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Launched in 2023, Facebook Marketplace’s popularity has sky-rocketed in recent years. Many Facebook users prefer the Marketplace to buy and sell several items. Facebook’s e-commerce platform comes with several rules and regulations. There are times when the Marketplace prevents you from posting items on the platform. Here are the possible reasons and solutions you can try when Facebook Marketplace is not letting you post.

Why Can’t I Post on Facebook Marketplace

Facebook doesn’t specify why you failed to post on the Marketplace. Several factors can limit your Marketplace reach. One of the reasons can be the violation of Facebook Marketplace rules.  

A sketchy internet connection or incorrect listings may also lead to suspension from the e-commerce platform. Let’s go through some common factors and take the necessary steps to start posting on Marketplace.

1. Comply with Standard Facebook Marketplace Rules

You must be at least 18 years old to post on Facebook Marketplace. You also need to link your mobile number with your Facebook account. Otherwise, the platform won’t let you post.

2. Follow Facebook Marketplace Guidelines

Facebook Marketplace comes with community standards and commerce guidelines to comply with. If you don’t follow Facebook policies, it may result in temporary or permanent suspension from the platform. If you try to sell an irrelevant or illegal item on Marketplace, the platform won’t let you post the listing.

Here are some of the products you can’t sell on Facebook Marketplace.

Adult products


Body parts or fluids

Digital media and subscriptions

Documents, currency, and financial instruments

Virtual currency

Hazardous goods and materials


Adult services

Medical and healthcare products

Land, Animals, and Animal products

Stolen goods

Used cosmetics

Tobacco products and related paraphernalia

Gift cards and vouchers

Weapons, ammunition, and explosives  

3. Use Relevant Categories

You need to use relevant categories when posting an item on Facebook Marketplace. If you continue to pick incorrect categories on Marketplace, the social media company may ban your account for a couple of weeks. You can’t post a new listing on Marketplace. A relevant category helps buyers easily find and save necessary items on Facebook Marketplace.

4. Don’t Post Incorrect Items

You should never try to scam your customers on Facebook Marketplace. You shouldn’t post incorrect listings, either. Many have been caught posting fake products on Facebook Marketplace. When your buyers complain about such behavior to Facebook, the company may ban you from posting on Facebook.

5. Check the Network Connection

If you have network connection problems on your Android or iPhone, you may face issues with posting on Facebook Marketplace. You should connect to a high-speed internet network to start posting on Facebook Marketplace without any issues.

You can temporarily enable the Airplane mode on your phone and disable it to fix the issue. Android users can use the Airplane mode from the quick toggles menu. If you have an iPhone, swipe down from the top-right corner and enable the Airplane mode.

6. Don’t Upload Large Photos and Videos

If you want to rent a property or sell an old car, the sellers may ask you to provide videos. Sometimes, you may run into errors when you try to upload large photos and 4K videos with your listing on a slow internet speed. You should opt for a high-speed Wi-Fi network or avoid uploading 4K videos on the platform.

7. Authenticate Your Facebook Account

Due to an account authentication error, Facebook may prevent you from posting on Marketplace. You can sign out from your current Facebook account and log in again to fix such issues.

1. Open Facebook on your phone.

2. Go to your account.

3. Scroll to Log out.

4. Sign back in using your Facebook account details.

8. Don’t Post From a New Facebook Account

Did you recently create a new Facebook account for your personal or business use? You can immediately post listings on Facebook Marketplace. You should wait at least a week to make your first listing live. You should also add a profile picture, description, and other personal or business details to solidify your identity.

If you don’t add such details, Facebook may flag your account/profile as a bot and block the listing.

9. Use Facebook Marketplace Web

Facebook Marketplace is available on the web too. Use the web version if you can’t post on the e-commerce platform using the mobile app.

10. Save Your Facebook Marketplace Listing as Draft

According to a Reddit thread, users were able to fix the ‘Facebook Marketplace not letting me post’ issue by saving the listing as a draft.

You need to remove all the listing pictures, save them as a draft, and start adding pictures again. The listing should go live in a minute or two.

Explore Facebook Marketplace

You can always sell your products on another platform. But you may face a hard time clearing the inventory since a rival e-commerce platform doesn’t have as long a reach as Facebook.

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How To Post On Instagram From Phone, Pc And Facebook

Despite all the negativity surrounding Instagram, one cannot deny that social media platforms like these have enabled people to communicate more effectively and creatively than any other medium in the history of mankind. One billion active users flock to Instagram every single day and there is no platform like it to showcase oneself and one’s work. This is probably why it’s so difficult for the listeners and watchers to stay away as well.

As a generation, we seek to get to know the other, empathize with them and enjoy what others bring to our Instagram feed. In these engagement-driven times, it’s only natural to want to maintain a good Instagram profile. The most fundamental step towards this goal is learning how to post on Instagram. 

How to post on Instagram from iPhone and Android

Here are the best ways to post on Instagram using your mobile phone, whether that be an iPhone or an Android phone. Yes, this works on iPad too.

How to create a Single Instagram Post

Open the Instagram app on your phone.

Now, tap the new post icon on the top or simply swipe left to open the Instagram Camera. 

Tap the POST option. 

From the FILTER tab, apply a filter of your choice or go with the Normal option depending on what you like. 

From the EDIT tab, you can modify the brightness, structure alignment, etc of the image.

After editing, tap the arrow icon on the top right. 

Now add a caption, tag relevant accounts, and Add location for your post. 

You can tag anyone on your post if they are part of it or if the post is relevant to them. Type their name in the text box and select the appropriate account from the options that will appear. 

There is also an option to add the location if you want geo-targeting. Select the option to Add location first and then type in the name of the location in the search box. 

If you haven’t authorized the app already, you will have to perform an additional step of adding your username and password to do so. 

Tap the tick mark on the top right top to post. 

How to create a Carousel post on Instagram

Instagram allows you the option of posting a maximum of 10 pictures at a time to create a panoramic carousel. 

To create a carousel, tap the multiple images option in the POST tab and select 10 images or less to include in the carousel. 

Similar to the case of a single image, you will see an EDIT and FILTER tab. Tap the image in the carousel that you want to edit and apply the changes you want. 

Now tap the arrow on the top right and arrive at the final post creation page.

Add the caption, tag people, and set the post for cross-posting as shown in the previous section, and finally, tap the tick mark icon on the top-right to post the carousel. 

How to create and edit posts via Stories 

You can also create a post using the STORIES section, save it and then upload it as a normal Instagram post. Here’s how it works. 

Open the STORIES section in the New Post section. 

Now choose any of the post options on the left side of the screen. For the purpose of this tutorial, we will create a Boomerang. 

Create your Boomerang and then tap the Save icon on the top. 

Now go back to the new post section and switch to POST. Then, go to the Gallery folder if the creation mode is set to capturing from camera.  

Select your Boomerang from the Gallery. 

Follow the same process as the one for a Single Instagram Post from this point forward. 

How to post on Instagram from PC

You will notice that the posting feature is missing from the web version of Instagram. Instagram on PC is meant for viewing purposes only. However, brand managers who need to post promotional on Instagram can refer to this round-about albeit super effective solution that will allow for posting on Instagram from a browser like Chrome.  

Now expand the More tools section and select the developer tools option. 

The device toolbar will appear in the browser window now. Use the dropdown menu to use a mobile interface that you’re comfortable with. 

Launch Instagram on the browser using the normal search bar. 

How to post on Instagram from Facebook

Facebook does have a provision that allows the user to post content from Facebook to Instagram. However, a major caveat that you will face is that posting can only be done from a Facebook page that you control to your Instagram Account using the Creator Studio feature. This means that you cannot post content from your Facebook user profile. Here’s how a post can be shared on Instagram from Facebook. 

Step 1: Link Instagram account to Facebook account

Go to the Settings on your Instagram Account 

Tap on Accounts Centre

In Accounts Centre, select Accounts and profiles. 

Tap on Add Accounts

Now check the Facebook Account option that Instagram is showing, if you want to connect a different account, then tap on Change and add the Facebook Account you want instead of the one that currently exists. 

Tap on Continue

Tap on Finish Setting Up and you can move on to the next part. 

Step 2: Connect Instagram account to Facebook page

Before setting up your Facebook, make sure that your Instagram page has been connected to your Facebook page. To do this, open your Instagram profile page on your phone. 

Tap the Edit Profile option.

Under Profile Information, tap the Page option. 

Now enable the page from which you want to post content to your Instagram Account. 

Step 3: Connect Facebook Creator Studio to Instagram Account

Go to your Facebook Page from the browser on your Laptop/PC and open the page that you want to post from on Instagram. Once you’re on the page, scroll till you reach the Publishing Tools option. 

Connect your Instagram account to the Facebook page. 

That’s how you post to Instagram from Facebook. 

Things to keep in mind when posting

Image dimensions

Back in 2012 when Instagram first launched, the platform only accommodated images in a 1:1 aspect ratio. Things are much different now with different permutations and combinations for different types of images as well as Instagram feature.  

Here are the image dimensions that you must keep in mind: 

Image Type Size (in pixels) Aspect Ratio

Landscape Static/Video 1080 x 608 1.91:1

Portrait Static/Video 1080×1350 4:5

Square Static/Video 1080×1080 1:1

Stories and Reels 1080 x 1920 9:16

Hashtags provide an Instagram address to your post/content. For example, if you use #dogsofinstagram, it will appear when someone looks at that particular hashtag as well as on their feed if they have marked this hashtag as one of their favorite ones. When you add a Hashtag, it becomes easier for Instagram to recognize the content in the post, this, in turn, will make sure that your content hits the feed of the relevant audience.  There’s a reason you see as many hashtags as possible under the posts that arrive on your feed. Hashtags provide much-needed traction to posts. 

Stickers and other Filters 

Stickers and filters separate a basic post from one that can be identified as belonging to the gram, not to mention just how fun it is to apply them while editing.

Instagram provides an ample amount of stickers that range from good mornings to donations and announcements that can add decorative value to your content. While stickers are fairly tame, the real game-changers are the different variety of filters that Instagram offers. Some of these filters also become the very basis for the content that is uploaded on Instagram. Filters are incredibly popular and creative, so it’s always a good idea to explore trending ones to create content if your own content pool has run dry.

Third-party editing apps

 At this point in time, there are enough third-party editing apps out there to cater to just about any user need that Instagram itself is not able to meet. You can take a look at these cool tips and tricks to create posts using third-party apps as well as these set of apps that will enable you to take your Instagram game to the next level. 

An application like Canva comes with Instagram specific formats to make your life easy. From templates and layouts to cool effects, third-party apps will act as a reliable support system to help you maintain your individuality and brand on Instagram while allowing you to explore new creative routes. 

It does take a while to get a hang of the process, but once you do, creating posts will become a very chill process that you will really look forward to. It’s important to remember that while Instagram is about showcasing your content, it’s also a platform that you are meant to explore and enjoy. Happy posting! Take care and stay safe. 


Youtube Videos Not Playing – 6 Ways To Fix

Based on what device you use to watch YouTube, there are many causes as to why YouTube is not playing any video. Factors like a faulty VPN app, bugs, cache files, and more can cause YouTube to stop working properly. 

So, let’s dive into more of these causes and ways to fix this problem. 

Why Is My YouTube Not Playing Video?

If YouTube is not playing videos or is showing a black screen, it could be due to the following reasons:

The content you want to watch is geographically-restricted.

You’re using Ad-blocker plug-ins or apps. 

Your cache files are corrupted. 

Your internet connection is slow. 

There are potential viruses in your phone/PC.

Faulty apps/ browser extensions

Your browser is not up-to-date.

How to Fix YouTube Not Playing Video

Let’s start with the simple solutions first. Restart the YouTube app or website. Try signing out and signing back in on YouTube. But, if the issue is still persisting, let’s look at other effective fixes. 

Disable Ad-Blocker Apps/Plugins

If you often use Ad-blocker apps on your phone or ad-blocker plugins on your PC, it could be one of the reasons YouTube is not playing videos. This is because such apps/plugins keep collecting your data while running in the background. This consumes a lot of bandwidth and power, causing some apps/websites like YouTube to lag. 

In some cases, the ad-blocker tools can have bugs as well, resulting in problems like this. So, we recommend turning them off or uninstalling them completely.

Similar to ad-blocker plugins, check other extensions on your PC as well. Attractive and fun browser extensions may be tempting, but not all are reliable. Some carry bugs, corrupted files, and viruses that could result in websites like YouTube crashing and not playing videos. 

Simply check the owner of the extension and research on it to check if it’s credible or not. Check for the reviews and no. of users as well. Then, it’s best to uninstall extensions that don’t seem very reliable. Now, you can try to open YouTube again and see if it helps.

Disable/Enable VPN 

VPNs are useful to unlock restricted content and hide your IP. However, this seemingly good friend can also come with a few problems. Some unreliable VPNs can invite potential viruses and bugs, causing apps like YouTube to lag, freeze, and not respond. 

In other cases, the process of a VPN encrypting and transferring data takes up a significant amount of bandwidth. So, this can make the overall performance of your device slow. Hence, YouTube may not play any video. So, we recommend turning off VPNs or uninstalling them if you don’t need one. 

However, YouTube will show an error message or won’t play a video if it’s geographically restricted. So, to play such videos, you can enable your VPN. But, it’s ideal to only use trustworthy VPNs and disable them when not needed. 

Clear Cache 

Cache files are records of your browsing history, login credentials, searches, likes, and more. These saved files help make your YouTube surfing experience load faster. However, after a long period, these cache files can get corrupted if not cleared regularly. These corrupted files can interfere with YouTube, causing it to stop playing videos. 

Here’s how to clear cache on your devices: 

On Android

Go to Settings.

Select and open YouTube.

Go to Storage. 

On iPhone

There’s no Clear Cache option on the iPhone. While a few apps come with a Clear Cache feature, most of them don’t. So, you’ll need to uninstall and reinstall the app itself to clear the cache. 

Alternatively, if you don’t want to uninstall YouTube, you can also delete history and searches by yourself. Although this doesn’t equal a complete cache clearing process, it might help with minor issues, like the video not playing.

On Chrome for Windows

Press down Ctrl + Shift + Delete all at once. This will open a pop-up window to clear the browsing data. 

Check the boxes for what you want to delete. You can also choose the timeline as well.

On Safari for Mac

Open Safari and open History. 

Turn Off Hardware Acceleration 

This step is mostly for PC users. Hardware Acceleration is always on by default. This is when your software works with hardware components to improve the computer’s performance. 

However, sometimes the computer sends tasks to the GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) instead of the CPU. This can cause browsers to lag or freeze. So, YouTube may not work properly. 

You can turn off Hardware Acceleration to help YouTube work again. Here’s how you can do so:

On Chrome

Open Settings from the three dots on the top-right corner. 

Go to Advanced Settings. 

Restart Chrome. 

On Firefox

Open Firefox and search about:config

Type layers.acceleration.force-enabled on the searchbox.

Then, again type *gfx.webrender.force-disabled *on the searchbox.

This option is by default set to False on Windows. However, if you are using Linux, you must change the status.

Update GPU Driver 

When your computer is not compatible with the GPU (Graphics Processing Unit), you might not be able to play YouTube properly. So, updating the GPU driver can help solve this problem.

Open Device Manager.

You can restart your computer and try to open YouTube again. 

Bonus Tips

Here are a few additional tips if you’re having problems with the above fixes.

Set the video quality to Auto.

Try to open the video in Incognito Mode. 

Update the browser to its latest version. 

Change the internet bandwidth frequency to 5GHz if you’re on a mobile hotspot.

Restart browser. 

Uninstall and reinstall YouTube. 

Try to open YouTube on a different device. 

Clear up storage in your phone. 

Close apps/programs running in the background. 

Update your phone and computer to the latest version. 

Top 10 Ways To Fix Auto Rotate Not Working On Samsung Galaxy Phones


Auto rotate is one of the useful add-ons on Samsung Galaxy phones. As the name suggests, it lets you rotate the screen when you change the phone’s orientation. However, it may spoil your mood if auto rotate is not working on Samsung phones. Here are some fixes you can apply if auto rotate fails to work on your Samsung Galaxy phones.

1. Enable Auto Rotate

If you have disabled the auto-rotate function on your Samsung phone, the screen won’t rotate when you flip the device.

1. Swipe down from the home screen.

2. Swipe down again to access the quick toggles menu.

3. Enable the Portrait toggle.

2. Enable Rotate for Home Screen and Video Call Screen

Samsung enables auto-rotate for videos only. The landscape mode remains disabled for the home screen and video call screen. You need to enable them from Settings.

1. Access the quick toggles menu (check the steps above).

2. Long-tap on Auto rotate.

3. Enable the toggles for the Home screen and Video call.

Auto rotate should work completely fine with the home screen and Google Meet/WhatsApp video calls.

3. Enable Rotate Button From Navigation Bar

Android offers a handy add-on to rotate the screen manually when your phone’s orientation changes. It suggests rotation on the navigation bar and lets you change orientation with a single tap.

1. Long-tap on Auto rotate toggle (check the steps above).

2. Enable the Rotate button on the navigation bar toggle.

From now on, whenever you rotate the phone in landscape or portrait mode, look for the rotate icon on the navigation bar and tap on it.

4. Restart the Phone

A simple device reboot can fix issues like Samsung Galaxy phone not ringing, mobile data not working, auto rotate not working, and more. You can keep pressing the power button and hit Restart. Alternatively, you can expand the quick toggles menu and tap the power button at the top to restart it.

Also Read: How to Create and Manage Modes on Samsung Galaxy Phones

5. G-Sensor or Accelerometer Are Not Working

If your phone’s G-sensor or accelerometer isn’t working as expected, the system can’t detect the current orientation, and the auto-rotate may stop working. It can be due to a thick case, screen protector, or hardware damage. You can remove the case and screen protector and try again.

6. Check in Safe Mode

You can enable safe mode on your Samsung phone and check if auto rotate is working or not. If auto rotate works perfectly fine, one of the installed apps is the real culprit here. You need to delete recent apps from your Samsung phone and try again.

1. Open the power menu from the quick toggles menu (refer to the steps above).

2. Long tap on Power off until you see the Safe mode on display.

3. If auto rotate works as expected, exit the Safe mode.

Long-tap on an app and select Uninstall. Repeat the same for recently installed apps on your Samsung phone.

An outdated One UI software can be the major factor here. Samsung regularly releases OS updates with new features and bug fixes. You can use the steps below to update the system OS on your phone.

1. Open Settings on your Samsung phone.

2. Scroll to Software update.

3. Download and install the latest One UI update on your phone.

8. Recalibrate Sensors

The performance of your phone’s accelerometer deteriorates over time. There is no shortage of calibration apps from the Play Store. You can pick an app like Accelerometer Calibration from the Play Store, open the app, and follow the on-screen instructions to recalibrate sensors on your phone.

Download – Accelerometer Calibration

9. Your Screen Is Temporarily Locked

Are you viewing a PDF file or a document on your Samsung phone? If you hold the finger on the display and rotate the phone screen, the system doesn’t change the orientation. You should lift a finger and try rotating the phone again.

10. Look for Hardware Damage

Did you damage the top part of your Samsung phone? You or your little one may shatter the phone sensors due to an accidental phone. You should book an appointment at the nearest service center to get it repaired.

Flip and Rotate It

Auto rotate not working on Samsung phones can result in major inconveniences at times. The tricks above should fix the auto rotate not working issue in no time.

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you wanted to view the password of the Wi-Fi network on your Samsung Galaxy phone? You can do it now.

Personalized Settings Not Responding? 5 Ways To Fix It

Personalized Settings Not Responding? 5 Ways to Fix it Make personalized settings work again in no time




Sometimes, you may come across an error, personalized settings not responding that prevents you to customize your desktop. 

While this mostly occurs after a Windows Update, the issue could also be related to corrupted system files or outdated graphics drivers.

Sometimes, you may also see a black screen on your desktop with the error message on the top, however, this can be fixed. 



To fix Windows PC system issues, you will need a dedicated tool

Fortect is a tool that does not simply cleans up your PC, but has a repository with several millions of Windows System files stored in their initial version. When your PC encounters a problem, Fortect will fix it for you, by replacing bad files with fresh versions. To fix your current PC issue, here are the steps you need to take:

Download Fortect and install it on your PC.

Start the tool’s scanning process to look for corrupt files that are the source of your problem

Fortect has been downloaded by


readers this month.

When trying to access the personalization settings in Windows 11, you may often encounter the personalized settings not responding error.

You may want to choose a different Windows 11 theme, screen color, fonts, or lock screen to personalize your Windows appearance, however, this error can be annoying.

Why does Windows 11 Personalize not work?

If you are trying to access the Personalized Settings on your PC to change icons, themes, etc., but are unable to, there could be quite a few reasons for this issue:

Windows Explorer fails to start – When Windows Explorer continues to run in the background but cannot be opened normally.

System files – Most often, a Windows error may arise due to corrupted system files.

Faulty Windows update – Chances are that the recent Windows update came with bugs that may be causing the issue.

File Explorer did not start correctly – Sometimes, the File Explorer may crash, leading to the personalized settings not responding issue.

Outdated graphics drivers – You may not be able to access the personalized settings due to the graphics drivers that have not been updated, so it’s time to take action.

Fortunately, we have some solutions that will have you get rid of the personalized settings not responding black screen issue and help you continue making the changes.

How do I fix personalized settings not responding?

Try the preliminary checks below to see if they help fix the issue:

Reboot your PC.

Disconnect your devices.

Try to disable the network connection before rebooting or shutting down after an update.

Switch the network connection.

Reset the GPU.

Try using your password instead of your PIN.

Uninstall previous Windows updates.

If the above steps fail, you can proceed with the main troubleshooting methods below.

1. Restart the Windows Explorer

Alternatively, you can also install the drivers manually by following three quick methods in this post.

Now, close Device Manager, restart your PC, and check if you still encounter the personalized settings not responding issue.

To make sure that your driver updates are safely we recommend using Outbyte Driver Updater, a specialized tool that finds and automatically keeps all outdated drivers up to date.

Here’s how to do it:

Download and install the Outbyte Driver Updater app.

Launch the software.

Wait for the app to detect all incompatible drivers.

Afterward, it will show you a list of the drivers found to select the ones to Update or Ignore.

Restart your PC to ensure the applied changes.

Outbyte Driver Updater

Use this software and solve all driver-related issues from your PC.

Free trial Download now

Disclaimer: You may need to upgrade the app from the free version to perform specific actions.

3. Repair system files using the SFC command

Press the Win + R keys together to open the Run console.

Type cmd in the search bar, and press the Ctrl +Shift + Enter shortcut keys to launch the elevated Command Prompt window.

Run the below command in the Command Prompt (Admin) window and hit Enter: sfc / scannow

The system checker utility will now start checking for any corrupted files and if any are found, will repair them automatically.

Expert tip:


Before you make any changes to the registry data, make sure that you create a backup of the registry settings. This will help you recover any data that may be lost during the process.

This will help you uninstall the last update. Restart your PC and check if you still encounter the error while trying to access Personalized Settings.

Alternatively, you can also uninstall the previous Windows update on Windows 11 using Advanced Startup.

5. Open File Explorer using Task Manager

This will open File Explorer instantly. Once done, check if you can access Personalized settings or if it’s still not responding.

How do I reset my Personalization on Windows 11?

To reset all your Personalization settings to default, you can follow the below instructions:

How long does it take to set up personalized settings for Microsoft Edge?

Given the plethora of customizations available in Microsoft Edge, it may take anywhere between 5-20 minutes to get the personalized settings set up.

But for those intending to modify only a few personalized settings, say, change the Edge theme or reconfigure specific actions, it shouldn’t take more than a few minutes.

If you see a black screen and a popup window with the error, refer to our detailed post on troubleshooting the Windows 11 black screen issue.

However, if none of the above methods work, use a restore point you created earlier on Windows 11.

Still experiencing issues?

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Razer Kraken Mic Not Working – 12 Ways To Fix It

Don’t dig up your receipt and run to make a return just because your Razer Kraken microphone isn’t working. You can make many adjustments to fix the problem and start using the mic. 

Credit : R Λ Z Ξ R / YouTube

There are a few different versions of the Razer Kraken. For example, here are the most recent models and their features.

However, many people still use older models, like the V2 or the Tournament edition. 

To troubleshoot your Kraken, start with the most likely issues. Things like settings and connections often create a situation in which your mic won’t work, even though it’s functioning in and of itself.

Credit : Brainbean / YouTube

All you have to do is get a replacement cable that will function with your Kraken and swap it out for the one you already use. If the microphone still isn’t working and nothing has changed, then your cables are probably fine to use. 

While you’re troubleshooting, make sure you’re using the Razer V3 Pro in wired mode. It just eliminates an additional source of uncertainty. 

Remember to make sure the cables are plugged all the way in. Some PS4 players had difficulty getting the mic to work only to find that the audio works if it isn’t completely plugged in, but the microphone doesn’t. 

Sometimes a peripheral device is connected to the system but isn’t active. It’s disabled in favor of other devices. There’s a difference between enabling a device and setting it as your default. To do the latter, you first must do the former. 

You can also perform this operation from the taskbar.

You can have multiple sound input devices connected to your computer, but they can’t all be the active default at the same time. If your Razer Kraken microphone isn’t working, it might be because another microphone is set as the primary for your system.

You can make the adjustments through the Sound option in Settings.

You can also do this from the taskbar.

Once you change this setting, your Kraken should be set as the default until you manually adjust it again. However, it isn’t unusual for Windows to decide another device should be the default without asking, likely due to other programs that use the mic. If you start experiencing the issue again, check whether the Kraken is still the default device. 

Your privacy settings in Windows can prevent your microphone from working.

If these settings were incorrect, they could be the root of your Kraken’s microphone problems. 

Once you’re done, shut down the computer, power it on, and check to see whether your mic is working. Check again to make sure it’s still the default device, too.

Sometimes the problem is that the mic doesn’t pick up your voice. Your microphone levels can be adjusted so that people hear you better – but it can be a little difficult to fine-tune. 

If the problem with your Kraken microphone was that the levels were wrong and it wasn’t picking up your voice, it should work now. I have to set my pickup around 50 and my boost at 20 to keep my voice clear without any background noise, personally. 

Some users have fixed the problems with their Kraken mics by changing the pop-up behavior of Realtek Audio Manager. Your Audio Manager determines whether or not your computer reacts with a pop-up when a new device is plugged in. Changing that setting sometimes fixes those experiencing problems with the Razer Kraken microphone.

Keep in mind that the Realtek HD Audio Manager might be listed as Realtek Audio Console or something similar – if you can’t find it via the Control Panel, try searching from the Windows start menu.

Now try testing the Razer Kraken microphone to see whether it works. If it still isn’t working, go back to your Realtek settings and make sure the microphone is checked and enabled. 

The troubleshooter can help fix issues keeping your Kraken microphone from functioning correctly.

After the troubleshooter is complete, you may have the option to send a diagnostic report to Microsoft. You can, but it won’t affect your troubleshooting in any way.

Resetting the USB audio connection and reestablishing it can also make the Kraken work correctly. If you don’t see it appear in Synapse, this is one way to make it visible.

If that doesn’t work to make it appear, install a fresh copy of Synapse and try again. 

Synapse is Razer’s peripheral management program, and it also manages headphones. It might be the source of the issue with your Kraken microphone.

Once you know you’re completely up-to-date, you can work on the settings in Synapse itself. 

The mic sensitivity setting just helps keep the background noise from bleeding through with your voice.

Once you’ve set this up, you can ensure the Kraken microphone is still the default communication device. 

Some games have options to choose the default mic for that game only. Check your audio settings to make sure the correct microphone is enabled. 

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