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10 Best Measurement Apps For Android and iPhone in 2023 Top 10 Measurement Apps for Android and iPhone

We’ve compiled a list of best measurement apps with various tools and functions for measuring multiple objects that would be useful and convenient in our everyday lives.

1. Google Maps

The distance measurement function in Google Maps is one of its better features, despite not being recognized as a proper measuring app. Using Google Maps ‘ built-in measuring capability, you may measure the distance between two locations in miles or kilometers.

Version: 11.33.1 in Android & 6.22 in iOS


The accuracy of Google Maps is the key reason to use it.

Simple to use.

For Google’s branding, satellite imagery may be trusted completely.

Download Google Maps for Android and iPhone.

2. AR Ruler

With the camera on your smartphone, the AR Ruler app employs augmented reality (AR) to measure the real-world environment. Based on Google’s ARCore, AR Ruler can measure in feet, yards, centimeters, meters, millimeters, and inches. Point the viewfinder at the detected plane and tap the screen to measure.

Technical Specifications:

Version: 1.7.4 in Android & 1.2 in iOS


Allows measuring in different metrics like cm, m, mm, inches, feet, and yards.

Can measure the volume of 3D subjects.

Plan projections for drawn items is generated and exported to PDF format.

Download AR Ruler for Android and iPhone.

3. GPS Fields Area Measure

GPS Fields Area Measure is a simple and handy app for measuring area, distance, and perimeter. You receive a map view and the choice to mark spots, similar to Google Maps’ measure tool. To use the application, choose the map’s start and finish location, and the distance will be displayed in the top-left corner.

Technical Specifications:

Version: 3.11.15 in Android & 2.9.0 in iOS


Smart Marker Mode allows for exact pin placement.

It will enable you to send an automatically created link to your pinned/selected area’s to your friends or partners.

For walking/driving around precise borders, use GPS tracking/auto measure.

Download GPS Fields Area Measure for Android and iPhone.

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4. Moasure

The length, breadth, height of items, and inter-room measurements may be measured using Moasure. Moasure is one of the best Android and iOS measuring applications available.  Thanks to the in-app video lessons, you will have no problem learning how to use this app.

Technical Specifications:

Version: 4.1.4 in Android & iPhone


Measures distance quickly and simply from 10cm to 300m (4″ to 1000ft).

The angle between two lines or surfaces can be measured easily.

Download Moasure for iPhone.

5. Angle Meter 360

Angle Meter 360 is a simple and user-friendly application that allows you to measure angles in real-time on images, photos, or from the camera. Rather than using augmented reality, it employs a more traditional method, providing you with an on-screen ruler, protractor, laser level tool, and other features.

Technical Specifications:

Version: 1.2.2 in Android & 1.9 in iPhone


Angle measurement from the camera and on the photographs

Color adjustment of tools for visual ease.

The UI is simple and easy to use.

Download Angle Meter 360 for Android and iPhone.

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6. Smart Measure

Smart Measure is an app that uses the built-in camera to determine the distance between the phone and items in front of it, similar to how lidar works. While the app’s operation is essential, one important point to remember is that it calculates heights from the base. The app’s standout feature is measuring the size of huge objects.

Technical Specifications:

Version: 1.7.8


Using trigonometry, this rangefinder (telemeter) estimates the distance and height of a target.

Simple and intuitive User Interface.

Can simply determine the height of things such as refrigerators, closets, and ladders.

Download Smart Measure for Android.

7. Ruler App – Measure Lengths in Inches + Centimeters

This app measures everything with a lovely on-screen ruler. You can select between inches and centimeters to start measuring. To use the greatest multi-touch measurement technology and determine the size of any interesting items around you, tap the screen. It shows a ruler and two guidelines on the screen to help you create exact lines.

Technical Specifications:

Version: Varies with device


The UI is fast and responsive, with a great modern style.

Can check your recent measurements by using the smart history function.

Caliper tool with multi-touch capabilities

Download Ruler App for Android.

8. Laser Level

The Laser Level is a great measurement app that includes a ladder pointer, a standard 3-mode spirit level, and an inclinometer for measuring vertical angles and calculating the precise horizontal plane. Aside from a laser pointer, the Laser Level app measures with acceleration and a gyroscope.

Technical Specifications:

Version: 1.5.02


Take images while measuring so that you may send the results to anybody.

It doesn’t require an internet connection.

The app is precise, user-friendly, and simple to use.

Download Laser Level for Android.

Now Check out the Best Measurement Apps for iPhone as well:

9. Measure (Apple)

Measure turns your iPhone into a measuring tape. Measure allows you to rapidly calculate the size of actual items, a person’s height, and the measurements of rectangular objects. Draw lines and measure lengths horizontally and vertically with the Measure app. It is compatible with iPhone 12 Pro and later models.

Technical Specifications:

Requires: iOS version 12.0 or later.


Rectangular items are automatically measured.

Measure a person’s height from the ground to the top of their head, hair, or hat instantly.

When measuring huge items, horizontal and vertical guiding lines arise.

Download Measure for iPhone.

10. Roomscan Pro

RoomScan is a well-designed floorplan application. This app allows you to scan and measure each room in your home in incredible detail. To begin, point the app at the ground and wait for it to recognise it. After that, you can quickly scan each wall surrounding the room to build the floor layout. It is strictly designed for professionals.

Technical Specifications:

Version: 8.14


Scanning is done by using Augmented Reality.

Download Roomscan Pro for iPhone.

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Best Spanish Learning Apps For Android And Iphone

Best Spanish Learning Apps for Android and iPhone

Spanish is among the most popular languages, with more than 500 million native speakers worldwide. So, suppose you have to interact with foreign colleagues daily or plan a vacation in some nearby continent where Spanish is the official language. In that case, you should know the lingual basics beforehand for easy and hassle-free communication.

Want to learn Spanish quickly and become a pro? We have listed the best Spanish learning apps in this post that you can use to great use, ideal for beginners and intermediates.

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Here Are the Best Spanish Learning Apps 1 Duolingo

Download now (iOS, Android)

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2 Memrise

Finding it hard to learn a new language? Well, let’s make the journey easier for you. Use the Memrise app to learn Spanish or any other language, including German, Japanese, Korean, French, Arabic, and more, playfully and interactively. The Memrise app comes with a user-friendly interface and also features useful video clips of the locals that you can refer to for learning pronunciation. With the help of these video clips, you can master real-life communication to speak any foreign language fluently.

Download now (iOS, Android)

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3 Spanish Verbs Trainer

The Spanish Verbs Trainer is an ideal app for scholars that will allow you to get an in-depth understanding of the language with the correct usage of verbs and punctuation. It is an award-winning app that you can use to master the Spanish language like a pro. The app includes conjugation charts for over 1300 different verbs. You can even listen to audio pronunciation for every specific verb for better understanding. The Spanish Verb Trainer app also comes with a built-in dictionary that you can use for quick reference.

Download now (iOS, Android)

4 Babbel

So, next on our list of best Spanish learning apps comes Babbel. Babbel is an easy-to-use language learning app that features a variety of interactive learning sessions, podcasts, and games. You can quickly master the art of real-world conversations in any foreign language, including Spanish, French, German, Japanese, and so on. Babble is built and developed by language experts who guide you with easy-to-fit language lessons for every situation.

Download now (iOS, Android)

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5 Learn Languages with Pimsleur

Don’t have much time on your schedule for learning Spanish or any other language? Well, Pimsleur is an ideal pick that will only need about 30 minutes of your time to reap the benefits of learning a new language. Pimsleur is an app for busy learners that will teach you real-world lessons to hold a better conversation. The app focuses on “how to speak” so that you can gain confidence and rapidly learn Spanish effortlessly.

Download now (iOS, Android)

6 LingoPie

Well, there’s no better way to learn a new language than watching TV shows or movies. Sounds amazing, right? LingoPie includes a wide variety of Spanish films, comedies, musicals, sitcoms, and more that will help you absorb the language entertainingly. If you are looking for free Spanish apps to learn the language, Lingopie can help you get your fundamentals strong.

Download now (iOS, Android)

7 Bussu

Want to achieve fluency in learning Spanish? Bussu can boost your confidence and help you master the language with comprehensive lessons. It is an entertaining yet compelling language learning app that is helping more than 120 million users around the globe.

Download now (iOS, Android)

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And it’s a Wrap!

Here are the best Spanish learning apps to enhance language learning and speaking skills in any foreign language. From mastering the basics to achieving fluency IRL, you can pick any of the above-listed apps to get the job done. These apps are developed by experts so that you can quickly master any native language in a fun and playful way.

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10 Best Job Search Apps For Android

Price: Free

Craigslist is the official app for the popular posting site. You can find all sorts of things there, including stuff for sale, places to rent, available services, and more. Of course, for the purposes of this list, we’ll focus on its job sections. There are actually two sections on Craiglist for jobs. The first is by companies looking to hire new people and you can browse around and see what’s available. Additionally, you can post your resume in a separate section and potential employers can select you out of a list of candidates. The one-two punch is fairly effective and it takes virtually no effort to post things or respond to posts. Plus, it’s entirely free. The app needs a bit of work, but there are alternatives if you really need them.

CV Engineer

Price: Free / $2.99

CV Engineer is an excellent resume builder app. This is a great option for folks who may want a more manual approach to sending their job history to potential employers. Plus, it’s just good practice to have one around just in case. The app contains various CV templates, fairly easy editing controls, customizable fields, and even the ability to add interview questions and answers if needed. The resume saves in PDF format, a relatively universal file type and you can upload it to Google Drive directly from the app. The $2.99 in-app purchase is for the premium version, but you don’t need it to get started.


Joe Hindy / Android Authority

Google Search

Price: Free

Google Search is actually a surprisingly good app for job searches. You can, of course, find all of the apps above and below this one in website format with a simple search. In addition, Google itself has a selection of open jobs for people who search although you may need to do that on desktop rather than on mobile. This is an ongoing project at Google and they move forward fairly quickly. You can now apply for jobs at McDonald’s via Google Assistant if you want to. Google is doing its part to help people find work. It’s not perfect, but it’s completely free and you don’t have to sign up for anything.

Indeed Job Search

Price: Free

Indeed Job Search is another popular job search app. It boasts a user base of 100 million people. That’s encouraging for job recruiters. It also boasts jobs in 50 countries in 28 languages. The interface is a little old. However, all of the functions work well. You can upload your resume, search for jobs in a number of categories, and save jobs to apply for later. It’s one of the big dogs in the category and a lot of jobs show up there. Monster Job Search (Google Play link) is another option in the mass job search category if Indeed isn’t working.


Price: Free

LinkedIn is a social network for professionals. Your profile is a literal resume and you can put your education, work experience, and notable achievements right there for anyone to see. You can link your profile to prospective employers or find employers right on LinkedIn. The site has undergone several changes in the last few years, including being purchased by Microsoft. However, at its core, it’s still a good spot for job hunting for many different industries.


Price: Free

Snagajob is one of the better job search apps. It features a simple design, all the basic features, and tons of jobs to apply for. Some of the unique features include daily job notifications for jobs that are close to what you want along with a personality test for potential employers. Other than that, it’s a fairly basic job searching experience. Plus, this is one of the sites that Google Search sources for their jobs. It’s not bad.



Joe Hindy / Android Authority

Uber, Lyft, and similar apps

Price: Free

There are a variety of apps for the self-employed. Uber, Lyft, Rover, Etsy, Door Dash, Pro Referral by Home Depot, UberEATS and many other similar apps offer opportunities for contractors and freelancers to make money. Most of these are driver positions. Uber, Lyft, Door Dash (and similar companies) all pay decent wages and you get tips. Most of the rest of them have at least somewhat consistent part time work. It all depends on what you want to do. It can be great for making a few extra bucks or as a part time job. Some people even go all the way and make a decent living with these apps full time. They’re not job search apps necessarily, but they do offer consistent job opportunities.

Joe Hindy / Android Authority

10 Best Spy Apps For Iphone (2023)

With iPhone Spy apps, you can mount full-fledged surveillance on the target phone. Spy apps come in handy if you want to keep an eye on your children or elderly parents. In emergencies, these apps can even help save lives and restore normalcy.

There is no dearth of iPhone spy apps in the market. However, I have done my due diligence and cherry-picked top free iPhone spy apps. These apps let you monitor GPS location, Call History, and Social Media activity across apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, and more. Most importantly, the apps are safe, and so is your data. Let’s look at top free iPhone spy apps without much ado.

Best Spy Apps (Spyware) for iPhone: Free & Paid

1) mSpy

Best Overall

mSpy, like its name suggests, gives you the feeling of being a spy yourself. This app has features like keeping track of all sent, received, or deleted messages and incoming and outgoing calls. Moreover, you can track the target phone’s GPS location. And that’s not all; you can even track the routes the target phone has been through.

mSpy lets you see all the online activities of the target phone. Whatsapp, Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook are a few social media sites that can be tracked through this app. However, the best part is that mSpy works flawlessly on iPhones, iPad, or Android devices.

#1 Top Pick



Supported iPhone versions: compatible with all iPhone versions.

24/7 Support: Yes – Offers a toll-free helpline as well

Refund Policy: 14-Days Money-Back Guarantee

Visit mSpy


The app is elusive on the target phone and cannot be detected easily.

It helps you to secure your privacy and keep your personal information personal

Unlike its competitor, the mSpy can track iPhone messages.

It’s easy to setup and get going.

Works with and without Jailbreak. Though some features are available only on jailbroken devices.

Paid installation service available

👍 Pros 👎 Cons

An additional layer of encryption for your iPhone data. Pricier than competitors.

Keep an eye on your kid’s social media behavior without being intrusive. Can be used only on one device. Requires additional subscription for multiple devices.

Block inappropriate websites on the target phone remotely.

Key Specs:

Refund Policy: 14-Days Monay-Back Guarantee

14-Days Monay-Back Guarantee

Best for AI-driven device monitoring

eyeZy, with its options to choose from more than one plan, is a godsend for parents who cannot afford to spend too much on spyware. You can enter your device’s model number on the app website to check for compatibility before purchasing. Keystrokes, social media, device media, calendar, call history, and text messages of the target device can be monitored incessantly with this app. With its various plans on offer, eyeZy has something in store for everyone.




Supported iPhone versions: Compatible with all iPhone versions

24/7 Support: Yes

Refund Policy: 14-Days Money-Back Guarantee

Visit eyeZy


Keep an eye on your children and loved ones’ social media activity.

eyeZy iPhone keylogger feature lets you know exactly where which word was typed.

👍 Pros 👎 Cons

You can track the exact location on a map using GPS location easily. eyeZy can be quite expensive for multiple devices.

Data sync is not consistent. The app needs to be hidden manually on the target device.

The iPhone keylogger feature enables you to view exactly where what was written on the target phone.

Key Specs:

Refund Policy: 14-Days Money-Back Guarantee

14-Days Money-Back Guarantee

Best For monitoring all activities on an iPhone with just iCloud login details

uMobix provides a parent with all the basic features that spyware provides. All you need to do is get your child’s phone for 5 minutes to install the app on their phone. It helps you track your children’s phone call history, including deleted phone calls with details, read text messages to understand their online activities, and monitor their social media.

You also get the opportunity to access the phone camera and microphone to get real-time video-audio updates regarding the phone’s surroundings. In addition, the interactive map in the app lets a parent monitor their kids every movement, which is of great value to any parent. However, the best feature of this app is that it gives you control of the target device to restrict potentially harmful activities and protect your child from any and every form of online threat.




Supported iPhone versions: compatible with all iPhone versions

24/7 Support: Yes

Refund Policy: 14-Days Money-Back Guarantee

Visit uMobix


You can monitor and track all the devices you own from a single dashboard.

Track calls, GPS location, Keystrokes, and much more.

Get access to all social media streams on the target device.

👍 Pros 👎 Cons

Use iCloud details to monitor all activities. Fails to sync data at regular intervals.

The keylogger feature works like a charm. Limited tracking features are available on iOS.

Jailbreak is not required. However, you need access to iCloud on the target device. Complicated to setup. Steep learning curve.

Key Specs:

Refund Policy: 14-Days Money-Back Guarantee

14-Days Money-Back Guarantee

Best For Keystroke recording and reviewing in your Control Panel itself

Like all other top-end premium spyware on the market, KidsGuard Pro provides you will all the basic requirements like keeping track of all the calls and messages on the target device, check the location history of the target device, and keeping a complete track of the target device’s social media and online activity. Requiring no jailbreak or root access, the app is easy to install and takes hardly 5 minutes for complete installation.

This app has recently added a new feature that lets you access a device’s iCloud data without any access to the target iOS device. With more than 20 features that let you keep track of your kids’ phones, this app is truly one of the best companions a parent can wish to have on their kids’ phones.


KidsGuard Pro


Supported iPhone versions: Compatible with all iPhone versions

24/7 Support: Yes

Refund Policy: 30-Days Money-Back Guarantee

Visit KidsGuard


Each keystroke is recorded and can be reviewed from Control Panel.

Keylogger offers great accuracy.

Seamless installation process.

You can sync the data remotely over Wi-Fi.

You can view the target’s iCloud data without the target’s iOS device

👍 Pros 👎 Cons

Exceptional Customer support. You can only monitor only one target device.

You can view the target’s iCloud data without the target’s iOS device Call recording quality is not that great.

Stealth monitoring feature protects you from being discovered. Location tracking could be better.

Key Specs:

Pricing: Plans start at $9.16 per month. Discounts on Yearly payments.

30-Days Money back guarantee

Best For Spy Camera Features

If you want to check on your kids or employee, FlexiSpy is the app for you. FlexiSpy works on Android, iPhones, PCs, and Mac. This enables you to keep track of any and every device regardless of its build and OS. One of the best features of FlexiSPY is to snoop into the target device to listen to the surrounding environment.

Along with tracking digital communications, this app also lets you manage the internet usage of the target device. FlexiSPY lets you set alerts and reports using 2FA security on the target phone. Anything as trivial as a software upgrade in the target device would be reported to you. FlexiSpy needs to be installed on the target device for it to work. The cherry on top is the FlexiSPY EXPRESS service. It delivers brand new phones, with FlexiSPY installed, right at your doorstep.




Supported iPhone versions: Phone 11, 11 Pro, 11 Pro Max, SE (2023 version)

24/7 Support: Yes

Free Trial: 1-Day Free Trial

Visit FlexiSPY


It allows you to take remote screenshots on a target device

You can record, intercept, and listen in on live iPhone calls

It runs in hidden or visible mode.

👍 Pros 👎 Cons

Flexispy provides real-time dashboard alerts. It requires rooting/Jailbreak on the target device.

Remotely activate the iPhone camera to take a photo or video Relatively expensive.

It helps you track users’ log on/off activities of the targeted iOS device. Advanced features require jailbreaking.

Capture audio using the ambient recording feature.

Key Specs:

Free Trial: 1-Day Free Trial

1-Day Free Trial

Best For Recording keystrokes

Spyera is an iPhone spying app that allows you to discreetly monitor your kids or employees. You can view their text messages, call logs, call history, and social media activities on your computer. It also allows you to remotely open the microphone and listen to the iPhone’s surroundings




Supported iPhone versions: Compatible with all iPhone versions

24/7 Support: Yes

Refund Policy: 10-Days Money Back Guarantee

Visit Spyera


You can record keystrokes to see anything typed on the target iPhone.

This app gives you access to the iPhone’s camera to take pictures or videos of the surroundings.

You can track the target iPhone location with the real-time GPS tracker.

Spyera allows you to view SMS, Email, Web history, Bookmarks, App usage, Address book, Notes, and Calendars.

You can monitor your kid’s activities, including phone calls and text messages.

👍 Pros 👎 Cons

This undetectable spy app for iPhone does not need any rooting. It offers different features for iOS and Android devices.

Excellent stealth mode to go undetected.

Key Specs:

Refund Policy: 10-Days Money-Back Guarantee

10-Days Money-Back Guarantee

Best iOS Spy Apps

Cocospy is a 100% undetectable app that does not even require installation for iOS. The setup process needs less than 5 minutes and has no jailbreak or root requirements. Cocospy allows you to keep track of almost everything on the target device.

This includes the basic spyware deliverables like call history, SMS, GPS tracking, social media history, and media. In addition, you get a complete list of all the applications on the target device along with the keylogger feature, which lets you keep track of login details and passwords entered into the phone.




Supported iPhone versions: Compatible with all iPhone versions

24/7 Support: Yes

Refund Policy: 14-Days Money-Back Guarantee

Visit Cocospy


Access all messages on the target device.

Cocospy is specifically designed to monitor and track children’s phones and can also be installed on other iOS devices.

You can have complete track of conversation timestamps.

👍 Pros 👎 Cons

Not easy to detect on the target phone. Requires jailbreaking for tracking social media apps like Snapchat. You run the risk of voiding the warranty.

Track Calendar entries and appointments on the target device. App installation is not required on target phones. Lacks call recording feature.

Key Specs:

Refund Policy: 14-Days Monay-Back Guarantee

14-Days Money back guarantee

Best For Online and Offline Phone Tracking

Best in the business for both online and offline phone tracking.

Searching through the entire content of your target phone might get tiresome. Imagine you want to know where your children are going when they leave the house at night. And you are using spyware to snoop through their phones. It might be ages before you come up with anything noteworthy.

XNSPY makes the entire process easier by letting you set keywords. These specific words, whenever used on the target device, would send an instant alert to your phone 24×7. It also has the latest GPS tracking, social media monitoring, phone recording, and monitoring device surroundings technology. But its primary feature is that it allows you to access the WhatsApp chats of the target device without requiring any form of rooting or jailbreaking.




Supported iPhone versions: Compatible with all iPhone versions

24/7 Support: Yes

Refund Policy: 10-Days Money-Back Guarantee



Record and listen to calls.

You can remotely check on iMessage, and other IM apps, including WhatsApp, Skype, Tinder, and Line, on your iOS devices.

It allows you to monitor all third-party apps installed on the target iPhone.

Track calls, SMS, Social Media activity, and browser history.

👍 Pros 👎 Cons

Shows a list of top callers alongside total call duration. It doesn’t provide features like a camera spy.

One of the very few apps that works with iMessage. It does not allow you to track calls and text messages details.

Monitor all Online Activities of the target device

Key Specs:

Refund Policy: 10-Days Money-Back Guarantee

10-Days Money-Back Guarantee

Best for monitoring and regulating the phone usage of your child

It is not easy to keep track of your children at all times, especially when they are online. Spyic solves that problem by providing an accurate detail of your child’s online activity. With features like message monitoring, location tracking, call and browser history monitoring, and social media monitoring, Spyic offers you the complete package for keeping track of your children’s activities on their phones.

The Geofence alert feature is especially useful if your child is sneaking out of the house or being in places they should not be. The best part of this app is that it has a spy feature for every separate social media. So if you know which social media to monitor, Spyic is the app for you.


Keep a tab on all installed apps on your child`s iPhone and iPad

It allows you to view private messages and group chats.

You will get real-time locations of your kids, employees, or other targets.

You can read your target’s SMS, including the deleted ones.

You can have access to the target’s calendar and notes.

It allows you to monitor social media apps like Snapchat, WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram

👍 Pros 👎 Cons

Undetectable on target device. The dashboard is not comprehensive.

Impressive GPS location tracking accuracy. Sometimes the app becomes unresponsive and laggy.

You can easily access the current and past locations of the target device. It allows you to track the internet browser history of your kids.

Key Specs:

Free Trial: Yes

How to Spy on iPhone using mSpy?

Here are steps for Spy on iPhone using the mSpy app:

Step 1) First, visit chúng tôi enter your email id, and purchase your desired pricing plan.

Step 2) Next, you need to choose the type of mobile phone device you want to spy on. (Android /iOS devices).

Step 3) Enter your iCloud Credentials.

Step 4) Navigate to the Dashboard Menu You can now easily access and spy on all the features.


Here are the Best iPhone Spy Apps:







The answer is both yes and no! Typically, spy apps offer limited features on iOS. Apple has baked in a higher degree of security; thus, certain features are not available without a jailbreak.

In my opinion spy app is a great tool to monitor your children’s online behavior. You can dive in right when needed and educate them about the dark alley of the internet.

Here are some important things that you must consider while selecting the best iPhone spy apps:

Security: Avoid giving out personal information to spy apps. Remember your privacy is of utmost importance.

Multiple Features: Make a list of all the features you need. For instance, a good parental app comprises of location tracking, call logs, contacts, photos, and chat history.

Compatibility: You should check the compatibility and see if your iPhone device is supported by the app that you have chosen.

Free Trial: You must look for the app that offers a free trial so that you can evaluate this app before making your final purchase.

Pricing: Pricing is undoubtedly the most vital factor for selecting the best iPhone spy apps. Therefore, you should look for an app that offers maximum benefits at the lowest cost possible.

Customer Support: You should select the app which provides 24/7 customer support in live chat, phone, and email.

Best Spy Apps for iPhone: Free & Paid

8 Best Offline Translator Apps For Android And Ios

If you are traveling to a foreign country then it’s essential to have a translator app for navigation, reading menus, understanding local phrases, and more. And if the translator app has offline capability then it’s even better. Since you are traveling to a new place, you can’t be sure about internet connectivity everywhere. In such a case, an offline translator app can be of immense help. So in this article, we bring you the 8 best offline translator apps for Android and iOS. You can download the language packs based on the country you are traveling and that’s all. On that note, let’s go ahead and unpack the list.

Best Offline Translator Apps for Android and iOS (November 2023)

What is an Offline Translator App?

An offline translator app allows you to translate texts into your native language without having internet connectivity. Generally, apps use internet services for analyzing and translating the texts correctly. However, there are certain apps that offer you all those translation perks while being completely offline.

With an offline translator app, people can converse in two languages in real-time, detect speech and translate accordingly, transcribe the voice, detect handwriting, take pictures and translate, and do much more.

List of Top Translator Apps for Android and iOS 1. Google Translate — Overall the Best

Note that you need to download the language pack before you can translate languages while being offline. Apart from that, it has a camera mode for instantly translating the language by simply pointing the camera to texts, menus, signage, and more.

Next, it has a conversation mode that works really well for live translation. Lastly, you get the Transcribe mode to speak and translate in real-time but it’s only available in 19 languages. Overall, I would say, Google Translate sets the bar high for a translator app and you get a seamless experience even when you are offline.

Key Features: Camera mode, Conversation mode, Transcribe Instantly, 59 languages supported, upload images and translate texts, Handwriting detection, and translation

2. Apple Translate — Best for iOS

If you are looking for the best offline translator app for iPhones then you should pick the new Apple Translate app. The app has been developed by Apple and currently supports up to 11 languages. The best part is that Apple Translate supports offline capability in all 11 languages. Sure, the language library is not as large as Google’s 59 languages, but Apple is continuously developing the app and will add new languages in the future.

As of now, it has major languages such as Chinese, French, German, Russian, and more. Other than that, you can get definitions of translated words, save translations, and have a conversation through real-time translation. In terms of feature set, it surely gives a good fight to Google Translate. For more information, you can read our comparison between Google Translate vs Apple Translate.

Key Features: Conversation mode, Transcribe Instantly, 11 languages supported, Free to use

3. Microsoft Translator — Improved Service

Similar to Google and Apple, Microsoft has also launched its Translator app that comes with offline support. In fact, Microsoft has improved the app so much that it now competes with Google Translate and Apple Translate. It’s one of the few offline translator apps to have support for more than 70 languages— surpassing Google’s 59 language support. That said, keep in mind, the offline support is only limited to the text mode.

Besides that, you can perform voice translation and have bilingual conversations side by side. The unique feature of Microsoft Translator is the ability to have multi-person conversations with up to 100 people. Just connect your devices with each other and converse in real-time. That’s amazing, right?

Not to mention, you have got camera and screenshot translation as well. All in all, I would say, Microsoft Translator is among the best offline translator apps and you should definitely give it a shot.

Install: Android / iOS (Free)

4. iTranslate Translator — Expensive But Great

Not to mention, there are popular phrasebooks available in different languages so that you can easily converse with locals in a foreign country. While the app is available on both Android and iOS, it works much better on iOS. So I would say, if the new Apple Translate app seems barebone to you then iTranslate Translator is the one you should pick for your iPhone. Note that most of the features are behind the paid subscription plan.

Install: Android / iOS (Free, offers in-app purchases)

5. Translate Now — Feature-packed

Translate Now is another offline translator app for iOS that works pretty well. It supports more than 110 languages, but offline translation is limited to over 30 languages only. Just like other offline translator apps, you have got voice translation, camera translation, AR translation, and more.

AR translation lets you find the word for objects around you. The unique part about Translate Now is that it comes with a Translator keyboard that allows you to type in more than 60 languages within your favorite apps. Not to mention, you can also create your own custom phrasebook for instant access. Considering all the points, I would say Translate Now is a reliable offline translator app for iOS and you can give it a shot.

Install: iOS (Free, offers in-app purchases)

6. Speak and Translate — Precise Translation

As the name suggests, Speak and Translate is a translator app modeled on the real-time translation of conversations. It’s an excellent iOS app that works phenomenally when you are connected to the internet. And if you are offline then you can translate texts in 59 languages without any issue. For your information, Speak and Translate support more than 117 languages so that is great.

There is also Snap mode which is basically camera translation; language detection during conversations, iCloud integration, and much more. Having said all of that, keep in mind, the app uses Microsoft and Google’s service in the backend to translate languages correctly. So if you want a powerful offline translator app for iOS then you can rely on Speak and Translate.

Install: iOS (Free, offers in-app purchases)

7. Naver Papago — AI Niceties

And unlike other apps on this list, it also works in offline mode during conversations, but it’s limited to basic expressions. Apart from that, you have got image translation, voice translation, handwriting detection, etc. In tandem, Naver Papago comes with some of the top-notch features and you simply can’t go wrong with it.

Install: Android / iOS (Free)

8. SayHi Translate — Best for Conversations

SayHi Translate is our final offline translator app on this list, but it’s pretty feature-packed and does the translation reliably well. It’s primarily made for having bilingual conversations in real-time. It supports a total of 50 languages but does not support offline mode for conversations.

Having said that, you can use the app in offline mode for clipboard translation, phrasebooks, saving translations, recording conversations, and more. What I love about this app is that it’s pretty fast at both transcribing and reading out the translated text.

Key Features: Supports around 50 languages, Best for bilingual conversations, Basic operations in offline mode, Speech recognition, Fast and precise

Install: Android / iOS (Free)

Frequently Asked Questions Q. What is the Best Offline Translator App?

I would definitely pick Google Translate as the best offline translator app. However, there are also other services such as Microsoft Translator and iTranslate Translator which offer a pretty good offline experience.

Q. Is There a Translator App that Doesn’t Require the Internet?

Yes, there are plenty of translator apps that don’t require the internet. We have curated the 8 best offline translator apps for both Android and iOS in our list. Some of them are Google Translate, Apple Translate and Microsoft Translator.

Q. Can I Use the Google Translate App Offline? Q. Which is the Best Free Translator App for iPhone?

I would have picked iTranslate as the best offline translator app for iPhone. However, the offline feature is not free. In that case, you can use the new Apple Translate app which supports around 13 languages and it’s free to use. Just update to iOS 14 and you will get the Apple Translate app.

Q. Is iTranslate Better than Google Translate?

I think Google Translate is better than iTranslate because Google’s service is entirely free and it works with more than 59 languages in offline mode. Whereas iTranslate can only work with 40 languages in offline mode and the feature is not available to free users.

Q. Is iTranslate Free?

Yes, iTranslate is free, but only for text translation. If you want to access offline mode, conversation mode, and camera translation then you will have to subscribe to its paid plan which starts at $3 per month.

Pick the Best Offline Translator App for Android and iOS

7 Best Sleep Tracking Apps For Android And Ios

Sleep deprivation can have all sorts of harmful effects on your body — ranging from depression to heart diseases and several other more severe diseases. Ironically enough, the notion of “there’s an app for everything” can help you in getting a better night’s sleep. All these sleep tracking apps make use of the accelerometer sensor on your phone to track your sleeping patterns and wake you up at the optimal time so that you don’t feel groggy when you wake up. So today, I’ll do a round-up on 7 best sleep tracking apps for Android and iOS:-

1. Default Clock app on iOS




The “Sleep” section of the Apple Health app stores all the sleep related data. Here, you can view how much time you slept grouped by day, week, month or a year. This tracking is made possible with the help of Apple’s motion co-processor introduced with iPhone 5S. It is also very battery efficient, so it eliminates the battery drain concerns. That being said, Apple’s default option doesn’t offer any fancy features. Fortunately, if you’re looking for more options to tweak around, there are a lot of good sleep tracking apps that can help you accomplish that.

2. Sleep Cycle




Sleep cycle is a pretty simple yet powerful sleep tracking app. Just set the time you want to be woken up and place your phone beside you. Sleep cycle uses your phone’s accelerometer sensor and microphone to analyze your sleep throughout the night and wakes you up in the lightest phase of your sleep, just before your main alarm goes off. This sleep data is plotted on a graph and you can easily see your sleep phases over the course of night. It also throws in some other metrics like sleep quality and average sleep time.

3. Sleep Better by Runtastic




Runtastic has established itself as a reputed developer when it comes to health and fitness section of apps. Sleep Better is Runtastic’s take on the sleep tracking app and boy, I must say that it lives up to its name. Just set the time you want to wake up and Sleep Better will wake you up gently in your lightest phase of your sleep, just before the main alarm. The free version features an inbuilt sleep diary where you can write down a brief record of your sleep and dream notes. You can also connect to the Apple Health app, so it can write your sleep data to the Health app.

The premium version presents you with the option to include certain scenarios like stressful day, alcohol and caffeine so you can gain insights on how these factors affect your everyday sleep. Moon phases also have the ability to affect your sleep and it can help you discover on which moon phases you have the most peaceful sleep.

4. Sleep Time by Azumio




5. Good Morning by Apalon




6. Pillow




Download: iOS (Free Version, $5 premium version)

7. Sleep as Android




Sleep as Android is an Android-only sleep tracking application which ticks all the boxes when it comes to features. Along with the basic sleep tracking, it tracks your sleeptalk and snoring using your Android’s microphone. It also has a lot of features to wake you up forcibly like solving math problems, counting sheeps to stop the alarm. Lots of lullabies are built into it to help you fall asleep faster. It integrates nicely with Pebble, Android Wear, Google Fit, S Health and Philips Hue.

Given its long list of features, it may seem a little intimidating at first. But fear not, once you get used to it, Sleep as Android is the single-most app you’ll ever need for sleep tracking on your Android.

Download: Android (Free Version, $4 Premium version)

Which Sleep Tracking App Do You Use?

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