulnerability Scanners- With the help of this, security professionals can easily prioritize the alerts.

Anti-Malware Sandboxes- This allows security personnel to understand and become aware of the malware attacks and the vulnerabilities present in the network that can be exploited but are still unknown to the service provider.

There are many other services with which Security Operations and Analytics Platform Architecture can blend in.

The aim of SOAPA is to address these problems so that the organization can focus on new tools and work on them without losing an insight of information they need for operating.

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Will SOAPA Have a Bright Future?

Definitely! The reason behind this is its ability to combine the emerging technologies in its framework and we cannot ask for more! With Machine Learning, Big Data and combination of other technologies, the threat detection and mitigating security issues will be as simple as snapping fingers.

The Final Verdict

We cannot ignore the speed with which SOAPA is moving forward. The market has already started to incline towards it. There will surely come a time when we’ll see a rapid increase in the SOAPA experts in the market. It’s time to brush up your skills fellas and make sure you remain updated with the security practices that are being followed to save from the security breaches. The chances of SOAPA getting out of the league is almost nil because customers don’t want any more tools, they need one that gets upgraded according to their needs.

We hope that SOAPA helps the security experts and yields result that they are expecting. What do you think?

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All You Need To Know About Microsoft Rewards

All You Need To Know About Microsoft Rewards Does It Let You Earn Real Money?

Microsoft Rewards is a perfect combination of earning money from this concept & let you use it to buy items from MS Store.

What are Microsoft Rewards?

A free program, Microsoft Rewards doesn’t charge any convenience or some other kind of fee to get rewards. It’s a platform that lets you earn rewards by doing what you do every day.

Every day, the company comes up with one or the other ways so that you can add more rewarding points to your kit.

Since the world is too big, offering something like this must be limited, hence, Microsoft has allowed the Microsoft Rewards concept in specific geographical locations.

Please know Microsoft Rewards was previously called Bing Rewards that means if you had been a member of Bing Rewards in the past, your points had auto transferred to the Microsoft account.

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Bing Rewards & Microsoft Rewards

Bing Rewards had been introduced as a platform to earn credit whenever you search on Bing. You will need to use the Bing features to get credits that ultimately will help you buy things from Microsoft store.

Launched in 2010, Bing Rewards was a smart way of letting people use Bing more than the Google Search engine. Kind of like a bribe that eventually will increase the number of using chúng tôi and if you think harder, these kinds of programs are already there in the market to lure consumers. The initiative had been quite successful and shockingly increased the number of users searching on Bing way more than it was in 2010.

How Bing Rewards Function?

For every 2 searches on Bing, you get 1 credit and obviously, the company needs to put a cap over the credits. So, the maximum you can have in a day is 15 credits.

All you need to do is login to the Bing account and start searching stuff on the platform instead of some other platform you are currently using.

Once you are done for the day, you can check your Bing Rewards on the dashboard.

Apart from working on your own, you can earn more Bing Rewards by referring the concept to your friends or contacts. Refer & Earn. An old concept that has made users switch from one platform to another in no time.

On the mobile version, the maximum Bing Rewards you can earn is 10 and the criteria of earning points will be the same (2 searches – 1 credit).

Redeem Bing Rewards

As simple as it can be. Bing Rewards can be redeemed in three ways of either shopping, donating, or winning.

You cannot decide the retailer or any specific outlet to redeem the rewards as every item that can be bought has its price (in points) along with image description.

“Nothing comes without a catch” so in case you are aiming to get something valuable, don’t just complete the daily search limit. I will take a lot of time to meet your targets so keep checking the page for new offers or tasks, complete them and get a good boost to your Bing Rewards.

So, be it Bing Rewards or Microsoft Rewards, users from these countries, keep using chúng tôi and fill your credits to meet the price of the product you want.

What are Xbox Rewards?

Since you can use your Bing Rewards or Microsoft Rewards to buy things from Microsoft Store, you can redeem the rewards from Xbox One console.

Xbox rewards are the credits that can be used to buy different Xbox games as well as subscriptions, & more. The best thing is that there is no limit to spend your credits as you can redeem them for smaller rewards as well as can save them to get a big reward if you have patience.

The best thing with Microsoft account is that the company believes in “One account for all the things”. So from using MS Office to Skype and Xbox, you only need one login that will let you redeem your Bing/Microsoft Rewards from these different platforms.

How To Earn Xbox Rewards?

Earning Xbox rewards is also quite simple because the concept stays the same so doing whatever you are doing still, continues to do so. Just login to your Microsoft account and keep a tab on how many points you have already earned.

Let’s look at the process of earning Xbox Rewards:

1. Download “Microsoft Rewards on Xbox” on your Xbox One console

2. Keep playing your games and don’t forget to check the Rewards section if the company has introduced any new way of getting it.

3. Meanwhile, don’t stop completing the battles you are fighting on your Xbox Game Pass or Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

4. Apart from playing & winning, keep searching on chúng tôi to get additional credits as well as complete the daily or weekly tasks to boost up your rewards. In no time, you will have plenty of rewards to redeem something big & valuable.

You can get more insights on Xbox Game Pass Ultimate by visiting the link.

What Are Xbox Live Rewards?

Xbox Live Rewards is a part of the loyalty program initiated by Microsoft where you earn rewards to buy an entertainment or digital game purchase. Additionally, you get rewards when you search for info on chúng tôi instead of any other search engine.

Conveniently, if you live in the United States of America, your Xbox Live Rewards have been converted and been transferred to your Microsoft Rewards account by June 2023.

As the company believes in one account for everything, you could see your Xbox Live Rewards added to the Microsoft Rewards account.

Many of you might have experienced a good boost in the Microsoft Rewards and that might have happened because of the transfer of Xbox Live Rewards.

Be assured that your Xbox Live Membership has also been automatically updated to Microsoft Rewards Membership.

If you have any confusion regarding the Xbox Live Rewards ownership, you can find your answers here. You can also follow the Twitter handle for Xbox Live Rewards.

Final Thoughts on Microsoft Rewards

Whenever we use something as a consumer, that goes with either the brand name or the experiences other users have had in the past. And Microsoft stands tall for both the scenarios as it’s one of the most valuable brands in the world and surely it has a lot of consumers who are quite satisfied with its services.

Microsoft Rewards has let a lot of users buy stuff they wanted with the loyalty system. One of the best things is that there is no fee involved to use the platform and it’s quite easy to earn points to be redeemed later on. However, a lot of the users find it hard to use Bing instead of any other search engines such as Google.

Just to give my opinion, there is no harm in using the Microsoft Rewards loyalty program as it gives you options to get things on a discounted price or just the points you earned. The things you need to do such as using chúng tôi or completing the daily/weekly tasks can be considered as digital hard work. And there is no reward without performing any hard work actually.

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Everything You Need To Know About Assortment Planning

The biggest challenge for retailers is to identify the products their customers will buy. The other problem is estimating the stock level. These two high stock levels can lead to excess inventory, which could cause capital to be bloated and force you into a position where the profit margin is at risk. But, not getting enough means you are missing sales opportunities.

A report by analysis found that the combined loss of out-of-stocks and overstocks was $1.1 trillion in 2024. This was a staggering amount of money, and it is estimated that this figure represents approximately. 7.5% of the total retail economy.

A term assortment planning can help retailers turn these losses to profit. Assortment planning involves choosing the right products and placing the correct quantities in inventory.

Let’s now get to the details of assortment planning.

What is assortment planning?

Here’s everything you need to know about assortment planning. Assortment planning is a way to find the best product collections to sell in a specific area or time period. It will consider the seasonality as well as the functional objectivity of the products. Both you and your customers can benefit more from the outcome.

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These attributes are:





Stock keeping unit performance



The assortment plan will also determine products that make up segments, categories and sub-segments.

Retailers have made assortment planning a core strategy. This is because retail has become a more consumer-driven business over the years. Retailers need to be able to identify the right product mix and choose the right size inventory. Maybe assortment planning plays a larger role.

Importance of assortment planning

Retailers should be concerned about optimizing product selection and shelf space within their space. For shoppers’ satisfaction and the generation of demand, product selection is crucial. Offering different products and increasing customer satisfaction are two of the best ways to improve financial performance.

Planning your assortments can be a great way to optimize your assortments.

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Consider these factors when developing an assortment planning strategy

Their nature is firmly rooted in a product-centric approach. Retailers are finding it difficult to plan assortments.

The solution lies in the following primary factors:

Weight by category

Brand identity

Market trends

Prices vary with other factors.

Every factor, when combined with tangible information, can give clues to the mystery. Retailers don’t have a crystal ball to predict what products customers will prefer.

Moreover, assortment planning can involve multiple data sources from various channels. Merchandisers face constant challenges in making strategic decisions about assortments. Retailers’ teams must be able to adapt to the latest industry trends without taking any risks.

We have some tips to help you with assortment planning. This will help you get the most from assortment planning.

Here we are: 1. Find the right balance between trends and staples

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2. You can manage your assortments online in real-time

Real-time data analysis can be a saving grace for retailers and brands. It also helps in assortment planning. This will highlight the active approach to optimizing assortments in real-time. It will also give you quick insight into the effect of increasing or decreasing certain products in the mix.

Furthermore, it is possible to manage assortments in real time. This can help you manage visibility on the market and handle discounts when they are available.

3. Be a forward-thinking retailer

Retail is being made easier by gaining customer insight. The game plan for merchandising has changed dramatically. According to data, trend-forward retailers are one step ahead of others. Their mindsets are clear. They are also focusing on the integration and planning for assortment.

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Last Thoughts

Assortment planning can be used to determine the types and quantity of products that retailers will need in their inventory over a given time period. If you are having difficulty managing your product inventory and buying the right products, assortment planning may be a solution. It is important to understand how to use assortment planning to its full potential.

10 Things You Need To Know About The Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air

1. This is the first ever Xiaomi laptop PC.

Agreed they already released devices with Windows 10 in the past (mobile), like the Mi Pad 2, the Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air is first real fully-capable Windows machine from Xiaomi. And it comes with the specs of one as well, from the Intel Core i5-6200 and Nvidia Geforce 940MX to the 8Gb of DDR4 RAM and 256GB SSD.

Xiaomi decided to come in with a bang, going against (or at least trying to) the laptop’s market giant Apple Macbook Air, along with a great design and materials choice. All of this at almost half the price!

2. The Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air comes in two sizes and specs variants.

Maybe you got so excited that you didn’t notice, but the Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air comes in two different screen sizes and relative specs.

The smaller one, on the other hand, rocks a 12.5″ screen, Intel Core M3 CPU, 4GB of RAM, 128GB SSD and no dedicated GPU. On the line of the 12-inch MacBook 2024, but with more USB ports.

3. The Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air will have a backlit keyboard.

If you use your laptop at night or in the dark, you sure will appreciate this feature. The Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air sports a full-sized keyboard with individually backlit keys. The ultra-thin keyboard also has a merely 1.3mm keystroke depth.

4. …and a laminated Full HD display.

The Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air comes with a fully laminated 1920 x 1080p display to drastically reduce glare against sunlight or any other source of light. An important factor if you’re used to bring your laptop wherever you go.

5. You can swap the SSD and/or add another one on the Mi Notebook Air.

Gizchina News of the week

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One of the best features which separates the Mi Notebook Air from the competition (looking at you Apple), is the fact that the Xiaomi laptop lets you swap your SSD. But here comes the best part, you can also add an additional M.2 SSD and thus have even more storage!

6. Same screen, smaller size (compared to you-know-what).

As we’re comparing this to the MacBook Air throughout this article, not our fault though, they called it “Air”. You might like to know that the Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air has an 11% smaller body compared to the MacBook Air at the same 13.3″ screen size.

This makes it ideal for people who really value portability.

7. The Mi Notebook Air unlocks with a Mi Band 2.

Xiaomi decided to add a little perk with this laptop, it in fact, will unlock automatically if you’re to its proximity while wearing your Mi Band 2.

It works through Bluetooth 4.1, and it will probably give you an option on how close you need to get, before it unlocks your laptop.

8. And has edge-to-Edge glass protection.

The Mi Notebook Air has a glass coverage which extends to the edges of the display. It’s made of ultra-durable glass, rated with a hardness of 7 in Mohs scale. In few words, it’s supposed to be fairly scratch resistant.

9. Mi Notebook Air works with Mi Cloud Sync.

Just like Apple, Microsoft and Google, also Xiaomi added their “sync everything” software portion. You can indeed sync your phone contacts, messages, gallery, notes and other data through WiFi (or mobile data).

This issimilarly to what happens with Apple’s Continuity or Microsoft and Google’s cloud services.

10. And of course, Pricing & Availability:

The 13.3″ screen Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air version will cost around $750, while the cheaper 12.5″ screen variant will be $520.

We still haven’t heard about their global release, what we know for certain is that it will launch in China August 2nd, and it’ll probably be available from online Chinese retailers soon after.

So what are your thoughts? Will Xiaomi shake up the laptop marketplace as they did in the smartphone industry?

What You Need To Know About Future Web Standards

While it started as an experiment forty years ago, the Internet has become a very important part of our lives. Think about it, think about how much influence it has on areas like education, business, commerce, science and technology. To cope with the traffic demand and other aspects like speed and security, many new Web standards and protocols have been added and upgraded over time. In fact, many of such protocols and technologies are being framed and deployed as we speak. Last week, the inventor of the Web, Tim Berners-Lee, spoke about the changes the Web has seen in recent times. Let’s take a look at what new things we are seeing on the Internet right now and the new web standards we’ll be presented with in the near future.


While the majority of the browsers have provided support for SPDY in their latest versions, sadly that is not enough for enabling this feature to work. To load a web-page faster, the website needs to resonate the same tech. Popular sites such as Google, Facebook and Twitter have already enabled this capability, but a vast majority of the sites have yet to make the switch. Later this year we’ll see the implementation and deployment of HTTP2.


The web browser is getting smarter every day. Not only is it becoming more secure and stable but behind the curtains it is quietly implementing some homegrown tools to replace proprietary tools that are install separately and are required. One such homegrown feature is Web Real Time Communication (WebRTC). This allows users to make video conversations without having to use a VoIP service such as Skype. Everything required is built in to the browser. Chrome and Firefox already support WebRTC. You can head over to the WebRTC Demo page to try out this feature.


People use thousands of devices to access the Web. One person could use the iPad Mini, while the other may fancy Nokia Asha to get to the labyrinth of the Interweb. Some of these devices sport high resolution screens, whereas many of them don’t. The challenge here is to provide the appropriate image resolution to users. So how do we do that?

The answer is Source Set (SRCSET). It is an extension of the HTML5 standard, which allows Web designers to set up various versions of the same image file. So in accordance with the kind of device you are using, the website will find the right image resolution for you. Although it is yet to go mainstream, as of now, this is the one of the prominent ways to overcome this issue.

Responsive Web Design

Much like SRCSET, Responsive Web Design is something that many Web designers have started deploying on their websites. There could be any number of devices consumers may use for accessing the website. Hence making the web-pages pan out well regardless of the screen size it is being viewed on is important. Ethan Marcotte had described it quite succinctly. Today, many websites, including Make Tech Easier, have deployed techniques like fluid grids, flexible images, and media queries to make the website adjust on any size of screen.

HTML5 and CSS3

HTML5 already has a fair amount of traction. The web-programming language is responsible for the creation and appearance of a web page. The new version allows publishers to embed video and audio content on a web page without requiring any third-party tools like Silverlight and Flash. In addition, it can hold the location-based information too. It also provides support to offline access of web apps. This feature has already gotten the approval but is awaiting W3C’s recommendation.

After over a decade, the third version of CSS finally rolled out. The biggest difference between CSS3 and its previous versions is the separation of modules. In the previous versions, everything was to be written in the same document, whereas CSS3 introduced separate modules, with each having specific capability.


When the Internet was being framed, creators assigned it with 4.3 billion addresses – basically that many termination points through which devices were to connect onto the Web. But soon, as more mobile devices and computers started popping up, the 4.3 billion addresses that seemed like they will never be fully utilized were found insufficient to meet the current needs. The new version IPv6, which has already been adopted by several popular websites such as Google and Facebook, offers 340 “trillion trillion trillion” addresses. It’s safe to assume that even if all the planets of our solar system hopped on Internet connection from Earth, we will still have enough of it left.

Native Clients

As all our computational needs are moving towards the cloud, our web browsers are being laced with more power. Thanks to Google and Microsoft, we have several native and portable web apps that can be run on the browser itself. Google Drive and Office Online are two great examples. Until a few months ago, these native apps couldn’t have been made to run on Android and other mobile devices, but recent amendments from Google show support for non-Intel processor devices.

Where are we headed?

Many of the aforementioned web-standards haven’t gone mainstream yet. It is a continuous process, and the adoption takes a fair amount of time. Every day new things are being added to it, and the older not-so-optimized codes are weeded out.  Many research organizations are working on building new protocols and enhancing the existing ones. The Web as we know it is changing. To keep up with it, our web browsers are picking up new technologies as well. One very assuring thing to come out of this is the Internet is getting better.

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