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The transmission of cellular messages is one of the major revolutions of our modern lives. Sending a text message is a convenient way of communicating between families, friends, and colleagues. It is affordable and fast, depending on the service provider and the international Text Services.

You can send text messages, not from mobile phones but also from certain websites. These web pages provide either free or paid online messaging services. However, some sites require registration for account creation, while other sites do not prompt any registration.

Many Websites to Send Free SMS are available in the market, so selecting one is a difficult task. The following is a list of the Top Websites to Send Free Text Messages with their features, pros, cons, key specifications, and website links.

Best Websites to Send Free Text Online (SMS)

1) EZ Texting – Best for reaching out to thousands of contacts at once

EZ Texting is one of the best SMS platforms for business users, setting the standard for business texting. This website sends Free Text Online to let your customers know what an excellent time to visit your business is. It also helps you to reach thousands of contacts at once with mass alerts and notifications.

#1 Top Pick

EZ Texting


Message Limit: SMS: 160 characters

Countries Supported: USA, Canada

Supported Systems: iOS, Android, Windows, macOS

Free Trial: Yes (no credit card required)

Visit EZ Texting


It helps you to send alert to your customers about upcoming appointments and events.

You can send appointment reminders, drip campaigns, and recurring texts.

You can add more local numbers and toll-free numbers to your account.

It helps you to reach thousands of contacts at once with mass alerts and notifications

It helps you to send automatic Replies

You can receive and respond to inbound messages

Offers features for automatic URL Shortening

Supports sending multimedia via text messages, such as coupons, pictures, and audio.

Offers short trackable links and mobile landing pages to increase engagement.

👍 Pros 👎 Cons

Allows contacts to join your list by testing simple phrases. Doesn’t offer custom templates.

Access over 20 million premium photos Customer support isn’t very good.

Offers flexible Plans for Online Text Messaging Campaigns.

Multiple Dashboard Users

Key Specs:

Free Trial: Yes (no credit card required)

2) SimpleTexting – Best for Sending SMS for marketing purposes to groups around the world

SimpleTexting is a free website to send text messages online across the world. The details needed for account creation on the official website are a username, password, email address, official name, gender, city, country, and date of birth.

Once an account is created, you can generate a phone book of contacts, create a profile picture, and send, receive, and store text messages. Users can use this web page on a privately owned website to send and receive messages at any time.




Message Limit: SMS: 130 characters

Countries Supported: 25+ countries

Supported Systems: iOS, Android, Windows, macOS

Pricing: Free

Visit SimpleTexting


The user can receive replies to the sent messages on their SimpleTexting inbox.

The platform can upload photos and set SMS profiles.

Keeps a record of the sent message history.

Capable of sending unlimited send text messages online to other people.

The website lets you create a phone book for adding contacts.

It has a “TEXT Me” button to let you add the page to your website.

👍 Pros 👎 Cons

The website does not share personal information with other sources. SimpleTexting does not support all network coverage.

The charges for group messaging are very cost-effective.

You can send bulk SMS to your subscribers.

Sending text messages to family and friends is quick and effective.

Key Specs:

Pricing: Free

Visit SimpleTexting

3) WiFi Text – Best for Send and receive SMS for free

WiFi Text is a messaging service that can instantly send SMS free to various people. Instant access allowing you to immediately begin sending and receiving as a guest account.

It is a free text online website that lets you choose your preferred method for receiving replies. Visitors can always contact you directly on your public phone number. However, you can block the contacts with spam or unwanted messages.

WiFi Text also allows you to send messages from your computer directly to the recipient’s mobile phone without visiting the website. You can use it on private web pages and social media platforms.


You can receive replies back to the messages you send.

This site can integrate with other social networks or a personal website.

Capability to generate HTML codes for secure texting.

👍 Pros 👎 Cons

This online service has a simple and clean interface. Login required also offer guest acess

It is easy to use since it does not require registration.

Sending an SMS is fast, instant, and efficient.

This website can send anonymous SMS.

Key Specs:

Pricing: Free

4) Afreesms – Best for Sending International SMS for free.

Afreesms is an international free SMS provider for sending text messages worldwide. This site does not prompt for account creation to have access. The page lets you select the designated country for your recipient. Once you have selected this selected, enter the phone number and type in the SMS message you wish to deliver. However, before the text message is sent, the user must complete a captcha verification.

This free online messaging app traces the IP location of the sender and can block spam or unwanted text messages. SMS can be sent from laptops, PCs, and mobile phones.


Afreesms Service offers support for multiple languages/characters.

You can filter the recipient location by entering the country code.

It validates your phone number before delivering your message.

This website can send unlimited free texts to other people.

It supports 640+ phone carrier services.

Provides delivery reports for the sent messages.

👍 Pros 👎 Cons

This website has a reliable and fast SMS delivery. Afreesms does not provide any commercial services.

The user interface is easy to use and navigate.

The site is available 24 hours a day and accessible worldwide.

It offers free SMS services with no contract or commitment.

Key Specs:

Pricing: Free

Textedly is a free SMS software that helps you to easily bulk upload thousands of your contacts with one simple button. Additionally, you can use automatic replies whenever you want to respond to subscribers.


98% of all text messages are read within 3 minutes

You can easily send and track all your message

Send SMS surveys with ease using the Textedly text messaging platform.

Lots of integration options

👍 Pros 👎 Cons

It helps you to build your very own SMS opt-in list with their free Webforms. UI is not great.

You can add free conversation triggers and automatically converse with your contacts on autopilot.

Offers easy integration with Slack, Salesforce, HubSport, Zapider, Shopify, Google Sheet, Facebook Lead Ads, etc.

Key Specs:

Free Trial: 14-day trial

5) Podium – Best for driving traffic to your small business with text message marketing

Podium is an online texting tool that allows you to send thousands of text messages simultaneously. This platform comes with mass messaging functionality, which enables organizations to send alerts, news, updates, and meeting reminders.


It helps you to engage your customers and sell more with SMS Marketing.

It helps you to instantly respond by text with info or links.

It enables you to view and manage your current subscribers

Automatically transfers information to Google Sheets.

It keeps everyone from customers to employees informed with group texting.

👍 Pros 👎 Cons

You can launch mobile marketing campaigns that strengthen customer relationships and loyalty. Basic version offers very limited features.

Create affordable, cost-effective SMS text campaigns Does not support two-way communication.

Access to Developer API

Key Specs:

Free Trial: No

6) Text’em, – Best for Sending free text messages to people in the United States and Canada

Text ’em is a text messaging website that can send free SMS messages to mobile carriers in northern America. This website requires the user to log in or create an account by providing details such as username, email address, time zone, and password.

This site supports more than a hundred phone carriers. It gives you an option to text people and choose to get replies on your email or text ’em inbox. Enter the recipient’s mobile number and email address (optional), select the mobile carrier, type the message, verify by captcha, and send the text.

The recipient can see the IP address every time the sender logs in to the website. This way, it can block spam or unwanted messages.


Capability to send messages and receive replies on the website.

The user can see the list of frequently used contacts.

The settings page provides options for setting ringtones.

You can receive responses directly to your email address.

It supports 100+ phone carrier services.

The website allows you to send unlimited text messages.

👍 Pros 👎 Cons

You can use the website without creating an account to send messages anonymously. Text ’em does not send group messages to a group of people at once.

The user interface is simple and easy to use.

Text ’em technical support is responsive and reliable.

The text delivery is fast.

Key Specs:

Pricing: Free

7) BirdEye – Best for Sending free SMS and MMS to recipients internationally.

BirdEye is an ideal tool for sending text messages worldwide free of charge. It can send short texts, audio files, videos, or pictures. This website needs no registration to send messages.

BirdEye can block phone numbers in case of spam or unwanted messages. It can also find recipient contacts using the carrier lookup feature.


You can download or save your ongoing conversations.

It can look up the mobile carrier provider.

This site lets you block contacts you no longer want to text.

It gives an option to choose the recipient’s mobile service provider.

👍 Pros 👎 Cons

The user interface is simple, making SMS typing easier. The website does not support the sending of bulk messages.

Message delivery is fast and reliable when you give the mobile service provider. The MMS services are only supported in Canada and USA.

It does not share your credentials with third-party platforms.

Contacting the support team is easy and fast.

Key Specs:

Pricing: Custom

8) TextNow – Best for calling and texting to anywhere in the U.S. and Canada

TextNow is an online platform that allows users to calling and texting free and unlimited to any phone number in the U.S. and Canada. It requires users to register with their mobile number to start sending messages.

This website can send individual and group texts to various recipients. To send an SMS, you can import contacts on your mobile device or start typing the mobile number, and the page automatically generates the contact.


Capable of sending unlimited text messages to other people.

You can schedule messages for delivery in the future.

This website provides an option for importing numbers from your phone contacts.

It comes with wallpapers and cover photos that help customize chats.

You can send YouTube links within the text messages.

👍 Pros 👎 Cons

The message delivery service is very fast. The website services are only limited to U.S. and Canada

This website has popular messages that you can send to friends and families.

You can send bulk SMS to your contacts.

Key Specs:

Pricing: Free

9) Globefone – Best for Sending free SMS locally, nationally, and internationally

Globefone is a website that lets you send text messages online from your computer. The service is completely free and creating an account or installing the software is not compulsory.


Globefone offers a peer-to-peer video chat feature that allows users to make video calls online.

You can make free calls from the website to other mobile phones or phone landlines.

This site has coverage for international GSM networks.

It offers the “Call my phone” feature, which lets you track a lost phone.

Globefone operates on all updated and major web browsers.

👍 Pros 👎 Cons

This site allows you to send online text messages securely and confidently. Globefone can send SMS online but does not receive replies from recipients.

Globefone allows users to block contacts that are spam or that send unwanted messages. There is a limit for making free online calls to a single IP address within 24 hours.

The site carries out the user phone number authentication.

Key Specs:

Pricing: Free

10) Textforfree – Best for Sending free SMS and MMS to recipients in the USA

Textforfree is a platform for sending text messages for free to almost all the cell phone providers in the USA. The site prompts you to log in or create an account before sending any message. The details needed for account creation include your phone number and email address.

Textforfree records and tracks IP addresses whenever the user sends a message. This helps in minimizing spam or unwanted messages.


It can share files from PC to mobile phones.

You can create groups and send bulk messaging.

It offers a multi-language texting capability.

The site can schedule messages and set SMS reminders for the future.

It offers a free address book for your preferred contacts.

Delivery reports are automatic once the message is sent.

This website can send unlimited SMS and calls to other people.

👍 Pros 👎 Cons

The site does not share your personal information. The user interface is pretty outdated.

It offers fast services and Instant delivery of messages.

The website keeps your personal information safe and secure.

Key Specs:

Pricing: Free


Here are the Best websites to send Free SMS include

EZ Texting


WiFi Text





Here are some important factors to keep in mind when choosing the right Website to Send Free Text Messages.

Data Security: The site should be able to safeguard user SMS tracking, confidentiality, and secure personal information.

Pricing: The website should be cheaper compared to the regular text services. The prices for sending international texts should have value for your money.

User Interface: The user interface should not have technicalities regarding usage and navigation. It should be simple and clean.

Compatibility: You should choose a service that is compatible with all devices. It should allow you to integrate with your website if need be.

Bulk texting: The website should allow you to send marketing messages to a group of people.

Area Code: SMS providers provide text messaging to different country codes depending on the cellular service provider. Make sure that the site you are using supports the phone provider of the recipient.

SMS analytics: For a marketing platform, make sure that it offers insights on delivery reports and campaign statistics. Communication and marketing performance need to be crucial.

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Best Free Online Fax Services To Send Fax Messages

Well, who is unaware of Fax? If you do not then let me introduce you to Fax? Fax or Facsimile Telecopying/ Telefax is a way to transmit scanned printed material telephonically to a number that is attached to other output devices.

Faxes are still used in many offices to send docs and then receive them safely as it is the safest way to send confidential papers. Therefore, it is still used in many large enterprises.

If you are to send your document, you can send it online without the need to spend a huge amount on buying a fax machine as you can have your own fax machine with the help of your Windows computer. So, not only it is safe but pocket-friendly as well.

Free Online Fax Services

In this article, we are showing you 5 of the best free online Fax Service. They are:

eFax free

Windows Fax




Note: Most of the Fax services we are going to talk about in this article are not complete, in order for you to have a complete two-way communication service you need to upgrade. Therefore, you may need to use two services at once, one for receiving and one for sending.

Let us talk about them in detail.

1] FaxZero

If you are from America, Canada, or some other neighboring nations then FaxZero is the way to go. You can send texts, attach documents, and curate a perfect professional Fax without paying a penny.

However, there are some limitations here. The maximum size of a FAX  is limited to 3 and you can only send a maximum of 5 Fax a day in its free plan. If you want, you have to pay more. But, the free plan is perfect for most people. You can access FaxZero from its official website.

2] Use Windows Fax

If you are a Windows user then one of the best ways to send a Fax is via Windows Fax. It is a service, built-in in Windows, that allows you to send a Fax from Microsoft Office services such as Excel, Outlook, Word, etc.

To access this feature, you need to enable “Print and Document Services”. To do that, follow these steps:

Launch Command Prompt by Win + R, type “command”, and hit Enter.

3] PamFax

Another free online Fax service on our list is PamFax. It is a partially free service that allows you to send 3 free fax pages from a device that has access to the Internet.

After your free trial, you have to choose from 3 options provided to you by PamFax. On-Demand services, the Professional Plan, and the Basic Plan are the options you can select from after your free period ends.

The PamFax On-Demand services start from 11 cents a page whereas the Professional plan will cost you $7.53 a month with 8 cents a page and the basic plan for $5 a month and 11 cents a page. However, you will still be receiving Faxes for free, if you go for the free plan, and that’s what allowed this to enter our free list. You can access PamFax from their official website.

4] GotFreeFax

It is one of the most straightforward fax services that do not ask you to register and can simply send the fax by entering the name along with the email. If you are not satisfied with 2 free fax of a maximum of 3 pages then you can upgrade plans.

These plans start from 98 cents and can go up to $1.98 and $2.98. The 98 cents plan allows you to send docs of 10 pages, and the page limit exceeds 10 plus with cash. This can be accessed from their official website.

5] HelloFax

And to wrap the list we are presenting you HelloFax. It is one of the most modern fax services that do not make you feel old with its refreshing interface and menus. If you are a neophyte then it also lets you have a 60-sec tutorial.

It is clearly a feature-rich fax service that lets you send your fax internationally across more than 70 countries but when it comes to the free tier, it kind of lets you down as it only lets you transmit fax of a maximum of 5 pages.

After the free trial, it is required for you to spend a fortune on buying a plan for sending faxes. It has a feature set that leaves any other fax service in the list behind as it supports Google Drive, Evernote, DriveOneDrive, Box, Dropbox along with accessing files. You can access HelloFax from their official website.

Hopefully, this has helped you in finding the best Fax Services in the market.

10 Best Anime Websites To Watch Anime Legally (Free And Paid)

The life of an average anime watcher has never been an easy one. Since not many legal services are available to watch anime online, many of them resort to pirated anime websites to keep up with their favorite anime such as Attack on Titan, Steins Gate, and more. However, it is 2023, and things have changed quite a lot. To help you watch the anime you love (legally), we’ve handpicked the best anime streaming websites out there.

Best Anime Websites to Watch Anime Legally (2023)

Note: Some of the websites mentioned here are limited to specific regions. We’ve mentioned the availability in the ‘Supported Regions’ section. If you’re not in an officially supported region, you can use a VPN to access it. However, this approach may break the T&C of some services, and you’ll have to use it at your own risk. Check out the best VPNs for Windows, best free VPN services, Android & iOS, and Android TV. Grab one that suits your budget and use-case.

So, without further ado, grab some popcorn and get ready to watch some anime. You can use the table below to navigate to the website you want to read about in detail.

1. Crunchyroll – Best Anime Website Overall

Crunchyroll is the most popular website for watching anime legally. You’ll find both mainstream anime titles such as Naruto Shippuden and trending titles like Attack on Titan on Crunchyroll. The service has a vast library of anime with a total of over 30,000 episodes to choose from, but the exact availability of titles depends on your region.

Crunchyroll has an ad-supported tier to watch anime for free. However, the paid subscription gives you unlimited access to the Crunchyroll library, and new episodes become available to watch one hour after Japan’s air time. You can also download anime for offline viewing in the paid tier.

Supported Regions: Crunchyroll’s library is limited even on supported regions due to licensing issues. You can check out the library in your country here. This Reddit post from 2023 should also give you a rough estimate of the catalog in your region.

Cost: Free tier; premium plan starts at $7.99 per month

Visit Crunchyroll

2. Funimation – Best English Dubbed Anime Website

You can watch anime for free via an ad-supported tier or get a Funimation Premium Plus subscription. The premium plan starts at $5.99 per month and goes up to $99.99 per year for an uninterrupted experience.

Supported Regions: United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand

Cost: Free tier; premium plan starts at $5.99 per month 

3. Netflix

Although Netflix primarily focuses on regular movies and TV shows, the streaming platform has an ever-expanding anime collection. You can stream anything from the critically acclaimed Death Note (no, I’m not talking about the Netflix adaptation. Don’t ever watch that) to Demon Slayer, My Hero Academia, Fullmetal Alchemist, all the Studio Ghibli films, and more on Netflix.

Netflix’s category code of anime is 7424, and you can visit the link below to browse all the anime content available on the website. If you’re looking for recommendations, do not forget to check out our article on the best anime on Netflix.

Supported Regions: Over 190 countries except for China, Crimea, North Korea, Syria.

Visit Netflix

4. VRV

VRV bundles a collection of anime channels into a single package. As of this writing, VRV includes Cartoon Hangover, Crunchyroll, HiDive, Mondo, Rooster Teeth, and VRV Select. Although VRV previously also bundled Boomerang and Nicksplat, they are no longer available on the platform.

One disappointing fact about VRV is that it is limited to the US due to some licensing limitations. If you’re someone who already pays for Crunchyroll, you should go check out VRV to gain access to more content at a slightly higher cost.

Cost: $9.99 per month

Visit VRV

5. Hulu

Another US-centric streaming website you can use to watch anime is Hulu. In case you didn’t find the anime you’re looking for on Netflix or Crunchyroll, you’ll probably find it on Hulu since it has a vast collection of anime. If you’re someone who’s already using Hulu for watching movies and TV shows, you should not miss out on their anime collection.

Supported Regions: United States

Cost: starts at $5.99 per month

Visit Hulu

6. RetroCrush – Vintage Anime Website

As the name tells, RetroCrush is a service for those interested in watching vintage anime. RetroCrush’s appeal depends on the kind of anime viewer you are. If you have been watching anime for years, discovering RetroCrush is likely to be a pleasant surprise. There is an ad-supported tier that lets you watch the collection for free, but you can consider getting a premium subscription if you want an ad-free experience.

Supported Regions: United States and Canada

Cost: Free tier; ad-free premium plan starts at $4.99 per month

Visit RetroCrush

7. AnimeLab

AnimeLab is another excellent anime streaming website for staying in the loop with your favorite anime. What I like the most about Animelab is the design and user experience. The website is smooth and responsive, and there are dedicated apps for almost every platform out there.

AnimeLab is limited to Australia and New Zealand at the moment. But I hope it expands to more countries in the future because the UI/UX of this platform is excellent, and the anime collection is decent too.

Supported Regions: Australia and New Zealand

Cost: Free tier; premium plan starts at $7.95 AUD (~US$ 6.10)

Visit AnimeLab

8. HiDive

At $4.99 per month, HiDive is not the most expensive anime streaming website. The company also offers a 1-month trial if you want to try it out to know if you find the collection appealing.

Supported Regions: North America, Latin America, Central America, South America, United Kingdom, Ireland, South Africa, Australia, and New Zealand.

Cost: starts at $4.99 per month

9. Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video is usually not the first choice of anime fans, but it has a growing anime collection that you should check out. While I won’t recommend getting a Prime membership just for watching anime on this website, it is a bonus if you have an active Prime subscription.

Supported Regions: Over 200 countries

Cost: Prime subscription starts at $8.99 per month

10. CONtv

While CONtv’s library is not as vast as other anime streaming websites on this list, you’re likely to find some anime that are usually not available elsewhere. CONtv lets you watch anime for free through its ad-supported tier, but streaming popular anime titles requires a premium subscription that costs $6.99 per month.

Supported Regions: United States

Cost: Free; starts at $6.99 a month

Best Websites to Watch Anime Legally

10 Best Free Online Writing Courses With Certificates (2023)

There are many beginner professionals who want to improve their writing skills and get ahead in their writing careers. Moreover, it is also not feasible for working professionals to go back to school and improve their scribing skills. Thankfully, you will find many online writing classes on the Internet that help you polish and enhance your writing and authoring skills.

Following is a handpicked list of the Top Online Writing Courses & Certifications to gather knowledge about this subject. The list contains both open source (free) and commercial (paid) courses.

BEST Free Online Writing Courses for Creative Writers & Beginners

Articles effectively communicate complex ideas and stories in a friendly, credible, and easy-to-follow way. This course, Good with Words, helps you learn how to write and publish an article of your own.

This free writing course explains how you can determine your writing approach, pitch your story to a publication, completely research your subject matter, and write and polish your article content. This course also discusses how you can submit a complete package to editors.

It is one of the best free online writing courses for new writers. It helps you to learn the skills you need to write a well-crafted article that connects with readers.

Key Topics:

Determining Your Article Writing Approach

Techniques for adding nuance to your sentences and slogans

Creative ways to use syntax

Polishing and Submitting Your Article

Promoting Your work

This Creating Writing specialization course covers three important elements of writing genres: short story, narrative essay, and memoir.

In this course, you will master the techniques that any good writer uses to create a story full of memorable characters. This beginner’s writing workshop also helps you to analyze and constructively evaluate peer writing. It is one of the best writing courses designed for anyone, from aspiring short story writers to established novelists.

Key Topics:

The Craft of Plot

The Craft of Character

Setting and Description

The Craft of Style


Self-Paced learning option for students

HD quality course videos

Practice quizzes

Graded assignments with peer feedback

Quizzes with Feedback

Programming assignments

Creative Writing is an online proofreading course that shows how to give your writing more impact, regardless of its purpose. In this online course, the writer and journalist Tom Geller help you to search reasons for writing with the demonstration. The writer also teaches you how to use those reasons to drive the words you select and the tone you take.

The author of this course also shares his understanding of grammar and sentence structure for writing with maximum impact. After completing this free online writing course, you will be equipped with plenty of practical writing tips to make your writing clear and crisp.

Key topics:

Meaning of writing with impact

Learning about your Readers

Understanding How People Read

Key Idea: Looking Inward and Outward


Helps you qualify for continuing education units.

Professional author instructor.

Certificate on completion.

Secret Sauce of Great Writing is a course designed by Shani Raja. This course will teach you the four main concepts of good writing: Simplicity, Clarity, Elegance, and Evocativeness. It will also help you learn how to add those ingredients skillfully.

At the end of this online writing course, you will have a good grasp of how professional writers create powerful and beautiful prose. In this online writing course, you can quickly identify your writing weaknesses, understand the principles, and fix and improve it significantly.

Key topics:

The Secret Sauce of Flair

The Four Crucial Ingredients

How I Discovered the Sauce

The Power of Simplicity

Simplicity Exercises

The Power of Clarity

Clarity Exercises

The Power of Elegance

Elegance Exercises

The Power of Evocativeness

Evocativeness Exercises


Online video content

Instructor Q&A

Instructor direct message

Essay Essentials: Improve Your Academic Writing is a video course that helps you learn how to write essays. This free writer’s course will help you find the essay writing success you deserve by learning essay writing foundations.

Key topics:

How the writing situation, process, and classroom resources.

Brainstorm to create and use ideas that help you to develop the essay.

Develop and structure introduction and conclusion paragraphs.

Write a clear, specific, and well-connected thesis.

Understand the organization of essay paragraphs.

How to create detailed, specific, and appropriate content.

Proof-read spelling and grammatical errors using helpful rules and tips.


Online video content

Certificate of completion accredited by universities.

Instructor Q&A

Instructor direct message

The author of this course, Clare Lynch, explains how you can change your message and tone according to your target audience and customer personality.

In the last chapters, you will learn about Create musical sentences that readers can’t resist.

Key topics:

Rules of Ad Copy Writing

Ad Copy Goals

Writing Ad Copy for various media

Understanding Your Audience

Personas and Tone

Do and Don’ts.

Craft Your Cover Letter is a short course where you will learn to use proven writing techniques to show why you are the best person to do this job.

In these writing classes for beginners, you will also learn how to research company values, target your writing pitch, and develop an authentic story. It offers the research and writing tools you need to show why you are the best person for the specific job!

Key topics:

Target your applications to specific opportunities.

Students are able to understand the purpose of a cover letter.

Write an effective introduction, body, and conclusion.


Rich Learning Content

Interactive Quizzes

Instructor videos

Learn by doing exercises.

Taught by industry professionals.

Write a Book is an online writing course offered by Udemy. This course explains how to organize and begin writing a short story, novel, or nonfiction book with concepts similar for each form. This online course is ideal for someone looking to grasp the fundamentals of writing using the English language.

Key topics:

Learn to write basics, like including punctuation, sentences, paragraphs, etc.

Learn to write short nonfiction books.

How to use MS PowerPoint to create a book cover.

How to discover your writing style.

Learn how to self-edit your book manuscript.


28 articles

Full lifetime access for students

Access on mobile and TV

Certificate of completion

Udemy offers a wide range of writing courses. This Complete Freelance Writing Course can be viewed on all devices connected to the Internet. You do not require any prequalification to take this course.

Udemy is an online platform that helps you create courses for business, writing, design, marketing, etc. You can develop new skills and achieve your goals by taking training and learning from the extensive library of various Udemy courses.


Understand different forms of writing styles and methods as per target audience.

Learn best practices for Blog Writing.

Learn how to do screenwriting to tell a compelling story.

Develop methods that help you to stay productive as a writer.

Key Courses:

Grant Writing for Nonprofits and Freelance Writers

The Complete Freelance Writing Course

How to Start a Freelance Writing Career

The Complete Freelance Writing Online

Freelance Copywriting: Write Dirty. Go Big

How to Start Profitable Freelance Writing Business in 5 Weeks

Skillshare is an online course platform that is focused on education. It includes various topics related to graphic design, data science, e-commerce, analytics, etc. This online course will expand your horizons to learn more about creative writing. You can try these online classes that teach about creative writing techniques, tools, and topics like character development, outlining, storytelling, creating a compelling plot, and how you can make your words more artful.

This course helps you to enhance and helps you to create character-driven stories with creative writing prompts. This online class is broken down into short lessons that include hands-on projects to complete and share.


Learn creative writing in various genres like fiction, poetry, humor, etc.

It helps you to find classes that are designed for real life.

Get ideas for writing daily journals.

Real creators teach the classes.

You can learn from any device.

Write A Feature Length Screenplay For Film Or Television teaches you how to write a feature-length screenplay for film or television or web-series. In this screen playwriting course, you will also learn to break down the creative process into components. You will also discover a structured process that helps you produce a polished and pitch-ready script.

Completing this online course helps you to improve your confidence in your ideas and abilities. After learning this online course, you will feel prepared to pitch your first script and start with the next one.

Key Topics:

Creating The Idea.

Logline and Dramatic Question.

Create your character profile.

The Three Act Story Arc.

Screenplay Formatting and Software.

Begin your screenplay.

Write the final section.

Table read your entire script.

Finishing things up.

12) Start Writing Fiction (Future learn)

Specs: Rating: 4.7

Start Writing Fiction is a course that helps you to create how to develop your ideas, which reflect on your writing and editing. This online writing class is intended for those interested in writing fiction or improving their fiction writing.

Key Topics:

Creation of characters in fiction

Different sources for characters in stories

Ways of presenting characters in stories

Reading as a writer

Writing skill like creativity, research, observation, and editing


It provides the freedom to keep access to any online course you’ve achieved a digital certificate of.

It offers the flexibility to complete your choice of short courses in your own time within the year.

13) English Writing Skills–Revised (Alison)

English Writing skills is a free online English language course that will guide you through the most important English writing styles. It shows you how and when to apply each one verb and improve your knowledge about the correct usage of punctuation and grammar.

This online writing course helps you express yourself clearly and effectively in your writing. This online learning material also helps you fulfill your dream of becoming a professional writer or improving your English writing.

Key Topics:

English Writing Skills


Story Writing

Descriptive Writing

Science Fiction, Nonfiction, Instructional, Opinionative

Reflective Writing

Other Useful Programming Resources you may like to explore

FAQ: 🏅 How to choose an Online Writing Course?

Here are some important guidelines for selecting an online writing course:

A. Identity your goal:

First, you need to find out your goal. Like you want to learn basic writing skills like improving your grammar, you want to learn notification writing, fiction writing, nonfiction writing, etc.

B. Set your course budget:

C. Pick a Commitment Level:

It is certainly the most important aspect for selecting the online writing course. How much daily or weekly time can you spend learning the course. There are many online courses that are completely self-paced, which means you work through the material on your own and take time as much as you want.

❓ What are the Pros And Cons Of Online Writing Courses?

Here are some important Pros and Cons of Online Writing Classes:


These courses are meant for independent study, so you can learn at your own pace.

Some courses do not even have homework assignments, writing exercises, or time constraints.

Online courses give you exclusive information and learning materials.

You are able to interact and learn with other writers using online communities, which helps you learn to write skills.


Online writing course sometimes not allows any personal touch of classroom writing courses.

You will never have face-to-face interactions with associate learners.

Some online writing courses have no instructor feedback.

The quality and price of online writing courses vary greatly.

⚡ What is the best app for writing letters?

Here are some of the best writing apps which help you to write professional letters:

Grammarly: Grammarly is a widely used writing enhancement tool. It offers numerous writing styles, suggestions for grammar, vocabulary, and syntax. You can use this tool via the website, as a browser extension, or as an app that you can download to your computer.

Prowritingaid: Prowritingaid is a tool that offers a world-class grammar and style checking facility. It helps you to edit documents faster. This software includes more than 1000 styles to improve your writing skills.

Microsoft Word: Microsoft Word is a writing app that helps you transform documents into web pages. It offers a real-time translation facility with just one tap. This program enables you to read and edit documents attached to the email.

Calmlywriter: Calmlywriter is free writing software. This online application is designed to help you focus on your writing skills. It has a “focus mode” option that can highlight the paragraph you are writing.

FocusWriter: It is a writing tool that enables you to access the interface by moving the mouse to the edge of the screen. The software helps you to translate the content into more than 20 languages. It helps correct spelling effortlessly.

❗ What can you expect from a Free Creative Writing Class?

There are many free creative writing courses that help you to learn how to express yourself in words. A free writing course gives you training about general grammar, writing style, and other important stuff related to writing instead of teaching any specific fiction, nonfiction, or scientific writing skills.

10 Best Price Comparison Websites To Get The Best Deals

Shopping online is already quite difficult. If you want the best deal, you usually end up checking a couple of websites. This is where price comparison websites, tools, and apps can help. 

These are specialized tools and search engines that will do the hard work for you. They’ll compare the price of a given product between all popular and niche retailers so you can get the best deal, every single time.

Table of Contents

Google is already one of the best search tools online, a. And with Google Shopping, Google brings all that expertise to help you find the best deals. Google Shopping has a separate landing page where you can explore deals or you can search for something specific. 

Google Shopping offers a price comparison feature that lists the prices from all the websites that Google has scrapped for data (you’re likely to find all popular shopping websites here).

If you’re an avid user of Google services, you should try to integrate Google Shopping into the fold as well. You can search for products, save them for later, track their prices, and monitor deals so that you can make the purchase when the price and the time are just right.

ShopSavvy is designed for mobile shoppers and it works great for both online and offline shopping. ShopSavvy will help you shop offline using their barcode scanner. When it comes to shopping online, the app’s price comparison tool will help you get the best deals.

Once you scan a barcode, you can see the price of the product from various retailers online, and from nearby shops. 

You can search for products right inside the app and save them for later. The app will notify you about price drops. 

Download: ShopSavvy (iOS, Android) 

BuyVia is another mobile-focused price comparison app, but with a community and deal-hunting twist. BuyVia will show you a curated list of the 10 best deals of the day from popular retailers like Amazon, Target, and more. 

You can also find deals that are highlighted by community members. TAnd that’s on top of the price comparison features that you’ve come to expect from shopping apps. You can search for, and save products in the app, and you can compare the prices from different stores, right in the app. 

Download: BuyVia (iOS, Android)

Shopbrain is a popular price comparison website tool that’s designed to work on the web (using Chrome or Safari extension), or on smartphones (using iPhone and Android apps). 

Shopbrain’s browser extension works automatically and it helps you find prices from different popular retailers. Shopbrain’s extension is fast and well designed, but its list of supported retailers leaves something to be desired. 

While the app says it shows prices from retailers like Amazon, Walmart, Best Buy, eBay, Google Shopping, and more, we couldn’t get consistent results from Best Buy and eBay in our tests (while some of the other tools from this list worked fine). 

Download: Shopbrain (Google Chrome, iOS, Android) 

PriceBlink is an old player in theis price comparison website segment, and it’s been goingit’s going strong since 2010. The website functions as a coupon search engine. But what you’ll be interested in is the PriceBlink extension for Chrome and Firefox. 

PriceBlink’s extension shows a banner at the top of the website when it finds deals for the product you’re currently looking at. And in our experience, it almost always succeeds in finding a better deal. 

PriceBlink has an extensive library of sources and it shows you results from eBay, Newegg, Best Buy, Office Depot, Amazon, Adorama, and more. 

Download: PriceBlink (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox)

Honey is one of the most popular money-saving tools available online. The Honey extension has helped users save more than a billion dollars by applyingapply coupons and finding discounts from different retailers. 

While Honey is popular for its coupon service, it also has a sophisticated price tracking tool built into its extension and in the website.

The extension works on Amazon. It will tell you if you’re looking at the best deal or if a cheaper alternative is available. 

After you sign up at the Honey price comparison website, you’ll be able to search for products. Honey will then show you search results for many popular and niche retailers. Honey casts quite a wide net here. You’ll find results from places like eBay and smaller stores like Factory Outlet Store.

Download: Honey (Google Chrome, iOS, Android)

Amazon Assistant is the perfect shopping companion for Amazon Prime users. If you mostly shop from Amazon, you can use this extension to instantly know the price of any product on Amazon.

When you visit a product page online (or even when you’re searching for a product online), Amazon Assistant gets to work. 

If the product is available on Amazon, you’ll see a panel slide in from the right, showing you the price of the product on Amazon, along with the price history (The Amazon price tracking feature is quite useful for bargain hunting ifwhen you can wait a while). 

Amazon Assistant works on Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer, and Opera. It’s currently available in the US, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, UK, Spain, Japan, India, and Mexico.

For International Users

Most of the tools and extensions that we have mentioned above do work with international versions of popular retails websites (they should work with Amazon UK, Australia, and so on).

But if you’re looking for specialized price -comparison websites for non-US countries (for instance, if you’re planning to import something), take a look at the following options.

PriceRunner is one of the best price comparison websites for UK users. It has a wide range of vendors (it lists them for free). As the website doesn’t take any commissions, their recommendations are easier to believe. 

The website also sports a modern design with features like detailed product information, price histories, price drop alerts, and product reviews.

ShopBot is one of the best options whenwith it comes to Australia. It’s also available in New Zealand and Canada. 

The website lets you search for products and shows you prices from different retailers. One of the ways ShopBot sets itself apart is by offering their own expert reviews for many products. 

BizRate has been a market leader in price comparison websites for a long time now. Not only does it have a US website, it’s also available in France, Germany, and the UK. 

BizRate doesn’t have nearly as many retailers as some of the websites we have mentioned above. But it makes up for it by surfacing high-quality results and by offering extra features. Along with a price alert feature, you’ll also find an option to easily download a PDF manual for many gadgets. 

16 Websites To Download Free Ebooks Legally

Reading is one of the best and most productive habits we can cultivate. Not only does it add to our knowledge, but also stimulates the creativity of the mind, helping us think better. And thanks to free eBooks, getting into reading has never been easier. Now, there are millions of great totally free eBooks available online, on just about every topic imaginable. But the question is, where does one find this treasure of books that doesn’t cost anything?

Legally Download eBooks for Free 1. Open Library

With an aim of creating “one webpage for every book ever published,” Open Library is an invaluable source of not just freely available eBooks, but also a whole lot of useful information about them.

Visit Website

2. Project Gutenberg

Arguably one of the most famous and well known sources of free eBooks, Project Gutenberg is a volunteer effort aimed at making eBooks (and in a broader sense, the knowledge they contain) available to everyone free of cost.

Having over 50,000 titles (as of this writing), most of the eBooks available on Project Gutenberg are available under the public domain. From Classics to Periodicals, and from History to Social Sciences, there are books available on a diverse range of subjects. The latest additions to the website are shown on the homepage, and you can also use the site-wide search if you’re looking for something specific. Most of the books can be downloaded in a variety of formats, such as EPUB, MOBI, and TXT. What’s more, you can also save the eBooks directly to a variety of cloud storage services, like Dropbox, Google Drive, and OneDrive.

3. Smashwords

Love the literary works of Indie authors? You’re going to love Smashwords. At its core, Smashwords is a web based platform that enables authors/publishers around the world to publish and distribute their works to retailers.

But that’s not all. It’s an invaluable source of freely available eBooks, spanning an insane variety of subject topics/genres, such as Anthologies, Fantasy, Horror, Mystery, Romance (Fiction); and Career Guides, Entertainment, General Reference, Philosophy, Science (Non-Fiction). Navigating the website is extremely simple, and you can use the quick filter buttons to sort the results based on parameters like word length, and chúng tôi categories/genres are listed on the left. Apart from thousands of free eBooks, paid titles are also available at numerous price points. Once you’ve found the eBook you’re looking for, you can download it in multiple formats like EPUB, MOBI, PDB, and TXT. The eBooks can also be read online.

Visit Website

4. Loyal Books

Want quick and no-fuss access to hundreds of free eBooks? Loyal Books is exactly what you need. And the best thing is that it doesn’t only have eBooks, but audiobooks as well.

From Adventure to Comedy, and from Nature to Tragedy, Loyal Books’ collection of free, public domain eBooks has something for everyone. It even boasts works from world renowned personalities such as Benjamin Franklin, Oscar Wilde, Confucius, and Karl Marx. The website sports a fairly straightforward UI, and a sidebar on the left lets you quickly browse books based on specific genres, as well as those available in other (Non-English) languages. Once you’ve found the eBook of your choice, you can download it in several formats like EPUB, MOBI, and TXT. eBooks can be also read online, and for those titles that are available as Audiobooks, you can either stream online, or download them as MP3s or Podcasts.

Visit website

5. Bookbub

Bookbub’s collection of free eBooks keeps on constantly changing, based on which eBooks are available for free at any given time. However, you can be almost sure of always finding some really good titles, including at times, even bestsellers from critically acclaimed independent authors. The eBooks are available across a broad spectrum of categories/genres, including Biographies & Memoirs, Cooking, Historical Mysteries, Literary Fiction, and Thrillers. Based on which eBooks are available for free, they can be downloaded directly to the eBook reader devices such as Kindle, Nook, and Kobo (in the formats that the devices support) from their respective online bookstores. And of course, you can also find discounted deals on numerous other eBooks. All you need to do is create a free account, fill in your genre/subject preferences, and Bookbub will provide you regular recommendations on the best deals. How cool is that?

Visit Website

6. MobileRead Forums

If you’re new to this whole concept of eBooks, eReader devices, and stuff like that, there’s probably no better place to start off than MobileRead Forums. Put simply, it’s a storehouse of invaluable information regarding everything eBooks.

Visit Website

7. Wikibooks

In the simplest of words, Wikibooks can be described as the Wikipedia of books. It’s essentially an open-content collection of textbooks that anyone can edit, thus making it an incredible resource of user contributed content.

Wikibooks, as the name pretty much explains, is a sister project of Wikipedia. Having over 2,800 books, its collection includes a lot of non-fiction content, based on subjects like Computing, Humanities, Science, Languages, and Engineering, each further sub-divided into multiple categories. This makes navigation really easy when you’re looking for something specific. And of course, you can use the site-wide search as well. Subject specific eBooks are categorized as Completed, Nearing Completion etc., based on their completion status by the editing community. The eBooks can be read online, having interlinked pages just like regular webpages, and can be downloaded as PDF files as well.

8. ManyBooks

Another great source of getting free and public domain eBooks, ManyBooks boasts of a pretty solid collection, and you can be sure of finding something of your liking once you start digging through it.

ManyBooks’ collection consists of over 33,000 titles, covering a whole gamut of genres like Art, Drama, Fiction & Literature, Science, and Travel. What’s more, navigating the website is a breeze, thanks to handy, self-explanatory sub-sections which let you browse the collection based on parameters like authors, languages, and title names. You can also search for eBooks, and check out the Recent Additions and Special Collections sub-sections. Each eBook’s detail page lists helpful information about it (e.g. author name, genre, word count), and once you’ve found the eBook of your choice, you can download it in popular formats like EPUB, MOBI, and PDF. Nearly all of the eBooks are public-domain, and are fully legal to download.

Visit Website

9. Feedbooks

Feedbooks is en online retailer of eBooks that provides a platform to upcoming and independent authors to publish their works. Unsurprisingly, it has a pretty robust catalog of some really good and decently priced eBooks.

But that’s not everything. Feedbooks also has quite a collection of both original and public domain eBooks, that you can download legally and read on any device you want. From Action & Adventure to Short Stories, and from Mystery & Detective to Horror, Feedbooks’ collection has something for everyone. The detail pages of the eBooks include helpful information like synopsis, word count, and more. The eBooks themselves can be dowloaded in all popular formats like EPUB, MOBI (for Kindle), and PDF. Feedbooks includes other interesting sections like Editorial Reviews, Interviews etc. that are worth checking out too.

Visit Website

10. Bookboon

Visit Website

11. HathiTrust

While we’re on the discussion of eBooks catered towards the student community, it’s only fitting to talk about HathiTrust, which is a one of a kind digital library of educational titles.

Visit Website

12. Free Ebooks

The name says it all. If you’re looking for free eBooks, you should definitely check out, well, Free Ebooks. From works of fiction, to academic texts, Free Ebooks has it all.

13. Baen Ebooks

Although its website may look like something from the early 90s, but Baen Ebooks has a fairly good collection of free eBooks that make it worth checking out. No seriously, it’s good.

Basically, Bean Ebooks is an online store that sells DRM free eBooks spanning a variety of genres. However, they also have a free library that includes quite a few really nice eBook titles that you can download legally for absolutely nothing. The eBooks are primarily based on the Science Fiction and Fantasy genres, although there are some other titles as well. Each eBook’s detail page includes information like synopsis, and author name. The eBooks can be read online, as well as downloaded in almost all popular formats, such as EPUB, MOBI, and PDF. There are other eReader device specific formats available for download too, and you can also email the eBooks to yourself.

Visit Website

eReader Device Specific Online eBook Stores 14. Amazon Kindle

Probably the most popular eBook reader devices out there, Amazon’s Kindle line is a great way to access Amazon’s huge library of eBooks. All you have to do is go to the Kindle store, and search for “free eBooks.” The Amazon Kindle library has over 32,000 free eBooks, covering everything from Action & Adventure to Travel. Simply download, and sync/download the eBooks to your Kindle device, and Amazon account.

Visit Website

15. Barnes & Noble Nook

Visit Website

16. Kobo

If you’re having one of the awesome Kobo eBook reader devices, you can check out the great collection of free (and paid) eBooks available on the Kobo store. There are titles available across nearly all genres, such as Mysteries & Thrillers, Sci-Fi & Fantasy, and a lot more. Once you’ve found what you’re looking for, simply hit the Add To Library button, and the eBook will be downloaded/synced to your Kobo eReader device. As simple as that!

Visit Website

Bonus: Reddit’s Free eBooks Thread

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